Omaha daily bee. (Omaha [Neb.]) 187?-1922, December 03, 1919, Page 3, Image 3

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Mr. Duni'a Han Incr4 Ery
, Day. PUn ii Easily Tried.
"Wi hav IS ehlekan ant hadn't had
an cts ll winter. Id t i day after feed
in Don Sam. we lot four to five e a
day; in three week, we were getting- 10
to II tggt a dny; in five week we tot II
to 19 egg a day." John Ouni, Box 103,
Cherry Valley. Pa.
Mr. Dun I started giving h!i ben Don
(Suns in January, in tero weather. He
aow keep bia hen buay in cold weather,
when hens usually atop laying;. A trial
eoata nothing;. Here' our offer:
Give your hen Don Suns and watch re
ulta for one month. If you don't find that
it iiiTi for itielf and car you a good
profit besides, simply tell us and your
money will r prompuy reiunaea.
Dob Sum (Chinese for egg-laying)
works directly on the egg-Itfying organs,
and i alao a splendid tonic. It is easily
given in the. feed, improve the hen'
health, make her stronger and more ac
tive in any weather, and starts her laying.
Try Don Sung for SO days and if it
doesn t get you tne eggs, no matter now
cold or wet the weather, your money will
be refunded by return mail. Get Don Sung
from your druggist or poultry remedy
dealer or send 60 cents for a package by
mail prepaid. Burrell-Dusrger Co., 173
aIiiim liia RUs Imli.n.niiHa TniA.
P ' J
when you take
Father J ohn's Medicine
for your cold because it
is free from morphine,
chloroform, codeine,
heroin, or other dan
gerous drugs. Take it
Over 60 Years in Us
is a
to every woman, but good
health is vitally important.
Attention to liver, kidneys
and bowels will improve
beauty and health.'
are a boon to women, be
cause theyregulatethe func
tions of all these organs
yithout any irritation ordis
agreeable effect '
wT3 feM&i
a the V A 1 ra Um
WatM. igftJ JOeZSe.
Progressive Women Use The
Omaha Bee Advertising Col
umns at Their S h o p p i n"g
Police Declare Names of
Omaha Doctors Were Used
by Convict from Two
Big Penitentiaries.' 1
Bertilon measurements of an al
leged check forger, using the names
of Dr. L. A. Tyson and C C. Huff,
brought out the true identification
of the man yesterday at Central po
lice station as Louts A. wneeier, ana
JL. A. Miller, escaped convict from
the penitentiaries ot tori Leaven
worth, Kan., and San Quentin, CaU
according to the police.
He was bound over to district
court under $1,500 bonds in police
court Monday. ,
When presented with a circular
bearing the record, picture .and Ber
tilon description of Louis A.
Wheeler, alias L. A. Miller, the al
leged forger flinched. "That must
be my twin brother," he said, look
ing again at the picture.
When arrested Monday the man
gave his name as Dr. L. A. Tyson.
Under the names of Dr. Tyson and
r r Huff iK inan is alleged to
have passed' four checks aggregating
$4,689 on JJr.iA. U. unn, nariman
Furniture comparer and Ed Williams,
real estate man.
"Planned "Dream Castle."
With the pretense, of establishing
a home in Omaha for his wife, who
he said was in New Orleans, the
man bought a house from Mr. Will
iams at 1548 South Twenty-fith
avenue, and tendered a check for
$200 as first payment. The check
was returned marked. "No account.
At the Hartman Furniture com
pany, the man picked out $3,854
worth of furniture and offered a
check for $3,864 as payment, ac
cepting $10 in change from the com
pany. The check was returned.
Tyson worked for Dr. Nunn dur
ing the past two weeks. "He was
no dentist by any means, I learned,
Dr. Nunn said. "So I put him to
work in the mechanical depart
ment." ,
Tells of Big Draft.
which show
that Tyson forged the name, Dr. I
A. J-. JNunn, in payment lor iwu
diamond rings at Loftis 'Brothers,
Sixteenth and Farnam streets. The
checks on Dr. Nunn amounted to
$50 and $575 respectively. In ex
planation of the alleged forged
checks, Tyson said he had deposited
a foreign' draft for $6,000 in the
Omaha- National bank. Investiga
tion of the alleged deposit is being
made. '
Tyson had so well planned his
"dream castle'.' at 1548 .South
Twenty-fifth avenue, police say,
that he also hired a maid at $100 a
month. She was in the room at
the hotel -when Tyson was ar
rested, police say, and was com
pelled to pay the room rent, as Ty
son had but 33 cents in his pocket.
Detectives Say They
Found Burglary Kit
in Room of Omahan
City detectives early yesterday say
thev found a complete burglary kit
and hats, said to have been stolen
from the Omaha Hat factory, four
teenth and Douglas streets, Sunday
night, in the rooms of J. C. Brock,
510 South Twenty-second street.
Several revolvers were also found
in the rooms, police say.. Brock was
arrested and held for investigation.
With him, Robert Williams of
Council Bluffs, Eva Lamb, 813 Fif
teenth avenue, Council Bluffs, and
Christine Dellmore, 1705 Avenue I,
Council Bluffs, were also arrested
and held for investigation.
The detectives went to Brock's
home with Council Bluffs officers to
get Williams, who was wanted in
Council Bluffs for alleged thefts of
automobiles. On finding; the burg
lary kit and the two girls in the place
with Williams and Brosk, the detec
tives arrested all four.
Mann. act charges will he placed
against the two men, according to
the police, if investigation shows
that they brought the two girls to
Omaha from Council Bluffs.
Machine Guns, Ordered for
; Police Department, Arrive
Two Brownin? machine cutis, or
dered for the oolice department fol
lowing the court house riots,' have
arrived and are in the office of the
chief of police. Squads of police
men will be drilled in the use of the
suns. A laree stock of ammunition
has also been received. An arm of
ficer from Fort Omaha explained the
working of the guns to policemen
fo?G O C d
un xw m Mm In Hullli ami Strantfth. when vour Mind
gat dull and your Body weakenvwhen you arc sick and tired oftaktnf
ItlmaUnt and narcotics, then try Nuga-Tone and see how quickly you U
-, fc like a new man! Nine-tenths of all human ailments, tuoh a Poor
Appetite, Indication. Case and Bloatiitf, Constipation, Bilraotocs. v
AnmiaTRheumabc twinge. Headache. Neuralgia, lack ot.Encrgy, loss- 4
fetca, thin water Blood and poor Blood Circulation.
Every organ, every function of the body I dependeiu opon NerForee
..!. in- .-tinn NairucFnrra is the main sarin: of thestomaeh,ltver.
kidneys and boweb. the heart's throb, the Mood circulation. Nuca-Tont
la the most sensible treatment for nervous and physical break -down.
Why? Because it Is composed of eight valuable health-giving ingredient
recommended and prescribed by the foremost physicians and it is cspe
dan rich la Iron and Phosphorous food for the Blood and Nema.
Na-TetM pots Bfe tn the liver, Invigorates the bowebeo they move re
alariy. It rei the kidneys, drives out the rjoisopoas wastes. No more
a and bloating, foul breath or coated tongue! No mora pain and
Seat Noga-Tonc gives yon a wonderful appetite, good digestion, steady
netvea and sound refreshing sleep. Nuga-Tone enriches the blood, 1m-
- -- tw.. kjw4 fto-nUtinn- nut the alow of health in the cheek and
briahtnois In the eyes! It builds strong, rugged men. healthier and more
beautiful women. Nuga-Tone contains na opiates no habit forming drag.
7r r7TV7nmH(nt naekaae. It iiWar coated. nteasant to th taste.
easy to take. Try it. You'll recommend it to all your friends. , V.I
ai ks and we will Immediately retsn-n yvar B)iy. Ten aee ye cart lose a m
tweeai ec wm gmw
1 .
k I WiN
Vational Laboratory. Dept. No, t537 South Dearborn SU Chicago, ID.
GentlemenEnclosed pleas find....u..M.
Nuga-Tone. .
Sot whUi endM.MM'.botteto
...... .........
There Is a Delightful Ghristmassy Air Through out This Entire Store
Important Notice
Upon the recommendation of the Fuel
Administration, as a measure of coal
conservation, v "'
Our Store-Hours Will Be
10 A. M. to 5 P. M.
UntilTurther Notice . ,
Parcels Wrapped
Regardless "of where purchased,' we are glad"
to wrap parcels for shipment by parcel post
or express, at the ACCOMSIODATION DESK
in our Basement This service is 'Without
charge, of course. ' v . -
Brandeis , Stores Basement
Strtt and N. . D.
) t i
19 Shopping Days Until Christmas, Y '
The number of days are dwindling steadily. Every twenty-four hours makes a difference.
And here's the' big point,' a few hours spent now in shopping on your Christmas list will
save you a whole day later on. -This'store is in complete readiness to serve the early shop
per with efficient dispatch. , ".. . . v
Wonderful Values Offered Wednesday in '
A Great Sale of .
Negligees and Japanese Kimonas
One Hundred of the Daintiest.
Garments, Which Would Regu
larly sell at 20.00 and 27.50
, .
Either as a gift or for your own ward
robe you can't go wrong on this sale! T1k
garments were ordered by us many months
ago on a rising market and we are posi
tively offering them at less than the Crepe
de vChine would cost at this .time, without
the trimming or making.
a roo
Materials of Crepe de Chine and Japanese
Silk Crepe Beautiful Designs
. x
You have a wide range from which to make a selection about
a dozen styles and colorings. There's a considerable number of
Crepe de Chine Accordion Plaited Skirts with Shadow or Silk
Coatee and still others of Japanese silk crepe, embroidered in but
terfly and floral designs. "
Brandeis StoresThird FloorEast
, Our Greatly Enlarged
Art Section
Is at Its Christmas Best
The perplexing problem of gift giving is simplified
iu our Art Department. . .
Our unlimited variety offers many valuable sugges
tions for appropriate gifts. -
We are mentioning only a few of the many items.
Stamped Pieces with simple
work are being shown for
the Holiday present.
A Fair of Pillow Oases with
a little embroidery and a
crochet edge is a very1 ac
ceptable present, at, the
pair, 2.25
Lunch Cloths, 36-inch square,
stamped for cross stitch
work; attractive designs;
each, ." 1.25
Dresser Scarfs to match pil
low cases, "embroidery and
crochet work, 1.00
All Linen 'Scarfs for the
dresser or buffet; embroid
ery" and crochet work;
at, 2.75
Lunch Cloths, 44-inch, round,
stamped with conventional
baskets, artistically scal
loped edge for crochet,
at 2.25
Brandeis Stores Third Floor Center
Nothing Could Be Better Than
The Gift Royal FURS
There is a charm, a soft warmth, an inviting, huggable
coziness about a fur coat that no feminine heart can resist.
For Wednesday we are showing
some extremely handsome Fur Coats
at surprisingly low prices. -
Come in and look them over.
'30-inch Selected Skins of Marmot,
made up with shawl collars and
cuffs of the same material. Special
ly priced at - - ,$149
36-inch Coats of Marmot, with shawl
collars and cuffs of the same mate
rial.' Exceptionally Agood, value
at $ljB9.50
30-inch Nutria Coats, in flare mod
els with shawl collars; 'some with
bell sleeves and some regulation
styles. Regular price ?4ao; saie W
price, $350 '-
Brandeis Stores Second Floor Center
We Are Offering Our
Cedar Chests
At One-Third Off
Sleds! Sleds! Sleds!
A Genuine Tennessean Cedar Chest makes the nicest
Christmas present imaginable foi the home. Above all,
one is a Useful Gift!
You will find a wonderful assortment of the sub
stantial kind! We know they are substantial and of
the best materials and workmanship for they were made
right here in Omaha, in our own workshop.
We are overstocked," and the result is a saving to you -of
one-third when we off er them at
i Prices 16.50, 20.00 to 27.50
Brandeis Stores Third Floor North
Featuring for Wednesday
Of Surpassing Merit, Specially Priced
Women's Heavy Fleece Lined
' Union Suits; all styles; an
kle length. Very special
value, Main Floor 1.25
Warm, Fleecy Union Suits
for women ; all styles and
all sizes; ankle lengths;
special, . , 1.50
Women's Union Suits of fine
Merino wool aid silk; well
made with flat lock seams;
in heavy and medium
weights; low neck, sleeve:
less and half sleeve; Dutch
neck, ankle lengths ; 5.00
,and 5.50 values, at 3.50
Misses' and Children's Heavy
"Weight Wool Union Suits:
a broken line from our reg
ular stock; high neck, long
sleeves, ankle lengths with
drop seats; 4.00 values
for 2.05.
Buy 'Em Novo'
While snow is on the ground
v and the sledding is good!
i ' . .
A fortunate purchase of an entire line of Sleds from
a big jobber who needed floor space enables us to sell
them at far lower. prices than present market conditions "
would otherwise warrant.
- ' , - . ..:
Coaster Sleds
'200 Worth 1.50, sale price, 75c
100 Worth 2.00, sale price, 1.00
100 Worth 2.50, sale price, -1.50
- ' Oirls' Sleds
Worth 1.00, sale price, 50c
Worth 1.50, sale price, 75c
Worth 2.00, sale price, 1.00
Worth 3.00, sale price, 2.00
Buy your sleds now and let the boys and girls
enjoy them while the snow is on!
We Have the Largest Stock of t
Flexible ,
Brandeis Stores Third Floor East
' In town. Genuine Flexible Flyers are always marked
witn the Flexible Flyer trade-mark on top. All others are
imitations. ' '
Brandeis Stores Toyland Fourth Floor -
ppintf Daya i
f 1 Ufa. A
and ,
'Safety Razors
Can you think of anything
that he would appreciate
more than a Safety Razor?
Gillette Safety Razors, all
models, from
5.00 to 10.00
- Main Floor West
Serving Trays
Japanese Hand Serving
Trays round in wicker.
Justin! They range in price,
depending on size, from
2.00, 3.00 up to 5.00
Third' Floor Center
Bath Robe Blankets -
Size 72x90; complete with
girdle, frogs and neck cord.
In assorted Jacquard and In
dian designs; at each 5.75
' Basement West
Madras Shirts
This" lot specially priced
for Christmas selling. Won
derful values ;n new pat
terns. Every shirt guaran
teed to give satisfaction.
Price, v v ; 2.50
Men's Store Main Floor
Electric Grills
The Universal Electric
Grill makes a Toaster, Chaf
ing Dish and Griddle. It has
a current regulating device
with three heat ranges, at
, 12.00
Basement West
Detachable Fur Collars
. In Beaver, Otter, Hudson
Seal, Tear'Seal, Coney, Per
sian Lamb, Blended Musk
rat. Prices range from
10.00 to" 65.00
Afen's Store Second Floor
Lounging and Bath
Lounging and Bath Robes
for bejys, button-down-the-front
style with full belt. A
real boy's garment, 7.50
Boys' Dept. Men's Store
Ties for Middy Blouses
Especially nice assortment
of Neck Ties for Middy
Blouses and straight Four-
in-Hands for small boys. In
a variety of colors and plaids
50 to 1.69
First Floor Center
Boudoir Caps
In an assortment of light
colors, rui up in Doxes.
From 69? to 6.00
First Floor Center
Melorose .Extract
1.00 Willard White Cele
brated Melorose Extract in
all odors; individual pack
ages in beautiful lined satii
gift boxes. Special at 79
First Floor West
Sport Jersey Blouse
B'or the College Girl.' Ia
browns, blues auJ greens,
with Angora collars, cuffs
and girdle in contrasting col
ors. Must be seen to be ap
preciated, 17.50
Second Floor East
Imported from Japan
Hand embroidered ; all white
Especially desirable s as a
Christmas gift. Priced from
-13.95 to 22.50
Second Floor North