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Peters Eliminates Reynolds: Redick' Beats Blaine Young 1
Blaine Young, Only Hope
Of Field Club, Eliminated
By John Redick, Gaines
Beats Beckett.
Sam Reynolds, three times Ne
braska state gotf champion, was
eliminated in the third round of the
16th annual state golf tournament
at the Country club yesterday by
Clary Peters, Country club star, in
a brilliant 37-hole match. Maine
Voting, only hope of the Field club,
was eliminated by John Redick of
the Country club, leaving the semi
finals open to three Country club
players and one Happy Hollow man.
F. II. Gaines, father of Francis
Gaines, medalist, upset the dope
bucket by trimming Guy Heckett,
Happy Hollow, 4 up and 3 to go.
Foye Porter, the sole Happy Hol
low club survivor, went into the semi
finals by beating Wally Shepard, a
clu'miate, 8 up and 7 to go.
Ghines and Redick will open their
36-bole semi-final match this morn
ing at 9. Peters and Porter will tee
up at 10.
The Rtynolds-Fcters contest was
the most absorbing of the tourna
ment to date. A large gallery fol
lowed them through the morning 18
and doubled in numbers for the aft
ernoon rounds.
At the close of the morning play
Reynolds was 1 up. Hoth men were
off on their putting. Reynolds took
the outside in 37 in the afternoon
and the inside in 36. Peters scored
a 37 going out and a 35 coming in.
Reynolds had him two up on No.
2 in the afternoon. At the turn
Reynolds still had him 1 up, and
at 14 had increased the advantage
to 2 up. Peters won, IS in 4 and
16 in 3. Reynolds drove onto No.
IS tee and Peters took the hole in 4.
With Piters 1 up, Reynolds' drive
crossed the green and rested 40 feet
beyond the pin. Reynolds took his
niidiron and sank his approach for
a 2 while Peters took a 3. The gal
lery howled with delight as they fol
lowed the two players to their 37th
Reynolds and Peters both had
pronounced hooks on their drives,
Peters' ball clearing the bunkers at
the left while Reynolds' lay behind
a m.iund. Reynolds got out well,
but rolled down into a ,s,and pit.
Peters hit a "beautiful brassie. Rey
nolds recovered well with his nib
lick, but his fourth shot poor,
placing it east of the green arid
bunker. Peters' third shot was
short, and he lacked five feet on his
fourth shot. Reynolds missed a
.long putt for a 6 and Peters sank his
putt for a S, winning the match.
Tournament Results
Championship Flight.
Third Round.
Fova Torter beat Wally Shepard, 9
nrt .
Rali'h Petors beat Sam Reynolds, 1 up.
'.7 hnlPK.
F. H. Oslnps beat Ouy BecKett, 4 and 3
John nedtck beat Blaine Town, 6 and 4.
President Flight.
Third Round
J. B. Rahm beat George Rasmusscn,
f and 1.
I,. E. Gillespie beat M. O. Colpe.tzor,
1 up.
InuR-ns Bowl beat F. L. Campbell, jr.
Kenny Reed beat Phil Downa. 1 up.
Ill hole. '
.T. B. Rahm beat I,. E. Gillespie, 1 up.
Kenny Keed beat Douglas Bowie, 4
m a.
Secretary's Flight.
Third Round.
Hammond beat A. H. Soribner, 2 up.
r. A. Abbott bent O G. I.lehen. 4 and 3.
'. W. Calklna beat W. S. Hudson, 3 'up.
F. S. Morsman beat Art Taylor, 1 up.
IS holes, i 1
Seml-Finals. '
.T. A. Abbott heat I.. Hammond, 5 and .1.
F. S. Morsman bent C. W. Calkins, 1
'jp, 2.1 holi-s.
Surprise Flight.
Third Round.
.1. R. Smith beat George B. Christoph,
7 and fi.
, Art Rogera beat E. C. Green. 4 and 1.
J. W
Tlllson beat C. E. Paulson by-
R. F.
Campbell beat Jim Burnesa. 2
and 1.
J. R. Smith beat Art Rogers. 4 and 2.
R. F. Campbell beat J. W. Tillson,
I and 1.
Championship Consolation
. Flight.
Second Round,
v. s. Gaines beat George Davis, 6 and 4.
W. W. Hove beat Ray Shlelda, S and 4.
Maynard Swart beat M. H. Ladouceur,
: and 1.
John S. Reed beat John Verting, 5
and 4.
F. S. Gaines beat W. W. Hoye, S and 4.
Maynard Swarti beat John 8. Reed, 2
Vice President's Flight.
Second Round.
W. B. Millard beat George Rasmussen,
5 t:p.
R. H. Garrett beat Hugh J. Boyle,
S and 5.
F. B. Weppner beat A. H. Clark, 1
up. 20 holes.
A. C. Potter beat T,. T,. Nelson. 4 and 3.
F. B. Weppner beat A. C. Potter, ' 6
nd 4.
W. B. Millard beat R. H. Garrett, 1
f. 1J holes.
Directors' Flight.
Second Round,
nr. A. Curran beat H. T.' Hall, by de
fault. F. L. Marks beat Al Krng. 1 up. Kountze beat Dick Wagner,
by default.
Joe Rcdfleld beat O. U. Bwanson, by
dt fault.
M. A. Curran beat F. L. Marks. 2 and 1.
Penman Kountae beat Joe Redfleld, by
default. .
Surprise Consolation
Second Round.
' D. T. McKlnnon beat Harold Russell,
4 and 2.
H. W. Moaer beat Ralph Russell, 4
nd S.
M. M. Burton beat C. O. Smith, by
O. H. Menold beat R. Koch. 5 and 1.
H. W. Moaer beat D. T. McKlnnon. 2 up,
O. M. Menold beat M. M. BusAon, 4
and 2.
If you choose your tires for the
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Quality materials and correct, care
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Pur Pst, direct from ,the mill.
Standing of the Teams.
Western League.
W. L. Prt.l
.66 33 .ZS' Okl. City.
6 .16 .HIS1 O nut tut . . .
49 43 . r 3 3 i Dcs Moines
.46 44 .ullj SIOUX City
National league.
W. I,. Prt.l
.52 37 .584, St. Louis
4l 37 .6541 ChlraBo
I.. Pet.
47 .49
4 .480
5l .3SS
Tulsa . .
St. Joe..
Joplin . ,
59 .352
I.. P"t,
44 .494
4li .49
43 .442
49 .410
( 'inrlnnati
Ni.'W York.
43 .1 .619! Boston . . .
42 42 .50(1 r adelphla
American league.
W. L. Prt.l
6s ::u .fiSO' St. I.ouls ,
59 33 .K41 Huston . . .
.63 35 .an;; Detroit . . .
40 42 .4S$i P'ailelphla.
I.. Pet.
44 .4X3
45 Am
64 .349
tlj ..-
New York
Yesterday's Results.
Western League.
Omaha, 1; Tulsa. 0.
Oklahoma City. I: St. Joseph. 0.
Wlrhlta, 4; ies .Moines, 1.
Sioux City, 14; Joplln, 4.
American I.engue.
Chicago. 2; Boston, 1. .
Cleveland, 3: New York. 11,
St. Louis, 4: WashlnKton, 5.
Detroit, 1; Philadelphia, J.
National League.
Philadelphia, 2; Chicago, 4.
Brooklyn. 2; Pittsburgh, fi.
New York, 2; Cincinnati, 1,
Boston, 6; St. Louis, 4.
Williams and Calvert De
feat Kennedy and Broth
erton in Matches
Semifinals in both the city singles
and douhlcs tennis tourneys at the
O.nialia Field club will be played
this afternoon. The singles will start
at 4:30, while the doubles are ex
pected to be staged at 6:30.
I he feature match of the dav was
between William and Calvert and
Kennedy and Brotherton. All four
are able players, the former t,eam
winniiisf. b-l, 1-6, 6-1
W. Adams and R. Powell defeated
Cunningham and Stocking in an ex
citing match.
Following are the double matches
played yesterday:
Adams nnd Powell .beat Cunningham
and Stocking. r,-4. G-l.
Williams nnd Calvert bent Means and
Kfller. -2, 6-2.
Williams nnd Calvrrt bent Brotherton
r.nd Kennedy. 6-2. 1-6. 6-2.
Knrh and J. Adams beat Jamison and
Rrherls. 8-6, 4-6. 6-1.
Purrington and T.eap beat Moresman
nnd Barlow, 6-1, fi-2.
Adams and Powrll beat Burkontoad
and Mayer. 6-1, 6-1. "
Bautnharh nnd N-well beat Buchman
and Kpsten, 6-0, 6-3.
Bill Adams will meet Guv Will
iams in the singles semifinals, while
Joe Adams will mix with Ralph
Powell. i
In the doubles Powell and Bill
Adams l-ok very good, while Will
iams and Calvert also have a good
U. S., Canada, Czechs
Only Countries in All
Contests of Olympics
Antwerp. Tulv 22. The Unted
States, Canada and Czecho-Slovikia
are the only nations listed to com
pete in every event of the Olympic
games at the Stadium, though
dbubtless there are some omfcsions.
due to delayed mails. - ,
Details of the lists of entries,
which have just been madeavail
able, show the wide variety in the
number of sports and the various
nations to compete, ranging from
the larger counfies down to Mon
aco, which is entered only in the
dashes. Monaco's entry' inaks
thirty-two nations answering the
invitation to participate.
Sweden is in for all the events
except the walks and tug-of-war;
threat Britain is entered for all ex
cept the pole vault and javelin.
while Italy will take part in all but
the hammer throw and shot put.
I he list tor practically all events
in the boxing contests includes the
United States, South Africa, Hol
land, France, Norway. Italy and
Great Britain, while Switzerland
will send only welterweights.
U. S. Wins Trapshooting
Antwerp. Tulv 22. fBv The As
sociated Press.) The American
team was an easy winner in the first
round of the Olympic trapshooting
competition shoot this morning,
scortng Ha. out of a possible 120
birds in the team shoot, each man
shooting at 20 targets.
Rosalie Wins Easily.
Rosalie, Neb.. Tulv 22. iSoecial.')
Rosalie defeated Tekamah in a
one-sided game here by the score of
14 to 0. Morgan and Morgan did
the battery work for Rosalie, and
Jack Morgan let Tekamah down
with three hits, fanned 16 men. while
Tekamah tried three pitchers, Weav
er, Bennry and Craig, all were hit
hard except Weaver.
Win in Ninth.
Beaver City, Neb., July 22. (Spe
cial Telegram.) Beaver City de
feated Alma here today, 4 to 3.
Sheffler for Beaver City struck out
14 'Alma batters and held them to 5
hits. The game was tied in the
eighth and Beaver City won 'in the
last of the ninth.
Army Truck Convey Delayed
by Bad Weather in South
Mmphis, Tenn., July 22. The
army motor truck convoy, making a
transcontinental tour from Wash
ington to Los Angeles, arrived in
Memphis after a week's delay due
to recent rains in Mississippi, cou
pled with weak bridges.
On his arrival here Capt. John J.
Franklin, in command of the con
voy, found notice from the War de
partment of his promotion to a
A major is .tfcs iegula arjpy
Fast Fielding Features One
Of Best , Games Played
On Local Grounds
This Season.
J list to shoyr the populace what
;i lowly second division ball club
-an do, the Rourkes of Omaha went
out upon the field yesterday after
noon and. backed by the airtight
I pitching of the Cuban, ralmero, ad
ministered a fancy lacing to the
chesty leaders from Tulsa. The final
score was 1 to 0.
The happy result was consum
mated following lour crushing de
ieats in as many consecutive' davs,
two by Oklahoma City and two by
Tulsa. At the matinee yesterday
the Rourkes took to the tips of
their toes and played the game like
champions, their plays being of the
scintillating variety at different
Play Fast Game.
ralmero was opposed on the hill
hy Pitcher Webei, a portsicler, 50
the contest was a duel between, two
of the best fork-handers in the
league. For eight innings the teams
battled on practically even terms,
with the Rourkes having the edge
on fancy fielding. sIt might have
been that .the unusually large week
day crowd inspired them; howbeit,
the players seemed to have imbibed
a generous dose of "pep" from some
unknown source, for at times they
made the leaders seem as if they
were standing still, so fast was their
work on field ' and bases.
At the end of the fourth inning
the festivities were further enliv
ened 'when Umpire Buckley, who
was rendering decisions near first
base, took umbrage at the language
a fan in the bleachers addressed to
him, and called time while he went
oti a hunt for a policeman to eject
the offender. When the officer was
found the "umps" pointed out the
party whom he said had insulted
mm, and the said party was re
moved. Win in Ninth.
Up to the last half of the ninth
inning it was anybody's game, with
the pitchers going on even terms.
The Oilers had just essayed a rally
111 their half of the inning but failed
to carry it through to a score. With
one man down Ticrney rapped out
a single to left and Cleveland
walked. Conally sent a sharp liner
to Haney at short, who caught Tifr
ncy off second, and he made two
putouts unassisted.
In the last half of the ninth Haney
led off with a single to left. Weidel
was thrown out at first, but Gisla
son sent a long single to risht and
Haney scored. ' '
The league leaders from Tulsa will
be the opponents , of the Rourkes
again at' the ball yard this af
ternoon. It Will be ladies' day, and
a large outpouHna of the fair sex
is expected to greet the teams. Th?
game will mark the last appearance
of the Oilers here for some weeks
io come. '
The score:
A. 11. R
II. P.O.
Iliirke, If. . . .
H'uffll, ih. .
MrMunua, lb.
Tierney, as.
Clevelnnd, 3b.
Conally, cf.
Davis, rf. ...
llrannnn, c. .
Weber, p
.... 4
.... 4
. ... 8
SH d 3 2r.
A. It. K. If. P.O. A. E
Haney, hh.
Seidell. 8b.
(tislnaon. 2b.
I'latte. rf. .
le. If
I.elivclt, lb.
Maon, 'cf, .
Uncle, e. . .
I'nlmero, p.
Totals , . .
114 4
... 4
.. . 4
... X
... 3
. .. :t
... 3
. . .
1 II 4
1 3
1 4
0 1
II 13
0 t
5 27 17
One out when winning score was made.
Run: llnne.v. Two-base hit: Comilly.
Ilusea on bnllt: Off Palmero, S; off Weber,
I. Htruck out'. Hy I'nlmero. 1; hv Weber,
1.' Double play: Cleveland to Wuffll. Kbc
riflce hit: Weber. Strut base on error:
Muff II. (mpircs: Jacobs' and Buckley.
Time: 1:85.
Sioux City Takes Three
Straight From Joplin Club
Sioux City,' la., July 22 Sioux
City won three straight games from
the Joplin club, by taking today's
game, 14 to 3r
AB.H.O.A.I ' AB.H.O.A.
Krueger. ss 4 1 2 CICrouch. If 6 3 2 1
Stuts, 2b 4
6 3IMarr, 2h ' ' 5 1 5 3
2 HDefate. ss 5-253
1 OlMetz, lb 6 2 7 0
0 l! Rob'son, cf 0 0 0 tf
0 OlCosgrove, cf 4 2 2 0
0 0Elffert, rf 3 0 0 0
9 OlAlt'matt, 3b 4 1 1 0
6 l'Spellman. c 3 3 4 0
0 OiManouk, p 6 113
Lamb if . 6
Bog' 4
Tockey, 3b 4
Wagner, Xt 4
Schenb'ff.rf 0
Strong, lb . 3
Palmen, c 4
Slatterv, p 0
Anderson. p 2
Perrell, p 1
Totals 41 16 27 10
0 0
Totals :if s 24 131 '
Batted for Ferrell In ninth.
Joplin 0 0 1 2 0 0 0 0 14
Sioux City ....6 2 2 1 0 0 1 2 x 14
Runs: Krucfer. Bogart, Anderson,
Dunn, Crouch, Marr' (2), Defate (3),
JUti (2), Cosgrove. Elffert. Altermatt
(2), Spellman, Errors: Strong,
Crouch, Mnrr, Cosifove, Manouk. Bases
on brills: off Slattcry, 3; off Anderson,
2; off. Ferrell, 1; off Manouk, 5, Sacri
fice hits: Cosgrove. Stutz. Hit by pitched
ball: By Ferrell, Elffert. Two-base hits
Stutz. Marr, Metz, Srellman (2). Defate,
Altermatt, Crouch i2). Strong. Home run:
Defate. Double pla.-: Defate to Marr to
Met. Left on banes; Sioux City. 11;
Joplin, 10. Earned runs and hits: Off
Sli-ttcry, 6 and 4 In one-third Inning;
Anderson, S and 6 in three and two-thirds
innings; Ferrell, 2 nnd 4 in four Innings.
Struck out: By Anderson, 3; by Manouk,
4, by Ferrell. 1. Passed balls: Spellman.
Lcsing pitcher. Slattery. Umpires: Flood
and Wilson. Time: 1:15. ,
Sopners Shut Saints Out
In Third Game of Series
St. Joseplv Mo., July 22. The
Saints lost their third straight game
to Oklahoma City here this after
noon, 7 to 0. Luschen pitched good
ball after the third inning, but er
ratic i fielding allowed tfiree more
tuns after ;that frame. The score:
AB.H.O.A.I . AB.H.O.A.
Pitt, rf" ill OIBonowits.rf 4 2 4 0
Moeller. If 4
0 4
OiConnolly, 2b 4
41 Walker, rf 4
OiConror, 3b 4
4!Shestak, lb 3
4IEmerich, If 3
0Crosby, c 2
3Luschrr,, p 3
0 1
1 4
3 3
1 11
0 3
ft 2
0 0
Harper, cf 5
I 3
1 3
L'dlmore,3b 1
Oraham, lb 3 2 12
Darr' -411
Hughes, lb 3
1 3
Griffith, e 3
Ramsey, p 1
1 1
0 0
Totals ., 33 3 27 IS) Totals 31 7 27 14
Oklahoma City .10110003 07
St. Joseph 9 0 0 0 0 0 0 00
Runs: Pitt. Hooper. T.lndlmora (2)
Graham, Carrlngtr, erlllltti. Errors ; Car-
ringer, Bnnowlts, Kelleher, Crosby. Basel,
on balls: off i.urhn, S; off Ramsey,
1. Struck out: By Luschen, 2; by Ram
sey, 1. Left -on bases: Oklahoma City,
6; St. Joseph, 6. Two-base hits: I.lncit
lnore. Darrtoiger, Griffith, Walker. Double
plays: Darringer to Hughes to Graham.
Kelleher to Conftplly to Hhestak; Until
more to Hughra: Ramsey to Hughes to
Graham; Darringer to Hughes to Gra
ham: Conroy to Connolly to Hhvstak. Sac
rifice hlta: Griffith. Graham, Moeller,
Stolen bases: Graham. Umpires: Lauson
and Decker. Time: 1:2a.
Wichita Defeats Boosters
In 11 -Inning Contest
Des Moines, July 22.t Wichita
defeated Des Moines, 4 to 1, here
t-iday in an 11-inning pitchers' bat
tle, in which Musser held the Boost
ers to three hits. Smith's home run
tied the score in the eighth, and hits
with French's error gave the visi
tors a victory in the eleventh. The
Smith, cf .4-2 4 0 Hnhn. rf 3 0 3
Wnshn'n, rf S I 2 .1 Coffey, 2b 4
0 1
0 2
1 0
1 2
0 n
0 13
Border, ss 4 1 1 SIM'D'nKtt,3h 4
Vnryan. t
5 1 K SlO'Connor, If 6
6 2 12 21 Anderson.!' f 4
6 II 2 II French, ss 3
3 0 2 o'Haahr'k. lb 4
(13 llnanner. c 4
8 2 0 2:odenwal, p 4
Heck, lb
Butler. 3h
Conlnn, If
(irlffln, 2b
Musser, p
1 13 1
0 0 3
Totals 41 10 33 HI Totals 30 3 33 18
Wltchlta 0000000100 34
Des Molnea 1000000000 01
Rons: Smith, Beck, Butler, Conlan. Mc
Deyiott. Errora: Orlffin. French (2).
Home run: .Smith. Two-base hlta: Smith
T .... Tl.,lr nTnnnni1 .Snrrlflo hits:
Smith, Bergcr, Coffey. Stolen bases: But
ler Orlffin. McDcrmott, French. Uetl on
basis: Wichita, 9: Ics Moines, 6. Struck
out: By Odenwald, 9; by Musser, S. First
hnso'on halls: on iiinenwaiu. i; "n -ser.
4. Hit hy pitched ball: liy Odenwald.
Conlan. Earned runs: Wichita, 2; Ies
Moines, 1. Umpires: Fltzpatrlck and Daly
Time: 2:07.
Barnes Holds Cincinnati in
Check and New York
Wins 2 to 1
St. Louis. July 22. Boston trailed
St. Louis for eight innings today,
then rallied in the ninth, scoring
. r . . A
two runs-? and winning, a io .
Schupp was taken out in the ninth
:Jter hitting Bockel, the first man
to face him. Oeschger was hit hard,
but the locals were able to bunch
safeties only in the third inning,
when five, hits and two bases on
balls accounted for their four runs.
AB. ill.A.I n.n.o,n
n A ft A d GmKh If
2 i
2 10
Tick, 2h 4 2 2 ' 3,,
Mann, If 4 2 4 OJtock. 3b
2 1
Enyrs. rf 4 2 1
Ford lb 3 0 10 llKnode. ss 3 1
Bneckel, 3b 3 1 1 .VClemons, C 3 0
M' 4 1 2 ,3'Ha cote, rf 4 2
Cnwdy, c 3 0 3 2lMcHerry,cf 3 1
O'Nell, c 0 0 1 0'Schupp, p 2 0
Oeschcer, p 3 0 0 2!Halnes, p 0 0
M ounian.p "
Christbry 1 0 0 0 Totals
.14 12 27 14
xCrulso 0 0 J J '
Totals 33 S 27 14!
Batted for Oowdy In ninth.
xBatted for Oesehuer In ninth.
Runs. Pick. Mar.n, Eayrs, Boockel.
Maranvtlle. Fcurnler. Stock, Hornsby.
Knode. Errors Maranvllle. Two-base hits:
Maranvllle. Smith. Stock. Eayrs. Stolen Heathcote. Sacrifice hits: Cruiser.
Fournler. Clcmona (21. Knode. Double play:
... T.,-1. I ' I T A AM h...
.viaranviuc, ric,. n'ii. ..1.
Boston. 5: St. Louts, 11. Bases on balls:
Off OeaohK-er, 4; off Schupp. 2. Hits: Off
Ceschger, 12 in elptht Innings; off Haines,
. 1..... ne Mon,lllnn nnna '.n
1 in one iiiumi. w- .... --
one lnnlnp: off Sohuop', 7 In eight Innings
. . . W C....1 not T)V
mono OU! in iiiuiM. .m . ...
Oeschger, 2; by McQjilllan, 1; by Schupp
0. winning piiviivi . in-,.
nitrh.r' TTa.inr,s ITmnlres: Klem ana
Emslie. Time: 2:00.
Cubs Hit In Pinches.
Chlcasro. .Tulv 22. Erratic fielding be
hind Meadows, coupled with opportune
h'tting by Chicago, enabled the locals to
,iAipit Thii.iilnhla. 4 to !. today. Tyler
was hit freely, but tight -ned up In the
AB.H.O.A.I AB.H.O.A. 3 12 11 Flack, rf 4 2 3 0
T. Miller, 2b 5 1. 1 4IHraog, zo i 2' 1 1 n' 4 11
engel, rf . 1 ft
0 o Merkie. in
Mcnsel. If 4 2
1 n: Rob'son, If 4 12 4'Paskert, cf
W'stonc. 3b 3 0 1 5, cal, :ib
Cravath " 1 fl 0 OlDaly, c
tl.Millpr.3b 0 0 0 l'Tyler. p
Wheat, c 4 1 6 It
Meadows, p 3 0 0 ?!
Totals 32 8 27 14
xltawlinps 1 0 0 01
Totals 32 9 24 181 (
Batted for Wrlxhtstone In eighlli;
Xllatted fq,r Meadows In ninth.
Philadelphia . .i. .' t:o 0 .0.1 0 0 02
Chicago luouosuv x
nuns: J. Miller. Meusel, Flack, Mcrkle.
t,i u.,l,art TCrrnra Paillette.
Meusel. Fletcher, WrIhttone .2.), Wheat.
Merkie.' Three-base .hit: Paulette. Home
run- Meusel.: Stolen, bases: Terry. Sacrl-
rrce nits: 't erry, Mersie. oiensei, v mmnm,
PnskcrtL Tvier. Left on bases: Philadel
phia. 9: Chicago, 8. Bases on balls: Off
Tylbr, 4. Struck out: ny xyier, ; oy
Meadows, 3. Umpires : Rigler and Moran.
Time: U4fi.
Pirates Win Second.
Pittsburgh July J2. Pittsburgh- mads
It two straight by, defeating Brooklyn
today, S -tor. 2. Cadore, weakened In the
soventh and eighth when the -locals
scored four runs.
M.pho oo i n n alma-bee. cf 6 12 0
Tv. ihl 1 A OirMitnhaw. Sh S 2 1
Griffith, rf 4 .0 2 OlS'worth, rf 2 12
Whcnt, If 4 2 3 OINIcholron.lf 2 1 1
Myers, cr 4 1 l n in, '
Kon chv. lb 4 2 11 llflrimm. lb 4 0 12
Kllduff. 2b 3 1 1 7McK'nle,3b 4 11
Krueger, c 2 0 6 USehmtdt, c 4 14
r--,,i.-o n 3 0 0 2'Carlson. p 4 2 1
Totals 32 7 24 14! Totals 33 10 27 16
n 1 n 1 n e. ft n n 2
Pittsburgh ''.'.'.'.''.''.'0 0 1 0 0 0 2 2 S
Runs: Wheat, Konetchv, Cutshaw 2).
Pouthworth MrKechnlc, Schmidt. Errors.
Konetchy, Krueger. Two-bnse hits:
.lohnston. Myers. Koneicny, ivnouii, m-
shaw. Nicholson. Blgbe". Thrce-lwsc
bits: '".'heat. Konetchy. Home run: Mc
Kechnle. Stolen bases: Cutsha-, South-
worth. Nicholson. Sacrifice hit. South-
worth. Double play Orlmm. i aton to
Orlmm. Left on bases: Brooklyn, 4;
Pittsburgh, . Bases on nans: on
r.dore. 4: off Carlson. 1. Struck nut:
bv Cadore, 3; by Carlson, 3. Winning
Ditcher: Carlson, umpires. Harrison aiu
Hart. Tims: 1:30.
' names Holds Cincinnati.
Cincinnati, Tulv 2f. Barnes held Cin
cinnati complefeiv In check today and
New York won the second fame of th
series, 2 to 1. T.tiooe also pitched fine
boll, allowing only four nits In eight
rounds, one of which was a-triple.
Burns, If I
0 3 OlOrnh. 3b
Bancroft. ss 4
0 2 SIDaubert, lb
Youna-, rf
r'risrh, 3b
Kelly, lb
Spencer, cf
Doyle, 2b
Smith, c
Barner, p
2 1
nIRoush. cf
llnuncan, If
0'Kopf, ss
IK'enle. rf
1 0
0 15
1 3
1 1
0 2
1 0
CjSirklna;, 2b
C'Vlna-o, c
ILunue, p
2s C 27 19!xSee
Eller, p
Totals 32 6 27 12
Batted for Slcklnp In ninth.
xBatted for Luque In eighth.
New York 0 1 0 0 0 0 1 02
Cincinnati 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 1 1
Runs: Spencer, Barnes, Rousch. Krrors:
rVlsch. Kelly, Rousch, Wlng-o. Two-base
hit: Uaubert. Three-base hits: Daubert,
Spencer. Stolen base: Neale. Sacrifice
iit: Kelly. Double plays: Rush to Wlngo:
Bancroft to Doyle to Kelly. Left on bases:
New York, 4; Cincinnati. 6. Bases on
hells: Off Luque, 1: off Barnes, 1. Hits:
Off Luque, 4 In eloht Inninits; off Eller,
2 In one Innlnsr. Umpires: Qulsley and
p'Psy. loilnf pitcher, fcunu. Tims; Uii.
New York Again Defeats
Cleveland in Seven-Inning
Game Interrupted
By Rain.
Washington, July 22. Washing
ton ousted St. Louis from the first
division today by taking the first
game of the series, S to 4. Zachary
pitched shutout ball after being hit
hard in the first four innings.
AB. H.O.A.
Tnbln. rf 5 2 0 OlShanks. 3b
3 2 2 1
iledeon. 2b
3IMilan, If 4
2 Rice, i f 4
OiRoth, rf 4
0 Harris. 2h .1 4
6 Mcllrlde, ss 1
l'Plclnlch. c 3
5 Zachary, p 4
Sislnr, lb 4 4
Wllllams.lf 4
Smith, 3b 4
(lerher. ss 3
0 3 0
0 1 0
1 3 2
2 13 1
1 1 3
0 2 1
10 2
Severeid, c
Shocker, p
:i 1
1 Totals
30 27 10
. Totals 34 9 24 181
; Batted for Shocker In ninth.
St. Louis 0 2 1 1 0 0 0 0 04
Washington 00121100 5
Runs: Tobin. Oedeon, Smith, Oerber,
Shanks (2). Harris. Oharrlty. McHridn.
Krrnrs: Toliln, Slsler, Jacobson, Smith,
Severeid. Stolen liases: Smith, Oerber.
Williams, Rice. Sacrifice hits: (ledeon,
McBrldc (2), Plctnlch. Shanks. Double
p!ay. McBrlde to Harris. Left on bases.
St. Louis, .6; Washington. 7. Has.'s on
halls: off Shocker, 2; off Zachary, 2
Struck out: by Zachary. 1; by Shocker, 3.
Umpires: Dlneen and Frlel. Time; 1:37.
Win In Kaln.
New York, July 22. New York again de
feated Cleveland" today 11 to 2, the game
being called after the Indians finished
their turn at bat in the seventh. Play was
continued In the rain after the first In
ning and. an Interruption of 30 minutes
was followed by continuous rain until the
game was called.
Jamleson.lf 3 2 1 UP'paugh, ss 4 3 0 2
a .'-1 n , mm.... 11. 9 1 fi Y
Spanker, cf 3
1 OiPllip. lb
Chapman, ss 4
Smith, rf 3
1 UPratt, 2b
1 0'Ruth, If
2 tIMousel, rf
3 2!loille, rf
0 1
2 1
tlardner. 3b 3 2
lohnston, lb 2
4 Oi Ward, 3b
irNeill. c 3 16 4IRuel. c
'ov'skle, p 1 0 0 OlColllns. p
Myers, p II O I
lirancv 1 1 0 01 Totals
Faeth. p 1 0 0 Oi
31 16 21 8
' Totals 26 7 IS 12i
Batted for Myers in the fourth.-
New York 2 4 2 1 2 0 x 11
Cleveland 0 0 3 1 0 0 0 3
Runs: Jamlesnn, Speaker, Graney, Plpp,
Pratt, Ruth, Bodle, Ruel, Collins (3). Er
rors: Chapman, Wambsganss. Two-base
hits: Ruth (2). Chapman, Smith, Graney,
Meusel, Bodie, Wambsganss. Three-base
hit: Jamleson. Home runs: Pecking
paugh (2). Stolen bases: Ward (2)
Bodle. Sacrifice hit: Gardner. Double
play: Pecklngpaugh to Pratt to Plpp.
Left on bases: - Cleveland. 8; New York.
7. Bases-on balls!" Off Coveleskle, 1; off
Myers, 1; off Faeth, 8; off Collins, 4.
Hits: Off Coveleskle. 5 in 1 (none out
in second); off Myers, 5 In 2 Innings;
off Kaeth, 6 In 3 Innings. Hit by pitched
ball: Speaker by Collins. Struck out:
By Coveleskle. 2; by Faeth, 3; by Col
lins, 3. Wild pitch: Collins. Faeth. Los
ing pitcher: Coveleskle. Umpires: Mor
larity and Chill. Time: 2 hours.
Kerr Wins Pitchers' Duel.
Boston, July 22. Kerr had the better of
Harper In a pitchers' duel today and Chi
cago defeated Boston, 2 to 1. Chicago
scored In the third on singles by E. Col
lins and Weaver and In the eighth on sin
gles by Kerr and Lelbold, McXally'a over-
At KRUG PARK Bathing Beach
And Proven So By Daily Tests
' Read the Charts at the Entrance Gate
Our photographic records of daily analysis are
open for your inspection.
wl want you to know that thousands of dollars,
have been expended and no expense spared to keep
the water in Krug Park Pool free from danger of in
fection of any and all kinds.
As We Work On A
Drinking Water
A Letter From
Health Commissioner Edwards
Omaha, Neb., July 21, 1920. $
Krug Park Amusement Co.,
As a result of my inspection of your swimming
pool, I am assured that every effort is being made
to make it free from infection and safe for bathers.
Health Commissioner.
throw of first and E. Collins' sacrifice
Lelbold, rf 'T 1 l' diHooper, rf
K.Colltns,2u 1 1 4yitt. 3b
.ii'.H.O.A.I AH.H.O.A
1 2
4 112
3 14 0
10 0 0
4 13 0
2 0 11 0
3 0 2 2
J 0 4 5
i 0 0 i
1 f 1
Weaver, lb 4
Jackson, If 4
Felsc h, cf 4
2 1 4Menosky, If
1 1 0 Foster
0 1 OlSchanir. cf 4 2 17 O'McInnis, lb
Rlsberit, ss 4 1 3 8 Scott, ss '
Schalk, c
z u l ! m c:n ny, o
3 10 2 Walters, o
IHarper, p -
Kerr, v
33 27 151
Totals 30 4 27 13
Batted for Menoaky In ninth.
Chlcafto 0 0100001 02
Hoston 0 0 0 0 0 0 1 0 01
Runs: K. Collins. Kerr, Vltt. Errors:
E. Collins. Menoskv. McNnlly. Stolon
base. E. Collins. Sacrifice hlta. E. Col
lins. Mclnnls. Double play: McNally lo
Mclnnls. T.eft on bases: ChteaKo, 6: Bos
ton, 3. Base on halls: oft Harpei', 1.
Struck out: by Kerr. 1. t'mplres: Con
nolly and Nalltn. Time. 1:2.
Fielding Kids Harris.
Philadelphia. July 22. Welch's Infield
single with' the liases filled scored two
runs and Won today's game from Detroit.
3 to 1. Veach's home run accounted for
fho visitors only score. Brilliant field
ing helped Harris out of several tight
Young. 2b 4 0 4 OUVltt, rf 12 2 0
Hush, ss 3 2 1 4IDykes, 2h 3 13 3
Shorten, cf 4 0 3 OiWalker, If 2 1-3 0
Veach. If 4 2 1 OlWelch. cf 4 12 0 4 18 O Thomns. 3b 4 13 3
I'-lagst'd. rf 3 0 2 MlPerklns. r 4 0 3 0
fones, 3b 4 1 0 3) Griffin, lb 4 17 0
-Manage, c 4 1 5 Olrial'wsy. ss 4 14 6
Avers, p 2 0 0 1 ! Harris, p 3 0 0 0
Halo 110 0!
;krie. p 1 Ml Totals 31 8 27 11
Woodall 1 0 0 01
Totals 34 8 24 8!
natted for Avers in the seventh.
xllatted for Okrie in the ninth.
Detroit 0 0 0 0 0 1 0 0 0 1
Philadelphia 00201000 x 3
Runs: Veach. Witt (2), Dykes. Krrors:
Young, Jones, Dykes (2).
Hale. Witt. Home run:
bases: Thomas, Walker.
Two-base hlta:
Veach. Stolen
Sacrifice hits
Dykes, Harris. Double plays: Thomas,
Dvkes and Griffin; Dykes, Galloway and
Griffin. Left on bases: Detroit. 8; Phil
adelphia. 9. Bases on balls: Off Ayers,
3; off Harris. 2. Hits: Off Ayers, 8 In
6 Innings; off Okrle, none In 2 innings.
Struck out: By Ayers. 3; by Harris, 3.
Losing pitcher: Ayers. Umpires: Kvans
and Hlldebrand. Time: 1:41.
Bantamweight Champion
Matched to Meet Roy Moore
Denver, July 22. Pete' Herman,
bantamweight champion of the
world, and Roy Moore of Baltimore
were matched to box 12 rounds to
a decision in Denver on August 13.
They will make 116 pounds at ring
side. Plattsmouth Loses Two.
Plattsmouth, July 22, (Special.)
Following their defeat of Nehawka
here by the score of 23 to 3, the
Plattsmouth Red Sox lost to the
Schnening hardware team of Council
Bluffs, 12 to 5, Sunday. " Schoening
players knocked two home runs in
the sixth inning.
One of the reasons for the high
mileage average of Sprague Cord
Tires is the special re-inforcement at
the bead. Extra tie-backs prevent
rim cuts and bead troubles, the
cause of most blow-outs with cord
tires, i Purchase Spragues - direcf
from -the Mill, 18th and Cumings.
. Adv.
Cam Called 3:30 P. M.
Box Seats on Sale Barkalow Bro.
Clfar Store, 16th and Farnam.
Challenger in Shape for An
other Battle Resolute Also
In Good Trim for An
other Round.
Sandy Hook, N. J., July , 21
Shamrock IV slipped out of dry
flock tonight and is rcqdy to race
again tomorrow for the America's
Meanwhile, the crew of Resolute,
American defender, made thiiiRS
shipshape aboard their craft and
also are prcpated to give battle.
With the tally now standing: 2
to 1 in iavot of the challenger, the
American sloop must now win the
next contest if the invaluable trophy
is not to travel back overseas in
custody of the Royal Ulster yacht
Shamrock arrived at a Staten Is
land shipyard early today under
low and at once was put on the
ways in order that her underbody
might be scraped. It was the be
lief of her crew that she had col
lected oil on her sleek sides since
she had left dry dock about a week
ago, but when she was slid back
into the water this afternoon this
tear was pronounced groundless.
Not a barnacle and scarcely a
streak of oil had been found. : .
While Capt. Charles Francis
Adams, II, i did not order Reso
lute put in dry dock for another
inspection, he gave his crew little
rest as the great white sloop lay
Anchored in the shelter of the Nook.
Sails were gone over, compasses
Continuous Every Day, 2:15 to llilS
Vsudevllle t 2:40 6:40 end 9:00
Photoplay at 3:55, 8:30, 7:5S, 10:15
KinofTams, Topics of the Day and
Rolllckinf Comedy Picture
Qunxof Syncopation
ComedV. Shadows and Smile
Two Personality Girls
Skating Surprise ' ' '
Featuring Seena Owon.
Paths News Mack Sennett Comedy
"The Slim Princess"
- IN
"Behind the Screen"
in a comedy of laugh that will
remind you of "Mary'a Ankle"
and "23 U Hours' Lea."
let's Be
' ftf - WOTOHJttSy,
Only two more days
tested and last touches given the
racer.- .
It was rfdmitted at the Staten Is
land ship yard that Shamrock had
sustained a slight injury during
yesterday's race. According to
yacht officials, shifting of the boom
had broken two rivets and it wa
found necessary to place a new
brace aft, floor to the beam.
It was denied t the yard, how
ever, that the challenger had slight
ly sprung her deck during tho
thrash to vwindward yesterday.
Before-Shamrock left tonight for
Sandy Hook, seamen aboard her
were observed working on the top
spar ring. Although shipyard offi
cials professed ignorance of what
v.-orlc was being done aloft, the be
lief was held here that the old top
mast had been restepped in order
to do away with he challenger's
big topsail which forces her to
give , Resolute a time allowance of
7 minutes and 1 second, instead of
6 minutes and 40 seconds.
in a big adventure drama
of the Tennessee mountain
"The Deadline"
Alto the big thriller
Mum Club Membership Tags!
Ask; for them at Muse Box
i -
the comedy king of them all in
a wonderful concoction of
thrills and laughs that hat all
Omaha chuckling.
High and
I "Jenny Be Good" j
Fatty ftrbuckle m
"The'ataer 'jS
i ?