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State Convention to Hear Ad
dresses of Leading Profes-
sors From All Parts of
United States.
i The preliminary program of the
ifty-third annual, session of the Ne
braska State Teachers' association,
to be held here November 5 6 and
7, shows the names of an unusual
array of talent. ,
M. L. Burton, president of the
University of Minnesota, has been
referred to as a stirring educational
evangelist. Among the other edu
cational notables are: Prof. Fred
t. Barber of the Illinois state nor
mal school at Normal, 111.; Joseph
C. Brown, president of Minnesota
state normal .school at St Cloud.
Dr. Otis W. Caldwell., "member of
the faculty of Columbia university;
M. G. Qlark. superintendent' of
schools at, SiouxvCity; Peter W.
Dykema, professor of music in the
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Nineteenth Floor to
Make W.O.W. Biding
The Highest in Omaha
If' weather conditions permit,
work of constructing a 19th floor
on the Woodmen of the World
building, at Fourteenth and Firnam
streets,' will be started within the
next three or four weeks, according
to John N. Crawford, manager 'of
the building. .
The added floor will extend the
full length of the building on tour
teenth street, and 23 feet on Far-
nam street Its ceilings will be 14
feet high,- making the Woodmen of
me worm Diuiaing me mgiicsi i
the city.
The added space will be used by
the Woodmen of the World com
pany for offices. The company now
occupies six floors of, the building.
It is estimated that the addition
will cost $100,000. Plans have al
ready been drawn by the Holabird
Roche company, Chicago architects.
University of Wisconsin and a pio
neer of community sineing in Amei-
ica; George William Eggers, director
of art in tne Chicago Normal school.
Congressman S. D. Fess of Ohio,
one of the educational leaders in
congress; Dr.' J. Paul Goode, head
of the commercial geography de
partment in the Chicago university;
Prof. Ira S. Griffith, head of the
industrial deoartment in the Uni
versity of Illinois; Miss Patty Hill
of" Columbia university, prominent
as a kindergarten authority; Dr. C
H. Judd, University of Chicago.
... Julia C. Lathrop, head of the chil
dren's bureau of the Federal De
partment of Labor; Dr. T. S. Low
den of the Columbus (O.) normal
school; Charles McKenny of t the
Michigan State Normal college;
Dr. W. B. Owen, president of the
Chicago Normal school; C E. Par
menter, of the University of Chi
cago; C. C. Swaip, commissioner of
rural schools in! Minnesota.
The entertainment orocrram will
include John G. Neihardt, Nebras
ka's poet; Hele'n Stanley, sopranist;
Jacquez Thiband, violinist
Negro and Wife Sentenced
Sequel to Shooting Affair
Eli Davis and wife, Nettie, both
colored, 1506 Webster street, will
each spend 30 days in jail, one for
vagrancy, the other for disturbing
the peace. Mrs. Davis shot Iter
husband through the right hand late
yesterday afternoon. They were
sentenced yesterday in central po
lice court.
Bishop of United States and
Canada Touring His Ameri
can Diocese Appointed
, by Athenian Synod.
Bishop Alexandros, head of the
Greek Catholic church in ,the
United States and Canada, arrived
in Omaha Tuesday night and spent
the day here yesterday. He was at
the Hotel Fontenelle where he met
most of the Greek-Americans durr
ing the day. With ' Father Gust
Harvalis, pastor of the local Greek
Orthodox church, he reviewed the
church situation in Omaha.
Bishop Alexandros is a virile man
with iron grey hair and beard. He
wears the purple vestment of his of
fice. The word "Rodostolu" is
placed after his name. This is the
name of a Greek city. It is cus
tomary, he explained, for each
bishop to use such a title.
Accompanying Bishop Alexandros
is Milton E. Pasmezoelu of New
York. The bishop is making a tour
of most of his diocese in the United
States. . ,
He was appointed by the Holy
Synod in Athens and came to this
country a year ago.
Bishops in the Greek - orthodox
church must not marry.
"Pastors mav marry," explained
the bishop through his interpreter.
"But if a pastor marries he forfeits
afi right to become a bishop".
"I was educated in Constantino
ple. . Many people thmk that is a
Mohammedan city. But, excepting
the government employes, soldiers,
and the like, Constantinople is a
Christian city. The majority oi tne
1,000,000 inhabitants are Christians."
The bishoo was asked about the
dietary rules of the Greek church.
"If you become an orthodox
Greek Catholic vou will learn of
them." he said with a smile. "No
meat on Wednesdays and Saturday,
no meat for 40 days during lent, no
meat for IS days in August and
many other fasts are demanded."
There are 134 Orthodox Grek
Catholic churches in this country
Wonderwork of Telegraph Picture. Show by Comparison
With Cut Made from 'Original Photo Forwarded by Mail
The Bee Only Omaha
Paper Giving Readers
Benefit of Marvelous
The marvels of the new tele
graphic photo service obtained
by The Bee for publication in
Omaha, is strikingly attested by
a comparison of a picture1 made
direct from an original photo,
taken carefully with regard to
lights and shadows for reproduc
tion by newspaper processes, and
further retouched by the artist,
and the same picture sent over the
telegraph wire.
The top picture 5s the one sent
The Bee, by telegraph within an
hour Qt so after it was taken in
New York, and reproduced Sun
day. V' ' . i
Original Photograph.
The lower picture is one made
rlirr frim rr triorinal fthntft-H
graph, mailed from New York
following its transmission to
The Bee by wire.
A comparison reveals the faults
to be found in a picture thus sent
by wire, but more strikingly it il
lustrates whamay well be called
at this time an astonishing feat
of telegraphic transmission,' the
difference, in the two pictures
merely accentuating the wonder
of the invention. The principal
fault to be noticed is simply that
the telegraphed picture is some
what indistinct, or blurred, as dis
tinguished from the sharpness of
outline found in the other cut. '
Exclusive Right
These are among fhe' first tel
egraphed pictures to be published
by a newspaper since the perfec
tion of the invention. The pro
cess has been in use for some
time during the experimental
stage. The Bee has " exclusive
rights in Omaha to use it, and is
the first in the west to give its
readers the latest thing in the
way of newspaper wonder craft,
oresentinar the news of the world
as ,quickly as possible after it has
become news.
and Canada. They have no connec
tion with the Koman Uatnouc i
Church. .
. t
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Rural Communities
Organize to Help
In Red Cross Work
Organization for Red Cross work
in rural communities has been start
ed in all parts of the country under
the direction of E.L. Morgan, direc-
I Nion.
Nearly 60 percent of the popu
lation of the country lives in towns
of 8,000 population Or less and a
large part of the educational v ork
of the Red Cross must be conducted
in these communities.
Included in the program mapped
out for this work are lectures in all
training institutes, creation of small
town laboratories in training centers
'where practical rural work can be
given, advice to field workers on
rural problems, development of
chapter courses on things to be
done, community studies on the
peace program, exchange of plans
with other agencies, meeting with
farmers in their various bounty and
state meetings and granges.
James Carter asked the district
court for a divorce from Maggie
Carter, who, he says, . abandoned
him in 1903, six years after their
Police of Two Cities Search
For Missing Bluffs Girl
Omaha and Council Bluffs de
tectives have been unable to find any
trace of Geneva Davis, the 16-year-old
girl, who Monday afternoon left
her home, 111 North Eighth street,
Council Bluffs.
Without revealing her plans, Miss
Davis is said to have gone away
with a strange woman much older
than herself. Charles Addison,
Oakland, la., the girl's sweetheart,
is assisting in the search.
Burgess-Nash Entertains
Visiting Librarians at Tea
Burgess-Nash Co. entertained the
visiting librarian with a tea, yes
terday afternoon in the cricket
room, in honor of the 25th annual
convention of librarians.
About 75 visitors inspected the
book department of the store.
Miss Emma Rood, formerly with
the Omaha public library for many
years, is manager and buyer for the
department -
Pretty Nearly There.
Ruling Benefits Men
Who Were Disabled , ,
While Serving In War
Former soldiers, sailors and ma
rines who have incurred disabilities
in line of duty which have necessit--ated
major amputations, such as the
loss of a hand tfr foot, both hands
or both feet, or Joss of sight of one
or both eyes, and who are desirous
of taking vocational . training, can
now have their applications acted
on within 24 hours, according to a
bulletin received yesterday at the
army building hi Omaha.
Heretofore all applications for
training were referred from the dis
trict vocational office to the federal
board at Washington for action.
Under the new system all of these
applications are acted on .by travel
ing field representatives, who have
been sent out from Washington.
These representatives cover the
entire country and visit each voca
tional board at least once every two
weeks, at which time all eases in the
district office are cleared up. The
only cases, which such traveling rep
resentatives must refer to Washing
ton are those involving courses for
a period longer than two years. On
these the Washington office will
give a decision within 10 days. .
City Will Sell Carload of
Potatoes at $1.50 Bushel
A car of potatoes from northwest
ern Nebraska will be sold by the
city today, beginning at 9 a. m.,
at Twelfth and Nicholas streets.,
The price will be $1.50 per bushel,
in sacks of two bushels each, on the
cash-and-carry plan. These are
what is known as white, irrigated,
potatoes. s-
The minimum amount sold will be
half a bushel.
The sale is being conducted by O.
M. Olsen, Mayor Smith's secretary,
and Joseph Sherry, deputy city
clerk. These city officials expect to
receive a car of Early Ohio potatoes
Byrne Made Vice President
Of Custer BattlefiekHrVay
The bureau of publicity of the
Chamber of Commerce yesterday re
ceived notice that Roy T. Byrne of
the Byrne-Hammer Dry Goods Co.
was elected second vice president
of the Custer Battlefield highway,
executives of which were recently
organized at Sheridan, Wyo. The
highway leads from Omaha to Gla
cier National park.
George W. Weideman, Lewiston, president; W. H. Wallace,
Sheridan, Wyo., first vice president;
F. B. Gladden, Hardin, Mont., treas
urer, and W. D. Fisher, Sheridan,
Wyo, secretary, (
Allege Two Youths Are
I. W. W. Propagandists
Two young alleged propagandists
of the I. W. W. organization fell
into the hands of the police Tuesday
night at Thirteenth and Douglas
streets, just after they had left the
local I. W. W. hall at 114 South
Thirteenth sireet. They, gave their
names as Tim McCarthy, 17 years
old, Syracuse, N. Y., and Harold
Westgate, 16 years old, Clinton, la.
Both had membership cards of the
I. W. W. They were, turned over
to juvenile authorities.
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Take Salts at first sign ot
Bladder irritation or
The American men and women
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