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First Two Busy Scurrying
Around Washington Since
Wilson Says He Won't '
Seek Third Term.
(Ceatlnurd From First rf.)
McAdoo and that the son-in-law
jiow understood there was no longer
iifijT reason for refraining from en
,'tering the race for the nomination.
;The Palmer camp upon receiving
this intelligence jumped to the con
clusion that Mr. McAdoo would file
a petition in theGeorgia primary at'
Mr. Wilson for Palmer.
Thereafter the attorney general
got into communication withj the
president through Secretary Tu
multy and Mrs. Wilson, both of
whom are reputed to be Palmer ad
herents. The result was the com
munication to Mr. Palmer of the de
cision the president had confided to
Ms.. McAdoo, together with express
permission to the attorney general
to announce his candidacy.
Mr. Palmer immediately tele
srraphed authority " to file his pe
tition in Georgia with a view to
ialinir a inarch on Mr. McAdoo
for .position as the Simon Pure ad-
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ministration candidate. There ii a
formidable fight on the administra
tion being waged in -Georgia by
former Senator Hardwick and Tom
Watson, who are runing Senator
Reed for president, and .he attorney
general now will rally the Wilson
supporters to his banner. Mr. Mc
Adoo cannot enter the contest in
Georgia now without splitting the
administration forces, perhaps fa
tally. , McAdoo Still Confers.
Mr. McAdoo was still here today
conferring with friends sn the tiues
tio.i of announcing his candidacy
and making a bid for delegates,
despite his recently assumed de
termination to seek no delegates
and his advocacy of uninstructed
delegations and a free selection of
the candidate by the convention. It
is generally believed that, with
Palmer srarnering instructed dele-
ffates as the beneficiary of the pow'
erful influence of the administration
excted through federal patronage,
McAdoo soon will be forced into
the open, demanding his share
Dauiel Roper, who is soon' to re
sign as internal revenue commis
sioner, is slated for McAdoo man
ager. 2,1. Palmer ts soon to open head
quarters with a large and , imposing
organization. Vance McCormick
Aiiv hi his ramoaien manager,
Though Palmer is a "dry," one, of
the. main cots m the Palmer ma
chine will be former Congressman
Carlin of Virginia, a "wet" leader.
K mrer Sullivan of Illinois was in
the caoltal today enroute to Hot
Springs, Va, He attended the din
ner to Chairman Cummings last
night at which Palmer and McAdoo
were present and he was conferring
today impartially with the two
r.val candidates. With such an em
barrassment of riches in the way
of democratic candidates, Mr. Sul
luan would not predict how Illinois
will line up eventially and he
deemed it quite'likely that the dele
gation would be uninstructed. -
Labor to Give New Rail
Act Impartial Tryout
(Continued From Flnt Pete.)
road labor organizations, all of
which were represented at the con
ference, says: - '
Declaration f Trainmen.
"The result of fliis canvass .
shows all organizations except
the United Brotherhood of
Maintenance of Way Employes
and Shop Laborers, were au
thorized to make the following
announcement a$ to their policy
and attitude: Nowithstanding
the fact that labor in general
and railroad labor in particular,
with the fuw support and co
operation of other bodies rep
resenting American citizens,
urged the congress not to pass
the railroad bill, and the presi
dent to veto the 6ame and re
turn it to congress, we are now
officially advised the president
has signed the bill and it is a
"Labor's criticisms and. pro
tests against this legislation are
matters of record and were pre-
sented to the congress, the'
president and the public.
"We have not changed our
views in regard to this legisla
tion and therefore do not en
dorse the law; however, as
American citizens, we feel that
in the interest of railroad labor
there is nothing left for us to do
at present except to co-operate
with each other in the prompt
creation of machinery provided
for in this law."
Asked 0 Notify Hines. v
The president told both sides to
notify Mr. Hines as fast as they
picked their representatives in order
that conferences may start with a
minimum of delay. . .
It developed today that the fears
of the men that the executives would
seek to abrogate the agreements.on
working conditions which prevailed
during federal Control were exag
gerated. It was reported that the
superintendent of one small road
posted, a notice saying he wanted to
put back the 10-hour day with no
pay for the luncheon period. The
Association of Railway Executives,
however, is" said to be against any
such arbitrary interference with the
prevailing conditions. As to the
extra compensation for overtime, it
was held, at the Interstate Com
merce commission that this is a mat
ter of Wages and cannot be dis
turbed at least for the next six
Complete poster of I.W. W.ln
U. S. Is Found On Man In Jail
Chicago, March 2. Papers said
to contain the dames and addresses
of virtually every member of the I.
W W. organization in the United
States were in oossession of Maclay
Hovne. state's attorney, today. City
4 detectives last night took the lists
I from a man who gave the name of
I Alex Gavlin.
American Royal Princess
b .s ,;rft.Sfc I
First photograph to reach this
country of Prince Christopher of
Greece and Princess Anastasia, for
merly Mrs. William B. Leeds of
Soldiers' Aid Hearing
Breaks Up in Near Row
(Continued From Flnt Fag..)
wanted to appear before the commit
tee and that the hearings would
likely continue for a month unless
something was done to expedite
A considerable number of wounded
and disabled veterans were present.
aome or these were members of or
ganizations which are rivals of the
American Legion. Publications of
these organizations were circulated
in the committee room in which
charges were made that the Amer
ican Legion was controlled by
wealthy men who served as officers
and that the organization was not
sincerely in -favor of bonus legisla
tion. . The other societies, claiming
to represent private soldiers and
sailors are supporting a bonus bill.
u Olier Against Bonus.
Mr. Miller, soeakinz for the
American Leeion. was Questioned
by Representative Kitchin aout the
failure ot the organization to go on
record at its Minneapolis conven
tion for bonus legislation. Mr.
Miller, who is a former member of
congress . from Delaware, admitted
that differences on this score had
arisen in the convention, but that
subsequently the executive council
of the legion had gone on record for
specihe bonus. -
Four alternative orooosition fnr
the benefit of ex-service men were
laid before the committee hv Mr.
D'Olier, who said that the American
Legion did not want a "bonus" but
rather some action to assist the war
veteran in overcoming disadvantage
incidental to his service. These
were: -
Land settlement covering farjns in
all states' and not confined to a few
Home aid to encourage purchase
of homes in either country or city.
Vocational training for all ex
service persons desiring it.
Adjustment of compensation of
final adjustment of extra back pay
on length of service for those not
desiring to avail themselves of any
of the other three.
Mr. Miller said the bonus basis
which the executiv5? council of the
legion had in mind was $50 a month
for the number of months the ap
plicant served.
League of Nations
Formally Joined by
Five More Countries
Washington, March 2. Texts of
the formal notification by five neu
tral nations, including three Latin
American states-, to the league of
nations, have been received , in
Washington. -
The Argentine republic, through
M. T. D'Alvear, minister resident in
Paris, wrote to Sir Eric Drummond,
secretary general of the league of
nations, that he had received in
structions from his government "to
adhere unreservedly to the league of
The Paraguayan minister in Lon-
hdon, Cecilio Baez, wrote that nis
government "unreservedly accepts
the covenant of the league of na
tions" and "binds itself to send its
delegates to the first assembly."
,The minister of Chile in London
declared "the Republic of Chile
makes no other reservation ' than
that of pronouncing in due course
upon such Jimendments or modifica
tions of the covenant as may be
made by the states which have not
ratified it up to the present." It is
understood thST the purpose of this
was to develop the position of the
United States.
Persia "adheres unreservedly" in
a note signed by Firouz, the Persian
rmnister of foreign anairs. Ihe
Spanish ambassador in London re
ports that Spain joined the league
"without reserve."
Fess Proposes Probe
Of "Hard Boiled" Order
Washington, March 22. Chair
man ess ot the house education
committee said that unless the fed
eral board of vocational education
ordered an investigation to deter
mine the responsibility for an order
to employes of the board to "be
hard boiled" in considering the ap
plications of disabled service men
for re-education, his committee
would make an inquiry. Decision b
the committee was deferred
ing action by the board.
Appointment of an ex-service man
as a member of the board to look
after the interests of the veterans
of the world war" was urged before
the committee bv H . H. Raeorer.
representing the America. Legion.
New York, since their recent mar
riage. Before the wedding Mrs,
Leeds was received into the Greek
Catholic church.
Show to Be Stormed
By U. S. Troops Today
(Continued From Tint PI.)
itself was an interesting musical
program, given in observation of
Musical night at the show. During
the entire" day orchestral numbers
ranging from popular jazz tunes
to grand opera and classical pieces
were played by the three orchestras,
which were augmented for the occa
sion. Elks' Quartet Sings.
In the evening the Elks' quartet
sang in different parts of the show,
making a tremendous hit wherever
theyi appeared, and awakening an
irresistible demand for encores. The
orchestra program was divided into
three parts, the first being equally
divided between popular and classic
numbers, and the last two for the
greater part classical.
The early pace established in
sales was maintained yesterday,
dealers reported. They are inclined
to credit the weather for a portion
of the big demand this year as the
warm wind, bright skies and perfect
roads fairly scream for attention, as
one of them put it. Additional
dealers and agents from Nebraska,
Iowa, Kansas and South Dakota
points are expected today and dar
ing the rest of the weelct
Students Hurt in Rush.
Austin, Tex., March 2. All but
one of the eight students of the
University of Texas taken to a hos
pital after a class - fight downtown
last night, had been discharged to
day. The one remaining was re
ported not seriously injured.
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Canadian Tells the
Commissioners of
Town Planning
Thomas Adams of Ottawa, head
of the department of town housing
and planning of the Dominion of
Canada addressing the city council
yesterday, stated that one of the
largest problems of many cities is
to overcome the economic waste of
supporting an area which would
house a population seveVal times
that of the present.
He referred to Omaha as a case
in point, asserting that this city is
spread out over an area of iJY
square miles, with 40 per cent of
that area vacant.
"Omaha is running a municipal
plant on an area which would ac
commodate 500,000 population," he
said. "The remedy for these condi
tions is the zoning plan of city de
velopment." Mr. Adams stressed the point
that one of the main problems in
building an industrial center is prop
er. transportation facilities. He em
phasized good housing conditions
for workmen, a Question which a
few years ago, he said, was regarded
merely as a sentimental rather than
as a practical question. Public
health and recreation he also stated
were important matters for consider
ation by those who are entrusted
with the administrations of the af
fairs of a city.
Aerial Mail Service,
N. Y. to Chicago, Saves
u.o.qiuu,uuua iear
New York, March 2. Aerial mail
sertice "is not costing the public
one cent, but saving the people
more than $00,00 a year," Assist
ant Postmaster General Praeger
informed members of the Rotary
club at their "aviation" dinner here.
"It costs considerable less than
$400,000 a year," he said, "to oper
ate a 1,500-pound mail capacity air
plane one .round trip daily between
New York and Chicago, and by the
establishment of such a schedule
the Postoffic department has been
able to discontinue nearly $500,000
worth of railroad distributing space
and clerical hire."
Introduction within a short time
of a 10-hour airplane service be
tween New York and San Fran
cisco at an altitude of 20,000 feet
was predicted by Glenn L. Martin
of Cleveland, another speaker. This
altitude, he cxplaihedwould insure
a shunshing trip, as aUstorm strata
are at low altitudes.
Calls Investigation of
"Anti-Saloonists" Comical
Albany, N. Y., March 2. William
H. Anderson, state superintendent
of the Anti-Saloon laague, declares
that "there are so many comical
aspects of the proposed "investiga
tion" of the Anti-Saloon league's
activities, as authorized in a resolu
tion adopted by tne assembly last
night, that it is hard to take it
"The Anti-Saloon league has
violated no law and I have been
ready for legislative investigation
for 20 years," he said.
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Union Pacific. Takes Steps
To Relieve Car Shortage
Immediate action will be taken to
relieve the freight car shortage of
the Union Pacific railroad, especial
ly in the northwest, where lumber
shipments are much delayed, F. W.
Robinson, freight traffic manager,
nounced yesterday.
With a sufficient number of
freight cars at its disposal, the
Union Pacific will be able to do
much to relieve the shortage of
K W -
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f J9UT contents"
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C. R. Gray, president of the Un
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line had only 7 or 8 per cent of its
own freight cars on its lines.
Celebrated Actor Dies. .
Taris, March 2. l.ouis Karon,
celebrated actor, is dead. He was
born in 15 'J and made his debut at
the Varieties in 18o5.
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Four Children and Aged
Couple Bi ;ncd to Death
Ouilu'c. March 2. Six persons
four children and couple, were
burnrd to death w! m fire destroyed
the house of Gat Jios Dupont, a
farmer near the vill .ge of St. Fereol,
in Mont Morenoi .i-imty. Mrs. Du
pont was rescued. s four of her
hildren and her fa &er and mother.
Mr. and Mrs. Pierr Trcmblay, per
islied. Dipont an; two older sons,
were in tne wood when the fin
( fiY3i
l 3
(5) s lh a
- m