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Harney Alley Five Steps Into
Lead With Score of 2,872
Jack Gorman Leads
Harney alleys crowded in ahead
of Scott Tent! in the City Handi
cap bowling tournament Saturday
night at Farnam alleys by scoring
The lineup of the leaders is Dem
fratsky, Bentley, Newstrom, O.
Jloemer and B. Bloemer.
d Strom and Duke Troutman
knot-Ved off first place in the dou
bles .th a count of 1.245. Jack
Gorman tallied 648 in the individ
uals and led the field.
Doubles and singles are the prog
ram for today, all day.
Following are the scores made
thus far in the tournament:
Team Event.
lTarney Alleys. ....... .J.87S
Scott Tmti ......... .2,14
Ram's Rcouta
I'nlon Pacific Shops .. .....1,1119
Armour A Co 1,793
Kidmn'a Records 2,70
Rtauffers .1,770
Vrank's Jewelers ,...l,T4
Jlutlers All-Stars J,75
l.'nlon Outfitting Co. (Women) .3,76
Poioenln Hardware Co ..J.73S
Mariner's Florals 1,700
Omaha Towel Supply J.M3
Taxton & Qallaciier 2,662
Clan Gordon No. 1 ...J.KS7
HofarV rate 1,62
I'lan Onrdon No. 1 .1.661
Beau Rrumraal , ....2.640
Omahabaa 2,601
'rnm Alleys 2,674
Prettiest Mil 2.56
Payne Investment Co. ( Women) .... .2,656
Neb. and Iowa Si "el Tank Co 2.470
Rtrom-Troutman 1,245
Htuns-Willa , ....1.2S6
Klrkham-Wolff : 1,172
ftrotte-Butler ...1,161
MJtchet-Masillco ..1,06
Harre-Bushman ,,,,, 1,084
Tttiuattan-MeMahon .....1,06.1
t'lark-Hofmann 1,068
Young-er-Dodd , i 1,048
Orover-Oorman 1,1)21
Denby-Murphy 888
fark Jlorman ...MSIRmit Hermann ,.tat
K. A. Wolf ftKIIIHenrv lleorge ....651
B. B. Kirkham ..(WE. Htrnm MR
Kill Barre . . . , . .07 l)iek (Irotto 545
R. O. (1 rover ....(WWU. Hnn.tlan MS
Myron Stuns ....nDAIK. Clark .S30
Anton Maallkn . .578! Andrew Murphy 530
Duke Troutman ,577!rieors;e Dodd ...,588
Jim Willis 575III. 1,. Mitchell ,.53
Dan Butler HA R. McMahou ....484
Bob Bushman ..5671. R. Derby 474
McGraw Thinks His
Team Has "Excellent
Chance to Win Flag"
New York. April 11. John G.
McGraw has built a Giant machine
that will go cavorting into the long
battle ready and capable of fighting
at every stage of the game.
"I have a team that I think has
an excellent chance of winning the
pennant," said McGraw, "but if it
fails to win out in this race, which
I think will be the hottest ever re
corded in- the National league, it
will nevertheless win the hearts of
the fins.
"My team, I am mighty proud to
say,' is the kind that the teams will
fall in' love with and when the fans
fallin love with a team they arc
ready ,to cheer in defeat as well as in
"I think Frank Frisch is the best
player that has come to the major
leagues in many years. He should
not only be a great star, but an
idol. I am not afraid to hazard the
prediction that he will be as great
an idol as Babe Ruth.
"George Kilty is another who will
give the fans joy. His wonderful
arm, his long reaTh, his persistent
trying, will surely make a hit.
".The rest of the team is pretty
well known.
"It is the action, the clean cut
work of the team upon which I
count in predicting the Giants of
1920 will earn such great popularity,
Action, and lots of it, is what the
fans want, .and just that is what
this team will give them.
Omaha Middleweight to
Meet Indian Pug Monday
Johnny Sudenberg and George' Lamson Headliners
On Attractive Card at Fort Omaha Spellman
and Garrison to Settle Old Dispute In
Preliminary. -
Johnny Sudenberg, clever, hard
hitting Omaha middleweight, and
George Lamson, the Walthill Indian
heavyweight, are headliners.on a big
boxing program scheduled for Fort
Omaha Monday night under the
auspices of the fort athletic com
The main event promises to bt
one of the most interesting fistic
battles fought here in years.
Sudenberg is a hard hitter and can
take a world of punishment. He is
clever on his feet and knows how
to use his head. Lamson is more
or less an "unknown" in and near
Omaha; The Indian won pugilistic
laurels while a member of the A. E.
F. in France and on returning to
his home on the Walthill reserva
tion he took up fighting for a profes
sion. ,
His Indian-friends and neighbors
claim he is the world's greatest and
will back him with every cent they
own. Johnny Lee, .Omaha heavy
weight, who took tlie count in two
round at the hands of Lamson, and
Joe Stangle, another Omaha fighter,
who went the same route in two
minutes when he met Lamson, will
testify that Lamson's friends and
neighbors know what they arc talk
ing about.
Denny Ryan, who is promoting
the affair for Fort Omaha authori
ties, has carded four fast preliminaries.
RalnVl 9rllm!jn -nA Rottllurr Co..?)
.,' " - W,'....llil ...... UUL.Iltlg v
rison fought at Fort Omaha several
months ago. Spellman was given a
decision. The Battler objected and
so did some of the fans who saw the
bout. Spellman is anxious to clear
his claim and Garrison anxious to
even up matters. Both fighters have
been matched for a six-round pre
liminary. Young Blum of Fort Omaha and
Tommy Vaughn of South Omaha,
two clever youngsters, are scheduled
for six rounds. Harry Reed and K.
O. Anderson are carded for six
rounds, and Soldier Hanley and Carl
Emmett for a bout of the same
length. .
Fort Omaha authorities have se
lected three -judges for the bouts.
They are Tommy Mills, Creighton
coach1; Dick Kitchen, Omaha fight
fan and proprietor, and Carl Marfisi,
local promoter.
Amateurs, Save This Schedule!
Following are the schedules of the
Gate City, class C, and Booster,
class B, leagues for the season of
1920, as adopted at the league meet
ings last week: ,
April 18. May S3, June 27.
McKenney Dentists against Vachal
U. S. Rubber Co. against Ramblers.
Brodegaard Crowns asalnut W. O. W.
April 15, May SO, July 4.
Vachal Pharmacy against V. S. Rub
ber Co.
McKenney Dentists against Brodegaard
Ramblers against, W. O. W,
May 2, June fl, July II.
Vachal Pharmacy against Ramblers. -'
If. 8. Rubber Co. against ilrodegaard
McKenney Dentists against W. O. W. "
May 9, June 13. July IS.
Vachal Pharmacy against Brodegaard
McKenney Dentists against Ramblers,
U. 8. Rubber Co. against W. O. W.
May IS, June 20, July 25.
Vachal Pharmacy against W. O. W.
McKenney Dentists against U. S. Rub
ber Co.
Ramblers against Brodegaard Crowns,
April 25, June 13.
Omaha Printing Co. against Benson
Townsends against Maney Milling Co.
Phillip Department Store against Har
ding Creamery.
Leavenworth Merchants against Sprague
eireei uercnantg.
May 2, June SO.
Omaha Printing Co. against Maney Mill
ing Co.
Benson Merchants against Phillip De
partment Store.
Townsends against Leavenworth Street
Harding Creamery against Sprague
sireel aiercnancs.
May 9, July 27.
Omaha Printing Co, against Townsends.
Benson Merchants against Maney Mill
ing Co.
Phillip Department Store against
Sprague Street Merchants.
Harding Creamery against Leavenworth
Street Merchants.
i May IS, July 4.
Omaha Printing Co. ar.inaf Phlllln ro
rpartment jstore.
NEBRASKA has a chance this year
to name the Republican candidate
for president. As Nebraska voters
choose.on April 20th so the country may
choose in June. Nebraskans who feel
legitimate pride in the achievements of
General John J. Pershing are seeking
to explain to every Nebraska voter the
opportunity which Nebraska has. This
campaign requires funds for advertis
ing, for postage, for clerical work. If
you believe in Nebraska's candidate,
John J. Pershing, fill out the attached
coupon and send it with your remittance.
Pershing-fer-President Club,
133 South 13th Street,
Lincoln. Neb.
In a desire to do my part to advance the candidacy
of my fellow Nebraskan, General John J. Pershing, for
the Republican nomination for president, I hereby enclose
$.. to be used ia paying legitimate expenses of
hit campaign.
Townsends against Harding Creamery.
Benson Merchants against Leavenworth
Street Merchants.
Maney Milling Co. against Sprague
Street Merchants.
May 2$. July 11.
Omaha Printing Co. against Harding
Townsends against Phillip Department
Benson Merchants against Sprague
oireec mercnanis.
Maney Milling Co. against Leavenworth
Street Merchants.
May 30, July IS.
Omaha Printing Co. against Leaven
worth Street Merchants.
Townsends against Sprague Street Mer
chants. Benson Merchants against Harding
Maney Milling Co. against Phillip De
partment store.
June t, July 25.
Omaha Printing Co. against Sprague
street Aiercnanis. .
Townsends against Benson Merchsnts.
' Maney Milling Co. against Harding
Leavenworth Street Merchant against
inimp department atore.
Central High Track Team
Is Growing Every Day
Coach Harold R. Mulligan has
discovered some new finds in his
Central High track squad, but is
keeping everything under cover.
The squad is growing each day.
Coach Mulligan probably will take
his men to Creighton field the lat
ter part of this week for workout.
Howard Turner, who won the
high jump last year, has promised to
break the record this year. Floyd
Green is to run the sprints.
The base ball squad is getting
ready for its first game with South
High on April 27. Coach Fred Hill
is putting his men through some
stiff practice, and is out for cham
pionship honors.
Omaha Team Takes to the
Southern Bushes Tomor
rowPitchers and Catch
ers Look Great.
Pa Rourke's pets will fold up their
tents and hit the . road today.
Today is the Rourke's last stand in
Okmulgee, where training has been
in progress since March IS.
Fort Smith. Ark., will be the first
stop on the Rourke's excursion into
the southern bush. The locals will
play in Fort Smith Tuesday, Wed
nesday and Thursday. Then they
o to Henrietta for isaturday and
unday conflicts before jumping
into Tulsa to remain until the sea
son's hostilities are 'inaugurated
April 20. '
Letters from Rourke and Manager
Jack Lelivelt indicate that the ex
ecutives of Omaha's Western
league representatives are highly
satisfied with the preliminary ap
pearances of their hired hands.
Pa writes outbursts of enthusis
asm about Lelivelt and Lelivelt is
beating the tom-toms for his ath
letes. . .
Lelivelt is particularly wild over
Palmero, the Cuban twirler. Pal
mero, Jack avers, will be the curv
ing sensation of the loop. In addi
tion the Cuban is noted as a slugger
and can play in the outfield and first
base. Palmero is expected to earn
his salary several times over.
And despite the fact that Palmero
hails from parts where that which is
there is not here, he is reported to
be in good condition and ready to
play regularly, it ring Bodie or
Kay Caldwell lived in Havana they
would be ready to play about the
time the season ends, but the Rourke
Hurler is said to be modest in his ap
petite for forbidden refreshments
and therefore leaves his winter home
with only mild reluctance.
With Oscar Fuhr in harness, the
southpaw department of the Jiurling
corps is sound as a nut. Oscar re
ported late, but he had been practic
ing knocking apples off the fence
in his back yard in Tulsa and there
fore is not much behind his team
mates in preparation. Oscar's fast
ball is working better than ever
this year, 'tis said, and those high
shoots of his are expected to mow
down the Western league slugging
crews as in the days before the war.
Charlie Kopp is exhibiting cymp
toms of his old 'form, which pres
ages no great good for ambitious
batsmen. Schaltzman also is going
good. Schaltzman came to the
Rourkes from the army last year
and couldn't get into condition be
fore the season ended. But he's O.
K. now, Lelivelt reports, and has
the stuff to earn a position among
the first string pitchers.
But it is his catching corps that
tickles Lelivelt. He has Cy Lingle
and George Hale and Charlie
Brcwn. Omaha fans know what
Lingle and Hale can do. They're
about as good at backstopping as
will be found in Class A circles
anywncre. JLingie is touted as a
major league nrospect.
Pa and Lelivelt are still angling
for a right-handed pitcher. If they
land the man they want they believe
they will be fixed for pitchers for
the season. But even If they don't
get him they'll be better fixed than
any other Western league club, they
Carpentier to Box
Sparring Partner in
Pittsburgh May 3
New York, April 11. Georges
Carpentier, the French heavyweight
champion, who is under contract to
Jack Curley to give boxing exhibi
tions in the different cities for which
iie is to receive $1,000 a day for his
services, will make his first appear
ance at the Duquesnc Garden in
Pittsburgh on the night of May 3.
On the same card Eddie Fitzsim
mons, the crack local lightweight,
will meet Banty Sharpe, the Pitts
burgh lightweight, in the star bout
of 10 rounds.
Carpentier Plans Visit
With Friends in Nebraska
O'Neill, Neb., April 11. (Spe
cial.) Georges Carpentier, French
champion heavyweight, will visit
Neligh, Neb., if he comes west, ac
coiding to a letter received from
him by old country friends now
residing at Neligh. Mrs. Max An
drewski of Neligh was born and
raised in the same town and she
and the champion were school
mates, playmates and childhood
friends. . Carpentier, since his ar
rival in America, has written Mrs.
Andrewski that he will visit her and
her family at Neligh when he comes
to Omaha.
Murphys to Practice.
Creighton field where the iMur-
phy-Did-Its will play this season
is now ready and practice will be
held three nights this week in order
that the team will be in .condition
for the opening game next Sunday
Fort Omaha balloon school team
will play the Murphys at 3 o'clock
next Sunday.
Correct Arranuements of Ornn-
mental Planting For personal -call
and advice phono 1698. We have no
agents. Meneray Nursery and Seed
Store, 3341 WeBt Broadway, Coun
cil Bluffs, la. Adv. r
Exhibition Games
New York, April 11. R. H. E.
Boston Americans ... 2 8 1
New York Nationals 0 7 0
Batteries Russell, Hoyt, Walter and
fevlne; Douglas, Toney, Smith and
Brooklyn, April 11. R. H. E.
New York Americans 11 15 3
Brooklyn Nationals ., ....... ..0 3' 2
Batteries Qulnn, Shawkey and Ruel;
Smith, Mamaux, Mohart and Krueger.
Umiro, Taylor.
Memphis, Tenn., April 11. ; R. IT. E.
Pittsburgh Nationals .. 5 10 1
Memphis Southern Association. .. .1 10 0
Batteries Cooper. Hamilton and Haeff
ner; Canavan, Albris and Meyers.
Children who Eat
with good, rich milk once
or twiceadqy, are largely
fortified against the ills
that may come to childish
bone and tissue through
insufficient or improper
GrapcNuts is rich in the
organic salts of wheat and
malted bariflx and it helps
build young bodies straight
end strong.
"There's a Reason"
GrapeNuts needs no sugar
GoocVs Best
Pancake Flour
Sold in the Best Stores
Shortbread may have
come over on the May
flower, but it remained
for America to take out
the over -richness and
give it a new flavor, in
To taste these mealy,
crumbly, ready-to-serve
biscuit means never be
ing without them. The
is on every biscuit.
Sold by the pound and in the famous
In -er- seal Trade Mark package.
.Uneeda Biscuit
'"""iiii iiiHii'wiii i i ij5o3-Svt & yji
mm m
That's why Spur Cigarettes have won.
There are plenty of Cigarettes of merit, some
claiming one pleasing feature, some another.
But there was room at the top for a still
better cigarette one that had all the goodness
of the others and then some!
Spur Cigarettes were made with that
object in view to fill that place at the top.
The choicest American and Imported
tobaccos were blended by a new method that
brings out to the full that good old tobacco
taste that smokers are always seeking.
Satiny, imported paper was used. It is
crimped, not pasted, to make an easier-drawing,
slower-burning cigarette.
Then these super-cigarettes were put into
a smart "brown-and-silver" package, three
fold, to keep them fresh and rich in that good
old tobacco taste.
Lastly, Spurs were priced at twenty for
20c the lowest possible price for a cigarette of
highest possible quality.
Smokers tried Spurs. Their verdict, every
where, has been: "A high-bred cigarette!"
C5J AScH 20A