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    UJtiE Bhii: UAiAHA, - MONDAY, JUNtS; 30, 1919.
Manager Jackson Enraged
" " Following Discovery Pitcher
Kopp Is Using the
Emery Ball.
Wichita, June 29. Wichita and
Omaha divided a double header
here today, Wichita winning the
last one under protest of Manager
Jackson of Omaha, enraged at the
iecision of the umpires following
discovery Pitcher Kopp made use
. of emery.
J Flint Km, cor :
1 1 S 4 0
0 8 7 10
0 0 4 0 0
t 0 8 0 0
114 0 0
0 1 1 S 0
12 10 1
0 14 0 0
0 0 0 1 0
4 8 27 I 1
112 0 0
0 0 11 1 0
0 8 2 0 0
0 110 0
1 2 8 2 0
0 14 0 0
0 12 4 0
0 10 10
0 0 2 2 0
2 10 27 10 0
fiUIiiMin, 2b 4
Jarkiwn, lb 4
Ornham, rf 4
Klrby, rf 8
'Ilnlr, a 4
Maaon, aa S
nnrbraa, Sb
hhtukle. If 4
(tchalaman, p S
Wllholt, rf 5
Mnrllrr, lh 4
MrHrld. If 4t
Mflnnn, rf 4
Wanhhurn, 2b 4
Yaryan, e 4
Hnrr, aa 4
Marr, Sb 4
Urtfory. 9
Total! S
01000002 1 t
01000010 02
Two-hnno hlt: Srhlnkle, Rarhrau, Clls
1oll, Marr, McBrtdr, Yaryan, Wanhbum.
ThrM-baae hit: IVaahhiim. ftarrlflre hit:
Hale. Harrlflre fly! Yaryan. loublr play:
Mueller to Washburn. Ift on bnr:
Omaha, 8: Wlrhltfi, 8. Ir on balln:
Klrby, Rarbean, Cirrirorjr. Struck out: Ry
Schalnman, 4; by ftrrnory ,2. Time: 1:52.
. Second same, wore:
liulaaon, tb 5
laekNon, lb 4
liraham, ct 5
Klrby, rf 4
Maaon, u
Rarheatt, 8b 4
Khlnkle. If
Tawnarnd, p
Kopp, p 1
S7 5
it 24
Wllholt, rf 4 2
Mueller, lb 4 0
, MeHririe, lb 4 0
Meloan, rf 8 1
Waahburn, 2b 4 0
Yaryan, 4) 0
Merger, aa S 2
Nevraaha, e-rf 4 0
Vlllanl, 3b 1 0
Bowman, p S 1
8 4
Total! 84 27 11 1
Omaha 0 1020020 0 6
Wichita 0 0 0 0 8 0 8 0 x 6
Two-bane hlta: Npellman, Graham, Wll
holt, Mueller, Bowman. Three-bane hit:
Wllholt. Sarriflce fly: Sprllman. Double
J lay: Mueller to Waaliburn to Mueller.
tt on haunt Wichita, 8; Omaha, 8.
Haaea on balla: Townitend, Manon, Jack
ton, Herer. Struck out: By Townaend,
St by Kopp, Si by Bowman, 0. Hlta: Off
Towniend, 4; off Kopp, 5; off Bowman. 12.
Time: 1:58. Umpire!: Eckman and Hul
burt. Oklahoma City Wins
Two From Sioux City
- Oklahoma City, June 29. Okla
homa City took both ends of a
double header from Sioux City to
day by scores of 7 to 6 and 6 to 1.
itorari made four hits in five times
aftiaY in the first game, including
a double and triple. The score:
'First game:
AB. H. O. E. AH. H. O. hi.
Moran, cf 6
O'wln, 2b 2
Defate, aa 2
W'ker, if 4
Rob'on, rf 4
Jones, 3b 4
Oil,in'ore, ss 4 0 1
OjBensen, 2b 3 O S
OjSp'taer, 2b 0 0 0
OlOrlffln, cf 3 1 6
OlAdams. lb 4 112
2! Falk, If 3 1 0
Bro'w, lb 3 1 10 IMGrlcKs, rf 3
Flffert, c 4 1 8 OIHauk, 3b 3
Ras'en, p 4 9 0 0 Griff ith, c 4
lAp'gate, p 3
I Dennis, p 1
, Total! 33 10 24 21 Totals 31 7 27 0
Sioux City 1 0 1 1 0 0 3 0 06
Oklahoma City 2 0 41 0000 x 7
Two base hits: Walker, Moran. Three
base hits: Falk, Moran. Sacrifice hits:
Defate, Goodwin. Sacrifice fly: Brokaw.
Stolen bases: OrlKKs, Falk. Struck out:
By Applegate, 3; by Rasmussen, 3. Base
on balls: Off Applegate, 3: off Rasmus-
n, 6. Hits: orr Applegate, s in 6 1-3
ninga; oft Dennis, 1 in 2 2-3 innings.
ft on bases: Oklahoma City, 6: Sioux
Today's Calendar of Sports.
Racing: Summer meeting of Kentucky
x-key club at Latonla, Ky. Summer
eettng of Queens County Jockey club at
aueduct. I, I.
tiiolf: Canadian amateur championship
Virnament opens at Lambton.
rennla: Central state championship
arnament for women opens at St. Lonis.
land Empire championship tournament
fcns at Spokane. Connecticut Valley
Wmplonshlp tournament opens at Spring-
m, ipasa.
Boxing: Willie Meehan vs. Battling
(vlnskv. rounds, at Philadelphia. Joe
londs vs. Dick O'Brien. 10 rounds, at Cln-
KID GRAVES, Sporting Editor of The Omaha Bee, will be at the ringside of the big arena at Toledo. Complete bulletin service,
round by round in front of The Bee Building.
Be sure and order The Bee today for preliminary news on the heavyweight championship bout.
Phone Tyler 1000 Now - The Bee Carrier Service Will Please You - Phone Tyler 1000 Now
of the latest photos from the Willard camp in Toledo, showing; the
big champion mixing it with Walter Monahan, one of his sparring
' ' "
Je.33 "WVtla,-rc spajrxi7ug
City, 7. Hit by pitched ball: By Dennis
(Walker). Wild pitches. Applegate, Kas
musscn. Passed ball: Ktffert. Time: 2
hours. TJuplns: Vltter and Holmes.
Second game, score:
AH. H. O. E.
AR H. O. E.
Moran. cf 3 1 4 O'Lln'ore, ss 4 2 4 0
G'wln. 2b 6 2 2 ljliensen, 2b 2 0 6 1
Dffate, s 3 0 0 0 Griffin, cf 3 1 2 0
W'ker, if 4 0 2 0 Adams, lb 4 2 8 1
Rob'on, rf 4 0 2 0 Falk, If 4 110
Jones, 3b 4 0 0 0 (JriKgs; rf 4 0 1 0
Bro'w, lb 3 1 S 0 Hank. 3b 4 0 0 1
Sch'ldt, c. 4 3 6 0 Griffith, c 2 0 4 0
Barnes, p 2 0 0 0 Dennis, p 2 1 1 0
East 10 0 0
Totals 33 7 24 1 Totals 39 7 27 3
Batted for Barnes In ninth.
Sioux City 0 0 0 0 1 0 0 0 01
Oklahoma City 00102003 x 6
Two-base hits: Falk, Schmidt, Adams.
Three-base hits: Llndimore. Sacrifice hits:
Dennis, Barnes. Sacrifice fly: Bensen.
Pouble plays: Ooodwin and Brokaw.
Struck out: By Dennis, 2; by Barnes, &.
Bases on balls: Off Dennis, 6; off Barnes,
Left on bases: Oklahoma City, 3; Sioux
City, 10. Balk: Barnes. Time: 1 hour, 65
minutes. Umpires: Holmes and Vltter.
Des Moines Wins First
Game of Double-Header
Tulsa, Okla., June 29. Playing in
mud ankle deep Des Moines took
the first game of a double header
from the locals today. Score
AB. H. O. E.
AB. H. O. E.
Want, 3b 6 4 1 01 Wuffll.
2 4
1 12
C'ffey, 2b 4 3 1 HJ.S ery, lb
uass, cr 3iz (Mints, it
Has'k, lb 6 2 8 OITh'son. cf
Walker, c 3 1 OlCi'and, 3b
3 1
2 2
2 1
1 1
2 1
E'oldt. rf 4
2 0 Davis, rf 4
3 OlT'rney, 2b- 4
1 OiManlon, c 6
0 O Bar'am, p 0
0 OJP.S'ery, p 1
Bayne, p 2
H'ford, ss 4 1
Ellis. If 4 2
I'ayne, p 0 0
mock, p 3 1
1 0
Totals 37 16 27 1 Total! 42 14 27 3
Batted for Sparks In ninth.
Des Moines 1 2 0 3 0 0 5 1 112
Tulsa 0 0 5 0 1 1 0 0 18
Passed ball: Walker. Left on bases:
Des Moines. 12; Tulsa, 10. Double plays:
Ewoldt to Hartford; Thomason to Wuffll;
Sparks to Wuffll to J. Slattery. Hit by
pitcher: Davis by Dlmeck. Base on balls:
Off Payne. 3; off Slattery, 4; off Bayne,
4; off Sparks, 2. Struck out: By Payne,
2; by Dlmock, 6: b yBarham, 1; by
Slattery, 1; Sparks, 2. Time: 2 hours,
30 minutes. Umpires: Jacobs and Becker.
Second game:
R. H. E.
Des Molnea 8 16 1
Tulsa 1 4 2
Batteries: Pllletta and Walker; P. Slat
tery and O'Brien.
Holmes White Sox Shut Out
Missouri Valley by One Run
The Ernie Holmes White Sox de
feated Missouri Valley by the score
of 1 to 0, Sunday. Charlie Langer
and Joe Moore had a great pitchers'
battle, Langer allowing but two hits
and striking out 9 men, while Joe
Moore was touched for six hits and
struck out 6.
The Holmes won the game in the
seventh inning, when George Sutej
walked, went to third on an error,
and scored when the third baseman
threw the ball over the catcher's
Fourth of July the Holmes play
a double header at Plattsmouth,
and Sunday play the Nebraska
Power. 'Score by innings:
Holmes .0 0 0 0 0 0 1 0 01 6 2
Mo. Val. 00000000 00 2 2
Batteries Holmes: Langer and
Holbrook. Mo. Valley: Moore and
Tyitlv Walter- Horvakav. -
Philadelphia Ties Score in
Seventh, But Brooklyn
Comes Back With
Three Runs.
Brooklyn, June 29. Brooklyn
made it three straight from Phila
delphia today by winning a heavy
batting game, 9 to 4. Philadelphia
tied the score in the seventh but
the locals came back in their half
with three runs. Score:
Philadelphia ..0 1010020 04 10 3
Brooklyn 0 1 0 0 2 1 3 2 x 9 15 2
Batteries: Packard, Woodward and
Cady; Smith and Miller.
Vaughn Loses For Cubs.
Chicago. June 29. Jim Vaughn's pitch
ing and fielding today gave Pittsburgh a
7 to 4 victory over Chicago. Vaughn was
batted hard and in the fifth. Vaughn was
men out and the bases filled, he threw
Lee's grounder wild to Merkle and three
runs scored. Score: R. H. E.
Pittsburgh 10303000 07 17 2
Chicago 0 0 0 0 1 1 0 2 04 9 2
Batteries: Cooper and Lee; Vaughn, Car
ter and O'Farrell.
Beatrice Wins Hot Game.
Beatrice, Neb., June 29. (Special
Telegram.) eBatrice won from
Belvidere in a close game here
by a score of 2 to 0. Miller, pitch
ing for Beatrice, hel the visitors
safeat all times.
American Association.
St. Paul, June 29. First game:
R. H. B.
Milwaukee 4 7 4
St. Paul 2 6 2
Batteries: Williams and Huhn; Nie
haus and Hargrave. (14 Innings.)
Second game called in third Inning
under state 6 o'clock Sunday law.
Minneapolis, June 29. Score:
Kansas City 3 9 1
Minneapolis 8 12 1
Batteries: Graham. Johnson and La
longe, Monroe; Hovllk, Schauer, Owens.
Second game:
Kansas City 2 6 2
Minneapolis 1 4 0
7 Innings, called account Sunday law.)
Batteries: Evans and Lalonge; Rober
son and Henry.
Louisville, June 29 Score:
First game:
R. H. E.
Toledo 3 9 3
Louisville 5 6 0
Batteries Sanders, McColl and Kelly;
Davis and Kocher.
Second game:
R. H. E.
Toledo 2 7 6
Louisville 4 2
Batteries: Ferguson, Sanders and Kelly;
Long and Meyer,
Indianapolis, InS'., June 29. First game:
R. H. E.
Indianapolis 0 10 0
Indianapolis 0 10 0
Batteries: Wllkerson and Wagner:
Steele, Cavet and Leary,
second game R. H. E.
Columbus 1 5 1
Indianapolis 6 9 0
Batteries: Horstman. Parks and Wag
ner; Cavet and Leary.
Five Games Forfeited by
Non-Appearance of Nines;
Good Fielding and Bat
ting Features.
Although five games two in the
American, two in the Booster and
one in the Inter-City leagues were
forfeited yesterday afternoon on ac
count of the opposing teams failing
to appear, nevertheless the fans and
followers of local amateur base ball
who attended the various games at
the municipal parks were well enter
tained, as a number of hard-fought
contests were played.
In the City league the McCaffrey
Motor Co., under the new manage
ment of Neil Smith, who succeeded
Horace Rosenblum, on account of
the latter being barred for two years
by the officials of the Municipal
Amateur Baseball association, won
a fast and snappy affair from the
Mickle Victrolas at Thirty-second
and Dewey avenue by a 4 to 3 score.
It was a pitchers' battle between
Ray Maxwell, of the motor crew,
and Johnny Hoffman of the "talking
machine" crowd, with honors slight
ly in favor of Maxwell. Although
both pitchers allowed but four hits,
Maxwell whiffed seven, while five of
the motor crew went via the strike
out route. The fielding of Pezdirtz,
Frank Mirasky and McCague were
the outstanding features. The Mc
Caffrey's would like to secure an
out-of-town game for July 4. Call
Manager Smith at McCaffrey Motor
Union Outfitters Strengthen Hold.
Manager Pascal and his Union
Outfitting crew, by winning a hard
fought contest by the score of 4 to
0 from the Willard Storage Battery,
strengthened their hold on first
place in the City league. Nufer, the
"iron man" for the Outfitters, again
pitched a great game allowing but
four hits, while the Outfitters se
cured a half dozen off Fratt. Only
one man of the storage crew
reached third base. The catching of
Guinotte, Potter at first and Stucker
at short, also were features. This
was Stucker's first appearance in a
Union Outfitting uniform and he
had the honor of accepting six
chances and secured two hits.
Two errors by third Baseman
Skomal and a walk in the eighth in
ning gave the Omaha Printing Co.
three runs, and robbed Pitcher
Zeikes Vilhume of the Bowen Fur
nitures of pitching a no-run, no-hit
contest. The Bowens won the af
fair by the score of 17 to 3. During
the nine frames that Wilhume was
on the mound the printers failed to
secure a hit. He whiffed IS batters
and had them at his mercy all
through the game. With the excep
tion of the two errors by Skomal.
the Bowens gave him brilliant sup
port. Each player of the Bowen
team made two or three clean drives.
Favorites Lose.
Although the Sample-Harts were
favorites in their game with the
Paxton-Vierlings, in the American
league, the iron-workers were at the
big end of a 7 to 3 score when the
battle was over. Beers, on the fir
ing line for the iron-workers, pitched
great ball and allowed but two bin
gles, the Hubatka brothers, namely
Manager Frank and Dode, being the
lucky men. He struck out 14 men.
Krejic and Scheef hurled for the
Sample-Harts and also pitched good
ball, allowing the Paxton-Vierlings
seven hits.
By this victory the Paxton's go
into second place, while the motor
crew is set back to third. The Riggs
Optical won a forfeit from the
American Railway Express and the
Universal Motor team did likewise
from the J. B. Roots.
The Trimble Brothers in the
Booster league by winning a for
feit game from the Maney Milling
team, on account of the latter fail
ing to appear, went intd first place
in the league, while the Ramblers,
who have held the lead practically
all season, lost to the World-Herald
team by a score of 12 to 1. The
World-Herald's victory puts them
into second, while the Ramblers
dropped to third, in a tie with the
Benson Merchants.
The Leavenworth Merchants also
won a forfeit from the Daily News.
BEE will receive complete reports of the big
Kid Graves Sees Both of Big .
Boys Work With Trainers
Sporting Editor of Bee Reserves His Decision on the
Winner Until He Sees More of Willard and
Dempsey in Action.
Toledo, June 29. (Special Tele
gram.) Well, here I am on the bat:
tie ground after some little delay in
Chicago, so that I dicr not reach
Toledo until this morning. Suppose
you will want to know all about
what is going on in Toledo.
I dropped into the Hotel Secor at
about 10 o'clock and the first man I
met that I knew was my esteemed
competitor, Sandy Griswold. A few
minutes later I ran into Charlie
Mathieson, who used to be my boss
on the New York Boxing Record.
Reminiscenses were in order, but
before Jess Willard blew in, Charlie
relieved himself of the opinion that
Willard was a cinch.
Bat Masterson figures the same
way, and for some time he has had
$500 posted with Tex Rickard to
bet on Jess. Otto Floto of Denver
took exception to Bat's opinion and
covered the money. The betting on
the bout is at evens when there is
any, but I am informed there is
little going on.
See Both Train.
The champion and challenger
have a unique system bf shaming
the pre-battle profits. Willard starts
his training at 2:30 and Dempsey be
gins shortly after 3:30. The bugs
watch Jess box and then hustle, over
to Dempsey's camp, a mile away
and see Jack perform.
The champion boxed three rounds
with Jack Hemple, two with Walter
Monahan, shadow boxed a round
and then stepped another with Mon
ahan. For the most part he stood
flat-footed and blocked nearly every
thing sent at' him, but he sprung a
surprise today, disproving the opin
ions that his legs were in bad shape.
He took Hemple and Monahan en
tirely by surprise by stepping away
This is the second consecutive time
that the News has forfeited its game,
last Sunday to the Ramblers being
the other occasion.
Highland Parks Win.
The Highland Park Pharmacy
added another victory to its credit
by taking the Harley-Davidson's to
a 12 to 7 trimming and went a few
notches higher in the percentage
column. Barton's pitchinjr for the
Beddeos, who allowed but five hits
and struck out 10, proved too much
for the Curo Mineral Springs, and
the former won by a 9 to 5 score.
The Hardings are back in second
place in the Inter-City league by
winning a forfeit from the John Day
Rubber Lo.
Six innings prove enough for the
Originals against the Beselins and
the former team lost by a 17 to 6
score. The Omaha Prints Juniors
took the McKenney Dentists into
camp by a 13 to 9 score and are
but a single game behind the Town
sends, who are leading the Gate City
league. The gunners also won, by
defeating the Hermansky Pharmacy,
y to 2. Joe Ort of the Townsends
sent 14 of the Pharmacy boys to
the bench via the strike-out route
and allowed but one hit, that in the
seventh, when Phil Lang singled
after Ort had walked three men.
Wallop in Near-Beer
Is Entirely Dependent
on Mind, Barkeep Says
Columbus, O. The former bar
tender stood back of the mahogaiiy
where he had mixed many a drink
from eggnog to Picardy rum high
balls, when a stranger floated in.
"Gimme a glass of that near beer
stuff," he said.
The barkeep turned the spigot
through which many barrels of beer
had run and set the amber colored
something on the bar.
. "Looks like beer," commented the
"Yep," said the bartender as he
wiped the glasses just as he used
to wipe them when it was beer.
"Got any kick at all?" asked the
"Well, my friend," said the for
mer dispenser of alcoholic bever
ages, "that depends a good bit on
the condition of your mind."
and sidestepping a number of times.
Not Too Heavy.
This wasn't the only surprise for
the sparring partners either. He
would go along rather easy for a
while and then tear loose a punch
that would lift Jack or Walter off
the floor a foot. He'd laugh like
a schoolboy when he did it, but for
the most, part was very business
like. He looks good and appears
to be carrying no more extra flesh
than a man of his size needs to
have to box 12 rounds.
At the Dempsey camp, Bill Tate
opened with the challenger, going
one round. Jamaica Kid stepped a
round and Jock Malone went one.
Then Tate came back and Jamaica
and Malone in order, making six
rounds in all, two with each. Jack
works tast and looks like a million
dollars. Malone makes him box
fast, but Dempsey seems to enjoy
it. Bill Tate is using his head and
feet both now, for he won't let the
challenger near him without falling
into a clinch.
Ready to Polish Off.
Picking the winner of this scrap
in advance is going to be anything
but a snap. The big boys will pol
ish off from now -"n, just so they
will be on edge by t Fourth.
I may have a selc tion for you
on the third, after I see how the
men go about the last days of
preparation. Many a battle has been
lost in those last few days because
of over-hearty eating or ill advice
from someone in authority.
,. I will visit the camps again to
morrow and also go out to the
arena and pick out my location.
Battling Levinsky is here for his
match with Billy Miske on the third
at Rossford arena. Basing my opin
ion on the dope and past perform
ances, I am picking the battler to
have an edge.
Amateur Standings
Won Lost Pet.
Highland Parle Pharmacy. .7 2 .778
HHrding Creamery Co., 6 2 .750
Brrtdeoa 6 4 .SK6
Harley Davidson's 6 5 .600
Curo Mineral Springs... 3 7 .300
J. D. Rubber Co 1 7 .125
Won Lost Pet.
Murphy-Did-Its 1 0 1000
Nebraska Power Co 1 1 .500
Brandeis Stores 0 1 .000
Won Lost Pet
Riggs Optical Co 7 1 .875
Paxton-Vierlings 6 2 .750
Sample-Harts 5 3 .625
Universal Motors ,....4 4 .500
J. B. Roots ; 1 7 .125
American Ry. Exchange.. 0 7 .000
Won Lost Pet.
Townsends 9 1 .900
Omaha Prints, Jrs 8 2 .800
Beselins 4 6 .400
Hermansky Pharmacy 3 5 .375
McKenney Dentists 2 6 .250
Originals ....2 8 .200
Won Lost Pet.
Trimbles 5 1 .833
World-Herald 4 1 .800
Benson Merchants 4 2 .667
Ramblers 4 2 .667
Maney Milling Co ..3 3 .600
Leavenworth Merchants. ... 3 3 .600
Dally News 0 8 .000
Won Lost Pet.
Tnlon Outfitting Co :.8 1 .880
McCaffrey Motor Co.. 7 2 .778
Mickle Victrolas 5 4 .656
Bowen Furniture Co 5 4 .556
Willard Storage Battery 3 6 .333
Omaha Printing Co 0 9 .000
Mickle Victrolas, 3; McCaffrey Motor
Co.. 4.
Union Outfitting Co., 4; Willard Storage
Battery, 0.
Bowen Furniture Co., 17; Omaha Print
ing Co.. 3.
Sample-Harts. 3; Paxton-Vierlings, 7.
Universal Motors vs. .1. B. Roots. (Game
forfeited to Universal Motors.)
Risss Optical Co. vs. American Railway
Exchange. (Game forfeited to Riggs.)
Ramblers, 1; World-Herald, 12.
Leavenworth Merchants vs. Daily News.
(Game forfeited to Merchants.)
Trimble Brothers vs. Maney Milling Co.
(Game forfeited to Trimbles.)
Harley-Davldsons, 7; Highland Park
Pharmacy, 12.
Curo Mineral Springs, 6; Beddeos, 9.
Harding Creamery Co. vs. John Day
Rubber Co. (Game forfeited to Hardings.)
Originals. 2; Beselins, 17 (6 Innings).
Townsends, 9; Hermansky Pharmacy, 2.
Omaha Print Juniors, 13; McKenney
Dentists, 9.
St. Louis Americans Bunch
Their Five Hits in Three
Innings and the Chi
cago Team Falls.
St. Louis, Mo., June 29. More
than 15,000 fans saw St. Louis
make it three out of four from Chi
cago by winning. 5 to 3. The locals
bunched their hits in ' the first
fourth and eighth, and were aided
by Leibold's error in fourth.
St. Louis 10030001 x 5 7
Chicago 3 6
Batteries: LowdermllU, Danforth and
Chalk. Jenkins; Gallia, Koob, Sothoon
and Severeid.
Boston Beats New York.
New York, June 29. Boston defeated
New York in the third game of the
scries, 6 to 3. Jones pitched good ball for
Boston until the ninth, Gllhooley a muff on
Lewis' preventing a shutout.
Boston 12000005 05
New York ....00000000 33
Batteries: Jones and Schang;
ridge, Russell and Hannah.
H E.
10 2
7 t
Senators Blank Athletics.
Washington, P. C, June 29 Johnson
had the better of Naylor in a pitching duel
today and Washington won, I to 0, there
by making it three straight over Phil
adelphia. ' t R. H. E.
Philadelphia ..0 0000000 00 6 t
Washington .. .10000000 x 1 4 0
Batteries: Naylor and Perkins; Johnson
and Gharrity.
Detroit Makes Clean Sweep.
Detroit, i June 29. Ehmke allowed
Cleveland but one hit today and held the
visitors scoreless while Detroit bunched
hits in two innings and won, 4 to 0, mak
ing a clean sweep of the series.
R. H. E.
Cleveland 0 0 0 0 R 0 0 0 0 0 1 1
Detroit 0 0 0 2 2 0 0 0 x 4 7 J
Batteries: Morton, Uhle, Phillips and
O'Neill; Thomas, Ehmke and Alnsmlth.
Longeways Take Poorly
Played Game From Metcalfs
By bunching hits with errors and
walks, the Longeways were easy
winners in the first came of the citv
series with the Metcalfs Sundav
afternoon at Athletic park. Hansen
relieved Ford and held the visitors
scoreless. Heath received miserable
support from his mates, who erred
seven times.
The hitting of Carl and Charley
McDowell featured. Carl got two
doubles and a single and Charley a
double and a single. The Longe
ways are looking for a game for
July 4th. Teams wishing to play
this fast aggregation are requested
to write Ed Hansen, 924 Avenue A,
Council Bluffs, la. Score:
Metcalfs 1 9100000 0 2 8 7
Longeways 0 0112211 x 8 8 1
Batteries: Heath and Miller; Butler,
Ford, Hansen and Fernley.
G. W. Stroup High Man at :
Omaha Gun Club Sunday
G. W. Stroup was high man in
the Sunday shoot at the Omaha
Gun club grounds with 97x100 with
an unfinished run of 88. Lou Adams
won the Black Diamond trophy
from VerMehren with a score of
A big shoot is being planned, for
July 4 at which there will be a num
ber of prizes given for different
Yesterday scores were:
Shot At Hit
G. W. Stroup ...97 100
W. L. Kllng 70 100
Smith 94 100
Ver Mehren ............... '. ... 66 75
Mrs. Edmonston 57 75
F. Lane 44 76
H. Clarke 68 75
Adams 68 75
A. Clarke 32 50
Kellne 43 50
G. Reddick 44 50
P. Simpson 21 25
B. Clark 5 ' 26
Southern Association.
At Camp Jessup, Ga. Birmingham, 4;
Atlanta, 24.
At Memphis, 0; Nashville. 3.
At New Orleans, 1; Mobile, 0. (First
New Orleans, 1; Mobile, 0. (Second
At Chattanooga, 4; Little Rock, 6. (First
Chattanooga, 0; Little Rock, 1. (Second
Joplin Games Off.
Joplin, June 29. Both games of
a double header postponed, rain.
Saturday's postponed game with St.
Joseph will be played here Tuesday.
Battle Still on Over Referee
for Independence Day Bout
Between Lewis and
A gentleman from St. Louis is
said to be eager to wager $5,000
that Joe Stecher will not last an
hour with "Strangler" Lewis when
they face each other on the wrest
ling mat in the Auditorium July 4.
Of course the man from St. IUuis
may be right, but Nebraska follow
ers of the game can see no reason
why Stecher should lose at all. Of
course Lewis has perfected his head
lock, but experts fail to agree on its
James P. Sinnott of the New York
Mail declares that the agitation
against the headlock is mostly bunk
and that it is not the punishing hold
it seems.
Other close students of the game
say it is extremely difficult to get a
real headlock clamped on a first-
class wrestler. Few will dispute the
claim of Stecher to rank with the
elite on the map and his scissors
hold makes him a doubly danger
ous foe.
Lewis should give Steelier a hard
battle, but if he does not run away,
the Dodge county boy should carry
home the winner's end of the purse.
No decision has been reached on
a referee between the principals and
it appears that neither man will
weaken on his choice for the third
man. Stecher insists that a Ne
braska man be chosen while Lewis
is equally as emphatic for a man
from the outside.
The match is the best that has
been staged here this year. It may
explode the Lewis headlock bubble,
and it has definitely been agreed by
Gene Melady, promoter of the match
and manager of Champion Earl Cad
dock, that the winner shall have a
chance at the title.
The early advance sale of seats at
the Auditorium and downtown ho-
tels exceeds the sale of any matcH et"
ever held in Omaha. The Indica
tions are that every seat will be sold
when the doors open on the after
noon of our national birthday.
The Bee Want Ads are the Besl
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