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South Side
J. L Breen, Proposes That
Men From Each District Be
Honored; Suggestion
Weil Received.
Brief City News
A monument to be erected in
each draft district in memory of
the men of the district who gave
their lives in the service of their
country wis proposed by J. T.
Breen, chairman of exemption
beard No. 2 durtnir the war. in a
speech at the postponed Fourth oi wrcte that he
July celebration bunday atterr.oan
in Mandan park. The suggestion
wig received with applause, making
it probable that a memorial bearing
the names ot the South hide men
that died in service will be erected
Hare Root Print It Beacon Prua.
Dee. Fan JS.50 3 urgraa-G ran den
Patronize tba Amrrhan Stare t
3ank. Adv.
Irme-Arrrrw Ambulance Serrtoe
dtack 4 Falconer. Harney . j
Four Per Cent Interest on time de-i
posnta, American State Bank. Adv.
Iot Ovj-hap platinum flll-j
sred pin set with dlamods: vaiuaoie :
account or association, i-wrs-i re
ward. Harney 450.
Dr. J. W. Duncan Offices. 1529
C!ty National Bank building: hours,
11:12 a. m.. 2-4 P- m. Telephone,
Douglas "ZZ. dv. f
Soathern Hum Cooking and serv
ice; Alfred Junes, cater; merchants'
lunch. 11 S to 2. Hotel Castle cafe;
tab) de bote dinner. 5:30 to ft. SI.
Broken to Have Party The Oma
ha Wholesale Brokers' association
will hold a swimming and dinner
parry at the Omaha Athletic club
next Thursday evening.
Arrives In China Dr. J. P. Con
noilv has arrived :n Shanghai. China.
where he is serving aa clerk of the 1
United States court for China- He !
njoyed a "wonderful
trrp over.
KartowRky Lo-9 Job. City Com
missioner F aicontr states that he has
relieved J. W Kar!owskT aa medical
director at Municipal beach. Sev-
Fred W. Howard, in a petition for
divorce from- Gars, Howard, filed
in district court, says she told him
an Juiy 28. 1918, that she would have
nothing more to do with him and
thzt since then she has refused to
reeogmte him. They were marred
in 1889.
Frances Louise Clarke filed suit
itt distnet court for a divorce from
John Harrison Garke and the ri
sferation of her maiden name, Shu
mate. Tiey were marned in 1917,
and she alleges cruelty.
A decree of divorce was granted
by Judge Day in divorce court to
Annie Mason from Waiter Masch on
The grounds of aonsupport. Mrs.
Mason was awarded custody of the
Qorilda Man Schneider ssketi
the distnet court for a divorce tram
; Arnold Schneider-on the jmund oi j
crcelty. j
i Charging that Rudolph Vereska
lia. deserted her. Marie Vereska
asked the distnet court for a da- j
vurce from him and custody of their
three sons. They were marned in :
Omaha in 1900.
Bessye Hecker filed suit in dis-1
met court asking a divorce from
Edward Hecker. She alleges that
he treated her with extreme cruelty.
Rome, July 7. (By the Associated
Press.) An anarchist plot to attack i
the central part of Rome by means '
of hand grenades and other explo
sives has been exposed by the ar
rest of 16 of the conspirators, four
hours before the time fixed for car
rying out the plans.
Mrs. Walker Secures
Restraining Order
Against Her Husband:
Heller.a G. Walker obtained from !
the district court yesterday a re-'
straining order to keep her husband. ;
Harvey Walker, from Jiving at their
home. 2787 Capitol avenue, during
the pendency of her divorce suit. I
She filed the suit a month ago ;
and last week filed an amended prti-
tion, naming as corespondent Mrs. ;
May Houltz. 114 North Twenty
eighth avenue, mother of Mildred
Houitz. who commited suicide last '.
April because at family uiihappmess. :
In her petition for a restraining'
order Mrs. Walker relates that her
husband, Sunday night, struck their
daughter, Margaret, over the face
with a roiled newspaper and then
dragged her from her bedroom to ,
his. She says the girl's screams.
brought her two other sisters and
a young man who rescued her. Her
husband then called the police and
created a scene, she says. The
daughters stayed over night at the
homes oi neighbors.
Judge Day granted an order that
Mr. Walker live elsewhere than at
2787 Capitol avenue during the
pendency oi his wife's sun tor di
vorce. Jitney Drivers Must Give
Bonds Before Thursday
Th city license department an
nounces that operators of "jitney
automobiles must furnish indemnity
bonds not later than Thursday, when
the new regulative ordinance will go
into effect. The ordinance requires
that $1,009 bond must be furnished
for each car having a capacity of
five passengers or less, and $500 for
each additional passenger. Estab
lished routes must be speciiied in the
applications and must be posted on
the cars.
Order Enforcement of
Anti-Spitting Ordinance
Mrs. H. C. Sumney. who conduct
ed an anti-spitting campaign in
Omaha three years ago. called on
Police Commissioner Ringer yester
day to demand the enforcement of ar.
ordinance against expectoration on
walks or in public places.
The commissioner sent an order
to the police station, directing the
men of the department to arrest per
sons violating the ordinance.
Returns From Overseas.
"There were over 100 casualties in
our company, composed for the
most part of Nebraska and Omaha
boys, stated Corp. Caud Titsworth.
captor of the first German taken by
his company in the Argopne forest.
He recently returned from-nverseas
after 14 months' srvice in France
and is at his mother's apartment at
the Milton.
Will Try to Get In
j Touch With Planet Mars
At Fort Omaha Sunday
1 The first real and serious attempt
, in history to get into communication
with the pianet Mars may be made
next Sunday at Fort Omaha, by
United States Astronomer David
Dodd of Amhurst, Mass.. who ex
pects to go up in a balloon piloted
ihy Instructor of the United State
! Air Forces Leo Stevens, now sta
tioned at the fort.
3efore the war. n 1912. and again
in 1913. Astronomer Dodd and Mr.
Stevens made a balloon flight to a.
height of 22.000 feet. At that time
the astronomer and his pilot landed
in Quebec, Canada.
According to Mr. Stevens. Mr.
; Dodd has invented certain instru
ments with which he claims to be
able to communicate with tiie sister
planet of the earth.
Three Men, Fined on
Liquor Charges, Appeal
Cases to Higher Court1 T.
Three men were each found guilty
eral applicants for the vacancy are
being considered
May Discontinue Conu'i tt City
Commissioner Falconer announces
that he is considering discontinuance i
at public concerts in the parks. He j
explained tniu oniy a lew nun ami
people attended a concert in River
view park. Sunday afternoon.
Rcc-ror to Take Vacation Hector
J. Mackay completed IS years as
rwctor of the All Saints' Episcopal
church last Saturday. The rector
and Mrs. Mackay '.eave this week for
of having intoxicating liquor in their j a vacation at Isle R ovale. The
cnurcn win oe ciosea umu nis re
possession and fined $109 and cost in
South Side police court Monday
morning. Each appealed his case.
Raymond Cotterser, 4315 South
Twenty-fifth street, was charged
with having II pints of liquor at his
home when visited by officers. Pa
lice testified that at the residence of
Tom Patsolowski, 5409 South Thirty-third
street, they found 500 empty
bottles and 100 bottles of "imitation
whisky. described by them as a
turn in September.
Strewt Cars Collide An open
switch, unnoticed by motormen,
caused a collision at noon Monday
between a Benson and West Leaven
worth car at Capitol avenue and
Fifteenth street. The occupants of
both cars were unmjured and no
damage resulted to the cars.
To Soppresa Medical Exhibits The
city council committee of the whole
recommended for passage an ordi
nance to suppress so-eaiied neaitti
mixture of tea and oil. with a quart j medical exhibits when it can be
oi genuine wnisKy. shown that the nromoters are not j
Joe Lenczoyski, 4056 I street, ad- -legitimate practioners. City Com
mitted that he had at his home two i missioner Zimman introduced the
pints of liouor, but said it was there j ordinance.
as medicine for a sick baby. He also
said that he possessed a doctor's
prescription tor the medicine, but
did not produce it.
Stockmen Look for Heavy
Run of Beef Cattle Soon
The heaviest run of cattle ever
received at the local live stock mar
ket is expected soon by stock men.
High prices and scarcity of beet
have stimulated breeders to enlarge
their herds and to ship close; As
a result, a few heavy loads, fore
runners of the big run, were re-
. ceived yesterday. Dry ranges are
expected to cause early shipping.
South Side Brevities
Bactrac and express: aiso rr.ortns: qruic
ssrvir. .!- Font. doH'.b "S.
The tntkro-X-ttna eio will mwt to
jrtsiit u o'eiec t ths Social SsUls-
Wo haro fur more refrtrerator that
w ars c1ibs wni at ipeciil reduced
puitm. Koainj--Pviik Co.
Mrs. CL !T. Hann- wta mterttia tfce
krosinrtoa of th Woodmen circle No. M
niserrow afternoon ax tr bent la Hi
8 ton. '
For Sal IS acre, improved, on mil
aBt& at Soalh Omaha. -ity limits.
411 S. tua Street. Soatb 71.
Th arrival of a se at th home of
W. B. Tarlw. 4411 Soma Thirty-third
atreet. u announced yesterday. "Walter-
B. Taj-lor, jr." weirha nine pounds,
mod was bom Moatdar, June S-
A sew top pnc was paid for a full
toad of calves yesterday, when SIMS
per hsadred was received for ST bead av
ncu 1 Pim-S sch. Ths veair
were ahtpped br SL IT. Braxton of Hoor
orott. Wyo.
Jseta Ossrs SS1S 9stti Twawty-sse-Cmd
street, and. Wester P. AdkJna. Jr..
ear! eenched tbe city ftmds Mondar in
pMirs eonrt wheel ordered to pay ll eacb
to cool their zeal for ipeedlns. Williani
Scawes fMmd that it cost IS sod costs to
pass a street car w falls disc har rum pas
sescers. Jos Scnltr. ft years old. tor t rears a
reside nt ot ths Sotntt Side, died at a lo
cal hospital Soliir ratiswtns threa
months of illness. Th fmcral will bo
r4d TDssdar taomias- at ftx o'cioca
from ths IdurkiB undertattiis parlors to
U Sf. Asses eiiapst. Imormeist will bs
In th Hair 9spaibsr OBBnterr.
Census Shows Total
of 43,074 Children of
School Age in Omaha
The Beard of Education held a
brief tneetine last night in shirt
Secretary W. T. Bourke reported
that the school census just com
pleted cost $2,634 and showed a
total oi 43,074 persons of school age
in Omaha, compared with 41.467 last
year. There is an average of one
child of school age in every 'Omaha
home, and in 20.J4O homes there are
no children of school age. The legal
school ages are between T and 21.
The official census returns show
only L377 vacant houses in Omaha.
There are more than 42,000 homes
in this school district.
The Beals and Field school dis
tricts have only four vacant houses
each. The Cass school district tops
the list with 90 vacant bouses.
Good Fellowship Body Meets At
the weekly meeting of the Good Fel- j
iowship comrrnttee of the Omaha
Chamber of Commerce there were
no set speeches on the program, the
time following lunch having been
taken up by members telling experi
ences that they have had in the con
duct of their own business. The Good
Fellowship committee has about con
cluded to discontinue holding week
ly meetings during Juiy and A artist.
Former Omahan Advances John
H. Best, formerly an Omaha boy,
son of Charges Best, an editor of
Nelieh. Neb., has been commissioned
purchasing agent for the Baltimore
Dry Docks and 3hip Building com
pany, one of The largest industrial
plants of the Atlantic coast country.
For several years prior to going east
Mr. Best was with the Union Pacific
auditing department.
Pays $25,000 for Howe Elwood
Riggs, head of the Riggs Optical
company, has purchased the beauti
ful Los Angeles residence of Mrs. H.
3. Trop, widow of former Senator
Waits of California. The Trop resi
dence has been known as one of the
social centers of Hollywood. Many
notables were entertained there dur
ing its occupancy by Senator White.
Mr. Riggs paid $55,060 for the home.
Sal ration Army Plans Drive The
Salvation Army will hold a state
wide drive in September for funds
with which to establish a rescue
home and maternity hospital for un
fortunate girls. It is proposed to lo
cate this institution in Omaha and
to have its sphere of usefulness ex
tend over the state. The pian con
templates instruction in housework,
aewmg and Infant welfare, and also
to And positions for mothers when
they are able to leave the hospital.
Jobs for Soidlen For the first
time since its establishment last
October the soldiers' and sailors'
employment bureau in the Chamber
of Commerce rooms and in charge
of Mrs. Mabel Walker, has more po
sitions to give out than it has ap
plicants for the positions. At this
time Mrs. Walker could place 50 re
turned soldiers and sailors in posi
tions that pay $4 day to $150 a
month. There are ail kinds of po
sitions being offered, many of them
being in the city.
Hotel Mem Stop Here Samue!
Josephson, aroprietor of the West
gate, and Lewis Rose, owner of the
Sherman hotel, Kansas City, were
registered at the Henshaw Sunday
night, where they stopped with their
families enroute to Silver and other
Minnesota lakes for the summer. Mr.
Josephson stated that Kansas City
since July 1 had become one big
Woman Seriously Hurt When
Dress Catches in Bevator
Hare! Hoden. 19-year-old daugh
ter of Mrs. Bersa Hoden, 1723 Dor
cas street, an elevator conductor in
the Brandeis theater "building; was
seriously injured when her dress
caught in the elevator whale in op
eration, dragging her into the open
door, crashing' her ankle and injuring-
her internally.
She was carried into the office of
Dr. P. C Folz of the Brandeis thea
ter building, who attended her.
Later she was removed to the Lord
Lister hospitaL Her condition was
reported serious.
Rev. Charles W. Savidge married
three couples Monday. They were:
Miss Ethel M. Wyant and Frank F.
Beahm, Ida B. Hester and Grde W.
Allgood. Ada Madison Field and
Charles: Albert Snooner. At this
last wedding among the guests were
three twins, two oi which have therr
sisters living-: Mrs. John A. Black,
Mrs. Laura D. Cate and the bride.
ton want wftat yom -wjst wrretn
ytm. want it. Bea Want Ads- will
utftia the desired results.. i
Sold Liquor to Minor,
Is Charge; Man Now Is
Held for Government
Joseph Somuivek. 4427 South
Thirty-fourth street, is the first per
son on the South Side to be arrested
under the wartime prohibition act.
Somuivek was taken into custody
Monday morning by the federal au
thorities after he had been convicted
before Judge Foster, who gave the
mac a sentence of 60 days for sell
ing whisky to a minor.
Evidence showed that Somulvek
on July 4 sold to 11-vear-oid Edwin
Pokorski, 4051 Hillsdale avenue, a
pint of whisky for $4. The lad testi
fied that he was playing in the school
yard when he was approached by a
woman, who gave him SS to gar and
buy the liquor, which he did,, keep
ing SI for himseiL Complaint was
made to the police by Mrs. Sophia
Horsky. Police intercepted the boy"
soon after he secured the whisky and
seized the liquor.
Judge Foster gave the most se
vere sentence the law permits on
account oi the alleged sale having
been made to a minor. Somuivek
appeaied the case and gave bond
for $300 just a short time, before his
apprehension by the federal authorities:
Buys Airplane Hera.
B. E. Saiyen of the J. T. Stewart
Motor company, found an airplane
enthusiast at Ames, Lu and prompt
ly sold him one of the Canadian
training planes which are being han
dled by the Stewart company. The
Iowa firm, the Minert Auto- Co not
only pians on using: this -machine" fw
flights, but also on acting aa agent
for their territory.
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