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He wha would perform kli Utk wetl must male
it luk t all. Na grl Pr"
foraed la tha workshop af time.
Whether Haf I worth Afhtlnf lor will' depend
upoa what thai flag ttaad far. Unconditional loyalty
to any country ia troaaoa to mankind.
Freshman Student
Club to Give
a Play
The Proceeds Will Be Used to
Send One of Their Members
to National Convention.
Following the example of their
upperclais mates the girls of the Cen
tral High School Freshman Student
club will present a play with the
proceeds from which thry will send
one of their members to the na
tional convention of student clubs
to be held in their camp at Lake
City, Minn., beginning July 1. The
Girls! Make beauty lotion for
a few cents -Try it!
Squeeze the juice of two lemons
into a bottle containing three
ounces of orchard white, shake well,
and you have a quarter pint of the
best freckle and tan lotion, and
complexion beautifier, at very,
very small cost.
Your grocer has the lemons and
any drug store or toilet counter
will supply three ounces of orchard
white for a few cents. Massage
this sweetly fragrant lotion into the
face, neck, arms and hands each
day and see how freckles and blem
ishes disappear and how clear, soft
and rosy-white the skin becomes.
Yes! It is harmless and never ir
ritates. Adv.
1 (P) i w
. .. .. . i $j a, Misiir
A DCaDE,TVTI?' attract dirt and soot picks thorn right off
ADDJiiLlHili waU pa par, leaving it bright and dean.
During the War we were compelled, luce all other Cleaner Manufacturers, to
use substitutes for the wheat flour out of which first-class Wall Paper Cleaner
should be made. But so perfect is the ABSORENE formula that torn then
ABSORENE would not tpoiL
ABSORENE it now made, once more, eat of fint-eku wheat flour. It is not sticky, will not
crumble, woiks easily and chant more tarjxt than any other Cleaner.
Ye Can Depand on ABSORENE
AB90RENE me Ireeh for a
yu am the Onion' ehelne. Our
; my ctomar ecu fma aad bo-
Dealer! art instructed to tee that every
aitaij aatatactary AtsauKbTib.
ABSORENE clcna when all H Oaaawt (ail.
will sot ckaa . It caa t ba ckaacd.
Telephone Service Is
Getting Back to Normal
girls of the main student club netted
about $100 on their play given recent
ly. The freshman play will be pre
sented May 17 in the Y. W. C. A.
"Gertrude Mason, M. D. or The
Lady Doctor" has been chosen for
presentation with Miss Frances
McChesney in the leading role. The
play tia light and centers about the
plans of Doctor Mason which un
dergo a great change during the
progress of events. Miss Mary
Louise Bryant, acting tne part of
Nora, a typical Irish maid, has a
difficult character part. Other char
acters are Marie, the French maid,
played by Miss Marjor,ie Crichton;
Mrs. Van Style, impersonated by
Miss Inez Shamp; Bertha and Ellen,
acted by Miss Miriam Bancroft and
Miss Virginia Frantz and Miss Sim
kins in the person of Miss Virginia
Jones. No male characters are rep
resented, but a certain "Jack" is the
tause of much trouble.
Miss Helen Judd is .directing and
coaching the girls. The financial end
is being attended to by Mi-ss Eliza
beth Pugsley. Miss Jessie Bald
win has charge of the candy booth
and Miss Mildred Cohn of the pub
licity. Several other numbers will
precede the play.
Maytime Wadding.
The marriage of . Miss Pearl Culp
to Mr. Arthur Soderberg took place
Sunday at the home of Mr. and Mrs.
A. L. Hunter at Jewell Crossing,
Neb. Rev. C. C. Wilson of the
South Side officiated.
The bride wore a blue velvet
gown with a corsage of roses and
pink peas. Her traveling suit was
of blue and the young couple left
immediately following the ceremony
for Evanston, Wyoming, where they
will remain until July 15. Upon
their return they will make their
home at 271 Brown street, Omaha.
Engagement Announced.
Mrs. A. Meyers announces the en
gagement of her daughter, Vepa, to
Charles K., Cohen.
Try ABSORENE. Ik a can.
Dealers avarywhara
HKH.tkt aonJtrfal Wda Scflma. it
twin tiller af
fc a pacta.
Two years ago yon were getting good telephone service.
Then war came. '
Many of oar trained men were called into military service.
, The abnormal demand for women employees in other lines of
work caused considerable shifting in our operating forces.
These conditions, coupled with the inability to get equipment
promptly caused unsatisfactory telephone service in many localities.
Now we are getting back on a pre-war basis.
Manufacturers are supplying us with telephone equipment
more promptly now, although we are paying much higher prices
than before the war.
With the abnormal demand ended for women workers in other
industries there is now more stability among our operating
Our trained men are gradually being released from military
service and resuming their old positions. s
As the supply of labor and equipment becomes more and more
normal, telephone service is steadily improving.
Mrs. Swobe to Be Hostess
at Maytime Lunch
Mrs. Edwin T. Swobe will be
hostess at the Maytime lunch room
at Orchard & Wilhelm's, Wednes
day and Saturday and will
be assisted by Mrs. ' A. V.
Kinsler. These matrons have
chosen a corps of efficient s maids
and matrons who will don be-rib-boned
caps and ruffled aprons and
serve the guests. The servitors will
include Mesdames Ezra Millard.
S. S. Carlisle. J. T. Yates, Eva Wal
lace, Leon Millard, Witliam Jeffers,
O. T. Eastman, R. L. Huntley,
Robert. Burns, George Engler, D. C.
Bradford Frank Selby, E. A. Hig
gins, A. I. Root, T, F. Kennedy and
B. A. McDermott. Misses Grace
Allison, Mildred Todd, Regina Con
nell, Alice Coad, Erna ReeJ and Ida
Mrs. H. H. Baldrige entertained
members of the Press club at lunch
eon Tuesday, her guests including:
Misses Elizabeth Kern, Bess Ma-
honey, Corinne Hiatt, Eleanor Aus-
tin and Peggy Nattinger.
Mrs. George Prinz and Mrs. M.
G. Colpetzer will entertain parties
of 12 Wednesday. j
Wedding Plans.
The month of roses has been
chosen by several prominent brides-to-be
for their nuptials. Miss Mary
Grant, daughter of Col. and Mrs. F.
A. Grant, whose engagement was re
cently announced to Mr. Oliver
Evans Nelson of New Bedford,
Mass., will be wed the first week in
June. This will probably be a
large home affair and many out-of-town
guests are expected.
Marriage Announcement.
Mrs. R. S. Hanley announces the
marriage of her daughter, Kathleen,
to Robert Davidson Begg, which
took place April 12.
t. ,
i a- b aa .
1 J?M &wv Ill
jilt ttujr-tAAS0ui iir In
For Miss Kuhn.
Dr. and Mrs. Clyde Roeder en
tertained at a beautifully appointed
dinner at their home Tuesday even
ing in honor of Miss Marion Kuhn
of Los Angeles, the guest of Mr.
and Mrs. Louis Clarke. Spring
flowers were used on the dinner
table and covers laid for the follow
ing: Messrs. and Mesdames
Lou! S. Clarke Louis Meyer
Mlsaes Misses
Marlon Kuhn Florence Halloran
Messrs Messrs.
Charles Burgess . John Madden.
Canteen Worker Returns.
Mrs. Naomi King Gulgard, who
was sent to France as a canteen
worker by the Woodmen Circle, will
arrive in New York Wednesday.
Mrs. Gulgard has been sub-director
at the canteen at Juvisy-sur-Orge,
France, for several months. Her
marriage to Lt. Frank Gulgard of
the 36th balloon company took place
during the winter in Paris. Lieu
tenant Gulgard is now in Omaha
and has received his discharge. The
young couple will make their home
in Omaha. The Woodman Circle
will entertain at a reception in honor
of Mrs. Gulgard when she returns.
For a Visitor.
Miss Mayme Markowitz, of Kan
sas City, the guest of Mr. a?id Mrs.
John Corby, was honor guest at a
theater party given by Mr. and Mrs.
J. Marcus, Sunday evening. A buffet
supper was served following the the
ater and covers were laid for 12
in your hair
IF you fear fcray hair or if your hair is already
&ray, be&in the La Creole treatment at once.1
Gray, fcray-streaked, or faded hair returns Jo
its youthful color and beauty if you use
La Creole Hair Dressing
For generations La Creole has been favorite among tKd
aristocratic Creoles of Louisiana. These patrician people are
famous for the beauty of their wonderful hair, a distinguish
ing mark of their pure French and Spanish ancestry. La
Creole preserves the youthful color and beauty of their hair
even through the evening of life. ..
i La Creole does not change the color of the hair suddenly,!
Because it contains no dyes. It brings back the color gradually
and surely with nature's assistance. Good taste and refinement
make no secret of its use, though its use can never be detected.1
. 1 La Creole makes the hair soft, wavy and beautiful. Noth
ing to stain the scalp or to wash or rub off. La Creole
eliminates dandruff and keeps hair and scalp healthy as .
nature intended. Absolutely guaranteed, or money refunded.
Write for interesting booklet, "La Creole," Hair Beauti
ful, and full directions. Shows style of hair dress best for,
each type of; face.
At dru stoves and toilet counters. Price $1.00.
If your dealer can't supply you, send his name
and address. We will see that you are supplied.'
Long Service Means
LONG Service.
Send for our book "Customer
Confidence" before you rent or
buy typewriter. It will
tell you how to ve money.
mono Uouglas 3969.
Call or write.
. IV,
cu or wnte.
1 wJ
Odd Corners Are Made Into
Lounging Rooms In
Factory Building.
By taking 'over the homely cor
ners, waste closet space and oher
unattractive discarded rooms in fac
tory buildings in Petersburg, Vs.,
and paiting and outfitting them with
dainty furnishings, the Y. W. C. A.
of that citv is making it possible for
factory girls to have charming
lounging rooms.
"It is remarkable what soap, water
and a little feminine ingenuity will
do for these odd corners that have
never been used for places other
than dumps, declare some of the
girls who have been active in trim
ming up the corners. ' lt just means
putting a lounge here and a bright
pillow there, a lace curtain at a win
dow and a dainty lamp with a col
ored shade on the table and such
little feminine touches, and 'he first
thing you know the girls have a
dainty place of their own where
they may read, talk or rest. In each
case the Y. W. C. A. co-operates
with the manager. The latter is al
most always glad to have the ren
ovating take place.
Rainey-Altman Nuptials.
A pretty wedding took place at
St. Mary Magdelenes church at high
noon Tuesday, when Miss Marie
Altman became the bride of Mr.
Ralph Rainey. Rev. Father Sinne
read the marriage lines.
The. bride's only attendant was
her sister, Miss Emily Altman. who
wore a blue suit and large hat. A
corsage bouquet of sweet -peas and
roses was worn. Mr. William M.
Wood attended the bridegroom as
best man.
The bride was. very attractive in
her traveling Suit of brown with a
close hat to match. A corsage of
orchids and sweet peas completed
a very smart costume.
Following the ceremony a wed
ding luncheon was served at the
University club, when covers were
laid for SO guests. Bride's roses
were used on the table, forming an
attractive decoration.
After an eastern trip Mr. Rainey
and his bride will be at home at
3720 Mason -street.
Sheehan-Organ Wedding.
The marriage of Miss Edith Or
gan, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. John
P. Organ of Cuoncil Bluffs, to
Daniel H. Sheehan took place
lhursday morniner at St. Patricks
church. Rev. Father McManus read
the marriage lines.
Mrs. Morgan G. Cutler of Prince-
ville, 111., was the bride's attendant
and William Sheehan was best man.
After an eastern weddine trio Mr.
and Mrs. Sheehan will return to
spend the summer with the bride's
parents in Council Bluffs. In the fall
the young couple will come to
Omaha to reside.
White wedding dresses are com
paratively modern. During the mid
dle ages crimson was the bridal col
or. Margaret L. Cullen, a pretty
blonde miss, scarcely out of her
teens, is Chicago sales agent for one
of the big Oklahoma oil companies.
Keep your stomach
sweet today and ward
off the indigestion of
tomorrow try
the new aid to diges
tion as pleasant
and as safe to take
as candy.
Exquisite Wedding
' w
The long waistline continues to
hold its popularity. The charm of
this l'ne is beautifully expressed in
this wedding gown of ivory white
charmeuse and lace. The bodice is
cut like a long-waisted jumper, with
a deep "U" shaped opening and
large armholes, to display a vest
and sleeves of soft shadow lace. A
tunic of this lace falls from beneath
the blouse in straight, soft lines.
Beheaih the tunic appears a narrow
draped skirt of ivory chameuse. A
broad band of pearl embroidery
borders the blouse. Ihe deep arm
holes are outlined with satin-cov
ered buttons. The long train is made
of ivory satin. The gown is also very
effective without the train. The veil,
which is made of net, is held by a
bandeau of orange blossoms.
, War Camp.
The Americanization night school
which has been held during the
winter, in Cass school has changed
its meeting place to the Girls' Com
munity house at Seventeenth and
Dodge streets, where the first meet
ing was held last night. Two rooms
on the second floor have been fit
ted up with black boards and tables
and the work will be carried on
here as it has been at Cass. Mrs.
Topp is in charge of the class, with
Miss Dorabee Jones. There was a
good attendance Monday night and
several discharged soldiers were
present. These classes will meet
on Monday, Wednesday and Thurs
day evenings, from 7:30 until 9
The employes of the T. W. Wool
worth company gave a delightful
surprise and shower in honor of
Mr. and Mrs. Vinceel Warren. The
groom is still in the service at
Camp Dodge and the bride is an
employe at Woolworth's. They
were married a week ago. About
45 enjoyed the supper. There was
a huge wedding cake, place cards,
miniature bride and groom, and
clever favors for everyone. Later
in the evening a short program
was enjoyed. A solo by Miss Olive
Brown, Hawaiian music by Miss
Ivy and Queenie Colver and read
ings by Mrs. Freeman. Fortune
telling, community singing and
dancing was enjoyed during the re
mainder of the evening.
A public memorial to women, one
of the few such in the United States,
is soon to be erected in Washington
in memory of the heroic nuns who
served in camps and on the battle
fields in the civil war. The monu
ment will be of white marble and
will consist of allegorical figures in
bas-relief representing History and
Peace, together with ten figures of
nuns, representing as many different
orders of sisterhood.
Miss Isabella Harrity of Philadel
phia will be the house guest of Miss
Alice Coad during the summer.
Beautify the Complexion
Nadinola CREAM
Tb Unequld Btntffier
VJ and EnJortti
By Thoatandg
Guaranteed to re.
'move tan, freckles.
pimples, uver-spota.
etc. Extreme cases
twenty days.' Rids pores and tissue!
of impurities. Leaves the skin dear
soft, healthy. Two sizes. Sold b
leading toilet counters or mail.
Women's Distinctive
Pumps and Oxfords
SHOES don't make the woman no more
than clothes make the man. But well-
Ml O )
cr a
aa ...... a
$ Say
& wit nr f 1?
M J I . C M U(IU,U WW --
v lis trunaeriui.
Heart Beats
By A. K.
Yesterday was gloomy.
"The gray clouds
Hung low
And the sad rain
Fell slowly
From a weeping sky.
Filled our life
While the day
Itself into
But a new day
Is dawning
In the east.
We shall forget
Forget the grief of
The day now passed
To join "Yesterday's
Seven Thousand Years."
We shall meet
This new morning
With a smile v
Of gratitude
We shall marshall
Our forces
And bring into service
Ambition '
And Energy
And Faith v
And Tolerance
And Sympathy
And Kindness.
Then it will not
Matter if the day
Is sad
Or if the sky weeps
When we have enlisted
In the army
Of Happiness
And meet
And tomorrow
And every new day
With a
Sense of Humor
And when the
Great Day comes
Pass on into '
Eternity unafraid.
Victory Loan
Creighton University ! training
corps bought $1,000 worth of victory
bonds from the wbmans' co.nmittee
Saturday. Rev. R. M. Kelley, vice
president of the university, called in
person to the buy the bond.
Mrs. W. C. Edmiston, major for
Ralston in the campaign called at
headquarters Saturday afternoon.
Ralston to date has bought $12,350
worth of victory bonds and many
reports are still out.
Miss Madeline Roberts the lieu
tenant of precincts Thirteen and
Fifteen of the Second ward has re
ported over one half of the bonds
of the ward. Mrs. Isaac Bailey,
captain of the ward turned in
$1,950 to headquarters Monday.
The Thirteenth and Fifteenth pre
cincts are the most difficult divisions
in Omaha and Miss Roberts brought
them farther over the top than had
ever been done before.
The following subscriptions were
turned over to the womans" com
mittee Monday.
Mr. L.
M. Lord 110.000
Mrs. L. P. Crofoot
John Davlos
Mrs. Mary W. Kustln
Mrs. J. C. Reeder
Creighton University Training Corps
Informal Bridge.
Informal bridge parties are be
cominer the vogue again and manv
of the young girls are entertaining
at tnese deligntlul attairs. Miss Mil
dred I odd was hostess Tuesday af
lernoon at her home when Miss
Mildred Heath, the house guest of
Miss Mary Fuller, was honoree.
Eight guests were present.
Mrs. Stephens Entertains.
Mr3. Lucien Stephens was host
ess at a delightful tea at her home
Monday afternoon. Spring flowers,
artistically arranged, decorated the
rooms, and about 20 guests called
during the afternoon. Miss Eleanor
Austin assisted the hostess and the
party included members of the
Omaha Woman's Press club. ' 1
fittmg, stylish shoes give any
woman an appearance of well
bred, up-to-date prosperity
which helps a great deal in life's
journey. Our shoes, pumps
and oxfords have a
distinctive look of
refinement and
taste that make
them worth more
than other shoes,
although we don't
charge it.
1 1 For dead or throat
Cat?irh try the
B" vapor treatment
Memorial Day meeting.
A meeting was held Monday eve
ning at the court house by the mem
bers of the three posts and three
corps to formulate plans for
Memorial day. Rev. L. D. Young
has been appointed as speaker of
the occasion and Mr. Edwin W.
Johnson will be marshal.
Colonel F. A. Grant has returned
from a business trip to New York.
Mr. and Mrs. Morton Engleman
have taken an apartment at the El
Col. G. S. Bingham has taken a
furnished house and expects Mrs.
Bingham and Miss Dorothy to ar
rive from San Francisco the latter
part of May.
Women In the employ of the state
of Texas are assured by law ot re
ceiving equal pay with men for
equal service performed.
A hockey team of New Zealand
women is soon to start on a tour of
the world.
Compare our
Kodak finish
ing, print by
print, with
what you have
been used to.
come here for
of Omaha
Eastman Kodak Co.
1815 Farnam St
We Dell
op rent
i all mafcpi.
I " sate oms roa thk corosa
Plan Thisftoom
fYouTl want that new homo
w iim w we. ,wn w i Vv"
ing with its other superior
Take nobody's "say so" ft
the kind of fixtures to be in
stalled. Select them yourself.
Start right with bathroom
equipment that will stay right
for years of satisfactory
When you install Thomas
Maddock's modern, sanitary
fixtures you're not only build
ing into your home a bath
room of which you can be
proud, but also insuring your
self against oft-recurring
repair bills.
Visit our model Maddock
bathroom display and learn
the full meaning of first-cost-last-cost
equipment and how
much less than you ever
imagined that first cost will be
United States Supply Co.
Ninth and Farnam Sts.
r Ceasalt Ton Pla-ker
Bathroom O
1 "
Bee - Want -Ads Produce .Results.