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State to Raise $512,000,
All of Which Is to Be
Spent "Wjthin Its
Prominent men in Omaha tnd Ne
- braska are lining up for the Salva
tion Army reconstruction home
ervice drive.
The drive $ill be made during the
week of September 21 to 27 and the
state home fund, all of which will
be upent in Nebraska, is for $512,
000. -i , . , .
Buildings for Omaha include a
new state rescoe and materity home
for women with a capacity for 150
women, a new state headquarters
building having under one roof a
young women's boarding home with
125 capacity, relief department, aid
for the poor, auditorium and corps
quarters, and a new building for No.
2 corps. New buildings will be
erected at Hastings and Kearney.
RiMMincr nlans have been made bv
local architests and have been ap
proved by local committee.v The
.Salvation Army is having the in
dorsement of the Knights of Colum
bus, the Elks, organized labor,
churches and all of the soldier boys
in the state who were given aid by
the Salvation Army workers at the
front in France. Sunday, Septem
ber 21, has been designated by the
ministerial association as Salvation
Army day with sermons on the sub
ject, "The, Good Samaritan."
Omaha men acting as state and
city committeemen are: Chairman,
A. L. Sutton; city chairman, Judge
Charles Leslie; state vice chairman,
Col. Frtd A. Grant, United States
army, retired; treasurer, John L.
Kennedy, vice president United
States National bank; George Bran
deis. Brandies stores; W. B. T. Belt,
Nebraska Telephone Co.; Dr. E. C.
Henry, Lord Lister hospital; Dr. A.
Clark, Dr. Sam McCleneghen, Rob
ert Manley, John W. Gamble and
C. E. Burnnam, Norfolk; John C.
Maher, Lincoln, and Frank L. Rain,
Omaha Chapter Red
Cross in Charge of
State Fair Exhibit
The home service section of the
Omaha chapter, American Red
Cross, will have charge of the Red
Cross exhibit in this department at
the Nebraska state fair held in Lin
coln. Mrs. Charles M. Wilhelm,
chairman of civilian relief depart
ment and Miss Mildred C. Scoville,
executive secretary will represent
the Omaha chapter in the home
service booth and conduct the work
there. They will be glad to give
information to any discharged
sailor, soldier or marine regarding
insurance, cornncnsation. vocational
education, applications for the- $60
i L-j " . :i i:
for arrears of pay, Liberty bonds
subscribed for and not delivered, the
government plan for giving home
steads to discharged service men.
The department is especially in
tested in the men who were wound-
ed or ill while in service and are now
suffering from a disability so as to
help them obtain all that, the gov
ernment is eager to give them.
Man Who Broke Jail '
In Kearney, Neb., Found
In Omaha Hospital
The truthfulness of Nathan Wolf
son, 22 years old, of Chicago, re
sulted in hit arrest Thursday at St.
Joseph's hospital, where he had gone
for treatment of a bullet wound. He
told the hospital authorities he had
been shot by a detective. '
The hospital authorities tele
phoned the police and Wolfsonwas
found to be the man who escaped
If - T-U I 2 !
i rum inc xvcarucy, lieu., jiu lasi
Saturday and was shot by a detec
tive as he was getting away. Offi
cers from Kearney will come to
Omaha to take him back. He was
in jail, charged with robbing freight
cars at Kearney.
Soldier Advances
Police Seek Stranger
Police say that George Dohlbey,
La Cross, Wis., a discharged sol
dier, is the victim of a smooth
working confidence man, who, early
yesterday, got $110 of Dohlbeyjs
m6ney.. ' ;
Dohlbey, the police say, met a
stranger at the Union station, who
represented himself to be a railway
mail clerk. During a conversation
he asked the soldier to cash a
check for $312 for him. He said
he had his money locked tip in a
railway mail car and could not get
it before 10.
Dnhlhev cave the man $110 and
promised to meet him after a while
and give him the balance of the
check. Later, however, he became
. suspicious and reported the matter
to the police.
Girl Struck by Street Car
" While On Her Way to Work
Miss Lou Martin,' 257 North Har
rison street, was struck by a street
car at Seventeenth and California
streets while on her way to work
' yesterday. She "was badly bruised.
She is an employe of the Adams
laundry. Seventeenth and Webster
streets.. . ; ' .
, V Will A Alt w... " ,I
' H. Segur, proprietor of the laundry,
for the girl's name he refused to fur-
1 nish the information, the policeman
said. Segur was arrested on a
charge of interfering with an officer.
Ticket Office toClose
The consolidated ticket office of
the United States railroadLadmirris
tration in the Union Pacific railroad
; headquarters building, Fourteeenth
' and Douglas streets, will be closed
2 all day Labor day,-it was announc
ed yesttsiaij, .
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Home Furnishings
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t "
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wear; Saturday , .$25.00
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School Sept. 8
Dresses, Coats, Skirts
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Most Attractively Priced for
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Girls' school dresses; wash ma
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August Clearing Sale of Hosiery
Women's pure thread silk, all colors,
in broken sizes ; $2.75 and $3.00 val
ues ; clearance price. ...... .$1.98
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School Suit Sale Extraordinary
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Part wool, all
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Boy' blouses in perce'es,
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special price .Jlewll
Handkerchiefs, Veiling
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Specials for Saturday
Washable satin collars in roll and
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Special Cash Price Saturday. . ..50J
At Less
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Vests, embroidered in
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Regular price 85c, on sale,
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sale 50t
Saturday Specials
' In the
Sanitary Market
Genuine Spring Lamb
Forequarters, lb., 18ti
Hindquarters, lb., 286
Steer Pot Roast, lt. -15
Breakfast Bacon, sugar
cured, per lb 35c
Bntter, Eggs, Cheese, Etc
Choicest quality goods
kept under refrigeration.
Always lowest cash prices.
Brick or American Full
Cream Cheese, lb. -35s.
Creamery Butter, best'
bulk, per lb 60s
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mium, 2 - lb. cartons,
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Strictly Fresh Eggs, per
dozen 45
Queen Olives, fancy, bulk,
per quart 55t
Helni 67 Tarleties for
your selection at Pickle
Beautiful New Velvet Hats
Original creations and copies of much
higher priced models jockey shapes,
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large and small chin-chins, soft brim
med hats, straight sailors and novel
ties, trimmed with burnt plumage,
nflKt.fd feathers, fiill fliifi ostrich, metal
ribbons, beads and wool; all new fall
shades to choose from
$10.00, $12.50 and $15.00
$3.00 Values In Tarns
Special Saturday, at
These tams which look like duvetyne, come in all the new
shades; also black velvet tams in quartered plain top, fin
ished with grosgrain ribbon.
Smart, Attractive New Fall Hats
Every kind, style and color that fashion has approved! And since velvet has
had first faVor velvet is pre-eminent in the showing! The beautiful silk, Lyons
and Panne velvets used singly, in combination with velours and beaver! A truly
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48-lb. sacks Best HtgH Grsds Dia
mond H Flour
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meal, lb. Be
4 lbs. best Bulk Rolled Oatmeal. tic
No. l Hand-Picked Navy Beans, lb. l(k
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ghetti Of Egg Noodles, pkg. .'Vic
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ls-oz. cans Condensed Milk lc
Qutckserv. Tomato Bono. can.... Be
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can tw
Tall cans Columbia River Salmon.
enn SIM
Tall cans
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feast Foam. pkg. .
Fancy Red
Our Famous Golden Santos Coffee.
lb 38c
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lb. .". 40o
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no equal and stands alone for
quality, lb 4.V
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PTfkfBt. Ceylon, or Gunpowder
Tea. per lb 8Se
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The Best No. 1 New Potatoes,
lb , "4
New Cabbage, per lb..., 4c'
Fancy Ripe Tomatoes, lb Be
Two Summer Squash Bo
Three Bunches Fresh Beets or Car
rot Be
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Three Bunches Fresh Parsley... .lor
Wax -r Green Beans, lb.. IBe
Two large Green Peppers Be
can 32c
Fresh Cauliflower, lb.. 17Vi
Pnt Vj Vonr Peaches Sow.
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