Omaha daily bee. (Omaha [Neb.]) 187?-1922, April 29, 1920, Page 13, Image 13

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Members of Foreign Relations
Committee to Present Reso
lution In Lieu of Measure
Passed by House.
Chirac Trlbuiw-Omahs Dm Lraurd Wire.
Washington, April 26. Republi
can members of the senate foreign
relations committee were in practi
cal agreement Tuesday on the form
and substance of the new peace
resolution to be presented in the
senate in) lieu of -the house measure
passed several weeks ago.
Senator Knox of Pennsylvania
has prepared the new draft It is
said to meet with the approval of
all the republican members of the
committee except possibly Senator
McCumher of North Dakota and is
expected to command the support
of at least one democratic member.
The measure will be laid before the
entire , committee today and un
less prolonged debate ensues it
probably will be reported within the
next d?y or two.
The principal features of the new
peace resolutions are:
First It flatly repeals the joint
resolution passtd by congress de
claring war on Germany and then
adopts the language of the nous.'
resolution declaring the war ended.
Second It requests the president
to open negotiations with Germany
for the purpose of restoring friend
ly relations and commercial inter
course, although as a matter of fact,
trade has already been resumed. -
Third It protects the claims of
American nationals against Gcr
many for damage suffered during
the war by holding up all money
accumulated by the alien property
custodian or other agents of the
government until such drains have
been adjusted.
Fourth It retains for the United
Statei all property or rights ob
tained under the terms 6f the armi
stice and the treaty of Versailles
iVitil a satisfactory settlement is
made between the United States and
Germany. ':
Fifth It rentals all wartime legis
lation in the language of the house
, The committee will vorisider the
advisability of including the declara
tion of war against Austria in the
resolution, but it is generally be
lieved that the two declarations will
hp Halt with in scnarate measures.
Senator Hitchcock, administration
spokesman in foreign matters in the
senate, and Senator Underwood, the
newly elected leader, are lining up
the democratic forces for a stubborn
fight against the resolution.) They
propose to strike out all of the reso
lution except, the repeal of wartime
legislation and Senator Hitchcock is
determined to offer the league of
nations covenant as an amendment.
Democratic leaders expect the
V?3? V ' ''I Jti Jit " k
resolutions to be passed, but con
fidently assert it will never be
parsed over the president's Expected
Detective Arrests Son
For Alleged Robbery
N'ew Orleans, April 28. Zercastre
Mvver. a detective, accompanied by
a city policeman, lay in wait early
Tuesday for a suspected robber. The
intruder soon appeared and was
seized and then he was found to be
the defective's son. Fleas for mercy
were unavailing and the son was
taken to the jail by his father.
. Sues for Damages
Clarence Enauist. 8 vcars old. was
injured Monday evening at Thirty
third and Cuming streets, when lie
ran in front of an automobile driven
by R. W. McCasky and yesterday
a $50,000 damage suit was filed
in district court by the boy through
his father, John Enquist, against Mr.
''No More Than Usual Delay"
Declares Public Health
Officer Here.
The claim of ex-soldier Harry S.
Fickard, 361 1 Jones street, for com
pensation and war risk insurance on
a basis of permanent total disability
will be acted on "with-no more than
the usual delay in such cases," Dr.
Jchn F. Allen, Ontahu representa
tive of the United States public
health service, explained vestcrday
Dr. Allen is in charge of physical
examination of ex-service men of
the Omaha district who present
claims for compensation and insur
ance for war wounds and disease
contracted in war service. His re
ports arc forwarded to Washington,
i). C, and become the basis on
which a board of axfards fixes final
compensation and ' insurance pay
ments to cx-scrvice men.
"The chief difficulty in handling
these claims," he said yesterday,
"arises from the unavoidable delay
resulting from the system of a cen
tralized national board in Washing
ton making aM awards. Reports in
hundreds of cases pile up and delays
of several months often result from
the fact the board is swamped with
work. Requests often come from
Washington for additional miorma
tion, supplementary reports, etc.,
and these things caiise further delay.
I he ex-service man, meanwhile, us
ually is. receiving regular compensa
tion payments, hut in cases of to
tal permanent disability he gets no
insurance payments until the final
award is made in his case. The pay
ments are retroactive to the time
the disability was incurred, but. of
couse, the man usually wants them
as quickly as possible. '
The delay in getting final awards
on claims has caused numerous com
plaints "from ex-strvice men in the
Omaha district,NDr. Allen says, but
he explains he is powerless to rush
thp awards
"Much of the delay' is due to in- i
efficiency and political management
of the horde of .clerks employed at
Washington," asserted E. K. Ham
mond, secretary of the Douglas
county postAmerican Legion. "Le
gion officials have been contending
much quicker results could be ob
tained tlirmiirh use of a smaller
corps of clerks properly managed."
Bandits Get $8,000.
Eagle Pass, Tex., April 28. Hold
ing woman clerk at revolver point,
two bandits robbed the office of the
Estrada Lumber company at Fied
ras Negras, Mex.. of $8,000 in gold
Monday, according to information
reaching here.
First Trial of Murder
Charge Based on Wood
Alcohol Falls Flat
Chiracs Trlbuo-Omah Bn I -! Wlr.
Chicago. Anril 28. The first trial
in Illinois of a murder charge based
on the sale of wood alcohol as a
beverage fell flat in Judge Sabbath's
court Tuesday after a squabble be
tween prosecutors and police offi
cials. Joseph eikus, owner of a sa
loon, and Tony Kertz, his bartender,
were summoned to answer for the
death of Frederick Boertz and six
others from "coroners' cocktails"
sold over Weikus' bar. When the
men were arranged it was found
there were no witnesses. The prose
cutors blamed the police for not
bringing in witnesses.
The police .retorted that the wit
nesses refused to come into court, as
tlicy had made many trips in and
were disgusted with the delays. It
was predicted that no witnesses
could be brought in.
The court nolle prossed the indict
ments charging the defendants with
the murder of Boertz and the six
other cases were continued to the
May term, which probably meant
nothing more wilt be done in the
case. x
Report of Mutiny on
American Ship Denied
Boston, Mass., April 28. Capi.
John Kvistburg of the United State
Shipping board steamer Lake Wil
son, which arrived from Cuba, de
nied reports that a mutiny had oc
curred on board the vessel at Mat
anzas ch the night of' April 17, but
said the trouble was occasioned by
15 negro"'stevedores whom he dis
covered removing sugar from Jic
ship. They opened fire, according
to the captain, wounding three of
the crew.
Every Evening This
Week,' 7:15 to
10:30 p. m. -
Everybody Invited ,.
This entertainment is for your enjoyment and pleasure. It will
furnish you information that will probably in time to come prove
very useful and profitable.
-The various exhibits show happy combinations of furniture styles,
floor coverings, draperies, wall paper, china, glass, pottery, silver
ware, linens, and the many other things that go to make homes
Modern originations will be graced by fashionably gowned models
supplied by Thompson,. Beldcn & Co.
Men and women clad in the garments. identical with the various
periods, will remind us that furniture is, a heritage from the past
Merchants attending either for pleasure or for the purpose of get
ting ideas are very welcome. They will receive special attention
." if they will make themselves known to one of the ushers.
The public is particularly asked to assist the ushers by NOT
Thursday's Programme
of Music
"American Btpublic"
Firat Olsen's Orchestra
Third Miss Juapita Finch, Pianist; Mr. Roy By-ers, Solo.
Second Misa Mary Johnston. Solo; Mr. Elerjr Peterson. Banjo.
Fourth Ladies? Orchestra.
First Olsen's Orchestra N .'i ...."The Velvet Lady"
Third Miss Eunice Conaway, Solo:. Miss Thelma Skeen, Harp Solo.
Second MUa Mary Johnston with -Quartet.
Fourth Ladies' Orchestra. .
First Misa Juanita Finch, Mr. Roy Byers. x
SeconJ Miss Mary Johnston, Mr. Elery Peterson.
Fourth Ladies' Orchestra. "
First Olsen's Orchestra .' "Hawaiian Moonlight""
Third Misa Eunice Conaway. Vocal Solo; Miss Thelma Skeen, Harp Solo.
Firat Mrs. Helen Rahn Neilsen. Soprano. . .
Second Misa Mary Johnston, Vocal Solo; Mr'. Elery Peterson, Banjo.
" Fourth Ladies' Orchestra. f ' '
First Olsen's Orchestra "Breeze", and' "Goodnight, Angelino"
Third Miss Juanita Finch. Pianist; Mr. Roy Byers, Vocal Solo.,
Second Miss Mary Johnston, Vocal Solo; Mr. Elery Peterson, Banjo.
Fourth Ladies' Orchestra. .
First Olsen's Orchestra i. . . . . "Donnybrook"
Third Misa Eunice Conaway, Vocal Solo; Miss Thelma Skeen, Harp.
MnCo. i
'"".Ji.lllliiluliillltuliillilllliilullllliliilMliiliilullililliilhliililliill.liiliil. Ji li.t(iillli4nHiii:il!l.i,iiiii,i:f
Some men are hard to
fit, but we fit you prop
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