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Detectives Will Go to SL Paul
Today to Bring Back
the Two Finn
Two detectives will go to St. Paul,
Minn., tonight to bring back to
Omaha George Finn alias Thomas
McKay, and his brother, Mike Finn
alias George Brown, who, were ar
rested in that city Saturday on war
. rants charging them with the rob
bery of the Farmers' and Merchants'
bank at Benson, a suburb of Omaha
on December 31, last, when four
bandits Wed the vault of $105,000.
Chief of Detectives Dunn signed
the warrants against the Finn broth
ers 'following alleged identification
of the two through pictures of them
in the rogue's gallery at Central po
lice station.
Rearrest Harry Porche.
Harry Porche, 2117 Sherman ave
nue, who is tinder $10,000 ibond in
connection with the robbery of the
bank also, was rearrested at 11 yes
terday and booked at Central police
Station as a fugitive from justice.
Petectives Dolan and Hagerman
niade the arrest. Porche, whose real
"name police, say is Sandevich, is
wanted in Lincoln on a 'arceny
charge, according to C. H. ftloore, a
deputy sheriff of Lancaster c"ounty,
who came 'to Omaha yesterday to
take Porche in custody for the al
leged thefts of four automobiles four
years ago.
Police officials in Lincoln read
in the newspapers of Porche's ar
rest here and sent Deputy Sheriff
Moore to Omaha to bring him to
Lincoln for automobile stealing, the
, deputy sheriff stated.
Porche was arrested Friday and
charged with robbery of the bank
at Benson. He was released Sat
urday under bonds of $10,000 pend
ing his hearing in Central police
court on Tuesday.
, Porche Offers Alibi.
Porche offers an alibi that at the
time of the bank robbery he was
seen at Sixteenth and Locust
street and later at Sixteenth and
Yates streets.
Chief of Detectives Dunn is still
of the belief that Porche, and the
two Finn brothers were implicated
in the robbery of the bank at Ben
son. Frank Adams alias John Ap
olebv. a Dal of the Finn brothers
and a member of the McKay-Kirk
gang that held up the Malashock
jewelry store in broad daylight on
January 30, 1918 and later killed
Detective Frank Rooney in a gun
battle with police, is being sought
by police throughout the country
as the alleged fourth member of the
bandit gang that committed the
Benson bank robbery, Chief of De
tectives Dunn stated yesterday.
McKay Wounded in Battle.
George Finn; , alias McKay, was
severely wounded in the gun battle
between city detectives and the Mc-Kav-Kirk
gang shortly after the
robbery of the jewelry store. Mc
Kay was acquitted ot the charge of
murdering Rooney, while other
members of the gang were convicted.
McKays acquittal relied mostly
upon the testimony of the trial of
Heryl U Kirk, leader ot tne gang.
Kirk was "furloughed" from the
state prison at Lincoln two days
after the robbery of Hayden
Brothers' store on the night of No
vember 29.
Adams, alias Appleby, is said to
be the sixth member of the McKay-
Kirk gang who escaped from the
police during the gun battle two
years ago.
Detectives allege that in the ap
prehension of the Finn brothers,
Appleby and Porche, the (bandit
gang that held up the bank of Ben
son will be broken up, despite refu
tations in the identity of Porche.
Executive Committee Is
Named for American Legion
The executive committee of 30
men elected by members of the
Douglas Cdunty post of the Amer
ican Legion at its annual meeting
held at the Auditorium last Friday
night are: Josephine Chamberlain,
Ralph G. Coad, Allan A. Tukey,
Harry Montgomery, T. J. McGuire,
Sam Reynolds, Hird Stryker, Wal
ter Byrne, Clinton Brome, Robert
Dunlap, R. B. Howell, Dr. Charles
Hull, Gerard Griswold, John H.
Hopkins, Earl Kiplinger, Dr. A. L.
Lindquist, Charles McLaughlin, A.
I. May, Dr. W. H. Mick, E, W. Por
ter, F." E. Sheehan, William Richie,
jr., Dr. A. S. Pinto, Ray Madden,
Mr. Wallace, Hugh Robertson, J. J.
Shannon, Dr. H. C. Sumney, Jack
Sullivan and Morley Young.
Brief City News
Hare Root Print It Peacon Press
Vaeomn ClMBert BarcaM-Onndu Co.
Ab. Kalman, General Insurance,
removed to 1004 W. O. W. Blag,
D. 1984. -Adv.
James O. Kiiwler has removed
his law office to Room 629 First Nat
Bank bldg. Adv.
. Tire of Undiscovered bright Fire
In the home of Mrs. M. Chatfleld,
2024 Douglas street, at 6 last night
created $400 damage. The cause of
the nre Is unknown.
Frobe Iiaundry Theft Charles
Ferguson, 2601 Patrick avenue, was
arrested last night by Detectives
Haze and Danbaum and held for In
vestigation In regard to the theft of
$100 cash from a driver for the
Evans laundry, last week.
Dr. Ijce W. Edwards, Chiropractor,
has moved his offices diagonally
across the street from hit old loca
tion, and Is now to be found at 306
S. Twenty-fourth street the south
west corner of Twenty-fourth and
Farnam streets In the Ottawa
Fire Captain Does Not Drink
The Bee erroneously stated Sunday
morning that George Cuslck, captain
of tire engine house No. 6, Twenty
fourth and Cuming streets, , was
drunk when he and another fireman
engaged In fisticuffs at the engine
house Saturday nlfeht. According to
Fire Chief Dlneen, Cuslck does not
drink and is among the best men on
the department.
Negroes Stage Battle Charles
Diggs, 207 North Eleventh street,
negro, hit W. G. Harris, 1021 Capi
tol avenue, negro. In the mouth with
a spade when the two met in the
Northwestern railroad yards last
night. Harris lost four teeth by
Diggs' action and Diggs lost his free
dom. Diggs was charged with assault
and battery at Central police sta
tion. 1
American Confectionery
" Wanted in Large Amounts
By Both China and France
Credit Is Large Factor in Commercial Transactions
With Dutch East Indies Of ten Takes Precedence
Over Price Argentina Good Market for Furni
ture Netherlands Wants Oil Seeds and Vege
table Oils.
Names and addresses of firms mentioned in these "Foreign Trade
Opportunities" may be obtained by a request, mentioning the file num
ber, to the Bureau of Foreign and Domestic Commerce, 402 Third
National Bank Building, St. Louis, Mo.
This government office has been established in St. Louts to assist
firms in the Mississippi valley to obtain their share of export trade
and it welcomes inquiries from interested parties.
Postpone Flight of Aerial
' Mail Planes Until Today
Aerial mail planes scheduled to
arrive from Chicago yesterday for
a trial flight preparatory to start
ing daily service January 8, post
poned their flight until today. Her
bert Blakeslee, in charge of the
landing field, was unable to give any
reason for the change in plans. The
first plane is expected to arrive late
this afternoon.
Two planes will leave Chicago at
8:30 in the morning and are ex
pected to reach Iowa City about 10,
where they will take on supplies of
gasoline and oil. They will probably
reach Omaha shortly after noon.
"Foreign Trade Opportunities,"
which are gathered under govern
ment auspices and references to
other commercial information of in
terest to local firms, are published
every Monday in The Bee. The fol
lowing are the foreign trade items
received during the past week.
426. Oil, petroleum, construction
and industrial machines, leather,
rubber, foodstsffs, tobacco, special
ties and novelties. A firm of con
tractors in Germany having connec
tions in all the principal cities of
that country, desires to represent
American firms for the sale of the
above commodities. References.
427. Office supplies, typewriters,
butcher machinery, general store
supplies and novelties. A furniture
manufacturer in Czechoslovakia de
sires to purchase and secure an
agency for the sale of the above ar
ticles. Payment, cash. Correspond
ence should be in Czechic, German
or French.
428. Jewelry, real and imitation,
silverware and gold articles. A mer
chant in Denmark desires to pur
chase and secure an agency for the
sale of the above articles. Quota
tions should be given c. i. f. Den
mark. References.
429. Cigarets. A firm in Sumatra
desires to purchase cheap cigarets,
to be packed 25 cigarets to the pack
ago, 25 packages to the box, 20
boxes to the tin, and five tins ot the
case or 100 boxes. Quotations
should be given c. i. f. Belawan.
Terms, three months' credit. Refer
430. Garage equipment, automo
bile accessories, and ice-making ma
chines. A company in Ireland which
is now building a public garage and
automobile repair shop desires to
purchase and secure an agency for
the sale ot the above equipment.
Payment, cash against documents
431. Bicycles, motors and sawing
machines. A merchant in Switzer
land desires to purchase and also
secure the agency in the above prod
ucts. Correspondence should be in
rrencn. Keierence.
432., Automobiles, bicycles, mo
torcycles, automobile sundries, tires,
cigarets, oils, foodstuffs and general
merchandise. An American trading
company with branches in the
Netherlands. Germany, and France
desires to .secure an agency from
manufacturers for the sale of the
above products. References.
433. Oak staves, plumbing goods
and supplies. A manufacturer in
Spain desires to secure an agency for
the sale of the above products. Ret
434. Building materials, construe
tion machinery and engineering sup-
plies. An engineering corporation in
China desires tto secure agecies for
the sale of the above commodities.
Quotations should be given c. i. f
Chinese port. Payment, confirmed
bankers credit. Keterences.
435. Paints, varnishes, enamels
1 1 .
IsB&ckaee Makiinig Yona
MmJm .in $ Miserable?
TT isn't right to drag along from day
. ' A- to day feeling weak, miserable half
sick. You want to be well, and the
best way to get well is to find out what
is making you feel so badly and try to
correct it. Perhaps it's your kidneys. A
cold, a strain, worry or overwork may
have weakened the kidneys and brought
on that throbbing backache or those
sharp, stabbing pains that wear your
nerves and keep you tired, fretful, "all unstrung." You may havevmorning lameness, too,
headaches, dizzy spells and irregular kidney action. Don't wait! Neglect may mean more
serious troubles dropsy, gravel or dangerous Bright's disease. Use Doan s Kidney Pills, They
have helped thousands of ailing folks. They should help you. Ask your neighbor!
These Are Omaha Gases:
Seventeenth Street
J. A. Benjamin, Seventeenth and Chicago Sts.,
says: "I was about all in with kidney trouble. My
back never let up paining for a week and there was
an irritation when passing the kidney secretions and
they passed too frequently. I had to lay off work
for about a week. I think the nature of my work
and being on my feet so much is what brought on the
trouble, I was advised to try Doan's Kidney Pills
and bought some at the Sherman & McConnell
Drug Co. . After using two boxes of Doan's I was all
right again and have had no further trouble."
Jackson Street
Mrs. R. H. Howard, 3415 Jackson St, says:
"Some years ago I had a good deal of misery with
kidney trouble and inflammation of the bladder.
My kidneys acted irregularly and showed 15 dif
ferent ways they were in a bad condition. I felt
weak, nervous and all run down. Doan's Kidney
Pills were recommended and I used them. , I took
several boxes and since then I have felt like a dif
ferent woman. I have been strong, and well and
have 'worked every day." -t
Manderson Street
MraE. E. Clemmons, 1621 Manderson St., says:
"Some years ago I was feeling all run down and
suspected my kidneys were causing the trouble. I
had dizzy spells and everything would turn black
before me. My head ached and at times my back
pained so I could hardly do my housework. I hap
pened to see Doan's Kidney Pills highly advertised
and decided to try them. I was surprised at the
quick relief they brought and have relied on them
ever since."
NO package of Doan's Kidney Pill is
genuine unless it bears the maple
leaf trade-mark and the signature
"Jas. Doan."
Cuming Street
Harry Maggert, proprietor of confectionery
store, 2820 Cuming St., says: "Some time ago I
had an attack of kidney trouble and had consider
able backache. The worst symptom of my trouble
was the too frequent action of my kidneys. I often
had dizzy spells when walking and felt hardly fit
for any kind of work. Being on my feet so much
is what I blame for my trouble. I soon got rid of
all this trouble when I began using Doan's Kidney
Pills. Doan's drove the backache away and re
stored my Jcidneys to their correct condition,"
South Twenty:eighth Street
Mrs. C. M. Leonard, 4328 S. Twenty-eighth
St., says: "I know from experience that Doan's
Kidney Pills do just as represented. I had been
suffering from a weakness of the kidneys and was
so dizzy I would fall to the floor. My back ached
constantly and there was a dull, nagging pain in
my back that made me miserable. I had to neglect
my housework. 'As Doan's Kidney Pills had been
used in the family with good results I was led to
try them, and was surprised how quickly they
benefited me and one box cured me. I haven't
had any return of the trouble since."
o&m's ICiclmey ' Pills
Every Druggist has Doan's, 60c a box. . Foster-Milburn Co., Manufacturing Chemists, Buffalo, .N. Y.
and' all articles in this line. A mer
chant in Belgium desires to purchase
and secure a consignment ef the
above products. Quotations should
be given c. i. f. Antwerp or Brussels.
Credit desired for consignment. Cor
respondence may be in English.
Catalogues . preferred in French.
436. Hotel and restaurant sup
plies and furnishings. A hotel pro
prietor in Cuba desires to receive
bids for the supplying of furnishings
xor hotel and restaurant, for the
complete outfitting of a new hotel of
72 rooms. Quotations should be
given f. 0. b. point of shipment. Ref
erences. 437. Boots and shoes, drapery,
perfumery, medicines, china and
enamelware. hardware and carpentry
tools, building materials, paints, dis
temper, linseed oil, cement, corru
gated iron sheets, etc. A landed pro
prietor and general merchant in In
dia desires to purchase in the United
States the above articles. Refer
ences. 438. Cotton blankets. The owner
of a plantation in Guadeloupe de
sires to purchase from 500 to 1,000
cheap cotton blankets, size 50 by 70
inches, for wrapping vanilla after
it has been heated. Color of blan
kets should be gray, brown or tan.
Correspondence should be in French
Payment, cash. Reeferences.
439. Sundries in hardware, hos
iery, colors, dyes, lubricants, cotton
waste and- belting. A trading com
pany in India desires to secure an
agency and purchase the above prod
ucts. Quotations should be giver
c. 1. f. port in India. Payment by 60
day dratt. Keterences.
Horseshoes and Scrap Iron.
440. Old iron and steel material,
wagon tires, mild steel plate cut
tings, scrap iron and old horseshoes
An American 'export corooration
having orders for large quantities of
products desires to obtain 100 tons
of each of the above materials. Thi
material is for shipment abroad and
is urgently needed.
441. Food products, drues. medi
cines, chemicals and any merchan
dise which would find a rgeady mar
ket in Porto Rico. The reoresenta
tive of a products agency firm in
rorto Kico is in the United states
and desires to secure an agency for
the sale of the above products. Quo
tations should be given f. 0. b. New,,
York. Keterences.
442. -Automobiles and accessories,
bicycles, motorcycles, tires. A firm
m bpain with garage and store de
sires to receive catalogues and price
lists of automobiles and accessories,
etc., with a view to secure exclusive
agencies. Correspondence and cata
logues may be in English, but Span
ish is preferred.
44J. Machinery, ihe purchase is
desired bv a man in Brazil of ma
chinery for a sugar mill, electrical
machinery for soda ash manufac
ture, machinery for the manufacture
of rubber articles, for a oaoer plant.
for preparing sulphur acid and for
the manufacture of alcohol. , Quo
tations should be given c. i.-f. Bra
zilian port. Correspondence may be
in .Portuguese or bpanish. Lata
logues and price lists are requested.
444. Dental supplies, surgical in
struments, hospital furniture,; toilet
brushes, puffs, perfumery, fancy
soaps. The representative of a firm
in Australia, who has recently been
in the United States, now desires to
purchase the above articles and all
ethers usually sold in drug stores
Bulgars Need Leather.
445. Nails for building and car
pentry, edible oils, especially cotton
seed oil; leather tor footwear, boots
and shoes and rubber shoes.
commercial agent in Bulgaria desires
to purchase large quantities of the
above commodities. Correspondence
may be in English.
446. Grocery and millinery paper
bags. A firm 111 Georgetown, Britisn
Guiana, is interested in securing the
agency of an American manufacturer
of paper bags. References are given
and samples are available for exam
447, An exporting and importing
firm with offices in EK Paso, Tex.
and Ciudad Juarez, Mexico, has writ
ten the st. Louis office of the bureau
requesting assistance in securing
agencies for galvanized and enam
eled ware, china and crockery,' toys
and electric washing machines. .The
firm writes that they have a force of
salesmen operating in Mexico. Refer
ences are eiven.
A representative of a Buenos
Aires, Argentina, firm is seeking
agencies for River Platte countries in
paper and paper products, hardware,
machinery, paints, cement, wire, in
ing, glassware and advertising novel
ties. References.
A representative of a London,
England, firm is now in New York
to sceure agencies for Lngiand in
hardware, tools, automobiles and
accessories. References are given,
Miscellaneous Foreign Items.
Complete reports on the markets
for confectionery in China and in
France have been received from con
sular officers in those countries. Lists
of impprters and agents dealing in
confectionery in the various trade
centers are also available in connec
tion with the report.
According to a report from the
bureau's trade commissioner in the
Netherlands, that country imported
before ths war $40,000,000 worth of
oilseeds and vegetable oils to the
value of 514,000,000, exporting oil
seeds to a value of- $22,500,000 and
vegetable oils to a value of $8,000,
000. The complete report is avail
able for distribution.
The American consul at Trinidad,
British West Indies, has submitted
a detailed report on the production
of petroleum on that island.
Credit is a large tactor in tne com
mercial transactions with the Dutch
East Indies and often takes prece
dence over price,' according to a re
port compiled by Trade Commis
sioner John A. Fowler. The report
describes the customary credit terms
and the various-methods of financing
shipments to those islands.
The American consul at London
has submitted a report on the.motor
car exhibition held at Olympia, Lon
don, with a detailed description ot
the cars on display.
Argentina is the best South Amer
ican market for the sale of imported
turniture and stands fourth in im
portance in the world's market for
American furniture, according to a
report on "Furniture Markets in Ar
gentina, Uruguay, Paraguay and
Brazil" issued by the bureau.
The divisioti of statistics of the bu
reau has prepared a report on the
sugar imports and exports of the
United States. Copies of the report
are available .for distribution.
Citizenship Classes
Two Evenings Weekly
At Public Libraries
Classes in citizenship will be
opened at the Omaha public library
and Sputh Omaha public library
Tuesday evening at 7:30.
These classes are for those men
and women of foreign birth who
wish to prepare themselves for their
final citizenship papers, The classes
will be held on Tuesday and Friday
evenings from 7:30 to 8:30 and are
free to all who wish to attend.
The government text book will be
used and able instructors have been
secured. Men are asked. 1 6 bring
their wives. These classes are given
under the direction of the Board of
South Side Brevities
A safety lamp for mines usinp
benzine for fuel without danger ha:
been perfected in Europe.
Vllllen. alt living at 4t25H South Twenty
fifth street, were arrested Saturday after
noon by Detcetlves Lundeen and Farrand
and Officer Jack O'Brien and are being
held for Investigation. It la aliened by
the police, that tha men were connected
with the burglary Friday night of tha
shop of tha Victory tailors, 1811 Capitol
avenue. Tha officers "Way the men have
been attempting to sell cloth on the South,
Side, aald to have been Identified as part
of the loot taken In the tailor shop bur
glary at the Victory ahop.
Mike Delaney. 1401 N- street, packing
house employe, reported to the police Sat
urday that he was relieved of a pocket
book containing 114 while getting hla pay
check cashed at tha Stock Yards Na
tional bank. v
Mighty oaka from little acorns grow.'
also large fortunes from small deposits
grow. Our Economy club hslps you save
the small colna. otherwise perhapa fool
ishly spent. Live Stock National bank,
junction Twenty-fourth and N streets.
Money sent to all parti of Europe. See
us for steamship tickets. Live Stock Na
tional bank, junction Twenty-fourth and
N streets.
Mighty oaks from little acorns grow,
also large fortunes from small deposits
grow. The Economy Savlnga club aids you
to 'save the amall coins, otherwise per
haps foolishly spent. Join now at the Live
Stock National bank, Junction Twenty
foutrh and N streets.
We have a few machines left from the
holidays we want to sell. Special terms,
$1.00 down. $1.00 per week. Come and hear
your favorite records and be convinced that
you ought to have one of these machines.
Kohtaky-Pavlik Co.
Fatness Kills
31,000 Yearly
Fat is fatal to health and personality.
It is estimated that over 81,000 persons
have died oach year in tha past decade
long before their allotted span of life,
through the effect! of effceasive fatness.
Aay overttout man or woman is carrying
unhealthy adiposity that is pressing
against and injuring vital organs of tha
body. Tbe heart, that delicate human
apparatus, becomes congested. In numer
ous cases there are dangerous gatherings
of packed-in fat around the throat,
stomach, liver and other delicate parts.
Through, overstoutness the afflicted per
son while apparently well is liable to
nervousness, neurasthenia, physical or
mental collapse and other disorders, for
obesity is irritating. Cases of heart
failure, apoplexy, sunstroke, etc., are fre
quent causes of premature death. Fat
persons are particularly victims of acci
dents and are more liable than healthy.
Blender persons to death from influenza,
pneumonia and other severe ailments.
If you are overstout you should know It Is truly
a ctie of slow suicide for you to kill yourself a
good many years befoM natural old ace, simply
because yon do not emancipate yourseU from the
burden or unhealthy, unalchUy tat Moreover.
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slender; also your appearance should become
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fully successful method of weight reduction known
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ality. Get oil of korein (the easy korein
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aerie, ii. a
Cuticura Talcum
atingfy Fragrant
Always Healthful
Samolc fraeof OttieVTsV lahmrtUm.limk T IsTalaUsa
IfMi. ETcrywtm 25c.
Rupture Kills
7,000 Annually
Seven thousand persons each vear are
lata away the burial eertincate being
marked "Rupture." Whyt Because the
unfortunate ones had neglected themselves
or had been merely taking eara of the
sign t swelling) of the affliction and pay
ing no attention to tha cause. What are
you doing? Are you neglecting yourself
by wearing a truss, appliance, or whatever
name you choose to call it I At best, the
truss is only a makeshift a false prop
against a collapsing wall and cannot be
expected to act as more than a mere me'
chanieal support. The binding pressure re
tards blood circulation, thus robbintr the
weakened muscles of that which they need
most nourishment.
But acience has found a way, and every
truss sufferer in the land is invited to
make a FREE test right in the privacy of
their own home. - The PLAPAO method is
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me worm nas ever Known.
The PLAPAO PAD when adhering
closely to the body cannot noaaihlv slin
or shift out of place, therefore, cannot
cnaie or pincn. ooit as velvet easy to
apply inexpensive. To be used whilst you
ork and whilst you sleep. No straps,
uckles or springs attached.
iearn now to Close tne hernial opening;
as nature intended so the rupture CAN'T
come down. Send your name today to
PLAPAO CO., Block 840, St. Louis. Mo.,
for FREE trial Plapao and the information
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covery for fifty years
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ing but sure relief from stubborn old
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ular and standard remedy it is today.
Fifty years old and always re
liable. Good for the whole family.
A bottle in the medicine cabinet
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60c. and-$1.20. All druggists.
Regular Bov.-els Is Health
, Bowels that move spasmodically
free one day and stubborn ths
next should be healthfully regulat
ed by Dr. King's New Life Pills. In
this way you keep the impurities of
waste matter from circulating
through the system by cleansing the
bowels thoroughly and promoting
the ptoper llow of bile.
Mild, comfortable, yet always re
liable, Dr. King's New Life Pills
work with precision without the
constipation results of violent purga
tives. 25c. as usual at all druggists.
fcafj Sk BBBi
Service Oil Corporation
a Louisiana corporation with
5000 acres and backed by the same
giant management responsible for
100 Dividend
paying companies as Ocean, Ranger
Central, Eto. "
Smith & Porterf ieW
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ment in a company with vast pos
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Was In' Bed 3 Months and
Weighed Only Eighty
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stored Her.
Dr. Kinsman's Asthma Remedy
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lac, but in one week after I had
taken my first dose I was able to
be up and about," was the statement
made the other day by Mrs. O. T.
Pouder. 327 East Sprnnrl Sr. . finlp.
burg, III, in telling of ber remark-
aDie recovery since taking Tanlac.
"Only my neighbors can tell you
the misery I, have gone through
during the past seven years, why,
I have suffered a thousand deaths,"
she continued. "When I would
Study about mv eonditinn nnrl tha
small chance I had of ever seeing
another well day I would almost go
into hysterics. My nerves were al
most completely shattered and I
would become excited at the least
little unexpected thing. I had in
digestion so bad tht I was almost
afraid to eat anything because oj
the agony I would be in from the
cramps and gas. I would get eo
deathly sick at my stomach some
times that I would faint. At night
I would lie awake for hours ana I
kept losing in weight until I was
down to about eigthy pounds. I
was scarcely more than a frame and
finally I got so weak that I gave
away completely and had to take
to my bed.
"This was the condition I was in
when I was persuaded by a friend
to try Tanlac, but as I had but lit
tle hope of ever getting out of bed
again, I took it more to please her
than anything else. Well, you can
imagine how happy Ifelt when I
began to improve my nerves eased
up and I began to relax and get
more sleep, and in a day or two I
was able t eat a little something.
All this encouraged me so that I
did not allow myself to miss a dose
and in less than a wppV fmm
time I started taking Tanlac I was
out, oi Dea. And by the time I had
taken four bottlox T wns ohio t a
, "- vv "
all my housework and take care of
my live little children. And now I
am in perfect health and can eat
anything I please without it ever
troubling me in the least. I am not
one bit nervous and sleep sound all
nieht loner. I havn o-ninerl haMr all
my lost strength and energy and
really weigh one hundred-fifteen
pounds. Mv friends
are simply amazed at the way Tan-
lac nas Drought me out and I can
hardly realize myself the well and
haPDV condition T am in T nll
praise Tanlac the longest day I live
iur giving me oacK my long lost
Tanlac ia anM in OmoVa f .11
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