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"Wonderful Reitult
"tay Mrs, Burnt
"I don't know what thj
prlca is," write Mr. Burni,
"but I have rot inch wondvrfut
results from Mr. Graham's Half
Color Raatorar that I must hars
thrt hettlaa for mysalf and two
frlondsat ftinea."
Thousand of thr women
hava obtained squally wondtrfu)
reaolts from thla preparation, It
H a solorlesa Iljtjld that rsstora
fy m4 (M hair t lu natural
tobr, It la poiltlvt in iu raiulta
n4 makaa tha hair rich and
floaty. I'arf-ethr harmle.e
aally applied will not aUIn tha
akin or acatp. You can gat it at
tha followint stores -prlca f 1.80.
' Ifc-srmea, A MCell Stares, PHalla
Dr Sute, eela ttrvj C7 Green's
fktmmty, Halaee Drf Co., Taemeeea.
fee tea Ce MerrtM Drue Iters, Fen tea
Pna Omaha.
IVKOIsesM la erteteel
Salrry Nights
rob Nature o( the chtnei '
to rebuild, by refreshings
and restful sleep, the
wasted tissues of the
body. That limp and pros
tratad issllng cauaad by
wskefoL restless nights
quickly roUevtd by
Meat sTMa Taii
1 1 JaM 9 AH Kmttmhl Drew
tola Maaaiat turns I
, New Tata li"n Citjr, Urn
; 'j1 . i
Thirls What MrsDeLong
ISayrfAftir Tanla Ends;
Troubles Gains Twelve "
"N" amount of money could buy
from ma tha rod that I havo rained
throtfh taking Tanlae, sai d Mrs.
Harry DeLon, of 6819 Eaat 13th
St, Kansas e.ty. Mo., recently.
"t suffered with stomach troubla
for icren yaars, continued Mra.
DaLona. "It just aeemed like if I
ate anything tha least bit greasy I
would have tha worst aort of an
attack of Indication and moat of
tha tima what I would cat would
Just tour in my atomach and form
gas and I -wild bloat tip ao ter
ribly that I wculd feel like I could
hardly ret my breath and some
time everything I would eat just
' aeemed. to lodpe in my atomach in
hard lump and I would suffer
atony with terrible paina in the pit
i my aromata. i auiieraa win
1. . - .J J.-t Mil
saw nKusnf m vvu new. wvf aim
wms ao awfully nervous I couldn't
sleep well at Bight and I finally rot
ao weak and run-down in health that
eemetimea I would juat hare to give
up and f o to bed and there I would
tar for a week or ten days at a
tha and I fell off In weight un
til I only weighed about a hundred
pounds. '
I had read a lot about Tanlae
aad what it waa doiner for others
and my hatband advised me to give
it a trial, but I had used ao many
thing without being- helped a par
tirU that I really didn't have any
una in is, cut, iinmuj, aia t a
bettlo and it certainly proved a
gra4 eurprito to me, because be
f I had taken more than a part
of ih aecond bottlo I could notice
that I wa feeling better and got
a t roaVf eat many things I hadn't
Ur4 ta touch before, and 1 didn't
Mffcr with my stomach afterwards.
attaer. & I kept on taking Tanlae
a4 w 1 can eat just anything 1
want, aad a mack of it aa I want,
a4 aevor havt a sin of fat dire
twai. I an aot troubled with that
teua ia say bach like 1 waa and caa
aef jaathka a child for Bin hours
ery aifht aad can da aH my
aajaeweta with eaao. I aav gained
twwfv paanda in weight and am
fceiaat so) rol in tverr way that
I cm realty eajo'ae hf agin and.
I taw 4 yew. r eody t&at hasnl
ffee4 k t ran realixo the
tfc 4 that lie .4 line I be
gat? U:t 'S.ata. ' fnt cant
r t"h m h ia t hhly and
- ct tall my orweace
wfe t ir;oa that will tela-
fftx . f wr-te t ,
f . h in C naha at an
!3feA mo , XeCoaaelt Dn Coat
aaui'i atotm Harvmrdl fhamaey
a m e4 rnarmacy. Also t or
teat r, Meaa Draa? CompaaT ia
Muzf Omaha aaj tha leading' drusr-
0.1 a earn ctfr and town tarough
. state of Nabmsia. Adv.
Ar aavJtofc
1 yrrni
WT we- ;o weal when
j - it Je Waat Ad will
' i imm the 4-e4 rttTk
Drags Woman Into Weeds and
Binds Her to Tree; Physi
cians Say Her Condi
tion Is Serious.
Bound hand and foot by an un
identified negro, Mist Bessie Krou
pa, 19 years old, was tied to a tree
near Tenth and B streets yesterday
afternoon and assaulted.
The terrified girl was not found
(or nearly an hour after the assault.
Last night the was hysterical. Phy
sicians said her condition was seri
ous. They confirmed the report
that she had been abused.
The negro grabbed the girl as
she was walking to the car line from
her home, 4113 South Ninth street,
shortly before 2 o'clock.
Holding his hand over her mouth
to stifle her screams he dragged
her to a vacant lot, high with weeds,
and tied her.
She was taken to the home of
Police Sergeant Philip Went, 916
Dominion street, and sobbed out her
"He leaped at me from the
weeds," she said, "and told me he'd
kill me if I screamed.
"Then he tied my hands and feet
and bound me to1 a tree. When I
told him I was ill he left and told
me to call for help so somebody
could untie me."
Two detectives made an unsuc
cessful search of railroad yards in
the district, but failed to find the
alleged attacker.
Residents of the neighborhood
said a similar attack was made on
a young girl about a week ago by
a negro answering the description
given by the Kroupa girl of her as
sailant. She described him as short,
stout, with a pockmarked face and
a mustache.
Contractors May
Charge for Making
Estimates on Work
Preliminary steps were taken at a
meeting of local plumbing contrac
tors at the Omaha Builders' Ex
change last night, which are expect
ed to result in the payment by own
ers of a reasonable fee to all con
tractors invited by them or their
architects to estimate on plans for
This will be accomplished by
membership in the National Con
tractors' association, the workings
of, which -were explained to the
Omaha men by J. J. Kelly, its pres
ident. , ' ' '
Under the plan in successful oper
ation, Mr. . Kelly said, in 20 states,
each contractor invited to estimate
is guaranteed a reasonable fee for
his services, proportionate to the
'sire; and cost , to he estimated by
them.,.Vw;? fvA
-? Every, plumbing contractor pres
ent joined the organization. Gen
eral contractors met at the Omaha
Builders' Exchange a week ago, and
joined the organization.
Soldier and Cooties Are
Held for Disturbing Peace
fnntia Ar9nm tt iYim wr
placed under arrest last night and
Atit hnnd i i
They were, arrested with SergUW.
uairympie ot tne Canadian army.
Datrvmnle wi rhariroH with rlia
turbing the peace. He is alleged to
have atarted a rnw hv trvins - r.
into the Rialto theater free, and on
being refused admission, of using
ioua.- proiane language.
When searched at the station, a
dollar bill was taken from his pock
et and it was swarming with "seam
squirrels." They scattered to all
...... -e aL . Ti n -
I'ai is vi inc jail. y auiO-CUggCS
tion the officers at th atatinn (tar
ed to comb their hides with their
fin car tina -
Dalrymple will be tried in police
coun mis morning.
Want Suit for $120,000,000
Stricken Off Court Docket
A motion to strike from the court
docket the $120,000,000 suit of
Louise Osborne Ferson and Grace
Osborne against 49 big corporations
and millionaries of the country was
made in district court yesterday by
Morris & Co. The two women
claim that the defendaats stole
their oatened reeioe fnr a
btan biscuit and converted the bis
cuit to their own great profits. The
motion to strike says that the peti
tion 01 tne two women is tnvolous,
meaninfften. aranrfatmia and s rm.
flection and affront on the intelli
gence oi this court.
Manager of Store Arrested
for Destruction of. Sign
E.' if. Reynolds, manager of Ben
son- inorne to., was arrested last
ngnr oo a warrant charging mah
eious destruction of property.
Remolds is accused h taxi mm
party of maliciously destroying one
oi ineir sifat. roiice say the taxi
company had a stand in front of
Bcnson-Thorne store and when
Remold fontc nhtertinn tn thir
blocking the street, he tore down
one of tneir signs and destroyed it
He was released on bond.
Edward P. Boyer Confined
With Serious Heart Affection
No change was reported Monday
wTgm in tne condition ot tdwarcl .
Barer, treasurer nt ihm Rnr.r.Vm
Kara n Lumber and Coal company.
nr. soyer naa Been contined to his
. - - j 0..., a v .
several days with a serious affection
of the heart. His condition is such
that it is impossible to move him
to a hospital and he is being at
tended day and night by some mem
ber of the Omaha Field ttah.
. ,i .i i , i
Ftttuags Match Eye.
Lcudan. Solvit (artiT h
Ear English actress, has started a
oew fad. The furnishings of her now
BOm are of a rrair-hln rnfnr tn
match her eyes. The color scheme
aaa cxta earned out even in her
china. ,
While Officers Chase Small
Liquor Smugglers, 18 Thefts
Arel Reported to the Police
Automobile Loaded With Half Dozen Picked Detectives
Makes Record Trip to Pool kail to Arrest Man
With Half Pint of Whisky Passes Two Autos
Loaded With 1,440 Pints of Liquor.
While the police were raiding pri
vate homes for whisky and chasing
petit larceny bootleggers Sunday and
Sunday night, hundreds of cases of
contraband liquor were received in
Omaha, and scores of highway rob
beries, burglaries and minor thefts
were committed beneath the noses
of officers who have been trained to
regard the possession of a small
quantity of whisky as the chief of
all crimes.
Acting on the tip received over
the telephone, an automobile loaded
with a half dozen picked detectives
made a record run to a negro pool
hall on North Twenty-fourth, near
lpake street, to arrest a man with a
half pint of whisky in his pocket.
Paaa Liquor Cara.
The police car en route to the
pool hall was passed by two auto
mobiles loaded with 1,440 pints of
liquor. Neither of the consignments
were molested.
Of the numerous robberies,
burglaries and thefts committed, 18
were reported at the police station.
None of the offenders have been ar
rested. Mrs. James Davis, 1937 South
Forty-ninth street, reported burg
lars entered her house and stole
jewelry valued at $40.
An automobile belonging to the
Iowa-Nebraska Grain company,
while standing in front of 3S07 Jack,
son street, was relieved of the rear
P. T. Kisoris, 132 South Twenty
eighth street, reported the theft of
his automobile at Twenty-seventh
street and Poppleton avenue. The
car was recovered later. All of the
tires had been taken.
Burglars forced an entrance to the
home of E. G. Wahlgren in the Har
old apartments, Twenty-seventh and
Howard streets, and stole $125 in
E. A. Cregar, who lives at Twen
tieth and Harney streets, was held
up at Twentieth and Howard streets
and robbed of $9.
Automobile tires valued at $400
"L'Apache " now in the mak
ing iu New York city, gives
this famous .Thomas H. Ince star
the opportunity to wear some beau
tiful clothes, and Miss Dalton has
raided all' the Us modiste shops in
the metropolis to get the very latest
and most beautiful gowns that can
be secured. In this picture ' Miss
Dalton expects to make the women
clientele of photoplay ; theaters gasp
with admiration, -"..d .
Rialto Charlie Chaplin,-in "Sun
nyside," third of the widely adver
tised million-dollar series of com
edies, and Marguerite Clark, in
"Come Out of the Kitchen." Today,
Wednesday and Thursday.
. Strand Douglas Fairbanks in
"The Knickerbocker Buckaroo," a
fast story of a New Yorker who
went down to Mexico just to re
construct'" his character. Today,
Wednesday and Thursday.
Muse Betty Lee in "The Tri
umph of Venus," a fantasy of the
days of the Olympic gods, is claimed
to be the greatest achievement in
cinema artistry . ever accomplished.
Today and remainder of week.
Sun One of the big incidents ih
the Tom Mix photoplay, '.'The Wil
derness Trail," now showing at the
Sun, is a remarkable fight between
the hero and the villain, both skilled
fighters and well matched. "The
Wilderness Trail" is full of the
virility, rapid action and fascinating
suspense that always mark a Mix
picture. Today to Saturday.
Empress "One Thing at a Time
O'Day," a romantic comedy of cir
cus life, with Bert Lytell as the star,
is the photoplay offering at the
Jack Gilbert is to be seen next in
the cast of "A Little Brother of the
Rich," the screen version of Joseph
Medill Patterson's novel of the same
Sydney Chaplin, the comedian, has
signed a contract to appear in mo-
Father Believes His
Boy Has Gone Away
With a Strange Man
Omaha police and the police of
every city on roads to the north
from Omaha have been asked to
find Ralph Evans, 13-year-old son
of George M. Evans, 1912 Emmett
street, who, it is believed, was en
ticed away from home by a "man
with a large touring car."
Ralph left home yesterday. His
father believes he has gone to Can
ada with the strange man.
"After Ralph was rebuked one
day last week," George M. Evans
told the police, "he threatened to
go away. Later he told us he was
going to go to Canada with a man
he had met recently.
"We paid little attention to his
threat at first, but when we heard
later that a strange man with a
large touring car had been in the
neighborhood inquiring for Ralph,
we became more interested.
"Yesterday, I understand, the
stranger was seen again near our
home. Ralph sneaked into f the
hoase, put on his good clothes and
left He has not been heard of
since. ,
.. Vaudeville at Empress.
Ponular sonars, corned and raff-
time numbers, with, an occasional
ballad constitute the program of
fered bv Frish. Howard and Green-
toch. entertainera annrarino- at the
Empress theater. Prelles Circus, a
clever dog act. appeals to both
young and old. Neal Abel, the
blackface comedian, has a new line
f talk that ia a laughing hit '
were stolen from the Blngman gar
age, 112 South Seventh street.
Burglars entered the home of
Christy Devine, Undine apartments,
Twenty-fifth street and Dewey ave
nue and took $9 in cash.
Clothing valued at $85 was stolen
from the home ofR, F. Shap, 2515
Dodge street.
John Nelson, of Council Bluffs,
was held up at Fourteenth and
Howard streets and robbed of a
$2.50 gold piece, which he was wear
ing as a. charm on his watch chain.
Mrs. A. Ruthchild, who lives in
the Colbert apartments, Thirty-ninth
.and Farnam streets, asked the po
lice to assist in the recovery of a
diamond pin valued at $800.
J. W. Bell's room in the Undine
apartments was ransacked by burg
lars. Burglars toxk clothing and war
trophies valued at $200 from R. C.
Sopher's room at the Y. M. C. A.
Home Ia Ransacked.
The home of J. W. Johhnson, 2720
Decatur street, was ransacked.
A golf suit belonging to A. F.
Smith, 3910 Dewey avenue, was
stolen from his automobile while the
car was standing in front of the
Athletic club. The garments were
valued at $40.
An automobile belonging to
Charles Jones, 2215 Douglas street,
was taken from Krug's park.
H. A. Campbell, Creston, Ia., re
norted the loss of an automobile
from in front of 1512 Howard streetJ
F. B. Fillmore, Twenty-fifth and
Dodge streets, lost his automobile
from in front of his residence.
An automobile belonging to the
Powell Supply company, 2105 Far
nam street, was stolen from in front
of the company's place of business.
Ensign Charles E. Maas, in charge
of the navy recruiting station, 214
South Fourteenth street, reports
that burglars broke open a closet
and stole tools and electrical ap
pliances valued at over $100, and a
navy Colt's automatic .45 caliber
M Neighborhood Houses
DIAMOND 24th and Lake "THE
TRAIL," No. 5. Pathe News.
lOTHBOP 24th and Lothrop MAT
HAMILTON 40th and Hamilton
ORPHEUM South Slda, 24th and M
GRAND 16th and Blnney MAR
APOLLO 29th and Leavenworth
tion pictures to be released by the
Famous Players-Lasky corporation.
Mr. Chaplin, who has been a great
success here and abroad as a com
edian and who for the past few years
has- been 'absent from the screen,
handling the business affairs of his
brother, Charlie, has a large follow
ing among motion picture patrons
in this country. j
Margery Wilson, first introduced
to the film lovers by Thomas H.
Ince, has been selected by this pro
ducer to support Charles Ray in
the photoplay he is just starting at
the Ince studio. Miss Wilson sup
ported Mr. Ray once before, in the
"Clodhopper." She also supported
William S. Hart in "Wolf Lowry."
Then she was starred by Mr. Ince
in her own 'right in "The Mother
Instinct," "Wild Sumac," etc.
Andrew Waldron, the dean of
character actors at Universal City,
who played Jim Baggott in support
of Mane Walcamp in "The Red
Glove," will play an important role
in a series of westenfstories being
prepared for Pete Morrison. Wal
dron entered pictures with J. P. Mc
GOwan in the old Helen Holmes
railroad serials, and until McGowan
left for Europe with Eddie Polo he
played in every production filmed
by that director.
Four Omahans Hurt
When Train Strikes
Auto Near Arlington
Four persons were injured whej
the auto in which they were riding
was struck by an east-bound North
western train near Arlington, Neb.,
Sunday night. The injured:
Beatrice Olmstead, 2027 Fowler
avenue, fractured collar bone, dis
located knee cap and cuts on head
and arms.
Josephine Jensen, Twenty-ninth
and Spalding streets,., right leg
broken, bruises on body and head.
James Langan, West Dodge road,
bruised. ,
Kenneth Bush, 804 South Twenty
ninth street, bruised. . .
; The engine struck the rear part of
the car, hurling the occupasts into
the air and throwing the mass of
wreckage 100 feet
The train stopped and the injured
were brought to the city and taken
to the Methodist hospital. It is said
they will all recover.
as j
j Fourth of July outings didn't im-1
f prove your clothes any, did they? 1
I Let's clean and press those togs for you.
a Dyera, Clean era,
Hattera, Furriera
5 Tailore, Rag Claaa-
" era; Shea Repairera.
I Mala Office and
s Want,
5 23U.13-1T
s Farnam St.
- r': ' ' r V .... ,7
Mayor Asks That All Business
Houses Close in Honor of
Dodge Engineers; Pa
rade at One.
In a proclamation issued yester
day, Mayor Zurmuehlen proclaimed
a half holiday for Council Bluffs to
day in honor of Company B of the
109th engineers. The mayor's ap
peal is for all business to close at
noon, and all places to remain
closed during the remainder of the
Following instructions from the
Postoffice department, . Postmaster
George F. Hughes ordered the half
holiday to apply to all departments
of the local mail service, and regu
lar holiday hours will be observed
atter 1Z o clock.
The mayor a proclamation will be
generally observed and all public
buildings will be closed. "I call
upon all of the people of the city
to turn out at 1:30 o clock when the
parade starts and invite them to the
reception, barbecue and program at
Manawa in honor of the soldiers,
the mayor said.
According to Captain Greene,
marshal of the day, the procession
will be ready to move at 1 o'clock.
The afternoon and evening at the
lake will reward the soldiers for
the effort required to make the mil
ita'ry parade the big success planned.
The barbecue will be the novel fea
ture. Parking grounds have been
arranged f or thousands of automo
Barbers Raise Rates;
Hair Cut to Cost Four
Bits After July 14
At a meeting of the Master Bar
bers of Omaha in the Paxton hotel
last evening, it was unanimously de
cided to raise the price for all bar
ber work, the new scale to go into
effect July 14.
Jack Becker, secretary of the asso
ciation, says the new scale of prices
is in accordance with the one which
has been in force in other leading
cities for several months.
The new prices are as follows:
Hair cut, 50 cents; shave, 25 cents;
massage, plain, 35 cents; with ma
chine, 50 cents; head massage, 35
cents; tonics, domestic, 20 cents;
tonics, imported, 30 cents; plain
shampoo. 35 cents; all oil shampoos.
$1.00; eonic shampoo, 75 cents, with
machine. S1.00; beard trim, 35 cents;
hair singe, 35 cents; razor honing, 50
cents; all face steams, 25 cents;
mustache trim, 10 cents.
Austria Gives Up Idea
of Union With Germany
Paris. July 7. -The Austrian gov
ernment has given up, at least tor
tne time being, the idea of a union"
with Germany, Dr. Otto Bauer, the
secretary for foreign affairs; de
clared in an address delivered last
week at the congress held by the
councils of workers, according to
the Vienna correspondent 'of the
Temps. ' '
"Austria, small and ruined," the
foreign secretary is quoted as de
claring, "could only exist by the
permission and assistance of the en
tente and that is why it was aban
doning the idea of uniting with Ger
many at this time, as Austria was
riot powerful enough to bring about
a union without the consent of the
Armour Ham House
Damaged by Flames
Fire of unknown origin consid
erably damaged the ham house of
Armour and company, South Side,
at '1:30 o'clock this morning.
The east wall on the main floor
caught fire and a large shipping
truck in the room was totally-' de
stroyed. For a while the fire
threatened to do" serious damage to
the building, but was extinguished
by the fire department and the
sprinkler system.
No Doubt You Have Tried
Other Methods Give
Its Chance.
(Palmer School Chiropractor)
Adjustments $1, or 12 for $10.00
Suite 414-19 Securities Bldg.,
Cor. 16th and Farnam Sta. ,
Doug. 5347. Lady Attendant.
Get Back
Your Grip
Nuxated Iron
Master Strength-Builder
Of the Blood
Helpa Mali
Strong, Sturdy Man
nd Healthy, Beautiful Woman
3.000,000 People Use It AanuaUy
-- ----- - . ...
Dresher, The Taller,
1515. j- Farnam St.;
Pompeiaa Ream of "
Braneeie Stores. "
West ead ef Mala 1
Floor ef Burfaea- a
Nash Co. - s
Even Against Placing Him
in Prisoner's Docket
at All.
London, July 7. Strong opposi
tion continues to develop in the
British press against the project of
trying the former German emperor
in London, or trying him "at all.
Paris dispatches saying that Amer
ica and Japan are opposed to the
trial and that Italy is-lukewarm
apparently have had an effect on
sentiment here.
Liberal newspapers, - such as the
Manchester Guardian,vthe Westmin
ster Gazette and the Daily News
are leading the way, with a part of
the conservative press taking the
same view, that it would tend to
make the kaiser a martyr among
the Germans, prolong the passions
of war and upset the life Of Lon
don. It is also said that the former
emperor's arrival here might cause
unpleasant incidents.
The Evening Standard, conserva
tive, opposes the plan- because
"there are practical difficulties in
arranging the quarters for' the pris
oners and the place of trial, and
there is an unpleasant suggestion
of pagan triumph in the project. If
there must be a state trial it should
not take place in London ; or any
other business center. - r . ,
The Westminster Gazette is one
of those holding that the best pun
ishment for' the ex-emperor is to
leave him in obscurity, and the
Times gives prominence to a letter
from -Sir Valentine Chirol, its for
eign editor, expressing a fear that
the trial might create a Hohenzol
lern legend like the Napoleonic le
gend and bring upon Great Britain
odium in Germany and in - some
neutral countries and if prosecution
fail, it would- mean ridicule."
Horn Candy
ie NewDrink-for all 9
What is it ? fj
-its wholesome kJ
- its delicious
its the new drink $
you will likg IS
FTY CORPORATION 1 809 Fifth Ave.. New York City .. flic
1'aVVoVr'y'VW )
Union Men Distributing Liter
ature When Fight Begun;
Ship . Workers Hold
Mooney Parade.
Chicago, July 7. The first dis
turbance growing out of the labor
strike" called July 4 for five days
as a protest agatnst the conviction
of Mooney and Billings in San
Francisco occurred today when 100
policemen were called to disperse a
crowd of 700 which was distributing
strike hand bills in front of a north
side factory.
When palled upon to disperse the
crowd threw stones and broke a
number of windows in the building.
Several arrests were made. Only a
few thousand workmen, it is said,
joined the "peaceful Mooney and
Billings strike" in Chicago.
San Francisco, July 7. Reports
from Pacific coast , cities indicated
the five-day strike iiy behalf of
Thomas J. Mooney was felt mainly
in the shipbuilding industry of Ore
gon and Washington.
All but one of the yards in Port
land, Ore., and along the Columbia
river were reported idle. Officials
of Tacoma, Wash., yards, which op
erated today with greatly reduced
forces, reported nearly norma. Slifts
on hand tonight.
At a special session of the metal
trades council in Tacoma, a resolu
tion was adopted warning members
that the Council would not stand
back of those who endangered their
places by further individual strikes.
At Seattle Wash., the strike was
said to be confined to the building
trades. .
Co.. V - H. J. Hughes Co.,- Trimble Bros.
Tho Original . , -
Malted Milk
For Infanta and Invalids
Purity is the vital
fundament of drugs.
To insure purity, in
finite pains and scru
pulous care have been
employed in searching
out and preparing the
materials that enter
into Meyer Certified
Fifteen thousand druggists
offer Meyer service of drug
purity a service of safety
and public security.
Meyer Brothers DrugCo.
St. Louis S4
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