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Cuban 'to Pitch the Opening Game for Omaha
noumcES set
Manager. Delivelt Selects Em
' Jlio Pafmero, Cuban South
paw to PoMoundwork
V Today. .
Omaha and Tulsa ares, ready for
the bell that will open the JWestern
league season (Here this afternoon.
Manager JarTw'Le1ivelt,' who will
make his first appearance on the
Omaha djaniondT today, announced
Masi night that Emilio Palmero, Pa
Rourke's Cuban southpaw, would
.do the hurling for Omaha.
Local ians, have planned the big
gest reception ever tendered a team t
,iuj 'Omaha as a welcome -to the iny
v auguralion ' of base ball's greatest 1 1
CubanTwirler Will
Pitch Opening Game ,
- , Here for Rourkes
auguralion of base ball s greatei
year here. . -. .
Omaha meets the league -leaders
today. Tuls"a has a string of 10
victories wjtlP"but 1 one defeat to
its credit. 'That one defeat was
administered Hy Palmero on open
ing day at Tulsa. Palmero allowed
tit six hits arndwon; i to i.
An automobile parade, a balloon
Year for Health Only ta Be
K 4 S v I
-i .IV w
.1-1 LJ .. "TA1'
Lebourveau's Batting and His
Great Catch, Which Saved
Three Runs, Feature
He Searched Twenty ( Citiiko tlineno
Restored vby. Tanlaci
"I made a statement about sixteen
months aero-as to how much good
Tnnln did me." said John H.
jacker, pajentee and proprietor of
theracKer uu ruier, LHoeny, mn
giouri, while In Kansas City recently,
arifTa8 I m sti11 enjoying the best
it health I want to go on -record
tjrain; this time to' let my , friends
- know how well the medicine did its
work for me. . (
"As I said in my former .state
: ment. I had suffered with my stom
ich for twenty years,' or more, and
pent thousands of dollars trying to
get well, but got worse instead of
etter. For two years previous to
the time I beean taking Tanlac I had
" to live principally on a raw egg
!et. During this time : I was laid
up in a 'hospital for five months and
Ho hone was held out for my recov
: ery. In fact, they said I could not
'live. My appetite lefl me entirely
Imd in a short time after meals,
which were always very " light, I
would- almost double up -from pain
jsind bloat u withsour gas until I
could scarcely breathe. I was con
stipated all the time, felt tired, had
no energy and was so listless that if
( I , tried to talk business to a' man
it was an effort for me to express
what I wanted to say. My health
: got so bad I had to give up a splen
did position in Pocatello",' Idaho, and
nobody except those in such a condi
y4fon can fully understand how I suf-fared.-
' .. -
"TanIae did "not seem to help me
much at first and I -bad a mind to
give it up, but if I had it would have
been the mistake of my life. I stuck
tp . it for a' fair test and after fin
ishing my fourth bottle my appetite
was better and I noticed myself im
proving'. This encouraged me to
;Jep on taking it and in two months
I was able to at good, substantial
food and digest it. Theii it wasn't
long until I could go about my work
With my oH-tinie strength' and en
4fgy and found I had actually
picked uo forty-four pounds in
is weight. . I don't hesitate to say I
believe Tanlac is without an equal.
Ijt'put me on my feet out of what
w,as thought to be my dea'thbed, and
the good part about it is I am still
. V well man. Judging from my ex
perience with Tanlac and from what
f know it has done for dozens of my
friends,, it has the world "beat' for
both quick and lasting results '.
.. Tanlac is s6ld ip Omaha at all
. Sherman & McConnell Drug Com-
any's stores, Harvard Pharmacy
-ind AVest End Pharmacy. Also For-
;. est and Meany Drug Company ini
South Umaha and the leading drug
gist in each-eilty and tov.'n through
the ' st Nebraska.
j-lesser importance are (o be pulled
ott prior to the game.
Sport Brevities
Seattle opens at home and loses.
That's big'league style for you.
Frank Frisch, McGraw's new
crack third baseman, is a victim 6f
appendicitis. Frank is what, we'd
call a very classy young jnan.' Ap
pendicitis being an ailment that only
the rich contract.
Reegardless of the fact that there
are more, candidates running for
president than we can count on
eight people's fingers and"toes only
one mother's dream- can come true.
If Admiral Eitns had hocked tfiose
niedajs the War department show
ered on him would he be declared
a professional? -
Every American boy has a chance..
to become president. But who wants
the job when every American boy
has a chance to become a plumber?
13abe "Ruth's batting average, so
far, is three healthy "swings anjd a
batted fly. 1
Dempsey is just nine knockouts
ahead of Mons. Carpentier in the
movies. . '
Ed GrCot'te, a ' helplessly old
Ditcher of flie Chicago Wfaite Sox,
is . still making clubs hi the Ameri
can cague look helpless.
Indianapolis fans, recently pulled. a
riot, causing the unipire to forfeit
the game. to Louisville.' Nothing
spectacular about it, only it goes to
prove that not all the bugs jn this
world live in Brooklyn.' ,
Replacing Valve Springy.
An easy way of replacing valve
springs consists of compressing
each spring nta.vise until it is short
enough to go easily into place and
allowing the holding key to be in
serted and, when imthis compressed
condi;!on. tying it with wire so that
it cannot expand. After it is in place
and the key is put in, the wire is
clipped anff removed. - -
Philadelphia, May 4. New York
broke its losing streak with a S to
4 victory over Philadelphia.' After
five scoreless innings, both Toney
and Causey weYc driven ffrjom the
box. New York's hits proved more
timely, six locals being left on bases
in the last three innings. Lebour
veau's batting and his great catch,
which ' saved "three runs, featured.
Kauff drew abase on balls, each
of the four times lie faced Causev.
1 AB.1J.O.A.
I.'b'vtiu, If 4 T 4 0
xTr'nresser 1 1 v 0 0
Bancroft, n ( 11
Williams, cf 6 0
Stengel, rf S
J. Mlllor, 2b 4 1
Paulotte, lb 4 1
R.MUIer.Sb 4 2
W heat, o
CI Causey, p
Burn, If 4 14 0
Young, rf ,4 .1
Fletcher.u 4-2
Doyle. 2b 6
Kauff, ft 0
Stat, cf l
Slrklng.Sb 4
Kelly, lb .! 4
E. Smith, e .4
McCarty 1
Snyder, o 0
Toney, p . 4
Douglas, p 0
uimton, p
0 0
ti xxW'tstone
Tqtala , 135 12 27 12Weiert. p
-s t Cravath 1
xxxMead'ws 0
2 1
1 A
0 0
1 fl
2 0
0 0
0 0
Standing of the Teams
Western League.
St. Joseph
U Pet.
1 ,09
5 .750
6 .MS
C .600
W. I,.
City 4'7
Omaha. 4 T
Deu Molnea 4
Sioux City J '
National Lrttugue,
Boston i
Pittsburgh 7 (
St. Louis , I 7
Chicago ' ( 1
New York 4 t
W. I Pet.
10 8 .W
S .671
C 6 .(43!
S 7 .i3.l,
W. I Prt. 1 W
10 3 .79!New York 7
U S .681 St. "Louis 1
10 & .667 P'delphla 6
7 8 .467Detrolt ,2
Games Today.
Western Xeague.
Tulsa at Omaha.
Oklahoma t'llyst St. Joseph.
Wichita at Des Moines.
Joplin at Sioux City. .
, National League.
' Brooklyn at New York.
Boston at Philadelphia.
Chicago at Pittsburgh
Cincinnati at St. Louis.
American League.
Philadelphia at Boston.
New York at Waahington.
St. Louis at Detroit. t
Cleveland at ' Chicago.
' ' ... ' Total 27 14 27
Ratted-for E. Smith in ninth,
zBatted for LVbourveau in ninth.
URstted for "WheUt In seventh.
BatteTi Yor WitherowMn ninth. ,
xxBatted for Causey In seventh.
xRan for WriKhtstone In seventh.
Batted for Weinert In ninth.
xxxRan for Cravath in ninth. '
New York 0 0 0 0 0 1 3 1 03
Philadelphia 0 9 0 0 0 1 2 0 14
Runs:. New York, Young, Fletcher,
Doyle, Kauff (2); Philadelphia, Le
bourveau. Stengel, J. Miller, R. Miller.
Errors: New York, none: Philadelphia,
Williams. Two-base hits: Sickling Stengel,
Stolen base: E. Smith. Sacrifice hits:
Fletcher. Sickling, Kelly. Double play:
Doyle, Fletcher and Kelly.
Champions Win Close 'One.
Cincinnati, May 4. The Champions
broke their losing streak by winning a
close game from CMcago, 5 to 4, and went
back to first place in the National League
race. Carter was hit freely In the early
Innings." Ring bianlied the Cubs for six
vounds but weakened In the seventh and
was relieved by Luque In the eighth after
the visttors had come within one run or
tying the score. tThe batting of Neale and
the fielding of Rath and Kopf were
features. - ,
O -1 1 f
Ran for O'Farrell In eighth.
xBatted for Carter In seventh.
zBatted for Martin In eighth. .
Chicago 0 .0 0 0 0 0 2': 04
Cincinnati 0 2 0 1 2 0 0 0 3-
Runs: Chicago, Deal, Robertson, O'Far
rell, Twombley; Cincinnati, Roush, .Dun
ran, Kopf, Neale (2). Errors; Chlcage,
Carter; Cincinnati, none. Two-base hits:
Flack. Carter. Three-base hit: Robinson.
Sacrifice hits: Roush, Kopf, Bressler. Her
xog. ,eft on bases: ..Chicago, 9; Cincinnati-,
5. Bases on balls: Off Ring, 6; oft
Luque, 1; off Carter,- 2: off Bailey, 1.
Hits: Off Ring, 9 in 7 2-3 Innings: off
Luque, none in 1-3 Inning; off, Ruethcr,
none in 1 inning; off Carter, K In 6 in
nings: off Martin, none In 1 Inning: off
kBalley, none In I inning. Struck out- By
King, 2; ty Kuether, 1. - wtnnlng pitcher:
Ring. Losing pitcher: Carter. Umpires:
Rigler and Moran- 'Time: 2:04.
Reinstate Jockey and Horse.
Washington, May 4. The boart
of review of-the National Trotting
association at its meeting Tuesday
reinstated Albert Delay . of Water
bury, Conm, who with his,
Ednal, had been ;expel1ed in 1915.
1 was charged that Delay haj en
tered the horse under other names,
one of which was Lady StyXlaire.
The board has refused to permit the
horse to race again ih any of the
National association Svents.
Our entire stock of Hardware, Paint and Groceries.1 If St' Mary's
Avenue is graded, as placed, we will have to raise our floors, in the
Flatiron Building, about six feet. We are getting ready for.the new
change of grade by selling our -entire stockf merchandise. This is
not just an ordinary sale we are absolutely selling out. Thousands
"Of people. will take advantage of this closing out sale. ..
Our Grocery Department is practically closed out. We Jjave a
few articles left in the Grocery Department, on which we can make
an exceptionally low price. ,
Our regular 60c Coffee,. f. .48c
Heinz Vinegar, pint bottles, , .j. . . . 15e
Regular 35c Catsup ,..... .?9c
Bulk Coffee Medium grade. , 1 .... 29c
Dye Soap Just the thing to color 'georgette. . 7c
, We still have a JS20.000.00 Hardware stock to dispose of. Thou
sands of useful articles, including Builders' Hardware, Garden JTools,
Granite ' Ware, Aluminum -Ware and all kinds .of -fcitdien Ware for
the women folks; a few Automobile Accessories, Bathroom Supplies,
Electrical Appliances, Carpenters', Mechanics' and Masons' Tools,
Screws, Bolts and Strap Hinges, I-Go Cars, Pushmobilesi Tricycles
and Coaster Wagons for the children; cutlery, Butcher Knives, Pocket
Knives, Carving Sets, Grape Fruit Knives and Bread Knives.
We are closing out our best grade of outside House Paint for
$3.50 per gallon.
the) entire stock is sold. Do not wait until the) article yon want are
all told out , - - -
H. H. HARPER C6. ,
Flack, rf
Herzog, 2b 4
Barber, lb 4
Paskert, cf
Deal. 3b 4
Roh'son, If 4
O'Farrell, e, 4
Frlberg 1 0
Daly, c , 0
CarteJL p 2
xTwoThbley 1
Martin, p 0
Hendf 1
Bailey, p 0
4 2
0 2
1 11
1 1
2 2
0 0
0 1
1 0
1 0
Rath, !b
Iron. 3b
Roush. cf
0 Duncan, If
0 Kopf. as
Neale. rf
I1 Bressler. lb
0 0
1 H
0 1
0 01
0 i
0 2
Wlngo. c
Ring, p
Luque. p
Ruether, p
0 t
2 1
0 1
1 1
1 0
3 3
1 11
0 4
1 0
0 0
0 0
Totals 'S3 9 24 lb
Totala 28 27 14
Track. Talks
Griffith Owen. Track '15, he
Griffith "Squirt Owen, ranks with
Uyron RfcMahon and Guy, Reed as
one of Nebraska's - great quarter!
Own comes from Johnstown, Pa.
While in high school there he ran
the W0 in :10:3, the 220 in J23 1-5,
and the quarter in :S5. S V
In his freshman year he brought
these times down to :10 01-2, :23
find :S3. .
, As a sophomore he again reduced
his records to :10.1, :22.3 and :S1.2.
In his junior year Owen ran all
three dashes in most of ttfe dual
meets. His best time was :10.1 and
:22 and :49.1. He rlirl 4Q i in thp
-Minnesota dual for a first place. In
tfaivalley conference he was ..nosed
out in :19.3 by Barden pi Grinnej
Owen this spring is a candidate
for the 440 and probably the sprints.
,Ie looks like a certainty for Ne
braska's mile relay feam.
Harold "Buzz"GeIrhart, Track
- , x'18, '19.' , v -
Gearhart is one of Nebraska's vet
eran pole vaiilters. In his high
fchool days "Buzz vaulted for two
seasons for Newtian Grove. His
first season he did 8 feet 4 inches,
for -a second placein the locaj tri-
county meet. His senior year of
high schooLcorflpetitioh he got over
I he 10 mark for anotner second in
the tri-couhty, and a third in the
state meet on university field.
As-a freshman aW Nebraska work
he raised his record to 10.4 "
His sophomore year he won his
letter. -His height for the year was
II feet 3 inches, in the Minnesota
dual meet. .
Last year as a juniorrGerhart ,got
up to 01 .9 again in the Minnesota
dual. uerhart asserts: ''Track , is
the one sport in which a chap must
deoend' uoon himself" He 'has no
Mam of mfrn to make up for his fail
I lire to do his share. And it is the
one sport in which a man can 'make'
Xjlen Graf, Track '17, '18.
Graf holds the varsity two-mite
record at 9:52. In- high school lie
ran for four yearsV'His beist time
tvas 443:2 'in the mile -in his last
year. -yAs a freshman jn the univer
sity he was out, but did nothing re
markable. It was in.his sophomore
year, however, that he began to real
ize on his past training,) He estab
lished the varsity record that spring.
In 1918 Graf ran both -the mile
and two miles in good time. He
won tne mile in the valley coher
ence in 4:31. In the western confer
ence in placing fourth in the two
mile he probaoly did somewhat bet
ter than his .record time.,
Graf is Workine in the two-mile
-again this year and, is looking better
I tk.n ..... T
Putting the "Sfcxt One Over.
Cleveland Loses Pitchers' Bat
tle When Detroit Scores
Two Tallies1 in Last
Inning. ; v
Detroit, May 4. Detroit won its
second game of the season by de
feating Cleveland todax, 2 to 1. Both
of Detroit's runs came in the ninth.
when Cobb singled, scoring; Bush Feiaeh, i f
and Veach. Cleveland scdred in the
eighth on an error by Bush.
Graney, If 4 0 6 0 Young;, 2b 3 ' 2 I
Chapm' 5 1 0 4IBtish. ss 3 2 1
Speaker, cf 3 0 1 0 Veuch, if ' 3 0 1
Smith, rf 3 0 10 Cobb, cf 3 11
Oardner.ab n ' 0 0 3Heilman,lb . 3 0 1
W'ganss,21 4 0 4 5 Flagst'd, rf 1 0 il
Johnston, lb 3 1 12 1 Hale, 3b 3 0 1
O'Neill, o 4 12 1 Stanage, o 3 0 2
Myers, p 4 111 Dauss, p 2 0 0
xShotten 10 0
Totals 33 421S
: - Totals
Batted for Dauss In ninth,
xTwo out when winning run scored
Ward, Ruth, Teiklnpauith (2), Pratt,
Qulnn. Krrors: Boston, nonef New Tork,
Ward, Pratt, Qulnn. Two-base hits: Mc
Nally, Pratt, Pecklnpnugh. Three-wwe
hit: Plpp. Sacrifice hlu Pratt. Double
plays: MrNally to Scott In- McInnlH,
Scot te McNnlly to Mrlnnlr Left on
bases: New York, i; Boston, 3. Hasos
on balls: Off HoytJ 4; off Karr. 1; off
Qulnn, 1. Hits; Off Hot. s In B ,n
ninKs: off Karr, 3 In 3 Innings. Hit hy
pAcbed halls: By Qulnn, WalterTl -and
Foster. Struck out: By Holt. 8: by Karr,
1: by Qulnn. 1 Losing pitcher: Hoyt. Um
pires; , Nallin and Dlneen. Time: 1:60.
Weilman Is Steady.
'' St. Louis, May 4. St. Louis hammered
three Chicago pitchers hard and won, lit
to 4. Kerr and Heath .were knocked off
the- mound. We'lman pitched his first
game since taking III in the middle of lait
ceason and with the exi-eptlon of two In
ftngs whs steady throughout.
O'Auslln. 3b 4 2 0
UlOedeon, 2b &
SiTobln, If S
UlSlxler, lb. I! 4
0 Jnc'son, rf 3
1 1 Billings, 3
1 'Oerber, ss S
rlWelltnan, p 8
il Totals 3718
Increase Coil Price.
Montreal, May 4, The price of
stove coal was advanced here to $16
a ton, an increase of $1. Dealers
claimed the advance was necessary
yecause.of higher freight rates and
increased wages of miners.
J.Col'ns, rf
Weaver, 3b
Jarkson, If
Rlsberg, ss
Srhalk, o
Kerr, v
Heath, P
L'd'mllk. p
"2 0
1 2
0 10
0 1
0 2
0 0
0 0
0 0
0 0
You're Next .
The cost of gathering tire alfalfa
crop on the skullpiece 1 has been
hyped uo to six bits a copy. Bay
rum, hair 'tonic and other popular
drinks are extra. 1 x
, -
T-he nrice has been fixed by the
Chicago barbers and the flower of
l . r -
Arrrerican mannooo must dow tne
bean or step around looking like
chrysanthemums with ears. The cost
of lathering the teeth. and soaping
the ear drains wril be "jolted up to
fifty megs an operation. No charge
for tonsorial courtesy. That's thrown
in. The voice with the tip wins.v
, Having most of your sox and part
of your half-soled-and-heeled bro
gans polished will set you back 20
cents, minus the added assessment of
rescuing your overalls from the boy
with the barbed wire whiskbroom,
By the time- -the henna topped
manicurist removes the foundations
from your lunch hooks' and loosens
up the nails so the will flap like
weather ranes, you will just have
enough carefare left to walk home,
Provided the niileage rate on revolv
ing doors hasn'jt been raised during
your short absence from civilization
in the barbeV chair. -,
Six bits for a wool chop ain't
much, compared U what it cost
Samson. But . Its plenty in com
parison to what the richest man in
America pay's each year for having
his dome mowed. Ihis is one time
where he hasn't got an excuse for
hoppingup the price of .cylinder
syrup. '
Rrom trur time you hang your tur
ban on the hook until the time some
other slicker puts it on, a pilgrimage
in the barber abbatoir will nick you
about eight dollars and 16 cents in
coin of this administration. Demo
cratic coin is Josing its purchasing
power among representative Amen
can industries. The powerful brew
trs and distillers absolutely refuse
to accept it in exchange for .their
goods. It is still good in tonsorial
parlors, but valueless Jn tonsilial
works. The extra, 16 cents is the war
tax incurred from grabbing a wound
stripe in the third chair from the
left. , - , N
Giving the women, the vote hasn't
done' a thing to puncture the high
cost'of shaving. Equal suffrage stops
at the doors of Ali Baba and his 40
barbers. Ten years agosftaves were
5-and-10 and the barbers would
try to drown vou in free bav rum.
Pop had his old gilt lettered shaving
cup on the shelf with his lodge in
signia blown in the bottle. It stood
within easy erm fnmpinsr distance
of a journeyman plumber's lather
pot and the landlord s soap kettle,
V-... 1 A 1 1 i.
x uu iuuiu i cdu d iiidii iiisiur rigui
on his sud mixer. Poo had been
going into that shop for 40 years
and mixing his rich Saturday, night
breath with the baiber's more lux
uriant exhalations. If pop didn't have
the price of a shave, his face was as
gffbd as his bond, if the barb did clip
a tew coupons off it once in a while
There was a spirit of cameraderie
around the works, and while waiting
tor his tavonte slasher, poo could
perch, 'in a chair and grab himself
a pink edition out of Hie Police
Gazette. ; -L -'
But now. all that is behind the
roller towel. The barber has joined
the profiteers and every man's chin
will be raised against him in anger.
American Association
At Columbus . R. H. K.
Louisville ' J .... 1 8 - 0
Columbus - ...6 12 1
Batteries WrlKlft. Graham and Kocher-
ueorge ana vvagnor.
At St. Paul 4 R.H.E.
Milwaukee 2 7 1
St. Paul ,.3 i 4
Batteries MilleV and Huhn; "Williams
and Hargraves! (10 innings.). "
At oledo, O. R. H.E.
Indianapolis. ..t. ...6 9 1
Toledo ..0 4
Batteries Petty and Henling; Brady
and Murphy.
At Minneapolis , R. H. E.
Kansas City g 12 2
Minneapolis a 14 1
Evans," Ames and Sweeney, Brock;
James and Mayer.
Police. Arrest Youth for C -Havelock,
Neb., Burglary
Charged witlw implication in the
burglary of the home of Dr. Earl
Macheny, Iri Havelock, -Jeb., on tlfe
night of April 29, Raymond Mauzy,
17 yeasar old, 3918 Y street, was ar
rested at the postoffice Monday night
by South Side police. He admitted
having come from Havelock, but de
nied knowledge of the'robbery.
Several thousand dollars' worth
of jtfwelry was stolen froi the doc
tor's home. State Agent Gtis Hyers
returned to Lincoln wi)h . young
Mauzy late yesterday afternoon.' , t
Postpone Teschea Plebiscite
Paris, MJy 4. The conference of
ambassadors this morning decided to
postpone the plebiscite fti 'the
Teschen district of Silesia foi two
months. The ballotine to decide the
nationality of the reeion will occur
on July 12. --
27 2715
XTwo out when winning run scored.
Cleveland 0 0 0 olo 0 0 1 0 1
Detroit T....0 0 0 J0 0 0 0 22
Runs: Cleveland Myers; Detroit, Bush, Errors: -Cleveland, Chapman and
Myers; Detroit. Bush (2), Heilman, Hale.
Stolen base: Bush. Sacrifice hits: Veach,
Graney. Double plays: Wambsganis and
Johnston. Left on bases: Cleveland, 10;
Detroit, 3, Banes on bals: Off Dauss, 4;
Myers, 3. Struck out: ,By Myera, 1; by
Dauss, 3: Umpires: Hlldebrand and
Evans. Time: 1:42. - '
Timely Hitting Wins. . ,
Washington, May 4. Timely hiKrlng en
abled Philadelphia to take the odd ganii
of the series from Washington, to 4.
Perry, pitching for the visitors, was batted
hard but received steady support.
Totals 30 I 24 14) -'
BaUed for Lowdermtlk In ninth. . 1
Chicago . 2 1 0 0 1 0 0 0 04
St. Lout .1 1 3 1 3 3. 0 0 x 12
Runs: Chicago. ,T. Collins, ,. E. Collins,
Jackson, Rlsherg; St. Louis, ' Austin (2),
I Bllllnffl. flerbcr. Wellnun. Krrors: Chi
cago, J. Collins, Weaver; St. Louis, 0. Two
base hits: Jackson, Gedeon, Three-baso
hits: Gedeon, Tobln. Home run: Sisler.
Stolen baser Sisler. Sarlfice hitsKerr,
Weilman, Williams, Billings (2). Trouble
plays: Weaver (unassisted), Oedeen and
Sisler, Wellmann and Sisler. Left on
bases: Chicago, 6; St. Louis. 10. Bases on
balls: Off Kerr, 3; off Lowdermtlk, 2; off
Weilman, . Hits: Off Kerr, T In two and
two-third Innings (two out' In third); off
Heath, 8 in three innings (two out In
sixth); off Lowdnrmllk,. 3 In two and one.
third Innings.' Struck out: By Kerr, 1: by
Weilman. 3. Losing pitcher: Kerr. Um
pires: Owens and Chill. Time of game:
Bee kWant Ads Produce Results.
Form New , Qabinet
Madrid, May 4. Eduardo Dato,
former premier Vid liberal leader,
has accepted King Alfonso's invita
tion to1 form a new cabinet. Marquis,
de Lema will probably be minister
of foreign affairs.
111 fl : MfI fl
na a n I
Till O A I
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Opening Western
League Season
Dykes. 3b 6 2 3
Strunk, cf 4 2 0
Walker, If 5 2 4
Burns, rf 8 0 0
Dugan, 2b 4 2 4
Griffin, lb 2 1 t
Perkins, c 3 0 7
Gal' way, ss 3 0 3
Perry,, p 4 10
Judge, lb v I 115 0
Milan, If
Rice, cf
Roth, rf
Harris, 2b
O'Neill, ss
Shanks, 3b
Oharrlty. c
8 Zachary, p
3 0
2 0
2 1
1 S
0 3
3 (1
0 3
27 13
Totals 3X4.0 27 20 Totals
Philadelphia SO 1 0 0 1 0 0 I S
Washington 0 0-1 0 0 0 3 0 0 4
Runs: Philadelphia, Dykes, Strunk,
Walker (2), Dugan, Perry; Washington,
Judge, Shanks (2), rVharrlty: Errors:
Philadelphia, Walker;) Washington, none.
Two-base hits: Judge, Pirry. Sacrifice
hits:' Burns, Perkins, Strunk, Galloway.
Double plays: Dugan to" Galloway to
Griffin. Left on bases: Philadelphia, 6;
Washington, 7. Bases on balls: Off
Zachary. 1; off Perry, S. Hit b? - pitched
ball: By Zachary,1 Griffin. Struek out:
By Perry, 3;by Zachary, 2. WHO pitch:
Zachary. Umpires: Connolly and Moriarty.
Time: 1:45.
, Players Banished From Bench,
New York, May 4. The New Tork
Americans made It three out of five from
Boston by winning the last game of the
series, to 1. Hoy,t, who defeated New
York in the opening game, was knocked
from the box in five innings. It was
Hoyt's first defeat of the season. ' The
game .was held up half an hour by a
storm, in the fifth Umpire Nallin cleared,
the New York bench, putting all the -playi
ers' off excepting those engaged in the
game. '
Hooper, rf 3
M'Nally,2b 4
Menosky.lf 4 4
Mclnnls. lb 4
Foster, 3b 3
Scott, ss 4
Walters, o 2
Devlne, c 1
Hoyt, p 2
Karr, p , 2
1 0 Ward..b
- 3, 4 P'
i 0 Pipp, lb
o Ruth, rr
New York
Runs: 1
33 6 24 13,
Lewis. If
Pratt, 2b
Bodie, cf
Ruel, e
Qulnn, t
2 11 0
0 2 1
2 0 ft
16 3
12 0
1 3,1
0 0'2
Totals 30 10 27 14
....0 0 1 0 0 0 0 0 01
....0 1 1 0 4 0 0 0 S
McNally: New Yort,
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W-f; '
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