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    THE BEE: OMAHA, TUESDAY, MAY 27, 1919.
Capt. Archie Roosevelt Writes
of Conditions In American
Overseas Forces During
the War.
New York, May 26. (Special.)
Capt. Archie Roosevelt, in the cur
rent issue of Everybody's, concludes
his series of stories of conditions
that prevailed in the A. E. F. during
the earlier months of the war.
Regular army officers, promoted
by the seniority rule, evinced, in most
cases, he says, an ineradicable pur
pose to fight the Germans on Indian
war principles. Staff work was ex
ecrable, he charges, and blunders
that worked havoc with morale and
cost many lives were frequent. His
chief ground of criticism, however,
is the lack of food and equipment
during the period of intensive train
ing in bitter cold weather prior to
the Cantigny campaign.
Colonel Roosevelt, the captain's
father, and Mrs. Archie Roosevelt,
he says, supplied the shoes the men
of his company wore during the bat
tle of Cantigny.
Points to "Roseate Falsities."
Directing attention to what he
calls "roseate falsities" industriously
circulated with regard to tfie excel
lent army service, Captain Roosevelt
- "To refute the deliberate lies out
forth by those who show their ef
forts accomplished, I will list some
of the supplies of our division when
in the trenches nine months after
we had declared war on Germany:
"Shoes Mostly English and
French. The English shoes did not
fit and were the cause of most of
our foot troubles.
"Uniforms A great many British
uniforms, actually equipped with
buttons stamped with the royal in
signia. Some of our men would not
stand this and ripped the buttons off,
but most of us were only too glad
to get the British uniforms, which
were far superior to the thin shoddy
American uniforms.
Caps Made in France.
"Caps French. Manufactured in
France. Those later manufactured
in the United States were so ridicu
lous that even the general staff
made no effort to force them on us.
"Airplanes French and generally
condemned French machines.
"Artillery Horses Condemned
French horses.
"Field Artillery French.
"Signal Equipment French with
instructions written in French.
Captain Roosevelt also lists French
automatics and machine guns and
British mortars and ammunition.
The onlv entirelv American equip
ment in the First division was rifles,
but he instances several companies
of untrained men coming into the
war zone with pitted weapons, which
he took to be condemned national
guard rifles.
Files Slander Suit
Charles H. Glads, 3337 Boyd
street, filed suit in district court yes
terday, against his neighbor, Wil
helmina Deines. 3335 Boyd st.eet,
asking $5,000 damages for alleged
He charges that Mrs. Deines call
ed him a thief and other names and
that she said he just got out of "a
high board fence," an expression
which he says meant the penitentiary.
Butler and Zimman Vote
Against Appointment, Sug
gesting That Local Man
Should Be Favored.
The city council committee of th
whole yesterday recommended of
fering to Dr. James F. Edwards
Camp Mills the position of health
commissioner at a salary of $4,000
per year for the remainder of thi
year, and $S,(HKJ per year begtnnin
January 1,
Commissioners Butler and Zim
man voted agains the adoption
the resolution.
."I am satisfied that we have com
petent material right here
Omaha, and I even believe that
Dr. Manning should ask this coun
cil to reconsider his resignation, we
would be glad to do so. I he phy
sicians recommended Dr. Manning
a year ago and now theTV are recom
Amending an outside man. I don'
just understand it, said Commis
sioner Zimman.
Mayor Smith said he had spoken
to many prominent Omaha physi
cians and had been advised that
would be necessary to ko out of
Omaha to get the right kind of tal
ent for the position.
Commissioner Butler declared
that the appointment of an outside
man is a reflection on Omaha. Hi
conversations with physicians on
this subject led him to believe that
they favored an Qmaha man.
Dr. Edwards was in Omaha last
cakes, cookies, biscuits and
every thing else in which bak
ing powder is used-all whole
some and tasty when you use
The Nation's best baking
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Long past the experimental stage. Use '
Calumet and prevent waste and failures.
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the same uniform in strength. You
save when you buy it. You save when
you use it This makes it the most
economical of all leaveners.
Made in the world's
largest, finest and most sanitary
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the Army and iVtfty millions of
.housewives and thousands of
chefs and domestic' scientists.
When you buy 'a pound of Calumet you get a full
pound 16 oz. Some high priced baking powders are
now bring put on the market in 12-ot cans instead of a pound.
Be sure you are getting a pound wben you want it No abort
weights wita Calumet ,
week for a brief visit. He is chief
surgeon at Camp Mills and was a
member of the public health depart
ment of Pittsburgh for 11 years,
serving for seven years as its head.
McKenna and Jones,
Automobile Thieves,
Sentenced to Prison
William McKenna and Lovell C.
Jones were sentenced to the penf
tentiary for terms of one to seven
years each by District Judge Redick
yesterday. They pleaded guilty to
he charge of grand larceny.
They were the state's principal
witnesses in the trials of "Red" Neal
and Maurice Katleman on the
charge of aiding and abetting grand
larceny, particularly the stealing of
automobiles. County Attorney Shot
well secured conviction of both
Neal and Katleman and they are
ilso under sentence of one to seven
years each in the penitentiary, but
are out on bond pending their ap
peals to the supreme court.
McKenna and Jones were arrested
in January, 1919, and have been in
jail ever since. They pleaded guilty
to stealing an automobile from the
corner of Seventeenth and Farnam
streets, September 27, 1918. They
say they did this at the "order of
Katleman, drove the car to Nebras
ka City and left it by prearranged
plan 911 the east side of the court
house with the cushions turned up
sie down as a signal.
County Attorney Shotwell - asked
the court to take note of the five
months McKenna and Jones have
already spent in jail and Judge
Redick ordered that this be con
sidered as part of their penitentiary
"We said during the Neal and
Katleman trials that McKenna and
Jones had not been promised
leniency and this proves it, said
Mr. Shotwell.
Wants Police to Find
Husband She Lost
Because He's Jealous
Amanda Johnson has lost her hus
She asked aid of police this morn
ing to discover his whereabouts
which she thinks is Sioux City, la.
"He's a grand man, but terribly
jealous of me," Amanda told John
Dunn, chief of detectives.
He s a carpenter and makes good
money but he likes whisky at times,
About a week ago he came home
half pickled and I said a little too
much to him, I guess.
Anyway he quit me.
The real trouble is, though, that I
had a job in an apartment house
cleaning rooms at which I made $21
a week. My work necessitated being
with a man who also had a job in
the place. My husband used to
raise Ned about this fellow.
But believe me I think too much
of my man to trifle at all. Now he's
gone. I don't know what I'll do,"
and tears showed in her eyes.
Mrs. Johnson says she will keep
on searching lor nuDDy until sne
finds him.
' In the meantime she s down to
$2, "enough to rent a room,' she
say- . ...
A place to sleep secured, Amanaa
purposes getting anotner jod men
when a little money is again saved
she will resume the hunt for hubby.
The couple formerly resided at 2110
Harney street.
Mayor Names Three
Ex-Soldiers On Body
To Welcome Soldiers
Mayor Smith yesterday morning
received a telegram from Adjutant
General Harris of the United States
army definitely assuring the mayor
that the 355th infantry and the 341st
machine gun battalion would come
to Omaha for a three-hour stay
'for parade and entertainment pur
The commanding officer will wire
definite date as soon as the routing
has been determined," the telegram
read. This explains a previous tele
gram sent Saturday by the general
to the mayor to the effect that the
order to have the Nebraska con
tingents stop off in Omaha had
been revoked.
The mayor has appointed three
soldiers, formerly of the 355th, who
returned from France recently as
casuals, on the general committee
of welcome. They are: B. C Gras
borg, former' supply sergeant, di
visional headquarters; Martin Lun
din, former member of Company E,
and James P. McCabe of the same
ouncil Promises to
Probe Circumstances
Of Library Contract
Bruce McCulloch, member of the
public library board, obtained from
the city council committee of the
whole today a promise to investigate
the circumstances of the council
awarding a library improvement con
tract against the recommendations
of the library board.
Ihe issue of whether the citv
council or public library board has
authority to award library contracts
hould be clearly defined, said
Commissioner Zimman.
Wore Omahans Arrive In
New York From Overseas
New York. May 26. (SoeciaU
The following Omahans arrived
here from overseas:
Battery B, 324th field artillerv.
Private Ralph A. Riehl, son of Mrs.
Minnie Kiehl. 2713 North Twentv-
fourth street.
Company I, 328th infantry, Pri
vate Herman Rybysky, brother of
Mrs. Fell Buzenskoi, 1921 Martha
Casual company 4423, Sergt. Evan
. Rhys, 4107 Izard street.
Casual company 568th. Private
William B. Eliingston, son of Mrs.
Mary Ellington, 5221 North Twenty-eighth
The advertiser who uses The Bee
Want Ad Column increases his
usiness thereby and the persons
General In City On Way to
Lincoln to Deliver. Com
mencement Address at
State University.
Maj.-Gen. Leonard Wood and
Maj. Seth Bullock were distinguish
ed visitors in Omaha yesterday.
The general arrived from Chicago
at 8 o'clock yesterday morning and
proceeded immediately to Lincoln
where he delivered the com
mencement address at the Univers
ity of Nebraska.. He expects to come
this way again when he goes to
Deadwood, S. D., to deliver the
dedicatory address on Mount Theo
dore Roosevelt, July 4.
Major Bullock called on Victor
Rosewater and Col. T. W. McCul
lough at The Bee office yesterday
The dedicatory address of Mount
Theodore Roosevelt, three miles
from Deadwood, will be in connec
tion with a home-coming celebra
tion. Two bronze tablets will be
placed on this mountain which
towers to an elevation of 6,000 feet
and overlooks- the country where the
late Colonel Roosevelt hunted with
his friend and guide, Major Bul
lock. On one of the bronze tablets this
inscription will appear: "In Memory
of Theodore Roosevelt, the Ameri
can. October lose; January 0,
1919. Society of Black Hills Pioneers.
July 4, 1919."
Colonel Roosevelt wis the only
honorary member ever elected to
this society.
Major Bullock suggests that
Omaha should send at least a spe
cial car of visitors to the home
coming week program which will be
held in his county, beginning June
30 and closing on July 5. "This is
Omaha's territory and Omaha should
recognize this big event," he said
Colonel Tinley to Speak
At Creighton Exercises
The principal address at the an
nual Flag day .exercises Wednesday
at Creighton university will be de
livered by Col. Matt Tinley. The
former president of the university,
Father Francis X. McMenamy, now
principal of the Missouri province of
the Society of Jesus, will be present
at the exercises. The mayor and
other city commissioners will also
be present.
Miss Robinson, Teacher,
to Be Guest of Honor
Miss Emily Robinson retired
t f . ! I 'II 1- -
principal 01 aaraioga scnooi, win uc
the guest of honor at a dinner to be
given by teachers who were her pu
pils in the Omaha schools and also
teachers who have been associated
with her.
Miss Robinson has served 35
years in the Omaha schools. She
has been principal of Fort Omaha,
Sherman, Dupont and Siratoga
schools. She also taught in Cass
and Lake schools.
The dinner will be given during
the last week of school next month.
New York
Sioux City
Conant Hotel Building, Sixteenth Street.
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corn but says they lift
right out
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Women must keep m mind that
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