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Representatives, of Central
Union and Various Improve-
ment Clubs Demand
. ; y Prompt Action.
1 "
Representatives of th,e Omaha
Centra! Labor union and of various
improvement clubs appeared yester
day before theity council commit
tee of the whcle to urge that the city
t commissioners take early action
' which will result in the city ac
quiring the gas plant at the ap
praised valuation of $4,500,000, ob
taininsr a lower fieure if oossible
kut accepting the appraised valua
tion in any event.
The discussion followed the an
nouncement of Chairman Ure of the
committee of the whole, stating that
there was pending an ordinance,
igned by himself and Commission
ers Zimman, Ringer and ToWl, rec
ommending that the condemnation
proceedings be abandoned and the
appraisal be rejected. This ordi
nance has been referred over for an-
other week to give R. B. Howell,
general manager of the Metropolitan
Water plant, an opportunity to be
Iicard in joint conterence of the
city council and the water board.
Hold Price Not Excessive.
George Kleffner, speaking for the
law committee of the Central Labor
Union, said: "If the city council
should take any action other than
that of accepting the appraisal, it
may result in civing the gas com
pany a franchise. We hold that
none can question the honesty of
Judges Day, Good and Allen, who
comprised the court of condemna
.tion in the nas-case,
"There is no reason for delay in
accepting the appraisal and we are
asking that you take immediate
steps toward taking over the gas
plant. The Central Labor union
hplds that the price of$4,500,000 is
not excessive.
Mr. Kleffner added that the peo-
, pie want gas that contains sumcient
heat units for cooking and heatiiig
purposes, and he contended that the
gas now. being furnished does not
contain adequate heat value.
V Confidence in Howell.
M. O. Cunningham, representing
the Clifton Hill Improvement club,
- asserted that he had full confidence
in the- ability of R. B. Howell to
make a success of the gas plant
when its management is turned over
to the Water board. Mr. Cunning
ham added that he is not a municipal
ownership advocate himself, but he
is irrevocably against the installa
tion of another plant by the city."
"It was the sense of the South
west Improvement club," said P. O.
Jennings, "that we should not do
anything that would hamper the city
council in the acquirement oftthe
gas plant. We' don't want any ac
tion, taken that might in any way
be construed by the courts as the
granting of a franchise to the gas
company. We don't want any more
perpetual franchises saddled upon
the city." '
L. Bi Lasbury, chairman of a com
mittee from the Southwest Improve
ment club, stated that his organiza
tion favors the purchase of the gas
" Improvement Clubs Represented.
A. C. Smead, for the Central La
bor union, stated that he had confi
dence that the city council will not
pay any more than necessary for the
gas plant.
VWe believe that $4,500,000 is not
, an excessive price and we are op
posed to any action by the city coun
cil which may be construed by the
' courts as a recognition of the gas
company," Mr. Smead said.
L. ,'WGuye and.F. W. Fitch also
poke in, behalf 'of..' improvement
clu:s.. ,
Forty-five Candidates File
For, Nomination at Primary
Twenty-eight republicans and 17
democrats have filed in the office
of . Election Commissioner Moor
head as t candidates for nomination
at the April primaries. The first fil
ings for members of the county cen
tral committee of the various par
ties wfrre made yesterday when John
L.' Sexton, democrat, superintendent
of the County Detention home, filed.
Antonio Rizzutto, 1007 South Twenty-second
street, also filed.
Ralph E. Roach, 2321 Davenport
street, filed as candidate for the
democratic nomination for county
commissioner; II. E. Cochran, re
publican, 1031 South Thirty-sixth
. street, for public defender; Henry
S. Payne, 117. South Twenty-fifth
avenue, for . the republican nomina
tion for police judge.
These added their names as can
didates for state senator: J. W.
Burns, democrat, 5422 South Twen-ty-tltird
street, and A. C Smead,
democrat, 3005 Dewey avenue. The
following filed iorf state representa
tive: O. II. Parson, republican, Val
ley; F. L. Behm, democrat, 217
North Twenty-eighth avenue? M.
Courtney, democrat, 2006 Bancroft
street C. H. Knag, Florence, filed
for road overseer in Union precinct
Cosgrove Pinched Again;
This Time Pays $25 Fine
James Cosgrove, machinist, sales
man, auto racer, tarmer and fisher
man, according to the police blot
ter at Central police station, was
arrested for the 28h time Saturday
night in Omaha. Charges against
him were speeding, carrying . con
cealed weapons and investigation.
Policeman Cain arrested Cosgrove.
"You're framing on me," Cain's
victim charged, but he paid a fine qf
$25 for speeding. Cosgrove gave his
address as 2873 Binney street
When arrested, Cosgrove is said
to have had a .45 revolver on him.
Ha told police he kept the gun in
I is automobile "for protection" from
audits. "
Community Night at Third
Presbyterian Church Friday
RevA F. Ernst will speak at the
regular monthly Community night
at the .Third Presbyterian church,
.Twentieth and Leavenworth streets,
next. -Friday evening at 8. The
Brotherhood Male : quaret, church
choir and' irVs. Raymond J. . Rutt
thwI furnish the mus v.
Deals Aggregating Total of
$60,000,000 Take Place
On First of Month. .
Nebraska farm land deals aggre
gating a total of about $66,000,000
were consummated yesterday, ac
cording to estimates of Omaha
bankers, who also estimate that a
cash turnover of $15,000,000 in loans
on farm land by Omaha banking in
stitutions occurred today in settle
ment of March 1 payments.
' The volume of this turnover Is
greater than ever before in the his
tory of the state, due to the large
number of deals negotiated and
much higher prices' which prevailed
on Nebraska land, according to M.
D. Cameron, vice president of the
Peters Trust company.
The cash turnover of the Peters
Trust company alqne was approxi
mately $3,000,000, Mr. Cameron
said. This company quit taking
farm land loans for March 1 set
tlements about February 10, accord
ing to Mr. Cameron.
Financial Strength Sumcient
"It is my belief that there is suf
ficient financial strength in the coun
try to stand this March 1 turnover
in spite of the great increase in the
volume of deals," he declared.
The estimate of $15,000,000 as, the
turnover by Omaha banking institu
tions, which- is generally accepted as
correct, represents only the loans
based on about 40 per cent of the
valuation of the land and indicates
that the value of Nebraska lands
changing hands at this time is about
$40,000,000, according to Fred W.
Thomas, vice president of the First
National bank.
"As these loans do not include
land transfers where the entire con
sideration was cash or where the
loan was handled by an individual
or by a country banking institution
it is sate to assume that the value of
the entire amount of Jand changing
hands todav would be not less than
$60,000,000," Mr. Thomas said.
Banks in Good Condition. .'
"The amount of loans would have
been greater had many eastern in
surance i companies not stopped
making loans, due to tight 'money
conditions in the east caused bjr un
satisfactory foreign f conditions.
Omaha banking institutions are in
excellent condition, and will not be
affected by the turnover." ,
Commenting on the situation
Arthur Thomas of the Chamber of
Commerce bureau of publicity de
clared that investigations during the
past week showed that there had
been no falling on in sales, and that
there was no apprehension of any
handicap to business because of
heavy land financing today.
"Bankers feel that the spring deals
will be taken care of with little dis
turbance to business and that when
the money market loses some of its
tightness following the closing of
deals that business will quicken and
many more sales will be recorded in
all lines, especially real estate and
braiding supplies," said Mr. Thomas.
Suspect Arrested In
Hiding In Coal Bin
Of Drug Store Cellar
Policeman Marchand arrested Ed
Falconer, 21 years old. 2304 Grace
street, on a charge of breaking and
entering at 4 yesterday morning
shortly after four unidentified men
in a tourinz car had soed away from
the Minne Lusa pharmacy, 6716
North Thirtieth street Falconer was
found hiding in a coal bin in the
basement of the store, the policeman
Five shots fired by the policeman
at the escaping car failed to cause
the driver to stop. Falconer re
fuses to talk concerning his arrest.
Entrance to the Minne Lusa phar
macy was gained by breaking open
a basement window. foliceman
Marchand, noticing a touring car
standing in front of the place, inves
tigated; The car sped away and he
fired at it. Falconer had no weapon
on him when the officer found him.
Nothing is missing from the store.
Amateur Racer, at Nightly
Exercises, Runs Into Law
Bart Kane, amateur foot racer,
602 South Thirty-sixth street, fol
lowed a fleeting course south on
Thirty-sixth street 'past Woolworth
avenue Sunday night as his nigtly
exercise stunt. Policeman Rogers
faithfully patrolihg his beat caught
sight of the Marathon runner. The
officer wondered an instant, then
gave chase. '
Probably a burglar, highwayman,
pussyfoot prowler or highjacker was
operating on the policeman's beat,
Rogers thought.
With threats of the policeman to
shoot, Kane -stopped. He de
manded the right of the bluecoat
to question him concerning his ex
ercise as a sprinter.
"Eggsplain dat to the captain,"
Rogers retorted. Kane was taken
to Central pylice station and booked
for investigation. Several hours
later he was released on bond.
Many Autoists Delinquent
In Wheel Tax Payments
W. J. Hunter, city clerk, reported
that during . February 3,500 motor
vehicle owners and operators paid
1920 wheel tax. 'He states that 15,
000 are amenable to the wheel tax
law. , ,
"We -will begin about March 10
to round up the delinquents," Mr.
Hunter said.
Owners or operators of all mo
tor vehicles, whether used for
private or commercial purposes, are
required to pay wheel tax. The law
also covers horse-drawn vehicles.
Noted Philosopher Speaks
In Omaha Church Next Week
Pr. Samuel McChord Crothers of
Cambridge, Mass., America author
and genial philosopher, will speak
on the "Perils of the Literate" at the
First Unitarian church, Wednesday
evening, March 10, at 8. He is now
enroute to fill a number of lecture
engagements in Colorado.
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