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Still Jaaaad' ta praise, yat not afraid to blame,
Anrw allka la llaft'r. " offand;
Nat frw from If ,-ior yt toq vala ta mtml. Pop
Book cannot alwaya plaaaa, bowavar (ood,
Minda ara not aver craving far ttfair food.
' Crabbe.
W 1 '' Presbyterian Aid.
The Ladies' Aid 01 the Benson
Presbyterian church will meet Wed
nesday afternoon, December 3 at
the home of Mrs. Van Horn, Sixty-
third and Miami streets.
Entertain for Visitor.
Mr. nd Mrs. Barton Millard enr
tertained at dinner at their home
Tuesday evening in honor of Mrs.
Lyman Spitzer of Toledo, O., who
is visiting in Omaha. At preent
Kiht is the guest of Mrs. Arthur
Rogers. Pink chrysauthemums
? formed the centerpiece and covers
.were placed for 24.
Winter Dancing Club. .
The Winter Dancing club has tn
idefinitely postponed its dance Wed
nesday evening at Tiirpin's hall.
I - Columbian Club. '
S-'.. The card party to be given Wed
nesday by the Columbian club of
'Sacred Heart parish is postponed
: until further notice.
f ' Entertains Informally. -;
Mrs. C A. Kauffold entertained
finformally at her home Tuesday aft
Jernoon in honor of Mrs. V. W.
'Boyles. -
v ,:; Conac Club.
J The Conac club will give a danc
ing party at the Blackstone Friday
evening, December 5.
f ' Luncheon.
I Mrs. Luther Drake will entertain
t luncheon at her home Wednes
day in honor of Mrs. Anthony Mer
s rill French.
i. J For Mrs. Whyte.
: Mrs. G. C. Howe will entertain in
formally Wednesday afternoon in
honor of he sister, Mrs. Joseph
Simple Way To
, End Dandruff
; There is one sure way that has
never failed to remove dandruff at
'once, and that is to dissolve it, then
you destroy it entirely. To do this,
just get about four ounces of plain,
common liquid arvon from any drug
store (thjs is all you will need),
apply it at night when retiring; use
enough to moisten the scalp and rub
it in gently with the finger .tips.
My moraine, most if not all, of
your" dandruff will be gone, 1 and
three or four more applications will
completely dissolve and entirely deX
stroy every single sign and trace of
it, nc matter how much dandruff
you may have.
You will find all itching and dig
ging of the scalp will stop instantly,
and . your hair will be fluffy,
Justrous, glossy, silky and soft, and
ook and feel a hundred times better.
Aches and pains
sloan's gets 'em!
Famous pain and ache Liniment,
kept handy, bring gratify- '
r.1 ' ing relief.
RHEUMATIC twinges ease up
soon. So do stiff joints, lame
back, neuralgia, overtaxed mus
cles, and those pains from weather
exposure, too hey don't fight long
against the counter-irritant Sloan's
Liniment produces.
Keep this old family friend handy
for instant use a little penetrates
without rubbing, leaving no skin
stains, muss, or clogged pores. You
ought to keep a bottle handy always.
All druggists. Three sizes 35c,
70c;. ft 1.40. '
Director of Thrift for
Nebraska Federation
of Clubs.
1 ft 4
Mrs. Gpodrich is the newly-appointed
director of thrift for the
Nebraska Federation of Women's
Clubs. She is retiring president of
Fifth district and has had wide ex
perience' in club and war work.,
Whyte, who leaves during the holi
days to make her home in Kansas
City. i , i
Informal Affairs.
Miss Dorothy Shapiro entertained
30 guests at her home Thursday
evening.. :
Detachable Capes.
Judging from what we knowso far
of winter's fashions, there are to
be a good many coats with 'detach
able capes. . Sometimes & little fur
cape is to be part of a cloth coat
a detachable part, that may be put
on and taken off the coat at your
will. ) . t
It's Grandmother's Recipe to
; Bring Back Color and
Lustre to Hair.
f v -
That beautiful, even shade of dark,
glossy hair Can only be had by brew
ing a mixture of Sage Tea and Sul
phur. Your hair is your "charm. It
makes or mars the face. When it
fades, turns gray or streaked, just an
application or two of Sage and Sul
phur enhances its appearance a hun
dredfold. Don't bother to prepare the mix
ture; you can get this famous old
recipe improved by the addition of
other ingredients at a small-cost, all
icady for use. It is called Wycth's
Sage and Sulphur Compound. This
can always be depended upon, to
bring -back - the ; natural color and
lustre of your hair.'
Everybody uses "Wyeth's Sage
and Sulphur Compound now because
it darkens so naturally and evenly
that nobody can tell it has been ap
plied. You simply dampen a sp'onge
or soft brush with it and draw this
through the hair, taking one srnall
strand at a time; by morning the
gray hair has disappeared, and after
another application it becomes beau
tifully dark and appears glossy and
lustrous, x .
Heart Beats
By A. K.
' "
M I I ASSIST! NG H1 jttrlk
rOMEN who know the difficulties ot mother
',' ' hood demand that thev shall he helrted to on
thru the strain, and in some cases the danger, of
bearing children with complete safety, and with as
much comfort as science can give them. - ,
Progress in medical research has given the expectant mother
comfort thru Mother's Friend, which spreads. Its influence ove
the nerves, cords and ligaments involved. Tendering them pliant
tc readily yield to nature's demand. There is 'an absence of
bearing-down pains, strain and general discomfort, more often
than otherwise experienced when nature is unaided.
, The women who appreciate Mother's Friend the most, and
who re loudest in their praise of it, are those who unfortunately
did not use. it with their first baby and who, thru Its use with the
second one, were able to fully realize the almost unbelievable
relief it gave.
Mothers Friend
- Ufed externally At all Druggists
Trite jjeeial tooUct en MOTHERHOOD and BABY, Jfree
Brapftei-d Regulator Company, Dept. A-20, Atlanta, Ga. '
' V '
T.ove the author a. v
Because of his art
For his brilliant characters
With bright repartee.
Worship at shrines
Illusive invisible y
BuYleave the writer '
In peace. '
These characters are all
His children of Thought
They sap his brilliance v
Drain him of wit '
Until he is taciturn
Timid and shy
One might misjudge him
As stupid. y'
You may picture his locks
As long, straight and dark,
Framing a narrow face
When he really is stout
Too red and rotnnd
With thin gray hair
And curly.-
You hope to meet
One quite discrete
Whose serious mind '
Gives philosophy
Whose moralizing "
And fine surmising
Uplifts the race-
In. print. ,
But stop!
This author
Is almost frivolous.
There is one you seek
Who writes p warmth
Fraternity and fairness.
But his life is filled
Vyith self-conceit
With selfishness and ego.
There's a woman you've pictured
As wistful and wise .
Whose muse . '
Is tunefully written
Her prose full of tears
Is appealing and sad
And stirs you toj dreams
Unwise .unreal. '
You have fancied .
This woman litterateur
With mysterious eyes
And silken tresses
A figure like Venus -
And features like
Helen of Troy.
Ah me! 'Be kind!
Seek not to meet them
They're best loved
WherT they- are unknown.
Leave.them to dreams
To muses and themes
, These authors your iavorites
Who Swell in the land
Of "Fantasy"
The beautiful realm
Of Thought ,
Save your pink tea-
For Beau Brummels. J
Mrs. O. B. Emerson and children
of Allison, la., spent Thanksgiving
with Drj and Mrs. Charles J. Em
erson. - -
Miss Euphemia Johnson is spend
ing the week in Fremont in connec
tion with the Y. W. C. A. educa
tional campaign.
A daughter was born, November
29, to Major and ' Mrs. Ffcank La
gois. R. E. Blackwood, secretary of the
civil service rform association of
Chicago was in Omaha Monday.
Albert "Shoemaker' left Monday
for his home jn Harrisburg, Pa.
Mrs. Andrew Edstrom is at the
Swedish Mission hospital, where she
is recovering from an operation.
Richard Carrineton returned Tues
day from St. Paul. '
Mr. and Mrs. Cyrus Mason have
takenNan apartment at the Morris
for the winter.
Temple Israel Sisterhood.
The Temple Israel sisterhood will
meet with Mrs; Sol Bergman, 325
South Thirty-seventh street, Wed
nesday afternoon, December 3, at
2:30. The program, under direction
of Mrs. Herbert Arnstein, will in
clude a talk by Mrs. Marie Leff
Caldwell. niani solo bv Miss Fran
ces Palais, Russian dance by Mrs.
E. John Brandeis and a Russian
playlet by-Mrs. Henry Hiller. -
; Major Isaac Chapter, D. A. R.
Major Isaac chapter, ;D. A. R.,
ril! mi SatnrHav. December 6. at
2:30 p. m. with Mrs. j. R. Golden,
111 Morth iwenty-nttn street, in
stead of Friday, December5, as pre
viously announced.
Home Nursing Classes.
Mrs. W. E. Bolin. chairman of
nursing activities, Omaha chapter,
American Red Cross, announces
that home nursing classes will be
discontinued until furtheinotice on
account of the rooms at the.Y. W.
C. A. being closed.
Dundee Woman's Qib.
Dundee Woman's club will meet
i ik hmne nf Mrs. W. C. Fraser.
4918 Cass street, Wednesday, De
cember J, at z:.iJ p. m. to stuay
"Joan and Peter," by H. G. Wells.
Leader, Mrs. A. L. Green, assisted
by Mrs. S. S. Clark and Mrs. J. F.
I?. E. O. -Sisterhood.
Chapter RK of the P. E. O sis
terhood will have an all day meeting
at the home of Miss Agnes Livesey,
sey, 4939 Davenport street, Thurs
day, December 4. -
American War Mothers.
American War Mothers will have
a kensingtou at the home of Mrs.
Susie Finney, 3104 Woolworth ave
nue, Wednesday. December 3, at
1:30. Election of officers.
Mu Sigma.
Mu Sigma will meet Wednesday,
December 3.v Mrs. C. W. -Axtell.
leader, and Mrs. E. W. Gunther and
Mrs. George Payne, assistants. The
civil war will be studied.
Clan Gordon Auxiliary.
The Ladies' auxiliary to Clan Gor
don will meet at the home of Mrs.
William BrittQn, 2511 Chicago street,
WcdnesHay afternoon at 2 o'clock.
C. L. Hcmpel.
Mrs. Anthony French Merrill.
Mrs. Anthony FrenchMerrill will
speak Wednesday morifing. Decem
ber 3. -Jt 10:45 at the Blackstone
hotel on "The Contribution of the
Community Service.
All evening activities of commun
ity service (formerly War Camp
Community Service) are discon
tinued in accordance with instruc
tions from the subcoal committee
of the United States, fuel adminis
tration until further notice. Girls'
Community House is open for ac
tivities from 10 a. ni. until 5 ty. m.
Among the most attractive fea
tures of community service . sus
pended indefinitely by the coal
shortage arj the club suppers serv
ed at the Community House four
nights each week by the various
units of the Girls' Community Serv
ice league. A scries of uest sup
pers had just been inaugurated. On
Saturday evening the honored
guests were Mr. S. STSJaldwell, Mr.
William G. Ure, Mr. and Mrs. Leo
Rosenthal. Mr. C. B. Root, Mr.
E. C. Thomas, Mr. Charles Levings.
Mr. B. II. Twitchell, Miss- Bell
Ryan I and Miss Charlotte Town
send. With the resumption of activities
invitations will be extended to the
executive board and Women's club
and to the club editors of the
papers to accept the girls' hospital
ity at Community House.
Mothers' Club.
The Mothers' club will meet
Wednesday at 1 p. m. at the home
of Mrs. J. H. Craddock. Mrs. J. F.
Beard will be assistant hostess. The
subject for the lesson is', "The "Ef
fects of the War on American So
cial Life." Talk. "Labor and Capi
tal," Miss -Gladys Shamp. "The
World Woman," Mrs. Zane Thomp
son. , Each member will respond to
roll call With an item on'Govern
ment Efforts for Social Better
ment." ; ;
Woman's Club Activities.
All meetings of the Omaha Wom
an's club have been postponed un
til further notice. This cancels the
luncheon announced by the politi
cal and social science department
for next Monday and the musical
tea for December 10, as well as reg
ular""departmental meetiffgs. The
Monday meeting, December l,vould
have been canceled, Mrs. C,L. Hem
pel announced, had not the program
been prepared and the time too short
to make adequate announcement of
the change in plans. The big audi
torium was not heated, however, but
a room already warmed was kindly
offered by the Y. W. C. A.
Dr. Callfas Goes to England.
Dr. Jennie Callfas has decided to
go to London, England, next April,
as representative for Nebraska at
the world's W. C. T. U. Convention.
She was recently elected tojhis of
fice at the York state convention,
and her election subsequently rati
fied at the St. Louis national con
ventktn. Dr. Callfas had not de
cided definitely until Monday that
she would make the trip, owing to
the fact that she and her husband
have been contemplating a journey
to the Holy Land in the summer of
Book Club to Organize. v
A group of 20 girls and young
married women, who are interested
in books, are organizing a club
which -will meet once a month.
Their first meeting will be ' held
Wednesday at the home of Miss
Emily Keller, 432 South Thirty-
i :
Constipation, Headache,
Colds, Biliousness ended
with "Cascarets"
frothing takes the joy out of life
quicker than a disordered liver or
waste-clogged bowels. Don't stay
sick, bilious, headachy, constipated.
Remove the liver and bowel poison
which is keeping ,your head dizzy,
your tongue coated, your breath
bad and stomach sour. ' Why not
rpend a few cents for a boxof Cas
carets and enjoy thenices't, gentlest
laxative-cathartic you ever experi
enced? Cascarets never gripe,, sick
en or inconvenience one like Salts,
Oil, Calomel of harsh pills. They
work while you sleep.
Herpt make strong tardy men
and beautiful healthy women-
Used by over 1,000,000 people an
nually as a tonic, strength and
blood builder. Ask your doctor
or druggist about Nuxated Iron.
eighth avenue, at 3 p. m.', Mrs. An
thony .French Merrill will be pres
ent to talk to the group.
Mrs. Cameron on Thrift.
Mrs. M. D. Cameron, general fed
eration director for Nebraska, lay
before members of the Omaha
Woman's club at the Monday meet
ing the general plan of co-operatipn
of the part of federated women's
clubs in the thrift movement. She
spoke of the work being donevby
Miss Georgie Bacon of Massachu
setts, director of thrift for the gen
eral federation, and particularly of
a new outline prepared by Miss Ba
con on thrift in the home. ' "Ne
braska is -bent on doing her share,"
according to Mfs. Cameron. "Evefy
club woman's home, a home of
thrift," was recommended as a good
motto for the great body of fed
erated members.
H. E. L. P. Club. "
. H. E. L. P. club will meet Wed
nesday evening for supper and sew
ing. -
W. W. Club. V
Mrs. George Swoboda will enter
tain the W. W. club at luncheon at
the Athletic club Wednesday, De
cember 3, at 12:30 o'clock.
Benson Methodist Aid.
The Iadies. Aid society of t aye
Benson Methodist church will meet
Wednesday afternoon at thehome
of Mrs. C. D. Mclllnay, 2806 North
Sixty-sixth avenue, Mrs. J. L. Cor
baley, hostess.
Nasty Colds
Ease at Once
First dose pf"Pape's Cold Compound" relieves dis
- tress Three doses break up colds No quininel
Don't stay stuffed-up! Quit blow
ing 'and snuffling! A dose of
"Pape's Cold Compound" taken
every two hours until three doses
are taken usually breaks up a cold
and ends all grippe misery.
The first dose opens clogged-up
nostrils and air passages of head;
stops nose funning; relieves head
ache, dullness, feverishness, sneez
ing, soreness, stiffness.
"Papys Cold Compound" is "the
quickest surest relief known and
costs only a few cents at drug stores.
It acts without assistance. Tastes
nice. Contains no quinine." Insist
on Pape s!
Fac4 Unsigbty. ftcbing
"I bad ecsema and acne for twelve
year. Phnplea and blackheads cov
eted the skin and the pores
were dogged. My (ace ara
unsightly and the itching
was so intense that I Irri
tated my face by scratching.
The ikin was inflamed, and
the eruption caused loss of
"Then I tried Caticurs Soap snd
Ointment, snd after using them for
two months I was healed. Signed)
Prof. A. Beningboff, 418 Lucas
Avenue, St. Louis, Mo.
Make Cutieura Soap, Ointment and
Talcnm your daily toi preparations.
S SSa. CHBtma S awl SOc. Tataaaa
SSc Sold throughout theworM. Par
ample each free addraas: aaararaLiav
araMriaa, Dapt H, MaWaai, Maaa."
JHFCaticoP Sap afcaan ilhaat Baas.
Bee Want Ads produce results.
1 . - . '
I;- r
itt 1 -r - -yjafcTl -ja j.-. -
Sore -throat
May leafl to worse
used in time may
avoid severe ill
ness. Get a tube.
Thoa, Laamlag A Oa M. C
During Jhe Emergency -This Store Will Open at 10 A. XM. and Close at 5 P. M.
Wednesday We Will Hold A Sale of
New vand Distinctive Blouses
That Will Help Solve Many oj Your Gift Problems
It is a blouse sale that well could be approached with superlatives, if
superlatives could better serve to express the character and style and
value of these beautiful blouses.
Those who have attended the occasional special sales which Kilpat- .;.'
rick!s have previously conducted will need no further explanation or
emphasis than the mere announcement of the date and the day, and
those who may not be f amilar with the Character and Style and Value r
of Kilpatrick opportunities should vest this announcement with an in
terest that will insist upon .coming Wednesday vto share
There Are Four Differenl Lots of Wonderful Tailored, Dress and Russian Blouses
Lot No. 1-
Lot No. 2-
Lot No. 3-
Lot.No. 4
M 95 $11.75 $175
Values Up to
Values Up to
Values Up to
. Values jp to
' - - '
The materials are Georgette, Crepe de Chirfe, Pussy Willow and Treco Crepe.
They are beautifully trimmed with filet, colored beads, fancy braid and wool em
' broidery. ' 1
The color selection is unusuallyi good and includes Orchid, Flesh, White, Navy,
Pearl, Taupe, Emerald, Plum,' Reseda, Lavender, Brown, Tan, Beige, Wisteria, Corn,
Peach, Henna, French Blue, Copenhagen, Black combinations and all Blacks.
REMEMBER The Early ShopperGets; the First Pick
shortened, your own reason should urge'you to
shop early in the month early in the day.
Here I Am Again
s ft1 u -"m
Did you miss me last
, yearV
The' -w at against
tuberculosis is on!
Buy Red Cross Christ
mas Seals and lead
your state in the
An Important Dress Sale
, or misses and Little Women-
Two Prices: $21.50 and $29.50
Sizes range from 14 up to 17. There are dresses for schpol
vvear, for street wear and many of the more dressy kind. The
materials are Serge, Satin, Tricolette, Tricotine, Jersey, and
Velvet, in the most desirable shades. -
These dresses were purchased from our regular manufac-
turers and their quality and value is assured. v
' . . 1 1
i V
rSR-i.. a?aaaK-aTawfgwjWR..,iaayii i i mi aa a