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    THE BEE: OMAHA, " SATURDAY. MAY '22, 1926.
Nineteen Democrats Join Re
publicans in Support of Meas-
ure Final Vote, 228 to
r i 138 Against Bill.
Washington, May 21. The senate
resolution repealing the resolution
by congress declaring the state of
war with Germany and Austria was
passed today by the house and made
ready for immediate dispatch to the
president, who is expected to veto it
. The vote was 228 to 139 and was
. . A 4.1 A.
t along strictly party lines, except mai
' 19. ISemocrats. joined republicans in
supporting the measure, while two
republicans Kelly of Michigan and
Fuller of Massachusetts opposed it
Democratic supporters of the
....... i flM.
Caldwell, New York; Carew, New
.York, Cullen, New Yorkf Dooling,
Mew York: Evans. Nevada: Galli-
van, Massachusetts; Ganly, New
York; Goldfogel. New York; Hamill,
New Jersey; Huddleston, Alabama;
'McKiniry, New York; Me Lane,
Pennsylvania; Maher, New York;
Mead, New York; O'Connell, New
York; Olney, Massachusetts; Sulli
van, New York; Sherwood, Ohio;
iTague, Massachusetts.
Cam .1... a( i m -j,nnk1tiin
vote, it -was clearly indicated that
th resolution could not be nasseil
over the veto of the president. I he
senate vote on passage last week
' was 43 to 38.
The house lacked 17 votes of th;
two-thirds necessary to override the
hvcto. Seven democrats against the
measure, which was, a substitute for
Ihe house resolution, were paired
The Bee Retracts
Charges Against Police Officers Herdzina, Armstrong -and
Thestrup , and Mrs. Sedlacek Are Withdrawn.
The Bee makes the following statement relative to charges pub
lished in its columns under a former ownership and management,
concerning Police 'Officers John Herdzina, George Armstrong and
O. V. Thestrup, and Mrs. Stephen Sedlacek, charges which the present
management of The Bee has investigated and found to-be false and
groundless. "
On June 16, 1919, The Bee published what is known as "Roy
Kelly's Statement," in which it was charged that the police raid on the
Brbwn apartments was "framed;" that Herdzina and Armstrong ar
ranged it, were intoxicated, got Kelly drunk and allowed him to escape.
In the same edition, an article was published alleging that Armstrong
had wrecked the home of one Stephen Sedlacek,, had taken Sedlacek's
wife out riding repeatedly in police cars and was guilty of other im
proper acts. , 1 v
On July 16, 1919, another article was published charging that the
death of one John Redin was "due to the absolute neglect and rough
treatment he was accorded at the hands of the police," naming Officers
Herdzina and O. V. Thestrup. Redin died after falling intoa cistern
and the article inferred that these officers took $33 from his pockets
while removing the body. A similar charge of wrongfully abstracting
money from a corpse was made against the same officers in an article
published July 18, referring to the death of one Jud Tobias. Again,
on July 7, 1919, Herdzina and Thestrup were charged with- misconduct
in connection with the arrest of one Tony Peruccello.
The present management of The Bee has investigated these several
matters, which occurred while this newspaper was under another
ownership and management. It is convinced that the officers were
Hot guilty of the various acts charged, that Armstrong was not even
acquainted with Mrs. Sedlacek at the time related, that the several
publications were false in both fact and implication and constituted an
unwarranted reflection on the character and motives of the yarious
persons named. In accordance with its policy of fair dealing, The Bee
makes these retractions and expresses its regret at the injury done
these officers and Mrs. Sedlacek.
with republicans favoring it.
Final action by the house came
after an hour's debate, the republi
cans refusing to grant the demo
cratic request for more time. Spokes
men for both parties in the course
of the debate announced a willing
ness .to enter the political campaign
on their present records.
Only one democrat, Representative
Huddleston of Alabama, expressed
fear of possible political conse
quences. He declared the democrats
were riding to defeat because of their
course in regard to the question of
peace and asserted that if the San
Francisco convention approved Pres
dent Wilson's treaty position it
should nominate him for a third
term "so he could go to his defeat."
General Callas Unable to Ob
tain Promise of Co-Operation
From Bandit
" .
Washington, May 21. Francisco
Villa, who has' defied every govern
ment in Mexico' since the overthrow
ol Madero, already has become an
embarrassment to officials ,of the
new government.
A report to the Slate department
today that Villa had captured and
was holding for $50,000 ransom
George ' Miller, British superinten
dent of the Alvaedo Mining and
Milling Co., at Parral, Chihuhua,
followed a report that General Cal
les had failed toobtain from the out
law leader an unconditional promise'
of co-operation. x
A. J. McQuarters of New York,
president of the mining company,
today sought the advice of govern
ment officials regarding payment of
the ransom. The State department, it
is understood, has taken no action
although it was regarded possible
that representations would be made,
not to the authorities' in Mexico City,
but to the de facto leaders in Chi
huahua. Order Prevails.
Neither official or unofficial, re
ports indicated that the authorities
at Mexico City had carried, out their
implied threat to force payment of
the export taxes due from the oil
Information reaching the govern
ment and the revolutionary agents
agree that order in Mexico has pre
vailed in the past few days.
General Arrieta, governor of Du-
rango, has not yet announced his
endorsement of the new government
and a force under Gen. Jose Hurtado
- ' " .
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Machine Co.
was reported to be moving on his
Agents of the de facto government
claimed to have official confirmation
that Felix Diaz, who has been
operating in southern. Mexico, had
asked permission to leave the coun
try. ,
Issues Manifesto. ,
Mexico City, May 21. The ideals
which animated Gen. Pablo Gonzales
when he declared against the Car
ranza government are set forth fully
in a manifesto he has addressed to
the nation. Assurances of public or
der and that property rights, both
Mexican and foreign owned, will be
respected, together with the an
nouncement of his withdrawal as a
candidate for president to further
assure constitutional public order are
contained in the manifesto.
Particular interest is attached to
the declarations contained in the
manifesto in view of the fact that
General Gonzalez has directed gov
ernmental affairs since the flight of
Carranza from the capital May 7,
and that his nominees will exercise
control of government departments
until congress names a provisional
president. It is generally expected
that General Gonzalez will be the
choice of the members of congress
for provisional president.
Some Plants May s Have to
Shut Down Due to Lack
Of Refrigerators..
French Woman Worth
25 Russian Soldiers
Paris, May 21. One French wo
man or child is worth just over 25
Russian soldiers .according to the
figures arrived at by French officials
at Copenhagen. By an agreement
reached here with Rilsian agents,
France will exchange 3,000 interned
Russian prisoners for 125 French
women and children now in Russia.
Chicago, May 21. An immediate
constriction of thee nation's meat
supply is threatened by the reduced
quota of refrigerator cars appor
tioned to packing companies by the
Interstate Commerce commission,
according' to a statement issued by
Thomas E. Wilson, president of the
Institute of American Meat Packers
in behalf of American packing com
panies. "Reports received at the institute
from several sections show that
some plants may have to shut down
on account of the lack of cars," the
statement said. "Other plants have
been forced to effect a 50 per cent
curtailment of the production of
meat and some of these are on the
point of stopping operations en
tirely. ,V
"No packer owns enough refriger
ator cars to take care ofhis own
business. The larger packers are
compelled to rely on railroad owned
cars for 25 to 35 per cent of their
requirements, and the smaller pack
ers depend largely on these common
"Ordinarily the necessities of the
packing industry ape recognized and
filled in order to pro'tect the consum
er. But the Interstate Commerce
conftnission has diverted to other use
a considerable share of the quota
usually assigned and urgently need-,
ed to move meat."
Millionaire Newlywed
Pays for Furniture
On Installment Plan
t hl.nro Trlhiinr-Omaha n Lriufd Wlr.
Effingham. 111., May 21. John Al
fred Fookes, who startled society
hereabouts by depositing securities
alleged to be worth $1,000,000 in
the name of his beautiful bride be
fore she would consent to the cere
mony, strolled about the streets with
Jier today, creating ,unusual excite-
in pin.
The newlyweds dropped into n
furniture' store and purcliised $200 in
house furnishings on the installment
plan. In payment Fookes offered a
$200 check for some oil stock he had
sold for a Chicago brokerage firm,
saying he wished to pay $50 on the
furniture and get the balance in
cash. The merchant' cashed the
check, but learned by telegraph that
Fookes had no authority to use the
brokerage firms checks. The- city
marshal was called into the case and
Fookes straifi-htened out the affair
and was released.
Commission Approves
Big Loan to Railroads
Washington, jv'ay 21. A loan of
at least $125,000,000 out of the $300,
000,000 revolving fund to enable rail
loads to purchase equipment re
quired to meet transportation needs
of the public was approved today
by the Interstate Commerce commission.
German socialists
-Demand That State
Qf Siege Be Lifted
Berlin, May 21. "phe independent
socialists took advantage - of the
temporary absence from thaoiational
assembly chamber of most of. the
members of the parties of the right
to put through a motion demanding
that the state of siege existing in
various parts of the country be
raised immediately.
The opportunity came after the
speech of Frau Zeit?, independent
socialist, who during the debate on,
an interpellation complaining of acts
of brutality toward women and chil
dren, by the French black troops in
the occupied area, reminded the in
tcrpcllators that they had failed to
mention the acts of German soldiers
against women in Russia, Belgium
and elsewhere.
frau eitz remarks created a tre
mendous uproar and after it had
died down the greater part of the
members of the right left the house.
Upon this the independent socialists
submitted their motion, and it was
Legion Starts Campaign
To Adopt French Children
Indianapolis, Ind., May 21. The
American Legion inaugurated a cam
paign for the readoption of approx
imately 3,000 of the more than 3,700
fatherless French children whom the
American Expeditionary Force cared
for during the war.
It is said that only about 700 of
the children have been able to live
without outside assistance since the
A. E. F. ceased to provide for them.
i i i i i 1 1 1 1
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