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    THE BEE: OMAHA, TUESDAY, APKlb t, 1920.
Mrs. Hendrickt, Bedfast Five
Montho, Wat Able to Work
in Two Weeki.
"I was sick last winter for five months
with stomach and bowel trouble. Could
not turn myself in bed without help. I
was under the care of four doctors, and
they grave me up. Then Mr. Mills, the
druggist, persuaded my husband to try a
bottle of Milks Emulsion. I had only
taken it two days until I was sitting up
in bed, and in two weeks I was doing my
own work. When I began taking it, I
weighed only 7 pounds; now I weiirh
190 pounds." Mrs. Mary Hendricks, 800
Litchfield Road, Owonsboro, Ky.
Thousands of people who have suffered
for year from stomach and bowel trou
bles, have found relief, almost from the
first dose of Milks Emulsion. And it is
real, lasting benefit.
Milks Emulsion is a pleasant, nutri
tive foo4 and a corrective medicine. It re
stores healthy, natural bowel action, do
injr away with all need of pills and
asics. It promotes appetite and quick
ly puts the digestive orRan in shape to
assimilRte food. As a builder of1 flesh
and strength. Milks Kmulsipn is strong
ly recommended to those whom sickness
has weakened, and is a powerful aid in
resisting and repairing the effects of
wasting diseases. Chronic stomach trou
ble and constipation are promptly re
lieved usually in one day.
This is the only solid emulsion made,
and so palatable that it is eaten with a
spoon like ice cream.
No matter how severe your case, you
are urged to try Milks Emulsion lin
ger this guarantee Take six bottles
home with you, use it according to direc
tions and if not satisfied with the results,
your money will be promptly refunded.
Price 60o and $1.20 per bottle. The Milks
Emulsion Co., Terre Haute, Ind. Sold by
druggists everywhere.
You Can Eat Anything
Ewy traielsr should carry BITTER'S DIGES
TIVE LOZHXtiES. They keep the system right and
prevent stomach troubles. Wrapped til tinfoil to
preterrt full original strength at all times. Alwajs
reliable, never disappoints. Popular for over a
' quarter eenttuy. Price 25 cents. Sold at Sherman
it McConneli Drag Stores,
5 If s Easy-If You Know Dr.
Edwards' Olive Tablets
The secret of keeping young is to feel
young to do this you must watch your
fiver and bowels- there's no need of
having a sallow complexion dark rings
under your eyes pimples a bilious
look in your face dull eyes with no
sparkle. Your doctor will tell you
ninety per cent of all sickness comes
from inactive bowels and liver.
Dr. Edwards, a well-known physician
5n Ohio, perfected a vegetable com
pound mixed with olive oil to act on
the liver and bowels, which he gave to
lis patients for years. i
Dr. Edwards' Olive Tablets, the sub
stitute for calomel, are gentle in their
action yet always effective. They bring
about that natural buoyancy which all
should enjoy by toning up the liver and
clearing the system of impurities.
by their olive color. 10c and 25c
This wonderful book will be
sent free to any man upon re
Boaflernj BiocH.Nasnvine.ienn
Your Bowels
Cut out cathartics and purgatives,
They are brutal harsh unnecessary.
Purelyvegetable. IPADTFD'C
IT m
J i.
Act gently on the
liver, eumin- 4
ate bile, and
soothe the
delicate mem
brane of the
boweL Correct constipation, bilious
ness, tick headache and indigestion.
Saudi PHI Small Dose SmaO Price
great nerve and blood tonic for
Anemia, Rheumatism, Nervousness,
Sleeplessness and Female Weakness.
ariMamftmtliiitirt &2fS6
Quickly Regain Health, Strength,
Energy and Ability by Taking
Cadomene Tablets.
The Very Best Tonic.
Sold by All Druggists.
- V,
"Do more than you
recommend them to
Say a GratefuI'lieer of Sulpherb
Fine to Regulate Kidneys, Liver
and Other Bodily Function and
Overcome Pimple, Bad
Blood, Etc.
Probably this little message will
help some woman, man, girl or boy,
for if the blood is Impure, if con
stipation exists, if the kidneys and
the liver are not working to elimi
nate the body waste, then it is a
certainty that poisons will accumu
late and cause nervousness with in
digestion and many allied ills.
A simple, effective treatment
consistinjr of Sulpherb Tablets (not
sulphur tablets), made of sulphur,
cream of tartar and the finest ex
tracts of roots and herbs, is ad
vised for your good.
Mr. Walter J. Foulds, 1234 San
tee St., Los Angeles, Cal., writes:
"I can't express how grateful I am
for Sulpherb Tablets. I have taken
four tubes and can say they are the
best I have ever taken and can also
say they do more than you recom
mend them to do, as I have passed
a tape worm and am getting better
fast. May your frood work go on,
etc." ' If you need a tonic laxative,
purifier and regulator, ask any good
druggists for Sulpherb Tablets;
60c per tube. Adv.
Use Antiseptic Liquid ?emo
There is one remedy that seldom
fails to stop itching torture and relieve
skin irritation and that makes the skin
soft, clear and healthy.
Any druggist can supply you with
Zemo, which generally overcomes skin
diseases. Eczema, itch, pimples, rashes,
blackheads, in most cases give way
to Zemo. Frequently, minor blemishes
disappear overnight Itching usually
stops instantly. Zemo is a safe, anti
septic liquid, clean, easy to use and
dependable. It costs only 35c: an extra
large bottle, $1.00. It will not stain, is
not greasy or sticky and is positively
safe for tender, sensitive skins.
The E. W. Rose Co., Cleveland, O.
When the Children Cough,
Rub Musterole on Throats
and Chests
No telling how soon the symptoms
tnay develop into croup, or worse. And
then's when you're glad you have a
jar of Musterole at hand to giva
prompt, sure relief. It does not blister.
As first aid and a certain remedy,
Musterole is excellent Thousands of
mothers know it You should keep a
jar in the house, ready for instant use.
It is the remedy for adults, too. Re
lieves sore throat bronchitis, tonsilitie,
croup, stiff neck, asthma, neuralgia,
headache, congestion, pleurisy, rheu
matism, lumbago, pains and aches of
backer joints, sprains, sore muscles,
chilblains, frosted feet and colds of the
chest (it often prevents pneumonia).
30c and 60c iars: hospital size $2.50
Want Pink Cheeks-Lips?
Some unfortunate men and women arc
prone to wonder why some of their friends
are ble88ed with an abundance of color
pink cheeks and red lips while theirs are
always colorless. The reason for this
last named condition is there is not
enough red blood corpuscles in the blood
under a microscope the blood is thin
and watery. The flesh is flabby too.
Weir known physicians assert that the
regular administration for several months,
of three-grain hypo-nuclane tablets will
greatly improve the color, add to the
weight, make the cheeks pink and the
lips red and in general be very beneficial.
For self-administration, obtain from any
of the best apothecary shops.
A Sure Way to
End Dandruff
There is one sure way that has
never failed to remove dandruff at
once, and that is to dissolve it, then
you destroy it entirely. To do this,
just get about four ounces of
plain, common liquid arvon from
any drug store (this is all you will
need); apply it at night. when re
tiring; use enough to moisten the
scalp and rub it in gently with the
f injrer tips. , .
By morning most, if not all, of
your dandruff will be gone, and
three or four more applications will
completely dissolve and entirely de
stroy every single sign and trace of
it, no matter how much dandruff
you may have.
You will find all itching and dig
ging of the scalp will stop instantly
and your hair will be fluffy, lus
trous, glossy, silky and soft and
look and feel a hundred times bet
ter. TOO
Death only a matter of short time.
Don't wait until pains and aches
become incurable diseases. Avoid
painful consequences by taking
Tb world's standard remedy for kidney,
livki. bladder and uric acid troubles- - the
National Remedy of Holland since 1696.
Guaranteed. Three size, all druggists.
Uek fee the name Gold Medal ea every be
Townfolk Always Root for the
Team That's Ahead Army
Band Plays Fine
By "BUGS" Baer.
Greenville, Miss., April 5. If the
Bronx and Harlem bugs turned out
in ratio to the base ball fans of
Greenville there would be two mil
lion birds packing the Polo Grounds
every game. And an extra million
hanging on the hinges.
Greenville has abo it 15,000 inhab
itants, and 7,500 of them were out
?t the Military Academy rooting
for the Red Sox to win when the
Red Sox were ahead, and then root
ing for the Giants to cop when the
Giants looped out in front. There
hasn't been such, a big day in the
burg since the Mississippi shimmied
over the banks 14 years ago and
turned the main streets into a branch
of the Gowanus canal.
Step-and-a-Half Mosc, who ap
pointed himself assistant to Ed
Mackall, was born in Greenville dur
ing one of the big floods. Naturally,
Step's debut didn't attract so much
attention, with the town having
plenty of river to think about. How
ever, Step stayed up all night in his
section of the coal tender, dolling
himself up for his entrance into
Greenville. He was out to show
Greenville how travel can broaden
" Travel has broadened Step consid
erably. He is much taller sitting
down than he used to be.
Concert by Army Band.
The teams shared the big day
with the regular army band from
the Eighth1 Coast Artillery, which
outfit is doing recruiting duty along
the levees a levee being something
that Bill Ironson pronounces dif
ferent. When Step heard the band, a-buzz-ing
beautifully , he thought tljere
fmf There is no ''cure''1
but relief is often
brought by If
"YOUR BODYGUARD" r. 30. y0j75L5
Put Avicol in the drinking water.
Most people lose half of every hatch,
and seem to expect It. Chick cholera or
white diarrhoea is the trouble. The U. S.
Government states that over half the
chicks hatched die from this cause.
An Avicol tablet,
placed in the drinking
water, will positively
save your little chicks
from all such diseases.
Inside of 48 hours the
sick ones will be as lively
as crickets. Avicol keeps
them healthy and makes
them crow and develnn.
Mrs. Vannie Thackery, R. F. D. 3, St.
Paris, O., writes. "I had 90 chicks and
they all died but S2. Then I commenced
on Avicol and haven't lost any since.
They have grown wonderfully."
It costs nothing to try Avicol. If you
don't find that it prevents and promptly
cures white diarrhoea, chick cholera and
all bowel diseases of poultry, tell us and
your money will be refunded by return
mall. Avicol is sold by most druggists
and poultry remedy dealers, or you can
send 25c or 50c today for a package
mail postpaid. Burrell-Dugger Co.,, -VJ
Columbia Bldg., Indianapolis, Ind.
stops chicks dying
were tooting for him. When he
piped the recruiting party Step
faded paler than a quart of milk.
A recruiting party was the same
reason that Step left Greenville four
years ago. Step grabs his name be
cause he always keeps a step and a
half ahead of trouble. The ! last
piped of Mose he was a step and a
half ahead of himself.
Seems a shame he didn't have any
bill posters, so that he could let the
folks along the route know that the
Giants would follow him in about a
The Giants have lost a good rub
ber and the United States army is
either weaker or stronger by one
colored recruit.
Greenville is what the movie di
rectory would describe as a neat
location. The town is hung on the
cast bank of the Mississippi when
the Mississippi is banking. When
she ain't, then Greenville is just
Since the last flood the Chamber
of Commerce has laid down a rock
ballasted levee, which is used as a
fact by the army engineers. The
quaint old stern-paddle steamers
that Mark Twain chirped about still
waddle up to the wharves, load
themselves bow-legged with bale
cotton, and then waddle down to
New Orleans.
There was an open-air bam dance
on Broadway last night, and all the
players and newspaper men demon
strated that it is still possible to
dance on bevo and grape juice. Step
certainly stepped himself out of a
good party.
It was the first bit of fraternizing
that the Sox and Giants have pulled
on the trip. The two outfits have
been knifing each other verbally on
the field, and do not mix much off
the diamond. They have been wast
ing a lot of chatter on one another,
but Bill Klem buzzes that they still
have plenty left to share with him.
Klem and Nallin get paid for it.
It's an umpire's duty to learn the
truth about himself and his ances
tors. And a base ball argument is
the only time when history repeats
McGraw Likes Rule Changes.
John McGraw. manager of the
Giants, said recently that he favors
the new pitching reforms. "Trick
pitching added nothing to the speed
of the pitchers, was unfair to the
batter and detracted from the spec
tacular side of base ball," said Mc
Graw. "The Giants will not suffer
js a result of the new rules,
either. Phil Douglas is our only
spit balj pitcher and he can get
along without the moist delivery."
Lighting Fixtures, Burgess-Gran-den.
Fat People Have
Perverted Taste
Proof That Arbolone Removes
Craving for Wrong Foods.
.Dissolves and Eliminate Fatty
Tissues Harmlessly.
Any Anti-Fat treatment that fails
to correct the perverted appetite
and craving for the very foods
which make fat is certain to fail of
permanent results. Mark that fact
well! Five-grain tablets Arbolone
removes the craving for undesirable
fatty foods, restores natural appe
tite and digestion, while it dissolves
fatty accumulations in the body and
eliminates slowly but surely, with
out weakening or other evil effects.
Mrs. L. Holly, Imperial, Cal.,
writes :
"Kind Sirs: Have taken your Ar
bolone Tablets for obesity and in
seven months reduced from 205
pounds to 152 pounds. I cannot say
enough for them, and anybody who
is fat should take them. My health
I is better than ever, etc."
; Tablets Arbolone enjoy the larg-
est sale of any obesity medicine,
! and they deserve it. Sold by all well
:ftoeked druggists in sealed tubes
I with full directions.
iiiiiiiiiiiii iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiitiiiiitisiiiiiiiisiitiiiiiniiitiiiiaitiiiiiiiiiiifiiiiiiiiimiiiiiu
By Coach Henry F. Schulte
University of Nebraska
The Pole Vault '
Of all track and field events pos
sibly the pole vault calls for the
greatest application and is the most
difficult to master. On the other
hand it is one of the most spectacu
lar and popular,, events with the
spectator. Every high school of a
hundred or more able-bodied boys
should have seven or eight candi
dates working at the vault.
Carrying the Pole.
1. Stand squarely facing the run
way shoulders particularly should
be square.
2. Keeping the shoulders square;
raise the pole until the point is
about level with the eyes.
3. The pole must parallel the run
way. 4. During the run the pole should
not wabble or side swing.
5. The pole should not touch the
The Run.
Similar to the run in the broad
1. Like the broad jump the run
must be long enough to permit of
top speed ' and easy poise being
reached during the last five or six
strides. The run should be between
20 and 30 yards.
2. Use a "corrector" or "check
up" mark about eight or nine strides
from the take off.
3. Get up high speed but don't
fight for the limit of your speed, or
you will lose poise for the pole
shoot and take off.
Setting the Pole.
As you approach the take off the
tip of your pole is gradually low
ered. '
1. About two steps from your
take off spot shoot the pole straight
2. The rear or, top hand swings
forward pendulum fashion past the
body until it is extended, in front
of the face. The lower hand slides
up to top hand.
3. The vaulter runs under the pole
to the take off. ,
(Note: Never swing the pole up
side ways.)
On the Take Off.
1. The pole is firmly set at its
2. The unper hand is fully extend
ed, and lower hand is within an inch
or at most two inches of the upper
Cline Upholds Award
Of Athletic Body in
Reference to Omaha
Fremont, Neb., April 5. (Spe
cial.) Omaha university's claim to
the Nebraska state college confer
ence basket ball championship
could not be allowed because Omaha
olaved but three conference schools
after it became a member, Prof T.
L. Cline of Midland college, head
of the state athletic committee, de
clared Monday. Prof. Cline's com
mittee last week awarded the
title to Doan, with Midland second
and gave Omaha no standing at all.
"The conference rule is that to
win the championship the school
must have played five different col
leges," said Er-of. Cline. "Omaha
played but three. It claims to have
played four, but its game with Mid
land was played January 31, two
weeks before it was admitted to
the conference, and clearly could
not be counted. The committee
made the only award possible under
the rules."
Penn Game Postponed.
Philadelphia. Pa., April 5. The
University of Pennsylvania base ball
team was unable to play its opening
game with Cornell here Monday on
account of rain.
and Spur is a top notch cigarette
Can you pick a good me
when you see it?
Get right up there where Spur
Cigarettes are galloping in the lead.
Judge Spurs by that good old to
bacco taste American and Imported
tobacco, blended in a new way.
Judge 'em by their good-breeding,
emphasized by .their smart package
of brown and silver.
They're crimped, not pasted. So
they burn slower and draw easier.
Rolled in satiny, imported paper.
Something about that package and
that cigarette just naturally fills the
You know Spurs for winners the
minute the dealer trots 'em out.
3. Hands from an angle directly
over the head.
4. 'Head thrown back (eyes up).
5. Springing foot exactly on take
off mark.
6. The back must be arched.
7. The kicking foot (straight leg)
kicks forward and up.
The swing or pendulum to pull up.
If your takeoff is perfect in form
your next action is as follows:
1. Spring from takeoff foot.
2. Kicking leg hitches body for
ward into a straight line.
This swing continues until the
pole is well up and the body is ap
proaching the horizontal. Arms re
main extended.
3. At this instant comes a sharp
pull up, which puts you in a sort of
straight leg sitting position.
4. And shoots the feet and legs
straight upward and high 'above the
bar. All this time you are facing up.
5. When 4 is completed the body,
shoulder to feet, straightens out and
turns over or reverse sharply to a
face down position. At this time
you shouuld be face down with your
feet much higher than your hands.
Back arched, your arms are still
doubled from the pull up.
6. The next move is a sharp jack
knife from the hips and at the same
instant comes the push up of arms
from the pole.
7. Wrist snap the pole back from
the bar.
When you get the vault right you
will be surprised at the ease with
which you do it.
Jack Johnson Sends
For Sheriff; Wants
To Be Arrested Soon
Calexico, Cal.,
Johnson, former
April 5. Jack
world's heavy-
ugihst, sent for
weight cnampion p
Sheriff Applestill of Imperial county
Sunday and arranged, to have the
sheriff take him personally into cus
tody when Johnson crosses the in
ternational line to meet federal
charges pending against him at Chi
cago. Johnsoii said he hoped to be
ready to surrender soon. Johnson,!
ana nis party leit lor liajuana to
day. As the result of dwindling of im
migration America is more than
4,000,000 men short in industries.
Ohe ShirtWith
Comfort Points
it well si teat comfort, iron
Small, neat (uiset
at hip prevent!
Another tmm hr
you'll (el latnni
1 CI
Why be Fat?
Have you heard about the very best
system for weight reduction? It is bo
easy to follow, so different from the
objectionable ways and perfectly safe.
Tou may eat and drink all you need.
Thpre is no tedious exercising. Usa
a little oil of korein at convenient
times; also follow the simple,
clear directions. A loss of weight, tea
to sixty pounds (whatever you need to
lose), may be expected by this safe and
pleasant system of fat reduction. At
the druggist's get a small box of oil
of korein, and start at once. Be
of normal size, with good figure and
attractive appearance, agile, quick,
witted, healthier and more efficient By
reducing weight now you are likely to
avoid one or more diseases, heart weak
ness, sunstroke, apoplexy, etc., and to
add many years to your life. Remem
beroil of koreia. Become Blender
and stay so. Brochure mailed FREE.
Korein Co., Station F, New York, N. Y,
Mother's Ruend$&
AtxDectont rr &
Mothers cfg
Absolutely, Safe e
it All OfUff'KJ V
SpMfel BmM4 MmImM md tmVt, Tim
Don't Blame "Spring Fever"
For That "Down-and-Out" Feeling
Your Blood Need a Thorough
Cleaning Jut Now.
As Spring approaches the impu
rities that have been accumulating
in the system throughout the Win
ter begin to clog up the circulation,
causing a general weakness and
debilitated condition that is gener
ally known as "Spring fever."
The first symptoms are usually
a loss of appetite, followed by a
gradually lessening of energy, the
system becomes weaker day by day,
until you feel yourself on the verge
of a breakdown. Children just at
this season are peevish and irri
table, and become puny and life
less. This whole condition is but the
result of impurities in the blood
that have been accumulating and
make themselves felt more distinct
ly with the change of seasons. They
show that nature needs assistance
in giving the system a general
Everybody just now needs a few
bottles of S. S. S., the great vege
table blood remedy, to cleanse it
of impurities. It is good for the
children, for it gives them new
strength and puts their system in
condition so they can more easily
resist the many ailments so preva
lent in summer. S. S. S. is with
out an equal as a general tonic and
system builder. It improves the
appetite and gives new strength and
vitality to both old and young.
Full information and valuable
literature can be had by writing to
Swift Specific Co., 171 Swift Lab
oratory, Atlanta, Ga.
from tired muscles
is the side partner
of rest. Directions
with every tube.
Thee. Lorain 41 Ce M. f.
Congestion of Kidneys
is indicated by the pain over re
gion of kidneys and following the
passage to the irritated bladder. A.
constant and pressing desire for uri
nation; the secretion scanty, highly
colored and sometimes bloody.
Then the constitutional symptoms
are often headaches, eyes blood
shot and burning, slight nausea,
sometimes vomitting, nervousness,
rheumatic pains and general dis
comfort. It is wholly wrong to
neglect such conditions when
can be obtained of any druggist
for their action is to eliminate con
gestion, allay inflammation, destroy
bacteria and restore normal, natu
ral secretions.
Sold by all druggists.
Bee Want Ads Produce Results.
iMfe !S!
Why are
flavors like the pyramids of Egypt?
Because they are long-lasting.
And WRIGLEY5 is a beneficial
as well as a long-lasting treat.
It helps appetite and digestion,
keeps teeth clean and breath
sweet, allays thirst.
ealgr Tight
Kept Right