Omaha daily bee. (Omaha [Neb.]) 187?-1922, March 24, 1920, Image 9

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Bread that Set a
-never to be equalled
'Away back in those early days when you and I were kiddies remember
how we used to hang around the kitchen, or close by in the old back yard, on
baking days so we could taste of the "hot" cookies, doughnuts, or per
haps get the frosting dish to scrape, or, better still, the heel from a loaf of
Mother's bread remember Gee, those were' real days, sure enough.
Can't you recall the sparkle in Mother's eye the smile that fairly beamed
of love on Mother's face and then, after all save Mother and Dad were
safe in bed, haven't you quietly stolen to the old stair landing to listen a
bit, and heard Mother say: "Charlie, I wish you could have seen those
youngsters eat."
It didn't matter to Mother how many hours she spent in the kitchen She
fairly lived in the kitchen for Mother's whole source of happiness, her
every joy came from the things that she was able to make in her kitchen
and though it took twenty-four hours to make a batch of bread every
minute of the time was rich with anticipation of seeing us kiddies gathered
around her pleading for fresh bread and brown sugar.
1 . . . ; v .-. ;
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Those moments of watching
the youngsters play made
Mother's work the easier
They were the happiesi
hours of Mother s life when, with us youngsters
gathered around her, she took the bread from the oven
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I '' '."
Tip-Top Bread is a wrapped
bread the grain is close
its soft crust and snowy cen
ter has earned it a regular
place on thousands of tables.
Hard Boll Bread has the
crisp crust of the French
bread and to many offers
additional enjoyment.
insisi on knowing
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where ijour oread comes
rom 1
one or tnese dmous
brands the uabel will
rdtecT ipu
Mother's Love was a part of her bread recipe there never was a
loaf baked in those days that didn't contain a generous portion of
that "never-to-be-had-again" ingredient Mother's Love.
We say Mother's bread was wonderful bread that it set a stand
ard never to be equaled and we know whereof we speak.
Today the bread making is done in the bakeries those wonderful
modern bakeries snow-white, spotlessly clean plants that are
equipped in a manner to insure bread of the uttermost delieious
ness and nutriment. Mother would have felt hurt to see them,
for they would have robbed her of all that was dear to her the
pleasure of seeing our little faces beam with joyful contentment
while eating of her handiwork.
Times have changed since then, and today in Our Big
Modern Bakery we are trying to make bread so good
that your enjoyment in it will rival those good old days
of Mother's bread. Try a loaf of either Tip-Top Bread
or Hard Koll Bread, and see how near we have come to
those standards that your Mother set for us.
Petersen & Pegau Baking Co.