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What though luccwt wilt not attend en all T
Whs bravely lrn must aaoctlmea risk fajl.
Ha not fat mortal to com mono1
But vo'U do mora, Sempronlue, we'll 4MOTT0
A CALIFORNIA trip is the
thing if you desire coolness
during humid weather, oc
cording to Mrs. Hubert S. Askew,
-who has just returned from a west
ern honeymoon. The weather was
really uncomfortably chilly in San
Francisco, according to this pretty
bride, not at all like the Nebraska
climate. Mrs. Askew was formerly
Miss Margaret Fugitt, before her
marriage which took place in June.
Mr. and Mrs. Askew spent sev
eral days in Hollywood, the home
of many of the prominent movie
actors. While there they saw many
of the screen stars "on location."
Mary MacLaren, Wallace Reid,
Charles Chaplin, Roscoe Arbuckle
and Clara Kimball Young were
among those whose work they wit
nessed. They also had a glimpse
of the great director, D. W. Grif
fith. '
"They seem to be very much the
same in real life as they are in
filmland,' says Mrs. Askew
their time on the coast and to,ok a
few short boat trips. Mrs. Askew
is very enthusiastic over the cli
mate and beauties of that state, but
Skinner's the Best
Macaroni and Spaghetti
made of Durum Wheat
says that Omaha is a much better
place to live.
Engagement Announced.
Mr. and Mrs. J. B. Alexander an
nounce the engagement of their
daughter Dora, to I. T. Tallev of
uariana, lexas. the wedding will
taice place m beptember, at the
home of the bride a parents.
Miss Alexander has been clerk
of the Woodman Circle for the past
eight years and will retain her posi
tion after her marriage. Mr. Talley
occupied a government position
during the war and will enter busi
ness circles in Omaha in the fall.
TL. : r -. . -
.me marriage or miss rauiine
Trout, daughter of Mrs. Marguerite
i rout, to filbert fsldredee was sol
emnized at high noon, Thursday, at
me nome ot the bridegrooms oar
ents. Mr. and Mrs. D. C. Eldredge,
in r an acres. - Kev. JUrus Lowe per
tormed the ceremony. The rooms
were decorated with white roses and
I he bridesmaids, the Misses
Helen Murgess and Louise Jones,
were gowned in pink georgette 'and
carried pink roses.
The bride wore a pretty summer
frock of white eeoreette. A laree
shower bouquet of bride's roses and
nuiakiiu, aays mis. nsKtw. . " , , , "
They spent the greater part odw'SkP". completed the costume
The bridegroom was attended bv
John C. Eldredge as best man.
The young couple will be at home
at 85 Drake Court after Septem
ber 1.
.Bowni'i Yolue-Grrtnr Store.
While Everybody i
lis Talking About
The High Cost of
I Living
continue to offer wonderful
values In odd pieces of Furni
ture that you would be pleased
to own. Every day 'you will
firld furniture priced to your
advantage at the Greater Bow
en, Btore, as these prices prove.
; i a 1
i h a J.
: "V
China Cabinets in Mahogany T
anu Wcunuc, pienuiaiy iin- , ,
'. ished nnd polished William
and Mary design, $42.50
nnil tQO etn ! !
La . - VUtfiUV f
L uate Leg Tables in Dotn vv al-
i nui anu Aianogany.$Z4.50
Serving Tables In Walnut, Ma-
hogany nnd Oak, $31.00,
; $24.50 and $22.50
Tea Carts in Walnut, Mahog
j any,. Oak and Reed, glass top
trays, substantially made
' and well finished, 24.F0,
r- H8.O0, $12.00 and:.. $9.00
Fumed Oak Buffets, William
and Mary design... $39.50
Fumed Oak Buffets, Queen
Ann design ..... $35.00
Walnut Buffets Queen Ann
design highly finished and
-'polished ...... ...$65.00
Mahogany Buffets Adam de-
nicn. Thenn hnffpla nm.
plify nis best of the crafts-
man s art--beautituily nn
Ished and polished. $75.00
Dining Room Chairs Different
designs and finishes, $2.50,
$4.25. $6.25 $7.50 and up.
Golden Oak. Extension Tables,
42-inch top $14.50
Fumed Oak Dining Tables,
42-lnch top ... $16.50 I
uoiaen uaK fining Tables, 48
inch top, 6-ft. extension $33
Jacobean Finished Dining
Tables, William and Mary
design, 54 inch top, 6-ft. ex
tension, for $32.50
Mahogany Dining Tables, 54
lnh top $39.75
I Buy Your Linoleum
Now at Bowcn's
Former Omahan Weds.
Cards have been received bv Oma
ha friends announcing the marriage
of Miss Mildred Lomax, daughter of
Mrs. Edward Lloyd Lomax' of San
Francisco, to Frank Le Blond. The
ceremony was performed in San
Francisco? Saturday, July 26. Mr.
and Mrs. Le Blond will be at home
at 2211 Broderick street.
The bride, who is a former Ak-Sal-Ben
queen, lived with her par
ents in Omaha until a few years ago.
She possesses an excellent voice and
has studied ifl France and Germany.
After going to San Francisco, she
Lentered the newspaper field, doing
correspondence work tor eastern
For Bride-Elect.
Mrs. Hilding Jacobsen entertained
at, a miscellaneous showerat her
home Thursday evening in honor of
Miss Irene Palmquist, whose mar
riage to Ralph Lundahl of Atlantic,
la., takes place in the fall.
For Miss Wheelwright
Miss Daphne Peters entertained
very informally at dinner at
her home, Thursday evening, in
honor of Miss Alice Wheelwright of
Minneapolis, . who is visiting Miss
Dorothy Judson. Other guests in
cluded Miss Judson and Messrs.
Nash Cartan, Paul Shirley and
Douglas Peters. Miss Wheelwright
leaves Saturday.
This Outfit Would Make
Any Girl Pretty
J... - -
By A. K.
Fashion Camera Photo.
What girl would not look pretty in this outfit? Could anything be
daintier or more summery? The blouse is of oyster white linen, though
it could be made of any color linen, rough or smooth weave, that would
suit the wearer, It is trimmed with white' bands of cluny lace. The
umbrella, which really looks mischievous, if not flirtatious, is of white
taffeta and ostrich feathers. The hat? Oh, yes. There is a hat, isn't
there? Well, it is of Pekin blue, the feather being about all you see unless
you look closely. s
New York theatrical producers
report a short of chorus girls, not
withstanding the fact that their
wages have doubled within the past
several years.
- People say 'tis harder to
aave money than to make it.
Anyway we are offering you
. the opportunity to save con
siderable money by buying the
Linoleum you want at the
- Greater Bowen store, a we
are offering several hunched
pieces of linoleum (odd pieces)
at fiHcea far below the aver
age. Various patterns, tn
both printed and inlaid goods,
with sizes varying from one
square yard up to pieces 6x12
feet, and the prices range from
60 cents a. piece up.
Como to the store as early
as possible and have the ad
vantage ot choosing from a
large number of sixes. ' ,
T On Howard, between 15th and 4
A - 16th Street
The Flavor and
Wholeso meness
of Home Baked
Foods Is Seldom
Happy Hollow
L. P. Campbell, had five guests
at dinner at the Happy Hollow club
Thursday evening. Fred B. Dale en
tertained a foursome.
Frank L. McCoy will entertain 12
guests at dinner Saturday evening;
G. D. Hansen will have six guests.
Mrs. Cuthbert Vincent will enter
tain the members of the Liberty
chapter. O. E. S., at a kensington at
the Happy Hollow club frndav aft
ernoon. Mrs. H. C. Sumnev will
speak on "The Opportunities of
Satiated with sin!
Ah well not quite!
Although the tendency
Of middle age .
To drift from laws-Morality--Is
most appalling
So far we are
From Heaven '
And the door of birth
So far we-are
From Heaven
And the gate of death
That cynic's
Twisted wisdom
And Satan's v
Biased plan
Envelop1 this weak
Will of ours
At cold old middle age.
"The sins of Youth
Are hardly sins
So frank they are
And free"
The middle aged
Forgetting Love
See not Eternity.
But when God spies
Havoc working
In this half-way house
Of Strife 1
He sends the
Little babies
The leaveners of Crime.
They come with
Heaven smiling
In each bright
Laughing eye
They turn our hearts
From wreckage
To the shrine of
God sees each torn
And bleeding heart
He feels each
Desperate soul
And bids His tiny Couriers
Their messages unfold
To us
Half derelicts.'
Ah me!
We'd get too near
The, brink of Hell
Without the baby's smile.
Carter Lake
Seymour Lake Club.
Mrs. C. A. Melcher and daughter,
Miss Mabel Melcher, entertained a
large bridge party at the Seymour
Lake club Thursday. The guests
numbered e(J.
"Mrs. Graham's Hair
Color Restorer is
Simply Wonderful"
Mrs. Williams says, "I pro
cured a sample of Mrs. Graham's
Hair Color Restorer and was
curious enough to try it. It is
simply wonderful and I would
not do without it."
The results she obtained from
this preparation can be obtained
by any woman. Gray and faded
hair is quickly restored to its
natural color and made rich and
It is a clear liquid that does
not stain and is absolutely harm
less. Easy to apply and it is im
possible to tell that you are using
it. Can be had at the following
stores :
Sherman A McConnell Store, Rialto
Drug Store, Beaton Drue Co., Green's
Pharmacy, Haine Drug Co., Thompton
Fenton Co, Merritt Drug Store, Fen
ton Drug Co., South Omaha.
is answered, by Nature with abundance
of food -but be sure you eat the food
that Nature intended for human beinds.
The whole wheat is kind of all foods.
Shredded Wheat Biscuit is the whole
wheat, nothing wasted, nothing thrown away
-the most real food for the least money.
Two or three of these crisp, brown little
loaves of baked wheat with sliced bananag
sliced peaches , or other fruits , make a
wholesome, nourishing meal at a cost of
a few cents. Ready-cooked, Ready -to -eat
Mrs. G. H. Shaddy left Wednes
day, for a brief trip to St. Louis.
Mrs. J. Stern of Savannah, Ga., is
visiting her niece, Mrs. Carrie Liv
ingston. Mr. J. A. Byrams left Wednesday
evening for Philadelphia and other
eastern points.
Mr. and Mrs. J. F. Dale have re
returned from Alexandria, Minn.,
where they spent the past month.
Mr. and Mrs. Charles H. Verety
announce the birth of a daughter,
inursaay, at at. josepns nospitai.
Mr. T. M. Baumann leaves Thurs
day for Baltimore, "where he will
make his home. Mrs. Baumann will
visit for several weeks in Chicago
and Detroit before joining him.
Mr. and Mrs. Charles F. Weller
leave Saturday night for the Ad
irondacks. They will spend three
weeks at the Baldmountain house
afterward joining some friends from
Connecticut on a yachting trip.
I hey will return home about Oc
tober 1.
Miss Helen Warren of Brooklyn
N. Y., and the Misses Helen and
Priscilla Maxwell of New London
Conn., who are guests at the E. E".
Hart home, return to the east rrr
day evening. Miss Emma Warren
who is the fiancee of Henry B. Hart,
will remain for an extended visit
Fiel'd Club
Miss Catherine Goss entertained
at a large luncheon party at the
-7' 1 J 1 1 Tl I TM. t
i'lciu tiuu luursuay. 10c nonorccs
were Miss Anna Waterman ot
Providence. R. I., who is visiting
her Vassar classmate, Miss Ger
trude Koenig, and Miss Margaret
Lamb of Denver, who is the guest
of Miss Joseohine Platner. Gay lit
tie nosegays of old-fashioned garden
flowers were usedNto decorate the
attractive luncheon table, in pale
lavender and yellow. Covers were
laid for Misses Elizabeth Robertson
Katherine Denny, Alice Tierney,
iierlina Brisbin, Gladys Mickel, Vir
ginia White, Gertrude Koenig,
Honce Shaw. Josephine Platner.
Ruth Miller, jean Kennedy. Pauline
Load. Lydia Burnett, tleaner Lar
penter, Ilda Langdon, Angehne
Rush, Lillian Head, Almanne
Campbell and De Weenta Conrad.
Larl Kiohneer entertained a four
some at luncheon at the Field club
Country Club
Miss Geraldine Hess entertained
at 9 email lunrVipnn nartv at the.
Countrv club Thursday. The'hon-
orees were the Misses Emma and
Helen Warren of Brooklyn and the
Misses Helen and Priscilla Maxwell
of New London, Conn., who are
guests at the E. E. Hart home. Cov
ers were laid for Mesdames E. E.
Hart and J. J. Hess, Misses Marion
Turner and Gretchen Hess.
Miss Florence Wessells enter
tained 25 guests at luncheon at the
Country club Thursday. E. H.
Sprague had six guests at luncheon.
Camp Brewster Notea.
The members of the Busy Bee
Circle of the Plymouth Congrega
tional church had luncheon at Camp
Brewster Wednesday.
The following girls are spending
their vacation at the camp: Misses
Emma Paffmore, Florence, Ella and
Helen Carson, Catherine South
mayd. Emma HaffettrAnna Lumley,
Frances Barton, Irene and Florence
Stahr, Bertha Porter, Virginia
Storrs, Rose Newman, Pearl Rjno,
Bess and Juanita Martin, Stell
Vance, Helen Weymers of Wayne,
Neb., and Mrs. C. M. Southmayd.
The famous Queen Elizabeth was
exceedingly superstitious, and she
took the orecaution to consult an
astrologer before naming the day for
her coronation.
Many are the innovations which
are being planned at Carter Lake
club, for a boosters committee has
been appointed which will direct the
athletic and dancing stunts at the
club houe. Mr. Frank R. Kinkenow
is tne chairman and Raymond G.
Keller, secretary of the committee,
who will promote good fellowship
and incidentally good times at this
lake side resort.
At the close of ythe 'recent cam
paign ISO new members were admit
ted and it is the ouroose of the
"stunt committee" to hate them be
come acquainted with ' the older
The club is divided under two cap
tains and the losers for this week
will entertain 60 members at din
ner Thursday night at 7:30.
Mr. H. Pelton entertained at a
swimming party followed bv dinner
Tuesday evening, when his guests
included the young women at Red
Cross headquarters in the court
house. The guests were: Mesdames
Mary Eaglen, Irene Meehan, W. E.
Bolin, and Misses Nellie M. Chris-
tensen, May Tobin, Mildred Sco
ville and Martha Gyger.
Ihe Carter Lake Red Cross aux-"
iliary entertained at luncheon, which
was followed by a business meeting,
Wednesday. Theydisbanded as a
Red Cross unit and reorganized as
a French club. Officers for the com
ing year were elected. A meeting
will be held Thursday, September 4,
at the club house, to discuss plans
to send a Christmas box to the
French orphan which they adopted
last spring.
Wednesday night the Cottagers'
dinner was well attended. There
were 75 reservations.
Mrs. William Eck entertained the
Red Cross auxiliary at bridge at her
cottage at luncheon, swimming and
WaTita Husband.
Dear Miss Fairfax, Omaha Bee:
Will you please help me land a
husband, Just a good old-fashioned
every-day man. I am 30 years old
:id hafa never been married, but
would if I could find one. I am
lonely. Do you think I would be
better oft with some one to love
and dire for me? I work out most
all the time and earn my own liv
ing. Please let me know through
the columns of The Bee. ,
, r PEARL.
Although I have no good hus
bands for release today, I sincerely
hope that you find one real soon.
Wants Correspondent.
Dear Miss Fairfax, Omaha Bee: I
am a daily reader of your column,
so I thought I would drop you this
letter to see if you can help me.
I am a lover of correspondence, so
am asking if you could print this,
for perhaps there' some boy friend
that could exchange letters with
me. I will write to all, but Ti like
some boy from 15 to 21. Tou will
find my address Is given, so here
will be no difficulties about this. Do'
not print my address. The on that
will want to write can from
How is my writing? I'm trying
to write Palmer. I will close, lov
Your writing Is all right, and I
hope you find some pleasant correspondents.
Miss Rose Rothenburg, who has
been appointed a deputy assistant
district attorney for the women's
court in New York City, is the first
woman to hold such an office in the
United States. Miss Rothenburg is
27 years old and has been practicing
law only three years.
Skinner's the Best
Macaroni and -Spaghetti
Recipe 3ook Free -Omaha
War Camp
Careful Attention
and Personal Service Is Our Only Seal of Approval
The Smaller Store, combined with the
SatUfactjon-Giving Plan, hat long since
made the name WILLIAMS popular
with the buying public.
We have household appliances on dis
play at all times.
See the Hoover Electric Sweeper and
Laundry Queen Electric Washer in
action today.
f Sa,
l 312 South 18th Street.
j 1 '
j Face Powder j
I Aiigbtippii- . The alluring fragrance of spring blossoms is I
1 praVve' in SEMPRAY Face Powder andit is oh, so 1
I nay a. good for the complexion! And, wonder of 1
I c)!"u"d" wonders, "it stays on" under all conditions. 1
6 thepowderwiu Flesh, wite, roseate and brunette. Your a
M fATS favorite store should have it. If
Tyler 1011.
The dance at Fort Omaha Tues
day evening was given by the Lafay
ette and Angelus clubs of War
Camp. The young ladies are good
entertainers and notwithstanding
the hot weather about 40 couples
were present.
A novel party is planned at Fort
Omaha for next Tuesday evening.
Through the courtesy of Colonel
VVuest, two cement, tennis courts
will be at the disposal of the ladies
entertaining at the fort. These will
be covered with canvas. Rows of
electric lights and Japanese lanterns
will be strung about the courts. This
will be the first attempt that has
been made by War camp to conduct
open air dancing, but we feel sure
that it will be very popular.
The Cluga club held its regular
meeting Tuesday evening, August 5,
with a, picnic dinner and games at
Elmwood park. Hiaw'aiian music
was a popular feature of the evening.
Those present were: '
Pearl Bcorda,
Fern Wright,
Evelyn Wright,
Mary Keyt,
Edythe Nelson,
Anna Vagner,
Ethel Harvey,
Anna Halub.
Agnea Elliott,
Mrs. Wallace,
Mrs. Hallock,
Dorabee Jonea,
a s. s.
The club will meet next Tuesday
evening for a picnic in Miller park.
ItUmJt -
J111 1 pair eat of com-
I ..1. f l! oetn duiolred one teuooon of
. nuu u n,a nn mm! l -.a
r 1 m . - it. unvnmir rana
uuusrn ar Tnm unnij . 1
"need, ootil .Booth Tand: IS.."?" ,
now 10 ri ui.
rlM again and hit.
ffift and maii..iL . .
.iVk -7 -i""'mrw cup i or uniar Bout.
. .. ua indent into
m. r-i.U."""..!???''' inaeoid
thickn,r and' STSS VSS
( the
" .rr -Vi .T ooHom of toe
.... nio v,v, tun, Q w m remainder
5 of i'" miv6 with vsy its
'' Sher. roll out
remainder pi outre asd eovar the
me. Bake in a quiet oeeo.
ne. H cap of milk, H flip of batter,
I tewpoone baking powder, S eope Omu
flour, 1H com enrar: 1 tehlimJTn!
' " hi.inirvu extract.
sut now. aaeanre Into alf ter. add bakiaa
i- . T j . . w'f invcM moo
"u cuiejrwu men out mm into
. wen o wan into creamed
J,f" "gar. Whip erhftee of eggi until
etiS then whip Into alitor. Poor In milk
and water, jlft in floor, add taeextraet and
beat all ontil amootn. Bake In a email S3
pan aboat three Dartere of an boor under
a (low beat at firat that will permit the
a JJ W bajfst bafora
LbroaTiing oTar tiM top.
And there will be no trouble in getting them
home on time to meals. Omar brea3 is creamy
white wholesome of even texture satisfying
and stay fresh longer.
Cake baked with Omar flour is more delicious
and palatable than any made from any other
flour can be because no other flour nas the
qualities of Omar.
And as for Omar flour pies, well, even your ling
ering remembrance of the kind "mother used to
make," will vanish, once you have finished,, a
quarter of an Omar pie. I say quarter, because
nothing less will satisfy you you just can't quit
until you are forced to because you're "full up."
Most good grocers sell Omar flour and every bag
is covered by this guarantee;
"If pmar doesn't bake the best bread you
ever baked, simply take the empty sack
to your fcrocer, and Jet your money."
Omaha, Nebraska
2500 Barrels Daily Capacity
PHaha flour mills ca
w. y.s. pat. orf.