Omaha daily bee. (Omaha [Neb.]) 187?-1922, January 16, 1920, Page 7, Image 7

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Woman Robbed of $200 by
Two Bandits Shipment of
Revolvers Stolen From
Freight Car.
Highwaymen, burglars and sneak
thieves worked successfully in Oma
ha during Wednesday night Three
homes were entered in the dead of
night and loot consisting principally
of clothing and silverware was
taken. One burglary reported to
police was committed in broad day
light Wednesday. Two daring hold
ups were also reported.
Mrs. Blanche Burns, 2538 North
Sacramento avenue, Chicago, was
a victim of a holdup about 11 Wed
nesday night near Twentieth and
Harney streets, when two highway
men surprised her by jumping from
the darkness of an alley, covering
her with revolvers, and stealing $200
in cash from her purse.
Mrs. Burns told police she was
on her way from a hotel to take a
treet car when, the men stopped
her. She said neither wore over
coats and appeared thinly clad. She
said they were very nervous during
the holdup, scurrying back into the
darkness of the alley.
Suspect Drug Addicts. ,
Police suspect a pair of drug Ad
dicts as the highwaymen.
Burglars broke into the home of
C. W. Calkin, 3346 Harney street,
shortly before noon Wednesday
while the family was away, accord
ing to a report made to police yes
terday morning. '
The thieves ransacked the buffet
in the dining room, stealing a $125
set of table silyer. They left no
Two bandits entered the store of
M. Cohen, 624 South Sixteenth
street, about 9 Wednesday night and
robbed him of between $600 and $700
at the point of a gun.
Several Other Burglaries.
A set of silver knives and forks
was stolen from the rooms of Mrs.
A. W. Cook, No. 39, Highland
apartments, sometime during the
night. An overcoat was also miss
ing, Mrs. Cook told police. En
trance was gained through a side
A thief used a pass key to enter
the shoe shop of John Sabbo, 2906
Farnam street, and stole 10 pairs of
shoes that had been left there for
John Macegnan, 1708 Jackson
street; reported the theft of two
suita of clothes, an overcoat and
several silk shirts Wednesday. The
robbery was committed during his
absence from his rooms, he said. A
lock on a door leading to his rooms
was found broken off.
Box car, thieves broke into a
freight car on the Northwestern
railroad tracks near Fourteenth and
Webster streets and stole nine re
volvers from a shipment, railroad
officers reported to police. Hun
dreds' of collars worth of other
goods were left untouched by the
thieves. ' - .
' Noted Alienist Dies
Ja'orris Plains, N. J, Jan. 15. Dr.
Britton D. Evans, noted alienist and
superintendent of the state hospital,
died here last night He was 61
years old. His testimony was the
basis for the "brainstorm' defense
for murder presented by Harry
Brief City News
Have Root Print It Beacon Frets
Library A BUk Shade lamps. Sf pet
redu'n. Burgsaa-Grandsn Co. Adv.
Rabbi Cohn's Subject "Jews and
Christian Science" will bs Rabbi
Frederick Cohn's subject at Temple
Israel Friday night at 8.
Lowden for President Buttons
and literature way be obtained at
9S5 First National Bank building.
John N. Baldwin, See'y Lowden Club.
Engineers Xante Representative
Members of the Omaha branch of
the Nebraska Society of Civil Engl
neers named A. C Arend as their
representative on the sdvisory com
mlttee to work in conjunction with
the city building department Rod
man M. Brown will represent the
building contractors.
Sirs. Anna Edquist Dies Mrs.
Anna C. Edquist, 64 years old, died
at her home, 802 North Forty-Second
street, Wednesday after an ill
ness of three days. She Is survived
by her husband and two daughters,
Amelia and Emma. Funeral serv
ices will be held from the home
Sunday afternoon at 3 . Burial will
be In Forest Lawn cemetery.
Page Giuseppe 61 Carmello The
wife of Giuseppe dl Carmello, who
is said to live In Omaha, la waiting
at Ellis Island, New York, for ad
mission to this country, immigration
officials have notified Robert Smith
of the district court Carmello's ad
dress In Omaha Is not known to of
ficials. Argue Injunction Salt Attorneys
argued before District Judge Troup
the injunction suit brought by the
Bee Building company against the
Peters Trust company to prevent the
latter from changing the name of
the building. The Bee Bunding
company contended that the build
ing is still its property and has
merely been leased to the Peters
Trust company for a term of years.
Alleged Deserter Arrested City
detectives arrested Lowell D. Tauer,
wanted at Fort Leavenworth, Kan.,
for alleged army desertion, at Four
teenth and 'Douglas streets Wed
nesday night Tauer was In civilian
clothes and admitted that he ran
away from duty at Fort Leaven
worth five weeks ago. Detectives
had been trailing him about Omaha
for the past week, they say. Au
thorities at Fort Leavenworth were
notified of Tauer's arrest
Sues Gas Company Charging that
the Omaha Gas company is respon
sible for her broken health, as well
as for the asphyxiation of one other
person in her home. 807 South
Eighteenth street on September 10,
1918, Marie Nelson filed suit in dis
trict court against the gas company
for J2O-.000 damages. She says a
gas meter was installed in a small
excavation under the house, but was
so placed that rains washed away
the supports and allowed it to fall
down, causing the house to be filled
with gas. She was unconscious from
the gas for about four hours, she
Belgian Bonds on Sale The Bel
gian government's new $25,000,000
bonds are on sale at the Omaha
Trust company. Reports of local
sales here Indicate the Belgian paper
is being favored. The price at which
the bonds are sold is said to render
the interest over 7 per cent A fea
ture which Is proving attractive to lo
cal buyers la the exchange rate be
tween the United States and Belgium
may bs taken advantage of by pur
chasers. The bonds mature In ons
and three years. If the exchange rate
reaches par, it Is pointed- out, that
J1.000 bonds will return $1,500.
Plenty of Raw Material, Say
Delegates ., to Convention
Now In Session In
Looking to a greatly increased
volume of trade m the lumber busi
ness this year, the Nebraska Retail
Lumbermen's association, now in
annual session at the Hotel Rome,
Wednesday instructed the secretary
of the organization to take up the
matter of obtaining from the rail
roads sufficient cars to move the
materials from the various mills.
According to F. A. Mather of
Carlton, Neb., who is a delegate to
the convention, it is the consensus
of opinion of the 700 delegates, rep
resenting every section of the state,
that the only element which prom
ises to impede the business during
the coming year is lack of cars in
which to ship.
Plenty Raw Material.
As far as getting the logs from
the woods in the southern and
northwestern countries is concerned.
The Oaiaha National Bank started business in a little frame structure
perhaps valued at $500, today, after 54 years of faithful service, they
are housed in a home worth a million dollars, and have resources of
more thanf 35,000,000.
J- v
r .vl' jiL '-'1 asm aam
( -
As You Grow Today
-So will you be tomorrow-
It really doesn't matter how
small you are when you start
business. Today only counts
as to your ability to serve
well, to start, and to GROW.
To associate oneself with keeff
minds, alert specialists, is certain
to make you a BIGGER person,
and will assure GROWTH. It is
with this thought in mind that we
suggest that you bring your busi
ness problems and questions to
US and let our years of banking
and business experience be of
SERVICE to you. ,
Corn Exchange
National Bank
The Bank With an Interest in You
15th and Farnam
everybody store'
January Clearance Sale or
At a Reduction of
The Regular Price
This Sale Includes Our Entire Stock of Women's Boots.
Not a Style,, Reserved.
WE know that women of Omaha have been looking
forward to this sale, for it is an annual event that
. means a great savings to them. This
year it is even of greater importance,
for with the increased costs and mer
chandise scarcity, the reductions are '
very unusual.
Three Special Values
Gray and field mouse kid
with cravenetted top;
welt soles; covered heels;
reduced to $4.65.
All brown and gray kid lace
boots; turn and welt soles;
full Louis covered and
leather heels; reduced to
Black kidskin; cloth and
kid tops; button and lace
styles; the sizes 2, 3,
3, 4 and 4 J. All reduced
to $4.45.
Sami Floor
it is not anticipated that the Indus
try will suffer in the least. Neither
is the proposition of working the
stuff at the mills a source of concern
to the retail lumbermen, according
to Mr. Mather.
"While the indications are that
building operations in Nebraska and
throughout the country will be in
creased to an amazing extent," de
clared Mr. Mather, "i is a fact that
the mills will, experience no diffi
culty in obtaining the logs from the
woods, and the manufacturers will
not be encumbered in Working the
timber into lumber, but the ques
tion of procuring a sufficient num
ber of cars to move the StuS threat
ens to prove a serious matter."
Mr. Mather declared the prices of
lumber which have prevailed for
the past seven . months would re
main unchanged throughout the
coming year, t
Six Hundred in Attendance.
The convention opened Wednes
day with more than 600 delegates in
attendance. It was announced at the
close of the morning's session that
approximately 700 delegates had
registered. The wives pf many
lumbermen have accompanied their
husbands, and extensive entertain
ment has been provided for them.
The visiting women were . eotr
tained at a mid-day luncheon by
Umaha lumber dealers, followed bjf
a theater party in the afternoon. Ai
other theater party was held in the
evening. I
A recent patent covers a raotu,
driven sled that is propelled by
xnikrri drum
everybody store"
Friday in the DoWn Stairs Store
You Can Effect a Remarkable Savings by Taking
Advantage of This January Clearance
Sale of Apparel at
One -Half Price
Beautifully Made of
Trimmed with braid, button and emy
broidered with yarns. Choice at the
former price.
Heavy Warm Coats of
Plush Collars
Fur Collars
Handsomely tailored in a variety of
styles, loose and belted styles. Priced at
Mi off the regular.
I Downstairs Storo.
Scarfs and Muffs of
Wolf ,
Sealeen '
Jap Mink
There are many different style in
' eluded at exactly priee.
1 Children's and Misses'
Gloves and Mittens
i Vfc Price
TirHrTB wool and mercerized gloves and mittens In red,
' brown, black, gray, blue, heather, eta. Exceptional values
on sale Friday at H price, '
Downttkin Store.
January Clearance Sale of Children's
Co a ts
l2 Price
An Opportune Sale That You Should
Take Advantage Of
THIS is the opportunity you have been waiting for to
purchase the child a good warm coat at exactly the
former price.
Made of velvet and cloth with self and velvet collars.
Sizes 6 to 14.
Downataln Store.
Women's Felt Slippers
"Women's felt slippers in many colors and
styles, mostly small sizes choice Friday,
Clearance' Sale of
Silk Remnants
V2 Price
EVERY remnant of silk has been placed on tale in plain and
fancy styles; such weaves as Taffeta, Messaline, Poplin.
Pongee, Satin and Foulard, in lengths H to 2 yards In a piece.
On sale Friday, price.
Downstairs Star.
Sale of Women's Black and Novelty
Less Than Cost and in Some Instances
Less Than Half Price
WOMEN'S black and novelty lace boots in many color
and color combinations (some slightly imperfect) in.
medium wide widths, nearly all sixes.
Limit of 2 pairs to customer. For Friday your choice,. $2.95.
Etownstairt Store.
Children's Slippers
Children's felt slippers choice of our en
tire stock with many different styles to select
from choice Friday, pair
Enormous Sale of Women's and Children's
Knit Goods
At Prices That Are but a Fraction of Their Real Worth
Women 3 Knit
Tarns, Toques, Toboggan
Caps, Etc.
The ideal hats to wear eold,
wintry days when motoring,
skating, etc Made of
Bilk, Silk and Wool, Angora,
, Brushed Wool, Vicuna
In all the new colors and
trimmed with fur, chenille, yam
and silk embroidery designs.
Women's Beautiful
Shawlettes and Scarfs
A large array In fast colors. There are many of thee beau
tiful shawlettes and scarfs so much in vogue this season. -
Ideal for motoring, skating, sleighing and outdoor sport.
Made of
Brushed Wool, Camel's Hair, Angora,
Mohair and Vicuna ,
In mmberless weaves, molnding
Plaids, Stripes, Checks and Novel Color
Women's and Mlssts'
! Sets
Oawktin of Pretty Eferf
and Tarn
Just the thing for outdoor
wear, for they are so snog and
comfortable. Made of 1
Brushed Wool, Vienna, Mo
hair, Silk and Wool
. In plain and fancy weaves la
very wanted color or color combination.
Girls' Toques
Tarns and
Splendid for school wear. In a
gorgeous array of colors In an
gora, brushed wool, camel's hair,
silk, silk and wool and vicuna in
stripes, plaids, checks and solid
y t
15 c
a Set
Sets Consisting of SCARFS
In Dark Colors.
Children's Warm
An opportunity to buy the chil
dren knitted caps that wiU keep
them warm and comfortable.
Plain and fancy weaves in a
numberless array of colors or
color combinations.
Downstair Store,
Boys' Knit
Just the kind of caps for the
boys to wear. Mads of heavy
wool yarn to plain or fancy
knitted weaves. A great variety
of colors from which to select.