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    THE BEE; OMAHA, TUESDAY, MAT tt, lttl.
! !
Adolph Schinkel Again Stars
on the Mound and Holds
Miners to 'Two Little
Bingles in Fifth.
The Rourkes always, seem to
ve an ace in the hole when
' 'Adolph Schinkel is on the mound.
He held the Joplin Miners to two
hits and one run yesterday "after?
noon in a fast game, one-half of
which was played in a drizzling rain.
While it was raining neither team
could get up any pepper, but when
,-the mist stopped there was plenty
v of life in the game.
;j In the fifth inning the water
works closed up and Joplin started
Z, in to make a cleaning. Horan and
Breibeck each hit the ball, hut were
out and Lamb slammed out a sin
-j gle. He scored before the base
even got warm under him on Mc
infers iwo-nase nit. conms toon a
jhs jiealthy swing at the pill, but pop
J . ped one in the air, which Hale
grabbed, retiring the side.
v- After he retired the Miners. Hale
stepped up with a single. Donica
duplicated it and scored Hale.
...pasnang sacnticeci uomca to sec-
"hd and Hero Adolph smeared one
jfor a single, on which Donica trot
3 ted home. Barbeau continued the
good work and poked out a base
J)it. He and Schinkel died on the
JIhases, for Jackson flicd to right
ield and Hazen popped to short,
JPuit the two pearlies looked awful
Janice at this stage of the game.
.. Airtight pitching by both Schinkel
2and ' Marks kept the bases empty
""""until the eighth. Marks passed the
only man of the game when Bar-
beau walked. Jackson sacrificed
1"Jap to second and Hazen slammed
out a double, scoring Barbeau. Kirby
Tf lied out to right field and Gis
jj lason hit to the second baseman and
J v 7-wa thrown out to first.
I. The Miners could not find Schin-
Jrjcel's offering in tlue fifth frame,
-"when they made two hits on which
they made their lone tally, but the
Sl.Omaha boys seem to have found
rtheir batting eyes and slammed out
nine hits. Two extra base hits, one
H on each side, were made, Hazen
made one of them and Mclver the
p j6therl ,. Schinkel and Marks each
jTfctruck out two batters and Marks
walked out, the only pass issued.
SSScore: .
" "' AB
Barbeau, Zb S
IckMn, lb S
, ' Hazen, of . . 4
Klrbv. It
Mslason, tt
Donica, Sb .
Rashang, rf
Schinkel, p .
29 3
8 21 14
AB. R.
Hurwe!l. ef ..4 0
Thompson, Sb ' O
Hnlswltt, !b , S ft
Horan, rf 8 ft
Breibeck, lb ft
famh, tt ft t
Mclver, rf X O
rollina, e 8 ft
Mark, p 9 O
Diamond 1 ft
t Totals 29 1 3 24 IS 1
Diamond batted for Markt In the 9th
lopllir 0 000100ft Ot
maha 0 0002001 x 3
Sacrifice hlta: Bashang, Jackson. Two
. hate hits: Hazen, Mclver. Struck out: By
Wrhinkel, 2; bj Marks, 2. Bate on halls:
Off Markt, 1. Left on bases: Omaha, 4;
Joplin, 0. Time: 1:28. Umpire: Shannon.
Sioux City Defeats Tulsa
; in Third Game of Series
' Sioux City, la., May 28. East
held Tulsa to three well-distributed
hits today, and Sioux City won the
third game of the series by a score
of 3 to 0. East has allowed his op
ponents but five hits in the last two
games. Score:
AB. H. O. E. AB. H. O. E
Burke, cf 4
W'fli. , s 4
O'wln, 2b 1
Cle'd. 3b S
Davit. If 3
Hew't, rf 4
Br'w, lb v.4
Man'n, c $
Hainea, p 3
ll.VToran, rf 5
01 D' fate, as 2
0 1
1 0
1 IS
0 1
1 3
2 0
0 4
0 5
1 0
OlWal'r, lb 3
llltob'n. .cf 1
HTh'son, If 2
lllones, 3b 4
0 And's. 2b 4
01 ichm't, c S
0 11
0 4
0 0 liEast
P 3
" Total! 29 S 24 61 Totals 27 ( 27 1
Tulsa . 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0
8loux City 1 0 0 0 1 0 1 0 3
Two base bit: Wuffli. Sacrifice hits:
East, Defate, Robinson. Stolen bases:
Cleveland, Moran, Walker. Double play:
Jones to Andrews to Walker. Left on
bases: Tulsa. 7; Sioux City, 10. Bases
on balls: Off East, 5; off Haines, 7.
Struck out: By East, 3; by Haines, 1.
Time: 1:35. Umpires: Jacobs and
Schaffly. .
Umpire Holmes Chased to
Stand by St. Joseph Fans
StJfoseph, Mo., May 26. Wich
ita defeated St. Joseph in the third
game of the series here today, S to
4. " Umpire Holmes was chased to
a retreat under the grandstand under
the protection of the police by a
crowd of fans after a close decision
at third base in the ninth. Manager
Cozy Dolan of the local team was
sent to the clubhouse by Holmes in
the ninth for protesting too vehe-
Now Is a Xabod Time to
Drive Out Catarrh
It May Not Be Troubling You
During the Warm Weather,
- But It Is Still In Your Blood.
Catarrh is not only a disgusting
disease but is a dangerous one, and
you should never let up in your
efforts to get it out of your system
an til. you nave done it thoroughly.
Set rid of it, whatever it costs you
in trouble and money.
Mild weather will aid the "treat
ment and this is an excellent time
to thoroughly cleanse the blood of
the germs of Catarrh and be for
iver rid of .the troublesome sprays
and douches that can only relieve
ron for a time.
S. S. S. is a purely vegetable
Mood remedy, made from roots
nd herbs direct from the forest,
PR. . R. JARRY, 240
Bunch Hits in Eighth Inning,
and With Three Walks
in That Frame, Score
Five Runs.
Detroit, Mich., May 26. Ten bases
on balls, four errors and a wild
pitch aided Philadelphia in breaking
Detroit's winning streak today, 8 to
5. The visitors scored five of their
runs in the eighth by bunching hits
with three passes. Score:
R. H. 15.
Philadelphia .00011196 08 7 2
Detroit 0 0 0 1 0 4 0 0 05 9 4
Batteries: Kinney and McAvoy: Boland'
Cunningham, Kalllo and Atnsmith.
Sox Defeat Senators.
Chlt-aKo. May 26. Chicago bunched hits
today and defeated Washington for the
Kpcoml consecutive time. ; to 2. It was
the fifth consecutive game the vlsltora
hnd Innt by one run. Chicago was out-
hit by the vinttors. but sensational field
ing by Jackson, Rlsherg and Schalk kept
the score down. Score:
Washington .. .01000010 0 2' '8 0
Chicago 1 1 1 00000 3 (1 0
flatteries: ThompsonT Craft and Picin
ich; Williams and Schalk.
Louis Trims New York.
St. Louis, May 2. While New York was
attempting a double play which would
have retired the aide In the tenth, Slsler
scored from second with the run that
gave St. Louis its second straight victory
over the Yankees, 2 to 1.
The score:
New York ..0 1 OOOOOOO 0 l' IS i
St. Louis ...00000000 12 5 2
Batteries: Quinn and Rue); Gallia and
While New York wa
Boston Pitchers Wild.
Cleveland, O., May 26. Boston pitchers
were wild and ineffective today, and
Cleveland won, 12 to 7. Morton, who
started the game for Cleveland, was
driven from the box In three innings.
while Coveleskle, who replaced him, was
hit hard also.
The score:
1 n. h. e
Boston nnsiosoofl 7 is
Cleveland ...12016101 12 13
Batteries: James. Caldwell, Pennock
Ruth and Walters; Morton, Coveleskle and
mently th third base decision
AB. H. O. E l
AB. H. O. E.
Marr, 3 b
OiBru'r, 3b 4 3
H'Ker. ss
win, cf
M'B'd. If
N'.sha, rf
M'ler. lb
2iKell'r, ss 2
OjDolan. rf 3
fl;Butc'r, cf 3
OlCon'ly, If 4
OlCable. 2b 1
llBon'z. lb 4
OIBr'gan. c 4
0 Capor'l, p 3
0Hauk 1
0 0
0 0
2 15'
1 S
1 1
1 0
0 1
Yaryan, c 4
Car'y, 2b 2
0 13
1 2
1 0
0 l)
0 0
Warr. p 1
Lyons, p 3
-IxMiller 1
Totals 34 8 27 31
Totals 30 10 27
Batted for Caporal in ninth.
xBatted for Dolan In ninth.
Wichita 0 2 0 1 0 0 0 i 05
St. Joseph 0 0 4 0 0 0 0 0 114
Three base hit: Connelly. Two base
hits: Kelleher,- Brubaker. Wilholt, Miller.
Sacrifice hits: Cabbie (3), Kelleher. wil
holt. Carey. Left on bawes: St. Joneph, 8:
Wichita. 8. Bases on balls: Off Caporal.
4; off Waldbauer, 2; off Lyons, 3. Struck
out: By Caporal. 1; by Waldbauer. 0: by
Lyons. 3. Hits: Off Waldbauer, 3 In
2 1-3 innings; off Lyons. 7 In 6 2-3 In
nings. Time: 1:25. Umpire: Holmes.
Oklahomans Win Poorly
Played Game With Boosters
Des Moines, la.. May 26. Okla
homa City hitiMusser hard today
and won a poorly played game from
Des Moines, o to 3.
AB. H. O. E
AB. H. O. E.i
Grig's, rf 3
Ben'n, 2b 5
Grlf'n, cf 4
Ada's, lb 6
Nutt, If 4
Lin're, ss 5
Hauk. 3b 3
Cirlf'h. c i
Dennis, p 4
OUVri't. 3tv 5 0 2 (
l'Hus'k, lb 6 2 11 (
OiCass. If 4 1 1 (
OI.M'phy, cf 3 1 0 1
0 Breen, rf 4 2 0 H
3Cof'y. 2b 4 1 2 f
O'Harfd. ss 4 0 1 2
HWalker, c 4 1 9 1
OlMusser, n 3 1 0
WSchltz 10 0 0
Totals 35 122
Totals 37 9z26
. Murphy but In ninth for Interference
x Griffin out. hit by batted ball In sixth.
Oklahoma City 10051 100 0 S
Des Moines 20100000 0-
Three-base hits: Murphy. Two-base
hit: Cass, Coffey. Sacrifice hit: Griggs.
Stolen bases: Griggs, Griffin, Adams,
Nutt, Crbs. Left on bases: Oklahoma
City. 7; Des Moines, g. Struck out: By
Musser, 7; ly Dennis. 6. First on halls:
Off Musser. 6. wild pitch: Musser.
Earned runs: Oklahoma City, 6
Des Moines. 1. Double play: Walker to
Wright, Hartford to Coffey to Hasbrook.
Umpire: Daley. Time: 1:58.
American Association.
St. Paul, Minn., May 26. Score:
R. IT.
Kansas City 5 7 3
St. Paul 6 13 3
Batteries: Hall. Graham and Brock:
Brown, Grlner, Hall, Nletmus and Har
grave. Minneapolis, Minn., May 26. Score:
R. H. K.
Milwaukee 5
Minneapolis 0
Batteries: Faeth and Huhn;
and Owens.
Indianapolis, May 26. Score:
Columbus 3
Indianapolis 4
Batteries: Wilkinson and
Voyles, Oavet and Gossett.
H. E.
7 0
9 1
Chains Prevent Wear.
Many motorists seems to believe
that tire chains induce wear. Not
if they are properly used. Without
tire chains the drive wheels tend
to spin around more or less on
slippery surfaces. Sharp pieces of
stone, cinders and other similar inav
terial in the road cut .the rubber
and scrape it deeply, a condition
that does not arise when the chains
are in place.
which combat promptly disease
germs or impurities in the blood.
This great remedy has been used for
more than fifty years with most
satisfactory results. It has been
successfully used by those afflicted
with even the severest cases of
Catarrh. It relieves catarrh thor
oughly, for it treats the disease at
its source. S. S. S. is sold by drug
gists everywhere.
For the benefit of those afflicted
with catarrh or other blood disor
ders, we maintain a medical depart
ment of a specialist skilled in these
diseases. If you will write us fully,
he will give your case careful study,
and write you just what your own
individual case requires. No charge
is made for this service. Address
Swift Specific Co., 262 Swift La
boratory, Atlanta, Ga. Adv.
'Rectal Disease Cured without a severe surpical
operation. No Chloroform or Ether used. Cure
guaranteed. PAY WHEN CURED. Write for illus
' t rated book on Rectal Diseases, with names and
testimonials of more than 1.000 prominent people
who have been permanently cured.
ee Bldg., Omaha, Neb.
gJ&S ( ALOW" y NX V vjwOCR. HAWalBA"- r
OcX; n H0W COME? '
( '
hrvoo lev. i JJfcK
Nebraskan Gets First Fall
With Head Scissors and Arm
Strangle; Hammerlock
Wins Second.
Lincoln, May 26. (Special Tele
gram.) John Pesek defeated Chris
Sorenson, soldier from Fort Leav
enworth, two straight falls here to
night. The match started slow, but
after an hour's work the men
warmed up to it and wrestled fast.
Pesek was fitst behind, but could
do nothing with the big Dane. The
Shelton farmer finally clamped a
head scissors and arm strangle on
the soldier aiid when he couldn't roll
free or turn so his shoulders were
down, he conceded the fall:
After a 10-niinute rest they went
at it again, both men working hard.
Pesek secured a hammerlock in 44
minutes and pressed it home for
one minute and 10 seconds before
Sorenson's shoulders were on the
Rain in the surrounding county
kept the expected crowd away and
when the men went on the mat there
was only about 1,000 people present.
Pete Sayers, 19-year-old Lincoln
boy, defeated John Gainer of Wirth
in eight minutes, conceding fully 30
pounds in weight. Gainer refused
to come back for a second fall and
the match was awarded Savers.
Ernie Holmes Ball Club
Defeated Greenwood
In Fast Game Sunday
The Ernie Holmes ball club de
feated the fast semi-pro team at
Greenwood, Neb., Sunday by the
score of 3 to 2 The teams battled
on even terms until the tourth in
ning, when the Greenwood team got
to Langer and assisted by some
loose playing on the part , of his
team mates drove him from the
mound, scoring two runs.
Jimmy Moore went into pitch in
the fifth inning and the youngster
allowed but one man to reach first
base in the five innings he pitched.
In the fifth inning the Holmes
cored one run, O'Keefe singled
Moore sacrificed him to second and
he scored on Bert McAndrews
.single to center.
i he Holmes won the game in the
sixth inning when Jim Sutej first
man to face Mason, who by the way,
pitched a fine game, singled over
second, George Sutej. clean up bat
ter for the Holmes drove the ball
over the fence for a home, run, win
ning the game for the Holmes.
Smiley, short stop played a nice
game in the held for Greenwood
while George Sutej took the batting
honors with a single and a home
run. '
The Holmes are without a game
tor next Sunday and any out-of-
town team desirine a good team
hould call the Holmes billiard
Decoration day the Holmes will
play at; Plattsmouth, Neb.
Score by innings: -
R. H. E.
Holmes 0 0001200 03 1
Ureenwood ....OOOJtOOOO 0 2 7 3
Batteries: Holmes. Lrfinirer. Moore and
Holbrook; Greenwood, Mason and Fowler.
Commerce High Base Ball
Team Goes to McCook Today
The Commerce nine will journey
to McCook, Neb., to play the local
high school there for the champion
ship of Nebraska.
Coach Drumniond of the Black
and White squad had his men play
South High yesterday instead of to-
day as scheduled to allow the men
to catch the afternoon train. ,
Ike Mahoney will be on the
mound for the Black and White
squad. Coach Drummond's len are
slated as the winners as he copped
the championship last year with the
same team.
Irregular Missing.
Irregular ..n'ssing is caused bv a
dirtv spark plug improperly ad-
usted or sticking coil trembler.
platinum points on th trembler
burned off or pitted or dirty or loose
n the spring, poor commutator con
tact or ground, broken wires or
loose connection. If irregular miss
ing is accompanied by occasional
knocking a loose primary wire will
usually be found the basic cause
Base Ball Standings.
Won Lost Tot.
Dos Moines 14 .636
Oklahoma City 13 10 .545
OMAHA 13 11 .542
Tulsa 12 11 .522
Sloujt City 11 11 .500
Joplin 10 12 .455
St. .Joseph 9 13 .409
Wichita 9 14 .391
Yesterday's Results,
Omaha, 3; Joplin. 1.
Sioux City, 3; Tulsa. 0.
Oklahoma City, 8; Des Moines,
Wie-hita, 6; St. Joseph, 4.
is,mea Today.
TuIfs at Sioux City.
Wichita at St. Joseph.
Oklahoma City at Des Moines.
Won Lost Pet.
16 7 .698
36 9 .640
10 10 .600
12 13 .480
11 14 .440
7 13 .350
6 15 .350
S 19 .240
New Turk
St. Louis
Yesterday's Results.
Chirago, 1: Boston, 0.
Brooklyn, 6; St. Lotris, 2.
New York, 4; Pittsburgh. .
Cincinnati, 7; Philadelphia, 6
Won. Lost. Pet.
Chicago 20 7 .741
Cleveland 17 a .680
New York 11 9 ,050
St. Louis 13 11 .542
Detroit 10 15 .400
Boston 8 13 .381
Washington X 14 .364
Philadelphia 4 16 .200
Yesterday's Results.
Chicago, 3; Washington, 2.
St. Louis. 2; New York, 1 (10 Innings).
Philadelphia. 8; Detroit, 5.
Cleveland, 13; Boston, 7.
Won. Lost.
St. Paul 16 s
Columbus 13 9
Indianapolis 15 11
Minneapolis 14 12
Louisville 11 in
Kansas City 12 14
Toledo ., 8 13
Milwaukee 9 19
Yesterday's Results.
Indianapolis, 4; Columbus, 3.
St. Paul. 6; Kansas City, 5.
Milwaukee, 5; Minneapolis, 0.
Municipal Amateur
Associating Meeting
At City Hall Tonight
When the directors of the Mu
nicipal Amateur Base Ball associa
tion meet tonight at Park Commis
sioner Falconer's office in the city
hall it will be the first time this
season that this body of men, who
are governing the amateur base
ball si:ation in Omaha, have held
a meeting. All directors are urged
to attend, as this meeting will be
of great importance.
The constitution and bylaws will
be adopted and a number of pro
tests that have been appealed to
the board will be settled. Said
meeting will start at 8 o'clock.
On account of the directors of
the Municipal Amateur Base Ball
association tonight at the city hall
the meeting of the managers of The
Bee Junior Amateur Base Ball as
sociation scheduled for tonight has
been postponed until next week.
Managers are requested to get in
touch with President Bill Blozies,
at Walnut 2625 in regard to secur
ing their contracts.
Frank Middaugh High
In Fremont Trapsters
Weekly Sunday Shoot
The star of the Fremont trap
shooting club, Frank Middaugh,
made another perfect score Sunday,
breaking 50 straight targets. Al
Koyen and D. B. Thorp ran him
quite a race, each getting 48 in their
50 shots.
In the handicao. Thorn beat Mirl-
daueh out. making a score of 49 out
of 50 while Frank could only shatter
47. T. Buck equalled Middautrh's
core in the handican hut Al Kiven
fell down to fourth nlare with nnlv
46 breaks.
The scores:
F. Middaugh.. 60x60
C. Stone 45x50
Dr. Hill' 45x50.
T. Buck 44x50
W. Hansen ...44x50
Krenzer 44x50
J. Kemmel ...4-x50
R. Rector ....50x60
W. Hatches ...20x25
Burger 18x25
v. . Thorp 48x50
A. Koyen 48x60
E. Reetx 47x60
D. Smith ..
K. Landroth
O. Hoffman
C. Restor . .
J. Wilson ..
Thorp 49x50
Middaugh .47x60
Buck 47x50
Koyen ....46x50
E. -Reetz 45x50
C. Rector 45x50
Dr. Hill 42x50
H. Landroth ..21x25
Report Enemy Withdrawing.
Copenhagen. May 26. The Hun
garian army command at Budapest
announces that the "enemy" is w ith
drawing southeast of Budapest, in a
disorderly manner. It says that ;h'
61st Roumanian regiment, com
pose! of Roumanians from Trar.s
sylvanja, was almost wiped out.
.. s. Drawn for
Solr3 IDItff
RABBED from the attempt of
payday. Pilot, Joe Hubby. ,
Bank'RooI-1 left office at 2:30. Tuned up at Drinkaway Beach,
other BR and we tossed bones to see which BR would hop off first.
Hopped off at 2:49. Had no difficulty in leaving water. BR too heavy
and had to peel off a couple.
Weather perfect. Slightly cloudy up around ears.. Fuel tank full.
BR purring smooth as cat loaded with cream.
Just passed thirst Destroyer 22. Slightly off course.
Arrived first station at 9:46. Navigator took charge BR-1. Badly
in need of repairs.
- Looks like attempt of BR-1 to hop ocean of high prices will succeed.
Waiting for heavy rent gales to subside.
Hopped off between strong ice bill breeze and milk bill winds. BR-1
going strong.
Wife piped
Longitude $437.
beautiful bargain
Engine starting to
Wif lamped wonderful hopping outfit in Lady Guff-Dordan's win
dow. ' Latitude $200. Longitude $250. Wing off.
Wife saw kippy hopper's hat in Johnamaker's window. Latitude $55.
Longitude $80. How is it that a wife never sees anything in Woolworth's?
Was flying close to surface, but had to rise on account of atmospheric
disturbances in rent. Now flying above income.
Nothing in fuel tank but small change. Hull leaking and struts broken.
Trouble with this flight is that there ain't any BR-2 or 3.
Ran into heavy butcher and grocer fog. Compass pointing to zero.
Tried to get in touch with Friendship 34. Can't touch it. Tried to get in
taouch with Goodfellowship 78. No touch.
Crashed in Longitude $780. Assets 0.
BR-1 total loss. Nothing saved but rubber band. Came down within
four day of payday. Hung up new
BR-1 class.
-Wife wearing new outfit. Pilot wearing last year's hay helmet,
take another stab at flight next week.
Ray Kingsley Makes Best
Score In Tournament for
the Black Diamond
The first day of the Black
Diamond trophy shootwas held at
the Omaha Gun club yesterday after
noon with the five class A shooters
making exceptionally high marks.
With a credit of ten fo each target
broken Ray Kingsley set a mark of
The class B shooters were well up
in the scores as well, B. W. Barnes
really having the best mark of the
day, splitting a 495 mark with
Regan. The class B shooters had 11
credits for each target broken.
In class C George Brandeis nosed
out ahead of Mrs. Edmunson, break
ing 45 targets while the crack wom
an shooter shattered 40. Class C
shooters had a credit of 12 for each
broken target.
The scores:
100 Bud Rare."
McDouald ..S6 100 Redeck 42 5fl
Kingsley ....95 100Edmunon ...40 50
Ragan 94 lOOCIarke 40 50
Brandeis . . . .91 100;Hunter 31 60
McDougall ..S9 loolcoye 23 26
Von Seggern.46 6o!fundlff 23 25
(Wayne. Neb.) Scribner 17 26
Barnes 45 60Johansen 6 26
Black Dlamoriy Trophy.
Class A. each broken target counts 10.
Kingsley 4"MoDougall 43
McDonald 46Redirk 42
Class B, each broken target counts 1L
Barnes 45Clarke 40
Rattan 45iHunter 31
Class C, each broken target counts 12.
Brandeis 45Edinundson 40
High In class A, Kingsley. 470 points.
High In class B, Barnes and Ragan. 496
High in clans C. Brandeis. 640 points.
Brandeis wins first leg on trophy and
must have three wins for possession.
Southern Association.
At New Orleans, 6; Nashville 6.
At Atlanta, 4; Memphis, 7. '
At Mnblle-Chattsnooga. wet rounda.
At Biraiaf ham-LJttl Bock, rata.
The Bee by Tad
the BR-1 to hop from oavdav
Navigator, Minnie Wife.
in Tiffany's at 4:56. Latitude $236.
nonstop record for flyinw wads for the
Today's Calendar of Sports.
Racing Spring meeting of Westchester
Racing association, at Belmont Park, N.
Y. Spring meeting of Kentucky associa
tion, at Churchill Downs, Louisville.
Golf Championship tournament of
Women's Southern Golf association, at
Shooting South Carolina Stat trap-
shooting tournament, at (ireenwood. 8. D.
Nebraska Mtnte trapshooting tournament,
at Columbus, Neb.
Wrestling Vladek Zbyntko against Char
ley Cutler, at Indianapolis.
Distributors, Omaha.
fjj Newcomer
Jllljl Omaha
tfft18T in e8roU8
!Ba.nlis of
lillll With
X Smokers
Who Are
In Their
Any Good
New York Wins ip Third In-
ning on Two Passes,
an Error and a
Sacrifice Tly.
New York, May 26. New York
defeated Pittsburgh in the first
game of the series today by a score
of 4 to 3. Cooper of Pittsburgh
lost the game in the third inning
when he issued three bases on balls.
His fumble and a sacrifice fly netted
New York two runs. Score:
R. it. K
.ft (I 1 0 0 ft 0 t A 3 7 5
.08200000 X--4 8 3
New York
t'oorer and Sweeny; Benton and McCarty.
Wheat Wins for Dodgers.
Brooklyn, May 26. Zaoh Wheat's home
run over the right field wall In the elfthth
Innlnff today with the --score tied, proved
to ho the wlnnlnK tally, Brooklyn defeat
ing St. Louis tiy a score of G to 2. Mead
ows was poorly supported. Score:
R If. E.
St. I.ouis 0000002 0-02 2
Brooklyn 00010013 x 5 13 3
Batteries; Meadows and Clemons;
Cadorc. Grimes and Krueger, M. Wheat.
Cubs Nose Out Braves.
Boston, May 26. A single by Ray Powell
with two out in the first inning was the
only hit made off Phil Douglas, who pitch
ed I'hicago to a 1 to 0 victory over Bosttyi
today. Manager Mitchell of Chicago was
elected from the park by Umpire Byron
for protesting a decision. Score:
Chicago 0001 0000 0 1 Vo E)
Boston 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 1 1
Douglas and Killefer Rudolph; North
rop and Gowdy.
Celebrate Moran Day.
Philadolphla. May 26. Cincinnati cele
brated "Pat Moran" day today by defeat
ing Philadelphia. 7 to 6. The Reds' man
nger was the recipient of numerous gifts
from local fans and Ihe players of the
home cluli.
The acora:
The score:
Cincinnati flO0flftS2n ft 7 13 0
Philadelphia ..1 1 0 0 0 0 1 1 15 12 4
Batteries: Eller. Fisher and Rariden,
Wingo; Packard, G. Smith and Adams.
Two Shows in One.
Estelle House and Her Quintette
of Dancing Violinists
May Killduff & Allerton; I
crooks & ueorge ; Ly le
& Harris.
Photoplay Attraction
May Allison in
"Castle In the
Mack Sennett
Paths Weekly
Last Bin Vaudeville Show of Seatoa.
and Hit Russian Billet: GRACE DE MAR.
Coakly & Dunlevy; Hobson L Beatty: Rlzzo 4
Buff; Wide Bros.; Bert Wheeler & Co.; Kino
rami: Travel Weekly.
Every night in ball room. Largest
floor and best orchestra in the west.
King of All High Wire Bicycle
Riders With Fireworks.
FREE Every Night FREE
Ifjih & DOUGlAi,
Today, Tuesday anil Wednesday
"The Test of Honor"
CHAS. CHAPLIN in a Revived
Laugh Feast,
24th and
Last Times Today
Harold Lloyd Comedy.
M" Mickey "&
"Be not considerate of your neighbor!
Man is something, that must be suppressed."
This dangerous creed lives in the annals of shame.
See the results of this mad man's teachings in
iWeirich Told That Red
Lantern Girls Wear
Plenty of Gothing
The ballet prologue to the "Red
Lantern" photoplay at the Boyd
theater will not he discontinued a?
was announced yesterday by Man
ager Paul Le Marquaud.
Manager Le Marquand stated thai
he had been notified by Superintend
ent Weirieh, of the Welfare board
yesterday that the prologue to the
photoplay must be "cut out" because
the dancing girls did not wear suf
ficient clothing.
Dr. Jennie C'allfas and another rep
resentative of the Welfare board
saw the show yesterday and im
mediately telephoned Mr. Weirieh
that there was "nothing suggestive
to the dancing."
Baby contest every afternoon at 3:00
P. M. Today Infants six months to
one year. Wednesday One to two
years. Register your baby at Brandeis
bnlliasf Star cf,1!? Uearl the Uumanitu '
Ja her waaderfu Bicj new Mtxierpeee ..
All Uaalr Continuous 1 to 11 P. M.
iU VYceK Except Saturday Night.
Complete Program
Screen Magazine Jewell Feature. Two
Reel Comedy "Frisky Lion and Wicked
Albin Huster's Concert Orchestra.
Popular Prices:
Adults 20c, Tax 2c.
Children 10c, Tax le.
3 Show
1:30. 7:18,
Prices Matinee, 25c and 35c.
Evening, 25c and 50c,
All Seats Reserved for the 7:15
Show. A Few Seats, 75c'
WP Iff
W mmhnW