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Lincoln Bureau of The Omaha Bee
Declination of E. E.-Youngs,
Favored by Nonpartisan
League, Renews Inter
est in Polities'. .
Lincoln, March 8 (Special.)
The declination of E. L. Youngs, en
dorsed by the state convention of the
the Nonpartisan league to become
a candidate for the republican nom
ination for governor, has awakened
renewed interest in the campaien
and with so many getting into the
fight there is much speculation as to
the result,
Five men have already filed for the
republican , nomination, Governor
McKelvie for renoniination, Senator
Adam McMullen of Gage county,
Representative II. J. McLaughlin of
Mall county, former Congressman
E. M. Pollard of Cass county, pres
ent member of the constitutional
convention, and Railway Commis
sioner Thomas L. Hall of Lancaster
The withdrawal of , Mr. Youngs
1- .1. .. .:...:.. ..
the air." By the endorsement of
that individual by the Nonpartisan
league convention it was generally
understood that neither of the five
men who had filed for the republican
nomination were satisfactory to the.
league. The question now is: Will
they quietly concentrate their vote
on the most acceptable or will they
go into the democratic primary if
someone should file for the demo
cratic nomination for governor more
acceptable than any of the above
live? .
But once before, in 1916, has there
been as many candidates for the
nomination as now. In that primary,
A. L. Sutton of Omaha, C. J. Miles
of Hastings, Walter A. George of
Lincoln, William Madgett of Hast
ings and Samuel R. McKelvie of
Lincoln, were candidates.
Chance to Figure.
The vote in the primarv- was is
follows: Sutton, 30,902; McKelvie,
.30,097; Miles. 20,020; George, 8,420,
-uaagett, s.ujy. (-
In the last election there were but
two candidates for the republican
nomination for governor, S. R. Mc
Kelvie and Walter Johnson of Oma
ha. McKelvie received 46,375 votes
and Johnson, 18,308. With these
figures before them the candidates
can get out their pencils and see
where they are at.
Nonpartisans Will
Have Congressman
In Race in Nebraska
Oxford, Neb., March 8. (Special
telegram.) At a meeting of mem
bers of the Nonpartisan league of
the Fifth corfgressional district, held
here, E. W. Reed of Halgler, Dundy
county, was endorsed as the league
candidate for congress. C. E. Neu-
baurer of Orleans, Harlan county,
was endorsed as the league candi
date for the state senate.
Norfolk, Neb., March 8. The
Third congressional district conven
tion of the Nonpartisan league, meet
ing here, decided not to endorse a
candidate tor me ipru at, primary
election. Instead a committee was
Selected to decide the future course
of hte league iu this district After
the primary, it was announced, it
will De decided whetner to endorse
one of the old party nominees or
select a new candidate by petition,
Nebraska Joins in
. fight to Sustain
New Dry Amendment
Lincoln, March 8. (Special.)
Nebraska will join with other states
in the legal proceedings to keep the
state of Rhode Island from winnmg
its case against orohibition.
This is the message sent by Attor
ney General Davis in response to a
letter received by him from Charles
E. Hucrhes in charge of the defense
proceedings. - . r
Nebraska joined in the former
brief andthe letter of Mr. Hughes
asked if the state would again join
in the filing of an answer to the
brief filed by Rhode Island. In..his
letter Mr. Hughes said, in part
P, A. Barrows. Correspondent""
New Improvements
For Lincoln State
Institutions Plan
Lincoln, Neb., March 8. (Special
Telegram.) At a joint meeting of
representatives of the Chamber of
Commerce, State Fair association
and State university, plans were
completed to improve conditions at
the state institutions here.
A program of improved car serv
ice from the university campus to
the state farm, thence to the fair
grounds and back to the university
was approved. New entrances to
the fafr grounds will be constructed
before the tall exposition. i
Several blocks of ground adjoin- j
mg the downtown university
campus were obtained and new dor
mitories will be constructed.
Proposal Introduced Author
izing Commission to Pass
Upon Industrial Contro
versies in State.
Man Arrested In Omaha
For Auto Theft Sentenced
Lincoln, Neb., March 8. (Spe
cial.) Emil Peterson, whose real
name' is Jackson, pleaded guilty in
district court this morning to a
charge of purchasing a stolen auto-4
mobile. He was sentenced to 18
months in the penitentiary. He was
arrested in Omaha for the theft of
an automobile belonging to John J.
Gillitan of Lincoln, February 13.
Grammer Appeals Decision
In Habeas Corpus Case
Lincoln, March 8. (Special.)
An appeal from the district court
of Lancaster county in the habeas
corpus proceedings issued in behalf
of Allen Vincent Grammer has been
made in supreme court and briefs
filed Monday
Petitions for Howell for
Committeeman Are Filed
T.inrnln. Neb.. March 8. (Soe-
rial Vntirs netitions have been
filed here for R. B. Howell of Oma
ha on the republican primary bal
lot for national committeeman. Mr.
VTnurpll has served in this caDacitV
previously. C. A. McCloud of York
is also out for tins omce.
Lincoln, Neb., March 8. Power
to create an industrial commission
to pass upon controversies between
employers when "the public welfare
is affected" and to enact law against
interruption in production and dis
tribution of essential commodities,
would be given the legislature by a
proposed new article introduced in
the state constitutional convention
The convention discussed the use
of water 3& it relates to water for
irrigation and natural use and in
committee of the whole declared
that its us wa a natural want and
that every stream should be
dedicated to that use. It gives the
right to divert the water of all
natural streams for public use and
when the water from any such
natural stream is not sufficient for
all desiring it that preference shall
be given to domestic and agricul
tural uses over manufacturing in
terests. "
Hopes of "Booze Hounds" in
Nebraska Are Shattered
Lincoln, Neb., March 8.-rGovern-mcnt
permits to druggists to sell in
toxicating liquor on doctors' pre
scriptions will not be issued in states
where liquor sales under them would
be in violation of state law, accord
ing to a letter received by Gov.
Samuel R. McKelvie from Internal
Revenue Commissioner Daniel C.
Rntifr. His letter was a resnonse to
ar request from the governor not to
permit tne issuance 01 sucn permus
in Nebraska, which is "bone dry"
by state law
Third Man Escapes in Auto
f Stolen From Gretna
Cowed by shots fired at them by
Chief of Detectives Dunn shortly
after noon yesterday -at Nineteenth
and Cuming streets, two men gave
themselves up, after making a thrill
ing leap from a speeding stolen au
tomobile. A third man escaped east on Cum
ing street with the car, and is still
at large. Detectives are hot on his
trail, armed with riot guns, and un
der orders to catch him.
r The automobile belongs to H. XV.
Oldrod, Gretna, Neb., farmer. Chief
Dunn fired a volley of revolver
shots at the two men before they
stopped and threw up their hands in
At central police station, the men
fave their names as Morris Furst,
412 North Twenty-fourth street,
and Ed Holz, 2924 South Twenty
second street.
The auromobile was stolen but an
hour previous at Twentieth and Far
nam streets. Chief Dunn was on
his way from his home to the police
station when he passed the car and
recognized it.
The two men evidently recognized
him at the same time and leaped
from the speeding machine in a vain
effort to e&cape.
Qualifications of
Marriage Discussed
By Presbyterians
"What is the chief qualification of
the marriageable woman?" inquired
the Rev. J. M. Wilson, pastor of the
North Presbyterian church, address
ing his question to the men of his
Answers to the question, written
on small slips of paper and unsigned,
were read by the Rev. Mr. Wilson.
They were numerous and varied,
"A marriageable woman must havt
good health, a winsome spirit and a
sympathetic nature; she must be
real, not camouflage," read one
answer, which was typical of a
dozen more.
This week the women of the
church will be given a chance to tell
the chief qualifications of th mar
riageable man and the answers will
be read at the services next Sunday.
Bee Want Ads Produce Results.
Former Armenian General '
Speaks at High School
James Arrol,-former general in
the Armenian army, spoke to Cen
tral High school students yester
day afternoon in the school auditor
ium on the near cast question.
Mr. Arrol, an American, has been
a globe-trotter and was one of the
two members of the American mis
sion to Armenia. With a nephew of
former Secretary of State Lansing
lie was on a mission to Russia
when the bolshevists started their
government. - ' . ' J
Bank Clearings In Omaha "J..
Again Break All Record
N- All previous records in bank clear
ings were shattered again yesterday
when the Omaha Clearing house an
nounced that clearings totaled $2V
666,664.56. Saturday's , clearing!.
which totaled. $20,512,022.28, was ! .
me mgnesi xoiai rcacnea until yet-
Robert B. Miller Appointed
Assessor in Garfield County
Burwell, Neb., March 8. (Spe
cial.) Phillip C. McKenzie, county
assessor of Garfield county, Jias re
signed owing to ill health, and Rob
ert B.. Miller, who has been precinct
assessor in Burwell, has been ap
pointed to fill the vacancy.
Cifculate Petitions for
Geo. Jackson for Governor
Superior, Neb., March 8. (Spe
cial Telegram.) Petitions for
George Jackson for governor are
being circulated here. He was a
resident here before moving toNel-
mm "mm m
"You will observe that in the bill
ofvcomplaint brought by the state
of Rhode Island the validity of the
18th amendment is challenged sole
ly by reason of its nature; that is,
upon grounds that such an amend
ment could not validly be made and
not uoon Grounds that if such an
amendment could properly be made,
It was not duly adopted. ' "
Fire in Repair Shops of
Lincoln Traction Lines
Lincoln, Neb., March 8. (Spe
cial.) Fire at the repair shops of
the Lincoln traction company
Jtarted at 1 a. m. today, causing
520,000 damages, all of which is cov
ered by insurance. The flames to
tally destroyed the barns and one
street car. Origin of the fire is be
lieved to have been an overheated
Former Omaha Woman Dies
At College View, Aged 79
Mrs. B. M. Willsey, 79 years old,
formerly of Omaha, died last Fri
day at the home of her daughter,
Mrs. J. F. Kinney, College View,
Neb. The body was taken to Blair,
Neb for burial
She is survived by three daugh
ters, Mrs. J. F. Kinney, Mrs. J. B.
Schrock of Scottsbluff, and Mrs.
George G. Dennis of Omaha.
17i . it. . . II
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