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Kansas Farmer Tried Many
Medicines, But Tanlac Beats
Them All, He
"I hare come thirty miles for
these three bottles of Tanlac and
ould have frone further than that
Tather than be without it," said
Lewis B. Burton, a well-to-do farmer
of Stanley, Kansas, while in the Owl
Drujr Store at Kansas City, Mis
souri, recently.
"I have already taken three bot
tles of Tanlac," he continued, "and
.have gained eight pounds. It has
done me so much good that I
wouldn't think of being without it.
I have been suffering from stom
ach trouble and a run down condi
tion for five years and had gotten
in such a bad fix that I would often
have to stop work for four or five
' days at a time. I couldn't eat much
and what little I did force down
would cause sour stomach, gas and
misery. I was constipated all the
time, had awful headaches, and
would get so dizzy I couldn't stand
up, and I was so nervous and shaky
I couldn't raise a cun of coffee to
mv litrn without spilling part of it.
' What little sleep I got failed to rest
me and I felt tired out all the time.
I had no energy and very ' little
strength, and when I worked at all
it was just a drag for me.
felt like that unless I could
get something to set me right and
give me some strength I would soon
just have to give up altogether.
So I got Tanlac and while I have
only taken three bottles I am feel
ing better than I have in years. My
appetite is fine and I can fat most
anything I want without being
troubled with sour stomach and gas.
The headaches and dizziness have
about left me and I am getting
good, sound sleep every night. I
used to have pains in all my joints,
but that trouble is about gone, too,
and I am fast getting to feel like
myself again. I have tried lots of
other medicines, but Tanlac bests
them all."
Tanlac is sold in Omaha at all
Sherman & McConnell Drug Com
pany's stores, Harvard Pharmacy
and West End Pharmacy. Also For
rest and Meany Drug Company in
South Omaha and the leading drug
gist in each city and town through
out the state of Nebraska. Adv.
Jealousy Cause of McDermott Divorce,
Naming Mrs. Higgins, Say Her Close Friends
t r am. m
1" I
to vvasd orr
alcohol or dangerous drugs)
- A Home C re Given By Oiti Who
Had It
In th sprtna of 189! I wae attacked by Mus
eular Mid Inflammatory Rheumatism. I aur
frnd M only tlioae who nave It Know, for crer
three years. I tried remedy utter remedy, and
doctor after doctor, but tucb relief as I re
mind ww only temporary. Finally. I found
remedy that cured me completely, and It
has never returned. I hare siren It to a
number who were terribly afflicted and even
bedridden with Rheumatism, and It effected
cure In every case.
I waut every aufferer from any form of
rheumatic trouble to try this marrelom heal
ing power. Don't a end a rent: simply mail
your name and address and I will send H free
to try. After' you have used It and It has
proven Itself to be that loni-looked-for means
of curing your Rheumatism, you may send
the price of it. one dollar, but. understand. I
do not want your pwney unless yon are per
fectly satisfied to send it. Isn't that fair!
Why suffer any lonirer when positive relief Is
thus offered you freef Don't delay. Write
. Mark H. Jackson, No. 580-F Oumey Bldi..
Syracuse, N. T.
Mr. Jackson la responsible. Above state
meat true.
two V Ljl
: 1 1$
Principals in society di
vorce suit which startled
Omaha Tuesday. Upper
picture: Mrs. Minnie Storz
Higgins, daughter of Gott
lieb Storz .multi-millionaire,
and wife of E. A. Higgins,
prominent business man.
She is named in Mrs. Mc
Dermott's divorce suit as
co-respondent. Mrs. Mc
Dermott alleges meetings,
between Mrs. Higgins and
Dr. McDermott in his of
fice and elsewhere. This pic
ture is from a file-phofo-graph
of Mrs. Higgins taken
for The Bee Sunday society
section a year ago.
Lower, left-hand: Dr.
Bernard A. McDermott, de
fendant in the divorce suit,
club man. He has a very
large practice as a physician
and surgeon and an income
of $1,000 to $2,000 a month,
according to his wife.
Lower, right-hand: Mrs.
Bernard A. McDermott,
who filed the divorce suit,
and one of the two chiL
dren, Bernard, jr.
Providers for 19 Are
Awarded Custody of
Their Granddaughter
Lee Prunty failed in district court
yesterday to secure custody of his
3-year-old daughter, Catherine.
Judge Sears, after hearing evidence
of extreme cruelty, given by his
former" wife, Mabel, awarded the
child to Mrs. Prunty's parents, Mr.
an,d Mrs. David McClure, 3340
Redmond avenue, with whom Mrs.
Prunty lives.
The Pruntys were divorced six
months ago. He is 50 and she is 23
years old. She testified about his
alleged drunkenness and he told of
having a detective follow her an a
man to a hotel a few weeks ago.
David McClure, father of Mrs.
Prunty testified that he and his wife
have 19 children and 66 grand chil
dren, "My wife had seven and I had
seven when we married and we have
five more now," he said. "I think,
with what little experience we have
had raising children, that we can
bring up the little girl right."
Prepare Ak-Sar-Ben
Field for. Landing
Of Lawson Airplane
Work of cleaning and leveling the
Ak-Sar-Ben airplane landing field at
Sixty-fourth and Center streets, in
preparation for the arrival of the
giant Lawson airliner in its trans
continental flight, as well as for the
use of smaller planes, probably will
begin today, according to the aerial
navagation board of the Omaha
Chamber of Commerce.
The board has been attempting to
secure a larger field for a permanent
landing place, but none will be
available until next spring.
A meeting of a special committee
representing the board of governors
of Ak-Sar-Ben, and the Chamber
of Commerce aerial navigation
board, will be held at noon today
at the Chamber of Commerce
rooms. This meeting is called to
discuss the extent of the- improve
ments to be made on the landing
field, as well as methods of draining
it in preparation fv the proposed
construction of Ak-Sar-Ben build
ings. Rotarians at Noonday Lunch
Hea Talk On 'Food Products'
N. H. Nelson was the principal
speaker at the weekly noonday
luncheon of the Omaha Rotary club
at the Hotel Fontenelle yesterday.
He discussed "Food Products." with
reference to production and distri
bution, stressing the necessity of
co-operation between all interested
in the industry.
Cocoanut Oil Fine
For Washing,. Hair
If you want to keep your hair in
good condition, be careful what you
wash it with.
Most soaps and prepared sham
poos contain too much alkali. This
dries the scalp, makes the hair brit
tle, and is very harmful. Mulsif ied
cocoanut oil shampoo (which is pure
and entirely . greaseless) , is much
better than anything else you can
use for shampooing, as this can't
possibly injure the hair.
Simply moisten your hair with
water and rub it in. One pr two
teaspoonfuls will make an abun
dance of rich, creamy lather, and
cleanses the hair and scalp thor
oughly. The lather rinses out easily,
and removes every particle of dust,
dirt, dandruff and excessive oil.
The hair dries quickly and evenly,
and it leaves it fine and silky, bright,
fluffy and easy to manage.
You can get Mulsified cocoanut
oil shampoo at most any drug store.
It is very cheap, and a few ounces
is enough to last everyone in the
family for months. Adv.
When the body begins to stiffen
and movement becomes painful jf
it usually as indication that the
kidneys are out of order. Keep
these organs healthy by taking
f kf world's standard remedy for kidnoy,
tfvar, Madder and uric add trouble
levtsooa aloe 169& Take rwgularl and
kMf. in good hatha. In three, aiiee. all
drogglsta. Guaranteed as opr oted
laok foe tk mm GoU Modal avewy Mt
Business Associate Speak
ing for Mr. Higgins,
Expresses Much Sur
prise at the Whole
Unreasonable and insane jealousy
on the part of Mrs. Sophia Helena
McDermott, wife of Dr. Bernard A.
McDermott, is the sole cause of the
divorce action she filed Tuesday,
naming Mrs. Minnie Storz Higgins
co-respondent, according to the
statement yesterday of close friends
of both Dr. McDermott and Mrs.
While efforts to locate E. A. Hig
gins, husband of the woman alleged
to be responsible for the trouble be
tween Dr. McDermott and his wife,
were without avail, a business asso
ciate, speaking for Mr. Higgins, de
clared he was very much surprised
at the whole affair, but that the di
vorce charges had not in the least
shaken his confidence in his wife.
"Mrs. Higgins cannot be guilty
of any wrong," he is quoted as say
ing. "There must be a mistake
Suppressed the News.
Surprise of the friends of the Mc
Dermotts at the ,fJivorce proceed
ings was the greater because they
are devout members of the Catholic
Desperate efforts were made by
friends of all the principals to keep
the news out of the papers yester
day. These efforts succeeding only
with the World-Herald, which sup
pressed all news connected with the
suit except a brief statement, and
kept from its readers altogether the
name of the co-respondent, whom
Mrs. McDermott named and
charged with having had many
( Announcement I
Owing to a walk-out
of my Catering Depart- I
ment my Dining Room is
closed and Hotel Rome I
Cafeteria will close eve- I
nings at 8 o'clock and
open at 7 a. m., until I
such time as I can re-ad-
just my help. I crave the I
indulgence of my pa- I
trons. -
Rectal Diaeaeea Cured trithout a severe) eurrical
operation. No chloroform or Ether used. Curs
guaranteed. PAY WHEN CURED. Write for Illus
trated book on Rectal Diseases, with names and
testimonials of more then 1,000 prominent people
- woo have been, permanently cured.
DR. E. It TARRY, 240 Bee BIdg, Omaha, Neb.
meetings with her husband in his
office and elsewhere.
Mrs. McDermott is staying at the
home of her father, Michael Shirley,
3811 Burt street. No one was home
at the McDermott residence, 3826
Webster street.
Statement for Mrs. Higgins.
Mrs. Minnie .Storz Higgins,
daughter of Gottlieb Storz, multi
millionaire president of the Storz
Beverage and Ice company, refused
to see reporters at the palatial Hig
gins home, 401 South Thirty-ininth
street. A woman who spoke for her
"Mr. and Mrs. Higgins live hap
pily and there is no question of di
vorce proceedings or any trouble
whatever between them."
E. A. Higgins, husband of Mrs.
Higgins, is secretary-treasurer of
the Morrill-Higgins company, man
ufacturers of furnaces, 1112 Farnam
street. He also was not at his
office yesterday. He was formerly
advertising manager for the Storz
Brewing company, which his father-in-law,
Gottlieb Storz, headed prior
to prohibition days.
Married for Decade.
The divorce proceedings which
Mr. McDermott characterized Tues
day as "a bolt from the sky,"
have come after both the principals
and the co-respondent had been
married for a decade.
The suit evidently did come as a
complete surprise to the doctor, as
he and Mrs. McDermott were seen
at dinner at the Athletic club only
a few days ago. When he was in
formed by a reporter for The Bee
Tuesday that the suit had been
filed, naming Mrs. Higgins, he
couldn't speak for several moments.
Dr. McDermott stands very high
in his profession and has an im
mense practice both as a physician
and surgeon. Mrs. Higgins, through
her father, Gottlieb Storz is pros
pective heiress to a large fortune.
Young and Beautiful.
Dr. McDermott is 37 years old
and Mrs. Higgins is several years
younger. Mrs. Higgins is a hand
some young woman and her gowns
have been the wonder of the so
ciety set in which she moves.
Mrs. McDermott is a woman who
enjoys the quiet of domestic life
though she also is noted for her
taste in dress.
The McDermotts were married in
Omaha, February 3, 1909, three
years after1 the doctor began prac
ticing his profession here. He was
educated in the Christian Brothers
college from which he graduated in
1898. Then he studied at Notre
Dame university, South Bend, Ind.,
and took his medical course in
Northwestern university from
which he was graduated in 1903.
After an internship in eastern hos
pitals, he came to Omaha in 1903.
Have Two Children.
Here he met Sophia Helena Shir
ley, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Mich
ael Shirley, both of whom are still
living. Mr. Shirley had made a for
tune as a contractor.
The McDermotts have two beau
tiful children, a boy of 9 and a girl
of 6.
Dr. McDermott is a member of
the Omaha, club. Omaha Field club.
Elks and Knights of Columbus. He
also is a member of the Omaha
Douglas County Medical society,
Nebraska State Medical association,
Missouri Valley Medical association
and American Medical association.
No Statement About Contest
Besides her parents, Mrs. McDer
mott has two brothers in Omaha.
Another brother and his wife were
acidentally asphyxiated about two
years ago when a gas heater ex
ploded in their home.
Dr. McDermott has not stated
whether he will contest the suit. He
could not be reached at his office
Central High Notes.
The cadet battalion of Central
High school will have the first drill
of the season today. There are six
companies of about 100 cadets each.
More than 1,200 lunches were
served to students and faculty Tues
day. This number is said to exceed
all previous records.
A large number of students , re
sponded to the call for candidates
for the foot ball teams yesterday. A
mass meeting was conducted by
Coach Mulligan.
South Side
South Side Man Leaves Tools
in Hurried Flight Police '
Report Thrilling Love
Has a choice between two sweet
hearts proven too much for Wil
liam Stamm, 50 years old, employed
for eight years by the Brown Truck
company at Ralston?
A report of Stamm's disappear
ance was given police Wednesday
with the theory that a love affair
may have caused his temporary
withdrawal from the neighborhood
of the two young women that he is
said to have been honoring with his
affections lately. Stamm is said to
have bought a piano for one of his
sweethearts and aroused the other
one, causing the local climate sud
denly to become too hot for him.
" Stamm disappeared from his
rooms at 4912 South Twenty
fourth street on August 30 and has
not been heard from since. His rela
tives know nothing of his wherea
bouts, but do not think he has com
mitted suicide. He left tools valued
at $100 in his rooms, but failed to
tell his employers of his departure.
Lured Man Into Alley and
Assaulted Him, Is Charge
Joe Makrann, 4819 South Twenty
sixth street, bears a slash on his
forehead two inches long as a re
sult of an alleged encounter with J.
T. Shevers, 4716 South Twenty
seventh street, who, he says, lured
him into an alley between Twenty
sixth and Twenty-seventh and N
streets Tuesday night and assaulted
him with a brick.
Makrann, who says that at at
tempt was made to rob him, told po
lice of the affair and Shevers was ar
rested by Detectives Francl and Hel
ler. He is charged with assault and
battery and will be tried Thursday
Returns From Army
William Smith, graduate of the
South Side High school, has re
turned from two years of service.
He was one of the first South Side
boys to enlist and served for several
months in Honolulu. He will re
sume his work at The Journal
Stockman office Thursday.
Burglars Loot Pawn
Shop Window Und er
Very Eyes of Police
Burglars Tuesday night robbed
the show window of C. H. Goldners
pawn shop, 505 North Sixteenth
street, of $400 worth of jewelry.
Though the store fronts on one of
the busiest streets in the city, the
burglars cut the plate glass of the
window and carried away the loot
without discovery by passersby or
the police. The only articles left
in the window were two alarm
Four men's suits and several
toilet articles were stolen from the
home of Mrs. A. M. Jeffery, 'li7
South Thirty-second avenue, Tues
day night, according to a report
made to the police.
Columbus Controversy
Settled After 20 Years
Columbus, Neb.. Sept. 10. (Spe
cial Telegram.) A controversy of
20 .years' standing between the north
and south side of this city was set
tled by the voting of $150,000 bonds
for a site and a new court house.
The site will be two blocks south
of the Union Pacific station. A
light vote was cast. The plans and
the specifications for the building
are completed and the work will be
commenced soon.
South Side Brevities
For Snle 9-room modern house, be
tween O and II. on 2Mh. One of the beat.
Prlee $6. BOO; $1,000 will handle. Phone
South 454. ,
The Ladles' Aid society of the United
Presbyterian rhureh will hold a tea at
the home of Mrs. R. H. Robertson, 2301
K street, Thursday afternoon at 2:30.
Phone South 33 before our best Illinois
coal is all gone. We can't buy any more
at present. So better place, your order
with us and be protected. Q. ES. Harding
Coal Co.
I,. Kllblon. 6508 South Thirty-second
street, forfeited a $25 bond when he failed
to appear In police court Wednesday to
answer charges of operating a truck with
out lighta or a license.
Henry Deal and Earl McBee, 1115 t,
street, were - fined $1 and costs each
Wednesday In police court on charge! of
petty larceny and trespassing. They ara
alleged to have stolen soma bay from the
Union Stock Tarda.
Kent ft Co., 4751 South Eighteenth
atreet. Steam, hot water and vapor heat
ing. Distributor and aaleaman for Waaco
Oarage Heating System. Agent for Cole
man -flulck light gasoline lampa. Special
attention given to plumbing repair. Phone
South 25R6
Union Outfitting Co.
Places Big Purchase
of Handkerchiefs on
Sale Saturday
Annual September Fur Sale
Prices 20 Lew Than
You'll Pay Later On.
A Magnificent Stock of the
Most Wanted Furs to -Select
From. , "
Because of a fortunate pur
chase one of the most remarkable
sales of Women's Handkerchiefs
Omaha has known in many
months takes place at the Union
Outfitting Company next Satur
day. The handkerchiefs come three
in a box, are daintily embroidered
in pink, blue or white and areof
such excellent quality that you
will find them acceptable for gift
The great "September Fur Sale,
now in progress, is growing
stronger every day as news
spreads of the very exceptional
values that are to be had.
By purchasing furs now one
can save 20 per cent on a hand
some scarf, muff, set, coat or
coatee, made up into the season's
most fashionable and most be
coming furs.
It is such events as these that
emphasize the growing Buying
Power of the Union Outfitting
Company, located out of the High
Rent District. As always, 'you
make your own terms.
Skinner's the Best
Macaroni and Spaghetti
made of Durum Wheat
Many children because of pre-natal or poat-natal influence,
study at a great disadvantage.
Douglaa 5347.
is the logical way to help them recover their natural right
to health.
(Palmar School Chiropractor)
Adjustment $1, or 12 for $10. Suita 414-19 Securities Bldt
Cor. 16th and Farnam Sta. Lady Attendant.
Get Acquainted
with the
Gnadian Pacific Skqline
See this Alpine Fairy
land by daylight ISO
peaks of 10,000 feet or
more waterfalls
irridescent glaciers
lakes big game
forests near spacious
hotels at Banff, and
Lake Louise, and
mountain chalets at
Emerald Lake, Gla
cier, Sicamous,
Golf, swim in warm
sulphur pools follow
the mountain roads
and trails enjoy your
favorite pastime .in
exhilarating ozone.
Ideal in September
Ask for Reaort Tour No. S-17
Trios. J. Wall, General A(ent
Canadian Pacific Railway,
140 S. Clark St, Chicato, 111.
Yoo Hoo
Look Who's at Brandeis Stores
rent i
TJE CAME unexpectedly Wednesday morning just came right In on us without any
notice and said: "Well, here I am and I think I will stay over until Thursday night,
and as long as I am here I'd like to meet personally every boy and girl in Omaha." Yes,
indeed, children, its ' '
A real, live American
boy with v his famous dog
"Tige." Surely every
child will want to meet
Buster BroWn Shoes
Mr. "Tige"
A dog so bright that he
almost talks. And he will
have souvenirs to distribute.
Buster Brown Shoes
An Informal Reception for the Children
in Our Shoe Section on the Main Floor
After School Thursday Till the Store Closes
Be Sure You Come Down to See Him
THE PACE ll!,?1':!!!