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THE BEE: OMAHA, FitiDAij. 'AUGUST 8 1919.
. x
Local Packers Hold Vast
Quantities of Meat in
Storage, Says Report
of Assessor.
That enormous quantities of food
are stored in Omaha cold storage
warehouses, is shown by the latest
statistics taken by Deputy County
Assessor H. G. Counsman.
In one warehouse alone over 10,
000,000 pounds of meat are stored by
three local packing plants. The re
port further shows that in the same
warehouse' large quantities of fruit
are stored by local commission
firms. v
The assessor's report, taken in
April, shows that Swift & Co. have
the largest amount of meat stored
in this warehouse. When statistics
were taken, this firm had 900,956
pounds of beef, 10,613 pounds of
corned beef, 2,426,466 pounds of
pork, 940,459 pounds of cured pork,
1,228,875 pounds of dry salt pork,
18,303 pounds of lamb and mutton,
and a niscellanequs quantity of
meat estimated at 1,188,438, making
a total of 6,714,610 pounds.
Millions of Pounds.
The report shows that the Cudahy
Packing Co. had a total of 1,402,688
pounds of meat, and the Morris
Packing Co. a total of 2,133,533
pounds. The Armour Packing Co.
tores all surplus meat in its own
warehouse, according to Mr. Couns
man, and does not make a separate
report of the quantity stored.
"I never saw so much meat in
my life," declared Mr. Counsman,
"as I did when .checked up on
these statistics. Other Omaha ware
houses store smaller quantities of
meat, of course, but the total
amount is amazing. "
i!In this same warehouse the Skin
. ner Packing Co. had 199,000 pounds
of poultry stored.
"Although the report was taken
in April, it is safe to assume that
there is as much meat stored there
now, if not more than there was in
a : 1 .
Out of Law's Reach.
"There should be a new law mak
ing it a felony to store or destroy
food stuffs to keep up prices," said
County Attorney A. V. Shotwell,
when told of the cold storage prob
lem. "There is no law in the state now
making the malicious destruction
of property by the owner an offense.
If a man has 1,000,000 pounds of
pork, he can dump it in the river
without violating the law."
The state law on cold storage pro
vides that food can be stored in
warehouses for 12 months, and if
permission from the food commis
sioner is obtained it may be kept for
a longer period, providing the food
is in the proper condition. The law
says it is unlawful to advertise cold
storage food as fresh for sale, and
after it is pnce taken from storage
it cannqt be returned.
Unless there is a conspiracy' to
fix prices by storage to put food out
of reach of the public, nothing can
be done to remedy the cold storage
situation, "according to Mr. Shot
well, who also stated that he be
lieved cold storage warehouses
we're being used to regulate prices.
Must Prove Conspiracy.
"Eidence o'f conspiracy would
have tq beproved beyond a doubt
" before any action can be taken," Mr.
Shotwell continued. "There is a
new law in Ohio which makes it
possible to prosecute any one hold
ing food stuffs in storage to prof
iteer, and the same law should be
passed here.
"County Prosecutor Schksinger
of Columbus, O., Has filed proceed
ings in the Franklin county court
against the Columbus Packing Co.
and the Fairmont. Creamery Co. re
cently under' this new law. He has
asked the court for an injunction
and a receiver for 151.611 pounds of
pork which he alleges the creamery
company has had in storage for the
packing company in excess of the
period stated by the law and for the
purpose of profiteering."
Store Hides, Too.
In addition to the hundreds of
thousands of pounds of meats and
other foodstuffs stored in Omaha,
as shown by the figures of Mr.
Counsman. it is reliably reported
from other sources that the packers
also have stored in and around
Omaha many thousands of hides, to
keep them off tjie market.
r si r nr l
.1111111(111 "oUlUCId Willi
Commission Men On
Municipal Market
City Commissioner Zimman held
a meeting yesterday with the heads
of the vegetable and fruit commis
sion houses on "commission row"
v in the interests of the municipal
"My object was to get the com
mission men to co-operate with the
municipal market and grocery to the
extent of giving the gardeners free
scope to deal with the city market
on the same basis as they do with
the commission, men and retail gro
cers." he said.
"The commission men showed a
fine spirit and said they would cer
tainly interpose no objections to the
gardeners doing this.
"I expect to have a meeting also
withhegardeners and another with
the representatives of the retail gro
cers. "A member of men have already
applied to rent stalls in the munici
pal market in the basement of the
Auditorium. Everything is going
well and it is possible the market
with a few staple groceries in stock
will be opened in the basement of
the Auditorium next Saturday."
A report from the South Side that
the municipal .store to be located in
, the city hall there will be open Sun--
day mornings was denied by Mr.
Zimman, -
"The city store cannot very well
v disobey the city ordinance, which
prohibits the opening of - grocery
tore on Sunday," e saif
Honor Legion for Men Who
Give Jobs to Returned Yanks
Mar attii Hang Ibpartmntts
Jlmfr i States nf Ammnt
Has nssnrtd tluc WLnx and amj
cpuxtmtnis tfcat Tw will glatttg
xumyloq &vtxvfoo&t volxa foxmtxl
vjoxktSL vnXh Trim, nvuX left to seme
in the Qx rag u!Mnj nng tfcCitatt
tartars if fttl
Certificates of this kind are awarded employers who either live re
turned soldiers and tailor their jobs back or place them in new posi
tions. The Army or Navy departments, respectively, award the certificates.
FOR $15,000 BY
Miss Gertrude Wright Says
Employer Struck and
Kicked Her as Re
sult of Argument.
Miss Gertrude V. Wright, 21 years
old, 2423 St. Marys avenue, yester
day filed a $15,000 damage suit in
district court against Dr. Charles E.
Barnes, 518 Securities building. She
alleges that on July 29, while she
was employed in his offices, he
struck and kicked her as the result
of an argument.
She was about to go on an errand,
Miss Wright says, when the doctor
asked her why she didn't comb her
hair, and made an insulting remark
about her appearance.
You brute, don t sav that or 1 11
have you arrested," Miss Wright
quotes herself as saying.
She alleges that the doctor then
struck her and threatened to dissect
her if she called the' police. She
fled into another room in the doc
tor's office, she says, and he fol
lowed her and attemoted to choke
Two boys entered the waiting
oom of the office, and he released
her, she alleges. The doctor weighs
250 pounds, she asserts, while she
is "a small girl of tender years'
rriends of Dr. Barnes brand the
charges as "false and ridiculous."
Horse Show Scenes
For Omaha Movie Are
'Shot' at Brandeis Home
Horse show scenes for the Cham
ber of Commerce motion picture
'East Meets West," were taken yes
terday at the home of George
Brandeis in Fairacres. "The scenes
were filmed on the Brandeis race
track grounds. Mrs. E. John Bran
deis rode "Fashion Plate," the horse
which she rode at the Chicago
horse show and which took a prize
Miss Grace Allison and Miss'
Daphne Peters, two accomplished
horse women who are prominent in
Omaha society, also rode their
horses in the picture. Among the
men who rode for the picture are
frank McCaffrey, Bert Murphy,
John Garvey, Dr. John Fitzgibbon,
1-rank btockdale and E. John Brandeis.
Pvt. George Bennett,
Omaha Soldier, Loses
Life In Far-off Siberia
Word was received here Tuesday
night from the War department at
Washington of the death of Pvt.
George W. Bennett in Siberia. Ac
cording to the advice sent to his
mother, Mrs. Mary Bausnick, 915
South Twenty-fifth street, Private
Bennett lost his life August 3 by
drowning. The telegram did not give
Private Bennett was a member of
Company G, Thirty-first infantry.
He enlisted in the army May 27,
1918. Mrs. Bausnick received two
letters from her son Monday. They
wre dated July 6 and 8. Besides
his mother, Private Bennett is sur
vived by one sister, Miss Margaret
Bennett, and two brothers, William
and Frank Bennett, all of Omaha.
Boys Entered in Airplane
Contest Hear Expert Lecture
Arthur Balis, former airplane in
structor in the army, entertained as
many boys as could be crowded into
the Burgess-Nash lecture room
yesterday, when he talked on the
construction of planes.
Practically every boy present at
the lecture has entered or is plan
nine: to enter the Burgess-Nash air
plane contest to be held at Miller
park Saturday afternoon. So many
boys were late in finishing their
planes that the Burgess-Nash Co.
extended the time of taking entries
until 2:30 Saturday afternoon, when
boys Can enter their plane at the
Miller park clubhouse.
Four prizes are to be given for
planes making the longest distance.
Men from the three newspapers will
act as judges.
for the cereel part
of the
morning' meal
is sufficient,
A sturdy
s1ieat and barley
The Bee's Fund for
Free Milk and Ice
"I realize what BABIES SUF
says a contributor to the fund from
Lyons, Neb.
If we all realized that, the con
tributions to this fund would be
even much greater than they are.
Remember EVERY CENT that
you give to this fund goes to buy
milk or ice for a suffering baby in a
family where the father is dead or
gone and where the mother is brave
ly struggling against poverty and
often against sickness.
It's just as though you went out
yourself and gave it to the family,
except that The Bee, through the
visiting nurses, investigate every
case very thoroughly so that only
the really helpless and deserving
get the milk.
We would liketo have your con
tribution and assure you ihat it will
go where it will do the maximum
good to a really needy baby.
Will you SEND or BRING con
tribution now?
Previously acknowledged $771.85
Prom Two Babies 2.00
Mr. 8. Peterson, Cedar Raplda, Neb 1.00
Cash. Lyons, Xeb .00
W. C. T. V., St. Edwards, Neb 1.00
Total C778.85
More Omahans Arrive.
The following Omahans arrived
recently in New York frorft over
seas: Headquarters Detachment. Fourth Divi
sion Serst. Udeal B. Jackson, 3164 South
Thirteenth street; Pvt. Phillip H. Oell,
1801 North Twenty-fourth street: Pvt.
George E. Noren, 823 North Twenty-fifth
st.eet; Corpl. Frea W. Henderson, S5Z4
Franklin street.
Company C, 68th Infantry dor pi. Bert
M. Rose. Twenty-second and O streets.
Company F, 68th Infantry Pvt. Tony
Slobotsky, 1902 Davenport street.
Girls! Make beauty lotion for
a few cents Try it I
Squeeze the juice of two lemons
into a bottle containing three ounces
of orchard white, shake well, and
you have a quarter1 pint of the best
freckle and tan lotion, and complex
ion beautifier, at very, very small
Your grocer has the lemons and
any drug store or toilet counter will
supply three ounces of orchard
white for a few cents. Massage this
sweetly fragrant lotion into the
face, neck, arms and hands each day
and see how freckles and blemishes
disappear and, how clear, soft and
rosy white thfe skin becomes. Yes!
It is harmless and never irritates1:
Union Outfitting Co.
Places Big Special
Purchase of Linens
On Sale Saturday
Some o the Qualities Can
Not Be Obtained in the
Wholesale Market
Prices Will Mean a Saving
of Hundreds of Dollars
to Those Who Attend.
Sales at the Union Outfitting
Company are always well worth
a special trip downtown, but the
sale of Towels and Table Linens
next Saturday is of more than
ordinary interest.
Farsighted housewives and
brides-to-be, who desire to fill
their linen chests, can rest as
sured that the Special Purchase
prices are so low, it Way be
years before they are again
In spite of the growing scarc
ity of linens, you. jvill find ample
quantities of Wash Cloths, Huck
Towels, Turkish Towels, Table
Cloths and Napkins in various
At such' a time, this sale con
vincingly illustrates the growing
Buying Power of the Union Out
fitting Company, and its ability
to lower prices, because it is lo
cated out of the High Rent Dis
trict. As always, you make your
own terms.
A typographical error in an article recently, appearing in
The Bee conveys the impression that others than the
Schmoller & Mueller Piano Company have the selling
agency for Steinway Pianos. This is positively not so. We
have been in the past and still &re rthe exclusive repre
sentatives in Nebraska anl Western Iowa for Steinway &
Sons of New York.
Schmoller & Mueller Piano Cn.
Exclusive Factory Distributors
1311-1313 Farnam Street
Friday "Continuing Our Great Sale of
All the Oxfords and Pumps
From the Regent Shoe Company Purchase
SIGNIFICANT from the standpoint of style, quality and pricings
actually one-third less than Regent Shoe Co.'s markings, the first
day of the sale was largely attended.
Opportunity for selection Friday will be equally as good, for this
purchase was so large it was practically impossible to display all at
one time.
; No woman, the least bit f oresighted, will miss this sale. It affords
money savings remarkable indeed, irf view of the continued advance in
footwear costs. Styles are the very latest fashions that will be in
vogue late into the fall season.
m$m tag 01
on Summer
for All the
House Dresses
Barmon Bros. "Electric"
brand, famed for fit; have
many patented features. Brok
en lots; special for "1 QE
Friday, each, LViJ
VJash Boilers
These are No. 8 Boilers of
heavy tin, copper bottom. Will
stand the test of hard and con
tinual wear. Offered Friday,
very special, O 1 Q
each, .S.IU
Vomen's Shoes
Made of very fine grade of
white canvas. These are "O.
G." Shoes. Full Louis or low
walking heels, sizes IVt to 8,
narrow widths; soiled. Spe
cial Friday, per pair, J
Middies and Smocks
Slightly soiled, 400 to se
lect from, good up-to-date
styles, 1.50 values. Friday
sale price, each, JQ
Lunch Kits
The "Thermos" kind, with
"Thermos" bottle included;
made of heavy japanned tin,
bottle the vacuum O QO
kind, per set, si. IO
Red Spreads
The crochet kind; hemmed
ends, large size, heavy quality,
launders perfectly, very pret
ty patterns, O 4.Q
Westmoreland brand, 36
inches; a variety of pretty
patterns and colors for drap
eries, comforter coverings,
etc., per yard, 29 C
Lawn Dresses,
For Girls, come in white
only, sizes 2 to 6 and 6 to 12
years; lace and embroidery
trimmed; sale price, OQ.
"each, only 4ii7
Union Suits
For Men; Summer weight,
poros knit, short sleeves or
ankle length, long sleeves,
ankle length and short sleeves,
knee length, sizes up CQ.
to 44, each
Take note of this offering
please. Here is Scrim that
regularly sold for 15c. Spe
cial, per yard, 1 fi
Friday, only XVi
Children's Pumps
Mary Jane and ankle strap
styles; with hand-turned soles,
sizes IVz to 8; patent leather.
A big Basement spe- QO
i cial, pair, vOC
Under Waists
For Boys and Girls; made
of Cambric and Jean. This,
lot consists of odd sizes. A
special for Friday, O Q
each, only s&UC
Women adapted to saving, will
surely attend the Basement Ready-to-Wear
Section after reading these
In which are offered the kind of wearing apparel that
can be made excellent use of right now and a long time
to come. And the strong point is that the savings are so un
usual that no woman, hardly, can afford to pass them up.
$2 to 3.50 Values
This lot consists of large
Gingham Plaids and other
fancy Wash Materials. The
assortment is large -enough
to assure a good selection in
your particular style. We
urge you , to make a special
effort to be "here and pur
chase a number of these
handsome Dresses. 1 ACk
Priced, X exV
49 TUB
$2 to $4 Values
About 300 in this lot and
the price, 1.49, is remarkably
low for Skirts of this charac
ter. The styles are good.
The lot includes mostly White
Skirts, but there are a few
Colored and Plaid Skirts.
Also about 25 Tan Silk Pop
lin Skirts. AQ
Priced only, TJ
Men's Shirts
About 1,100 in the lot, first
and second quality; some are
slightly damaged; neat pat
terns of striped Madras and
Percale, Sport Shirts in plain
and fancy patterns, ACkg
each, iIC
Low Shoes
For Women and Young La
dies, street pumps ,and white
kid sport oxfords; sizes
to 5V2', hand-turned and welt
soles; per pair, QQ
only, 2OC
Hash Tubs
Made of galvanized iron,
very best grade, No. 2 size;
a remarkable offering for
Friday, specially priced at,
Zy 98c
Breakfast Sets
For- Women; colors of red
and white and blue and white
and pink and white stripes,
with plain white skirt. Made
to sell at 1.69, special QO .
for Friday, each OOC
(id & Canvas Oxfords
For women and young la
dies, rubber soles and heels,
also leather soles, sizes 2 to
5; values to 2.50; suitable for
sport or street wear; QO
Friday, each, JOC
Window Shades
Don't fail to see these. All
colors in the lot. 36 inches
wide, 6 feet long, with fix
' turea attached. Offered for
Friday, at, each, OQ
cjnly ' OJC
Here's another offering
from the Drapery Department
that women will surely like.
Marquisette that regularly
sold at 25c, Friday, 1Q
per yard, only J.JC
jet Brassieres
A remarkable offering in
the Corset Department Fridav
is the one in which 35c Net
Brassieres, the back-closing
styles, are offered 1 (
for, each, IOC
Drugs and Toilet Articles
The Basement is "the place to buy Drugs and Toilet
Articles. Just look over the list below. Aren't
' those prices out of ordinary? Visit the Basement
Drug Section Friday the savings are surely good.
Epsom Salts, 1-Ib. pksr., 8c.
f Hand Scrubs, 15c val., 10c. f
' I Tooth Brushes, 19c val., 10c.
One Lot Of Powder Puffs, 19c val., 12c. On Lot Of
One lot Face Powder, spe-
I alCUm ""Xbonita Face Powder. 50c Ollet
PowdcrS '"I'runette ' Rouge, 25e sTze, So&P
Your Choice, Assorted odors Perfume. Special,
r very special, per ounce. 29c. p r,
er Box Williams' Talcum Powder, rer Bar
Dfl Williams' Shaving Soap, 7c. ft
(J (a Cucumber Cream, special, stall
I J Peroxide Hydrogen, 4-oune V - I
V y bottle, 7c. V
Meant a
Worth Whtl
for You.
Rack Laced Corsets
Made of Coutil and Batiste,
neatly trimmed, low and me
dium bust styles; values $2
and 2.50. On sale 1 PA
Friday, only 1 OU
30-Inch Papers
Plain patmeal papers, colors
r of brown, tan, green and gray,,
sold Vith cutout borders to
match; special Friday,
ner roll. onlv. . V
Ralbrigean Shirts
For Men; good quality,
made athletic styles, in ecru
and white, sizes 34 to 44.
Extra special values O
Friday, each, ' s& 1 C
Aluminum Ware
"Mirro" Sauce Pans in a
Friday selling. Pans with
cold handles, the 2- ACkg
qt. size, each, only
Turkish Towels
Full bleached, hemmed
ends, soft and fluffy; a re
markable offering for
Friday, each, only stsiassiC
36-Inch Percale
Light grounds with neat
figures, stripes, etc., cambric
finish, 3 to 10-yard lengths. '
Special, per yard, Q Q
For Men Four-ln-hand ,
Wash Ties in plain white and
assorted colors. On sale Fri
day, while they
, last, each, 1&2"C"
Misses Sandals
Made of white canvas and
tan Lotus calf, stitched down
soles, sizes 5 to 2 ; a special of
fering for Friday, at, 7Qg
per pair, 5C '
Women's Blouses
Good styles and materials';
mostly small sizes. They
would sell regularly for $1. ,
Slightly soiled. Sale OQ
price Friday, O C
Table Napkins
Mercerized quality, hemmed
ends, j-eady to use, in a range
of pretty patterns. On sale
Friday, at, 7'i
each 2 V
Printed Organdie
27 inches wide, in a range
of pretty floral designs on
white and tinted grounds.
Special, per yard, OC
only &OC .
Bed Room Papers
Worth to 35c per roll; very
dainty, each have borders to
match ; these papers are in two
lots, Friday, per roll
10c .nd14c
Hen's Underwear,
Shirts and Drawers of mesh'
and balbriggan, long or short
sleeves, ankle length; shirt
sizes, 34 to 46; drawers, 82 to
42; per garment, OQ
only O U C