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8 A
Sciutti Side
Just' to Please Friends,
Liquid. Was Cooled and
- Then Judge Imposed
$100 Fine.
John O'Hare, proprietor of a soft
"rink parlor, 4516 Twenty-seventh
,trft, pleaded not guilty to having
- pitcher of intoxicating liquor in
is ice box.
"Two men came m with the
"iimr" O'Har tnlrl the nnlic
idge, "and asked if they could cool
off in my ice box. , They said
."tey'd been carrying it all. day and
lat it was too warm Jo drink. I
lid yes, and the detectives', found
there." A'
"Just S100 and costs fot you." said
ie judge, , ; , , ,
' ves Frincl and Hellar the day he
jtained a license for his soft drink
Jirlor, 1
twelve Brothers and.-Sisters-
Sine, Mass
; at 'Wedding Ceremony
i , V
Twelve brothers and sisters of
iss Sarah Bevins will sing the
:pital mass' at her wedding in St.
arys church, June i;
The weddine . of. Miss Sarah
:vins,.' daughter of 'Mr. and Mrs.
rah ; Bevins, and George L.
'lompson, son- of Irs. Anna
.lompson, is one of several pretty
:ne weddings scheduled to take
ice on the South Side.
Miss Bevins has chosen Miss
. -celia Bevins as her bridesmaid
. 'd her four-year-old twin sisters,
'mice and Bernardettti, . as ring
" "ircrs. Getorge Bevins, brother of
ss Bevins, ,wi.I sing O Promise
and Miss Mary Bevins , will
' g "Ave Marie."
aks Goes to Show
, and There Meets Old
Friends From Russia
l. Vaks, 4824 South Twenty-sec-.1
street, came to America 12
.rs ago from Odessa, Russia. He
t many Russians after his arrival,
V during the 12 years of his resi
de in this country failed to
et anyone from his home city
:il yesterday, when he attended a
iw. ;
fter watching Mr.' and Mrs. Sa-
in Russian dances, he went to
: manager and asked to meet
m. To his surprise, he found
Y were not only from Odessa, but
I lived on the same street as he
1 had come to America the same
r. :
ler Twenty Months in
.Army,numn BacK Home
William Rubin, 4328 South Six
"rtth street, arrived home last
j jk; after receiving his discharge
.'m 'army service, Camp Dodge.
Mr. Rubin had 20 months' army
vice with the 89th division, 12
nths of which was with the army
occupation in Germany. He was
t by his brother Charles when he
detf in New York.
.itcher League Has
Three" Games for Today
Three games are scheduled for
etcher Workmen league teams to
played in Armour park, Twenty-
jt and S streets, today. The first
me will start at, 10 o'clock this
-rning. V
A formal opening o the Butcher
'orkmen league will be observed
' xt Sunday. A band will lead a
rade through the business district
id to the Armour ball park.
5vel filusicale at Store of
Burgess-Nash Co., Saturday
A "rather novel musicale in the
ture f. a Leooold Godowskv-
HI M t
npfco : recital will be arranged
lesday evening at 8:15 o'clock on
i fourth floor of the Burgess
ish Co. store by Dr. Cuthbert D.
nith, special representative of the
:opold Godowsky master school.
.. amith will outline the work to
v don in the master school at
insas City, Mo., from September
to October 11. inclusive.
- Received as s savings deposit
- or Cash paid for them at
Packers National Bank
V r;? 24TH and O "
First Foreign-Born Citizen
Gets Creighton Law Diploma
Claudio Detftala Came, to
This Country From ,
Italy Only Five
Years. Ago.
Claudio Delitala, who was grad
uated yesterday fr6m the Creighton
College of Law, is the first foreign
born citizen to, receive a diploma
from this institution and to be aa-V
mitted to the bar of this stale. "
Mr. Delitala came to this' country :
frpm Ialy five ears ago and became,
a resident of Omaha in 1914, when"
he established an Italian newspaper.
"La Stampa."'of which he is still
managing editor. He carried -the
study of law along with his news
paper work. . . v .
lie was in military service for
eight months at Camp Funstoin be
ing discharged" last January. -While
iji.the army he became an, American
citizen, .which makes him eligible to
be admitted to the practice of law..
He' obtained a college education in
Thousand Omahans
Join Organization
of Colored People
The Omaha branch of the Na
tional Association for the Advance
ment of Colored People , has en
rolled 1,000 members during the
past week. The Omaha quota is
5,000. . The drive ends June 15..;.,;
The drive is national in its scope.
It is the purpose of the organiza
tion to have members protest
against alleged ill-treatment of the
negro. The association is at pres
ent composed of 50,000 members.
John R. Shillady is secretary of the
national association.
Local headquarters of the organ
ization are located at the St. John
Methodist church, Twenty-fourth
and Grant streets. Rev. J. A. Wil
liams is president of the local chap
ter and Jessie Hale Moss, secre
tary, y
100 Children to Be Confirmed
at St. Anns Church June 15
Next to the dedication of St.
Anns Roman Catholic church.
Twenty-fourth street and Poppleton
avenue, which took place a year
ago, the most important event in
the historv of the church will be
the confirmation of 100 children of
the congregation by Archbishop
Hartv at 4 o'clock Sunday, June 15
This will be the first class of chil
dren to have been confirmed in the
historv of the church, and the music
and decorations, with other festal
features which will accompany the
ceremony will make it a very beau-
titul ana impressive event.
South Side Brevities
WANTED A delivery clerk. Hlnchey
Laundry Co., !309 N street.
SalesRlrls and salesmen wanted to clerk
Saturdays. . See wag jaroiners. Aav.
The Packer's National bank at 24th
ami O pays the highest prloa for Liberty
LAWN mower sharpening and repairing
a specialty. Ptone South 18. Residence
phone. South J314.
Ws are paying the best prices for furnl
ture. clothings and rags. We pay 214c
a lb. for rags. Call South 3011.
Mrs. C. W. Martin-s division of the
Grace Methodist church will give a 1
o'clock luncheon at the church Thursday
for all members of the society and friends.
Mrs. E. B. Towl, Twenty-third and E
streets, member of the City welfare board
reported to the police yesterday the de
struction or tier flower and vegetable gar
dens by Borne vandal.
Mrs. George II. Payne will tell stories
at the South Side settlement children's
hour today. Mrs. R. B. Macdougal and
her group of campflre girls will furnish
The funeral of Miss Bessie Slapntjka
will be held this afternoon at 2 o'clock
from the family home, 1316 Prexel street.
Burial will be in the Oraceland park ceme
tery. Mr. and Mrs. Charles F. Malnelll enter
tained William Rubin, Mrs. Mainelli's
brother, and John P. Malnelll, both just
returned from trance, at dinner ivrllay
A reunion of the 1918 class of the South
Side High school was held at the home of
Miss Evlyna Bird, 4016 South Twenty
third street, Thursday night. Orchestra
music, dancing and refreshments helpd
to make the evening most enjoyable.
Frank Pitha and Miss Frances Tomlsek
were married Tuesday afternoon at the
home of Mrs. R. I). Weir, 4534 South
Eighteenth street. Rev. A. H. Marsdcn
officiating. A few of the bride's closest
friends were present.
For Sale One 10-room house built for
two families: all modern except heat. Lo
cated on paved street and alley. Cement
walk, good shape, house well built and
easy to heat. Price, $3,500. Phone, South
8j u. i. Harding coal company.
, For Sale One 10-room house built for
two families; all modern except heat. Lo
cated on paved street and alley Cement
walk, good shape, house well built and
easy to heat. Price, $3,500. Phone, South
33. G. E. Harding Coal company.
Mr. and Mrs. George H. McCormlck, 4301
South Twenty-third street, are entertaining
as house guests, Mr. Mccormick s sister,
Mrs. O. H. McKinnie, Belott, Kas., and
Mrs. McCormlck s sister, Mrs. Grace Pin
nell. Phoenix, Ariz. The two guests expect
to spend the summer in Omaha.
5-room house, electric lights, gas, toilet.
One block from car line. Gobd location.
a-room house, gas,' water. Nice corner.
Only $1,800.00.
7-room house modern except heat, cor
ner lot, paved street, $2,500.00.
7-room modern brick house, hot water
heat. Corner lo TBxl20. Best of loca
tions. Now vacant. Corner, lot, pavod
streets, two 6-room houses, modern except
heat, 1 block Xrom car. A splendid in
vestment for income. Only $4,600.00.
4 lots, small house. 2 blocks from car
Una, $2,500.00.
Lot 120x146.. 8-room house. 4 blocks from
car line, $1,850,00.
One 8-room. one 4-roem house, modern
exeppt heat, corner lot, on car lines,
$3,750.00. ' ,
8-room modern house, garage. , cora?r
lot. $3,800.00. . .
' I J. H. KOrlETo,
4733 South Twenty-fourth street.
CfauJioJDeltfaU :
Three Hundred and
Fifty Students to Be
Given Their Diplomas
About 350 students from the four
Omaha high schools gradu
ated Friday night at the joint com
mencement exercises in the city
auditorium.' Dr. Charles Flint of
Cornell will deliver the commence
ment address. 1
Central High will graduate about
241;. South High, 61; Benson, 16;
and Commerce High about 35
TheT Central High baccalaureate
sermon will be delivered at the First
Methodist church, by Rev. Titus'
Lowe. His subject will be "Build
ing a Life." Services will begin at
11 o'clock.
Rev. C. C. Wilson, Grace Metho
dist church, South Side, will preach
the South High sermon in the
school auditorium. His subject will
be "The Foundation," Services will
begin at 8 o'clock. The junior-senior
reception will be held Wednes
day night at a local club. A class
picnic and theater parties are other
events for the concluding week.
'The Lion and the Mouse" will be
presented by the .class Tuesday. A
dime, matinee will be given in the
afternoon beginning at 3 o'clock
and the second performance at 8
Rev. J. Calvert of the Benson
Methodist church will preach the
Benson High baccalaureate sermon
tonight at 8 o'clock in his church.
'.'True Strength" is his subject. Rev.
Anderson of the Benson Baptist and
Rev. Moneymaker of the Benson
Presbyterian church will assist at
ihe services.
The South High class set a new
record in scholarship by maintain
ing a standard of work during the
semester that exempted 32 per cent
of the class from one or more final
President Expects to
Return Home to Confer
With Cabinet by July 1
(By I'nlversal Service.)
Paris, June 7. An apparentlv
well founded report as to President
Wlison's plans is that he expects to
return to the United States in' time
to confer with his cabinet before
July 1.
The president i.s said to be grave
ly concerned over the' news of the
bomb plots in America.
Mr. Wilson is being besieged with
appeals from America to prevent
the carrying out of the war time
prohibition act. An official close to
him repeated today, however, that
the president is unable to act fur
ther in the matter in view of Attor
ney General Palmer's legal advice
that Mr. Wilson has no power to
set the act aside.
j ne president expressed warm
satisfaction today over the adoption
by the senate of the suffrage amend
ment. He voiced his conviction that
the states would ratify the amend
ment and would thus allow the wo
men to vote in the coming presiden
tial election.
Lieutenant Nielsen to
. Take to Air This Week
Lt. A. J. Neilsen, military airplane
instructor, who was injured and his
plane damaged when he tried to
avoid cows on the landing field in
Omaha after a 300-mile flight from
Waterloo, la., is billed to do some
thrilling air stunts in the sky above
Council Bluffs this week. He will
take the air Tuesday or Wednesday
u repairs on ms piane are-nnisnea.
Joe W. bmih, Mayor Zurmuehlen
and a score of others are interested
in Lieutenant Neilsen's work and
are aiding him in carrying out his
plans for, the Chautauqua season.
which indoles 70 flights and lectures
at as many., different assemblies.
Council Bluffs will be his headquar
The flights this week are to be
exhibitions ot his skill. The exhibi
tions will be given directly above the
center of the city.
High School Principal Is
Fined $5 In Police Court
J. G. Masters, principal of Central
High school, was fined $5 and costs
in police court yesterday morning bv
Judge Foster on a charge of speed
ing. Motorcycle Officer Emery
testified that Mr. Masters was driv
ing 30 milesao hour on ihc Dcdge
street road at" 10 o'clock Friday
Adheres to Allied Powers.
Paris, June 7. Admiral Kolchak,
head of the all-Russian government
at Omsk, in his note answering pro
posals made by the allied and as
sociated powers, declares that in
in general he adheres to the orin-
ciples outlined- by the allied cowers.
Ringling- Agent Says Omaha
Tax Bars Reputable Shows .
and Favors Grafters
and Gamblers.
There is only one great three ring
circus touring America today, and
that show, the con&olidated Barnum
& Bailey and Ringling Brothers
organizations is liable to sidetrack
Omaha this season because of a new
ordinance which imposes a tax said
to be excessive on circuse's of this
class. ,
' S. V. Beckett, advance man of the
circus, was in the city Saturday, -o
arrange 'for the appearance of the
rig aggregation here sometime n
the "future.
; f Tax Now $500.
; He was under the impression that
old occupation license of $300 per
year was still in effect J but he
learned that a new ordinance, oper
ative June ,20, has been passed -ly
the city commission and the license
for first class shows will then !;e
"This," said he, "is prohibitive
and may render it impossible for
our circus, the only large one now
BEE i JUNE ' 8, 1919.
touring America, ' to appear in
Omaha this season. We are only
showing in the largest cities of the
country and I find that Omaha now
has the largest license tax for b'g
circuses in America. New York
city only charges $150 a day, while
Omaha has puj the tax up to $500.
- "Theatres are only taxed by city
ordinance $100 per year, and the
new rate fixed by the city commis
sion would appear to be rank dis
crimination and passed for the pur
pose of excluding first-class shows.
Favors Small Shows.
"Smaller circuses, with ' many
objectionable gairbling and ' graft
features, and with their crimint!
hangers on, are permitted to show
at the old license and they charge
the same prices for inferior per
formances and attractions as the
only big curcus in America."
Mr. Beckett said Omaha would
not be 'included in the itinerary of
the circus as lor.g as the present
icense fee operates and this will
bring grief to circus loving person",
young or old. The circus had ex
pected to come here in August
Two Boiler Companies
on. Labor ''Unfair List"
At a meeting of the Central Labor
union the C. G. Johnson Boiler com
pany and .the Drake-Mount-Williams
company were placed on the
unfair list.
W. V. Angell, international or
ganizer for the boilermakers, as
serted that both companies had at
tempted to befog the issue. While
professing a willingness to meet
their men, they have never done
so, he said. '
Franklin Performance
Newly Defines Motoring Comfort
There are few motoring novices today and. most people know what
comfort the average car gives. Now they are fast learning how much more
they have long been entitled to. Growing familiarity with Franklin per
formance is giving a new standard to many.
Comfort as defined by the Franklin Car consists : In being able to ride
relaxed, mile after mile, day after day, over rough roads or smooth; in
being able to drive without conscious effort for hours on end; in feeling
confident that no inherent fault of principle can be a cause of trouble.
Scientific, well-balanced, light weight smothers road shock and ends
tense riding. It also gives sure, safe, effortless control. Direct air-cooling
no water to freeze or boil gives confidence in the Franklin Car's ability to
start any time and go anywhere despite heat, cold, hills or heavy going.
Day by day and year by year, the Franklin Car proves its ability to
serve every motoring purpose, finely, comfortably and economically, by
steadily delivering:
20 miles to the gallon of gasolint
10,000 miles to the set of tires
50$ slower yearly depreciation
A demonstration over roads of your selection will fully convince you of
the unlimited motoring possibilities of the Franklin Car. We will be glad
to place a car at your service at such a time as you suggest.
II if 1019 Farnam St 2025 Ss l
Brief City News
Have Root Print It Beacon Press.
Elec. Fans $8.50 Burgess-Granden
Going to Lake Okonojl Mr. and
Mrs. W. C. Fleury leave this morn
ing: for Lake Okobojl for the sum
mer. Visits Sister Mrs. C. D. Cooley
and son, Tampa, Fla., arrived yester
day evening: to visit Mrs. Cooley's
sister Mrs. F. H. Turney.
Manlcy to Speak Robert H. Man
ley, commissioner of the Omaha
Chamber of Commerce, will address
(he Advertising and Selling: league
Monday night. The address will be
preceded by a 6 o'clock dinner at
the Hotet Fontenelle. The subject
of Mr. Manley's address will be "The
Best Advertising Assets of a City."
Arrives From Ovcrsoas-rWord has
been received from New York by
J. M. Taliaferro, 4512 Lafayette ave-
nue, of the arrival there from over
seas of their son, John T. Taliaferro.
Taliaferro was connected with Com
pany 249, military police, and is ex
pected to arrive in Omaha within
the next few days. He was in the
army 21 months.
To Speak on Experiences Dr.
Cecil Johnson, son of Dr. and Mrs.
John P. Johnson, will address the
Omaha Theosophical society on "Im
pressions and Experiences in Over
seas Service" Sunday night. The
meeting will be held at 8:15 o'clock
in the rooms of the society, 201-202
Kennedy building, Nineteenth and
Farpam streets.
Arrested on Insanity Charge
George Flokas, a Greek employed
in a shoe shining parlor at Sixteenth
and Howard streets, was arrested
Friday night by Deputy Sheriff
Lindsay on an insanity warrant
worn out by Herbert P. Boss,
Thirty-first and Webber streets,
Florence, who said Flokas had been
following his wife.
D-Hioe and Card Party The worn
en of St. Rose parish will give a
dance and card party Thursday eve
ninp at 8 o'clock at Father Flana
gan's Boys' Home,-4206 South Thir
teenth street.
Knichts of Zlon Meet The Toung
Knights of Zion will hold a regular
meeting this afternoon at the Y. M.
H. A. club rooms. 301 Lyric build
ing. A big program is planned for
the day.
Kennebock to Salt Lake Lambert
R Aennebeck will leave Omaha next
Sunday t otake a position as sales
manager of a drug firm In Salt Lake
City. Kennebeck has been connected
with the E. E. Bruce Drug company,
Omaha, for six years.
Fined on Liquor Charge! Joe
Canpavno, 1113 Martha street,
proprietor of a soft drink parlor,
was fined $100 and costs in police
court Saturday on a charge of un
lawful sale of intoxicating liquor.
State agents made the arrest Friday
and testified that Canpayo sold a bot
tle ff whisky to one of their num
ber for $4.
Paved Roads to Bs Topic
of Both Cheek and Gillan
Paved roads and all about them,
as a starter for the paved roads
campaign for Douglas county, will
be the topic of speakers before the
Good Fellowship committee of the
Chamber of Commerce Monday
noon. All members of the Good
Fellowship committee have been
urged to attend, and all others in
terested in paved roads will be wel
come W. B. Cheek and J. , M.
Gillan will be the speakers.
8,000 Overseas Soldiers
Arrive at American Ports
Boston, Mass., June 7. The bat
tleship New Jersey arrived here to
day from France with the 313th and
314th machine gun battalions and
casual companies, a total of 1,351
officers and men.
On the Mongolia were Maj. Gen.
Charles H. Martin, commander of
the 90th division, and Brig. Gen. U.
G. McAlexander, commander of the
180th infantry brigade, with head
quarters outfits and the 358th and
360th infantry regiments complete.
The Mongolia's total was 4,54 of
ficers and men.
New York, June 7. The trans
port Kentuckian arrived today from
St. Nazire, bringing 1,860 troops.
They comprised the headquarters,
first, second and third battalions of
the 345th field artillery. 90th divi
sion; three officers and 268 men of
the 315th sanitary trains, 79th di
vision, medical supply detachment,
headquarters detachment, field hr
pitals' Nos. 357 and 359, and am
bulance company No. 359, and e.
officer and 47 men of the 323d nntor
transport company.
Return of National Guard '
Completed, Officials Say
Washington, June 7. Return of
the National Guard and national
armv divisions from France has
beer completed, the War depart
ment announced, and the homeward
movement of the regular divisions
began this week with the embarka
tion of the principal units of the 6th
division. The 4th and 5th divisions
also are scheduled for return this