Omaha daily bee. (Omaha [Neb.]) 187?-1922, March 07, 1920, Image 10

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Use Your
Jllte Happy Home
Makers of Omaha
I B .VMK v p- V V , M M mr m M ml .mmtWi 1 mm "m .F" mm m -T- M mm
k. mi ii m
hijm mm mm mmr
A "Quality
suite ' throughout.
; W$ can not at this time
show you 1( of our suites,
but tike mmy others this is a
"bargain." The buffet measures
.j iacAes and the table has a
jS-ioch top. The chairs have pan-
tied backs with genuine
leather seats. Offered
, rn Mahogany
or Jacobean
K. II i5"' W .
Golden Oak
-Real Quality
A table with dis
tinctive an refined
lilies: This value
will appeal to par
ticular folks. In
the Queen Anne de-
v sign.
f v.
Has 20x14 Inch
Mirror a Beauty
ft -.- - 1"fRf" "WW
Quality Rugs
Are Low in Price l
1 ' ' ' 'il'fi i'i'n'i'" '- i '.
1 Genuine,, Royal "Wilton Rugs, fringed.
j-Size 9x12 :
Seamless Velvet Rugs, heavy ouality.
mmmi mnnw
wiuy It f
1 Seamless Brussels Rugs, all wool.
Thev sav Drfisser m si Qvi9 - .1
KJiJliV A.J.te
I Distinctive Style
s $QO50 Oijc or Lory- at
:,5isj 0235
29 I ' This drsser has a
large sizeniirror and
1 4 I is exceptionally well
constructed. Conp
ntH Monday, . . .'
pnees will become a , - ,
r , ., ... , g Rag Rugs. WasliaDie. Blue ana White. ,
prohibitive because j iz 27x54,"....' ....i
of piflicei of glass. I " """ ' y
Maybe so, but note - MIH,ffliffil
Gddenaok.m -1G Featuring Furniture From Fatuous Makers
1 What's in a name? Probably jm much, but
when 'you see such names as 'Karpen,"
J'Sligh," "Limbert," "Mallen," - "Simmons,"
and other famous makers you c?i,rest assured
we carry "Quality Furniture.
William and Mary
Davenport Table
Only J2i.
Complete your home
with this attractive
davenport table from
our extensive assort
ment. Comes in rich
The Englander $OQ50 I
Double Da-Bed
Couch by day a full size bed by M
night. Complete with springs Shd m
comfortable mattress attached.
Choice finishes. 1 , s
Rare Quality at a
Moderate Price
Select Your
; At ,
Your attention is called
to ouf extensive show
ing of various models
in all finishes. No home
is,.-'complete without
music. 1
$1 a Week
NoHbterest -
Expert repair service.
Vtie th follJagth mirror across .
fk top, also the commodious space
or Until. Oo)dB or fumed finish.
lS l p
Records .
Our location is handy fot you
and we solicit your patronage.
A. complete stock of records on
ar awi mwnwiiiiwiiiii i mill nw iiii1 ffiwnwffia&
AVe would, like
the pleasure oi
showing you
the newest
ideas in fine
iurniiure. ,
AVe would like to show you .'through our store 1
tomorrow. We want yxm trt see our store so , that
when you think of "Good Furniture," you invari
ably, think of Hartman's. '
Easy Terms
PJJ jj J pjfc'K overstuffed kind the I
I J"" . t j ou7J b I .
r fV
Bassinet y
The ideal beet g
for the new if
born babe. Has g
large wheels g
which make it
easy to move m
about. .
The Best Servant
In the House
,(a$ and
"Coal Range
rf . ' 1
f I
A Simmons
Steel Bed
' it you are in need of a bed,
take advantage, of this price
Monday. Choice ' ot Voniis
Martin or white enamel fin
ishes. ' "v. , . .. ,.
. 1 ':$99
Per Week , i ( Cane and Mahogany i, easi tekms
The "Sellers.Vwith a' Upholstered Beauty I "The "Range Beau-,
national reputation, and i , . W W i tiful," but you really
recommended by good 1 r 1 5Q5 1 should visit the store
housekeepers everv- S ' UlUy ? 1 3 to fully appreciate
where. Let us give you S ' ' . 'J ' "gthe value we offer
a nractical demonstra- 6 1t, i v .,JiJ S tomorrow. i T h is
iutit;c iuv Kiauciui uroihu, -
Choice of high grade Upestry or . I rJ-Hir
velour upholstering. --A real 1 de reputaiiin.
. . , - lil!!!Iirilii!I!l!i:iffll
WIHllllililMWIIHIilllliitlil value. . .. .
SixteenthBetween Harney and Howard
. Credit a Means
-. "VlTiy deny yourself of the
conveniences or comforts
that go towards making
your home a "Real Home?"
Our CREDIT WAY . is simple
ttristart, easy , to pay. In
suggest the beauty
y . of this suite we want you
to be sure to actually see it. , We
"offer the finite as shown in the
Mahogany finish -6r a similar
suite .in the William & Mary
period, Walnut finish.
Suite as shown, no
Vajity Dresser
1L ifflfe
'.. 4..:
! f