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    : - -r-; " " . " Z""7 THE BEEt OMAHA, TUESDAY, NOVEMBER 4, 1919. ' ' - .
t- - - 1 i i i i
I V v
THERE ii one woman in Oma
ha who ii- looking forward
"with the greatest -of pleasure
to hearing Albert Spalding, vio
linist, in concert hBre. She is Mrs.
Frank Jones of "Pasco, Washington,
formerly June Brown, daughter of
Mr. and Mrs. Norris Brown. Mr.
Spalding will appear in a .joint re
cital wth Sophie Braslau, contralto,
under the auspices -pt the Tuesday
Musical club, Monday evening, No
vember 17. at the Brandeis.
Mrs. ' Jones, herself an ac
complished violinist, had the pleas
ure of hearing Mr. Spalding in re
cital 10 years ago in Washington,
D. C. She says that even then he
was considered an artist of note and
that the critics spoke very highly of
hiin and his playing 4 pronouncing
him "one of the best rounded mu
sicians and one of the sincereston
the concert platform."
Mr. and Mrs. Patrick Dorsey an
nounce the marriage of their daugh
ter, Katherine, to TarlA Parish on
Saturday, November 1. The bride
wore a corsage of roses with her
traveling suit. She is a graduate of
Nicholas-Senti hospital and was at
the time of her marriage laboratory
technician. Mr. Parish ha recently
returned from overseas service. Af
ter a trip to KauSas..(.'ity they wil
return to Omaha, where they will
make their home. x
Theater Parties.
Tabor entertaineM 1 guests
at the Orplieum Monday evening. C
Redmond had eight guests. - Other
parties given by:-
K. W. Hurt.
O. C. Kftdl. k.
H. B. Inland.
If.- "NyKaard.
R, O. IcKpfiKpy.
A. RMcC'onnei,
P. W. Mtkfwll,
C. O. bohrman,
John Lit t If.
U. A. J os I y ii.
Hubert Zui'hTy,
Raymond SUifldM,
J. J. Bulltviin,
J. M. BaldrldBP.
(!. U. Beaumont,
K Ti. Phlpp.
Wlllliim Nhnoor,
WilllHin Chamber,
V. Currny,
Dr. 'rlM,
A. IT. Curtta. .
Mr. T. Pulley,
(. 1.. Farnsvrorlh.
V. Grm;nif, ,
U I.. Hamlin,
J. J. IIiTS,
Prod Webster, -I'liaajen
Vcr Mehren.
Golfers Club.
The regular inr . ling of the Pret
tiest Mile Wotn-Mi's Golf club will
be held Tuesday evening, Novem
ber 4, at the home of Mrs. Forrest
Byrd, 6808 Florence j botileva-f1.
Leant to distinguish, by
the label and the sigha
' : ture, the famous ,
It has been the world's '
leading condimentr for
. generations.
Miss Wilhelm Engaged
1 1 .
ft m i v $t 'x':5 'i . M rl -
I The engagement of Miss Esther
Wilhelm, daughter of Mr. and Mrs.
C. M. WilJielm, and Mr. Samuel L.
Cooper of Pittsburgh was announced
Monday at an informal'fternoon af
fair at the Wilhelm home.
Miss yilhelm is one of the most
attractive of the girls,of the young
er set. She attended 'Miss Spence's
school in New York and was a maid
of Ak-Sar-Ben two years ago. She
was prominent in many wartime ac
tivities and is flow one of the lead
ers of the Junior league.
Mr. Cooper is the son of Mr. and
Mrs. Samuel G. Cooper. He attend
ed Princeton and was an ensign in
the navy during the war.
No date has been set for the wed
ding and it probably will not take
place until spring.
Miss Wilhelm returned Friday
from Pittsburgh, where she visited
at the Cooper home. She left
Omaha just after Ak-Sar-Ben, ac
companying Miss -Mary Cooper and
Mr. Cooper, who had been her
guests here. - .
Red Cross
Uicd (or 70 Years
Thru its use Grandmother's
vauthful auDearance has
remained until VOUth has
become but a memory.
The soft, rermed,T?early
white appearance ui
renders leaves the joy
of Beauty witnyou,
for many
r -v-
A You
A Safe
wlien you tike
Father John's Medi
cine for your- cold be
cause it is free from
fmornhine. chloroform.
A- 7 '
: codeine, heroin, or oth-
I ' . M ; 1
er dangerous arugs.
Take it Today.
am (Ma
Mrs. Harold Thomsen of' Pre
cinct 19 of the Third ward, of
which Mrs. 'Sen Handler, major, has
been unable to eet anv heloer in her
preclncf, has agreed to work the
entire precinct herself.
Mrs. A. I. , Creicli. ir.. will take
rriarir nf fflfc. telpntlnnA rallc Hnr-
ing the Red Cross roll call for the
women s headquarters.
Mrs. H. L. Rivett has succeeded
Mrs. John' Calvert as major at Ben
son. Mrs. Calvert was compelled
to give up the work on account of
illness, 1
Mrs. W. E. Martin, chairman of
the Red Cross motor corps, is sup
plying drivers to assist both men s
and women's hearlmiarK"r Amnno-
H-those assisting are Carita O'Brien,
Mrs. Hanson, Mrs. Yohe, Mrs.
Leary, Alice McCormick and
Eleanor McGilton, Miss Kennedy,
Mrs. Engleman, Frances Robinson.
The National League for Wo
men's Service, under the ioint direc
tion of tie chairman. Mrs. Willianvt
Archibald Smitb-'and the vice chair
man, -MrsW Milton iBarlow, has
taken charge of the booth on the
court house lawn for the Red Cross
drive. ' "-
This shows the splendid spirit of
the national league, who are thus
putting into practice their watch
word, 'Service. Speeches and
"stunts" xf different kinds will be
put on each day in front of this
booth durinar the noon hour under
Lthe direction of Robert Switzler.
Miss Frances Nieman, returned
overseas worker' under the direc
tion of Company A, canteen, will
have charge of the work at Hotel
Conant She will be assisted by
Mesdames H. A. Nelson and Stuart
Gould. -
OnCof the most gratifying fea
tures noted at the Women's head
quarters is the number of soldiers,
who voluntarily come in and offer
their dollars.
Littrell Vernon, an overseas man,
said a dollar was not enough and
insisted upon giving $5.
Miss HeleneBixby has charge of
the work along Automobile Row.
Thomas Reynolds Porter, the 6th,
only 24 hours old, is the youngest
member reported to date. He is
the son of Mr. and Mrs. T, R.
Porter, 3314 Davenport street ;
Another young member of the
Omaha chapter for 1920 is Mary
Jane Pelton, 8 months old, daughter
of H. Pelton. The women's head
quarters are located in Mr. Pelton's
place of business, and little Miss
Pelton called in person and received
her membership card. -
Miss Elizabeth Stewart, formerly
of the Omaha public library and
who recently returned from over
seas, where -she served as a canteen
and a library worker, will accept
Red Cross 'Subscriptions, all of next
week, at the women's headquarters.
Miss Stewart will wear her attrac
tive overseas uniform. y '
. Dinner Party. 1
' Mrs. A- O.i Peterson was honor
guest at an informal dinner at the
Athletic club, Sunday. The occa
sion was her birthday. Covers
were laid for in
Miss Sophia L Komorski arrived
home Wednesday morning after a
trip of two months on the Pacific
coast . . v
Mr. and Mra. Samuel Vorzimer
announce. the birth of a son at the
Methodist hospital Sunday. Mrs.
Vorzimer was formerly Miss Lillian
Mrs. A.C. Poirelf has returned
from California where she spent the
past five months. Mrs. Powell is
residing with her son, Clark G.
Powell temporarily.
'Miss Helen Bradley, daughter of
W. W. Bradley, who is (attending
Mount Holyoke college at South
Hadley, .Mass., has been chosen a
member of the sophomore base ball
team there. 1
Misses Virginia Hanscom and
Mary France of New York left
Monday for a visit of a week in the
western part of the . state. ' They
have been theguests of Mrs. John
L. Kennedy. 1
Miss Luella Peterson, who has
been ill at the Wise Memorial hos
pital, is now convalescing at her
home. j
Mr. Si Alexander is ill at the Lord
Lister hospital.
A daughter, Wnde Kopald Des
becker, was born tox Mr. and Mrs.
Richard Desoecker of Buffalo, N, Y.,
October 30, 1919. Mrs. Desbecker
was Hanna Kopald '61 , Omaha.
Paul Flothow was a week-end
guest at the Beta Theta Pi house Ihs
, Fidelis Club. , '
The Fidelis club of the St Ce
celias' Catholic Cathedral ' parish
will entertain at cards Tuesday
afternoon, November 4, at 2:15
o'clock at the school auditorium,
Thirty-ninth and Websterstreets.
Sacred Heart Alumnae. -
The members of the Sacred Heart
alumnae 'will meet Tuesday after
noon at the Sacred Heart academy
to attend the first of the series' of
lectures on psychology by Father
William Quinlan. ' '
Alumnae Chapter.
The Omaha Atomnae chapter, of
Miss Somer's school will meet Tues
day afternoon at the home of Mrs.
Robert Garrett. The officers of the
chapter are Miss Helen Walker, re
gent; Mrs. William Schnorr, secre
tary: and Mrs. John Webster, treas
urer. They will complete plats for
Miss Beatricev Montgomery spent
the week-end in Lincoln and was
an honor guest at theAlpha Chi
Omega dancing party Friday eve
ning. ' V
-Miss Loa Howard attended the
Kappa Alpha Theta dancing party
in Lincoln Friday .evening.
Mrs. J. H. Ellsberry and Miss Ida
Wooley leave Thursday for York,
Miss Mignon Hamilton
Angeles, Cal., is a guest at the home
of Mr. and Mrs. Ed F. Morearty sr.
Miss Hamilton, with her parents,
Mr., and Mrs. Rotk Hamilton, has
been touring the east since last
During. The last few months all of
the welfare organizations have been
getting 1 ready to change their pro
grams from a war to a peace basis.
With the arrival of November 1 war
a,nd camp wasv dropped frorrf War
Camp Community Service and here
after this organization will b
known as Community Service.
The Girls' Community House w;
the scene of great happiness Friday
evening, when about 500 soldiers
and young ladies gathered for a
Hallowe'en party.
NThe large halLand rest rooms had
previously been decorated by the
members of theirls' clubs. Au
tumn leaves, pumpkins, jack-o-lan-tern
a witch's den and black cats
were arranged in artistic fashion so
that a beautiful effect was produced.
Monday, November 3. Dramatic
class at the Girls' Community house
under direction (of Miss Martha
FodgV at 8 p. m. . Copking class'at
the central high school at 6 p. m.,
under' direction of Miss Marian
Morrissey. ' Dancing class at the
Army and Navy club for beginners
at 8 p. m.
Tuesday, November 4 Cluga club
supper at the Girls' Community
house at 6 p. m., and volley ball
game. ' Dance at Fort Omaha given
by the Joan of Art and General
Pershing club. Ki-To-San supper
at the Community house at 6 p. m.
Wednesday November 5, Wamm
club supper at the Community house
at 6 p. m. Class in Es'thetic danc
ing at 8 p. m. Open night for new
girls wishing to come into the
league. Call night for nev mem
bers. Thursday, November 6 Dance at
the Army and Navy club given by
the D. T. A., Papilhon Liberty and
W. D. T. clubs. Club supper, D.
T. A. club supper, and D. F. S. club
supper at the Girls' Community
house at 6 p.m.
Friday, November 7 Beebe club
supper at the Girls' Commuaity
house at 6 p. m. Cooking class at
Central high school at 6 p. m., under
direction' of Miss' Marian Morris
sey. . t
Saturday, November 8 Dance at
the Girls' Community house given
by the Lafayette, Wanflir-and Vic
tory clubs from 8:30 to 11 p. m.
Dance at the Army and Navy club
given by American Legion men.
When You Drink
This healthful drink has
long been the ftwDrite of
brain vwcrkere nhd others
who hove felt harm from
coffee drinking.
"TTiene's a Reason'
Miss Effie Sawerbrey entertained
'at a Halloween masquerade party
at her home. Covers were laid fori
Earl McKenna Elmer Thoraen
Edward Belsel Sidney Levy
Francis Davis Edward Wingender
Sam Yousem "Harold Veh
Aasteen Palllster Robert Oorham
Clarence Grimm James Tackett
Ralph Sawerbrey Robert Riddle
Elmer-Small v John Sawerbrey
Walter. Aibach
Messrs. and Mesdames
Sawerbrey Stewart
Olive Harvey
Irene Peterson
Marjory Edgeller
Winona Stubbs
Mabel Gilbaugh
Lois Grimm
Annie Pringle
Lianea Forslund
May Larsen
Anna Kohlberer
Kathleen Ulneen
Wllma Roads
Mary Mann
U. S. Grant Corps.
The U. S. Grant Women's Relief
corps will meet at 2:30 Tuesday
afternoon in the Elks' hall.
Campfire Girls.
All donations from the Campfire
Girls for the Needlework guild
should be at exhibit headquarters
by Tuesday.
r Business Women's Club.
Regular dinner and program of
the Business Women's club Tuesday
evening at the Y. W..C. A.
Benson Community Center.
The community Center gym
nasium class of Benson will meet
Tuesday evening at the city hall.
South Omaha Club.
The South Qmaha Woman's club
will meet Tuesday afternoon, No
vember 4, witll Mrs. George Mc
Cormick. George Eliot will be the
author studied. Mrs. W. P. Adkins
will be leader and Mrs. F. A. Cres
sey and Mrs. Ed Kohansky will re
port on Adam Bede and the Mill on
the Floss.
Parliamentary Law.
Th, nar1iatnntarv law Hpnart-
kment under the leadership of Mrs.
R. L. McKelvev-jneets Tuesday at
2:30 p. m. at the YV W. C. A. build
ing. Norman E. Gault will instruct
the class on the subject of "Officers
and M'embers; .Their Rights and
Buties." All club members are wel-
to be written' by Misi Louise Freer.
Director ol physical training for
women in trie University of Illinois.
Entertains Informally.
Miss- Dorothy Canan entertained
informally at her home Friday eve
ning. Fourteen guests attended.
Informal Party.
Doris Vivian Adkins entertained
ef "Danderine" save and
glorify your hair
V, Mini -mummm
Mrs. Margaret Qrmsby is presi
dent of Golden Rod lodger, No. 147,
Ladies' auxiliary of the Brotherhood
of Railroad Trainmen, under whose
auspices Nebraska and Iowa branch
es are holding a union meetingHn
Omaha November 3 and A in the
Swedish auditorium. The sessions
will close with a dancing party
Tuesday evening given by the three
brotherhood lodges of- Omaha.
The Philharmonis society, former
ly known as the Catholic Choral
society, will meet Wednesday eve
ning, November S, at 8 o'clock, in
stead of on "Tuesday.
Omekro-E-Exima club will meet
Yes, Girls
Everybody is using and talking about
DEKW1LLO, the liquid tint It instant
ly beautifies the complexion, makes a oft
rosy-white skin everyone "Jtfst loves to
touch." Over five hundred thousand girls
and women are using it. It's a real beau
tifier, that's "what it is. Try it to-day.
At toilet counters everywhere. Your
money back if you don't like it.
if 3L i
f PL Ml
Do you want
If you are suffering from eczema or
some similar distressing, embarrassing
skin eruption, why don' t you get rid of
it by using Resinol Ointment? Unless
the trouble is due to some serious inter
nal disorder, it, quickly fields to Resi
nol, and in most cases is easily healed
byit The first application usually stops
itching and makes the'skin feel cool and ,
comfortable. We recommend it with the
utmost confidence because of its
harmless ingredients. Aided by
Resinol Soap it acts even more
quickly. v y-
Ointment and Resinol Soap also help to clear
sway pimples. Sold by all druisrati and deal
ers in toilet roods. Trial of each, bee. Dipt
3-S, Resinol, Baltimore Mdik
mWff Quota
FundsTo Bo Used During
v " 1920
for supper at the Settlement house
Tuesday evening, followed by dra
matic art at 8 p.m.
x Spanish Club.
ThV Omaha .Snanidi rtnh will
meet Tuesday evening in Room 302
Patterson diock at e o ciock.
i Sojourners' Club. ,
The Sojourners' club will meet at
the home of Mrs. F. L. Nesbit,
3402 Webster street, at 2 o'clock
Tuesday afternoon.
Informal Affair.
Walter Johnson was the honoree
at a surprise party given atMiis
home Sunday evening. Twenty
guests attended. '
Outdoor and Indoor Fun.
"Field Hockey," "Hare and
Hound Hike," "Hallowe'en Revels,"
and'many more like them, are all
coming in The Bee's new series.
"The All ArotnTd American Girl,"
in a few momentsydu can trans
form your plain, dull, flat hair. You
can have it abundant, soft, glossy
and full of life.. Just get at any
drug or toilet counter a small bottle
of "Danderine" for a few cents.
Then moisten a soft cloth with the
Danderine anddraw this through
your hair taking one small strand at
a rtme. Instantly, yes, immediately,
you have doubled the beauty ofyour
hair. It will be a mass, so soft,
lustrous, fluffy and so easy to do
up. All dust, dirt and excessive oil
is removed.
Let Danderine .put more life,
color, vigor and brightness in
your hair. This stimulating tonic
will freshen your scalp, check dand
ruff and falling hair, and help your
hair to grow long, thick, strong and
informally at the home of her
mother. Mrs. Mattie Adkins. Friday
evening. Thirty guests attended.
Th old fashioned mada-on-tha
farm pancaka batter is batter. W
admit it. That's why we try and
put the same ingredient into our
pancake flour that mother put in the
batter. The rich brown crispnest it
there in all it lightness, and that'
why good cook are using
Quickly ttunalatea and purifies
the kidneys and liver which elimi
nates nine-tenths of the diseases to
which flesh is heir. It is pleasant
to take and rid the system of all ac
cumulated poisons that cause rheu
matism, gout, lumbago, sciatica, and
leave the system susceptible to the
dreaded flu that has been so preva
lent For-sale at your druggist's or
send $1.00 for a bottle and free
booklet to H. E. MachoL Idaho
Springs, Colorado.
Cuticufa Soap!
For the Hands
Soap So., Ointment X a SOs.. Taloam Be. Sample
eacn mailed nee or "Uotionra, uepfc. K. Bovton.
Bee Want Ads Produce Results.
a package
before the war
a package
. during the war
a package