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Company Investigating to
Place Blame for Crash
Two of Five Injured
Near Death.
Mrs. Ella Thomas, 2333 Monroe
strret, one of five persons injured
when two street cars collided at
Twenty-fourth and U streets just
before midnight Wednesday was still
unconscious yesterday and doctors at
Nicholas Senn hospital, where she
was taken after the accident, said
?ecovery was not likely. Mrs.
Thomas is suffering from a frac
tured skntl and internal injuries.
Josephine Ballew, a 14-year-old
colored girl living at 6415 South
Twenty-first street, also was, injured
internally. She is at Swedish Mist-ion
hospital. She may recover,
doctors say.
Others Will Recover.
The other three victims, Mrs.
Margaret Flagel, 6920 South Twenty-fifth
street; Mrs. Dora Ballew,
colored, 6415 South Twenty-fi st
street, and Miss Irene- Gordon, col
ored, 6515 ( South Twelfth street,
were less seriously injured and were
taken to their homes. It is believed
a!1 will recover.
The accident occurred when a
south-bound car on the Albright
line was stopped for repairs to a
broken trolley connection. It was
in charge of P. Berry, conductor,
and P. Jensen, motorman. The
bghts had gone out.
Hit By Another Car.
Witnesses told police that the
second car was going 20 mites an
hour when it crashed into the dis
abled car. AH of those injured were
in the first car. The second car was
n charge of E. H. Buckman. con
ductor, and S. Mortensen, motor
man. Jensen and a road officer were on
the roof of the first car repairing
the broken connection. Berry savs
be saw the second car approaching
and walked up the track and
signalled the motorman to stop but
his signals were not heeded.
Jensen and the road officer were
thrown off the roof of the disabled
car and it started down grade. Jer.
sen ran and caught up with it.
climbed through a window anc
brought the car, to a stop with'n
two blocks.
Thrown Over Seats.
Mrs. Thomas was thrown over
several seats and into the aisle when
the collision occurred. Josephine
Ballew is said to have leaped to the
pavement when the car started down
Street railway officials are con
ducting an investigation. R. A.
Leussler, general manager of the
company, is out of the city. Walter
V. Thomas, claim agent, said his
men had been busy seeing that the
injured were properly cared for
,- and that all detaiis of the accident
had not been learned. Responsibil
ity for the accident had not been de
termined, he said this afternoon.
Dietz Will Represent
State at Notification
Ceremonies of G. 0. P.
Gould Dietz, delegate from Ne
braska to the republican national
convention, will be a representative
from this state at the notification'
ceremonies for both Senator Hard
! ing and Governor Coolidge.
Mr. Dietz will leave Omaha Sun
day evening for Columbus, O., to
attend a banquet in Senator Hard
ing's honor on July 19.. He will re
main there until July 21, when he
will go to Marion on a special train
for the notification ceremonies.
From there he plans to go to Bos
ton for the Coolidge notification on
July 27.
Earl Mallery of Alliance is now in
Omaha conferring with Mr. Dietz
in regard to the coming campaign,
Mr. Mallery was also a delegate to
the Chicago convention.
Detective Recovers Loot
Where Burglars Hide It
Mrs. W. C. Wendt, 3015 Jackson
street, reported to police that bur
glars entered her home Wednesday
r.ight through a bedroom window
snd escaped with clothing and jew
' ciry valued at $1,500.
Mrs. Roberta Dowty of the same
address also reported the theft of
silk underwear, mostly "teddy
bears," worth $75.
By 8:30 a. m. yesterday Detective
Troby reported to Central police
headquarters he had located the en
tire loot within two blocks of. the
scene of the burglary. No arrests
had yet been made, and police offi
cials declined to give out the loca
tion of the alleged cache.
13-Year-Old Girl Charges
Strange Man Assaulted Her
Found crying in the street about
7:30 p. m. Wednesdav by J. E.
Archbold, 3811 North Twenty-fifth
street, and taken to her home, Grace
Grifham, 13 years old, 3111 Mormon
street, told of being assaulted by
an unidentified man who accosted
her at Thirty-fourth and Mormon
Streets ind forced her to a secluded
spot where he attacked her. The
case was not reported to police un
til 2 a. m. yesterday.
Say Man Abused Mother
Accused of abusing his 60-year-old
mother, C. E. Saunders, egg in
spector, 4333 Laurel avenue, was ar
rested Wednesday night. Police, say
Saunders broke every window ortthe
first floor of his home with a wood
en clock. He has been drunk for
several days, they said.
Husband Gets Divorce,
But She Gets Alimony
3AO.C ?
Leaps From Speeding Auto
Caught In Alleged Second
TheftMissing From
Garage Man Must Pay Wife
$100 a Month for 18
Otto L. Rhoades, taxicab and ga
rage man, was granted a divorce
from Sadie Rhoades and ordered to
pay her alimony at the rate of $100
a month by Judge Sears in divorce
court yesterday.
The alimony is to stop if Mrs.
Rhoades remarries before the ex
piration of 18 months.
Mrs. Rhoades is traveling in Cali
fornia. x
Rhoades sued for divorce last
January, alleging cruelty. Mrs.
Rhoades filed an answer, alleging
that her husband forced her to swear
that she was dependent on him dur
ing the war in order to get exemp
tion from the draft. She also named
the wife of one of Rhoades' em
ployes as co-respondent. The hus
band of this woman later sued
Rhoades for $25,000 for alleged
alienation of affections.
Man Snatches Purse From
Woman, She Tells Police
Walking along the street at Forty
first and Seward Wednesday evening
at dusk, Mrs. A. A. Smith, Martin
apartments. Sixteenth and Webster
streets, lost her purse containing
$35 to a man about 35 vears old
who snatched it from her hand. She
reported the case to police and gave
a good description of the thief.
Arrested for speeding in an automo
bile that had been stolen in Omaha,
escaping by leaping from his racing
car, rearrested an hour later in an
alleged attempt to steal another au
tomobile and boring his way through
the roof of the Council Bluffs city
jail, a mere lad of 16 years, had the
Council Bluffs police up in the air
At 8 p. m. Wednesday Joseph
Schum of Hastings, Neb., discover
ed his automobile had been stolen
from Fifteenth and Douglas streets
in Omaha.
A short time later, Motorcycle
Officers Brown and Bosted of
Council Bluffs chased a speeding
automobile up Broadway to Twenty-first
street, where thev overtook
it and placed the youthful driver
under arrest.
Leaps From Car.
They instructed hint to follow
them to the police station. Instead
of obeying their order the lad turned
his car south on Twenty-first street,
and reaching a speed of about 50
miles an hour, saw the officers again
pursuing him, leaped from the car.
He fell to the pavement, picked
himself up and staggered into some
friendly weeds by the side of the
The automobile dashed south to
Second avenue, where it crashed
into a telephone pole and stopped.
The officers searched the weeds
for an hour,- but were unsuccessful
in locating their escaped prisoner.
. Caught in the Act. . r
At 10:50 p. m., Joseph Xansel,
farmer, living in Kane township,
caught a lad in the act of stealing
his automobile from in front of the
Public drug store, 535 West Broad
way, less than 100 yards from Pearl
and Broadwav.
. He held the lad until Officer
Smith arrived and placed him un
der arrest.
The boy was taken to tht police
station, where he gave the name of
Alfred Bert, 16 years old, Kensett,
la. He was identified by Officers
Brown and Bostedt as the lad who
had escaped from them earlier. --in
the evening.
He was placed in the woman's
ward on the top floor of the jail,
considered the most secure cell in
the prison. ,
There he spent the night under
Yesterday morning Mr. Schum
appeared at- the station in Council
Bluffs and identified his automobile
which had been stolen in Omaha.
Bert was held in secret confer
ence with Chief of Police Jensen,
Officers Smith, Brown and Bos
tedt, Schum and Nansel.
Following the conference he was
returned to the woman's ward.
Bores Through Ceiling.
Half an hour later he was gone.
The lad had bored two holes in
the roof of the cell. Police believ
ed he had escaped to the roof of the
jail, from which he had leaped to
the second story roof of the engine
house, and then let himself down
by the window casings to the
ground and freedom.
All officers on the Council Bluffs
police force were given an accurate
description of the slippery lad and
ordered to scour the city for him.
fie was found in the basement of
the jail at 1 p. m.
Boy Jokers and Tire
Fool Motorists, Who
Complain to Police
An auto tire was on the road.
A car stopped and two men
stooped to pick up the tire, but two
boys gave them the laugh and pulled
the tire out of reach by means of a
So the police emergency car was
summoned and the tire was found
at Fifty-first and Ohio streets. In
stead of stooping for the tire, police
officers, thinking the tire a possible
ruse for highwaymen, advanced with
guns loaded.
They found Francis Ihm,x 19 years
old, 2604 North Fifty-first street, and
Fred Johnson, 18 years old, 2501
North Thirty-second street.
"We were only playing a joke,"
said Ihm. "Someone played it on
us1 and so we're just retaliating."
The boys were reprimanded and
allowed to go home.
Youth Who Wrecked
Auto, Injuring Two,
Held for Assault
Charged with assault with intent
to commit manslaughter, Henry
Neiison, 20 years old, of Avoca, la.,
was bound over to the grand jury
Wednesday under $1,000 bond.
Neiison is accused of wrecking
an automobile, in which Mr. and Mrs
John Jenks were riding and serious
ly hurt, by his alleged reckless driv
ing of his car on June 19.
Prosecution was delayed until the
Jenks couple were able to appear
against Neiison, who, it was shown
in testimony, was racing against
time with another car he had given
20 minutes handicap into Avoca.
Conviction of the charge against
Neiison involves five years in prison.
Lighting Fixtures Burgess-Gran-den
Co. Adv.
Deaths and Funerals
Funsra) services (or Harold Hatter, ton
of Deputy Sheriff Nicholas Halter, wha
died In Minneapolis last Tuesday. wer
held yesterday afternoon et.ths Fralley
Dorranca chapel. Interment , was In,
Forest Lawn cemetery.
Fnneral services for Gustave Andreer.
who died Tuesday at nil home, 1701
i South Sixteenth street, were held yester
. day at 2 p. m. in the Masonic temp!-. Past
masters of St. Johns lodge. No. 25, A. F. &
A. M., served as pallbearers. Burial was
lr the Masonic clot in Forest Ljyn ceme
tery, f
Friday and Saturday
This Store Will Hold
Exceptional in timeliness" -and Values, qualities, varieties offered
fjUR Hosiery Shop's leadership in high grade makes our reputation for hosiery of
quality and service is too well known for this sale to need further comment.
These reductions mean sound, substantial money saving to you!
Women's Hose
to $2.50
Broken Lines
of Season's
Pure white silk hose, seamed back, $1.59 Lace hose, in plain colors, $1.59
Lace hose, two-tone, $1.59 Black drop stitch hose, $1.59
Rosettes, in all colors, $1.59
to $3.00
Women's Silk Hose
W onderful
PLAIN silk hose in colors of black, brown, navy, cordovan, while, grey.
Full fashioned some with seam in back and seamless foot.
Corded laces in all colors.
x fjgaJfy Women's Silk Hose Fashioned
$4, $4.50 . m . Pure Thread
and $5.00 $2.95 Silk
C OME Richelieu Ribbed some lace clox some silk to the top some lisle garter tops.
In plain colors black white cordovan and navy. The best value giving hosiery sale
we have offered this season.
formerly Benson sTrome
Highwayman In Auto Grabs
Victim's Purse Then Tries
to Force Her Into His
Because she screamed when an
unidentified assailant attempted to
force her into his automobile at the
alley in the rear of the Trinity Meth
odist church, 701 Fourth street,
Council Bluffs, Wednesday night,
Myrtle. Hough, 23 years old, 706
Bluff street, was partially stunned at
1 a. in. yesterday when her robber
r.srailant struck her over the head
with the butt end of a revolver.
The man fled after he struck the
girl, she told police. Miss Hough
was attended by J)r. Erickson Hill
and later removed to her home. Her
wound is not serious, according to
Dr. Hill.
Miss Hough told police she was
returning from a party in the neigh
borhood and had been followed by
an unknown man in a car to the
alley behind the church.
Here the man leaped from his ma
chine, she said, and robbed her of
her purse at the. point of a revolver.
lie then tried to force her into his
automobile, she said, but she
She gave a good description of the
man to police.
Parachute Drop of
Airplane Parts to
Mail Pilot Success
Engine parts dropped in a para
chute from the air mail plane which
left Omaha Wednesday piloted by
William E. DeWald, landed safeiy
within a few hundred yards of the
plane in which Pilot Clarence Lange
was forced to land Tuesday, one
and a half miles south of Grinnell,
la., because of motor trouble.
DeWald continued his flight to
Chicago without stopping. Lange
replaced the damaged parts of iiis
engine and flew to Iowa Citv where
he left his plane and took the train
to Omaha.
Lange arrived in Omaha yester
day. He refuted the report that his
plane was badly damaged when he
was forced to land Tuesday.
"I have had no wreck since join
ing the Omaha-Chicago air mail di
vision," he said. "My plane was not
harmed Tuesday."
"Harding and Coolidge" Or
ganizations to Make Thor
ough Campaign.
Myron L. Learned, president of
the Harding and Coolidge club of
Nebraska, has appointed the follow
ing executive committee:
Franklin A. Shotwell, chairman, Omaha;
K. . lleach, Lincoln: W. A. Helleck, Lin
coln: Murk Woods, Lincoln; O. A. Coop-r,
Humbolt; E. M. Pollard, Nehawka: L. .
Richards, Fremont; Wort Ma pen, Norfolk;
A. R. Davis, Wayne; C. N. McElfrnh,
Columbus: Victor Seymour, Norfolk; Adam
McAlullen, Heutrlce; H. C. Kecbe, Oscmla;
H. B. Steele. Falrbury: H. K. Sacket,
Hoatrlce; M. A. Shaw, David City; H. K.
Stein, Hastings; W, H. Miller. Blooming
ton; George F. Austin. Orleans; H. J. Mc
Laughlin, Doniphan; A. K. Kuperson. Clay
Center; Karl U. Mallery, Alliance; Horace
T. Kennedy. Tiroken How; Dave. Rnblnann,
Chariron; J. W. Weeks, O'Neill; Woodruff
Hall, Valentine; Hev. Tltua Lowe, Omaha;
Cant. C. K. Adams, Omaha; John W.
Towlo, Omaha; K. A. Benson. Omaha:
Rev. John A. Williams, Omaha; Gould
Diets. Omaha.
"The executive committee will
have full charge of the Harding and
Coolidge club's campaign in Nebras
ka and will co-operate with the re
publican state and county commit
tees," said Thomas J. Sheehan, jr.,
"It is the purpose to form a local
club in each town and city in Ne
braska and to make an energetic
campaign for the republican ticket.
"The women will also have a state
Harding and Coolidge club, which
will co-operate with the men's club.
"Conditions are good for victory
in Nebraska and reports show that
Harding and Coolidge will carry die
state by a large majority."
Asks Court to Sentence
Clients to Reform School
Asking the federal court to sen
tence his clients to the reform
school, Frank L. Weaver, attorney
for Ernest McCarthy, 16 years old.
4001 North Thirty-eighth street, and
Carl Zuclo, yesterday waived pre
liminary hearing for the boys, who
were bound over to United States
grand jury under $2,000 bond each
on a charge of raising a $1 bill to
$10. Attorney Weaver declared in
the onice of the United Mates dis
trict attorney that young McCarthy
is unruly and has been in juvenile
court at least rive times.
Burglars With Pass Key
Loot Home of Silverware
Jewelry and silverware valued at
$20 was stolen from the home ol
Mrs. I. Wooley, 2311 Dewey avenue.
Wednesday night, by burglars who
gained entrance by unlocking the
front door with a pass key.
Fred Kasner, Taking Diving
Girl for Ride On Motorcycle,
Gets Fractured Skull
In Spill.
Fred Kasner, life guard at the
Krug park bathing pool, is in a
critical condition at Nicholas Senn
hospital as a result of a motorcycle
accident at Thirty-sixth and Farnani
streets late Wednesday night.
Miss I'eggy Fortune, a diving girl
at the park, who was riding with
i Kasner at the time, was slightly in-
I jurecl. Jshe suttered cuts and body
Kasner's injuries consist of a
fractured skull, broken nose and in
ternal hurts. He was unconscious
throughout the night.
The motorcycle skidded out of
the car tracks and almost turned
turtle when the rear tire was punc
tured. Kasner was hurled against
a trolley wire pole. Miss Fortune,
who said she had never ridden on
a motorcycle before, was behind
A passing autoist rushed the two
injured to the hospital. Both had
lett Krug park for a spin hut a tew
minutes before the accident.
Kasner lives at Nineteenth and
Q streets. South Side. Miss For
tune's home is in St. Louis.
Wife Is Prostrated
With Discovery of
Fake Divorce Paper
Discovery of an unsigned divorce
decree made out to her husband. E.
A. Carter, Rock Island express mes
senger, has prostrated Mrs. Mabel
K. Carter, 618 Sixth avenue, Council
Mrs. Carter recently underwent a
serious operation. Finding of the
alleged divorce certificate has caused
a relapse. Carter is out on his run.
Judge Wheeler explains the situ
ation as a "joke," expressing belief
the decree was filled out by some
student in the Carters' name. It is
serially numbered, however, 26472,
and purported to have been issued
March 2, 1918. No record of it is
in the court house.
Judge Wheeler may investigate the
Mother's Home Unfit'.
Place to Rear Child,
Judge Wheeler Rules
Assured by testimony that the
r.other's home is no fit place for
Maxine, 9-year-old daughter of
Mrs. George Miller, 2720 Avenue A.
to be reared. Judge Wheeler Wed
nesday denied a writ of habeas cor
pus to the mother for custody of the
child now living with its grand
mother, Mrs. K. L. Cady, Ml Sher
mand avenue, Council Bluffs.
During the hearing, Mrs. Miller
testified to four marriages in nine
years, exposing negligence in her ,
marital relations which caused the
judge to halt the hearing abruptlyr
The grandmother testified sh had
cared for Maxine since she was 1
year old and the mother had con
tributed nothing toward her sup
port after the first year.
Have Root
I'i'fss. Adv. ,
I'rlnt It Beacon
has gained ground in this country
which looks upon the bearing and
rearing of children as something
coarse and vulgar and to be avoid
ed, but the advent of Eugenics
means much for the motherhood of
the race. Happy is the wife who,
though weak and ailing, depends
upon Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegetable
Compound to restore her to health,
and when headaches and backaches
are a thing of the past brave sons
and fair daughters rise up and call
her blessed.
Sharpens Vision
Soothes and heals the eyes and strength
ens eyesight quickly, relieves inflam
mation in eyes and lids ; sharpen
vision and makes glasses unnecessary
in many instances, says Doctor. Drug
gists refund your money if it fails.
Girlith, Wrinkle-Free
Skin Easy to Have
Since its remarkable astringent and
tonic properties became known, clever
women all over the world have been using
the saxolite face bath to "tons op" their
faces, remove wrinkles and draw flabby
cheeks and neck back to normal. After
using the solution, the face immediately
feels much firmer. The skin tightens
evenly all over the face, thus reducing:
lines and saggineas. The formula is :
Powdered saxolite, one ounce, dissolved
in witch hazel, one-half pint.
This simple and harmless fact bat
is a splendid thing for the outdoor gii
since sun. wind and flying dust are Si .
provocative of squinting and other con
tortions which cause wrinkles and crow's-
feet. Also it is fine to freshen up tired
face in hot. depressing weather.
He was a poor actor
hat he $ot yyl
With Acknowledgment! to K. C. fc
WAS In a cigar store.
AND A man cams in.
TO BUY cigarettes,
AND HE had a cold.
AND WAS so hoars.
THE CLERK understand
JUST WHAT he wanted,
AND HE got madder.
HE DREW a brand.
HE DIDNT want.
HE POUNDED the case.
AND TRIED to talk.
BUT HE only wheezed.
AND HE made signa,
WITH HIS fingers.
BUT THEY didn't get oyer.
HE THOUGHT he'd try.
TO ACT it out
AND HE closed his eyes.
AND MADE his face.
AND 8MILED and looked.
AND THE clerk said.
l GOT you. Store!
CATISFY? Yon said it! Those fine
Turkish and Domestic tobaccos and
that can't-be-copied Chesterfield blend
i-ft-t-l-s-f-y with every puff!
And the moisture-proof, glassine
wrapped special package ketps 'em the
way you want 'era fine, full-flavored,
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