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Many Companies Preparing to
Handle Nebraska's Bumper
1920 Wheat Crop 22
Have Applied Already.
- Lincoln, N'eh., July 15 (Special.)
Elevator companies out in the
state are preparing to take care of
the present wheat crop by making
implication fur licenses under the
state law as required by the public
praiii warehouse law, giving them the
i '-i'M to charge tor the storage of
pjk.n. Twenty-two already have
;.ude application to the State Rail
vav commission for permits, as
ayamst a total of onty 27 last year.
Under the law the following para
graphs apply particularly:
Sccttcn 2, Evry public warehouse
man handling grntn, shall each year file
application with the State Hallway com
rnmslon for license to do business under
the terms of this act. Said application
shall act forth the location of the grain
elevator or grain warehouae, Its relation
to railroad trackage, Us capacity. Its gen
ral plan and equipment, Its ownership,
tfie amount of grain handled through It
during the previous year and to what ex
tent the same was used for storage pur
poses. The application shall be accom
panied both by a bond running to the
state of Nebraska for an amount equal
io the full value of all grain likely to
be held In storage at any one time, and
by a receipt from the state treasurer
showing payment of the annual license fee
of I:' for each warehouse to be operated.
The warehouseman shall be liable on his
bond for all loss and damage, of what
ever nature, except loss due to changes
i'i market value, to all grain held In stor
age In hla public warehouse. In case of
delay In delivery of said grain by the
warehouseman on order of the owner
i hereof said warehouseman shall he lia
ble, on his bond, as provided In Section
ti of t'hapter 24J. Session Laws of 115.
Section 6. Upon demand, presentation
of any receipt, and payment of law
ful charges. th grain represented there
in, or any part therof, shall be Immedl
mely delivered to the owner, or his or-tl-r
and the part so delivered shall not
be' subject to any further charge for
Htoritre after demand for delivery shall
have beni made and facilities for receiv
ing and shipping the same have been pro
vided. In case demand Is made for a
part only of the grain represeriled by
any receipts the amount so delivered shall
he entered In a proper blank upon the
face of said receipt and delivery thereof
acknowledged thereon by the person hold
ing said receipt. Kor any grain not de
livered within 24 houas after such de
mand, the warehouseman shall be liable,
upon his bond, to the owner In damages
not exceeding 1 cent a bushel for each
lay's delay, unless he shall deliver to
different owners In the order demanded
as rapidly as can be done by ordinary
ililllgence. In cjise terminal delivery of
grain Is demanded, the warehouseman
shall forthwith issue and deliver to the
owner or his order a surrender receipt,
which shall conform to the receipt Issued
for Lbe grain under Section 6 of this
act, rocking such grain deliverable In ils
net amount at any tormina! market in
the state dlgnated by the owner of
.ald receipti the same line of railroad.
.Such grain shall be subject to the usual
freight, weighing and switching charges
when 'It arrives st the terminal so desig
nated, the freight to be computed on the
basis of the gross weight of the grain
represented by such surrender receipt.
The owner of the reclpt may at his op
tion order the car li which the grain
covered by hit receipt Is to he trans
ported, and In such case the grain shall
be delivered when the car so ordered is
placed at the warehouse.
Section T. N'o more and no less than
the foiiowinff lawful scale of storage
charges shall be charged for, received or
paid In all public warehouses, viz: le
per bushel for tho first 15 days for all
grain received in wagon load tots and
1c per bushel for the -first fifteen days
for alt grain received in carload lots;
thereafter 1-30 of 1o per day. These
charees shall be full compensation for
receiving, handling, storing. Insuring and
delivering. No discrimination shall be
made between different customers by any
public warehouse either In facilities,
charges, or handling of any grain under
this act.
High Court Affirms
Hall County Opinion ,
On Farm Bureau Law
Lincoln, July 15. (Special.) An
appeal from the board of county
commissioners of Hall county, seek
ing to test the validity of the farm
bureau law, ha resulted in the af
firmation of the opinion of the Hall
cctnty district court that the law is
alid, the supreme court today de
claring in favor of the action of the
lower court, saying that the law is
Lroad enough to include provisions
relating to the duties of a county
farm bureau, to the employment and
poyment of a county agent, to the
appropriation and disbursement of
public funds and the payment of the
expenses of such bureau. The court
alto declares:
"County farm bureaus arc govern
mental agencies entrusted with the
duty of disseminating among far
mers scientific knowledge of an edu
cational nature for the improvement
of agriculture and the statute recog
nizing them as such is not void as
delegating power to an unauthorized
body or as creating new county of
ficials." The action was brought by mem
bers of the farm bureau of Hall
county to compel the members of
the county board to make an appro
priation of county funds for the pur
pose of carrying on the work of the
Veteran Engineer Loses
iey nesuu v ran
Reatricc. Neb., July IS. (Special.)
George Lewis, an engineer on the
Union Pacific for 38 years anil whose
home is in fliic ritv nhmitterl nt
j Omaha Monday, to the amputation
ot a hrouen leg which he sustained
here some weeks ago by falling from
a tree at his home. His condition is
reported serious.
During Mr. Lewis' long service, on
the road he was never injured in
an accident, but the fall of a few
feet from a tree which he was en
gaged in trimming at his home here
may cost him hjs life.
Plan Banquet as Feature
Of Thayer County Fair
Deshler, Neb., July 15. (Special.)
There will be a banquet for ex
hibitors of cattle, horses and hogs,
one evening during the Thayer coun
ty fair, to be held in Deshler, Aug.
31 to Sept. 3. Prominent speakers
interested in the various breeds will
be present.
This is one of the biggest stock
shows in the state and the banquet
will be given to show the" breeders
that their efforts to make a worthy
exhibit are appreciated.
Says Bank President Did
Not Sell Majority Stock
Waterloo', Neb., July 15. (Spe
cial.) J. A. Pound, vice president of
the VVaterlo State bank, says that
statements that R. L. Pound, for
mer president of the institution, sold
four-fifths of the stock in the bank
to Cory and Sunderland of Omaha,
is erroneous.
The vice president avers that the
former president held only 54 shares
of a total of 150 shares of stock,
lie says he is holding 73 shares of
the bank stock himself, but has
been handicapped in buc',iess by the
report which was circulated.
McCook Wheat Averages
32 Bushels to the Acre
McCook, Neb., July 15. (Spe
cial) E. I. Ludwig of this city
brought the first 1920 wheat to the
McCook market this week. With a
combined cutter and thresher he
and one assistant harvested 425
""bushels Monday afternoon. The.
wheat averaged 32 bushels to the
acres and tested 63, pounds -to the
bushai. Mr. Ludwig has about 400
acres in wheat this season.
Alleged Burglars Escape
From Broken Bow Jail
Broken Bow, Neb., July 15. (Spe
cial.) Gus Lundberg and Clias
White, who were held in the coun
ty jail waiting trial for breaking into
five business houses in Mason City,
broke jail, Tuesday night. Taking
advantage of the fact that the sher
iff was out of the city on another
ense, they sawed one of the window
bars in two, pulled out the short end,
and escaped through the small open-
The men were seen while at work
by someone passing the jail, but
while he was spreading the alarm
the prisoners escaped.
Beatrice Catholics Plan -New
$75,000 Structure
Beatrice, Neb., July 15. (Special.)
The members of St. Joseph Catho
lic church of this city are making
plans to build a $75,000 church, and
in the first drive yesterday the sum
of $1 1,000 was raised. The pro
posed new edifice will be erected
near the site of the old church at
Sixth and High streets.
Phillip Graff heads the list of con
tributors to the church fund with
$5,000, Ben Kroos. $3,000, and Kranl:
Grell. $2,000. Every paiUhionw of
the church has agreed to give one'
day's wages toward the new edifice.
New Railroad Will Offer
Farmers Big Advantage
North Platte, Nebr, July .(Spe
cial.) The railroad that is being con
sidered north and south from Cul
bertson through Wallace, will end
on the north at North Platte, total
of 91 miles. The railroad will open
up some of the beit farming terri
tory in the state.
Farmers now have to haul their
wheat 25 to 30 miles to a railroad,
costing about 7 to 10 cents per bush
el. With the railroad it will amount
to approximately 1 .to 3 cents. The
estimated cost is" $20,000 per mile, in
cluding one engine and two cars.
Lutherans Will Meet.
Deshler, Neb., July 15. (Special.)
The Lutheran churches of the
Iowa synod, of Thayer and neigh
boring counties, will hold a mass
meeting on the fair grounds at Desh
ler. Sunday, August 1. Prof. Geo.
Fritschel of Iowa; Rev. J. J. Voll
mar of LeMars, Iowa, and other
speakers will be present.
Vandals Damage Binders .
Beatrice. Neb., July 15. (Special.)
George Palmer and M. K. Christ
ensen, two farmers living near Liber
ty, reported to Sheriff Schiek Tues
day that Monday night someone
mutilated the canvas on their two
binders with a knife, badly damaging
the machines.
Rush Ord Paving.
Ord. Neb., July 15. (Special)
Ord's streets soon will be streets
instead of seas of mud and ocean
waves. The paving contractors
have begun work, and with (nearly
all of the curbing in and most of
the grading done, the work of actual
laving will be started at once.
Rain Booms Corn.
Beatrice, Neb., July 15. (Special.)
Showers fell in this section of Ne
braska Tuesday night following a
day of intense heat. The moisture
will be beneficial to the crops of
all kinds, especially corn, which is
making great progress and promises
a bumper crop.
Coffee Drinkers
feel a twinge of
It may bea restless night
or it may be a restless liver.
When disturbed sleep or
digestion awaken suspicion
of coffee as the cause , the
safe, wise thing to do is to
switch to
Ten days usually tells -
"There's a Reason 9
Made by Postum Cereal Co.IncBattIereek,MicK.
Sure Way to Get
Rid of Dandruff
There is one sure way that never
fails lo remove dandruff completely
a in' that is to dissolve it. This de
stroys it entirely. To do this, Just
Ret about four ounces of plain, or
dinary liquid arvon; apply it at night
when retiring; use enough to mois
ten the scalp and rub it in gently
with the finger tips.
By morning, most if not all, -of
your dandruff will be gone, and three
or four more applicalons will com
pletely dissolve and entirely destroy
every single sign and trace of it. no
matter how much dandruff you may
You will find, too. that all itching
and digging of the scalp wilt stop
instantly, and your hair will be fluffy,
lustrous, glossy, silky and soft, and
look and feel a hundred times better.
You can get liquid arvon at any
drug store. It is inexpensive, and
.our ounces is ' all you will reed.
Tli is simple remedy has never been
kiowa tQ fail.
, at
No better Oxfords are made than the
ones avc are offering at these unusual
prices. They meet the every demand of
the well dressed. Unseasonable weather
is our only excuse for the reductions.
$18, $20 Boyden Oxfords $13.85
$12.50 and $15 Oxfords $9.85
$10 Oxfords $6.85
E. Corner
16th and Harney
The Phoenix Hose Store of Omaha
Ex-County Attorney
Paroled From State
Prison to His Brother
Lincoln, Neb., July 15. (Special").
Art Koenigstine, former county
attorney of Madison county who was
committed to the state penitentiary
February 6 for accepting bribes for
the protection of immorality in Nor
folk was paroled today by Secretary
H. H. Antles of the department ot
public welfare.
Koenigstine was sentenced October
7 of last year to serve from one tn
live years after one of the most sen
sational trials in the annals of Madi
son county courts. He was a promi
nent democrat and took active part
in state politics. A street in Nor
folk is named after him.
He was paroled to his brother.
Jack Koenigstine. Walter t'urdy.
prominent democrat of Norfolk, who'
has been in Lincoln for several days,
was said to be instrumental in gain
ing Koenigstine's pardon which was
elgible on good behavioi July 26.
" Sewer Work Progresses.
Broken Bow, Neb., July IS. (.Spe
cial.) Contractor Smith has had a
large force of men working on the
construction of the sanitary sewer
and storm sewer here for the past
10 d.ys- The disposal plant is be
ing pushed rapidly. The paving op
erations arc expected to begin within
a few days.
Man Fractures Skull.
McCook, Neb., July 15. (.Spe
cial) Mr. G. W. Trimpey of Cul
bcrtson was brought to a local hos
pital suffering with a fractured
shoulder blade and skull, the result
of an accident Tuesday afternoon
near Culbertson. Mr. Trimpey was
assisting in repairing a windmi'l.
A piece of iron casting fell from the
mill platform on his head and
Supreme Court Will
Not Grant New Trial
To Murderer of Wife
Lincoln, Neb., July 15. (Specfal.)
The supreme court sustains the
verdict of the Cherry county district
ccurt in an application made by Jo
sef Blazka, sentenced to life itn
1 risonmcnt for the murder of Fran
cifko Blazka, his wife, for a new
trial on the grounds that the infor
mation failed to charge that the wo
man died as a result of the wounds
inflicted by the husband.
The court holds that if the infor
mation fairly and with reasonable
certainty chasers the elements of the
crime of murder, it will be held suf
ficient. Blazka. on March S, 11, made an
assault upon his wife with a harness
tug, inflicting such wounds that she
died on March 11.
Former Gage Man Dies.
Beatrice, Neb., July 15. (Special.)
David Titus, a former resident of
Gage county, died Tuesday at his
home at Longmont, Colo., where he
located some years ago. His son,
Al Titus, has gone to Longmont to
ailend the funeral.
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