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rnoops rushed
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Three More Police Barracks
Destroyed Londonderry
lo Be Put Under Martial
U Law.
Dublin, May 18. Two police bar
rack in Limerick and one in Gor
manstown. County Meath, were de
stroyed Monday.
Jfif John Taylor, undersecretary
in-'the Irish administration, who, it
was; reported last month would re
sign, has returned here and re
sumed his duties.
London dispatch April 23 said
Sir. John Taylor would resign as a
part of the new government policy
toward Ireland. He vas credited
tythe Daily Sketch with having for
roars been the "power behind the
throne" at Dublin castle, and it was
said his life had been in constant
- Mob Attacks Unionists.
Belfast, May 18. While unionist
workers were leaving the London
derry gas works this evening they
were attacked by a mob and mal
treated. '
Magistrates have advised public
houses to close from 4 to 10 p. m.
and have warned citizens to remain
indoors at night.
A verdict or wilful murder has
been returned aeainst unknown per
sons by the jury which investigated
the killing of Sergeant Moroney
Trooos Reach Scene.
London, May 18. A large force
of. trooos arrived Monday in L,on
donderry. says a dispatch to the
Daily Mail. The disturbed areas
afe well cordoned and crowds are
not allowed to assemble. The dis
patch adds that the magistrates
nave decided to proclaim a state of
martial law.
Gen. Sir Cecil F. N. Macready,
military commander of Ireland, ad
dressing a parade of the royal Irish
constabulary and Dublin police at
Dublin Monday, eulogized their
services and courage and added, ac
cording to a dispatch to the Lon
don Times from Dublin, "every
thijig that it is possible for the mili
tary to do to assist tne ponce snau
artu will be done.
Conference On Army
Reorganization Bill
. In Deadlock Stage
rt '
.Washington, May 18. A deadlock
ortr the army organization bill was
reached today bv the senate and
house conferees. Senate provisions
to reorganize tnc force caused the
breach and the question will be
brouttht before the house for a vote
;.The disagreement, Chairman
Wadsworth of the senate said, came
despite an offer from the senate side
to strike out the senate provisions
for, voluntary military training of
youths between 18 and 21 years of
Southwestern Nebraska '
jj To Have Great Wheat Crop
;J. M. Gillan. manager of the in
dustrial bureau of the Chamber of
Commerce, declares that south
western Nebraska will have the
greatest wheat crop in its history
, this season, it there are no climatic
reversals. Mr. Gillan just returned
. from a trip through that section of
thevstate. Labor conditions are
gdod there at the present time, he
,sud. There is still some of last
year's wheat to be moved, he
i Bed Hirer Lores Breakg
i Little Rock, May 18. A dispatch
from Louisville, Ark., tonight said
the Red river levees in that vicinity
broke today and that 15,000 acres
of: bottom lands were flooded. Boat
were being built at Lewisville today
t go 10 tne rescue ot families ma
rooned in the bottoms, it was re
ported, j; Hungary to Sign Treaty "
, j Budapest, May 17. Hungary will
sign the peace treaty presented to
it by the allies, it was indicated here
today. Count Albert Apponyi, who
strongly opposed the acceptance of
the. treaty, has resigned from the
peace delegation.
Dozen of Beautiful Bases
and Shades Will Bo
Placed on Sale Next
Lamps Embrace the New
est and Most Fashion
able Designs.
' : There is something akin to en
chantment in the added beauty
that the soft rays of a Floor
Lamp lends to a room on indoor
evenings, and it is so easy to own
tne because of a Special Purchase
made by the Union Outfitting
i:In the sale which takes place
next Saturday there is every kind
of Floor Lamp imarinabla in all
j the latest designs, colors and
I sizes, embracing High Piano
I Lamps, Low Davenport Lamps.
Junior Lamps, artistic Boudoir
and Table Lamps
:iThe Shades are artistically
fashioned from rich looking Che
ney silks that harmonise with
modern decorations and are
trimmed with beadt, fringes and
tassels. -.. ,
j;This money -saving event
further emphasizes the tremen
dous buying power of the Union
Outfitting Company, locsted out
at the high rent district. As
always, yru make : yeur ' own
Republicans Will Answer
Call of Country To Solve
Its Perplexing Problems
N. P. McDonald, as Temporary Chairman, Opens
State Convention in Lincoln With Keynote Ad
dressDenounces Rule of Executive Department
Of Government Last Seven. Years as Autocratic
, - .
Lincoln, Neb.. May 18. (Special.)
-Denouncing the 'work of the ex-
ecutive department of the govern
ment for the past seven years as
strongly autocratic, and stating that
the republican party is now answer
ing the call of the country for a
solution of its perplexing problems,
N. P. McDonald, temporary chair
man of the republican state conven
tion, opened its sessions here today
hi the Urpheum theater wnn me
following keynote address:,
"Our country is again calling to
the republican party for a solution
of its perplexing problems, and we
are responding to the call. For 10
years prior to the present congress
the legislative branch of our gov
ernment has been controlled ty our
political opponents, and for the last
seven years the executive depart
ment has been ruled by the greatest
autocrat since the birth of the re
public. It has not redeemed its
promises, nor met the needs of the
The democratic party has no so-
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Pain, Rheumatism,
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handy tin box of genuine "Bayer
Tablets of Aspirin," containing
twelve tablets. Druggists also sell
larger "Bayer" packages. Aspirin is
the trade mark of Bayer Manufac
ture of Monoaceticacidester of
Put Avicol in the drinking water.
Host Moot lose half of evsnr hatch.
Sad Mem to expect It. Chick cholera or
white diarrhoea is the trouble. The U. 8.
Government states that - over half the
chicks hatched die from this cause.
An Avicol tablet,
placed in the drinking
water, - will positively
aave your little chicks
rrom ail sucn diaeases.
Inside of 48 hours the
sick ones will be as lively
as crickets. Avicol keeoa
them healthy and makes
tnem now inn dmcinn.
lira. T&nnla TliBrkonr. T? V. TV af
Paris. O., writes. "I had 0 chicks and
they all died but S2. Then I commenced
on Avicol. and haven't lost any since.
They have arown wonderfully."
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lUcoffnized cverywhert
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i. N. Hmmh OtfKiM U. '
Omaha . Lincoln-
There is one simple, safe and sure
way .to a-et rid of unsightly hairs on
nee, trim ana under arms, and that
la to dissolve them.
To do this get a bottle of Tresca
r ncuiuver amotion rrom your
uiucBui, appiy a mue with the
finger tips, or with a little cotton,
Just like you would a face lotion, to
the hairs not wanted, in a few min
utes wash off and you will be sur-
pmea now tne hairs have disap
peared. Fussy or heavy hairs simp
ly dissolve and leave' the skin soft
and white shaving and other
methods only remove, hairs for a
short while and they come -in
thicker - than ever, while Preset
Hair Remover Lotion dissolves them
away below the skin and hv
the growth. If you are troubled with
these unsightly blemishes you should
try this aimple-and safe method nf
1 lution for the problems of this re-
construe 'vepcr.od except spous
policy of that party is in such a
muddle that the democrats are in
hopeless disagreement as to what it
is and what it ought to be.
Protect Service Men. .
"When last we met in state con
vention our country was stirred to
the utmost endeavor to defeat our
enemies in the greatest war known
to 'the world, and to prevent ruth
less autocracy from dominating the
"It is our . duty to see that the
boys who fought abroad did not
make their sacrifice for an ungrate
ful government and that none wljo
donned the uniform of . Uncle Sam
shall suffer in consequence.
"We congratulate ourselves 'to
day that the ladies are participating
in the deliberations of this body. We
think it a credit to republican ideals
that most of the states where women
are permitted to vote are republican,
and that most of the states that have
adopted the suffrage amendment are
controlled by the republican party.
Revenue and Taxation.
"One of the greatest problems
that confronts us today is revenue
and taxation. It goes without say
ing that the republican party will
never tolerate in time of peace an
expenditure of $9,000,000,000 upon
an income of less than $6,000,000,
000. "In raising revenues we shall re
turn to the principle of the protective
tariff and levy our duties in such a
manner as will promote our indus
tries iri this country and preserve to
Americans the benefits of the Amer
ican market and insure to the labor
ing man a wage that will permit him
to live up to the American standard.
"National prohibition ha sconie to
stay and the friends of the liquor
interests have abandoned all hope
of getting us into their net. Plain
living, high thinking and sober con
duct are always consistent with re
publican ideals.
Americanization Important,
i "Americanization of the people is
an important problem for the state
and nation. It applies to those who
are citizens as well as to those who
are to become citizens. We must
have no foreign allegiance or hy
phenated citizenship. We must have
one flag, the Stars and Stripes, and
one country, tne unitea states or
America. The prosperity of our
government depends upon the intel
ligence and moral fiber of its citi
zens in order that they love and de
fend its institutions.
"The church must be left free to
lead the people in religion and mor
Women's Coats
Girls' Apparel Children's Apparel Infants' Apparel Women's Blouses Sweaters
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Women's Coata
als. The school in various forms
must be maintained for 1 who are
informed so they may understand
our institutions and the unties of
American citizenship. This 'implies
that they must be taught thi Eng
lish, language because that is the
language in which the spirit Af our
institutions is expressed. 1. x .
"It is Common knowledge tthat
there is wide-spread and deep-seized
industrial unrest and dissatisfaction.
The causes therefore are many but
not difficult to ascertain.
Class Controversies.
"How often have we heard the
cry, 'O, if we only had a Roosevelt
in the White House.' All we need is
a capable, courageous, common
sense, righteous and sympathetic
United States republicin.w ...
"He must have the sense to know
what the trouble and the remedy
is and the ability, disposition and
courage to administer it. He will
put the profiteer in the necessities of
men out of business; he will not be
cowed by the, man or class of men
holding a stopwatch on him or on
congress; he will not permit the
rights of the public to be disregard
ed in, any controversy between
classes of men; he will in broad
sympathy see that justice is done
and the right prevails and that hon
esty and ability are enthroned in
public places. When the government-is
administered Jty that , kind
of a man, these troubles and dis
turbances will disappear.
"Laboring men were never so well
organized in unions as they are to
day. They have great power for
good to themselves and the public:
In all this the public gives its ap-
Third Floor
Women's Dresses Women's
Second Floor
Main Floor
Coats Furnishings Women's Shoes Hosiery Toilet Goods Jewelry
1 mum
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pr'oval'and bids them Godspeed. But
there have been unjustifiable and
unnecessary" strikes.
Administrative Code Bill.
"Neither, labor, capital nor the
public can afford the losses occa
sioned' by the strike. . There ought
to be a way to adjust their differ
ences in justice to both sides with
out the necessity of a strike. .
... "We welcome' the assault of the
enemy in the state campaign. Dur
ing the past two years the legisla
tive and executive departments have
been republican and they have made
a record that entitles them to the
commendation of. the people of the
state and the united and enthusiastic
support of every republican. The
pledges made in the platform two
years ago have been faithfully per
formed. "Among other thints. the admin
istrative code bill was passed by the
legislature and signed by, the gov-i
ernor. There has been a vast deal I
of criticism of it by our political
opponents and those who do 'not j
know what it contains or what itsjt
effect is. If it had had the support!
to which it was justly entitled, there !
would be few left to criticise it ex-,'
cept those whose positions were lost ;
byreason thereof. It may not be'
perfect, but it accomplishes the pur- i
pose of efficiency and economy in !
government, and is framed along the 1
lines of good business administra- !
Oronna Is Candidate
"Washington, May 18. Ser.ator
Gronna, republican, North Dakota,
today formally announced his candi-dacy.for-renomination.
. x
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lttin rid of Uen