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Eat and West Meet. There
To Scheme Is "Clear"
. ing House of Bol
Berlin, March 1. (Copyright
By Chicago Tribune-Omaha Bee
lust Wire.) While all the woeld
recognizes there is a connection be
tween bolshevism in Russia, upris
ings in Turkey, rebellion in Egype,
disturbances in Persia, trie outbreak
in Afghanistan, and troubles in Sy
ria, the revolutionary movement di
recting the actual net of interlock-
Fatness Kills
31,000 Yearly
Ti Is fatal to health and personality.
It is. satimatsd that orer 81,000 persons
ksvs died each year in the past decade
tang before their allotted span of life,
through the effects of exceasivs fatness.
AsKOTerstout man or woman is carrying
tmMelthy adiposity that is pressing
(Blast and injuring Tital srgana of the
tody. The heart, that delicate human)
apparatus, becomes congested. - In numer
ous eases there are dangerous gatherings
of packed in fat around the throat,
tomach, lirer and other delicate parts.
Through oreratoutness the afflicted per-
' son while apparently welt is liabls to
aerrousness, neurasthenia, physical or
mental collapse and other disorders, for
besity is irritating. Cases of heart
jatiurt, apoplexy, sunstroke, etc., are frs-
' sjosnt causes of prematura death. Fat
S arsons are particularly victims of acci
aats and are more liable than healthy.
Slender persons to death from influenza,
pneumonia and other severe ailments.
If jwt are men tout you should know It ta truly
ssed ma
seeaaae :
wmMm 01 biow .uicia. iot you to aui yourself a
many years becora natural old ace, limply
i you an not emancipate younten rrom tno
At nnhBlth H 11.1 c'l 1 1 fa, UamMiW
aOcMoy should be Improved by becoming
tor; also your appearance should btcoma
r end mere oltfactitu. Then Is a d.ltght
' auceeasful method of wehrht reduction known
as konln yatem. It conilita of some simple
amnions mm tn use or ou or aorain. Tnia
laitlwij Is so pleasant because It contains no
thireid or other such draatlo iniredients, no
atrsnuous exercises, no starvation ; Indeed, you
Ssay eat all you need. The koreln system is
maranteed: it is perfectly harmless: recommended
by physicians. A reliable self-treatment.
I By reducing now-you may expert greater
contentment, happiness, increased mental
and physical efficiency, better health and
longer life. Be fair to yourself and
these who are dear to you I Surprise
. everybody with 'your renewed vigor, vi
vacity and surpassingly superior person
ality. Get oil of korein (the easy koreirt
system) is in each pkge.) at the drug store
without delay; or if more convenient,
send 11.00 cash, stamps or money order
te Korcin Co., NM-e9, Station S, New
jloris, W. J.
Of Utmost Importance
Pure, emulsified cod-liver oiT
is Hot medicine as many are
prone to think of medicine.
il a form of growth-nourishment
u of utmost importance to
I any children. That most
ildren relish and thrive on
.feoff' is a "truism"
Accepted the world over.
Gr Scott's to the children
lijttl watch them grow strong!
. Scott & Bownc, Bloomfield. JJ.
IBotb Men and Women
Suffer with backache, pain In kid'
ney and bladder regions, headache,
vjertigo, rheumatic pains, dizsy ,feel
incs and sometimes fail to, recog
nise where the trouble lies. Con
tteeted Tfldneys cause a lot of dls
tress and should never be neglect-
M. congested kidneys are more
dfcngerous than constipated bowels.
SmMw - a
right away if you would be well
land free from distress, after urlna
tifn, such as burning, gcalding, pain,
and other agonies. Balmwort Kidney
Tablets reduce inflammation, restore
normal secretion, and there is no
medicine better
Sold by all druggists.
Thousands Have Discovered
: Dr. Edwards' Olive Tablets
i Are a Harmless Substitute
Dr. Edwards' Olive Tablets are the
Molt of Dr. Edwards' determination
tnt to treat Ever and bowel complaints
rh calomel. For 17 years he used
are tablets (a vegetable compound
Jmi with' olive ou) in his private
XKtioe with great success.'
- They do all the good that calomel
be but have no bad after effects. No
-Oa, no griping, no injury to the
-as or Sanger from acid foods yet
T stimulate the liver and bowels.
.a Dr. Edwards' Olive Tablets
I "an yoa feel "logy" and "heavy. "
tow they dear clouded hrain and
ptp the spirits. 10c and 25c a, box.
This mrKterfu. boQawiaf be
nest -. -
rai -ipv-:.v;v.
ing conspiraciesextept for occa
sioral revelations, remains a com
plete mystery.
But civilized nations are beginning
to aisttect that Berlin is becoming a
great clearing house for fomenters
of these disorders, which are pro
longing the war long beyond the
signing of the supposed world peace.
Berlin Spina the Web. . '
Berlin now is the meeting place
for east and west Here the 'radi
cals of both hemispheres can meet,
scheme and plot And -one of the
most insistent weaver of this net
of conspiracies is the crafty Turk.
Turkey's leaders in the great war
- jsa mt.
with money, secretive and cautious.
Occasionally propaganda is issued,
but what the Turks really ire do
..... - , . . r .
in is a mvstery to Occidentals.
Only a Turk can penetrate the se
crets. The author of the following
article is a Moslem, former citizen
of the United States, whose news
paper work in Washington later was
published in the newspapers of Com
stantinople. He is under sentence of
death, pronounced In a milifary
court under the presidency of Essalfl
Pasha. ' '
By "Mohammed Bey."
Since the armistice. - the Turks
residing in Germany include the foM
lowing tngn ouiciais:
"Tala Pasha, grand vizier, Enver
Pasha, war minister and commander-in-chief;
Dej,ma Pasha, minister
of the navy; Azmi DJmal Bev, gov
ernor of Trebizond; Dr. Nashm
Bey, president of the notorious
committee of union and progress;
Beydri Bey, governor of Constanti
nople, and Azmi Bey, chief of po
lice of Constantinople.
' Close to Lenin.
From Berlin they keep in con
tact with the whole Orient When
other means are lacking, couriers
keep communications open to India,
Egypt, Persia and Afghanistan, but
there always is direct communica
tion with Turkey, Anatolia and the
Of course, they also are in con
stant touch with the soviet govern
ment of Russia, which is an ex
tremely simple matter" from Berlin.
But so excellent are the connec
tions that not only are they able,
to exchange information with all
thf?se points, but to transmit funds
and even arms and ammunition.
Prolong World Flames.
To demonstrate the important
Swiss conectipns it is only neces
sary to remind readers of the mys
terious source of funds for the
Egyptian national committee, which
operates in Switzerland.
The purpose of a late conference
undoubtedly was to prolong the dis
turbances of the world peace and
to create discord among members of
the entente, the latter design ap
parently beginning to harvest suc
cess. Whether these men will be able
to prol6ng the world flames in
definitely is uncertain, but the sooner
the menace of their activity is under
stood the sooner the chance of world
Mrs. C. L. Hempel Named
Head of Woman s Club;
Oppose Sunday Dances
The Omaha Woman's club held its
annual 'election Monday afternoon
in the Y..W. C. A. auditorium. The
following officers were elected for
the club year of 1920-21: Mrs. C.
T. Hempel, president Mrs, Harriet
MacMurphy, first vice, president;
Miss Katherine Worley, second vice
president; Mrs. John W. Gill, cor-
responding secretary; Mrs. W. H.
natterotn, lecoraing secretary; Mrs. i
Tames Graddock, treasurer,
The first three named officers
were re-elected by unanimous vote.
On an informal ballot, Mrs. Hem-
pel received 103 of the -105 votes
i.Ci)mmittce chairmen elected are:
Auditing, Mrs. E.,K.itattfieTd; con
stitution, MT.UrJ.-Bailey; cour
tesies, Mrs. John O. Yeiser; house
and. home, Mrs. , Burt Fowler; li
brary committee to serve for two
years, Mrs. A L. Fernald and Dr.
Adda Ralston: membership commit
tee to serve lot! three years, Mes
dames W. A. Baldwin, R.' E. Crane,
F. W. Smylie, C. H. Long and R.
L. Frantz.
A resolution drawn by the Doug
las countv W. C T. U. and receiving
the endorsement of the Omaha Wo-,
man's club will be presented to the
mayor and city commissioners of
Umaha lucsday morning at vmu,
protesting against Sunday dances a3
conducted in the city. v ; ,
Former Inmate of Asylum
Asks Divorce Be Set Aside
Alleging that Christian Nielsen se
cured a divorce from Lena Nielsen
in May, 1917,' by fraud, suit was
filed in district court' yesterday in the
name of Mrs. Nielsen to have the
divorce set aside. Mrs. Nielsen has
been an inmate of the Iowa Hospi
tal, for the Insane at Calrinda, la.,
it is stated. If is alleged that Mr.
Nielsen made an affidavit that he
did not know his wife's whereabouts
when he secured the divorce, though
it is alleged he knew that she was
in the insane hospital.
Expect Report on Tangle In '
Christian Science Church
Boston, March 1. The way to an
early filing of the report of the mas
ter who heard testimony in the liti
gation involving several groups
prominent in the government and
administration , of the Christian
Science church wasleared today.
Judge Crosby, in the supreme court,
denied a motion that the master be
directed to reopen the case for fur
her evidence.
To Get Strong and
Put on Flesh
People who hate tried it sar that one
of the quickest sad surest vara in which
thoaa whe are weak, thin, nervous and
run dewa an grew strong end put en
pounds of 'solid stay-there flesh.-is to
take a s-graia tablet or Bloos-lron .Phos
phate with each meal. Ttoia is doubtless
due to the well known fact that Blood
Iron fhoaphata quickly builds up de
pleted nerrous energy and at the came
time supplies the 'iron necessary to make
rich, red strength building blood. If yon
are weak, thin, nervous, or are lacking
in the old-time vigor, endurance sad op
timism, go to Sherman a) lteConnell Drug
Co., or any other good druggiat and get
enough Blood-Iron Phosphate to last three
weeke and take as directed. If at the end
of three weeks yea don't fed one hundred
per cent better and aren't in every way
satisfied yoa esa have year money hack
for the ask lag. fair, isa'i HI Bette tor
are nere n uermany. i ney .re -.Wjted guests gathering tor the reg
i ve at all tunes, nlentifullv suoohed ..." i.i j? ,
Giairman Neil of Relief Fund
Says City Will Go "Over
Tob" As in Past,
One of the lamest meetings i the
history of the Add Selling league
was held last night at the Fontenelko",
OHWW BS 1411 Va. V.U 11 V 11 lk-1 OL. slIIU ill- nctftiv umiicr. j
Ular weekly flmner.
Don Preiitiss of the Packard Auto
mobile Co., pf Detroit, who arrived
in Omaha this week to be present
during the automobile show, talked
on "Automobile Merchandising" ex
plaining the difficulties connected
with the building up ofMhe automo
bile industry. y i . '". ;
"No field"in the automobile busi
ness is overcrowded today," said Mr.
Prentiss, "and there is a market for
every good car made, regardless of
the price." .
Mr. Prentiss is a -graduate of the
Princeton university and one of 'the
foremost automobile men of the day.
Charles T. Neil, vice president or
the United States Grain Corooration
and chairman of the Armenian relief
committee, spoke on the Armenian
question and relief fund,' explaining
that the quota allotted Omaha is $60,
000, every cent of which will go to
the starving children of Armenia.
"We are going to make the drive
a success in Omaha, and the city
will go over the top' with, this as it
has in every other drive conducted
here,'( said Mr- Neil.
Song selections were given by
members of the Add Selling league,
in which the entire membershio
joined at times.
After the meeting members of the
league and their guests went in a
body to the auto show as the guests
of J. S. Elfred of the Hansen-Tyler
Auto company. They inspected the
exhibits and serenaded the automo
bile men and other visitors with
popular songs wherever they
stopped. G. P. Swanson led the
singing !,.
Suffrage. Convention Delayed.
The Nebraska State Suffrage as
sociation.which was to have met in
Omaha during the first week of
April, has postponed its meetingun
t il the last week of May, Mrs. Mabel
Walker, convention secretary of the
Chamber of Commerce, announced
yesterday. , ,
TWi$m&7$ox, FIIMLAND
EVERYTHING in Omaha this
week seems to have the, "right
of way." Auto visitors are
given the "right of wav."Vver citv
folks, while the autos on the streets
are given preference to the "right
of way"; the management of the
Sun theater have Bert Lytell in
"The Right of Way" as their stellar
attraction this week. In "The Right
of Wtty," claimed by many to be
Sir Gilbert Parker's greatest story
it is the one that won for the Can
adian novelist his knighthood s
there is presented a story of un
usual, power.' Revolving as the ac
tion does' about the dashing, cyn
ical character of "Beauty" Steele,
(Bert Lytell), the brilliant young
lawyer of Montreal, is presented in
the story a vividness of dramatic
incident, a swiftness and constantly
unexpected change in the course of
the lives of those involved, the tests
of the love of two women all with
the picturesque and at times primi
tive background of the North
Woods, whither fate and the results
of Steele s personality bring him.
Strand "Double Speed," the photo-production
offering at the Strand,
is chock full of breezy comedy and
surprises. Wallace Reid, starring in
the picture, has the role of "Speed
Carr on his way to the West coast
from New York, whence is robbed
of his catand his funds, arriving at
his destination resembling a "knight
of the road." Wanda Hawley, who
is extremely esfsy to locjk at, is the
girl, and those fine character men,
Theodore Roberts and Tully Mar
shall, are in the cast.
Rialto The heroic sacrifice of an
American youth in permitting him
self to drown rather tharr to risk
the lives of his fellow, members of
a submarine , crew forms one of the
most unusual and dramatic incidents
in "The Greatest, Question," a D.
W. Griffith film. production offered
at the Rialto theater. The produc
ing genius of filmland has conceived
a logical story. He explains clearly
to an audience why a mother's faith
in the hereafter is shaking. Through
the life-like development of his plot,
IF you have kept your emotions in
V cold- storage, have looked upon
Jife with that blase view charac
teristic of the know-it-all dweller
ofJ the cities to whom the doings of
his. neighbors are naught, don't you
think it about time tb take a lesson
in primitive emotions from the view
point 6f people who live in the for
esfc whose thoughts and doings re-f
fleet their innermost ' ideals, chief
among which afje love and the pur
suit of happiness? If you want to at
tend a class of, this kind then go to
the Brandeis Theater tonight, see
"Tiger Rose" and you will see 'un
folded life in its big moments, strip
ped of; the veneer of society in ex
quisite settings and "beautiful en
vironments that David Belasco en
compasses them with. The engage
ment is a brief one, closing with a
matinee and evening performance to
morrow. , .
"A Daughter of the Sun," which
the Brandeis on Thursday, is a sttry
or a Hawaiian tsutterlly, written by
Lorin Howard and Ralph T. Ketter
ing, and unden the management of
the , Mutual Play company. The
scenic investiture of the play is a
massive one and the cast is larger
tnan many musical shows.
It is a show especially well calcu
lated "to entertain out-of-town visi
tors that the Orpheum is offering for
Automobile Week. The bill is headed
by the musical and dancing ..revue,
"Flashes," and act elaborately staffed
and presented by a full score of peo
ple. Heading the cast is the noted
protean actor. Doc Baker. Instru
mental music and songs as well as
i j r i - , . . i
caycri uuung are couiDinea in rne
smart divertisement presented by
.jpmaha School Nurse
' Honored by National
. Association for Work
-Charlotte Townsend, supervisor of
medical inspection in the public
schools, has been honored with the
chairmanship of 'the department of
school nursinsrCt the American As
sociation of Nurses.
This recognition of her ability' in
school health work carries with it
the responsibility of preparing the
program for the school nursing sec
tional meeting at the annual conven
tion of the national association at
Atlanta,' Ga., during the last of April
She will also preside at the school
nursing sessions at the Atlanta con-
Miss Townsend has charge df a
staff of 18 school nurses who in
spect more than 30,000 iwahe Omaha
Npublic schools.. She has made this
wui k a siuujf.
The Board of Education last night
at its regular meeting took cogni
zance of the honor wliich has been
conferred upon Miss Townsend.
Omaha Laundries
Make Price Boost
- Effective March 1
It willcost more to keep clean in
the future.
Omaha laundries yesterday an
nounced an advance in price. to S
cents for men's collars instead of
4and 18 cents for'plain shirts, as
compared with IS cents , before.
Women's short waists range from 33
cents up; lace- curtains, 25 cents
each; cotton blankits, 25 cents for
singles and 50 cents for doubles.
Woolen blankets are $1 each.
Rough dry prices are 12 cents,
formerly 10 cents, and flat work 9
cents, formerly 8 cents a r)ound.
New lists for individual articles are
being made up by several laundries.
Fort Omaha Balloon Pilots -Land
in Tree in Kansas City
Six officers who left Fort Omaha
in a balloon at 3 a. m. Sunday in
a flight to qualify as pilots, finished
their trip at 10 a. m. by shinning
down a tall tree in the heart of
Kansas City, Mo. i
Their gas bag, after traveling 150
miles southward, .startled Kansas
City churchgoers by settling sudden
ly into the top of a tree in the
downtown section. None of the six
passengers were injured in landing.
Neighborhood Houses
GR."1 16th an Blnney BII.UE
BBRKK in "SADIE DOVE," and a
Mack Sennett comedy entitled "A
HAMILTON 40th and Hamilton
DIAiMOXI)-24th and Lake WILLIAM
and "THE LION MAN," episode
number one.
he enables. the audience, to see de
otroyed a father's confidence in i
.great guiding hand that rewards the
good and punishes the evil. Then.
with his master stroke, he brings
inc conclusion of his remarkable
drama before the audience with i
gratifying though amazing revefo
Mooi Distinct noveltv character
izes Lew Cody's photo-production,
i ne tfeloved Cheater, which is of
fered 'for the amusement of movie
fans attending the Moon theater
this we.ek. All of the time-honored
customs of the stage and screen are
shattered, for here, instead of the
dark lady with the sinuous . form
proving an unconquerable attraction"
to ail the mali members ot the cast,
wei have a man who is unable to
prevent pnlpitations of the various
feminine hearts. In "The Beloved
Cheater" there fs a most beauteous
maid with very kissable lips who has
been converted to these radical
ideas. And she becomes engaged,
And the man. foolishly promises
never to kiss her.
Muse "Poor Relations," the of
fenng for the last times today at
the Muse theater, is a delightful
mingling of pathos, love and humor,
which contrasts the sham culture of
the so-called aristocracy With the
"common" class. There is a lot of
nomeiy numor, too, in rne picturje;
and quaint philosophy that Tings
true. I he only problems involved
are the simple heart .problems of
sincere natures, contrasted with the
specious pleasures of the idle rich,
and these are resolved in a happy
ending. i
Ernest Evans and girls. The gifted
players, Noel Travers and Irene
Douglas are appearing to advantage
in the one, act 'play, "Morning
Glory." Last evening the big society
night audience was delighted with
the show.
The gasoline comedian, Frank
Hunger, is causing a furorte at every
performance of "The Anto Girls'
at the Gayetv "garage" this week.
Never before during auto show week
nas that tneater ottered as satis
factory a model of this attraction as
now. Daily at 2:15 and 8:15.
Charles Dillingham will present
Julia Sanderson and Joseph Caw
thorn in "The Canary" at the Bran
deis theater for five nights, starting
next Sunday, iyarch 7. -
Used for 70 Years
Thru its use Grandmother's
youthful appearance has'
remained until youth has
become but a memory.
1 he sett, refined, pearly
white appearance It
renders leaves the joy
d . ..-.I :.t
for nil
(? (!) Q I
Dealer. Will Meet With' De
partraent Heads at Annual
Goodfellowship Session.
The annual banauet of the Ne
bra ska Buick Automobile company
wiil be held tomorrow night at the
Hotbl Fontenelle, when department
heads, sales forcefrom Omaha, Lin
coln and Sipux City, and 500 dealeVs
from Nebraska, Iowa and South Da
kota meet Tor their yearly goodfel
lowship session.
Lea. Huff, manager of the Omaha
branch ot the company, will act as
toastmaster. Mr. Huff returned to
the city from California, where hel
spent the winter, for the purpos ofl
attending this banquet.
Plan Big Expansion.
Flans iot the expansion of the
Buick business will- be explained by
H. E. Sidles, president of the com
pany, who has just returned trom a
conference at Flint, Mich., where
the factory is located. According to
information he received from M. R.
Bassett, president of the Buick com
pany, the daily output is soon to bo
increased to 50 cars.. During 1920
approximately $10,000,000 will be
spent, Mr. Sidles was told, on en
larging the plant at Flint and build
ing a factory-in St. Louis.
Lincoln Men Come.
The new construction and equip
ment at the "Present factory is ex
pected to cost $7,500,000, and will
increase the capacity of the factory
to 550 cars a day. The work is al
ready well under way. The St. Louis
establishment will assemble chas
siscs shipoed there and equip them
with bodies built in that. city.
Amonar those who will attend the
banquet will be Charles Stuart, Lin
coln, secretary and treasurer; C. L.
Carper, manager of supply, depart
ment; E. H. Cunningham, man
ager of the &pare parts department;
Robert uerspacher, sales manager;
G . Maclntyre, assistant sales man
ager; A. L. Beghtol, house manager,
and t Edwin Irwin, manager ot tne
claim department.
Newspapers Herald Return
Of Asquith to Commons
London, March 1. The return of
former Premier. Asquith to active
service in Parliament today as the
result of his recent election to rep
resent the Paisley constituency, at
tracted considerable attention from
both the press and the public. The
Times this morning predicted a
"tremendous reception" for the lib
eral leader. - J
St Am Am Emm
2203 Farnam St. Omaha, Neb.
Colorado Passenger ; Leaves
Wife and Children. In Coach
at Creston and Deliberate
ly Attempts Suicide.
Creston, la., March 1. (Special
Telegram.) As Burlington train
No. 6 was pulling out' of this city
this morning, a man, who later gave
his name as Pete Fisher of Colorado,
alighted from the train and was
seen "to crawl under the second
coach from the last, lie calmly down
between the rails and await the com
ing of the coaches trucks.
The first trucks passed over him
without apparently injuring himT
Immediately the onlookers called
that the train be stopped, but in
Before any one could reach him,
the second trucks of the car were
upon him and he was seen to ap
parently deliberately put out his
right foot in front of the wheels and
to throw his head upon the other
rail in front of the oncoming wheels.
The brakebeam, however, struck
his chest and pulled his head from
the rail, but failed to throw his foot
from the other rail. It was severed
just below the ankle. He was drag
ged for a considerable distance be
fore the train could be stopped.
Examination at the hospital to
which he was immediately rushed
discloses that he may have sustained
a fractureof the skull besides the
severed limb. Little hope is held
for his recovery.
He has made no statement, al
though he has been conscious sev
eral times. His wife and three small
children, who were on the train with
him with tickets for Chicago, are be
ing cared for here. They can throw
no light on his action.
Two Boys Held for Swiping 7
Cigarets From Cigar Shop
Ray Daugherty, 820 South,Twen-ty-second
street, and Charles Stray
er, 814 South Twenty-tihrd street,
11 and 12 years old respectively, are
in the hands of juvenile officers
charged with burglary. Policeman
Rogers arrested them Sunday short
ly after a cigar store at Twenty
fourth and Leavenworth streets, was
robbed of cigarets rnd candy. Young
Daugherty is said to have admitted
to the police that he has the habit
of smoking. .
I cannot make him stoo. Mr.
Daugherty, father of the boy. Ibid
juvenile officers, v f
A Powerful Gar
Meeting every demand of the road
STEEL masters who for years have built the rolling stock of
the leading railroads of the world have produced in the
Standard Eight a car of supreme power. -
So perfect it is in engineering balance arid construction that
it meets every demand without the penalties which superiority
in power has heretofore exacted. v
- Absolute reliability and perfect flexibility combine to give
full driving pleasure. .
Complete balance throughout the Standard Eight's con
struction offers faultless riding ease.,. v
Naturally every appointment for comfort is -supplied in.
good taste. Its refinement of line immediately places it in the
mind of the casual observer. , 1
The Standard Eight is built and tested in the hills of Penn
sylvania by the Standard Steel Car Company of Pittsburgh, Pa.
See the new:models at the show
Weiricn Made Administrator
' Of Andrew Seaman Estate
T H. Weirich, superintendent of
the Omaha Welfare board, was ap
pointed administrator of the estate
of ndrew J. Seaman, aged eccen
tric, who died at St. -Catherine's
hospital last Friday night.
The appointment was 'made by
County Tudgc Crawford on petition
of D. W. Merrow, an attorney who
knew : something of Mr. Seaman's
I " I, .v
v - - "
. 1 " '
i -
will not be at the Show
V because our models
reached he r e too late
to arrange for space. . :
Better see them at
our Show Room
' Something New ,
s - , - ' ... '
Standard Motor Car Go.
2020 Farnam St. . . Omaha, Neb.
Mr. Merrow and Mr. Weirich
went to Wahoo, Neb"yesterdsy
with the body of Mr. Seaman, which '
will be buried there beside that ot
lys brother-iy-lw, Albert Wolf. '
Reds in Stavropol.
London, March 1. After stubborn
Tighting, the- bolsheviki on Sunday
occupied the town of Stavropol, cap
ital of the government of Stavropol
in the northern Cau:usus, accordinf
to bolsheviki communication re
ceived here. - . .
. A..'C