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Wonderful Growth of Branch
of Navy Fighting Force
After This Country
Enters War.
Washington, Sept. 5. Although
its origin was an almost insignificant
corps, the United States naval avia
tion service was expanded so rapidly
during the war that when the Ger
mans quit it was the second largest
naval flying force in the world. De
velopment of the service, hitherto
a cmefully guarded secret, was dis
closed by the Navy department to
day in the first of a series of an
nouncements dealing with naval
aerial activity since April, 1917.
When the United Statesentered
the world conflict it maintained a
miall naval aerial establishment,
with the principal station at Pensa
cola, Fla. The personnel at that
station was 38 aviators and 163 en
listed men and the equipment con
sisted of 22 seaplanes, five kite
balloons and two free balloons.
Forces Organized.
A department of aviation was or
ganized immediately and the vari
ous bureaus took up the work of
providing men and equipment. The
bureau of steam engineering took
charge of the development and
manufacture of motors and radio
equipment; the bureau of construc
tion and repair dealt with the hulls
and wings of the planes; the ord
nance department provided machine
guns and bomb launching devices
and thousands of tons of high ex
plosives, and the bureau of naviga
tion supplied and trained thousands
of officers and enlisted men.
The armistice found the navy with
more than 1,500 aviators, 1,300
ground officers, and 35,000 enlisted
men with 4,000 flight officers and
10,000 enlisted men in training.
There were in commission 1,400 sea
planes and airplanes and about 300
lighter-than-air craft of all types.
More than 1,200 officers and 19,000
enlisted men together with 388 sea
planes, 140 airplanes and 42 kite
balloons were sent to the war zone.
Has Seven Stations.
Meantime the single station main
tained in the United States prior to
the war had grown to seven training
stations, ten patrol stations, nine
rest and refueling stations, two, ex
perimental stations and a number of
additional stations for various pur
poses were under construction.
They formed a girdle that en
circled the entire seacoast of the
country. In Europe there were es
tablished and in operation 28 Ameri
can naval flying stations, two train
ing stations and 17 bombing sta
tions located in England, Ireland,
France and Italy. There also was a
marine aviation station in the
A capable administrative force,
drawn by the navy from civilians,
administered the affairs of the serv-
ios, with great success, but regular
navy officers were in direct charge.
Technical and manufacturing ex
perts of international reputation
represented the navy at the bases
abroad and in this country. Their
loyal services with those of the
fliers, made possible the achieve
ments which brought from Admiral
William S. Sims the following
praise for the work of the naval
-aviation service in the war:
Sims Praises Men.
."Please express to the naval avia
tors of America my most sincere
appreciation of their courageous and
loyal performance of duty at home
and abroad throughout the war.
Their brilliant exploits, their deter
mination to win, will ever remain
one cf the highest tributes to Ameri
can manhood. The performance of
duty of these young naval aviators
under my command has not only
been in keeping with the very best
traditions of our naval service, but
has in addition won for America the
enthusiastic praise of her allies."
The American naval aviators car
ried out joint patrols with the Brit
ish, French and Italian naval air
forces, raiding enemy submarine
bases and aircraft bases at Ostend,
Zeebrugge, Bruges. Helgoland, Pola,
Trieste and various other points.
. Large quantities of planes, subma
rines, materials, buildings, hangars,
supply stations, ammunition dumps
and other valuable military projects
were destroyed.
Act as Convoys,
, Seaplane patrols and aerial con
voys were particularly successful.
After the installation of American
seaplane patrols and during thou
sands of miles of convoy, only one
ship in such convoys protected by
seaplanes was ever successfully at
tacked. In the 10 months Amer
ican patrols were active only three
ships were lost in the entire area
between Penmarch and Isle d'Yeu.
British, French and Italian of
ficial records give the American
naval aviation forces credit for at
tacking 95 per cent of all subma
rines sighted while on patrol, in
spite of terrific weather conditions
at times, and of damaging 45 per
cent and sinking 25 per cent of all
those attacked. The exact number
of submarines sighted, attacked and
sunk cannot be made public until
the compilation of figures contained
in allied records is completed.
Henry Cabot Lodge Is
Other H. C. L. Now
. Troubling Capital
"There are. two H. C. Li's trou
bling Washington, D. C, just now,
and they are the high cost of living
and Henry Cabot Lodge." said
Clara F. Cooper, principal of Web
ster school, when she returned
Thursday from a visit in the na
tional capital.
"I spent 15 days of my vacation
in Washington and enjoyed it very
much," she related. "I heard Senator
Keed speak four hours on high cost
- of living and saw Senator Lodge
place his arms around the neck of
Senator La Follette." -
Miss Cooper has much admiration
for Senator Lodge whom she Knows.
She believes that her visit will have
eal pedagogical value, " j
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