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"Three Frightful Clubs of the
, Devil" Are Attacked by Rev.
.At Charles W. Savidge
In Sermon.
' Rv. Charges VV. Savidge, at the
' People's church last night, flayed the
city council for its recent refusal
to heed the request of a body of
women who asked to have Sunday
dancing abolished in Omaha.
"When God says, 'Remember the
Sabbath day to keen it holy.' the
city council said, 'Now God, -go
back and sit down; we are running
."this town,'" declared Rev. Mr.
Savidge. -
"The modern dance is full or
lust. The modern dance is fall of
hell. Teachers of dancing tell me
there are only three kinds of ar
tistic dancing now, the fox trot, the
i' one step and the waltz. I know of
more than those, and in these
dances the dancers ,imitate the
movements of the sea and of wild
animals. They dance the grizzly
bear,, the turkey trot, the Apache, the
buuny hug, the can can, the shim
rriy. At burlesque theaters they
have a dance which I should call the
sparse clothing and high kicking
dance. Large congregations assem
ble and stay to witness these dis
graceful spectacles.
'I know two young - men of
. Omaha's wealthy families who came
to early and disgraceful daaths in
" consequence of mingling with such
Who ever got a good wife,
selected on the public dancing floor?
Da you ask the dancer to come and
pray for you in your dying hour?
VThe city council, in my judgment,
has built a hopper in which the
devil grinds out his grist.
Nt renot making our criminals
today from the company of people
' who are studying in our Sunday
schools and who are devoutly wor
shiping God in our churches. We
are making our criminal classes from
thwse who go to Sunday night
dances, who attend the burlesque
theaters, where nude women expose
their persons for gain, by those .who
spend their evenings, including the
sacred hours of. Sunday night, at
the pool. halls and like places.
"We nre thus turning out thieves
and highjackers and prostitutes and
. men who despise God and look
lightly upon the property and lives
of others. They despise God and
His commandments and throw off
religious restraint. .
"it must make the devil laugh to
see how we are doing. ' The officers
of the city forgetting their holy ob
ligations to promote virtue and the
fear of God, which are the basis of
1I prosoerity among the people.
They furnish the occasion and the
means bv which souls are destroyed.
"Then" these same city fathers in
struct, he police to buy shotguns
and to travel in high-powered cars
soid bring in these sinners, dead or
alive-,' ',.""' . " . '. ,
"'I ak how can we have good
fteople when we insult God and nave
no respect lor ms aayr A"c
lesque theater, the pool room and
the Sunday night public dance are
three frightful clubs in the hands of
the devil to beat our people to
Woman Who Craved Love
: Gets Too. Many Husbands
San Francisco, March 14. Mur
ray C. Curran had his marriage to
Irene C Sancartier annulled upon
- evidence she had a husband living
and the presentation of the follow
ing 1tters-.'
"Dear Billy: It is all off. .We
must never meet again, out ne is xo
blame. He hasn't loved me for the
past three years. He was so cold
' that I wrote you that if you really
love'd we I would get a divorce and
come to you; But1 now -it is all
changed.-. He says he loves me. I
have asked him to . prove it. -He
comes first if he loves me. Forgive
me, I meant no harm. I s only
craved love."
Sancartier wrote in part: .
"My wife swears that she loves
me and wants only me. In view of
this I insist that communication be
tween you and her "cease. I will
stand for no deception. I will take
her back because of love. So come
clean with me. Do justice to the
woman you say you love. Get that
marriage annulled. I will tolerate
no double crossing"
IfoiiE save
Costs less i-han coffee ;
Has a rich, satisfying flavor '
fieadyiasttly in the cup
Kab Pntust Cereal Co Battle Creekificlv
Entente Sees Vital link
Between German Revolt
And Asia Minor Situation
(Continued Trom Jtrsi Tut) '
against France. They wduld dis
possess France of Syria to absorb it
for themselves. They mad Emir
Feisal ' into a portentous figure as
candidate for the" throne of Syria.
They have created with their hands
a danger against which they will
have to fight
' Feisal Had Support
"It cannot be supposed that Feisal
has made his proclamation without
assurance of support. It is not
doubted that the Germanophile
Turkish national party under Musta
pha Kernel and Enver Bey has
promised thatsuppor on the basis
of a general 'religious uprising in
Asia Minor against the allies.
,"At the same time there has been
a close alliance between the Turkish
nationalisr forces and the soviet de
stroyers of Denikin. Thus Syria is
linked with Turkey and southern
Russia. . j . , .
"With this situation tailing for im
mediate attention of the allies in
Asia Minor, the other unit of the
combination acts for the purpose of
distracting and dividing allied ef
fort. ' . ' - '
Evidence of Accord. .
."That action occurred yesterday
in Berlin in the form of a bloodless
revolution .executed not without evi
dence of an accord existing between
the rebels and the party overthrown.
"The fame troops that placed
Noske in power 10 months ago are
the ones who marched into Brlin to
mark his overthrow.
"Now the situation on the Rhine
tightens. The attention of Fance
is divided between her difficulties in
far-off . Syria and the more imme
diate menace to her northeastern
"Observers of these events per
ceive in their peculiar interrelation
the gravest possibilities of a new
war. In fact, the question is being
asked whether the new develop
ments are the signal of a German re
birth of a world " conflagration in
Asia Mii.or' ,
Darkest Night for
, Americans in Mexico
(Continqfd From jnn rest.)
Godoy is west under the Diaz, ban
ner, Farther south are more ban
dits around Puerto Mexico.
Having Sad Night. ;
Americans' are having their sad
night in Mexico. They are heart
sick. There is nd feeling of secur
ity outside of the federal district.
They are not permitted to carry
rm3, nithougn tne on men ana xne
plantation owners declare they coum
defend themselves if the government
would permit them to do so. Dur
ing the last month two or three
Amerilans hswe been taken and held
for ransom; one was killed and a
passenger train was blown up.
There is. little sentiment in favor
of a revolution in Vera Cnjz. Obre
goifi strength. lies,. more to the
north. in,Sonora, Tamaulipas, Zaea
tecas 'and Chihuahua. . '.
In the Tampico resfion there are
about 5,000 rebels of rating .under
Pelaez. The oil men have been
forced to pay big sums in tribute to
this leader. Pelaez is (a land owner
himself and has oil fend which he
intends to hold against the Carranza
forces. Having a big payroll to meet
and finding need -for frequent req
uisitions for food and clothing, he
comes to those neareet who are help
less. His demands are met immediate ly.
He has demonstrated through mur
der and arson' that he means what
he 'says. Carranza holds soldiers
along the sea coast and collects tolls
from, the oil men in another way,
through the customs officers. As 80,
000,000 "barrels of oil are produced
every month, this forms one of the
biggest revenues that the govern
ment has. . .
The American government is kept
accurately informed as to all pay
ments to the bandits in this region.
Despite all tribute, the killing of
Americans employed in the oil fields
still goes on. , .
Body of Omaha Clubman Is -Taken
to Chicago for Burial
The body of R. C. Phelps, 48
years old, who died Friday in his
apartment at the Hotel Fontenelle,
was taken to Chicago yesterday for
burial. Mr. Phelps was the owner
of the candy section of the Brandcis
store and Phelps Hut at 1708 Doug
las street. He was a 32d Mason,
Elk, Shriner and a member of the
Omaha club and Athletic club. '
on a Better
money by stqppiag" coffee
' mats certain
rW'ft it
Thes jiist one simple step
to take tjy a tin of '
Sketches from Life
The First
Wife Helps Husband
Turn Bigamist to Wed
Daughter of Rich Man
New York, March R-When. Al
bert Graubatd, 28, conductor on a
surface car, was arraigned before
fudge Rosalsky lie pleaded guilty to
The complainant against him was
his first wife, Mrs,, Sadie Graubard,
who sa'd that she was married to
the defendant in 1912. They had
three children.
She said she accidentally heard on
January 12 last that her husband
ad met Mollie Blaustein, 18 years
old, whose father is wealthy, arid
had married her.
"Your, honor, my Just wife knew
I was going to be married to this
girl," Graubard testified. She gave
me the money to hire an evening
suit in which to be married.
MoWie B. Austin, when called to
the stand, said:
''Judge, why his wife first came to
me he brought her to my house,
and they discussed my marnnge.
She told me she was his sister."
"Yes," replied Mrs, Urauoard, "he
told me to do it, judge."
"Well, this is too much for me,"
said Judge Rosalsky. "I will re
mand you for sentence."
The' court then instructed Proba
tion Officer Irving Halpern- to in
vestigate all the facts in the case
and report to hin before the day of
Poindexter Quits Tour to
Take Part in League Debate
Chicago, March 14. Sen., Miles
Poindexter of Washington has tem
porarily abandoned his presidential
campaign' tour in . the middle west
and is returning to Washington to
take part in the final deliberations on
the peace treaty and in response to
a call from republican senators, it
was announced at his headquarters
here. .
Senator Poindexter had planned
to tour South Dakota this week.
He announced he would return west
for his debate with General Leonard
Wood at Pierre on Saturday.
w m m
Trip to a Doctor in Twenty Years
Echelon of Officers Maintained
' . In Moscow by German
General Staff.
Chl Tribune-Omaha Bee Leased Wire.
Washington, March 14. Amer
ican officials here are satisfied. Gen.
Erich, von Ludendorff passed
rthroiigh Finland with a staff of Ger
man officers, en route for soviet Rus
sia last week and while full verifica
tion is lacking, it is believed by of
ficials here that Ludendorff is prob-
aoiy in Moscow at mis time.
, Officials know , that the German
general staff has been maintaining
an echelon of officer in Moscow for
some time, and, there is no doubt
here that these officials have been
?.t work on military plans for the
soviet leaders.
Trotkyi, it is believed, hai been
getting credit for strategic successes
won - with German staff advice. It
is believed here that the, entry of
Ludendorff into .soviet Russia Is
linked up with negotiations between
German militaristic and monarchical
reactionaries and. Lenine and Trot
zky with a view tar joint allianee be
tween German and soviet Russia.
May Take Direct Charge.
The belief is held here that Lu
dendorff has gone to Moscow to
take charge of the actual direction
of work on which the German gen
eral staff echelon at Moscow has
been at work for some time.
The present serious aspect of the
Turkish situation is believed in well
informed circles here to be the re
sult of actions timed to synchronize
with the plans for a Germans coup d'
etat this spring. Enver Pasha is
knowrf to have been in Berlin re
cently in conference with German
leaders. He has been active in pro
moting Armenian massacres and in
planning the spread of the. Pan-Turanian
movement of ;the Turkish na
tionalists. During the world war he
was the main link between Berlin
and Constantinople. Whether he is
yet in Berlin is not known, but his
recent presence there has been defin
ately established, and is regarded
as having an important bearing on
developments in Asia Minor,.
The western front is not regarded
as being jeopardized by the present
situation at least not at present.
Military experts are confident that
Foch can handle the situation.
The great danger is believed to be
that the pext step in the development
or the iewnan reactionary plans, un
less they fail at this time, will be
development of an understanding
with soviet Russia with a view to in
dustrial and possibly military co
operation. -
Soldier Who Goes to Claim ,
Bride Finds Her Already Wed
New York, March 14. Earl J.
McDanicl, said by all who saw him
to be the handsomestt young soldier
that hps yet called at the immigra
tion station on Ellis island to claim
a warbride, was all out of breath
when he rushed up to the informa
tion desk. '
v"Her name is Jeanne Andre; and
she is supposed to have come on the
steamship Savoie. She's from Paris,
and she is , my sweetheart. I have
come to marry her," cried McDanicl.
He was in a greater hurry than
ever, but his haste "Was to get away
when he learned that a young wom
an of tht name Jeanne Andre had, in
fact, come to New York on the Sa
voie, but had been released in th
custody of the. Y. M. C. A, agent to
marry .another.;
"I know she has been correspond
ing with another soldier," said Mc
Drfniol, "and I think the lucky chap
lives out in Michigan somewhere."
McDanicl told the immigration of
ficials that he had served as courier
to the peace conference at Paris and
as guard f6r Assistant Secretary of
State Frank L. Polk, when the latter
took Secretary Lansing's place at
Versailles. His home is in Texas.
Good Looks Detriment,
Says New York W6man
In Divorce Petition
New York, March 14. Good-
looking Kirls are warned to be care
ful in a letter introduced as evidence
in the divorce suit brought in Pat-
erson, N. J., by Sergt. James W. Me
Glade. The letter was written by
McGlade's wife, Anita, who did not
contest the suit. Francis Scott, spe
cial master in chancery, recommend
ed that the decree be granted.
The letter, which admitted that
the writer had left her husband to
become the "pampered doll" of a
milliona-re oil speculator, added:
"My beauty was fatal, my good
looks a detriment to my -being a
good wife." -
She ended with the hope that her
case would be an example to other
girls with good looks. s
Testimony showed that the Mc
Glades were married in 1911. . On
March 2b, 1916, Mrs. McGlade left
her child with her grandmother "to
mind for a few hours." The follow
ing day she sent a telegram saying
she was sorry, but would not come
home again for some time, and ask
ing that no search be made for her.
In March, 1918, while he was
abroad, Mrs. Emma ' Monks, the
ittandmother, received a telegram
from Mrs. McGlade saying she was
about to commit suicide, ft was fol
lowed by a letter for "a friend" con
firming the suicide and inclosing the
letter written by Mrs, McGlade
which figured in the suit
Sergt, McGlade learned on his re
turn irom France that his wife had
fled with -ao oil speculator from
Gary, Ind .
Fuel Oil Situation
Causing Alarm for
- Officials of Navy
Chleai o Tribune-Omaha B Treated Wlra.
Washington, March 14. Govern
ment officials are expressing in
creasing concern over the oil . sit
uation. A serious condition respecting the
fuel oil supply for the navy and the
vessels of the shipping board exists
with slight prospects of immediate
relief. The Navy department may
take steps to commandeer fuel oil
this week if satisfactory bids are
not forthcoming on 5,000,000 bar-j
rels for "which bids( will be opened
on Tuesday.
Prices of oil are rapidly mounting
because ofv, the shortage and in
creased demand. The shipping board
recently advertised for bids for a
year's supply of fuel oil but rejected
the only bids which were presented
because they were trom ou to. U per
cent above the prices previously
paid. The board then advertised for
bids for a six months' supply. While
the prices were way above what was
considered reasonable, the board ae
ccoted the bids in order to obtain
a much needed supply. .'
The bids, whicn are to oe opened
on Tuetday by the Navy department
ar for 5,000,000 barrels for use on
the east coast. On March 22 bids
are to be opened. for 3,000,000 bar
rels for use, on the west coast.
The shiooine board estimates that
60,000,000 barrels of oil will b re-
... i a... i. :. - i - ,
quirea u suppiy u own vessels aur
irig -the year 1920. - .
family Row Ends in Arrest
Of Husband on Abuse Charge
. Sam S. Miller, 1821 Davenport
street, was arrested last night on a
charge of abusing his wife. His wife
said he was beating her to
death, according to police. Both
were covered with blood and the
house strewn with broken furniture.
The Canadian machinists' union,
under an assessment plan, will be
able to raise a fund of $2,000,000.
which they. will use as a defense
fund to fight their employers for
higher wages. .
California Jurist Blames the
Tropical Climate for High
Divorce Rate Says Cold
. ; Prevents Quarrels. -
, ) , '
Los Angeles, March 14. With a
record of only two divorces denied
as contested, with 236 decrees rant-
A Jiirinw five vpar nn thp hpnrh.
Judge T. A. Norton of the San Luis
Obispo superior court has reacnea
the conclusion that modern mar
riage is a d-rt of shimmy dance in a
orrmt mauritv' of eases, and that the
climate of southern California is to
Judge ! Norton quotes learnedly
from ponderous tomes of unim
peachable authorities to prove his
"We'd have .much less divorce if
we didn't have such excellent cli
mate. In a temperature of 40 de
grees below ro there is no such
thing as quarreling. Existence in a
ttistained. relativelv moderate de
gree of heat results in instability of
, . . ' u iL.-.f:. a.m.
cnaracier, in wnitn ine ruling
Xorifv nt the individual is to sub
ordinate society and social welfare
to his own selfish ends, A warm
climate has the same ettect on we
tpnmoranicnt of the individual as
alcohol, wMiout the apathy that al
cohol creates.
Cold Prevents Quarrels.
"It is in tropical climates that are
fminrf the greatest extremes of li
centiousness and asceticism; in
semi-tropical climates, such as ours,
we have religious fanaticism and di
vorces; the licentious here concede
tt least that latter formality to so
cial decorum.
"The colder the climate, the less
tendency there is to quarrel and the
tVmrtpr the ranire of temoeramental
differences, until we reach the Es
kimos, who actually have no wfcrd
to signify quarreling.
"So far as my observation ex
tends the infidelity of women within
the marriage bonds is far greater
than that of men under the same
nri-iimitinrH. Women are experi
menters. Men are more easily satis
fied. ..
"From experience I have discov
ered the futility of attempting to
elicit any information other than
that contained in the complaint from
the plaintiff. Where the parties to
the action are young and there are
no children whose property rights
or future is involved it is useless to
attempt , to relieve . marital misery
with legal machinery.
Children art Sufferer.
"Lawstoever made people happy
nr virtuous. Thev cannot orevent
(mistakes in marriage nor guard the
sanciuy oi ine numv.
"The chief evil of divorce is the
injury done to those innocent vic
tims of our hectic social life, -the
children. Some energy should be de
voted to teaching the rising genera
tion the'sacredness of the holy trini
ty of Lamartine the trinity of the
father, mother and child. We should
strive in the future to prevent rather
than to search for a panacea for
this ill." - '
In the meanwhile, with a record of
less than 1 per cent of divorces de
nied, San Luis Obispo promises to
become the Reno of California. .
Solution of Problem,
Says National C. of C.
Chicago Xrlbant-Omaha B taawd Wire,
Washington, March 14. - Seeing
in increased production a means oi
restoring normal business and price
conditions the chamber of commerce
of the 'United States, it was an
nounced, will make its eighth annual
meeting, to be held at Aalantic City,
April 27 to 29, an "increased produc
tion convention." t
Lack of production, the Chamber
of Commerce says, is one of the
chief causes of the high cost, of
living which cannot be reduced until
more goods are put on the market.
Prices have been forced up by
competitive bidding. This in turn has
made, necessary unusual wage in
creases with a sftll further rise in
manufacturing and production costs.
Even with the exchange as it is,
with its threatened curtailment of
exports to Europe, manufacturers
generally believe it will be' a long
time before production in the United
States catches up with the demand
for goods.
Four New College 1
Enter Airplanes in
, Intercollegiate Race
Chleaca Tribune-Omaha B Lcaaed Wira,
New York! March 14. Nine col
leges probably will enter planes in
the coming intercollegiate race on
May 7 as the result of the admit
tance of four new collese members
at a special meeting of the inter
collegiate flying association at the
American Flying club.
. The" institutions which joined the
association were Rutgers, Cornell,
University rf Pittsburgh and the
University of Pennsylvania. Those
already in the organization were
Harvard, Yale, Princeton, Columbia
and Williams.
Two alternative, courses are being
considered for the race, one 'from
Mineola to Cambridge by way of
r.... u-...n ' k... , x;:n:.m.
town, to Ithaca and tcf Princeton
and back to Mineola, and the other
much, shorter, from Mineola to New
Haven, Newark, Princeton and back
to Mineola.
Each college may enter two air
planes.' A number of middle western
colleges are also expected to enter.
Two Arrested on Charge
Of Robbing Warehouse
Frank Trummer4108 South Tenth
street, and Clarence ' Urbin, 3SS0
South Fifteenth street were arrested
last night charged with taking f5,000
In clothing from a warehouse of
Leon Brothers, 1005 Farnam street
, The two men, according to police,
sold several hundred dollars worth
of the lpot before they wrre caught.
Hae Root Print It Beacon
Press. Adv.
U. S, Officer Cautions
Germans About Strikes
(CoBtlsoad Yom Tnt Fa(.)
While adherence to the new gov
ernment has been promised by some
of the outside states, Saxony has
declared againstNt, and Bavaria,
Wurttemburg and Bsden have joined
in denouncing the movement.
The national party refused to have
relations with the Kapp government,
and the conservative leader, Count
Posadowsky, asserts that he will not
identify himself with the new chan
cellor. Hamburg and Darmstadt are
said to be irreconcilable. i
Hindenburg in Background.
Meanwhile one of the greatest
figures in the German national life,
Field Marshal von Hindenburg, has
kept himself in the background. His
former close associate, .General Lu
dendorff, credited - with being the
brains and moving spirit of the Ger
man army in its belligerent days,
has had a conference with the new
chancellor. What passed between
them is, of course, not known. It is
possible, however, that Von Hinden
burg, who is already a candidate
for the presidency, may loom large
before rvents take definite shape.
With the advent of the general
strike proclaimed throughout Ger
many by the independent socialists,
affiliated with the trade unions and
other organizations, Berlin is al
ready beginning to feel the pinch of
suffering again. The water supply
has been largely cut off and food is
scarce. Hotels are shutting down,
and. if the strike continues, mean
of transportation, both passenger
and freight, will be at an end.
Noskt Organizing Troops.
Gustav Noske, "minister of defense
in the Ebert government, is report
ed to be in Saxony organizing
troops. Noske has always been a
fighter, and there is reason to be
lieve that he will not accept the
present situation without drastic ac
tion in opposition to" it.
That Noske has troops still loyal
to him is indicated by the fact that
they have repulsed an attack against
them in their barracks at Frankfort,
Reports have been received from
that city of numerous casualties in
the fighting, but whether this was
between troops and militia, or be
tween troops and workmen, is not
definitely known.
People Discuss Situation.
The streets of Berlin exhibited
their customary Sundav asoect to
day. Unter Den Linden was
crowded; people gathered in the
sunshine to discuss the situation.
One of the main attractions con
sisted of barbed wire entanglements
near Wilhelmstrasse and field guns
and machine guns posted in front of
the military guard at the Branden
burg gate.
Towards noon, however, the
waiters in the hotels ceased to work,
and the guests who had not been
prudent enough to lunch early, had
to bunt food for themselves.
New Cabinet not Formed.
The new cabinet has not yet been
formed, but it is definitely known
that Dr. Traugott von Japow, for
mer chief of police of Berlin and a
notable reactionary, will be Prus
sian minister of the interior.
It is proposed for the present to
have only a two-man cabinet, or di
rectorate, composed of Dr. Wolf'
gang Kajip and Major General Bar
on von Luettwitz,
Minister of Transportation Osser
has informed Kapp that the railway
employes of Prussia objected to a
cabinet in which Kapp and Von
Jagow nre represented, and that if
they remained in office the entire
railway forces would strike.
Fifteen Persons Killed.
London, March 14. During the
fighting in Frankfort, IS persons
were killed and iuu wounded, says
an exchange Telegraph dispatch
trom Berlin.
The police were, compelled to
leave the town in consequence of
the mob seizing an arms depot, the
dispatch adds, .
Shots were exchanged between the
torpedo boats in the harbor and
workmen in the naval dock yard at
Mel Saturday afternoon, says a dis
patch to the Central News quoted
the Berlingske Tidende's Kiel cor
respondent, as confirming the sur
render of the German fleet. Ux-
nnes are now occupying the dock
yard. A general strike has been de
clared by all the workers, except
tnose in me gas ana water plants.
The City Was Quiet at Midnight
There were a half million people in
Under Den Linden during the day,
but no clashes with the. troops were
reported. The military patrols
seemed to have the situation well in
hand, but the real test of the situa
tion is expected to come Monday or
Tuesday when the general striked
probably will be in full swing.
Chancellor Kapp today told the
newspaper correspondents that the
government would not hesitate .to
supress .any insurrection by strik
ers. (.
As yet there is no visible political
support for the government, but re
ports indicate that the new govern
ment is winning the support of
troops in south Germany and that
its prestige has risen considerably
since Saturday.
Friend of Former Prince
Arrives at the Hague
Th Hague, March4.The Am
sterdam Telegraaf-todav says:
"With the evenjng boat today
there arrived a bosom friend of for
mer Crown Prince Frederick Wil
liam, Freihrr Zoebelitz, who stayed
with Frederick William during the
first months of his exile. He came
diecct from Berlin. The adutant of
Frederick William says this visit has
nothing to do with present occur
rences." Former Crown Prince Much .
v Excited Over Revolution
Wieringen, Holland, March 14.
Former Crown Prince Frederick
William, on hearing of the counter
revolution in Germany, became very
much excited. He motored several
times into the village in an endeavor
to learn if Burgomaster Percboom
had late news from Berlin.
Fleet Handed Over to the
New German Government
London, March 14. A dispatch to
the Exchange Telegraph company
from Hamburg, dated Saturday,
states it is reported from Kiel thst
the naval commander there has
handed over the German fleet to
the new Berlin government
Third Party Appears to Be
Favored, Although He Jrges
Nomination of Pro
gressive. Chicago Tribune-Omaha Be Lail Y,lr.
Washington, March 14. William
Randolph Hearst is expected soon to
announce his candidacy for the nom
ination, for president. Rumor in
Washington, has it that te an
nouncement may be njade this week.
Politicians here were interested
today in publication by the Hearst
papers of a full page consisting of
articles from other newspapers,
either urging Mr. Hearst to become
a candidate or discussing his prob
able candidacy." This was interpreted
by the politicians as a move to pave
the way for the Hearst announce
ment. In connection with the Hearst
page of comment for Hearst as a
candidate the editor states his posi
tion in a manner which seems to
thrust aside the crown while at the
same time keeping a string oV it.
Wants Progressive Named.
Whether Mr. Hearst harbors any
thought of obtaining either the re
publican or democratic nomination
or contemplates leading a third
party is not entirely clear. He takes
the position that there would be no
occasion tor his candidacy it a
progressive should be nominated by
either the republican or democratic
"It may be possible," said Mr.
Hearst, "to secure the nomination of
a man like Senator Hiram W. John
son or Senator William E. Borah
on the republican ticket; or the
nomination of a man like Senator
James A. Reed or Cambridge
Colby, on the democratic ticket, if
the latter Should not submerge his
naturally progressive views in the
purely Wilson policies of the pres
ent administration. ,
Favors Third Party.
"If a thoroughly satisfactory pro
gressive could be nominated as the
candidate for president of one of the
old parties, it seems toie that the
best thing that progressive citizens '
can do is to unite solidly behind
such a candidate and absolutely in
sure his election."
Politicians have been watching
Mr. Hearst's maneuvers witli great
interest for several months. He has
condemned the Wilson administra
tion unsparingly, has apparently
taken himself out of the democratic
party and has devoted all his an
ergics to fostering thifd party move
ments with such materials as rali
cat labor, Plumb plan leagues and
other organizations of protest. His
maneuvers are designed to make Mr.
Hearst the logical candidate of a
third party. . '
The Chicago Building Trades
council, comprising 33 ' unions, is
preparing a wage demand that will
insist On the payment of $1.25 an
hour for theirmembers.
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