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ii a nil AiiiuTiiiin
See Connection Between Pa
cific Fleet and Shantung
Discussion People Confi
dent of Future Greatness.
By the Associated Press.
" Tokio, Sept. 11. Developments
In relation to the Shantung ques
tion form the supreme subject , of
discussion here. The general atti
tude of the Japanese is to calmly
await the final action by, the United
States senate.
Some of the members of the Diet
are reported to be addressing anx
ious inquiries to the government
regarding the situation. They ask
l . i .1 f t:. j c . t - i:t 1
to enforce By arms a possible new
treaty, with Germany returning
Shantung directly to China.
Those who have addressed the
inquiries to the government are said
to be profoundly impressed by the
assignment of half the United States
navy to the racihc and to be in
clined to establish a connection be
tween the coming of the fleet and
the Shantung decision.
Interests Expand in Asia.
The end ol the war finds the
Japanese striving with traditional
unity to expand the nation's inter
ests in Asia. Premier Hara, speak
ing yesterday at a luncheon in
honor of former Premier Saionji,
head of the Japanese peace delega
tion at Paris, said:
"JaPan' prestige has been greatly
enhanced by the peace conference.
' The nation should realize and be
inanKiui tor me uci inai an japan s
proposes were favorably received
with the exception of the one re
lating to racial equality."
A wave of elation and confidence
In Japan's future greatness seems
to be sweeping the empire. In a re
cent address Ikuso Ooka, president
of the house of representatives,
aid :
"World leadership, is now in
America, but it is hound later to
ha transferred to Tanan."
urges country to blow up.
v 4 a r "v i t
Kepiying io .m. uoKa s speecn,
Takeshi Inukai, leader of the Koku
minto party, addressing his follow
ers, demanded a slowing tip of Ja
pan's advance on the ground that it
is not strong enough at present to
successfully combat western powers
in any sense."
As far as Shantung is concerned
officials take the view that they
have "gone the limit in magnanim
ity" and whatever happens will
"steadfastly adhere to the program
of restoration of the province to
China." Pressed for an estimate as
to the time that wilTbe required for
this restoration, officials have said
to the correspondent:
May Return Shantung.
"If China will take the discussion
in a fair spirit restoration can prob
ably be accomplished in a few
months. Japan would want arrange
ments for an international settle
ment providing for joint operation
of the Shantung railway with Jap
anese instructors for the Chinese
railroad and agreement concerning
Shantung enterprises in which the
Japanese have already-invested capi
tal." They have added that no demands
wifT be submitted to China as a
condition to restoration.
"How can we fix the exact date
for restoration?" said one official,
"when we do not know whether
China will talk with us nor how long
they will require to reach an accord
on matters relative to which we
have made so many concessions?"
Doctor Arrested for
Murder in California
Nogales, Ariz., Sept. 11. Dr.
tames E. Thompson was arrested
ere today by A. G. Barber, deputy
customs inspector, and held for
Oakland. Cal., authorities. Oakland
police officials who were here work
ing on the case said Dr. Thompson
was wanted on a murder charge.
He waived extradition and started
for Oakland late today in custody
of officers.
Dr. Thompson, who has been
practicing medicine at Cananea,
Sonora, tor the last seven months,
was enroute to San Bias, Sinaloa,
and arrived in Nogales, Sonora, last
right He came across the line into
thv United States today to make
tome purchases, was recognized and
Steel Men Expect Wilson
to Stop Threatened Strike
Washington. Sept. 11. With a
strike of organized steel workers
called to take effect September 22
in disregard of President Wilson's
request that the unions postpone
, action pending the forthcoming in
dustrial conference, speculation as
to the next development in the sit
uation centered today on the pos
sibility of the president again taking
a hand in the matter, either to urge
reconsideration of the strike order
by union officials or to endeavor to
secure a hearing for the unions by
the United States Steel corpora-
tl(The strike was called yesterday
'by the executive council of the 24
unions embraced in the steel in
dustry. i:i-i aa: MJtlt
u fi lieu mine uvuiiscio
Against One Big Union
rwlanH. O.. SeDt. 11. The con
tention of the United Mine Work
ers of America went on record
Thursday against "the one big
union, I. W. W. and kindred move-
sharp condemnation of these radi
cal tendencies. The question arne
ud during the consideration 6f the
report of President Lewis. A com
mittee recommendation approving
the action of the international exec
utive in revoking the charter of the
i f minprc fnr inimncr
the "one big union" organized at
Winnipeg this summer, was adopted
with only one dissenting .vote. It
was stated that 95 per cent of the
seceders were now back in the
miners' ' organization.
Bee" Want Ads -' are business
Omahan, First Yank
To Enter Metz Fort,
Returns to This City
h 4 '4 AIL M
Lt. S. A. Young has returned to
Omaha after a year's service with
the second army headquarters de
tachment in France. He has the dis
tinction of being the first American
to eiuer the fortress at Metz after it
was vacated by the Germans. He
was also present when General Per
shing and President Wilson visited
the famous stronghold.
While serving as a staff officer
during most of his time in France,
Lieutenant Young was one of the
fortunate ones permitted to attend
Nancy university, one of the leading
schools in France.
He had charge of the First Meth
odist church choir in Council Bluffs
before he entered the service.
Divorced Wife Asks
More Money Because
of High Cost Living
Mrs. Nellie Nordquist filed suit in
district court yesterday to compel
her divorced husband, Samuel O.
Nordquist, to increase his monthly
payments for the supporCof their
child from $15 to $50 because of the
increased cost of living.
The divorce was granted to her
August 21, 1916. She received $500
alimony and an order for $15 a
month for their child, then 13 years
old. She says her husband's busi
ness as a real estate broker has be
come so good that he can easily af
ford to pay $50 a month and that
because of the higher cost of living
and the educational requirements of
the daughter this sum is needed.
Omaha K. of C. Council
Elects New Officers
The Omaha council of Knights
of Columbus held its annual elec
tion Tuesday evening, the present
grand knight, Francis P. Matthews,
being relected. '
The incoming officers will have
charge of the erection of the pro
posed new club house. Definite
plans of building and location will
be announced shortly.
Officers elected for year begin
ning October 1 are: Grand knight,
Francis P. Matthews; deputy grand
knight, J. E. Fitzpatrick; chancel
lor, P. C. K. Boland; advocate,
Judge Holmes; financial secretary,
W. A. Leary; recorder, A. L. Tam
islea; treasurer, J. E. Johnston;
warden, Jerry Maher; inside guard,
John O'Neill; outside guard, Frank
Preston; trustee, D. H. Greedon.
Veteran Railroad Conductor
Dies From Injuries In Fall
Denny O'Brien, one of the oldest
conductors on the Missouri Pacific
road, died early yesterday at the
home of his brother, W. P. O'Brien,
3502 Pine street, as the result of in
juries received in a fall down a
stairway in the O'Brien home two
days ago.
Mr. O'Brien's home was in St.
Louis and he came to Omaha to
visit his brother. He is survived by
a son, Walker O'Brien, of Los Ange
les, and a. daughter, Helen O'Brien,
of San Francisco.
The body will be taken to Sedalia,
Mo.. -Jor burial.
Downing Street's Agents Re
port Move That Threatens
to Overthrow Trotzky
Lenine Combine.
Cnlrersal Bcrvim Staff Correspondent.
Special Cable DUpmleh,
London, Sept. 11. Through con
fidential and official sources the
British foreign office has learned
the first news of a definite rupture
among the Russian bolsheviki.
Advices received from British
agents reveal in detail an open re
bellion against the central soviet
government which threatens to over
throw the Lenine-Trotsky combine.
Threaten to Overthrow Rule.
Certain members of the Russian
soviet who have no sympathy with
the extreme radical views of the
present leaders of the Moscow gov
ernment, have declared themselves
against Lenine and threaten to set
up a new form of communist power.
According to the British foreign
office, this is the most important
announcement from Russia in
months and may have the greatest
influence on the future course of
events there.
"We have reason to believe in the
absolute veracity of this report,"
said an official' at Downing street.
"The information comes from a re
liable man who was able to obtain
in the past the truth of the Russian
"If it is true, it will have a most
important bearing on the turn of
events in Russia."
May Influence British Plan.
Asked whether it would influence
the British withdrawal from Rus
sia, the official said the matter has
not been discussed, but that it
might influence British plans.
"Russia is the biggest matter now
demanding the attention of the Brit
ish foreign office," he said. "We are
devoting practically all our time to
it. There is no question that it is
most serious, and I cannot empha
size too much the importance of the
rupture within the bolshevik ranks."
Confirmatory to some extent of
this information is what the Russian
correspondent of The Nieuew Rot
terdamsche Courant has to say. He
has just arrived at Berlin after two
months in Russia. He declares the
Lenine-Trotzky-Tchitcherin trium
virate is no longer all-powerful,
Tchitcherin being too friendly to the
entente to please his colleagues.
The correspondent asserts Dser
sinski, head of the 'Russian secret
police, which has spies -and agents
everywhere, is now the most pow
erful man in the country, overshad
owing Trotzky who controls the
army. "Neither Lenine nor Tch
itcherin holds any power," he said.
"Lenine is closely guarded in the
Kremlin and Trotzky hasn't been in
Moscow for many months."
Masked Bandits Kill Four
Miners in Colorado Mine
Telluride, Colo., Sept. 11. Four
miners were shot and killed and a
fifth was shot and badly wounded in
the Tomboy mine near here early
today by two unidentified masked
men, who escaped. Four men and a
woman, whose names had not been
ascertained at an early hour this aft
ernoon, are under arrest.
Discourage Government
, Employes From Striking
New York, Sept. 11. Government
employes national, state and mu
nicipal are discouraged by the
American Federation of Labor from
striking to obtain their demands,
Matthew Woll of Chicago, repre
senting the federation in the ab
sence of its t president, Samuel
Gompers, said in an address at the
industrial conference of the National
Civic federation here Thursday.
Batiano Regime Has
Fallen in Roumania
Vienna. Sept. 11. (By The Asso
ciated Press.) The Batiano cabinet
in Roumania has fallen, according
to unofficial reports which reached
Vienna from Bucharest today. Take
Jonescu is said to be forming a new
27 Sailors Die When ;:
Vessel rounders in
Hurricane in Gulf
Miami, Fla., Sept. 11. Twenty
seven members of the crew of ths
Ward line steamer Corydon lost
their lives when the vessel foun
dered in the Bahamia channel in
the hurricane which passed over
Florida Tuesday. Survivors cling
ing to a life boat drifted ashore at
Cape Florida this morning.
The survivors, numbering nine,
reported all but one of the ljfe boats
were pulled under by the suction
of the sinking vessel.
Capt. C. O. Christiansen and a
number of the seamen went down
with the ship. The Corydon was
loaded with 23,850 bags of sugar,
bound from Cuba for New York.
"Bayer Tablets of Aspirin" to be
genuine must be marked with the
safety "Bayer Cross." Always buy
an unbroken Bayer package which
contains proper directions to safely
relieve Headache, Toothache, Ear
ache, Neuralgia, Colds and pain.
Handy tin boxes of 12 tablets cost
but a few cents at drug stores
larger packages also. Aspirin is the
trade mark of Bayer Manufacture
of Monoaceticacidester of Salicyl
ijacid. Adv.
To Keep Your Skin
Free From Hairs
(Beauty Topics)
If you are willing to spend a few
minutes time in your room using a
delatone paste, you can easily ban
ish any ugly, hairy growth without
discomfort or injury. The paste is
made by mixing some water with a
little powdered delatone. This is
then spread over the hairy surface
and after about 2 minutes rubbed
off and the skin washed. Too will
not be -disappointed with this treat
ment, providing you get real dela
tone, Adr,
nHMBsai mmm
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