Omaha daily bee. (Omaha [Neb.]) 187?-1922, July 01, 1919, Page 8, Image 8

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Ja? hawkers Pound Ball All
Over the Lot, and Beat
Omaha by a Lop
sided Score.
Wichita, Kan., June 30. Wichita
slammed the ball all over the lot
while Omaha played town ball and
the locals made it 3 out of 4. Score:
(iUlamit, !b i 1 2
Jarkmn, lb t 1 0
Graham, ef S 0 3
Klrbjr, If 5 0 1
Hl. e 4 1 0
NpellmaB, rf 8 1 1
llarltena, Sb S I ft
Mauia, w 3 1 1
Milnkle. 4 1 2
3 0
Totalii 33 1 9 24 8 4
Wllhnlt, rt 3 t 1..S
Mueller, lb 2 I 2 8
Mellrlile, If 5 2
Melnan. rf J 2 2 2
Waahhurn, 2b 4 I 3 A
Varjan, 31, 4 2 1 0
Henter, 3 2 1 1
wnha, e 4 3 3 3
'Ho. p 1 ft 0
Narman, p 1 a 0 ft
Total! 32 15 15 27 13 0
Omaha . . ft 0 2 0 0 ft 8 1 1 7
Wtrhila ,,..4 3 3 0 1 1 0 8 x 15
Hear by Innings: Two-bare hits: Wllhclt,
JHataaB, Si: lnr.van, ., x; npniman.
Mavrlflee hits: Mueller, nemrr, inrio, i.
DavMe nlav: Reraer. Washburn. Mueller,
' (2 Ulalawm, Mason and Jarkmn. Left on
baoeal Wichita. 7; Omaha. . Itenea on
ballat Off Carlo, 3; off Norman, 2; off
Klilnkle, 7. lilt by pitcher: Mueller.
Mrurk out: Nnrmnn, 2. Time: 2 hours.
I'mnlres: Krkman and llulhurt.
Oilers Take Two From
7 Boosters by Good Playing
. Tulsa, June .30. Timely hitting
and superb pitching enabled Tulsa
to take a pair of pitchers' battles
from Des Moines todav, the second
in. the eleventh inning. Score:
Flrit game A R. H. E.
Tim Molnee OffOOOaoS 02 6 2
' Tulsa 0 0 1 0 0 3 2 0 x 5 12 1
' Batteries Musser, Payne and Ellis:
Burham and M anion.
,Seeond game R. H. E.
Tea Moines . ... 0 0 0 0 0 ! 0 0 0 0 (I 2 6 1
Tulsa 0000101000 1 IS 10 0
.Batteries Boyd , and Walker; Shackle
ford and O'Brien.
Oklahoma Makes it Three
v Out of Four From the Sop
Oklahoma City, Old. June 30.
Oklahoma City made it three out
of four from Sioux City by winning
the final game of the series, 7 to 3.
" Score:
fOoux City 0 0 1 0 1 0 0 1 03
Oklahoma City 00012022 x 7
Batteries Sioux City, East, Lyons and
Schmidt; Oklahoma City, Meadows, Mas
ters and Griffith.
, : Miners-Saints Game Is
Postponed; Two Tomorrow
Joplin, Mo., June 30. St. Joseph
Joplin game postponed; wet
grounds, double header tomorrow.
American Association.
Minneapolis, June 30. Score:
-. ...r' R. H. e.
Kansas City 3 12 3
Minneapolis 8 16 2
Batteries Graham, Hall and LaLonge;
D'irke. Patterson and Owens.
St. Paul,. .Tune 3. Sc6rc: R. H. E.
' UIv8tOke f. 4 3
, St! Paul .....- 7 2
Batteries: Howard, Faeth and Lee;
Monroe, Browne and Hargrave.
Louisville, June 30. Score: R. H. E.
Toledo 4 S 0
Louisville a is g
Batteries Miljus ' ahd Kelley; Stewart
tnd Kocher.
. Southern Association.
At Atlanta, I; New Orleans, 2.
Second game:
Atlanta. 2; New Orleans, 0.
At Birmingham, 5; Mobile, 4.
At Chattanooga, 3; Little Rock, 0.
At Memphis, 4; Nashville. 1.
. Galloper Light Wins.
Paris.'June 30. The Grand prix
de Paris was run at Longchamps
today for the first time since the
war and was won' by Galloper
, , Light. r Mastergood was second;
Insensible, third, and Rapidan,
fourth,. ' .
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) BfcTHDA-y AD SoeAC B(& 7jMWSf A NE5-ilR. J M S
V Jt wtDOAJr) cofi ) MwmSn . of At-v- V would fa.b. J V "hTM f 7
vats - wonce Tvre 5acvc viuad seeks Afuier spar m uetvvjiee -ou cro- XJiXJP I J 1 -ep'r
"f-P07V.TBET l-ttl II CA(l(ZVAJ(j- HOTp. tOBSV TO E.A0 ' ' - J l'W""V, I i- 1
i ,f : ;
Singles by Walker and Strunk
and Thomas Walk Scores
Scores Winning Tally;
Score, 4 to 3.
Philadelphia, June 30. Singles by
Walker and Strunk, following a pass
to I nomas in the ninth, gave Phila
delphia the devision over Washing
ton today, 4 to 3. Grover's fielding
was brilliant. Score:
R. H. E.
Washington ...00003000 0 3 C 2
Philadelphia ..02100000 14 13 1
Batteries Robertson, Craft and Ghar
rlty: Rogers and McAvoy.
Detroit Beats St. Louis.
St. Louis, June 30. Detroit buried Dav
enport under an avalanche of base hits
in th esecond inning, when the visitors
scored four runs and won the opening
gatne of the series from St. Louis today,
6 to 1. Score:
R. H. E.
Detroit 1 4000001 06 11 0
St. Louis 0 1000000 01 5 2
Batteries: Boland and Ainsmith; Dav
enport, Koob, Wright and Secereid.
Yankees Win Twice.
New York, June 30. New York won
both games of a double-header from Bos
ton today, starting an eighth Inning rally
in esch to overcome a one-run lead cf the
Red Sox. The scores were 7 to 4 and
4 to 2.
The world champions fielded poorly In
the first contest and lost despite Ruth's
home run, with bases full, In the sixth in
ning. Pennock went along well In the second
game until the eighth, when the Yankees
As They Come in Toledo
th5 is ocwpiEvj sryif x! 1 C fr
bunched four hits with a pass for three
runs. Score:
First game R. H. E.
Boston 00000400 0 4 7 '6
New York 0 0 3 0 0 0 0 4 7 14 0
Batteries: James and Schang, Walters;
Sliawkey and Hannah.
Scorn second game R. H. E.
Boston 00001 001 0 2 4 2
New York 1 000 0 003 4 12 , 1
Batteries: Pennock and Schang;
Schneider, Qulnn and Hannah.
White Hose Beat Nap.
Cleveland, June 30 Chicago defeated
Cleveland, 5 to 2, today in a storms
game. Manager Gleason was ejected from
the field for protesting a decision. Later
the Cleveland team delayed the game ten
minutes, insisting" Cicotte, had made a
balk. Score: R, H. E.
Chicago 01011110 0 5 14 1
Cleveland .....00010100 0 2 1 4
Batteries Cicotte and Schalk; Bagby,
Phillips, Myers and O'Neill, Nunamaker.
Herman Defeats Brandeis
Team In Fast Sunday Game
Herman, Neb., June 30. (Spe
cial.) Te locals defeated the fast
Brandeis base ball team here yester
day, 3 to 1. Marty O'Toole started
the game for the visitors, but was
replaced in the seventh in favor of
Pendleton. Fitch pitched for Her
man, striking out nine men and al
lowing but three hits. The same
teams will play a dauble-header here
next Sunday.
Yes, She Figured It All Out.
That Mother Eve was up-to-date,
You really must confess,
For did she not originate,
The "loose-leaf" style o dress?'
Dempsey, Natural Fighter,
Meets Best Manufactured
Man in History of Ring
Menke Says That Challenger Stands Better Chance of
Winning July 4 Battle as He Is More Easily Able to
Extricate Himself From Hard Places Owing to His
Keener Inherent Sense of Boxing Principles Due
. to An Inbred Bent for the Game.
Fniversal Service Staff Correspondent.
Toledo, O., June 30. One of the
greatest natural fighters of all
times meets the best manufactured
ring man in history on July 4th.
Which man has the advantage?
"Dempsey the natural fighter
by a million miles," is the consen
sus of opinion around these parts.
"Instinct guides a man destined
by nature to be a warrior. He
knows in every crisis just what to
do. But with a fighter who never
cared for battling in youth, and
took it up for financial gain it is
radically different. He. -does what
he was taught to. do by tutors, but
when something happens that is out
of the ordinary, he is all at sea."
"That's about right," spoke up
"Pooch" Donovan, trainer of Har
vard's great athletes, "Willard is a
manufactured fighter, pure and
simple. He .didn't care for mixing
with his fists early in youth and
he really doesn't like fighting an
awful lot now. Certainly he
doesn't battle for the Jove of fray
as did Sullivan, Fitzsimmons, Cor
bett, Jeffries and all the others did
who began their ring careers in
early youth.
Vast Difference.
"One needs only to watch Demp
sey and Willard to note the vast
difference in their methods. Wil
lard, when boxing along sterotyped
lines shows wonderfully well, but
when something happens that isn't
in the book or when he gets in a
tight place he is somewhat at sea.
Dempsey on the other hand knows,
just what to do, no matter what
happens. Instinct guides him.
"Dempsey, against the ropes,
knows always just what he should
and shouldn't do to extricate Bimself
without serious results. Willard
agairfst the ropes seems quite help
less and makes plenty of blunders
that a quick-thinking, instinctive
fighter will take advantage of. in
his training bouts Willard goes
along well until something happens
uihinht taa ttnnrAA ifir. ThaUJ he
Pirates Beat Cardinals,
4 to 1, in Good Game
Pittsburgh, June 30 Pittsburg
defeated St. Louis today, 4 to 1.
It was the tenth anniversary of the
opening of Forbes field, and two
players took part in today's game
that appeared in the lineup ten
years ago Adamson, 'Pittsburgh,
and Miller of St. Louis, both being
members of the Pittsburgh team at
that time. Score:
St. Louis 00000100 01 9 0
Pittsburgh ...10000102 x 4 8 2
Battery: Tuero, May and Snyder;
Adams and Schmidt.
Reds Take Two Fjom Cubs.
Chicago. June 30. Cincinnati took) two
games from Chicago today, 4 to 1 , and
2 to 1. The visitors bunched hits off
Douglas for the first victory, while er
rors by the locals gave them the second
game. Scores: .
First game:1 '
Cincinnati 01200001 0 4 9 0
Chicago 00010000 0 1 5 1
Batteries: Ruether and Wlngo; Douglas
and Killefer,
Second game:
Cincinnati 0 0 0 0 1 0,0 1 0 2 6 i
Chicago 10000000 0 1 8 3
Batteries: Ring and Wlngo;' Martin, Hen
drix and O'Farrell.
Giants Win From Boston.
Boston, June 30. New York made its
hits count and defeated Boston, 7 to 4,
today. Boston outhit New York, but by
poor base running threw away chances
to score. Score: R. H. E.
New York 31010200 07 11 2
Boston 00120000 14 16 1
Batteries Causey, Benton and Gon
zales; Cheney, Keating and Wilson.
flounders around trying to adjust
himself to the sndden shift. Demp
sey never falters, no matter what
happens. He always seems to, be
able to do the right thing at the
right time all the time."
Started Early in Life.
Dempsey began battling soon
after childhood's happy hours had
skidded. Just about as soon as he
was able to lift a pair of fists he
began swinging them. Fighting be
came a passion with him. When
ever he was in battle he threw his
whole heart and soul into the task.
And why not? For in fighting
Dempsey finds ultimate happiness.
And so because Jack Dempsey
was created a fighter he knows just
vhat should be done during every
minute of the fray. Dempsey has
the uncanny knack that belongs
only to natural ririg men, of know
ing just where a blow should be
struck to terminate the fight in the
quickest possible time. He drives
to the vital point with the same un
erring accuracy of a great surgeon
performing a most delicate opera
tion. Willard Hasn't Instict.
Willard hasn't instinct to guide
him. He knows where to hit be
cause he has been taught by teach
ers. He knows how to guard be
cause he has been taught that. And
he knows a hundred and one ofher
stunts necessary in ring warfare.
Each aids him mightily until the un
expected happens.
When Willard knows not what to
do because his teachers, smart as
they might have been, could not an
ticipate the thousand and one pos
sibilities of a ring battle, and so they
couldn't school Jess in that way.
If that fight on July 4 brings
along the unusual, when the unex
pected happens it's the safest gam
ble in the world that Jack Dempsey
will know what to do and will do it
and Jess , Willard will flounder
helpless until the crisis is past or
he is beaten during his mental helplessness.
Copyright, 1919,
Kid Graves Sees Both of Big
.Boys Work With Trainers
Sporting Editor of Bee Reserves His Decision on the
Winner Until He Sees More of Willard and
Dempsey in Action.
Toledo, June 30. (Special Tele
gram.) Well, here I am on the bat
tle ground after some little delay in
Chicago, so that I did not reach
foledo until Sunday morning. Sup
pose you want to know all about
what is going on in Toledo.
I dropped into the Hotel Secor at
about 10 o'clock and the first man I
met that I knew was my esteemed
competitor, Sandy Griswold. A few
minutes later I ran into Charlie
Mathieson, who used to be my boss
on the New York Boxing Record.
Reminiscenses were in order, but
before Jess Willard blew in, Charlie
relieved himself of the opinion that
Willard was a cinch.
"Bat Masterson figures the same
way, and for some time he has had
$500 posted with Tex Rickard to
bet on Jess. Otto Floto of Denver
took exception to Bat's opinion and
covered the money. The betting on
thev'bout is at evens when there is
any, but I am informed there is
little going on. f
See Both Train.
The champion and challenger
have a unique system of shaming
the pre-battle profits. Willard starts
his training at 2:30 and Dempsey be
gins shortly after 3:30. The bugs
watch Jess box and then hustle over
to Dempsey's camp, a mile away
and see Jack perform'.
The champion boxed three rounds
with Jack Hemple, two with Walter
Monahaif, shadow boxed a round
and then stepped another with Mon
ahan. For the most part he stood
flat-footed and blocked nearly every
thing sent at him, but-he sprung a
surprise today, disproving-he opin
ions that his legs were in bad shape.
He took Hemple and Monahan en
Takes Good Guesser to Pick
Winner in Toledo Big Scrap
Toledo, Ohio, June 30. The fel
low who picks the winner of the big
fight correctly is just a good guess
er, and don't let any one tell you that
li Jcn'f IrnnwG ricrVit nnwr that
his pick is only a hope. It's just
like tossing a coin. Sport writers
who have followed the boxing game
for years come here and for the life
of them they can't figure this thing
Of course there are fellows who
dropped in with their minds fixed
aid won't change. They're like the
democrats who are democrats be
cause their fathers were. It is prob
ably the toughest fight to pick that
was ever staged. .
K)n one side you have a champion,
a big good-natured Hercules. He
beat the greatest fighter that ever
lived. Some say that this fight was
a fake, others argue that it was on
the square. Be that as it may. as
George Monroe used to say, Mr.
Willard won.
Willard is big, he is so-big that
he actually frightens you. Gee he's
big I Every time you see him he
seems to be bigger. In the hotel
here, in the morning, you often see
a six-footer strutting around like a
peacock. Her ' looks like a giant
strolling among bellboys, cigar girls
and cake eaters.
Soon through the front door
looms the huge form, of Jess Wil
lard. The swelled-up guy seems to
shrink. He looks like a runt and
he wears a silly smile. The huge
form is Willard. ' '
The only things in the Secor ho
tel that makes, him look small at all
are the giant pillars in the lobby.
Are you a Jerry to the size of this
International Feature Service, Ine.
tirely by surprise by stepping away
and sidestepping a number of times.
Not Too Heavy.
This wasn't the only surprise for
the sparring partners eifher. He
would go along rather easy for a
while and then tear loose a punch
that would lift Jack or Walter off
the floor a foot. He'd laugh like
a schoolboy when he did it, but for
the most part was very business
like. He looks ; good and appears
to be carrying no more extra flesh
than a man of his size ' needs to
have to box 12 rounds.
At the Dempsey camp, Bill Tate
opened with the challenger, going
one round. Jamaica Kid stepped a
round and Jock Malone went one.
Then Tate came back and Jamaica
and Malone in oder, making six
rounds in all, two with each. Jack
works fast and looks like a million
dollars. Malone makes him box
fast, but Dempsey seems to-enjoy
it. Bill Tate is using his head and
feet both now, for he won't let the
challenger near him without falling
into a clinch. .
Ready to Polish Off.
Picking the winner of this scrap
in advance is going to be anything
but a snap. The big boys will pol
ish off from now on, just so they
will be on edge by the Fourth.
I may have a selection for you.
on the third, after I see how the
men go about the last days of
preparation. Many a battle has been
lost in those last few days because
of over-hearty eating or ill advice
from someone in authority.
Battling Levinsky is here for his
match with Billy Miske on the third
at Rossford arena. Basing my opin
ion on the dope and past perform
ances, I am picking the battler to
have an edge.
stripling, who stands 6 feet 7?
That's-one side of the story.
A Big Terry M'Govern.
On the other hand we have a
black haired Irishman who knows
nothing but fight; a big Terry Mc
Govern, who has knocked out-everything
in the heavyweight class:
a terror who knocked out Carl Mor
ris and Fred Fulton, both of the
Willard build.
No one knows how he does it.
He just socks them. They are all
too big for him until he hits them.
He stands over six feet tall and
weighs around 200 pounds. He is
young his opponent quite past the
age of a successful pugilist. Demp
hey is all thrills his opponent
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Get rid of it, whatever it costs you
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Mild weather will aid the treat
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S. S. S. is a purely vegetable
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Awt SMAsHeT-
pfioM ah- Qven.
Dempsey Undergoes 'Pickling'
Process to Toughen Skin;
Willard Abandons Road
Toledo, O., June 30. For fear of
an injury to his hands on the eve
of his heavyweight championship
contest with, Jess Willard, Jack
Dempsey today was instructed to
eliminate all heavy hkting from his
training bouts. The instructions
were issued at the request of Tex
Rickard, promoter of the Fourth of
July match, who also intends to
make the request of Wfard.
Sunday saw the last hard work
out for Dempsey and from now on
the challenger will ease off rapidly
in his training. This is a necessity
rather than a choice so far as the
Salt Lake heavyweight is concerned
for he is so fine physically that
there is more than a remote danger
of his going stale.
This aftarnoon Dempsey plans to
box four rounds in which nothing
but lieht work fcvill be attempted.
Willard, on the other hand, plans
to continue his recent ' burst of
training speed for at least two days
more,unless a spell of hot weather
causes him to change his mind. The
cool breeze of the week-end put a
feeling of snap into the champion
and led him to decide to work
steadily until Wednesday at least.
The titleholder long since dropped
all forms of road work with the ex
planation that he did not think that
it benefited a man of his tremendous
Physical culture sharps are
aligned in widely separated camps.
Those who think that he shcfuld
have done more work admit that he
is in' better shape than when he
met Frank Moran in New York, but
claim that he is woefully short jof
the .condition reached when he de
feated Jack Johnson in Havana.
Some of his most enthusiastic ad
mirers claim that his condition
clearly indicates that he has been
doing secret training in addition to
his public workputs, but Willard
denies this old Hick of pugilism.
The champion is not using brine or
any other preparation to toughen
his skin, but Dempsey is following
this old system and is "picking" his
face for the contest as did Fitzsim
mons, Jeffries and other earlier day
has seen in all. He is quite blase.
We go to their camps every day.
One day Willard is slow the next
day he appears fast, but he is al
ways big.
The Bee Want Ads are the Best
Business Booster.
Time to
Out Catarrh
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