Omaha daily bee. (Omaha [Neb.]) 187?-1922, June 03, 1919, Page 12, Image 12

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The Story of the Illus
tration "Hog Insurance" is the con
necting link which guarantees
the delivery of the hog to the
market r provides compen-latien.
The Bank in the
Represent the "Sureness"
of profit to the farmer who
buys insurance his returns
made safe by Hog Insurance.
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To Everyone Interested in the Raising of Hogs
rn HE eyes of the whole world are now turned toward the hog.
Throughout the entire world every thinking person is in
terested in the increased production of the meats and fats from
this precious animal. Now comes a big Nebraska company which
proposes to revolutionize and magnify the entire industry.
AND never in the history of the world has the time been more opportune
for the materialization of such a project. For never was hog raising
so profitable as now and never were so many thousands of people inter
ested and actually participating in this industry. And never were the in
dividual risks to the farmer greater, for heretofore a little ill luck with
him must mean one of the most disma 1 failures of a lifetime.
BUT at this darkest hour comes a ray of light- for a link has been formed to go between
the hog and the markets link which will take the risk out of hog raising-that will
spread out the effects of an occasional loss so that it will not be felt at all.
. This Connecting Link Is Hog Insurance
IS it not logical? You insure your life,
your house, your furniture, your auto
mobile, your live stock and in fact every
thing that you own that is valuable. And
no one would deny that this insurance relieves many
of the responsibilities of life and universally the
insurance companies prosper.
AND now if you raise hogs you can in
sure them. And attesting that thou
sands of farmers are eager to insure their
hogs are the many letters we have re
ceived from them, asking when we will be
ready to do business.
The American Live Stock Insurance Company
IS now a going corporation ready to
start by the middle of June-incorporated
under the laws of the state of Ne
braska with a capitalization of $1,125,000.
It is directed and officered by some of the most suc
cessful and capable business men in the state men
who have already won names for themselves in
mercantile pursuits.
ALREADY there are prospects for a won
derful business it is estimated that
the company will soon be able to work to
the capacity of its capitalization. Large
profits seem assured, both to the company
and to the farmer who invests in its insur
ance. -
- - - o
Chas. F. Schwager
Pres. and Gen. Mgr.
Ia one of Omaha's best known
successful business men. He
wu President of the Alamito
Dairy company for a great
number of years before taking
up the active work of devel
oping the American Live
Stock Insurance Co
Today Presents the Opportunity
Which May Be Gone Tomorrow
OUR company has no promotion stocks-every dollar invested in this company is for the
purpose of insuring the hogs of those farmers who desire such insurance. Our stock is
all common, each share carrying full voting privileges.
ALTHOUGH this stock has been nearly all subscribed we still have a limited amount
which we wish to sell to farmers throughout the state of Nebraska. Surely no other in
dustry of today offers a more promising outlook for profits we ask you to come in with
us now before the last share has been sold.
This Company Will Be in Operation by the Middle of June
Invest With Us Today
Robt. B. Zachary
Born in Iowa, son of a bank
er, and himself engaged in
the banking business for 27
years. For many years a suc
cessful raiser of hogs and
cattle, and also well known in
the middle west as an expert
in insurance, farm and cattle
Other Officers and
W. A. BATHS ACK President Security State Bank.
BOBT. B. ZACHARY, Secretary Insurance and Live Stock Loans.
TALE 0. HOLLAND, Attorney Mahoney, Kennedy, Holland & Horan.
FRED L TUBBS, Vice President Vice President and Manager Alamo
Farm light Co.
J. DeFOREST RICHARDS, Director Formerly Vice
President of the Omaha National Bank.
CLYDE J. BAKER Live Stock Commission Merchant
704-10 World-Herald Bldg., Omaha, Neb.
Please send me full particulars regarding the American Live
Stock Insurance Company. If satisfied that the investment is
good I might invest $ This coupon obligates me in
no way to invest
vt i . ( .y. .v.:
Other Officers and
PROF. A. L. HAECKER Former Head Dairy Dept University f
F. E. PRATT Fremont Neb. President Golden Rod Creamery C.
and Nebraska's Largest Swine Producer.
HON. GEO. B. DYBALL. Director Capitalist and State Legislator.
ANDREW HARTT, Agency Supervisor Formerly Manager Western
liviBiuu integrity mutual casualty -.u.
RUSSELL W. GENTZLER, Manager Underwriting Dept.
Formerly State Manager for American Old
Line Insurance Company in North Dakota.