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For Mrs. Burnt.
Mrs. J. V. Voodrough entertain
ed at an afternoon bridge party,
Tuesday, in horfbr of Mrs. William
Burns of New York at "Beaulieu,"
the Woodrough home near Lakoma
club. Garden flowers were used
" . ' U U TL. . '
imuuKii me iuu:il3. X nc KUCSIS in-
-j nuaca iuesaames t. j. KOgers 01
Washington, U. C: W. C. Edmiston,
L. M. Lord. I. H. Adams. R E.
Bowen. C. I. Vol'mer, M. L. King,
J. H. Parratt, R S. Ledwich, R. L.
Reynolds. C. S. Dalby and Miss
Dorothy Frances Lord. Prizes were
won by Mesdamts King, Vollmer
and Rogers.
Informal Tea.
Mrs. E. L. Trett of Fort. Crook
entertained at a tea at her quarters
at the post, Wednesday afternoon, in
honor of her guests, Elizabeth
Leitch and M'ldred Aldrich of
Chicago, who left Thursday for
their home.
Mr. and Mrs. J. C. Cofer enter
tained at dinner at the Castle hotel.
Wednesday evening, in ho.ior of
Immense Purchase
of Blankets Goes
on Sale Saturday at
Union Outfitting Co.
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Blanket At About The
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ting Company next Saturday
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And the event takes an
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dence of the great buying
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High Rent District, where, as
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coat, mad of dur
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snap at dE Q7
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Just rwcetivocl shipment of Army Corned Beef, Corned Beef
Hash and Bacon.
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( 1619 Howard St.
Opaa Saturday Evening.
Mrs B. J. Smiley, who is leaving
soon to reside in Columbus, O.
The out-of-town guests included
Miss Edna Flanagan, Ed Flanagan,
William and Edward Flinn, all of
Franklin, Ind.
Mrs. Mary Krebs has returned
from New York.
Mrs. Vern Gittings is spending a
month in Salt Lake City.
Miss Ludivine Carufel returned
Thursday from New York.
Dr. J. M. Keys is spending a few
days at Lake Okoboji with his
Mrs. Frank E. Clark and daugh
ters have returned from Lake Madi
son, Minnesota.
A daughter was born Wednesday
to Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Lmbshofs
at the Stewart hospital.
Mr. and Mrs. E. D. Erickson an
nounce the birth of a daughter at the
btewart Maternity hospital Tuesday.
Dr. and Mrs. G. D. Shipherd and
daughter, Cora Edith, have returned
from an extended trip through the
A son, Thomas, was born Wed
nesday, August 18, to Mr. and Mrs.
George 5. Lngler at the btewart hos
Mrs- Marian Loop and laughter of
Chicago left Thursday after a week's
visit with Mrs. Charles Hubbard at
the Colonial.
Mrs. B. W. Warren and daugh
ters, Miss Ruth Cox and Vircrinia
Warren, and Wilter Gockly, leave
Saturday to motor to Madison lake,
Minnesota, to spend 10 days. They
.Stops Hair Coming Out;
Doubles Its Beauty.
A few cents buys "Danderine."
After an application of "Danderine"
you can not find a fallen hair or any
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Army Russet
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ings. These arc ex
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ft) to the roll. Price
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Folding Camp Cots
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they fold up into a small bundle and
can be carried conveniently from
place to plac. Wigh Just a lew
pounds. Excellent for $6.00
summer campers
11 Howard St.
will stop at Whittemore, la., to be
joined by Mr. Gocklry's mother,
Mrs. Emma Gockley..
Mrs. J. H. Hussie and daughter,
Helen, and Alice McShane have re
turned from Buffalo, N. Y., where
they spent two weeks.
Mr. and Mrs. Wyman Robbins
announce the birth of a son, Wyman
Foote Robbins. August 17, at the
Methodist hospital.
Ms. and Mrs. Alferd Dove and two
daughters, who have been the guests
of Mrs. Charles Hubbard, left Wed
nesday by motor for California.
Omahans registered at the Hotel
McAlpin, New York, during the last
week have been: Miss Luella Al
len, Mrs. G. F. Whjtctyiib, Mrs. W.
L. Byrne, Misses A., G. and I.
Shamp, F. F. Whitcomb, William
Byrne, jr., and C. L. Shamp.
What's What
A whole volume might be devoted
to the subject of street car manners
ir. the United States. One has but
to cross the border to the province
of Quebec to see the difference be
tween old French standards of ci
vility and the uncivilized behavior of
some of our too strenuous citizens
at any "rush hour."
The elephantine woman in the il
lustration, evidently determined to
secure two seats for herself before
her fellow travelers can get into the
car, is an extreme type, though by
no means rare. The porcine pas
senger, whether Jjian or woman, re
gards the rights of others not at ...1;
his or her rudeness is merely raw
(Copyright, 1920, by Public Leadger Co.)
Name "Bayer" on Genuine
"Bayer. Tablets of Aspirin" is
genuine Aspirin proved safe by mil
lions and prescribed by physicians
for over 20 years. Accept only an
unbroken "Bayer package" which
contains proper directions to relieve
Headache, Toothache, Earache.
Neuralgia, Rheumatism, Colds and
Pain. Handy tin boxes of 12 tab
lets cost few cents. Druggists also
sell larger "Bayer packages." As
pirin is trade mark Bayer Manufac
ture Monoaceticacidester of Salicyl
icacid. . N .
Simple Way To
End Dandruff
There Is one sure way that has
never failed to remove dandruff at
once, and that is to dissolve it, then
you destroy it entirely. To do this,
Just get about four ounces of plain,
common liquid arvon from any drug
store (this is all you will need) ap
ply it at night when retiring; use
enough to moisten the scalp and
rub it In gently with the finger tips.
By morning most, it not all, of
your dandruff will be gone, and
three or four more applications will
completely dissolve and entirely de
stroy every single sign and trace of
it, no matter how much dandruff
you may have.
You will find all Itching and dig
ging of the scalp will stop instantly,
and your hair will be fluffy, lustrous,
glossy, silky and soft, and look and
feel a hundred times better.
The simple fact of being able
to secure what you want when
you want it is made possible for
those who come to the' H. R.
Bowen store Saturday, August
21, as on that date one of the
largest sales of Draperies and
Curtains will be held, enabling
every housewife in the city of
Omaha, to secure the Draperies
and Curtains they want for
their home at trifling cost
Included in the sale are hun
dreds of the latest and most
beautiful Drapery patterns ever
shown in the city, patterns that
will make up to advantage and
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home. In curtains will be found
exceptional values, too, values
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everyone having a desire to
save; yet securing something
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Never a week goes by but
what this ever-progressive store
offers Value-Giving Home Fur
nishings at remarkably reason
able prices, paying everyone to
read their regular announce
ments in the daily papers, as by
so doing they are enabled to
save on every purchase and on
everything they wish to place in
the home to add to its decorative
appearance. .
Problems That Perplex
Answered by
Suggestions for Party.
Pamela Tou don't tell me wheth
er boya or girls will attend your par
ty, how many will be there, nor what
is the occasion. It all makes a dif
ference in the kind of entertainment
you provide. Is it an afternoon or
evening party T Here are some sug
gestions that may be appropriate for
a crowd of almost any kind.
Give each player a copy of the list
below, without the real bird names,
and a pencil. The first number on
the copy may have the answer ap
pended, as an example of what Is re
quired: I, The time of darkness, a preposi
tion and a strong breeze. (Nightin
gale.) 2. An instrument of punishment,
impoverishment and determination.
3. A frolic. (Lark.)
4. A tailor's iron. (Goose.)
5. Part of a ship and a line of ob
jects. (Sparrow.)
6. A tin vessel, a vowel and a
grain. (Canary.)
7. A girl's nickname and pastry.
8. A boast. (Crow.)
9. A grove of trees, a measure and
to sin. (Woodpecker.)
10. A Turkish cap and a small in
sect. (Pheasant.)
II. Money paid for service and a
small insect. (Phoebe.)
12. To damage and a metal. (Mar
tin.) 13. A hen's child, a vowel and a
river. (Chickadee.)
14. A utensil for eating and a re
minder of debit. (Spoonbill.)
15. The composition of the beach
and a musician. (Sand piper.)
16. The keynote repeated. (Dodo.)
17. To stretch the neck. (Crane)
18. To cover. (Quail.)
Another game which affords fun.
Hide small candy hearts all over the
house or in certain rooms. Give each
girl a pretty little basket, made of
straw or paper. See who can find
the greatest number of hearts.
A conversation game: Give each
guest an equal number of hearts or
beans. Ask them to talk with each
other. Any one who says "yes,"
"no," or "I don't know," forfeits a
heart. At the end of a certain time
count up and see who has the most
In playing a number of games at
a party it is best to give each one a
tally card and record a punch or
mark for each game won. At the
end of the series the one who has
the highest score should receive a
Ice cream and cake are sufficient
for refreshments for a large party.
If your affair is for afternoon serve
Adele Garrison's New Phase of
Revelations of a Wife
The Way Madge Reached the
"How do you do, Mrs. Lukens?"
Maj. Grantla,nd stepped out of
the limousine, hat in hand. The lit
tle woman on the steps glanced up
in surprise, then put out her hand
in cordial greeting.
"Why, Hugh Grantlandl Where
in the world did you drop from?"
"I'm down in this section for
little while,"' he returned, "I've
brought some friends over from
Aberdeen, the Grahams. I believe
they are to have your cottage."
"Oh, yesl" Mrs. Lukens replied,
"I've received two or three tele
grams within the last few hours
from Mr. Graham about being
ready to receive their party, one of
whom is ill. Came near not getting
them, too, for they were addressed
to 'Mrs. Watkins.' But as they
were signed Graham, and everybody
knows everybody else's business
down here, the telegraph operator
guessed I was the one meant. And
so there wouldn't be any misunder
standing I signed Watkins to the
one I sent back.
"That explains things," Maj
Grantland said. I wondered if it
might not be you after all. But I
am glad everything is straightened
out. Now, if you can tell us where
Mrs. Graham's room is she has had
a sort of nervous collapse, and
ought to get to bed at once."
"There's nothing like this air for
nerves," Mrs. Lukens replied sen
tentiously. "She'll be all right in no
time. But she probably doesn't feel
like walking across the yard. I
think you'll be able to bring that
car right up to the door of the cot
tage, although it's sort of a winding
path among the trees. Look here
I'll walk ahead of you a mite, and
you follow me slowly around the
house. It's all lighted up and
She was down the steps, and
skimming ahead of the car like a
young girl, although she must have
been over 60 years old. I had an
impression of resistless, nervous
energy triumphing over age and
possible ill health, and wondered
anew at the dynamic force pos
sessed by most women of the older
generation. I am afraid when the
women of our generation are old
we will make by comparison but a
poor showing.
What Does Dicky Think?
Maj. Grantland entered the car
again, started it, and with its pow
erful speed reduced to a mere crawl
we moved down the driveway in
the wake of Mrs. Lukens. Before
us, as we turned around the corner
of the house, seemed a wall of trees
and shrubbery, but Mrs. Lukens
darted to an opening in it, and Maj.
Grantland deftly guided his big car
through the passage, though to my
wondering eyes it seemed scarcely
Do You Know XX
Three Questions a Day for the
1. How currants got their
2. How to keep croquettes hot
after they have been cooked? ?
3. How to renovate marabou?
(These questions will be an
swered tomorr&w by the House
wife.) Answers to Yesterday's Ques
tions. 1. Fruits and tomatoes possess
more acid than other vegetables
and this helps them keep. Be
sides' the syrup added to fruit
prevents the growth of bacteria,
or spoiling.
2. Add raisins to sour' fruit
when cooking it to save sugar.
Green apple sauce and sour
dainty sandwiches, pickets, cakes and
tea or coffee.
Can't Sec Them Over 25.
Dear Miss Fairfax, Omaha Bee:
Just droping In to ask a few ques
tions. Can you tell me where all the
girls go that is not married after
they become 25 years of age. I am
a batchlor and have some property
and a verry good job and never
meat any girls over 30 years of age;
some looks to be 40 and acts like
grandma. Hope to see this in print
I suspect that you look, but can't
see them over 25. Try again. There
are many fine unmarried girls over
25, though, of course, you might not
suit them.
Throwing Away Friendship.
Dear Miss Fairfax, Omaha Bee:
Last year I became angry at a young
man whom I loved dearly. I threw
over an opportunity of renewing
friendship some time later. I do
not know what ever possessed me to
do so as I still loved him and love
Jilm even to this day, though it is a
year ago since this occurred.
I would like your advice as to how
I could win back his affections. I
have always been of a bashful dis
position. ANXIOUS.
You can't win the boy's friendship
except by deserving it. You can only
prove that you deserve it by having
the decency and courage to acknowl
edge that the breach is all of your
making. If you want to be friends
again, you must pay for what you
threw away. It will cost you some
of the pride you're so proud of.
A Spur to Success,
Dear Miss Fairfax, Omaha Bee:
I urn 23 and have been going about
wtth a girl of 18. I am deeply in
love with her and she has assured
ma that my love is returned. How
ever, I am in no position financially
at present to consider marriage and
I can see no prospects for the im
mediate future, although I will use
my best efforts toward that end.
Still, I do not care to tie this girl
down, though she insists that she
could never care for any other man
and is willing to take the chance of
my winning success. I care for her
too much to lose her and am in a
quanary as to what to do.
Work hard. Tou're both young
and can well afford to wait several
years. Won't you make twice the
effort when you know you have
some one to work for?
Not Question of Propriety.
Dear Miss Fairfax, Omaha Bee:
Will you please let me know
whether, it Is proper for a girl of 19
wide enough for a wheelbarrow.
Another bit of winding path, and a
quaint vine-covered cottage, built
after the fashion of old English
farmhouses, burst upon my delight
ed gaze. Lights gleamed from the
windows, and the door stood hos
pitably open, while at one side of
the door stood a big, smiling
"I thought they might need
somebody to help them out to
night, so I sent over Mandy, who
takes care of me," Mrs. Lukens ex
plained. "That was very thoughtful of you,
but I know of old the little extra
attentions you give your tenants."
the officer replied, and the ' old
woman's thin checks flushed with
Mai. Grantland turned to the car
and flung open the door of the
"Please don't think me presum
ing," he said, addressing Dicky, "but
may I suggest that Mrs. Graham
remain here with you until the rest
have been shown their rooms?
Then your mother can find out just
where she is to go, and your wife
can be spared any worry or con
fusion." "Thanks, old msn. Just what I
was thinking," Dicky returned, but
I fancied there was a slight stiff
ness in his tone, and I wondered if
he were foolish enough to resent
what he might consider officiousness
upon the part of the officer.
"I'll Back Mrs. Lukens."
"I can tell Mrs. Graham room
as soon as I see it, my mother-in-law
put in, the acerbity of fatigue
in her voice. "There were three
bedrooms described in the plan the
woman sent us. One of them is a
sun parlor and sleeping porch com
bined, with two beds. My son and
daughter-in-law are such fresh air
cranks that such a room is the only
olace for them. I will take Richard
Second in one of the others, and
Mr. Soencer can take the one that's
left. How do you do?"
The last remark was addressed to
Mrs... Lukens. who was at her side
as soon as Maj. Gr?ntlnnd had help
ed her from the car. My father had
taken the sleeping child from her,
and followed her immediately.
If you 11 just show us the bed
rooms. With these words my ef
ficient mother-in-law took charsre of
the entire situation. As she disap
peared within the house, Dicky
"Heaven help Mrs. Lukens if
everything isn't up to snuff," he
"I'll back Mrs. Lukens," Maj.
Grantland returned smiling, and
then under his breath I heard a
muttered "Damnation I" , I
The covered car which we had
een at the station was coming
through the archway in the trees.
(Continued Tomorrow.) '
plums can be prepared in this
3. To remove tea and coffee
stains from table linen, spread
the stained portion over a basin
and pour dear hot watei through
it until it disappears. A little
borax placed on the stain before
the water is poured through
sometimes helps.
Each of these household prob
lems has been worked out by the
author, who has not only taken
a course in scientific housewifery
and dietetics at Columbia Uni
versity, and written and edited
women's newspaper and maga
zine features for years, bi't is a
practical housekeeper as well.
(Copyrinht, J2, by The McClure
Newspaper Pyndlcate.)
to sail alone to Japan to visit friends.
My mother has decided to leave her
decision In abeyance until 1 hear
from you. M. B.
I'm old-fashioned enough not to
like the idea of a trip like this for a
are likely to arise with which her
Going Away?
! Substantial Savings
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j Buying in This
I Special Sale
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j Gas Ranges
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Detroit Jewel "Cabinette" is an attractive ele
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Detroit Jewel "Cabinette," with broiler, is made
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Dyers Cleaners
Hatters Furriers
Tailors Rug Cleaners
Plant: 2211-17 Farnam
Branches at Brandeis and
Burgess'Nash Co.
"Now I Can Walk," Says Mrs,
Southcott of Medina.
"Here is another letter that makes me
happy." says Peterson, of Buffalo. One
thnt I would rather have than a thousand
"Mono isn't everything in this world.
There is many a bisr hearted, rich man who
would give all he has on earth to be able
to produce a remedy with such mighty
healing power as Peterson's Ointment, to
sell at all druggists for 60 cents a large
Read this letter, written February 14.
1918, by Mrs. Albert Southcott, of Medina.
N. Y. It seems like a miracle, but it is
true, every word of it.
I know it because I get similar letters
almost every day from people who have
used my ointment for old sores, eczema
and piles.
Is it any wonder I am happy!
Peterson Ointment Co., Inc., Buffalo,
N. Y.
Dear Sirs:
"I was an untold sufferer from an old
running sore and ulcers. I had tried most
everything without any relief from pain.
A friend told me of your wonderful oint
ment and the. first box took away the pain
that had not left me before in years, and
after using just nine dollars worth of the
salve I am cured. The ulcer was 9 inches
by 6 V4 inches, is all healed and I can wnlk.
Never, never will I be without Peterson's
"You may use this to recommend your
ointment if you wish. I cannot say enough
to praise It." Yours truly, Mrs. Albert
Southcott. Medina, N. Y. Mail orders
filled by Peterson Ointment Co., Inc.,
Buffalo, K. Y. Sherman MeCoonell
Drue Co. will supply you. '
limited experience has not taught
her to cope. It isn't a question of
"propriety." Nor la it a question of
trusting a well brought up and self
respecting girl. But the fact re
mains that this Is a long trip to a
faraway and unknown spot. Un
Let the Omaha Printing
Company supply your lug
gage needs. Our bags and
suitcases are the most com
fortable yet they possess
all the qualities of dura
bility, roominess and style.
Omaha Printing
Company mini ORCHARD & WILHELM CO.
During the tale all Detroit Jewel Ranges to which auto
matic lighters can be attached will be fitted FREE.
Connections where gas it in kitchen made without charge.
SIXTEENTH AND HOWARD STREETS iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii'iiiiiiiiiiiiiniiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiMiiiimiiiii
Just One Application
and the Hairs Vanish
(Modes of Today.)
A harmless, yet very effective,
treatment is here given for tht quick
removal of hairy growths: Mix
enough powdered delatone and
water to cover the undesirable hairs,
apply paste and after 2 or 3 minutes
remove, wash the skin and the
hairs have vanished. One applica
tion usually is sufficient, but to he
certain of results, buy the delatone
in an original package. Mix fresh
as wanted.
The scientific blending of
of benefit to persons who suffer from
NervoasncM SlcepIcMnccs
Depression. Loss of Appetite
Brain ra Digestive Troubles)
Slow Recovery from laflaema antf Kindred Ailments
Are you run down? Are you irritable? Are you overworked? Then
try this approved remedy and aatisfy yourself of it beneficial
Briactct it told in original
16-01. bottltt only, titfutt
au twttxtuut.
r- au twttxtuut. i
less you can And friends with whom
to travel, I'd hesitate to make the
Led by Lady Chelmsford, the
women of India are being organized
to stamp out leporsy.
at Farrtam
'iiiii.iiniiiiiiiiiiiiiniNiuiiiiniiiiniijiiiui.iiiiiiiiiiriiiiriii - tii
Ct Vj-oi. bettl of Dry Foot
Antiseptic Lotion of your druggist,
put It In a 4-ouneo bottle, fill it up
with wator and apply this diluted
solution to your feet. It will in
stantly relieve the feverish, sore,
sweaty, burning, aching, tired, ten
der, swollen, and offensive odors of
the feet.
Bee Want Ads Produce Results.
reliable vegetable remedies
fa mmnm1mtarr
- vJ '