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One of the Questions for
School Children in Au
dubon Prize Essay
The second group of questions to
be studied by Omaha school chil
dren, preparatory to the Nebraska
Audubon society essay contest, com
prise 20 interrogations concerning
nature study in the vicinity of
All school children who signify
their intention of entering the con
test, in which many valuable prizes
are offered from kodaks to hiking
boots, automatically become Jun
'.or Audubons with the payment of a
fee of 10 cents. i
The date and rules of the contest
will be announced in the near future
The questions which follow are a
section of a list of 200, prepared by
leaders of the Nebraska Audubon so
ciety, which prospective contestants
should study. The second group fol
lows: , Tlow Many Winter TUrd?
1. Hnw many nnd whnt speclrs ot
birds may he seen nbout Omaha in the
winter Limp?
I. Which of the! birds visit us only In
th winter?
5. Which ones are to he seen at all
seasons of th year?
4. Group th birds shove mentioned
Into three rlasm'St seed cater. Insect eater
and bird of prey.
6. Would our winter seed-eatlnr birds
be benffieial or harmful, nnd why?
t. Whi n do rhn first spring birds be
gin to srrlve In Nebraska on their Journey
northward ?
7. Name five of these and tell when
they rome.
5. When Is the height of the migration
9. What are the names of the last ar
rivals? 10. About how many species could one
, ftnd In one day In early summer after
' the migration is over?
11. Km five kinds of birds that live
all the year In or near Omaha.
The Underbrush lilrds.
11 Which of these birds build their
nests In trees and which in underbrush or
on the irround?
1.1. Name three kinds of birds arriving
In March.
14. In what month does the wren leave
us for the south?
15. What is the purpose of the Fon
tnnelle Forest 11,'serve association?
16. What Is the benefit of parks, open
spaces or woods In or near a city?
17. Tell one ii.tim:iio experience you
havo hud with a wild bird.
18.. Ni'me two species of birds that
chunge froiu, summer to winter plumage.
19. It a friend told you he had seen
a dowry woodpecker hopping about his
lawn, in spring, digging for worms, why
would you know that he was mistaken?
n. Name three ways of attracting
birds to your homo grounds.
Says He Took Position Tem
porarily and Work Now
Well Under Way.
Robert W. DcVoe of Lincoln,
who was selected as chairman of the
State Republican committee last
summer, has tendered to Myron L.
Learned, vice chairman of the com
mittee, his resignation to take effect
In resigning as chairman, Mr. De
Voe said:
"I have tendered my resignation
as chairman of the Republican
State Central committee ' At the
time I accepted, on account of the
press of business, I stated publicly
that I would accept the position
temporarily. Not only has our busi
ness constantly increased from that
time, but we have recently taken on
, new work which will require my
absence from the state a consider
able portion of the time between
now and the fall election, which
makes my continuance as , chair
man of the committee impracticable.
"The preliminary work which the
committee had in mind at the time
of my election, and which I under
took, is sufficiently well under way
to warrant my withdrawal at this
time. In view of these facts, and
that the temporary nature of my
incumbency as chairman was and is
well understood by the committee
and the party leaders, I feel entirely
justified in tendering, my resignation.
"I propose to continue to serve
the interests of the party in such
capacities as our business will per-mit."
Bee Want Ads Produce Results.
Harley G. Moorhead
And H. B. Thayer Named
Telephone Directors
Stockholder! of the Nebraska
Telephone company at their, annual
meeting yesterday elected Hairley G.
Moorhead, election commissioner,
as director to succeed L. H. Kbrty,
and chose H, B. Thayer of New
York, president of the American
Telephone and Telegraph company,
to nil the vacancy on the board re
sulting from the recent death of
Nathan. C, Kingsbury.
Mr. Korty, who is retiring because
of ill health, is a pioneer of tele
phone operations in Nebraska, hav
ing been associated with C. E. Yost
and others in the organization of
the Nebraska Telephone company
in 1S83. He had been a company
director for more than 30 years.
The following company officers
were re-elected yesterday for 1920:
Board chairman, C. E. Yost; presi
dent, W. B. T. Belt; vice president,
Guy H. Pratt; vice president and
general manager, A. A. Lowman.
Church Enjoins Grading
Work In Dodge Street
Alleging that the grading of
Dodge street is endangering the sta
bility of St. Mary Magdalene church.
Nineteenth and Dodge streets, the
church yesterday filed suit in district
court against the city of Omaha
asking an injunction to stop the ex
cavation until the edifice can be un
derpinned. The suit is accompanied by an af
fidavit from John Latenser, jr.,
architect, stating that the work of
excavating is endangering the edifice
and ntay cause it to collapse, unless
the underpinning work is done be
fore the excavation proceeds far
ther. One Man Fined After Police
Roundup of Alleged Vagrants
John Medana, Mexican, 117 North
Eleventh street, was the only one
of 27 persons fined in Central po
lice court yesterday when they were
arraigned for vagrancy. Medana
was fined $50 and costs when he
failed to explain where he obtained
40 yards of silk goods found on him
when arrested by police in a raid
on his home.
Several of 'the prisoners assigned
the "flu" as their reason for not
working. Detectives found them
loitering about pool halls and cheap
lodging houses, they testified.
You'll be offered
a genuine treat on
Our entire stock of
odd and discontin
ued patterns in
at less than
today's fac
tory prices.
See Them
-in Our
Brown Mahogany, Walnut and
Oak, in Period and other de
signs. One, two, three and four of
a kind over 200 Chairs at
less than cost.
See Our Complete
Dining Room
Tables and Buffets to match
all the chairs.
Value-Giving Prices.
wuwu mat umiu
The Packard
One of America
Finest Pianos"
A little Baby Grand
Packard in a beauti
ful Brown Mahogany
Case in a . little cor
ner of your home
wouldn't that be
ideal? ' '
15th and Harney . D. 1973
Ma) We ShoHf
You One?
Perfume-Laden Zephyrs Are
Planned for Stock Yards
Perfume-laden zephyrs wafted
lazily from islands set like jewels in
topaz tropic seas will have nothing
on Omaha's circumnambient ozone
if City Commissioner Towl is able
to put in effect his plans for purify
ing and perfuming the city's
Like sweet breezes off clover
fields in full bloom will become the
air currents from South Omaha
packing plants, he declares, if he
succeeds in inducing packing house
owners to install certain devices,
whose exact nature he does not yet
venture to disclose.
When he has accomplished what
he has set out to do, the South Side
and other sections may no longer
seem like home to residents ac
customed to. long years of odorifer
ous inhalations, but the stranger
within the gates will appreciate the
improvement and marvel at the
miracle of a city without smells, he
Not only packing house odors will
be suppressed but the gases that
oft-times rise from sewer niaueholes
to assail the nostrils of the passer
by and take the joy out of a prome
nade of city streets are likewise
doomed to extinction it is claimed.
Not a lair that houses a noxious
smell, it is planned, will be left to
taint the sweet purity of the "Odor
less City."
Commissioner Towl expects to ac
complish this through methods of air
neutralization and purification given
high recommendation by a Chicago
expert whom he consulted when he
was appointed a member of a com
mittee to get relief for South Omaha
residents dissatisfied with stock
yard odors.
Just now, Commissioner Towl
says, he is negotiating with pack
ing house managers to' mure
unanimous consent for a trial .of the
idea. Details of the plan will be
revcale in due time, he says,
What Do You Know
On Stingy People?
Who is the stingiest person you
ever knew? What is the stingiest
thing he or she ever did?
Write your own experience very
briefly and mail it to the "Stingy
Letter" Editor, The Bee. He will
pay you $1 if the story is printed.
jfl I I I I I ll'li 1. 1 I It'll I III I II I III I ill l i.;liillllllllMMIIIlllllllllllllHlf
: . Call at Office of :
: DAN B. BUTLER, 508 City Hall
InliiliU 'iMi:;ili;liii:iliiliiliiliiil'iiiMiiiiiiliiliiliiliiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii!iiiiiliiliilillllli!llllitluliili
1 "Gold Ware" at 69c
XTTt, r , ... r .t , - - - n - -- .. . a . ,. :-,--r.-a-a-- ."Kjj.iraaa.'... . . ." ii.u.1. ,. i; ,,.;. rJT jj a :::w-.rarM ,. M. - , am .4- v. u 1 ... "in1 1 1 - ' " - mi
51 S Decisis From the Gift Shon I mmmmammmmmmmmmmimmmmmmmmmammmmmmmmmmmmmmmmimmmmmmmmammmmmmmmm HI
H Friday we are making a special offer on
all of our "Gold Ware" at great price re
H ductions. The lot includes brooches, pins,
tie pins, beauty pins, lingerie clasps, brace
Ill lets, hat pins and collar pin sets. . They are
p all put up in fancy silk-lined boxes. They
jH are regular 1.00 values, special,, for Fri
H day and Saturday, at 6J)
i (We are exclusive agents in Omaha for
HI Gold Ware Jewelry.)
jj Pearl Handled Tableware, 88c
H This is very attractive table ware in neat
HI patterns. It has Sterling silver ferrules, and
H is the 20-year plate. There are many useful
fH articles including:
Our 3-Day Sale of
Women's Knit Underwear
At y3 to y2 below regular prices
continues for Friday and Saturday.
Third Floor East.
Clearance of Women's Ready-to-Wear
Sugar shell
Jelly knives
Cheese scoups
Pie knives
Vegetable server
Cold meat forks
Gravy ladles
Tomato server
Butter knives
Your choice, for Friday and Saturday
g at 88
s Brandeis Stores Basement Gift Shop.
H Including Specials for Spring Sewing
j American Maid 0. X. T. and Silkene crochet cot-
ion; sngnuy soiled, to close out,, at per
H ball
Tape, three-yard bolts, at, per bolt
Stocking; feet, all sizes, two pairs, for
Hasting- thread, large spools per spool
Fast colored darning: cotton, two for
Inside skirt belting, per yard
Skeleton waists, all sizes, each, at
Good safety pins, 7 cards at
Unst-proof Dress clasps, 7 cards for
llust-proof hooks and eyes, 7 cards for
Wood and wire coat hangers, each
Faper shopping bags, each
Angorina yarn, 3 halls for
Shoe laces, all sizes, per pair
Knitting cotton, 3 balls for
Crochet hooks, all sizes, each, at
Knitting needles, all sizes, per pair
Brandeis Stores Basement.
llSsfl iij
" ' fti
Practical Coats
We have grouped, In this lot, about 200 women's and misses' Winter
coats, In a large variety of styles and colors. They are not all this
season's styles, but every one is a good practical garment that will give
real service. All sizes In the lot. Worth from 7.50 to 12.50, special for
this sale,
Serviceable Suits
In these days of high prices you will find It impossible to buy the ma
terial In these garments at this low price. There are 250 suits in good
style3, a variety of colors, a full line of regular sizes and a number in
extra sizes, 43 to 51. All will give good wear, and are worth 10.00 to
15,. 00. Your choice.
Seasonable Dresses
More than 700 dresses in the lot of serge, Panama cloth, Satin,
Radium and crepe de chine and all in this s'eason'3 models. Dark colors
predominate Navy, Black, Brown and Green in sizes 16 to 42. Every
one is a good, practical dress worth from 7.50 to 12.50 each but offered
for final clearance.
Brandeis Stores Basement Arcade
From 7.50
: $15.00
Women's and Misses'
Dresses at 2.89
The materials are serge, vel
vetine, satin radium, checkered
goods and mixtures. Not all
of the dresses are this sea
son's styles, but are odds and
ends grouped . for this sale.
Suitable for street and house
wear; come in small sizes.
Worth from 4.00 to 10.00, 2.89
Girls' and Child
ren's Coats at 2.29
Of good material, and
excellent styles for win
ter wear. Sizes are 2
to 6 and 6 to 16 years.
Wortk. 4.00 to 6.00,
special, at 2.29
Brandeis Stores-
Novelty Dress Skirts
at 2.29
For women and misses; both
plain and fancy. There are hun
dreds of them in the lot, in
serges, fancy mixtures, plaids
and novelty materials. Good
styles, but mostly small sizes.
Regular 4.00 and 5.00 values,
special, at 2.29
Basement Arcade
No CO.D.'s
No Approvals
No Exchanges
Bungalow Aprons,
Very Special
at 1.49 (
For women; of good-grade
percale and In neat patterns.
There are both light and dark
colors, in good styles with
pockets and belts, actually
worth 2.25 and 2.50. Very
special, at 1.49
m Exceptional Values In Long Length Remnants of
1 White Goods and Domestics
PERCALE, 86 inches wide, mill remnants, me
dium and light colors, at, yard
KIMONO FLANNEL, mill remnants, fancy
printed styles, per yard, at
BLEACHED MUSLIN and Cambric, 36
inches wide, mill remnants, special at
36 inches wide, mill remnants, at, per yard LiOQ
mill remnants; fancy and plain colors,
splendid quality, OC'
WHITE MADRAS mill remnnnts;
and 32 inches wide, good
quality, at, per yard
whitr TiisnnK nml llne-prip ninth. exceptional values, at. per yard DtC at, per yard
36 inches wide, mill rem- OI- FIXp 7KPHTR r.rvr.wiv. in ..o f m 36 CURTAIN VOILE; Mill
nants, at, per yard ZOC JE ZLPHIR GEMSHAM remnants; fancy printed reversible
WHITE DDIIT1ES.AN1) FLAXONS, tocotoiS. It' il W Srt tol borders; hemstitched; exceptional
27 inches wide, mill remnants, York and Everett makes, all grouped, at values' " . 39c
checks and stripes, oC one nrirp Fridav r f Der yal
at, per yard Z5C a" per yard DOC CURTAIN MARQUISETTE; n.ill rem-
ASSORTED WHITE GOODS, 4,000 lcSftnTFn BFM4TS Iiwli.dinir linimr nants; 36 inches wide; in white, ecru,
yards; including lawns, India linon, ASSORTED REMN AN 1 S Including lining and Arabian ghades; for bedroom and
suitings, voiles, batiste and novelty wills, fancy art ticking, pongee, fancy printed kitchen curtain; special, OKr
skirtings; on large bargain batiste, plain colored voiles and lawns, and per yard, at tJ
square, Friday, in. fancy printed silkoline 10,000 yards in all. We CHAMBRAT; the. genuine Imperial
at, per yard ltfC &re ln ma materia, to two w lotfJ for kind; pill remnants In p.ain and
DRESS VOILES, .ill remnants, tnls grea? retnnant sale. Friday as follows: S X t 39C
fancy printed; 38 and 40 inches vide; Tnt t , ,., inn tn -?np ' p - y
lengths suitable for waists and lGVoC ZEPHIR DRESS GINGHAM; mill
dresses. Regular 1.00 to 1.50 quali- ai, per yara , w remnantS; both plain and fancy; 32
ties, special, at, a Lot 2, values from 30c to 45c, OQl inches wide; all standard AQ
per yard OtC at, per yard 4dy2C quality; at per yard tOi
WHITE LAWN AND ORGANDIE, 40 inches wide; mill remnants; WHITE PIQUE, 27 Inches wide; In assorted qualities; desir-
fine for waists, dresses and aprons, OQ able for children's dresses; useful mill lengths; Qk
-rw I Per yard
Brandeis Stores Basement. ' '
1,500 Pairs of Women's Rubbers
1.25 and 1.50 Quality at
We have just made a great purchase of
1,500 pairs of women's rubbers, which we
are going to sell Friday at a great price re
duction. They are all perfect first-class
rubbers from the American and Beacon
Rubber Companies. They tome In shanes
10 fit any kind of heel or toe, In both the
storm and low fronts. Widths are S. M. and
P. Sizes 2 to 8, special in this sale only,
at, per pair 49
Women's Shoes at 1.45
Odds and ends in sizes 2lz to 5 ;
in gun metal and black kid; high
and low heels.
Offered for
Friday, at, per
pair 1.45
cial, at, per pair
1.49 m
at, per yard
With rubber in the side, or with one or two
straps, or plain black kid slippers without any
strap. Some have low rubber heels and others
have slightly higher heels as illustrated. All
have hand turned or machine sewed flexible
soles; sizes 3 to 8 the regular 3.00 and 3.50
values, special for Friday, at, per pair 2.45
Brandeis Stores Basement Easf.
Specials From the Hardware Section
Garbage Pails
Of heavy galvan
ized iron; tight-fitting
cover; bail to
carry it by. 5-gallon
size, i-q
priced at
Wash Boilers
A high grade 1-C
tin boiler, number
8 size, with a
heavy copper bot
tom. Regular 3.00
Number 2 size; made
of heavy galvanized
iron, with drop side
handles. Regular 1.39
values,' Q
special, at J) A u
White Borax
Cudahy's best white
soap, 10 bars to a
customer j special, 10
tars, a
for ,
No C. O. D.V. Mall Orrirra
or Telephone Calls
Of pure aluminum;
plain pattern; high
ly finished; 8-cup
size ; regular 2.49
values, dl qo
special, at V 1 ,;70
A dandy parlor broom, of
fine high-grade broom corn;
four rows of. stitching, and a
highly painted handle. Regu
lar 1.00 values, 7Q
special, at
Brandeis Stores Basement West.
Uhderwear for Spring
Union Suits
For, women; sleeve
less; lace knee; cot
ton. Sizes 36 to 44.
Special, at
per suit
Gauze Vests
For women; cotton
ribbed; sleeveless. Sizes
are 36 to 41. Special,
at, per
New Spring Wall Paper
Invites Your Inspection
We are ln a position to offer to you the latest
and best wall papers at prices which are extremely
low. And if you desire we will arrange for hang
ing the paper and render you such service that
you will get the very best results at the lowest
possible cost to you. Now is the time to have your
Spring repapering done. A few special values fol
riain 30-inch oatmeal
papers, with cut out
' borders to match,
at, per -i Ag
roll X
30-inch blends and
grass cloth effects,
all new and appro
priate for the down
stairs rooms, special,
Brandeis Store's-
Tapers suitable for any
room in the house,
Sold with borders to
match, at,
per roll
Friday Specials in the Drapery Dep't.
Filet 'and Marquisette Curtains
500 .-airs of curtains in 2 yard lengths for
living and dining room wear. In attractive and
new designs; they are worth 3.00 per pair, but
while the small lot lasts, we offer (BO (f
them Friday, at, per-pair JS.Vl
i Curtain Scrim
We have 2,000-yards of this sc-im, in mill lengths
1 of from 2 to 10 yards. Kegular 15c values. Spe-
For women; .highly
fleeced; tuck stitch; ,
very good quality; ally
sizes. Special, OQ
for Friday, at OVJ
Brandeis Stores
Union Suits
For children; cotton
fleeced. These ire odds
and ends, which we are
offering Friday to
clean up the lot QQ
at, per suit 05C
Pure Thread
Silk Hose
For women; seamed
back; double . jles and
lisle garter tops; in
black, brown and navy.
Seconds of 1.00 quality.
Special for Fri- Off
day, pair, CtuC
Basement Center.
Basement Linen Specials
Sample Pieces.
Of huck towel ends and damask. These little
odds and ends can be put to a great many uses ln
your kitchen, thereby saving your better 4
linen. Special, for Friday, at 5 and 1 OC
Linen Crash
The semi-bleached, soft-finished linen,
toweling. Very absorbent OKt
Per yard, at OC
The full bleached linen finish kind; wearing
quality unexcelled; 58 inches wide; an assortment
of pretty patterns.
Per yard, at
Hemstitched Scarfs
Of striped huck; very fine quality; hemstitched
ends; size 18x50 inches. Special C.Q
values, each, at 1 DtC
Brandeis Stores Basement Center.
Men's Furnishings Specially Priced
Overalls and Jacket $2.00
Union made; of fast blue or striped material;
full cut: double sewed. Sizes 32 to 42. Very
Bedroom Papers, new
and attractive; borders
to match; at per roll,
1 lcand 14c
Basement West.
cial, for Friday,
at pe.- yard
50 dozen Win
i dow Shades
j Mill seconds; 36
inches wide and 6 feet
long; complete with
, Hxtures. Regular 79c
'.values gQc
each, at w
Brandeis Stores-
. Curtain
Odds and ends, worth
on the bolt fron. 39c to
59c per yard, special,
at. per Ogc
card "''
Basement South.
specially priced, for Friday, at
Men's Hose, 18c
In Black, Tan, Gray,
Blue, Palm Beach and
White. The sizes are
!)i2 to liya. These are
exceptional values,
worth' 3oc, offered for
Friday, at, per
"air ' 18
Shirts and Drawers
Per Garment, 79c
For men ; fleece lined
and Derby ribbed.
Shirts are sizes 34 to
42, drawers from 30 to
42. Very speci?J, Fri
day, at per Rar
ment 79
Men's and Young
Men's Trousers
In neat striped pat
terns of durable wor
steds. Strongly tai'.ored
nnd extra well made.
Sizes 30 to 42 waist.
Offered very, specially,
for Friday,
Brandeis Stores Basement North.
Children's Shoes at 1.49 g
Black kid, in both ..button and f
lace; hand-turned rand machine HI
sewed -soles in both spring and j '
wedge heels ; patent and plain tips.
Regular 2.00 and 2.25 values, spe-
iff -