Omaha daily bee. (Omaha [Neb.]) 187?-1922, February 06, 1920, Image 4

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    Tnr r.:: : omah.v run a v. fki;ui:ai:v 1 :
'iifrif i
la m .
Civil Administrative C ode Law
I I onilei as I mnoniiea at
Will Be Given Federal Hear- Uotlum" Meeting,
ing in Connection With Dis- (, ,..,,., M;.K;, ,1ein i( ., ,, J
appearance ol Liquor hid .. in: : .m? c ,dc h. fv
In Council Bluffs. iLtrnhXr j
I Miif (lui iiik! the i it year ami dc-
M ! , i.,,-,i i!...! tin. i,ii,-nv,- ;
Testimony Relates to Money
Expended or Received.
Showing Over $200,000
Handled in Campaign.
,1 I,
i'.lttff po'ic
,, to the t
'urlliT invest
vith thr 1 ' i o f t
alcohol r.vlv
-erviee men ;
.tivrn t!u- i .v
'ia 1 cf .ill-.,;?.'
-rv e. al i: m i
was p,is,;,1(i
''a if. i- trans-,
I -lull and
mi M ,! : 1 1 ; !'.
. Ml:!'- of Wo, '
tie !',. . ;('' i
out 1 5 'i.i: i r' -
ti:: ', .,
at' els ',i - '
n l y .1- s, ,, el
' .1,1,! , -I! . "15 V
he i .! - de
broke i : t the t'
-to'e the !., -t lurta
s.d! !i,r' '
,ir,- tied !,!,
liltfl " art.
it v.n, r ,i t.,
' it'KC ij.itit:- .-i
,.,! ."Id lV 1'
'ecn'.h ;i.'mii' d's
ml, il !
rrrd !
Cl.ii a'.t HO! 11 'f s'.Ml I" O ItH'CClloM
, i 1 5 rels ol' tfr,i:l
i" I .. T 1 1 in r secret
illi'Hr .1 !" '".as
' ..! s n lift! thr i .u -I
!,- aha a-.. I that
it ; n s - lie t' ;e . ar vv 11 :'c
lllf pro
T ' Itviltjr. Ill a:
:: 'ouiu-i!
tram wa
rn tic v
south a--
and .-. ,';.,!
'ors i i
4 I. f i;r ai:MT t.
I'urtMiy tin' cost of
!.!rt hrtoip tt.etr.
naska Clothiers' as
,1 Rapids. Mi,-::. Teh.
. funned thr main topic
Kmanuol leinlieim of,
Sioux City Delivers Ad
dress on "Ideal?. i
!!.! I i.t.MKt.-! i.t'Ciiu of
Sum x I it v , (Iflu ct fd t'.ir torn j
mencemci,t address .it tin- Central
lliKh s. I-.omI an, lit, ii nun l.i-t niK:"
when e.vci -rises uoif belli lor irad
u.ues (it ('n.t' a in! South 1ii:h i
Witnesses Tell Senate Com
mittee of Further Depre
dations of Mexicans in
Big Ben District.
uhic at thr Hotel Kontoitelle
;. eteniay attn roon.
"The country is t.,n ::, the tlliil-t
,i a ,-r i, I s(iein!ir,K." lie said.
"Many ut 'is luvc l-ecn ptotiteets.
ivii .HiM-u.ii.Iy, ietl'.iis I - n t nevc'--f'leu-s,
e have taken lamer protit
liian were alls, duteiy tie.eary a!
tilius. I'fuiile siiMnld u-e in, l.c;
tiM'ht Ml spend:! i;. I. t,,r cite, would
I li a rew su-t u:::l tti old one
u a s -, m nilet , ly m ,ir n nut."
1 lie el'-tlneis i lieen-i! this tate-
: t 1,-iii'iv.
in ,i, , ...i,- !. u-
ti'f ewhcrrv )!.e':,'ii ei.ustur.i.-y
fia! toda. Hrgimr'tij?- with the tes
tini inv of M'.au K. Moore, n c
fen-l.-M't n'lii ple.ii'.ed "no c,i''test,
ait 'I '. .liiiij riniit '.to to .idionn'-
iiin: t
;te t!- aitertv
t ie tctt-
nionv i-i-lnti'd t.i i.'oi e oxpetvicil o-re.-'Med.
ilepo-Med and civ-eked
.UM'it ir'1 t'1 f'K1' ' Pr ",P"V'' l.iinas. Suj.. r:r
! vaults ju Petifut nr hntulrd out in I i n,, ....
I i, . r... i.'.a. ; i
Ideal," v,;is tin- tin me on ' '- ' ' 1 --; ' 1 " - "
l,V,. i Metes cusioins inspectors, i
The Rev. Atthisr pastor j tanRers ami en man t!lt!t ot tn
T Ut tM-.M:! 1'aik Methndi-t 1 pis- i I'.u; Hend district t"ld the senate
-,,pal chittcl'. n.u c the tin oration, j sulicoininittee iuvestittaling the
Xrthiir it Wells niesenled the ot'ii- ! Mevicni situation rnn-Iitioii. aioi'i?
;ers of t'ei-.lral ll'vth s, ho,0 haitalioii that stretch of the
,,i,-i . ,..-i,f, .- ,!,-. W I- k, ,'d. tire- ' such that ;t must
v a s
ideut "f the lii'inl
pii-semcd th.
i the irat.d RapuK other from uh'c.t
i the western Michia.u, ca!iiateu na-id-rec'.ed.
j T!.i-tc itT.cia's from Detroit and
.'his cM' uere on the stand to
i a-lraic
PI Csl
I '.ducat ion
t;ie:r dip--f
li:,-'ie ;nh
K'o (,ra
in the end. he
hv .Nr.iericaus unless
;r.a'e protections is at
1 1 i in is ;i I,-1 oi ! a
,.ntr;.l MikIi
1,1 I'M St.
! I
' let!
:i t'm,
i u n t e
d I'
1! V. ,i-
, l
1 a:
i-l lie, p. a port
m riiiiit-i.t sitter
Veto'" .h''t slips,
t the t't.lst, r kev
, t'ef. d p...! t ..v'' :
Sit ll'-'M'ltlOU hv CC'
1 I.j- A:;.!
""nr., Hal-.MiT
M ' n K Ii.
' .rl IP... I'.
l--li-r e.ois..
''troi Uuth 'Va'.'Crr '
:er e'tt'aes
; e i ,
lilt U,-
oi hi
i 1
roiii $5 to ln
tare n irarmc; In t
I ntlirilissi, t'.ei M il
ore I'll",' ! !. ,
Il r ill1
Il rv iir 1 3
Painless Ii:nu:nl Plan j
There's a now kind of wash
:iay in every Laundry Qneen
homo. Less work ami much
bettor results. Simply put
the clothes in a "Laundry
Queen Kleetrie Washer."
turn the switch and lot the
machine do the work. It
ends your "hard wasli
day." It ends the back
breaking wringing by hand.
The Laundry Queen does
better work. Is not nearly
as hard on fine laces and
washes CLEAN.
siniph the r-t.ililishnient
ihii.el u hti h works ill
in,, -on r as the n resident'.
;ii- s.i' I. ".mh it phi,-, , the
lit' , : s:.. !,.!:i'tf the
it: 1 - . it prt ate l.n.ii .,;
in t ,ie manner t n.ii t lie i
ot stiiti -s is i uii. j
.,s this st;,t,. v,-,is fin he
i H '. e hi v went into of i ect . j
itld Ue no prn ate liusitn-ss, I
t ..oi'du't e;st "
The , , n.r -aid, that t . '.!!
ti ue ai'in , pr-,a p. ,t; . u - .iil.l he e
pcu,;.'-: er, n, Miina II'. i or lm ini- '
I'l'ivi-iin'ii; of road-, tin inir.. e-
j t'leiil ' ' I rural ed nr. 1 1 lona I ia cih ! lr - j
ami sjaj,. mst itui tis ar.,1 mi 1 lie
1 e o u 1 r 1 1 r i I o 1 1 ol the itm rapit-d
i liinhhur: I'oor rural -iliimls are the
i cause ol uuii'h d ' -c. Hi t ent men t
anion.; the i iriiiiu - population, he
I ''en, ' tn
la, t.
re !h-
there v
t erne staLte of the proceedini;
I Feiiera! Ind.'e Sessi,,n. interrupte,
i a readit'tr of louir h-ts of il.-posits .
j ami m. it ii. Ii"i v, it ri t ,u- reuiar
j ', it the ;t:t v "e. !.! "nt l'ossihl
!,-o-y -,11 il,,,., I',,., r- tn ti.rir l 'a
i he ids." aed nitii the C'".s,iit ,n ti. '"
il, fi i' -1- .itinriTi - In- ordm .1 the
account- "considered as read." ,..
The ni oseeution rechinird ! "uiipii! i l'i
(! M
I . ,1 1! ! tnu, r
y.a i ii .I--T c
.1 : K
it'l'll S-,1.'e1
i '.u 'lM... 'l in n- ,
! i!i-l U-i,!".-'
o- ;
--i n r.. M.-t
' I i.iie -- , ln- in., n
I .aw i:...t f
I l.l v). I Sl,,li,"li-I,y
. "il -tl-. ..".M-
w, : :, i:, w .
I'.-.. I !!
:ir iii th -
cii-e that ni. .re t!i. ti SJiio.noo had ; .v.-
heen handled in tin- . Mnpau;!!. This : K'ii'j
tt.t- coi-ipai-ed wiih ti.e ?,,r?' u Inch j
'mle Session- 1: ,, filled wa thr ! ,: I'll
limit "f r;iniMii' -tn iisev .ilho-.ed' j"',:V''
hv !.i w for the 1'MX setiatorial cam !
pii'.cn. I'he defen-o- has
it will eoinhat this point
round that tile statutes reter seoely
tn a candidate's per-o:t.-il c.intri'ot -lions
or expenditures.
1 A.
-. '!. 1-lt ')
i !! li.o.l 1-
s.iulll 1 1 IK ll s, h'Hil
Oll.i ':
in-". ..r-Mi-r".- It.
Hon- !-- 1 1 , .-. I Hl!,l-,ir,l
9' i , r ! :e t- 1! '. ks-n
,- I- -;.-li In ,,U i V
I 1, ,, !.. H-ir . , ZUnn:
!:iii I.-,,.,'l X'Lrnuril
!:. , s
I )el, ktates t, , he , h itiuer-'
, t'M'tion. ar..' tm ii w ives were eu'er
! tarn d at an elahora!,-' haiiipn 1 anil
;i,!e t 1 1 ie sli.m- in the main dmint;
! room oi i he I Intel I- oiipmeflc la-t i
I umht l, the Men'- Apparel t !uh
! X' j !,. under-' iav will he
j Founders' ' Dav Will Be
Observed Tuesday bv
Creiditon University j
on th' i Past Heads of Elks
Lodge to Initiate
Limit Cbs$ Tonight
1 l. - ua !::. t 1 1 1 ol th I'.lKs
iod-te is (,f triple iticancc tind
it I- epicted that the attendance,
especially of the oldef tnemhrr.-.
will he ho ee I'a-t exalt, d rulers ot
oiiserved ! t,e .H:Cc "ill .strtSc their annual
In 1 4 4 OO n ' ; : '.s'lV'"1 "a!rrsi!y. next I ue-- j initiattr.:,. the aim.ail roll call will
he read ai d hirthday exefii-es sill
he a l.-ature.
A limit chiss v Jil r,.:i.i d.,tes will
he initiated t. pa-t ex.dtcd ntlers
aetm at the toll,, whit; statiniis:
rhe-nias I',. Dys.itt. errand exalted
ruler: Dan I'. I'.inler. itrand es-
ashiin.:lot.. I'eii. .; Iei a itiy ' Andrew (. . Mttrpuy '.Mil deliver the t.-emed hadir.f knitth.t' Roluit V
his cliargcs of an enormous v .aste i i-:iion ' Patrick. raiHl esteemed ho ai
executive depart-' I "is i an .T..I.H-! on-etance M ; u,,, ,,t: ,thr C Wakcley. Kranl
novermucnt. , r.""ot t ie : nu-n oi two men ; ,.i;,.(.nl., j,.e!u; ir..n kntglit; -;rncst
lean. I'tah. i " hose hvr '.'. ill forever ie idmiti- (- ti..,r a ',,., ,-,.,.,r, i:f0r,,r
. I , .' , . , . . i . . .... I i.U .1. . - ... 1.11.1 . : . , . - -
toiu ine senate touav mat irom itnv! nun oo i -luhi nil a Shiehi-'. ttrand treasurer; I
1, l''io. to la-t July l.s. ,i0.1-t-l..iO' j nno er.-ity Mat lias tjUeu a leading , pratt
copies oi .sneeciies made hv cabinet I lace .iinori; the nation's 1 i -' on j N ,tf
otticials and other persons licre H"i'; ot n-arnuiii.
printed and distrihuti-d t!irout;h the i '" ' " .......
Visiting Civil Engineers
I'util a vear at.', thev aliened,
i'.c Mexicans who ero-sed the river
of raids mih! be reasoraldy cer
tain lh"v verc K'lir.R to he piu
, sited h'' Ametican cavalry, tint since
1 the:: (or no teasoti any witnes.
i.-i'iild pive. the attempted running
' do'V'l of the mvaih'is had ceased.
Latest Clash Described.
; T!ie latest rla-ii v. ith Meiean;
va described Ivy Setg. II. A. Kitu:
I of the ranger service, stationed at
! Maria. That on lanuarv J1.
1 u,, ' A Mesicnu appeare,'. in trout ot a
-tore a' Presidio, owned hv D. I.
"' : ' Ihildwin. and after an altercation
over the pur, hase ,,t tohacci i
f K''aK i demanded th.:! the storeket ier C 'tlle
out ami "he killed." The arrival
i ot two rangers mten', rred with h-.s
i plan, but a- they were lending him
'. ,i.v av a force of Mexicans crossed
the river and started in their pur
i suit. In the ruimint! ficbt that took tiie rangers lost their t-rivnifr.
' w lio teas afterward' located on th-'
( Mexe an shle of the river.
; f. I'. I'icner. formerly a raucl)
' ovyuer, said he had been forced to
' di -pose of his property heratisf of
: the repeated depredations, ranging
mhmary i attic st, antiK io
nv.'lvinti the killin? of etn-
(". D. Wood, formerly a
liHii'tacttii er ot .v ipme. i ex.,
similar testimony, annul; it
wa prettv dangerous mere wnimm
the s,,I,!iers"
Tell of Different Raids.
h th stol H's ot hot det
uo. an i!ice: in ti'c
( . i, i . ..rmv. V ebb te-tincd t''.,t
I'ano had been seen a! Ouu.ik.i. the
uorlhcin ttiilir.p. y head.p.i.u tc ot
the Mexican army, tvo weeks a, ,
w here h had g"nr to collet t l"s
pay a a scout b'ader. 'I heie also
is in possession (if the foiunnttce an American tcpoit to the ar
department, in whu-h it i- slated
thai t'a;'o now has ,i? me: nude: his
comma' n a scouts in tne sc vice ol
t',.! raua. I he official .vmy n ports
have named lni'.i as one implicated
in I lie capture of the mencau avia
tors, Lieutenants Pcter.scu and I hi
S. II. Xeill, now in the ranger
.service, 'nit who has been an ot
ticcr etiher in that .service or in the
rustoins frivire since IS.', gave !u
committee details ,.f the laid on the
linght ranch on I hi is tin a s nioruii:.:.
I'M 7. He was one of the two men
who stood of! the hand of 40 Mexi
cans. Fluctuation in Cost
Of Liberty Bonds Not
To Affect the Banks
.,sh.i'-,.;tO'!. Feb. 5. - National
liauks will be permitted to carry
Ihheitv hof'ds in their lists ot" assets
at the price al which they purrhisrd
;h, in, and not at the prevailing mar
ket (ji'.otat'.ir.s, under a ruling today
hv lohn Skelton Williams, comp
ir ier of tiu" curtet'.ey. Mr. 'il
hams explained, however, that the
ruiitiiT was "for the present" and
tmghi not be permanent.
Council Rules Against
Use of Patent Lathing
The city council sustained its
building department : a ruling
against the use of a patent lath
hoard hy V. r. ."skogman on a house
al .'iL'.i Hamilton stree'. building
iuspe;to'- ordered work di-c, m 1 ;n tied
on the building and Mr.
appealed from that action to the eOy
.'nuned. The citv building depart
ment t.'ilo-s the position that ptiteul
lath board without the use ot ordi
nary sheeting does not give suffi
cient strength to a house.
Dies at Age of 87.
( liiv er f t ampbcll. S eai - . d 1.
died at I .e-lrrd.av afternoon in hi-
Concerning Epidemics
In I . i Jrm ir (he uoriii fastens most ro. t 1 1 ! v
on fruitful soil a sstem ihat is. in mr
fotidil imi
Slejipau'C of food waste, and t'io roMii I
deca , ofiierale poisons liioli are aLsorlioil
ly the lilood, lowerino; its power of rei.-l-aiue
to withstand the altaek of outside
In plain lernis, conslipalion envoi trays I. en
demics. If you keep your intestinal parage iloar and
fiinetioning regularly lo gel rid of this wasto,
your sysfeni will be kepi in good cuiidit ion lo
.successfully cope w il h iliease genus lo which
you may be exposed.
Thai is what the Nujol Treat incut dues with
out straining, and without drawing on 1 1 1
vitality of other parts of the body, as do oilier
forms of 1 reatnienl .
In plain lernis, Nujol discern ruijr.t eaiixti palm,,
ami its (lanicrou coiiseijuruee--.
Keep vour body clean inside with the Snpd
Treatment. It is the best possible Sicklies ,
Prevent ion.
Nujol is sold hy nil druggists in hotlles hearing tl'.e NujolTradr Mark
lie v. an- of products ri presented to be "the .same as Nujnl. " V .e.i mav
sutler from .substitutes.
Address Nil i.d Laboratories, Standard (VI fx (Neve .lei -ev), 1 ih"aihv av.
New York, for valuable health hookh t, free, " Unrty l'eel of Danger."
Perfect After Dinner Comfort
' .nff-i -' i 1
30,144,362 Copies
Of Cabinet Speeches
Cost U. S. $442,000
I reigliton university, next Tue--I
day morning at 1". i:i St. John'-I
church. Tw ci" v -t,ft!t and ahl.-- '
im.i --.reels.
Miiiiorial exercises e, il! b- In !.! ;
in hoi. or ot f'.dvvar.l r reigiit. n and i
hoimt lohn A I 'i i-ghtoii. Arch-
bishop Hanv will pre-ide and Kev.
Andrew (.'. Murnir. will deliver the
ot print paper
nun's oi the ledera
Senator Suioot. leiei
home, 181' North Tweiiiv-umth , , ,.',
-Irect. IJi funeral will be held Sun-
it-.-ed avion customs, inspector ,i ,v ri,-t,.r, ,,,,, .it , .;.'., services in ,'.'
..t M mi..: (irov-er W ells, ntoimted t!;o r;,,ipr at l orest Lawn cemeterv., '
eiisiom- inspector at 1'i estdio. and I js' t la, j-. e -. -eptest friends to plea e '
K. M. U'adsvvorth. auotiier ru-toms , 0,.,;t fl,.,4Vcri,
in.-pector of that district, told of;
the dilTerent raids of which they had ! For Codi Gri or Infuen
personal knowledge. I heir t-sti- ft Prv.n,ativ,. k(. LAXATIVK,
tuoiiy rharged tlmt Unco I aim. hkomo Qitntnk Tableis. I.n.,k tor
w ho e I'.amc lias heen repeatedly K. W. (JROVK'S sinieiture on the box. .10c
e ? tiling i ' ..,!, 1:,f f:' t v. .;l.
t:il,:.... if oi i,:,.- . 1 1 -f i . ss tt till l.i.p
I'lol .S'l I V I. I O.l.XlO. S at li:il,, "I ll.-v
it. Mi.ei-'ii I1,- -ii iii . it am) I'-.nntieii h
11. ..ii ,.f t!i il '. - 'rn. r "rr--- tii',.
I . . a.. .1 -.': .-ii's Sotiiom , My
I Pri:.- r-,.
Bee Want Ads Mean In
creased Business for the
One Who Uses Them and
Opportunity for the One
Who Reads Them.
trvood, grand esipiirr:
Abbott, grand ch.ipiain:
Thomas, prattd inner
I mails at a total cost of S44J.DOO,
Senator Sinenl said this not onh
I was a waste of paper, but an "abuse
; of the public's money" and a
"wicked practice" that should be
! stopped iiuniediat'dy in view 0! tin
'serious print paper situation.
Four Community Centers
To Give Programs Tonight ;
Will Be Guests at Dinner
I lie Nehra-.ka Association of
Members of the Ann tirau Socii t;.
"t t ivi! F.i.'.'it eers wi'l (Jive a din
ner ,mglit at the Hotel Loyal for
visiting; engineers. Among the speak
ers will he l. W. 1 rum. testinj; eu
g:i cer of the State Highway
c-'mmissiou. The tollowmg state eu-
; Walter P.
; Roll call night w iii he oh-crved
by the annual custom of having
each member pr, scut write his
ue.t.te in a hook that is preserved
among the records of the lodge.
I be lodge was instituted e4 year
ago February 7 and special exer
cises will commemorate the found
ing of the local order.
TV. ,,....,,- ,,,11 I,., i ...
, ,.,'.,',- ,o ,., . ci.i' rti ,;i , -ii- -.r II-.,.
'our comnMinitv cei'ters lomlght and!"' , ' ' ' ,, ' , ' ,
, -mi'- . ,i o so;,. Kansas; Alexander drahani.
t ( anee vvi, tie toveii at tne .rnson ,. .' . . ....
I . . -i ' ssomi and t.eorg- p.. oun.son.
commumtv center. ,
... -,. , . , ...... m'ii-iai,
Stgnor loloineos sax.tphoiie gnis , , , . . i- n
I . ... , 1 linn attoiis kav, h, en -, t, t to . K.
' -,, ..- . i iitte. cuut en-jtueer ot the lovva'nftii t
l will present the tn ogram at Mon- . , , , , ,-. ;
, . ,1 , . i.i, 'Higlivv.iv ci tnmissinn. and ames I. ehu'ei
in on I 'i irk- een f e r V t :i L on i . . . . . . - . . '
,.-,,. i:,,.-," i!, I.', ,',; i, (i Uoiimrs, district engineer ol the . special teatim
I A. Tdtuson of the Omaha (.la.
Baptist Boy Scouts Will
Observe "Good Turn Sunday"'
Members of the three troops of
l.oy Scouts, which arc sponsnrr
iy ;' e Calvary Tlantist chun h. wili I
moruirg service at thai j
mday m iinnoru:, when
pecial teatnrcs ol the .service vvi II
jl mted Mates othee ot public roads ; )e under their direction. This will
I I) 1 Coei""! n will deserihp the new K .I,,,,- ,'., ,,-.., ..i,V. ,..i.l, .!,., Oe.,.
UAt 'Central Park, a wel!.l)..!ance-1 ! Nph.rask'' ,,r'artnlcnT of t"' Scout movemenf which has named
1 program will he presented, ami K.'',"rkv Pebruary S as '(.ood I urn Sunday
k' ii1-., , tr.'.-L- ..,'11 -.'! "i',,t,,- I bev. II. . hitconin wii spi'ak
.. K uiMtn k w.ll ta,s ,i l ed..- Q, . . Q u p0,.co ,, ,,. ,...., .... 4. '
i mg the lligi lost ot living n uiv-vi cjiiu vimuii iiv.iv, xti'ioc . ,(
ion.:,, forum d,scss,o ,11 be he'd I rw, CUir',n W "' A.i.onK'ts Boy Scouts, the ( a!-
Udll tiUC lit LICLII iU HllUO ' ai v i.tnuist cnurrn noa-ts a I'ltie.
312 South 18th St.
Phone Tyler Ten Eleven
A Slemnn Will Call.
on ilancmg in the pt'bnc schools.
The program at Lmeoh; roinmii I he Nebraska I1ow cr company re
ihty renter will he put on almo-t I ported that sleet and -now Wedi.e-
Trer patrol.
most auvanci
n;c!i rcnia sents tne n
stagp of srouting
owen s
Value-Giving Offer
One Solid CAR
Floor Covering
14 Choice
Patterns to
Sq. Yd.
See our advertisement in
this paper Friday.
Drapery Section
Is the "Bus? Spot" In this
store. Greatest value giving ev
ery day.
. ui mm: rma taWv
entirely by rhildren ot the di-trict.
Commissiottei l-'alcouer will talk on
the work of thr recreation depart
ment Selections by llaegeu's singing
orchestra, and piano and vocal num
bers by Mrs. ticorge Turt'er will
feature the program at F.dvvard
Roscwate' renter.
Church Board Urges Women
To Abandon Use of Tobacco
Washington. Feb, 5. Licrea-ed
Suit for $25,000 Against Beej!
(lav night ra.tseu cousnleraine dam
age a ii rt tucc livenience to its service,
in many iii'tanccs branches of trees
broke tinder the weight of ice. tail
ing: over wires, tvhich were snapped.
'The electric power to Heals. Wind- : u-e of tobacco among women during
sor. Field and Saunders . schools ! lfp) va, "appalling," according to
was interrupted, necessitating dis- the board oi temperance, prohibi
missal vesterdav tuorning because , tion and morals of the Methodist
t 11 Yr ,t t-i'ic reinM i.o -t ftnprlrd i I'nKrnml eh.irel. T t, n c -, 1 t-i
Chinese Merchants File i The company detailed extra men i today thr- board made "an earnest
to repair work ednesday night, i appeal to women to refrain from
and all service was restored bv noon j the use of tobacco in the name of
The Chinese Merchants' assoeia- I ycMerdav. ; thr country's welfiire."
tion. teeniig- that its high standing
in the community has been injured
ny articles published last Wednes- j
day, Thursdav and Friday regarding!
an alleged tight among Chinamen j
over the opening of a new cafe at ;
1-Ims Partial.! sir. et. : ester day tiled
sii t fo- rsjs iiiip damages against the
flee Publishing Co., Joe Lee and
Sam Joe. The litter two are Chinese j
restaurant proprietors. I
The plain'ilt in ti.e suit points out i
that it is a corporation organied
not f-.r profit, but to promote good
will, peace and prosperity among the
Chmese m America, and between
them at-,d the American people.
The Chinese Merchants' associa
tion insists in the suit that the arti
cles regarding "the toug" referred to
th: ss-oenpou, though the associa
tion is not mentioned.
The Annex Specialty Shops
(Benson & Thome Basement)
Offers for Friday and Saturday
A Sale of 600 Pairs
Women's and Growing
Girls' Shoes
,rnsJ '""" Zh
FourYears. Firston Arms. Spread.
Itching Severe. CuticuraHeak
" I suffered from a severe case of
ecrema. I tint noticed a slight red
ness on my arms, and later it spread.
The itching was so severe that I
scratched, and could only sleep part
of the night. The inflammation was
so intense that tbe ekin was almost
" This lasted for nearly four years.
I sent for a free sample of CutioiTa
Soap and Ointment and after the
thud application the itching was
Irs?. I nought a cake of Cuueura
Soap and a box erf Ointment and at
trw end of a month I was heaJed."
I Signed i Mrs. J. E. Ratcliffc, Cale
donia, Minn., Aug. 39. 1919.
Try to prevent further trouble by
narnp Cnticura foraJl toilet purposes.
S.nnS ldl tV kr VaJ d,)rn "OnMov
s. ftnp c. IHotroenf nmi Ki."V
JaV Cuticura .Soap ihmi w.tliout mac-
Oh! That Back of Mine!
It is many a woman's com
plaint, for it seems as though
ii would break feet swell,
too. sometimes and head
nuzzes. This is often due to
'.he urjc acid which accumu
lates in the system.
Naturally when the kid
neys are deranged the blood
is filled with poisonous waste
mailer, which settles in the
feet, ankles and wrists, or un
der the eyes in bag-like for-
Often there is pain in back or limbs. j
.'ir:;''";' !,ab:rh;e;!,i:vSC,iars; 1 , As a remedy for those easily recognized symptoms of in- j
n ght, p-c-umabiy to discuss1 I lamination caused by uric acid as scalding urine, backache
vi , ctiier or init it ts p. io-:: the i.uii'i-; and trequent urination, as well as sediment in the urine, or
'"f. ': m'... d' 1,t if uric acid in the blood has caused rheumatism, lumbago, sci-
mat'a-iw'-'tii'n ''aVcV 'rega-'X'i'' a-'Ci1, out' it 's simply woiulei'l ul how qtuckly Pr. I'iercc's
ufihat',""! v.-tit tin- p.ud.'.mg 'Trades . Anurie acts; when you take this now kidney remedy of Dr.
cou-cil. and called the president of i Pierce's the pains and stiffness rapidly disappear, for
union into me nan to verity l.neir "Anm-io" an w main- 4 mnc morn rw.lon urn
lithia and often eliminates uric acid as hot water melts sugar,
thus removing rheumatism and lumbago.
Plumbers' Union Keeps
Its Proceedings Secret maik.ns
A limolv two-day sale of shues at a piict; that would liai'll
rovot- flic leather cot at. today's market jtfices. to say notliinu' of
their serviccahiliiy and wide variety of good, styles to select
from. Styles that are suitable for immediate or early Spring
wear. All sizes represented from "iVz to (!. Plenty of
sizes included vour size is here in some good style.
Growing Girls'
Included in t his group nre shoes fo."
growing girls in patent and brigh'
kid, with white tops; patent lrnliier
slioes with black cloth tops. Those
shoes arc shown in button mid lac
styles with low and military hoe's,
"'eat tired at Ibis price arc women's
high shoes in patent leather and
brivrliL kids -black kid shops with
white tops, medium and high Imcls,
shown in laec stylos with wolf and
flexible sewed sole unusual values
for Friday and Saturdav--
"We have
the president
Unless the plumbers' ami sleatn
fittcr.s' unions agree to join the Ruth!
iiij: Trades council the Central
Labor vinton will say harsh t hi run
about then at their lrtciing tonight,
according to reports.
Files in Shoe Soles.
Three :r.a!l fie- wete found
sewed in the soles of William Pott's
shoe when he was arrested at
night for investigation. Potts, a
negro Indus at J1 '5 N'orth Seven
teenth street, is a paperhantfer by
Omaha. Xebr. "Two or throe months ago I ached all
over and felt so badly that I could not sleep al night, my blad
der seemed weak, gave me considerable trouble, and caused
stinging sensations. I read an advertisement of Anuric and
purchased a bottle. It was only a few days before I felt,
wonderfully relieved, and all the soreness left. me. 1 am glad
to endorse such a worthy medicine as Pr. Pierce's Anuric and
alwavs shall recommend it."
MRS. W. ('. ZKSCHMAX. 1852 X. 17th St.
Send ten cents to Dr. Pierce's Invalids' Hotel, Buffalo,
N. V.. for trial cackase of Anuric Tablets.
Sale of Women's Hosiery
Three Big Groups Friday
; i
Do You Know Why
Red Bloode-I Men
Are Successful?
I here ;:re just two Kind." of men
--the weak, ;hin blooded, half sack,
discourage, 1 kind, who lack ambi
tion, strength and vitality and tlif
red-blooded, ambitious, self-reliant
met: vigorous and successful.
The strong, red-ldnoded, liealtkc
men who can stand the strain i,r
hard work, and carry heavy respon
sibilities, without worry or fear, are
the men who succeed.
lo you know why they ace led
blooded, full of ("tergy and vigor?
Ho you Know why they .succeed?
The blood siippiies the materia
necessary for nouri-hing every l s
suc. nerve, hone, musel" mid flum
in tlm body, and for carrying
every prove-- of life.
There ar"' over three million re,
Idoou' i-orpitsele-5 in one droplet of
blood, ?"id these red blond corpus
rles carry the iron in the blnr,,-).
Iron n'traet.s oxygen, jus! ;i a
magnet attracts Mol. Without, oxy
gen you cai:nt live. Ir italifc
the blo,.,i and makes it red. rich and
healthy. 'Thai's why red blooded
men a ic -.t rnir. cmo-gel i, , and siie
eess'";il. 'Their blood e- v it ahaed with
lifo-'rivintr oy;-er:, ami liberally sup
o i plien
I ha'
Women 's hose irregulars
in 'noil weights regular
.iilrt and lihe values. Special
ot, of (i'l doon in ail sizes.
l.lsiiO nose u
and some
Vdaek. ie oM p
colors - four
thread too, and hooN,
double solos rovnihv
values-- all i.-s.
I'.irc linead silk boot
- - full f a s h i o n r d,
s ii I i c c .1 ! i els - :i i
.i;ality i-nlops arc bi,,'!
brow n v Ii ite al. o color
1 .ho values.
J '
Eldrcdte-Keyiiolds Co
Formeny Benson, TKorne
Ifc Store oPSpccialtii SI lops
urr- tins!
;:. e t
.' li-sail
! merea-i
I eells and
!.'li-'' J.S.-C
.'m :i"d
iibumhim -iron
RKOPO pt odu, cs ;; ran
in 1 he r. imi'i-r of red b!
pl.l-nirt of the bhind. T
til" - ii-l-i'- of ,o.y,e , in
;,i tnnihi' t I ::' m -i i- -;
nee.-b'l'.'i' es tin- etl'euin' e
thr e.ij.'h the .-!!! ire !....i a
rich, red. itali.'ed blind,
Iv sup. died with oMrei-.
the cell-salts that jio-ir! h and re
build the ceils.
Start tlie Kiln! o -v al.e
treat irtfi't today jurl v.i v.'.I 1"' do
Ii;,'!,!' d with Cm sieiii:, 'in'pr o met.t
in your health.
Sherman f: Met "Hi'.'ll I'rui' C ,
l!'th and Podce. I 'ith ami liodjre.
Jt'.tlt ai d IhiM.ev, '.Mth and I'.-irnatii, and l iU'iiiiii!, I'maua. N.-'miiska
! . I i- i : i 1. 1 A I .
i ni; ad- i ii t ki-. Tci;-
l.lsHKO IN T
K T.'t- !' hi A ( I .'