Omaha daily bee. (Omaha [Neb.]) 187?-1922, September 06, 1919, Page 10, Image 10

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N Ufa
Cm W pur ta its purpoa and atrong hi lt strife.
And all Ufa Dot b purw aad troogvr thereby.
Ha had then th traca. too rat In (vary cllma,
Of belne, without alloy of fop or beau,
A fintah'd gentleman from top to toe. Byron.
THE blossoms of the early au
tumn, pink and lavender asters,
were used in profusion in the
beautiful rooms of the home of Mrs.
J. Frank Carpenter Thursday eve
ning, when her daughter, Marion,
became the bride of Marvin L. Fred
erick, son of Mr. and Mrs. G. W.
Frederick of Elkhart, Ind. Rev.
Howard C Whitcomb read the mar
riage lines before an improvised
altar of snowy clematis. A beautiful
feature of the nuptials was the dou
ble ring ceremony, the bridegroom's
ring having been designed by the
Miss Naomi Carpenter, niece of
the bride, who was ringbearer, wore
a frock of white net combined with
lace, and her corsage was of Mrs.
Wards roses. Miss Mary Phillipi
of San Diego and Miss Marian Pet
tis of Lincoln, who were brides
maids, were gowned in pink satin
and wore corsage bouquets of lav
ender asters. Miss Eleanor Car
penter, sister of the bride, was maid
of honor. Her gown was of orchid
satin made in long draped skirt, low
bodice, and sleeves of tulle. A cor
sage of Ophelia roses completed her.
costume. The attendants wore the
gifts of the bride, which she de
her bridesmaids she gave gold or
naments for the hair set with ame
thysts. To the ribbon stretchers.
Franklin Carpenter and Richard
Frederick, and the ringbearer, she
presented unique rings.
The bride was attractive gowned
in white satin combined with rose
point lace, made with a draped skirt
and low bodice. The long tulle
veil fell to the hem of the court
After a short wedding trip
through the east, Mr. and Mrs.
freaencK win De at home in
Schenectady after September IS.
Marriage Announced.
Mr. and Mrs. Allen S. Romao an
nounce the marriage of their daugh-
signed. To her maid of honor and ' ter, Miss Helen Hamilton Romao,
25c Carter's Liver Pills, at 16
25c Tiz, for sore feet 19
25c Phenalax Wafers. .. .21
1 lb. J. J. Red Cross Hospital
Cotton for . ...50
10c Art Gum 7
50c Dioxogen 30
$1.00 Dioxogen 59
1 pint Meritol Milk Magnesia
for 500
30c Sanitol Tooth Paste, 19J
25c Colgate's Cashmere Bou
quet Talcum Powder.. 16 1
60c Pepsodent Tooth Paste,
at 39
20c Singer Machine Oil..lOt
30c Sloan's Liniment .21t
30c Peterman's Discovery,
for bed bugs 19
$1.00 Listerine 79
25c Barkeeper's Friend.. 14
DeMar's Benzoin and Almond
Lotion 50
Beaton's Freckle Cream. .50?
40c box
extra special,
). Beaton's
rttlEJUVE(f fors
60c Sempre
Giovine, at
$1.25 Pyros Antiseptic. . .98
25c Mentholatum 17
60c Syrup of Fips 44
75c Djerkiss Face Powder,
at 53
25c Peroxide Hydrogen .. 19
$1.25 Goutorbe Face Powder,
at 98,
$1.00 Nuxated Iron 89
30c Laxative Bromo Quinine,
at 22
35c Castoria 24
50c Stanolax 39
25c Lyknu Furniture Polish,
at 19
Orazm Tooth Paste 34
50c Eatonic 29
25c Nature's Remedy. .. .17
25c Bandoline, Beaton's
for 19k
50c Hay's Hair Health, 29t
25c Beecham's Pills 19
25c Arnica Salve 19
60c Lavoris 48t
$1.00 Kodol Dyspepsia Liquid,
at 72t
50c Musterole 42t
25c Green's August Flower,
at 19ti
10c Knowledge 5
Box of 50 82.50
8c Pacificos ' 5r5
15c Mozart Magic 10
10c Jose Lovera 5
Box of 50 S2.50
Films Developed Free When
Prints Are Ordered
$3.00 Houbigant's Ideal Ex
tract, per oz 81.98
$1.50 Jickey Extract, per
ounce 98f
75c Pompeian Massage Cream,
at 59
15c cake Green Bocobelli
Castile Soap 10
7c Pinaud's Tivoli Powder,
at 49
10c D. & R. Cold Cream, 7
50c D. & R. Amourette Face
Powder 39t
$1.00 Delatone 79
$1.00 Derwillo Face Powder,
at 89
25c DeMar's Corn Remedy,
at 19
$1.00 Stuart's Dyspepsia Tab
lets 79e
60c Sal Hepatica 48
DeMar's Cascara Tonic and
Liver Pills 25
35c Hinkle's Cascara Pills, bot
tle of 100 19
35c Freezone , 28
$1.00 Danderine 89
65c Doan's Kidney Pills,
. for 53
$1.50 Fellow's Syrup Hypophos-
phates 81.19
15c New Skin 12
30c Cuticura Soap 22
$2.00 Velvet Combination Foun
tain Syringe and Water Bot
tle for 81.38
$1.10 2-quart Davidson Foun
tain Syringe 78
$3.00 Female Douche Syringe,
at 81.98
$1.25 Velvet 2-quart Water
Bottle 89
The gray package contain
ing more than a pound. Has
Bitter Sweets, Swiss Milk
Chocolate Caramels, Choco
late Butterscotch, Choco
late Honey Nougat, Choco
late Nuts.
1 ?t on) Of O FTff
Beaton Drug Company
15th and Farnam Streets
Mail Orders Receive Our Most Careful Attention
Selling Events of
Economic Interest
FOR months re have been buy
ing and planning for these
sales, and yon will not be dissap
pointed in the saving opportunities
they will offer. This occasion is a
concrete demonstration of our Su
perior Merchandise Service. It will
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pite the scarcity of the finer qual
ity of goods you will find our stocks
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let them pass you by.
Scheduled for Monday Sellings Are:
Blankets Notions Velvets
Women's Apparel Domestics
See Sunday Papers ior Our Advertisements
Dress Goods
to Mr. Albert H. Krause, which
took place Wednesday evening at
the home of the bride. The Rev.
Delman Kuykendahl of the Ply
mouth Congregational church read
the marriage lines. The Rev
roses were used throughout the
I he bride was gowned in net
combined with filet lace over white
satin and carried an arm bouquet
of Mrs. Wards roses. There were
no attendants.
ronowing tne ceremony an in
formal reception was held for the
relatives and a few intimate friends.
Mr. and Mrs. Krause will be at
home in Omaha September IS after
a short western trip.
Carter Lake
Miss Effie Cleland, who has just
returned from overseas, addressed
the meeting of the French club at
Carter lake Thursday. Miss Cle-
land told of the customs and dress
I of the French people. Ten mem
bers of the club were present.
Mr. and Mrs. Dan Leary have re
turned from Denver and Colorado
The marriage of Miss Martha
Petersen to Olaf Berthelsen took
place Thursday evening, the oc
casion being the 33d wedding an
niversary of the bride's parents,
Mr. and Mrs. P. N. Petersen. The
ceremony was performed at the
Pella Danish Lutheran church, Rev.
ti. F. Berthelsen officiating.
Miss Marie Berthelsen, sister of
the groom, who was maid of honor,
wore yellow organdie and carried
pink roses. Miss Helga Petersen
was birdesmaid and wore pink or
gandie and carried pink roses. Miss
Dorothea Berthelsen played the
wedding march. Mr. Olaf Peder
sen and Mr. Morris Jensen of
Beresford, S. D., were groomsmen.
Following the ceremony a recep
tion was held at the church, when
ISO guests wercpresent. The out-of-town
guests included Mr. and
Mrs. Lewis Prestepard and two
sons, Mrs. Lewis Olsen and Mr.
Olaf Prestegard of Steward, 111.,
and Rev. G. B. Christiansen of Au
dubon, la.
For a Bride-Elect.
i r ,r . . . .
Many artairs are being given in
honor of the September brides.
Miss Faye Simon entertained at a
delightful bridge luncheon at her
home Friday, for Miss Elizabeth
Crawford whose marriage to Mr.
Warner Gibson Scott of Salt Lake
City will take place September 13.
Flowers in varying shades of yellow
were used throughout the rooms
and formed the centerpiece of the
luncheon table. Covers were laid
for Mesdames E. E. Hart, George
Pratt, Robert Dafiiels, Theodore
Metcalfe, Max Miller, Morris Dun
ham and Misses Elizabeth Gould,
Caroline Holmquist, Evelyn Hor
ton, Margaret Young and Eleanor
Murray of Pender, Neb.
Mr. and Mrs. August M. Borglum
and son, George Paul, will return
Monday after spending the summer
at silver Mine, Conn. George raul
spent eight weeks at the Culver
Summer school.
Miss Mary Gant has returned from
Jtstes Park, where she spent several
Mr. and Mrs. Frederick W.
Clarke have returned from Belle
Isle, Mich., where they spent the
month of August.
Mrs. C Buchtel and grandsons,
Bob, jr.. and Tack, have returned
from Excelsior Springs, where they
spent two weeks.
Mrs. C. M. Wilhelm returned
Thursday from Estes Park.
Senator I. H. Millard and Miss
Jessie Millard leave Friday evening
tor New York, Atlantic City and
other eastern points.
Miss Helen Hibbard has returned
after spending the summer in New
lork and other eastern cities.
Mrs. F. W. Foetr and daughter.
Miss Adelaide rogg, returned Fn
day morning from New York.
wnere they spent the summer.
Mr. and Mrs. W. G. Temnleton
left Friday for Kansas Citv. where
they will spend two weeks as the
guest of their son, Mr. F. F. Tem
pleton. Mr. and Mrs. H. G. Alexander
have returned from a trip to Colo
rado Springs and Denver.
Miss Elizabeth Larson has re
turned from New York and Boston,
where she spent the summer.
Happy Hollow
E. A. Sherman had 20 guests
at dinner at the Happy Hollow
club, Friday evening. I. D. Weirs
entertained six.
Mrs. Carrie Campbell, newly ap
pointed secretary of the Y. W. C. A..
was honor guest at luncheon Friday
at the Happy Hollow club, given by
the board of directors of the Y. W.
C. A. Mrs. Camobell arrived Sun
day from Clinton, Iowa, where she
has been engaged in Y. W. C. A.
work, and took immediate charge of
the organization here.
Mrs. T. M. Garrett entertained at
a kensington at the Happy Hollow
club Friday afternoon in honor of
Miss Nan Clayton of Los Angeles,
formerly of Omaha, who is the
guest of Mrs. L. D. Carrier. Twenty-five
guests were present.
Advice to the Lovelorn
Love Comes Unbidden and, "To Love or Not We Are
No More Free Than the Ripple to Rise and
Leave the Sea."
Girto, Take Notice.
Miss Fairfax, Omaha Bee: I am a
stranger in your city, being here only
threa weeks. However, I expect to
make this my home. I was in the
Empress last night, and by chance
happened to sit next to a young lady
that certainly appealed to me. This
girl seemed to be a "regular fellow."
What I mean by that is, that she
was talking to her friend about base
ball and various other sports also
about California and Coinrdn
where I went to college.
now I don t want to be classed as
a "masher," but I certainly want to
meet this girl, and with all due re
spect to the Omaha girls, she is the
first that has appealed to me. Now
l don't mean that I am madlv in love
with her I am just lonesome, and
would like some one that would re
lieve the monotony.
This girl in question, should she
happen to see this (which I surelv
hope- she does), will reeoirnize me.
by remembering the couple behind
her that annoyed every one within
hearing by reading out loud. This
girl caught a South Omaha car.
Again assuring you and the eirl
that I am no "masher," I hesitated
in using your column, thinking she
would think I was mishty rude, but
1 know of no other way to meet her.
Hoping to see an answer in the very
near future, I am, respectfully, B.
Suppose I should locate the young
woman in question, how do you ex
pect me to locate you, since you sign
yourself "B," with no address for
my information?
She Loves a Fat Man.
Dear Miss Fairfax, Omaha Bee:
Don't, I beg of you, make me laugh.
But if you put any more such stuff
in the paper as you did about "no
body loves a fat man," I am afraid
shall split my sides, so to speak.
How, pray tell me, do you know
that nobody loves a fat man? Not
from experience, I'll wager. I sup
pose, then, from the way you talk
the average girl thinks more of the
little dried-up imitation, or parody
of a man than they do of a real
man. What I call a real man is
one that is about six-foot or over,
and weighs around 200. That is a
real man. And I would rather be
seen on the streets with oh, I don't
know what than with some of the
runts around town. Cheer up,
Allan and Charley, for there are
lots of people who love a fat man.
I am glad to know there is an ex
ception to the rule.
7 Jf
r m
aJ at In lies Misr 7(1 i-ni
The Joy Of A
Perfect Skin
Know the joy and
happiness that comes
to one thru possessing
a skin of purity and
beauty. The soft, dis
tinguished appearance it
renders brings out your
natural beauty to its full
est. In use over 70 years.
Federation Headquarters.
The Nebraska Federation of
Women's Clubs is maintaining head
quarters in the new woman's build
ing at the Nebraska State fair,
where all women, whether club
members or not, are welcome. Mrs.
Addison E. Sheldon, state president;
Mrs. William Berry of Omaha, Mrs.
Hugh LaMaster and Mrs. LeRoy
Davis of Lincoln; Miss Julia Fuller,
Beatrice; Mrs. Bertha Miller, North
Bend, have served as hostesses.
Club women from Illinois, Iowa,
Colorado arid Missouri have visited
the headquarters.
The head of the department store
incorporation of New York City has
made the statement that the Ameri
can housewife is the keenest judge
of merchandise to .be found any
where and frequently knows more
about seme kinds of goods than the
merchants who specializes in them.
Douglas 5347.
icavei superstition entirely Out of its etiology, It has no mental
ciusionaaa a cause for disease.
(Palmer School Chiropractor)
Adjustment $t, or 12 for $10. Suit 414-19 Securltiea Bldg.
Cor. 16th and Farnam Sta.
Lady Attendant.
To "Innoccn."
Dear Miss Fairfax, Omaha Bee:
In regard to "Innocent," I do not
think I or any o'ne else could cover
the subject as well as the party
who signs "Just a Girl." She has
the same idea as I, and I know her
intentions are good. None of us, of
course, may accuse "Innocent" out
right until we hear the other side of
the case. There certainly is too
much of this going on in the world
and not enough thought of on the
girl's part. I would rather have
sympathy for the girl, even though
of questionable character, than for
this man who signs "Innocent," who
claims to be of "good character."
ness, and happiness Is th main ob
ject of life."
"Let us draw a pen picture of a
custom, one of frequent occurrence.
A young scion of a well-to-do fam
ily, after spending years using every
aruiice inai nis leruie Drain can
invent, lavishly using flatter and
money and making statements that
would bring a blush to the cheeks
or tne shades of Munchausen, at
last succeeds in ruining some poor
innocent gin, wnom nature has en
aowea with a pretty smiling face
and a handsome figure; one whose
motner, not possessing a great
amount of worldly goods, had in
stilled into her the value of virtue
ence tne long and .weary hours
spent dv tnis despisable cur in per
suadlng'ner to disregard the early
teachings of mother and what her
own reason told her was right.
"Time brings to light the fact:
A purse-proud father pays a few
paltry dollars to the ruined girl, the
scion's female relatives and friends
pet and console him until one
wouia ininK tnat he was the one
mat was aggrieved. For him so
ciety soon forgives and fore-ets. n,i
he is welcomed again into the home
of his peers. But what becomes of
the girl that he has ruined? She
nas started down the incline. Not
a hand is outstretched to save her.
Not a word of consolation or en
couragement is given her. Women,
yes, Christian women, pull their
skirts aside as they pass her by,
lest a touching of her outer gar
ments might detlle them. Rebuked
as they are by the Savior, they
essay to worship, who condemned
not the woman found in adultery.
She sees the stern sadness of her
father, the tear-stained cheek of her
mother, who realizes the Inexorable
but un-Chrlstlike law of society.
The descent becomes more pre
cipitious, temptation increases; she
sees around her the mockery of
sanctity, sne Is Draet pallv nmhih.
ited from participating in the wor-
snip oi tne savior that she was
taught to adore. Is It any wonder
that she soon reaches the level
furnishing the recruits to the army
of fallen women, who furnish the
never failing fountain of social dis
eases ?
"Yea, Gods! Will sanity ever
reign supreme and the beautiful
teachings of the Holy One who
taught forgiveness, whose every act
of life was to raise the fallen: will
this ever be considered a Christian
duty here? Christ extended his
hand to Mary Magdalene, raised her
up and forgave her."
By A. K.
Interesting to
Dear Miss Fairfax, Omaha Bee:
Having read about "Innocent," and
being in a position to know of these
things, I thought that I would like
to write and hope to see it in print,
as it may be of benefit to some one.
As I am reading a "MS" of a book
soon to be printed called the "Great
Black Plague," and coming to a
chapter under the name of "Social
Life," I would like to repeat some
of the chapter here.
"Why should greater virtue be
demanded from women than from
men? If virtue is an ornament to
the individual and a blessing to so
ciety, it would be no less brilliant
when worn by the male than it is
wnen worn Dy the female, and so
ciety receive greater benefit, for vir
tue is the basic principle of happi-
Miss Mary Anderson of Chicago,
succeeds Miss Mary VanKleek as
director af the woman in industry
service of the United States Denart.
ment of Lobor.
The New Jersey State Board of
Health will place a child welfare
station in Gloucester. Miss Eliza
beth Stiles will have supervision
over it and the station in Camden.
Mrs. J. M. Franklyn, who walked
from her New York home to Seattle
at the cost of $28 is a graduate of
the Bellevue Training school for
It is estimated that 60 per cent of.
the women of England must remain
unmarried because of the tremend
ous loss of young men through the
war and the influenza epidemic.
Mrs. Lillian Trimble Bradley
has been engaged by George Broad
hurst as general stage director for
all his forthcoming productions, the
first women to attain such a posi
tion on croaaway.
A village maiden
So fair and sweet
iVith peach-pink cheeks
And sparkling eyes
With silken hair
And merry laugh
Who won the hearts
Of old and young.
By ten at night
She was
"Beauty sleeping"
The morning she greeted
With vim
And a smile
This wholesome girl
Whom her small world loveiA
The winsome lass
Of God's design.
But the village
Held no cabarets
No dazzling stage x
No gay Broadway
Her girlish dreams
Took her far away
To old New York
And the Great White Wijr,
Into one mad rush
For pleasure she rushed
Info the whirlpool
Of dizzying sights
She plunged in deep
And took a part.
I the wee small hours
She tumbled in
Tired with excitement
Night after night
Nerves exhausted
When the morning light
Pecked in at the window
To wish her good cheer.
But the fagged
Little girl
Awoke one day
And talked with the girl
In the mirror;
"My eyes have gone bad
Lost their luster
They're dull
My complexion is blotched
And grim
The pink on my cheeks
Is a drug store tint
Mean little wrinkles
Surrounding my eyes
Hollow and circled
And drawn
My face is thin
Why this is a sinl
I'm old
And haggard
And cross 1
I sold my beauty
And the Spirit of Youth
For jazt band nights
And a sorry time.
Ah, Beauty and Youth I
Come back to me!"
Youth never returns
Once it is gont
This is the price
The Night Hawks pay.
Field Club
A party of 42 guests will be en
tertained at the dinner-dance at the-
rield club Saturday
Oeorge Miller.
be given by Leon
JJreibus, and T.
evening by I
Parties of eieht wilt 1
Millard and Tk J.
H. Ashton will have
Buy Soap at
East End Flatiron Bldg., 17th and Howard.
Country Club
Mrs. W. B. T. Belt entertained in
formally at luncheon at the Country
club Friday, when the guests num
bered five. C. G. Sibbernsen will
entertain a party of 16 at the dinner
dance Saturday evening.
Seymour Lake
Mr. and Mrs. James Allen have
returned from a motor trip to Wis
consin. Mr. and Mrs. E. T. Kelliher will
entertain 13 guests at the dinner
da nee Saturday evening.
You need not boil an entire egg to
get the hard yolk for salad or gar
nishing. Separate the white and
yolk without breaking latter and
poach this hard in salted water. The
whites can thus be saved for some
other use.
is the root of nearly all
digestive evils. If yqur
digestion is weak or out
of kilter, better eat less
and use
the new aid to better
digestion. Pleasant to
take effective. Let Ki
moid help straighten out
your digestive troubles.
Save Nearly 20 Per Cent on Food Bills
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MASON FRUIT JARS, pints, per doz....75
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JELLY GLASSES, 13 pint, per doz 49
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Lemon, 2 oz., 30; 1 oz. bottles 15
SPECIAL BRAND, Vanillin and Lemon
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TIP BAKING POWDER, 1 lb. cans!!!!!!
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30 to 13,
September 8
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urday for a new pair of
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t '