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Douglas Post tp Be Repre
sented by 5 8. Members
Bonus and Boxing Bills
Slated for Discussion.
Morton Hiller and Tohn Weed.
members of the Douglas county
post of the American Legion, who
enrolled the most new members in
the local post during the recent
membership drive, will attend the
state convention to be held at Hast
ings, August 26, 27, and 28, together
' with 56 other delegates, pvho were
elected Wednesday night at the reg
ular meeting of the post. Hiller and
Weed will attend the convention as
Besides electing delegates, the
post instructed the. representatives
to revive the fight for the bonus.
The post also voted that the dele
gates take up the matter of non
members of the American Legion
wearing the Legion emblem, and to
do all in jts power to stop this
To Present Boxing Bill. j
The recent bill drawn by the local
post legalizing boxing in this state
. will be presented before the con
vention for further adjustment..
The Douglas County post expects
more than 10,000 former soldiers,
t sailors and marines to attend the
first annual reunion of former serv
ice men to be held at Krug park
September" 1, 2, and 3, under the di
rection of the American Legion.
It is the plan of the reunion com
mittee to stage a sham battle at the
park. Fireworks and. a barbecue
will be the other features of the
hree-day meeting of soldiers,
"gobs" and "leathernecks."
Expenses vBig Problem.
With the state convention but a
fnw weeks off and 56 delegates go
ing from this post, officials of the
local branch-are wondering how the
post will pay, the expenses of the
men. There is not enough money
in the treasury to send the delegates,
so each representative will pay his
rauroaa tare and lyrtei; and lodging
expenses. n
The post expects to stage an
athletic entertainment next month
and from this show it is hoped to
make enough money to return to
each delegate the amount spent at
tending the convention.
The Delegates.
The 56 delegates elected Wednes
day . night are: Walter Byrne,
Harry, Byrne. Leo Bozell, Jack
Baldwin, Clint Brome, Don Burke,
wuiiam r. Bruett, Joseph V. Byerly,
. tinier ampoen, jonn Lutnght,
Charley Cholcher, Leo Crosby. Fred
Dahmke, Claudio Delitala, J. Noble
DeFrance, Frank Dineen, Harry
Easton, Arthur Frederick, A. A.
Gustafson; W. B. Greenlum, Dr.
E. C. Henry, Kendall Hammond,
. Dr. Lynn Hall, John Hopkins. Rev.
Lloyd B. Holsapple, Dr. L. E.
Hanisch, Fred Heyn, Frank
Hemtze J. L. Ibson, Jake Isaacson,
William Kavan, Earl , Kiplinger,
John Kilmartin, Hans Larson,
Charles Lehmer. Al May. Harry
Montgomery, William McHugh,
- Ray Madden, Ted Metcalfe, H. E.
McChntock, Charles McLaughlin,
Eue McKnifflit T T Mr.,,;,. t '
ry JUygaard. Earl Porter, Anana j
"--s...uu, "sn nuuciisou, aam
Reynolds. William Ritchie, E. E.
Roach, E. E. Sterriker, Dr. Charles
b..0K Ross Shotwelf, Hird Strker.
A Tukey F. L. Wilbur, Lyman
Wheeler, Fred Wallace and Morley
. j oung.
Omaha Doctor Is Puzzled
-By Cablegram From Wife
. Dr. C. A. Hull, Omaha surgeon,
is seeking all sorts of codes in an ef
fort to decipher a one word code
message received from his wife in
France pursuing the study of French.
"-"ji iiun ana nis wue agreed
upon her departure to communicate
by American Express code to expe
' dite mesages.
The first coded cablegram was a
But the second Doctor Hull can't
find it in the book, and he has re
sorted to a message of several words
at $10 per to solve the mystery.
W. B. McKinney, Pioneer
Resident of Omaha, Dies
W. B. McKinney, 60 years old, a
resident of Omaha for the past 38
years, died at his home, 3456 South
Fifteenth street, yesterday after
noon after a six-months' illness. He
nad Deen an employe of the Amer-
ican Express company for manI
jtais. ourviving relatives are two
brothers, Frank McKinney of Om
aha; J. A. McKinney of Davenport?
Ii.,iand a sister, Mrs. Catherine
' Kelly of Omaha. Burial will be at
Davenport on Saturday.
Dublin Inn Is Big Worry
To Officers, Sheriff Asserts
Sheriff Mike Clark is sort of
peeved about Dublin inn, Sixty-fifth
j, and Center streets. A Tall was re
t ceived Wednesday night thai a riot
was on at the inn, but after three
deputy sheriffs hurried there thj
rioters were gone. The sheriff is
getting real angry. Yesterday the
sheriff, Deputy Sheriff . Foster and
County Attorney Shotwell met to
find out if there is some way to
regulate the inn, which is just out of
the city limits. - t
Contracts for Additions
To State Home Are Awarded
Beatrice, Neb.. Aug. 5. (Special.)
. Meeting here Wednesday afternoon.
the State -Board of Control awarded
contracts for the erection of a big
"dininjr hall and hospital addition at
the institution for feeble-minded
youth. Estimates and specifications
were submitted by R. W. Grant,
Beatrice architect. The buildings
will cost approximately $100,000.
x Health Head Better 5
Health Commissioner Edwards
, has been confined in bed with ill
f U - A J XT. .....
" reported improved yesterday. f
. Foreign Exchange,
American State Bank, ' -
18th and Farnam Sts. Adv.
Prices Lower In England,
Omaha Boy Scout Writes
"You can get lots mere for your
money m England than you can in
the United States, "writes Jean Cald
well, Omaha representative at the
big international Boy Scott jamboree
in London, in his first letter i since
sailing July 5.
The letter was sent to Scout Com
missioner G. M. Hoyt and scout
Jean writes short snappy sentences
about his trip and tells of visiting
famous spots in London.
He is enjoying the jamboree.
100 Citizens Join in Chase
To Capture Alleged Thief
A man who gave his name as Juan
Segura, a Mexican from El Paso,
Tex., charged with, having stolen
shirts from the Guarantee clothing
store, was chased by 100 persons and
a policeman before he finally was
captured by Traffic Officer Emmelt
Ford and Herb ArnsteiA, owner of
the store, yesterday morning.
Underneath his coat were found
five shirts. The shirt he wore was
identified by Arnstein as one that
Seguro had stolen.
Car Repairers Going to
Poland to Claim Estate
Stanislaw Pankowski, Union Paci
fic car repairer, 3327 South Twenty
eighth street, contemplates returning
to Poland to regain an estate of 500
acres of cultivated land and countless
acres of forest in Posen, Prussian
Poland, abandoned by his grand
father in the uprising of the serfs in
1846. Two or three villages are in
cluded in the estate.
Pankowski came to America in
1891 because his wife's parents re
fused to grant a suitable dowry.
Government to Pay Damages
On Home Wrecke'd by Plane
Claims for damages to the home
of Charles Jensen, south of Ak-Sar-
Beu field, caused by the all-metal
plane which crashed while hopping
off the field Tuesday, were requested
in an urgent telegram from army
headquarters in Washington received
yesterday by Manager Votaw of the
flying field.
The plane was an army ship pilot
ed by an army captain. Claim for
$2,500 damages already is en route
to Washington.'
Brief City News
Hold Party for Officer.
Lt. Col. and Mrs. Jacob S. Wuest,
former commandant of Fort Omaha,
were guests of honor at a farewell
dinner at the Prettiest Mile club last
night. ,
More than 300 Were present.
All appointments for the dinntr
were aerial in character, a captive
balloon floating over the table and
place cards being small sacks of sug
ar to represent sandbags. Following
dinner, the guests danced.
Wanto to Be a Cop Frank Soli-
cup, for nine years with the lire de
partment, has asked tobe trans
ferred to the police department.
Two Cops Am Sued Sam Given
ter sued Policemen Felix Dolan.and
Peter Hagerman for 12,000 damages
for alleged false arrest on May 19,
In district court Thursday.
Honeymoon Flyers Leaver Earl
Ellliter and his bride of three weeks
have auletly left Omaha in their
'Honeymoon Air Express." Mr.
Blillter is In Rochester selling; Cur
tlss airplanes.
Airplane ' Boose Specials Prohi
bition Enforcement Officer J. F.
Hanlev still insists , that there are
some grounds for the reports that
flying bootleggers are bringing quan
tities of liquor into NeDrasKa.
Buys Warehouse Property The
Orchard & Wilhelm Furniture com
pany has purchased the property at
Eighth and Capitol avenue for use
as a warehouse from the Interna-
. -wr . m m r
tionai Harvester company lur ?ia,
Picnic for Bankers Bankers Re
serve company officers entertained
the members of the home office
Wednesday night with a picnic din
ner at Lakeview park. Athletics and
dancing furnished the entertain
ment. Speeder Draws - 80 Days - On
charges of reckless driving, George
W. Lee alias Bill Bradshaw, was
sentenced to 30 days In Jail by Po-
l lice Judge Foster Thursday. He was
charged with speeding and crashing
into a Skinner power wagon.
Wrecked Plane Shinned The JL6
' all metal Larsen plane, which was
wreked in a poor hopoff at the Ak-Kar-Ben
field Tuesday morning, was
shipped to the army supply office,
Mitchell, Li. I., and will be repaired
for use in transcontinental air mail
Stole Alcohol, Charge Charged
with the alleged theft of a barrel of
alcohol from the Northwestern rail
road freight house on May 6, Jesse
v.can 2 fi 30 Patrick avenue, and C.
S. Williams, 3019 Hamilton street.l
both colored, were arrested this
Man Can't Go Home William
Stripe, a jprinter, has been restrained
by an order of the court from going
to the heme of his wife, 2921 Doug
la i street, during the pendency 'of
her divorce suit. The order was
sipned by District Judge Wakeley,
Thursday morning. (
Kept Expenses Down Only- 4 per
cent of the $113,000,000 centenary
fund was spent in raising the fund,
according to Bishop "Horner Stuntz.
Usually the cost of expense is from
15 to 20 per cent. The money has
been divided for many good and
worthy causes.
Holdups Gct"$l'2.85 Three negro
holdup men got rhe better of Sam
Totrick of Columbia, Mo., who is
stopping at the Union hotel, in an
encounter Wednesday evening on
the Eleventh street viaduct. He was
robbed of $12.65 after his assailants
pinned his to " the sidewalk and
searched his pockets. .
IT. S. Worrying Germans The up
permost thought in the minds of thfe
Germans, according to Dr. Laura
Pfieffer. associate professor of his
tory in Nebraska university, who has
been attending the International
Woman Suffrage convention at Ge
neva, Switzerland, is "What Does
America Think ot Us?" Living con
ditions are pitiful there, she says.
Mattacks Disagree Maude Mat
tocks filed a petition for divorce in
district court Thursday from her
husband. Jack W. Mattocks. She
was decorated with a black eye
which she said she received when
her husband struck her. The Mat
tocks' conduct the cafe in tha Castle
hotel. 4
Bilking the Women Arrested by
the police Tuesday Johnny Moore
was sentenced to 90 days in the
county Jail "Thursday morning.
Moore had promised 15 women who
were arrested in alleged resorts on
Chicago street, to give them police
protection. The women were sen
tenced to 38 (lays.
Go to Penitentiary Two A. D. T.
employes, Bernard Dolan and
Thomas Roble were given sentences
of from one to 10 years in the pen-
itentiary by District Judge Troup
Thursday after pleading guilty to
charges of breaking and entering I
downtown stores. They were taken )
to the penitentiary yesterday.
Asks for Maiden Name Ruth Lu
cile Muchow, a stenographer who
lives at 3013 Crelghton avenue, ap
plied to the district court yesterday
to restore her maiden name. She
desires the change because her hus
band died shortly after their mar
riage and her friends all know her
by her maiden name, Ruth Gunsaul.
Annette Is Coming The swim
ming and diving contests in honor
of Annette Kellerman at Carter
Lake club will be honored by the
appearance of Miss Kellerman, ac
cording to word received here from
her manager, Sol Lessor. She will
act as one of the Judges. Many girls
and women have entered the, con
Another W. O. Henry Book Dr. W.
O. Henry, former Omaha physician,
recently divorced '. in Los Angeles
because of relations with a nuree,
has written another book, this time
explaining the recent earthquakes.
Much biblical prophecy of quakes Is
explained by Dr. Henry. The came
of the pamphlet is entltlfd. "On
Which Side Are You?" ,
War on Employment Agencies
Chief Deputy County Attorney Cof
fey declared war""" on employment
agencies yesterday. Five owners of
agencies were arrested and charged
with operating agencies without a
licensA By a recent ruling of Dis
trict Jadge Troup, the law requir
ing employment agencies to pay an
nual licenses of $50 was held constitutional.
Jerry Howard Tells Big
Crowd All About Politics
.Jerry Howard addressed a crowd
of. .1,800 employes of downtown
stores and various, other persons at
an open air meeting at Sixteenth
and Douglas streets at noon Thurs
day, his subject being "Who's Who
in Politics."
In discussing theiew constitution,
Howard said he stood for a mini
mum wage for all workers, a tax
exemption of $200 for every family,
cleaner government and better
working conditions.
"Every woman who fails to regis
ter is a slacker," said the speaker.
He urged women to go to the polls
and do their duty in demanding
cleaner politics, both local and state",
i 1 -
Venn Mutual Agent
Takes New Partner
Charles Z. Gould, who for many
years has been general agent for The
Penn Mutual Life Insurance com
pany has associated Paul J. Sturges
with himself in partnership. The
new firm will be known as Gould and
Sturges and will retain their present
offices in the Peters Trust Build
ing. Adv.
Into Secret Service'
fnrrrA sni! until rrtMltlf ntl
vati stcnograpler for Chief of.Fjjy
nee Aiarsnai r.Dersiein, nas Dis
appointed assistant operative in th
United States secret service here.'
Free Street Directory Cards. J:
Cut me out and mail mo tol
Carey Cleaning Co., 2401 N. 24thi'
St., Dept. B, with your name and;
address, and I will bring yoii
free a street directory card ofj;
Greater Omaha. Adv
Now Is the Time to Get Rid of
These Ugly Spots. "
There's no longer the slightest
need of feeling ashamed of your
freckles, as Othine double
strength is .guaranteed to remove
these homely spots.
Simply get an ounce of Othine
double strength from any druggist
and apply a little of it night and
morning and you should soon see
that even the worst freckles have
begun to disappear, while the light
er ones have vanished entirely. It
is seldom that more than an ounce
is needed to comoletelv clear the
skin arid gain a beautiful clear
Be sure to ask for the double"
strength Othine, as this is sold un
der guarantee of money back if it
fails to remove freckles.
C Lighting Fixtures Burgesi-Cran-'
den Co. Ady . - ,
I IL. J H T - H l M
I li ill
Thii, -our Second Great Annual Mid-Summer Sale of beautiful, new,
used, shopworn and 'returned from rent instruments will instantly .appeal
to the thrifty buyers, no matter where they live.
It is the policy of the Oakford Music Co. to take August, the dullest month
. in the year, and make of it one of the best. Nothing will do this but
Just cast your eye over the following' and see if you don't agree that we
have both. If you have a shadow of doubt, come in. Examine, test and compare
our pianos with instruments offered elsewhere. Yes, Six Eee, the real genuine
oargam, win De iouna ai iou.jrarnam si., near tne Wellington Inn.
Used '
Small Parlor Grand, known at tha famous
style A. Richest San, Domintro mahogany case.
Perfect action, beautiful tone. We make no
apologies for this piano except the varnish la
slightly 'grazed. Any fine musician
' will appreciate this piano.
Going at
Story & Clark
Upright Grand. Full size. In golden; oak case
of late deaign. This piano, of course, has the
overstrung baas. Double repeating
action, ivory keys, splendid tone
and la unusual at our low price....
a. Player Piano
Gulbransen make In plain golden oak case.
very peat vt condition, in xaci
could scarcely be told from new.
Her is a snap
. Shopworn
Kurtzmann Baby Grand
This is a little gem and the slight varnish
checks are- hardly noticeable, but we must
make room for three more car loads now on
the way. It yon ever expect to
own- a fine" Grand "grab" this one
or somebody else ' will ; . . ,
Cable Grand
Remember, this laiiot a Hobart M or Cable.
Nelson, but a genuine Cable manufactured by
the original Cable Co. Many dealer aak $1,1 it
tor Grand planoa not so good aa ' ffnnr
this. Our price on this brand JDIJ
new genuine Cable ......... ......
Juat aa well let loose of some of that
leave it Then
Perfect in every'way even If it was used
lest than a dozen times by professional musi
cians at recitals. This is the very newest de
aign Weber small grand In brown mahogany
base. Satin finish. Buy this one and make a
ciear caan saving or 1200. We
will place it in your living
room for .
$1250 IN
Player Piano
Upright, small size In ebony case. Very goooT'
tone ana action- especially
for the low price
Or ....y
This is one of the well known Haddorff
Player Pianos. An extra, fine figured mahog
any case, extraordinary ton! quality and finest
AmpBon Player action. This is the greatest
player bargain we have ever offered. Who
ever gets this instrument will thank us many
times in tne years to come.
Only one of these
on sale "...
Upright Grand. Full size, American walnut
case. This piano came out of the home of a
good muatcian who turned it in to us on of e of
our Stock Duo-Art Pianos. Tou
are sure
the low price
Upright, in a very pretty walnut
case. Good tone, responsive
. action. A anap .'
k Duo-Art Pianos. Tou jn fP IEE1
pScr....:......: $245 II
Bishop .
Only rented a short time. Very handsome
mahogany case. Full metal plate.
Ivory keys. Could hardly be told
from new, A dandy
mo 01 una m boX puadt vuop noX ii -Xau
omebody tlc will.
And You'll
. w. .rr y. hi r .
By Buying
Priced for
Thrift ,
Two Real Skirt Bargains for Friday
Fancy and Tub Skirts
300 Fancy Skirts
Of Silk, Satin and
, Novelty Sports Silks
' at m
Regular $6 to $12 Valuez
For women and misses; of
silk, satin and novelty sport
silks; just the right kind of
skirts for immediate wear.
Beautiful little models in silk
faille, fancy pleated foulards,
fine black taffetas, crepe de
chines, novelty sport silks and
satins in white and colors. All
v in one big group
for Friday, at
Cotton Tub Skirts
For Women and Misses
In White and Colors
at 88
Regular 1.50 to $3 Values
Excellent values and splen
did for outing wear, or to wear
with middies. All are of good
styles and of good materials,
such as linon, repp, pique and
crash, and are just the thing to
finish up the summer with. We
have grouped hundreds of
them into one big lot, for this
sale, each, ggc
Brandeis Stores Basement Arcade
Corsets an d Sanitary Aprons
Friday at X
A model suitable for the
average" type of figure and
very desirable for morning
wear during the hot. days.
Made of strong white coutil,
with low bust and long hips;
two pairs of garters at
tached; sizes 19 to 30.
Sanitary Aprons
Special OCC
Friday at LJ
A necessity during the
summer months; made of
fifst class rubber, in the me
dium size; an exceptional
Friday bargain, and the eco
nomical woman will buy her
needs; regular 50c value.
Brandeis Stores Basement Arcade
Friday--Low Priced Bargains in
Men's Furnishings
Men's Hose
Specially Priced Friday
Wide assortment in
black, tan, gray, Palm .
Beach and white ; double
heels and toes; sizes 9
to Hi2; 35c values; ,10
special, per pair, lOl
Overalls Jackets
Specially Priced Friday
Of extra good quality
blue denim 'and steifel
stripe ; cut ( full and
roomy; sizes' 32k to 42 O CA
waist; each priced at L0j
Leather Belts
Specially Priced Friday
In one big lot for men
and boys; colors are r
tan, black, and gray; IQ
all sizes; priced at 1C
Khaki Trousers
Specially Priced Friday
Over 500 pairs in the
lot; neatly made with
'cuff bottoms; sizes 27
to 32 waist; specially O TA
priced at Li,u)
Brandeis Stores Basement
Mens Store
per yard,
Friday-Special Reductions on
Zephyr Dress Gingham
A fine quality in plaids, checks and
stripes; 32 inches wide; a very special bar- OQ
gain at, per yard, OI7C
Mill Remnants
Vniv nrint.pH rref-.onnes and comforter
coverings; floral designs, in serviceable 00-7
lengths: 36 inches wide: ner vard. OUC
A splendid quality for both men's and
boys' shirts; 36 "inches wide, special at, AQ
Galatea Suiting
Attractive patterns and an ideal fabric or ,
boys' and girls'-school suits, dresses, chil- AQn
dren's rompers; 36 inches wide; per yard, "OC
Bookfold Cotton Challie
Variety of colors arid attractive floral
prints; for kimonos, house dresses and OQ
wrappers; 36 inches wide; per yard,
Bleached Pillow Tubing
A splendid quality for plain or fancy pil-
low cases; 36 inches wide; worth 70c per JO
per yard; special aj, per yard,. OOC
. Linen Finished Suiting .
In a splendid assortment of plain shades
suitable for early fall wear; 36 inches
wide; special at, per yard, OC
Foundation Silk
In a beautiful soft chiffon finish; a variety
of plain colors; very lustrous; 27 inches Cft
wide; special, yard, OUC
Mercerised Dress Poplin
Highly yarn mercerized; a good assortment
of plain shades; 36 inches wide; special JQ
Friday, at, per yard, De7C
j N Muslin
Bleached and unble'ached; made of heavy
round thread yam; 36 inches wide; extra QQ
value, at, per yard, a&C
Brandeis Stores Basement North
Friday Specials in Housefurnishings
Electric Toasters
Special jot 4 8
Fully guaranWed;
will toast two slices
of bread at once; or
can be used .as a grill A QO
to boil, fry or stew.
Aluminum Dippers
Special at 39c
The large size with
long wooden handles; ,.
useful at canning time
ana a bargain for eco- QQ
nomical women.
Electric Irons
Six-pound size
with five feet
of cord; high
ly d o 1 i shed
and guranteed for QQ
one year. TTaJO
Brandeis Stores Basement West
Russian Oil Polish
Pint, 39c; Quart, 49c
Produces a fine luster on
floors, furniture and wood
work; absolutely greaseless.
Pint size, OQ
: at . aiwv
Quart size,
' at
' You're Apt to Forget
Women's, child's garters, pr., 15
J. P. Coats' best thread, sp., 12
Hooks, eyes, dress clasps, safety
pins, to close out, at 7, cards
for - - 256
Rick rack braid, 12 yards, .. 35
Dtning cotton, 6 balls for 25
Inside skirt belting, yard, 15
Wire hair pin cabinets, each, 15
Shell hair pins, per box. 15i
Shoe trees, two pairs, at;"' 25tf
Stocking feet, 6 pairs, 25 at
ShoV laces, per pair, ; j - - . 3
Machine Oil, per bottle, ; 15
Paper shopping bags, each, 10
Boys', girls' garter waists, 39
Basting thread, 3 large sps., 25
Basement South
Curtains, and Drapes
Specially Priced for Friday
250 Pairs Fancy Curtains
Attractive little colored, curtains with fringe
ends; suitable for either windows or doors; 2V4
yards long; worth 3.00 per pair; special, per pair, -
Scrim Remnants
One full table in plaia' and fancy borders; there
are some wonderful bargains here'; worth 25c per
yard, special Friday, at, per yard,
600 Cretonne Pillows
In size 15x20; covered with attractive cretonne
and filled with best quality kapok; worth 98c;
specialeach, at'
Curtain Drapery Materials C
One table full, accumulated during the July S ,
.sales; it is going to pay well to buy these; ol
all at exactly . , afi Price
Brandeis Stores Basement South
Friday Shopping Bargains
50c Pepaodent tooth paste, 37
25c Pond's vanishing cream, 18
50c Java rice powder, 38
25c Mavis talcum powder, 19
15c tooth brushes, 9
Pompeian massage cream, 39
1.00 Lhvorit antiseptic, 79t
30c Energine cleaning fluid, 23d
25c Cuticura soap, 19
50c Cuticura ointment, 39c
50c pint witchhaxel, 29
35c powder puffs, lSd
7c toilet soap, 3H
30c Hinkle pills, 19
Dressing combs, 19
65c hospital cotton, 49
'Bargain Square Basement