Omaha daily bee. (Omaha [Neb.]) 187?-1922, August 13, 1919, Page 7, Image 7

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Tenants of "Elwood" Apart
ments Notified They Must
Pay $50 More a Month
or Get Out.
Marked advance in the rental
scale for Omaha houses and apart
merits is foreshadowed in notices
terved yesterday by J. L. Hiatt Real
Estate company on tenants of the
"Elwood" apartments, Forty-ninth
and Dodge streets, that the better
apartments would be worth $125 a
month on October 1 and thereafter,
an increase from $75 or 66 2-3 per
Occupants of the Elwood apart
ments are notified that "no attempt
is made to 'force' them to pay this
increase," and that 'if they find that
they cannot pay it, and want to
move, every effort will be given
them by the company to find a new
place to live, at the rent they can
afford to pay."
The notice served upon tenants of
the Elwood further "suggests" that
the rent will be raised from $75 to
$125 a month because the Elwood i
to be made one of the classiest
apartment houses in Omaha," and
because "unequaled service will be
Those tenants who feel that this
"slight" increase of $50 a month in
their rent is too much are requested
to let the real estate company know
at once, "so that the long list of
those waiting for a chance to get
into the Elwood may be served."
The big increase in rent was a jolt
yesterday to tenants of the Elwood,
who had expected nothing of the
sort, and many made hurried plans
to assume new quarters.
The enormous increase in rents at
the Elwood is onljone instance of
a general increase in rents all over
the city which have been put in ef
fect recently. This is particularly
true of rent houses. On the north
side a number of houses that rented
a year ago for $20 are now listed at
Armed Negro Holds
Tenants of Office
Building at Bay
An armed negro, James Rhodes,
held tenants of the fifth floor of
the Keeline building, Seventeenth
1 TT 4 k,r .rocUrrllV
aim narncy, f ""3 j'-"""""'
and terrorized the office girls work-
... 1 . '1 A' A'..r in ft
ing in trie Duuaing, uuiuiuS
complaint made by George Sugar
man, a lawyer, charging Rhodes
. 1 1 . : HAnf.aqU4 w9nnnl
wun carrying iulvwhu "'"K"""'
Sugarman alleges that Rhodes,
i - ! .' j. :M t-Um kiij14inor ri
WnO IS a jaimui in ni w
came enraged when requested to
carry out improvement requests of
. t. - . - A t'tnr Vnnt(4 arffii-
meat drew a revolver and stood off
all comers. (
Among the victims of the negro s
wrath were Dr. F. W. Novak. V. C.
UicU.1l !nr1 Tir TamfS A. O'Neil.
all having offices in the Keeline
Police are searching for Rhodes.
Lowering the Price of
High-Class Victor Music
Tn ii.cff Hav of hich costs and
ever-rising prices, it is a distinct
relief, as well as a welcome surprise,
to see something really lowered in
.:... TVie rirpiit reduction in the
price of Victrola Red Seal records
created somewhat of a sensation,
-..4 : .1.11 -.f universal interest, for
music, far from being considered
a luxury today, has come to De an
fii.i nereccitv And it is an ooen
question as to which was the greater
event so tar as Denennng me puu
lic is concerned the first presenta
tion to the world of the records by
the greatest artists or their presen
tation now at the lowered prices.
City Council Opens Bids
For Paving of 40 Districts
The city council yesterday opened
bids for paving 40 districts, the
largest being Leavenworth street,
Forty-eighth to Sixtieth streets.
Interest was centered on the
Leavenworth street improvement on
account of a controversy between
Mavor Smith and C. E. Fanning
several months ago, when Mr. Fan
ning designated the mayor as a
Fanning was low bidder on this
work last year on the basis of $3.09
per vard for brick. His bid today
was $3.39.
Mayor Raises Legal Point
On Purchase of Supplies
Mavor Smith interposed an ob
jection when City Commissioner
t .1 nteavnreH to nut a resolu
tion through the council yesterday,
to appropriate $iu,uw trom tne
sewer bond fund for the purchase
of materials with which to make
sewer inlets.
rials with which to make sewer m-
"The sewer bond fund was not
intended for that purpose. Refer
this to the city legal department,
ordered the mayor.
When acid-distressed,
relieve the indigestion
Dissolve easily on
tongue as pleasant
to take as candy.
Keep your stomach
sweet, try Ki-moids.
1 IK '
Continuing Throughout
the Entire Week This
i Mi
T " . Greafc Sale
if iiipiii
LcERi $6. 95
-... s- . Jcao 1 """
in Three Groups at
i7 ujJSJ I
EACfTday of this great sale brings a bigger response than we had thought possible,
but as this sale includes the greatest single purchase of blouses ever made by us,
we are able to place upon our counters each day, blouses that are fresh and clean,
blouses just out of their tissue wrappings.
The colors are :
All sizes 34 to 44.
1 Embroidered Georgette.
2 -Embroidered Georgette.
3 Lace Trimmed Crepe de Chine.
4 Heavy Crepe de Chine.
5 Lace Trimmed Georgette.
6 Embroidered Crepe de Chine.
7 Braid Trimmed Georgette.
8 Hand Embroidered Georgette.
9 Tucked and Embroidered Georgette.
10 Beaded Georgette.
11 Heavy Crepe de Chine.
12 Crepe de Chine With Tie.
On Account of the Low Prices, no Exchanges and no Approvals Accepted
Of" 1 .--el
MA ' TV C3 f, I
1 '
1 ' WW f . WHIrr - LT P m Mi
t Hi ami i r
1 jtisr. yw vjfw
1 v , - 'M,
,1 I B l I I I
m m mm in hi itr in di i hi r urr
.1 m ME 111 111 III If fl I M ifl 111 rVTN at I
I . XTT'W lUlIV II III III II 111 Ifl 11 I
ii x r i w yi i in urn ii
ii j x iii ii mi in yn in hi ui i
II 1 1 I. Vim ,J I I III II I in
I 1 1. 1 IW vV, ' If 111 II I I f
voi. in in ii i m uiii in Mil ii i
i i m i i i h if ii
m; j " i
i vik. ffv
13 Crepe de Chine, Tucked.
14 Hemstitched Crepe de Chine.
15 Crepe de Chine, Crochet Buttons.
16 Pleated Georgette.
17 Square Tucked Georgette.
18 Tucked Georgette.
19 i-Heavy Crepe de Chine Pleatings.
20 Plain Tailored Crepe de Chine.
21 Hemstitched Georgette.
22 Heavy Quality Crepe de Chine.
23 Tailored Crepe de Chine.
24 Assorted Striped Crepe de Chine.