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    I HE BEE: OMAHA. FRIDAY, JULY 16. 1920,
Announce Engagement.
j Mr. and Mrs. A. Wolowitz an
nounce the engagement of their
laughter, Rose, to Mr. I. G. Rein
'irhreiber, son of Mr. and Mrs. Ben
i Mr. and Mrs. Wolowitz will en
ertain Sunday evening in honor of
he couple.
i No date has been set for the wed- j
:'.ing. .
I Entertain Miss Estee.
Miss Lorraine Estee of Montpclier,
i't, who has hern at the I). I .
Bradford home, is now the guest of
fr. and Mrs. C. II. (."frighton. Mr. i
nd Mrs. Barton Millard will en-1
ertain at the Country club in her
tonor Saturday evening-.
( For Elizabeth McCracken.
i Miss Mary Mitchell entertained at
! luncheon at the Council Bluffs
.Country club Thursday in honor of
er guest, Miss Elizabeth McCracken
f Pittsburgh. Fink roses formed
!ie centerpiece. Covers were place;!
it the honor guest, the hostess.
Irs. Harry Menold, Misses Leta
Tunter, Marion Turner, Gretchcn
fess, Geraldine Hes, Marjor!
(enold, Mary Fulled. Margaret
Toung, Almarine Campbell ami
'orothy Kiplinger.
For Mrs. Edwards.
I Mrs. L. C. Gibson and Mrs. A. H.
uller will entertain at a whist lunch
on at Happy Hollow club. Friday,
honor of Mrs. A. G. Edwards,
overs will be placed for Mesdamcs
i. Orr, John N. Baldwin, C. K.
outant, Z. T. Lindsay. James Chad
ick. M. J. Broatch. Henry Vat
.'. H. Wilbur, (i. Goodrich. Frank
olpetzer, John Morrison, Dan Sar
ent and S. Coudrey.
Informal Affair.
I Mrs. Elizabeth S. Lewis en'.ei-
tamed informally at her home,
Thursday afternoon, in honor of her
daughter, Margaret, whose marriage
to Louis B. Casey of Chicago will
take place July 24. The guests were
active and alumnae members of the
Achoth sorority, who are now in the
city. Miss Lewis was a member
of Achoth when attending the Uni
versity of Nebraska. Achoth mem
bers now here include Mesdames
Paul Rivert, Thomas Zacek-, James
Her' and William Randall anri Katherine Reynolds, Mildred
Johnson, Helen and Caroline Cain,
Krfherine North, Ruth Hutton,
Htlcn Fossner, Anna iMiytTrr.
Catherine McLean and Miss Opal
Nuss of Sutton.
. Card Party.
The Phyllis club will give a card
party Saturday evening, 8:15
o'clock, at St. I'hilip Ncri's school
in Florence.
Omaha Women Organize
Local Chapter of
Jewish Council.
The Omaha chapter of the Coun
cil of Jewish Women was organized
Wednesday afternoon at Temple Is
rael by Mrs. M. L. Purvin, president
of the Chicago chapter.
A constitution was adopted and
the followiifg officers elected: Mrs.
Frederick Colin president: Mrs. Sol
S. Degen. vice president; Mrs. David i
ttross, recording secretary; Mrs.
Simon A. Meyer, corresponding sec
retary; Mrs. M. L. Wilson, treas
urer; Mrs. Carl Furth and Mrs. M.
F. Shafcr, auditing committee.
More than 100 joined the organiza
tion. Engtand now has eight women
managers of theaters.
Give Your Motor Truck Driver
a Tire He Can Depend On
THE man who tells
you that motor truck
drivers are not interested
in the efficient and eco
nomical operation of
their trucks has never
been in a garage when
the trucks were com
ing in from their day's
Tire splitting and base
separation are not things
that truck drivers thought
up to annoy their em
ployers. Until the new U. S. Grainkss
Rubber Solid Truck Tire was
created, no way had ever been
found to prevent solid tires from
splitting. Nor had anyone ever
United States Tim
2220 Harney St. Omaha, Neb. Phone Tyler 1373
is? 1 C I
Manv lovely affairs have been
given during the past two weeks for
Miss Mae Greene, daughter of Mrs.
James M. Greene, whose marriage
to Dr. Clement Martin of Lynch.
Neb., will take place Wednesday
morning at 9 o'clock at St. Johns
Miss Greene will be honor guest
at a luncheon Friday at the home
of Miss Winifred Traynor.
Mrs. Thomas Murphy will give a
tea Friday afternoon for this popular
bride to be and for Mrs. Frank
Murphy, formerly of Dawson. Neb.
been able to prevent base sep
As representatives of the old
est and largest rubber company
in the world it is our privilege
to introduce this new tire to
the owners and drivers of this
The first solid truck tire ever
made that will neither split nor
separate from its base.
Give your driver a tire that
he can depend on that he
doesn't have to nurse and be
thinking of all the time and
watch how much more effici'
ently your trucks operate
And how your tire costs go
In purchasing a new truck
consult us about the type of
tires to specify.
Cluga Club Girls
Give Carnival
More than 200 attended the Car
nival dance given by the Cluga club
Wednesday evening at the Girls'
Community house. The house and
! grounds were attractively decorated
with Japanese lanterns.
The proceeds, which amounted to
$88, will be added to the Community
Service funds.
The Community Service girls are
anxious to continue their work dur
ing the coming season and are de
vising ways and means for raising
Officers of the Cluga club are as
follows: Miss Margaret Nelson,
advisor; Miss Augusta Nelson, presi
dent; Miss Vera English, secretary,
and Miss Frances Tholki, treasurer.
Omaha Truth Center.
Omaha Truth Center will meet
Friday, 8 p. m., in room 302 Patter
son block, Seventeenth and Farnam
streets. Francis J. Gable of Lincoln,
H. E. L. P. Club.
The H. E. L. P. club will meet
Friday evening at 7:30 o'clock at
the Social Settlement house.
Maple Leaf Chapter.
Maple Leaf chapter, O. E. S., will
hold a picnic in Elmwood park Sat
urday afternoon from 4 to 6:30
In Rhode Island the Providence
League of Women Voters has start
ed an all-sectarian movement to es
tablish citizenship courses in the
Dr. A. E. Bennett leaves Monday
for Hot Springs, S. D.
Mildred Weston returned Thurs
day from Lake Geneva, Wis.
Dr. W. L. Sucha and Dr. Newell
Jones spent Thursday in Fremont.
Mary Angela Fox is visiting
friends in Chicago and Milwaukc:.
E. E. Bruce and daughter, Eliza
beth, have gone to New Hampshire
to spend the summer.
Donald Fox left Monday to spend
three weeks at Lake Minnetonka
and Pryor Lake, Minnesota.
Robert P. Kimball leaves Friday
to spend two weeks at Nisswa,
Minn., with Mr. and Mrs. Arthur P.
Miss Agnes Tierney of O'Neill,
Neb., who has been visiting her sis
ter, Mrs. Edward Johnson, returned
home Thursday.
Miss Gertrude A. Smith, daugh
ter of Mr. and Mrs. E. M. Smith, is
spending the summer in New York
where she is attending Columbia
Miss Marion Coad is the guest of
her grandmother, Mrs. J. F. Coad,
at Fryor Lake, Minn., for a month.
Miss Pauline Coad will join them
in a week.
Mr. and Mrs. E. M. Reynolds are
moving from their home in Field
club district to their new home on
Happy Hollow boulevard, just
north of Dodge street.
Misses Orilea and Gladys rrene
Castle of Lincoln, who have been
visiting, Mrs. Anna Vincent, Hazel
Harper and Winifred Baker, left
Thursday for Burlington, la.
Mr. and Mrs. Charles McLaughlin
have returned from their honeymoon
trip and are at home at the E. E.
Bruce residence. Mrs. McLaughlin
was formerly Margaret Bruce.
Mrs. Mary L. Creigh is summer
ing at Wequetonsing, Mich. Mrs.
Creigh, who was ill before her de
parture, is much improved. She
plans to remain at Wequetonsing
until late in the fall.
Mrs. Robert Marinet is visiting
Mrs. R. E. Dockery at Lewistown,
Mont. Mrs. Dockery was formerly
Belinda Porter Akins of this city.
They plan to visit Yellowstone, Gla
cier and Estes parks.
Omahans stopping at the Hotel
McAlpin during the past week have
been: Elizabeth Adams, Helga
Peterson, Mary Sturgeon. Miss J.
Law. Mr. and Mrs. Fred Organ,
W. T. Graham, A. K. Header and
W. C. Brorson.
Carter Lake Club
Mrs. C. G. Jaycox entertained the
members of the Cedar Rapids club
at a porch party Tuesday afternoon
at her cottage. There were 18 guests
Miss Terra Tierney entertained 12
guests at a bridge luncheon Thurs
day at the Tierney cottage.
The prize winners at the Carter
Lake Kensington club party Wed
nesday afternoon were: Mesdames
C. O. Campbell, Joseph Rohacek,
N. H. T. Jury, J. M. Lowe, Dan
Moore, W. J. Shoup and George C.
Mrs. Robert Campbell and son,
Billy, of Sterling, Colo., 'are visiting
at the Charles Campbell cottage.
Mr. and Mrs. Dan Moore and
daughter, Irene, left Wednesday for
a motor trip to Eexcelsior Springs.
Institutes for the
Women of
The recent exhibition of the Fed
eration of Women's Institutes at
the Royal Horticultural hall intro
duced to Londoners an evidence of
social activity in rural districts
which is said to have surprised
many of those who think that the
English countryside can still be
characterized by the well-worn ad-
jjective "sleepy."
Moit wide-awake seemed these
country women, who were presiding
over their stalls of country produce,
the reports say, and though some
had never been to London before,
none of them was aught abashed by
the novel experience. The Women's
Institute is a new phase of English
life that has come into being since
the war. Initiated by Lady Den
man, with some government sup
port, there are now considerably
iover 1,000 of these organizations
scattered through the length and
breadth of the country. Fresh vil
lages are joining almost every day,
and in the southern counties it is
already almost the exception to find
a village without its institute.
The root idea of the Women s In
stitute is that it should provide a
center for all kinds of useful and
amusing work of a social or educa
tional nature. The club must be
managed by the women themselves,
and almost any kind of activity is
encouraged in connection with it.
The institute offers, in fact, an
uninue onnortunitv for the exerrU
of the "community spirit." And so, !
besides instruction in the more
practical phases of country life, such
as bee-keeping, sewing, cooking, a
place is also found for the more
cultural side of things.
Immigrant Literature.
In co-operation with the American
Library association's campaign, the
Immigrant Publication Society. Inc.,
of New York, of which John Foster
Carr is director, is working for a
$60,000 fund to enable it to continue
its work of circulating guidebooks,
library helps and many types of pe
riodicals of value to foreigners. That
Mr. Carr's work has been filling a
long-felt gap between Americans and
the immigrant who needs authorita
tive directions on arrival in the Unit
ed States has been vouched for by
many prominent educators of all ra-tiortltie.
Country Club
V. R. McKecn had six guests at
dinner at the Country club Tlui.s
day evening, W. B. Millard lud
four guests.
Foursomes were entertained at
luncheon Thursday by A. L. Reed
and L. L. Kountze.
Lakoma Club
Entertaining at dinner Wednes
day evening at Lakoma club were
H. R. Bowen, George H. Brewer,
Vacation Dresses
icatured at
Just Half Price
29.75 Dotted Swiss Dresses, 14.88
Also 35.00, 39.75, 45.00 and 49.50 values at Half,
7.50 Flowered Voile Dresses at 3.75
Also 10.00, 12.50, 15.00 and 19.75 values at Half.
29.75 Dotted Organdie Dresses, 14.88
Also 35.00, 39.75 and 45.00 values at Half.
12.50 Anderson Ginghams, 6.25
Also 15.00, 19.75 and 24.75 values at Half.
10.00 Striped Crepe Dresses, 5.00
Also 15.00 and 24.75 values at Half.
19.75 Linene Sport Dresses, 9.88
And 22.50" and 24.75 values at Half.
24.75 Navy Organdie Dresses, 12.38
And 35.00 and .45.00 values at Half.
45.00 Paradise Crepe Dresses, 22.50
39.75 Ribbon Voile Dresses, 19.88
45.00 Navy, Black and Brown Taffetas,
.' Also 49.50, 55.00 and 59.00 values at Half. 22.50
' 1812 FARNAM 1812 "
IIHIIIIIIKI Where the New Styles
y "Si r i "
Any time of day, when
your children have a
longing for something
"tasty", a dish of
JERSEY Corn Flakes
and berries or other
fruit will satisfy the
desire, and yet not
At your grocer's
The Jersey Cereal Food Co.
Cereal, Penna.
Also makers of Jersey
Wholt-Wheot Pancake Flour
Corn Makes
Tie Original Thick Coir Flaket
Now It the Time to Get Rid of
These Ugly Spots.
There's no longer the slightest
need of feeling ashamed of your
freckles, as O t h i n e d o u b 1 e
strength is guaranteed to remove
these homely spots.
Simply get an ounce of Othine
double strength from any drug
gist and apply a little of it night
and morning and you should soon
see that even the worst freckles
have begun to disappear, while the
lighter ones have vanished entirely.
It is seldom that more than an
ounce is needed to completely clear
the skin and gain a beautiful clear
Be sure to ask for the double
strength Othine, as this is sold un
der guarantee of money back if it
fails to remove freckles.
For New Styles
and Pretty Arms
(Beauty Notes)
Women are fast learning the
value of the use of delatone for re
moving hair or fuzz, from face, neck
or arms. A paste is made with i
some powdered delatone and water
and spread on the hairy surface. In
2 or 3 minutes it is rubbed off, the
skin washed and every bit of hair :
has disappeared. No failure will re
sult if you are careful to buy genu
ine delatone and mix fresh as
Nothing Succeeds Like
Success and Bee Want Ads.
Get Yours Started Today.
Guv Cramer. V. G. Matthson, C. T.
Volltner and C. 1". Gruenig.
H. G. Wimlheiui will have 16
guests at dinner at the club Satur
day evening. C. F. Ilazeltine will
have 15 guests and J. W. Skog
lund 14.
Making Over.
If you have a taffeta dress of any
color from last year's wardrobe,
don't discard it, even if it is partially
worn out. Get about two yards of
ecru-colorcd organdie and some
deep lace, and make a tunic of it
with a double fold of the organdie
at the bottom. If the taffeta skirt
is worn at the hem it is easy to let
it down under the tunic, adding a
and hundreds of charming
now drosses, special cash purch
Georgette Organdie Dresses, Georgette
all at just one-half.
crisp and flaky,
with a salty tang.
Fine with milk,
cheese, peanut
butter or jam.
Dfvtori declare that bedbuza and ether
ffrnnn art tlia mopt. to be (eared means of
ai'rejding aurh diseases aa tonaunii'tifn.
ai'inal meniugitia and other tntVtleua trfu
Nes. There is uo dir-srare in citing bed
hurj in vour home, because that can't be
avoided, but it is a diasrave to permit theru
to rmain and thrne when it Is en esy to
gt rid ct them with the new rhemieal corn
round. V. T. tj . which actually puts an end
to these peky detila.
A S 5 -rent riu-kage of tb't cMden chemical
will rnsVe a quart of mumis that Is fo
dpaiilv to bfd'uRs tint U wnu'd ki'J a m'l
Ipn rr them if mi could kH that many to
aftrifr. If they were as tvj an your hand
U would Rwat them imt is well. And not
only the live ones, hut the future feneration
as well, because once it hits the ega they
are gone.
Tfur druszlst has P. P. Q FV Pe'Je
Qu:etuu and will he Klad to furnish It fr
? cents. One 35 -rent rarkape n'Sl-ea
quirt of (he miiture and la equal to a birrel
rf old faehioned hug-Killer. Some dniM.5t
tray irv ti sll "u xoniethitic flu h'i.'t
i-cent a euh-itttutfc If your drutrcint hasn't
P. 11 Q . Mnd us our name and rent
and we will Mnd rmi a rat kB postage
prera Id to 5 our a ddrcss.
V P. Q will not inture dHI-'a'e fabric,
r lMhmg. carnet. furniture, hoddmg. wall
rarer or or,dorV. In fact, (t ta often tued
aa a and dialnfactant.
Comfort Your Skin
With Cuticura Soap
and Fragrant Talcum
Soap, Ointment, Talrain. Kc iiwy wfciera. SawpUa
hm t Catteua UeMratariaa, Sept X, MaUat, Im
piece of silk to make the required
length. A tuhif, or one rf the new
"apron," may cover most of the
waist, and t! e sleeves Viay he cut
otf above the elbow with a finish of
s. small organdie cuff.
Flta Kreisler, sister of Frit!
Kreisler, th famous violinist, has
been working in Vienna with the
Herbert Hoover representatives in
beh;:lf of the children of the famine
ridden Austrian republic. She is
also working with a number of
scai:tily-clad and ragged children.
The democratic city executive
committee of Atlanta has decided to
permit women to vote in the coming
city primaries.
Mr. Arthur Sharp
Tells How Cuticura
Healed Pimples
" My trouble began with sort of n
Itching and burning sensation which
'"A pies began coming out on
my face. Soon my face was
amass of itching. burning
pimples, which disfigured
me greatly, and the dis
comfort was terrible. I
scratched the oimoles end
irritated them more, and some nights
I lost much sleep.
" I sentfora free sample of the Cuti
cura Preparations and was pleased
with the result. I bought more, and
after using one cake of Soap and less
than a box of Ointment I was healed."
(Signed) Arthur Sharp, Box 394,
Salineville, Ohio.
Once clear, keep your skin dear
by using Cuticura Soap and Oint
ment for every-day toilet purpose
and Cuticura Talcum to powder and
penume. notning oeucr.
"arnpl. lata rra by Mall Addrma:"Oatlewlk
eTarla.DeDl.B,Mall.B4S, Mmi" Solrlev.rr-
i Cuticura soap with wimom
If vou hare a pet d"g who is lnfed
with fleas take a little P. ri. 0 rnmure in
vour hand and rub it Inin the f'L- Then
watch the fleas loop the loor. Thef will
he deader than King Solomon before they
hit the floor.
Have our chl 'kena got lire? lo't tit
tate. Get a 35-cent paikase of I'. D. .
make a gallon of iTe-dfMrmer from It aa
ilrected and tlwn get busy In the hehou.
It's so easv vMi'll Uuh and so will the
hirketn Bv'tl-.e war. did
rhicken laugh? Try this and wat.-a em.
I The an's and c-vkrosi'hes at and :at aa
! ?od & chance rf surviving a treatment of
j p, p. Q. as a MTiwhall m a y?iv famed
i first Ksnrt It swats th'm and their eeira
with a wall'1? inn ruib ineir wnn.e gener-a-in
out of huiprss Tse It on fura In
storage to kill and kep out mothi.
E'.ery pakase rf P. P. O f "nU'n a
patent epoui tiiat fits anv ordinirf hMf.
It will enable you to rearh the hsrd to-set-at
rlas and twite lots of juice. When
buying lonk fnr ih Peril Hc"t on ever?
packaire of p. D Q , tlien j-u U be sure lo
ft the genuine.
Terre Haute, Indiana
fold h Sherman A MrConnell Prug Co ,
Ind U other leading druggists. Omaha. b-
Money back without aucataaD
If HUNT'S Salve fail In tha
treatment of ITCH, ECZKMA.
ether itching akin diaeaaea. Try
a 7S cent box at our nak
Sherman V McConnell DruaT C