Omaha daily bee. (Omaha [Neb.]) 187?-1922, May 27, 1919, Page 4, Image 4

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    THE BEE: OMAHA, TUESDAY, MAY 27, 1919.
Senator Norri and Other
Members of Opposition Re
fuse to Attend Party
WMhlngton, May 26. Republican
temtort of the progressiva group
lot" their fight today against selec
tion, of Senators Penrose of Penn
sylvania and Warren of Wyoming,
as chairmen of the finance and ap
propriations committees, respective
ly,, tht party conference approving
both assignments. Several progress
ive senators did not attend the meet
ing.' A motion by Senator Johnson of
California to strike out Senator Pen
rose's name as chairman of the fi
nance committee, was defeated, 35
to 5, Those supporting it were Sen
ators Johnson, Cummins, Iowa; Kel
logg, Minnesota; McCormick, Illi
nois, and McNary, Oregon. Sena
tor Johnson indicated in an address
to the conference that he would not
carry his opposition to the senate
Only One Roll Call.
Action of the conference was an
nounced by Senator Wadsworth of
New York, secretary, who said there
was no roll call on adoption of the
committee assignments after the
conference had approved the selec
tion of Senator Penrose. Progres-
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Leaders of Labor, Education and Press to
Speak at Omaha Meet of League for Peace
Labor, education and the press
will be ably represented in the
Omaha meeting of the League to
Enforce Peace, which will be held
Saturday afternoon and night at the
John H. Walker, retiring presi
dent of the Illinois State Federation
of Labor, will speak on the league
of nations from the viewpoint of
Dr.. William O. Thompson, presi
dent of the Ohio State university,
will discuss the subject from the
standpoint of the educator.
Hamilton Holt, editor of The In
dependent, New York, will approach
the question with the point of view
of the independent editor.
All three speakers are virile
Americans, well qualified to speak
on the league of nations and on the
desirability of a league to enforce
Mr. Holt has recently returned
from Paris, where he was one of the
delegates from the League to En
force Peace at a conference of or
ganizations formed to promote the
league of nations. He also repre
sented the World Alliance for the
Promotion of Friendly Relations
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sives who opposed Senators Pen
rose and Warren and who did not
attend the conference were: Borah,
Idaho; Kenyon, Iowa, and Morris,
Nebraska. Other absentees were:
La Follette,. Wisconsin; Lenroot,
Wisconsin, and Capper, Kansas.
The republican committee assign
ments made included the following:
Foreign Relations: Hold-over
members, Lodge, Massachusetts,
chairman; McCumber, North Da
kota; Borah, Idaho; Brandegee,
Connecticut; Fall, New Mexico;
Knox, Pennsylvania, and Harding,
Ohio. New members: Johnson,
California; New, Indiana; Moses,
New Hampshire.
Penrose on Finance.
Finance: Holdover members:
Penrose, Pennsylvania, chairman;
McCumber, North Dakota; Smoot,
Utah; La Follette, Wisconsin, and
Dillingham, Vermont. New mem
bers: McLean, Connecticut; Cur
tis, Kansas; Watson, Indiana; Cal
der, New York, and Sutherland,
West Virginia. Senators Lodge
and Townsend of Michigan retired
from the committee.
Appropriations: Holdover mem
bers: Warren, chairman; Smoot,
Utah; Jones, Washington; Curtis,
Kansas; Kenyon, Iowa; Sherman,
Illinois. New members: Gronna,
North Dakota; Hale, Maine; Spen
cer, Missouri; Phipps, Colorado;
Newberry, Michigan. Senator Cal
der retired from the committee.
Interstate Commerce: Holdover
members: Cummins, Iowa, chair
man; Townsend, La Follette, Poin
dexter, Washington; McLean, Wat
son, Kellogg. New members: Fer
nald, Florida; Frelinghuvsen, Elk
ins. Judiciary: Hold-over members:
Nelson, Minnesota, chairman; Dil
lingham, Brandegee, Borah, Cum
mins and Sterling. New members:
Fall, Norris and Kellog, Senator
Poindexter retired from the com
mittee. Military: Hold-over members:
Wadsworth, New York, chairman;
Warren,. Sutherland, Neyv, Freling
huysen, Johnson, California, and
Kriox. New members: Lenroot,
Spencer and Capper.
Naval: Hold-over ' members:
Page, Vermont, chairman; Penrose,
Lodge, Poindexter and Hale. New
members: Ball, McCormick, New
berry and Keyes. The retiring
member was Harding.
Commerce: Hold-over members:
Jones, Washington, chairman; Nel
son, Sherman, Harding, Fernald.
Calder and Lenroot. New mem
bers: Colt, McNary, Ball and Edge.
Senator Johnson of Washington re
tired. Agriculture: Hold-over members:
Gronna: North Dakota, chairman;
Page, Norris, Kenyon, Wadsworth
and Frances. New members: Mc
Nary, and Keyes. Senator Warren
was the only retiring member.
Banking and currency: Hold-over
members: McLean, Connecticut,
chairman; Page, Gronna, Norris and
Frelinghuysen. New members:
Penrose, Calder, Newberry and
Other Chairmanships.
Chairmen of the other committees
Canadian relations, Hale, Maine;
census, Sutherland, West Virginia;
civil service, Sterling, South Dakota;
coast survey, Edge. New Jersey;
coast defenses, Frelinghuysen, New
Jersey; Cuban relations, Johnson,
California; education and labor,
Kenyon, Iowa; fisheries, Newberry,
Michigan; immigration, Colt, Rhode
Island; Indian affairs, Curtis, Kan
sas; inter-oceanic canals, Borah.
Idaho; irrigation and reclamation,
McNary, Washington; manufactur
ers. La Follette, Wisconsin; mines.
Poindexter, Washington; national
hanks, Kellogg, Minnesota; Pacific
islands and Forto Rico, Fall, New
Mexico; patents, Norris, Nebraska;
pensions, McCumber, North Dakota;
Philippines, Harding, Ohio; postof
fices, Townsend, Michigan; priv
ileges and elections, Dillingham,
Vermont; public lands, Smoot, Utah;
railroads, Lenroot, Wisconsin; rules,
Knox, Pennsylvania; territories,
New, Indiana; woman suffrage,
Watson, Indiana.
Plan Larger Committee.
The conference considered a plan
for further increase of the relations
committee so that more democrats
might be retained, but left the ques
tion to a subcommittee composed
of Senators Lodge and McCumber.
The democratic steering commit
tee resumed its work of naming
democratic members of the senate
standing comittees today and a con
ference of senate democrats was
called for 5 o'clock this afternoon to
consider the appointments.
House democrats today completed
their assignments of members of
the house committees, thus perfect
ing organization of committees
which wiil begin consideration this
week of much important legislation.
Allotments Will Be
Paid Without Formal
Signing of New Bill
Washington, May 26. Payments
of past due and current allotments
to families of soldiers and sailors
and dependents of civil war veterans
will be made by the war risk insur
ance bureau waiting for the formal
signing of the urgent dificiency bill
by President Wilson.
Authority to send the checks for
ward "without a moment's delay,"
was cabled to secretary Glass by
President Wilson after the president
had been informed that the $45,000,
000 deficiency measure had been
passed by congress. The bill .is now
on its way to Paris where it will be
signed by the president.
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Ship Waves Toss Herring
Alive on Cape Cod Banks
Sagamore, Mass., May 26 Schools
of herring are swarming through
Cape Cod daily. The waves of
passing vessels toss hundreds of fish
on the banks, where they can be had
for the trouble of picking them up.
Caretaker at Carter Lake
Club Carries Wife and Two
Children to Safety
Early Monday.
Ernest Gift, caretaker at the Car
ter Lake club, his wife and two
children, suffered slight burns about
their heads and bodies and experi
enced a narrow escape from death
early yesterday morning, when fire
of unknown origin destroyed their
home on the club grounds.
The members of the family were
asleep on the second floor of the
two-story frame dwelling. The blaze
originated in the rear on the first
floor. The house was filled with
smoke and the flames were leaping
from the downstairs windows and
doors, when one of the children was
awakened by the stifling smoke and
the roar of the flames, which had
begun to burn on the upper floor.
The child called to its father, who
was asleep in the adjoining room.
Mrs. Gift was overcome when her
husband seized her in his arms and
plunged through the flames te safe
ty. The man returned and was burn
ed about the face and hand:, while
rescuing the smaller of the children.
The members of the family had
been on the ground only a few min
utes before the building collapsed.
The Council Bluffs fire department
was called, but arrived on the scene
af.-r the structure was destroyed.
The loss is estimated at $2,000 and
is covered by insurance.
Auto Driver Wrecks Car.
Anderson, Ind., May 26. Arthur
Billiu wrecked his automobile to
keep from running over a dog that
crossed the street in front of his
machine. Billiu was taken to a hos
pital suffering from serious injuries.
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