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South Side
Footgear With Bottle of Hair
Tonic Mystifies Sleuths
Assigned to South
" Side Station.
-. -
. Prince Charming, slipper in hand,
must again search for his Cinder
ella among the highways, byways
or sideways of South Omaha.
The slipper in question, now
awaiting its Cinderella in the South
Side police station, is of leather-
not glass and was holding two bot
tles of hair 'tonic when picked up
Monday night by Officer Zorack as
the clock struck 12 on Twenty
fourth street between L and M
The officer searched the vicinity
but found no traces of burglary.
The police have decided that
"whomsoever the shoe shall fit, let
him or her put it on" and like
wise become owner of the hair tonic.
Fresh Pork Breaks Record,
in South Side Police Court
TheII., C of L. readied higher
iigures than Hoover has dealt in
when Mat . Butkus, S212 South
Thirty-third streets paid $10 for
three andAone-half pounds of pork
However, he paid the money in
police court, where he appeared
charged with petty larceny for
stealing fresh pork, which hev was
said to carry in his dinner pail from
the packing houses.
South Side Brevities
Pr. Cox. dentist, New location, S22 Be.
curltles Bldg.. Sixteenth and Farnam St.
Kxpress and light hauling. Call K. ft
, Z Auto Express. So. 30H9 or So. 8150. Adv.
A literary and musical entertainment
will be el von at Masher Memorial church.
Frirty-nlnth and S streets, by the Home-
atea'd orchestra, Friday nldht. This la
for tha benefit of the Masher Sunday
The Albright Red Cross auxiliary will
meet at the home of C. L. Alstadt, 1338
Monroe streey Wednesday at noon.
F. J. Krua-er and C. I.avrel will engage
In tha express and lleht hauling business
under the name of K. and F. Auto Ex
press. The funeral of Mrs. Mary Bukosky, who
died Sunday at her home. 2910 U Btreet.
will ha held In St. Francis church, at
o'clock this morning. Interment will be
In St. Mary's cemetery. Mrs. Dukosky
Is survived by her four children: Mrs
Finnk Cotfioh. Mrs. John JIarvat, and
two sons, John and Dan.
, Keeders In South Omaha are awaking
t i the high cost of speeding, for M. J.
Hll-rglns, 3M2 South Twenty-third street,
was fined $25 and costs; J. P. McCabe.
Ssfll Arbor street. $5 and costs, and How
ard Vor. Rtutc National bank, for ex
. ceedlng the speed limit, when brought
y before Judire Foster In the South Side
police court.
We wish to thank the manv kind
friends and nuinhobrs for their kindness
and sympathy shown. Also for the many
fio al offerings tendered in the sickness
and death of our beloved wife, sister and
daughter. Mrs. Pylvla t'ampbell, E. C.
Cam'ibeli. I. Barnes, George Barnes, iidas names, Marion Barnes and Wll
.liam Barnes.
Mrs. Marie Sigmund, 34 years old, died
Monday at her home, 4811 South Seven
teenth street, after an Illness lasting
thrc years. She Is survived by her hus
band. - Kit-hard Sigmund; one brother,
Fn nk Stefan of Bralnard, Minn and a
s'.Mr, Mrs. Caroline Thompson of Omaha.
Th" funeral will bo held Thursday after
noon at 2 o'clock in the Presbyterian
Brief City ews
JJghling Fixtures Burgasa-Qrmndea Co
Have ltoot Print U Beacon Press,
Burglary Irk. Wheeler & Welpton
Grantcrl Pool Hall Permit Marie
Vasko has been granted a permit to
operate a pool hall at 1424 South
Thirteenth street.
Leaves on Conference C. ,A.
Cramer, branch manager for tni
Goodyear Tire and Rubber com
pany, left for Chicago last night on
a business conference.
Dr. P. W. Lnke has returned from
military service and resumed the
practice of medicine, with offices at
619-622 City National Bank building.
Phone: Douglas 660; residence,
Biackstone hotel.
"Rainbow Party" Thursday A
"rainbow party" will be given by
the Omaha council No. 1, Thursday
evening, May 15, in the auditorium
of the Masonic Temple. Members
of the council and Royal Arch chap
ter members are requested to be
Answers Fiithor-in-Law'8 Salt -
Mrs. Eva Jones nas filed an answer
to the suit of her father-in-law,
Myron Jones, in district court to
annul the marriage of Denzil Jones.
The father-in-law alleged that his
son was not e-f age; when he secured
a license and was married by Rev.
Mr. Lorimore on May 29, 1918.
Go to Sugar Beet Fields One hun
dred and fifty sugar beet field work
ers from Omaha left over the Burl
ington Tuesday morning enroute to
the North Platte valley fields. One
hundred more will go out enroute to
the flaias of northern Iowa, Gener
ally the people in the exodus are
Russians, who take their wives and
children along.
Suos Street Car Company Mrs.
Idc Simms has filed suit in district
court against the Omaha & Council
Bluus Street Railway1 company for
$15,000 damages for Injuries al
leged to have been received when a
truck driven by her husband, Arthur
Simms, collided with a street car at
Twenty-fourth and Clark streets last
Saturday afternoon. Mr. Simms
filed another suit for $10,000 for the
loss of his wife's services because of
alleged injuries from the accident
'"' i nit
Soldier Submits Hospital Bill.
Charles Coleman, young , soldier
who was shot by Detective Guy B.
Knudtsen, has submitted to the city
council a bill for $80.85 for hospital
attendance. The council referred the
matter to the city legal department
for an opinion. Criminal charges are
pending agains Knudtson in con
nection with the shooting of Coleman.
church at Twenty-first and Q streets. In
termeXt will be in Graceland Park cem
etery. Mrs. Rosle Marek, 65 years old, died
Monday at the home of her daughter
Mrs. F. Melcher, 2303 Q street following
a long illness. The funeral will be held
Thursday In Holy Ascension church. In
terment will be In St. Mary's cemetery.
Funeral services were delayed to await
the arrival of her son, Frank Slavock of
South Paokta. f
NET CARLOAD SALE was such a success
that we have decided to sell another car
load, and as a special Inducement we are
going to give away, free, with very cabi
net, a J9, 11 -piece set of aluminum ware.
We have a limited number of sets, so be
sure and come early, and renumber, sale
terms and prices for this week only,
Extract from a letter written by John
Flynn, now In New York, to his store man
ager. Phil McEvoy: "In spite of the
scarcity and tendency to higher prices I
found several small lots of merchandise
with which we can make a genuine, hon
est to goodness noise. I am shipping some
big boxes by express because It looks like
freight might be tied up by a strike be
fore our goods get out of town Open
them up as soon as they get In, You will
find some extra good suits and single
pants values. Shoot em to them and what
you want to clean up from stock wltn
them - Make room, there are a lot more
coming. Yours. JOHN FLYNN."
I don't know how I could put this mat
ter before the trade any better than this,
so I am giving It to you as Mr. Flynn
gave It to me. PHIL M'EVOY.
I & When you have a bad taste in
your mouth, no appetite or relish
for food, take a dose of Cham
berlain's Tablets and realize for
once what a first class medicine
will do for you. They only cost
a quarter. ,
FRkD Stone, appearing in "John
ny Get Your Gun," will be the
feature at the Rialto today and
for the remainder of this week.
Stone has a role in which he plays
the part of Johnny Wiggins, a cow
boy motion picture actor who has
been commissioned by Bill Burn
ham, his chum, to assume his name,
prevent the marriage of Bill's sis
ter to a fortune hunting count and
to look after her fortune until he
(Bill) getts out of jail. How Johnny
fulfills his ' mission forms a story
which must be seen in its cinema
development to appreciate fully.
The picture was directed by Donald
Crisp and the support is excellent.
Stone has a number of his famous
acrobatic stunts in action in the
A woman who defies the world
for her ideals is Theda Bara in "The
Siren's Song," which is to be shown
at the Sun theater beginning today.
The star plays the part of a young
fishermaid of Brittany. Spurned by
her lover, she makes her way to
Paris, where her voice wins fame
and fortune. It also brings to her
a man who loves her truly. She
lives with him until her girlhood
lover reappears. Under the guise of
religious fervor, he weans her away
from the man who has brought
happiness into her life. By prac
ticing her artful wiles upon him,
the unhappy girl discovers that his
religious zeal is merely, a cloak to
hide his hypocrisy.
Paris of the early 19th century
was brought to and built "some
where in New Jersey" for the film
ing of Victor Hugo's greatest melo
drama, "Les Miserables," in which
William Farnum portrays the part
of the immortal Jean Valjean. It
is being shown at the Muse.
Martin Johnson's amazing film
revelations of savage life in the
South Sea Islands will be shown at
the Brandeis theater for four days,
beginning Sunday, May 11. There
are several different tribes, all of
whom are cannibals, very black,
very shiny, of a light build, with
thick wooly hair, flat noses and ex
pressions ranging from the ferocity
of the chief, to the shy children
posing half proudly, half willingly.
The lack of clothes is a shock to
some in the audience, and yet the
naked young girl of the Solomon
Island is as free from self-consciousness
in her ear-ringed estate
as she is unaware that clothes is a
On the Screen Today.
LOTH BOP 24th and Lothrop FAN
ORPHEIM South Side 24th and M
81 B I KHAN !4th and Ames BES
GRAND 16th and Binney SHIRLEY
TRAIT. " Vn 1
RAUIITOK i'dlh nit U.mlHnn M
APOLLO 2 t h and Leavenworth
COMFORT 24th and Vinton MAT
Small Pill
Small Dow
Small Price
have stood the teat of time.
Purely vegetable. Wonderfully
quick to banish biliousness,
headache, indigestion and to
clear up bad complexion.
Will limit practice to bestfnethods
of Extraction, and Plate, Crown and
Bridge Work.
Diseased Teeth Pcir Health.
412 Securities Bldf. Pltfjne Doug. 6863.
Is Your
More attention, is being
given each year as to the
looks of luggage. At all re
sorts many people are
known by their bags.
We show one of the largest
assortments of trunks, bags
and suit caser in the "city
and our prices will be found
much lower than elsewhere
A visit here will convince.
1299 Farnam. Doug. 480.
Former Director of
Publicity Called Here
by Death of Mother
Out on the first vacation that he
had taken in four years, William A.
Campbell, for a long time an Omaha
newspaper man, later director of
publicity of the Chamber of Com
merce, but' now one of the owners
of the Independent of Helena, Mviit.,
was called here by the death of his
mother, Mrs. J. A. Campbell, a res
ident of the city since 1881. She was
68 years old. - .
At the time of receiving the tel
egram announcing the death of his
mother, M-. Campbell was in New
Orleans He immediately started
back, but was delayed by floods and
washouts and did not arrive until
after the funeral. At the time of
her death, Mrs. Campbell was vis
iting a daughter in Ainsworth, Neb.
Mrs. Campbell is survived by three
sons. Will A., Glenn M. and Bert,
all of whom live in Helena, and com
prise the corporation that owns the
Independent. There are two daugh
ters, Miss Margaret, Ainsw,orth, and
Mrs. Maude Hibbard, Irvington,
Neb. ,
Unclaimed Parcels Sold
At Auction at Postoff ice
An auction sale of unclaimed par
cels was held in the postoffice yes
terday. Hundreds of dollars worth
of goods, accumulated in the mails
here during the last six months,
were offered by Auctioneer James
For the housewives linen, baby
clothing,, a cooking stove, and glit
tering jewelry were offered. Large
quantities of coffee, tea and beans
were sold. Over 100 pairs of shoes
were offered and a miscellaneous
collection of auto tires, baby rat
tlers m.i German helmets were auc
tioned off.
A ladies wig brought the highest
bid. There are in all 1,300 unclaim
ed packages from postoffices" in Ne
Draska, Colorado and Wyoming. The
sale will last until every package is
disposed of. .
Tha fine balance Between heaviness and roil 4
neai explain in part iti very choice" aroma.
TO comply with, the many re
quests, realizing that Omaha
music-lovers cannot be satisfied
with the brief program offered by
Sweden's young violin virtuoso, Jan
Rubini, during the vaudeville per
formances, the management of the
Orpheum has arranged for a special
recital to be given by him on Friday
afternoon, May 9. All those who
attend the matinee Friday are-cordially
invited to remain , after the
regular performance for Rubini's
recital. Rubini will render the fol
lowing program:
(A) Gypsy's Airs Fable Sarasate
(b) Zdenko Flbich Poem Jan Kubelik
(c) Legende H. Welniawski
(d) Caprice Vlennols ( . . . F. Krelsler
Second Concerto H. Welniawski
Romance A la Zlngara.
(a) Serenade F. D'rdla with Cadenza,
by Jan Rubini
(b) Theme on Corelli Tartini-Kreisler
(c) Tambourine Chinols F. Krelsler
(d) Petit Serenade Jan Rubini
(e) Irish Fantasia Vleuxtemps-Rubini
"Those wonderful Barrymores!"
That is an exclamation quite preva
lent now among playgoers and the
reason for the wonder is not far to
seek. It is a bit unusual for one
family to be represented in a most
distinguished fashion irf a profession
by three members, all of them
youthful. Which comment is called
to mind by the announcement that
Ethel Barrymore is to make her
welcome reappearance here, after an
absence of several years, at the
Brandeis theater for four perform
ances, beginning Thursday evening,
May 8th, in R. C. Carton's comedy,
"The Off Chance."
V E R, Y C HOI C E v
We suggest BANKERS - 2 for 25c
twrappca 2 m Jotl)
General Cigar Co., Inc.
Beat & Russell Branch,
" Omaha, Neb., Distributors.
There are several acts of high
merit at the Orpheum this week.
One is the performance of the
Swedish violinvirtuOso, Jan Rubini.
Patrons of the Friday matinee will
be'invited to remain for a, special
recital to be given by him, following
the regular afternoon performance.
The stellar attractions this week in
clude the distinguished dancing act
of the Marmein sisters. Another
stellar offering is the four-scene
play, "Tom Walker in Dixie," with
John B. Hymer playing the chief
role. Joe Jackson, the funniest of
all pantomime clowns, is a feature
of the current show.
On account of previous bookings,
"Mickey," after a second exception
ally successful run at the Brandeis
theater, must close with today's per
formances, running continuous from
11 to 11. Mabel Normand, who is
"Mickey," is a born comedienne
not one of the burlesque type and
through the whole seven reels rip
ples and dances her wholesome hu
nior. The supporting company is
adequate, especially Lewis Cody,
the arch villain of them all, who
makes his bad men so attractive
that he always overshadows the
It is seldom musical comedy stars
are seen in burlesque, but James E.
Cooper has secured for this sea
son's edition of "The Best Show in
Town" Lynn Cantor, a prima donna,
who possesses a happy combination
of a bird-like viceo, ebauty and a
pleasing personality. "The Best
Show in Town" is playing a week's
engagement at the Gayety theater
this week. This is the last week of
the Gayety's season.
Final performances will be given
today of the attractive bill at the
Empress. The stellar attraction, in'
which Bell's Hauaiiane sinorerc
- ., ---o
dancers and instrumentalists, fea
ture, is costumed lavishly and is ef
fectively Dresented. Pnniilar snnc
hits are introduced by Hal and
Francis, also danrere nf nhi1itv
Thomas & McDonald, colored com
edians, score with their parodies on
popular songs. Daring equilibristif
icais are introduced by nama and
Hanoka. '
e Sales
matter of legislation in the greater
part of the world. s
Kathleen Kirkham will appear
with Bessie Barriscale in her new
est photoplay, "Jossylyn's Wife."
Dustin Farnum's forthcoming
drama, "The Harvest of Shame,"
will have in it as one of the loca
tions the mission San Juan Capis-
trano, one of the missions that
have been' closed to motion pic
tures for more than three years.
World pictures announces two
new comedies, "Pardon Me" and
"Neptune's Stepdaughter."
What would a movie drama be
without af least three telegrams and
two letters?
Many a movie star is gauged by
the automobile he owns.
Henry B. Walthall is to begin
work on "The Long Arm of Man
nister," a well known novel of E.
Phillips Oppenheim.
Triangle is pushing three of Olive
Thomas' plays this spring. They
are "Prudence on Broadway," "The
Follies Girl" and "Love's Prisoner."
Betty Bouton, who has jeen
prominent in support of Marguerite
Clarke and Mary Pickford, has been
encaged for Dustin Farnum's next
screen play, "The Harvest of
Sham." ,
I Tularin v. Mav fi. 1919
m w
III ; -n
'everybody store-
Now in Force All
Over This Big
Service Store
1 HOUR--9 to 10
omen's White
Cloth Pumps
$2.00 Pair
Two smart new. styles for selection.
White Ostend cloth pumps, with turn soles, 2-incn
covered Cuban heel.
White Ostend cloth pumps, turn sole, l-inch'
covered Cuban walking heel.
Burgeaa-Naah Co. Second Floor
di 9inn I
a iiwus? iuu(ias ssawv
" rf v'
1 HOUR 2 to 3
Women's White
Washable Skirts
$1.00 Each
Made in the latest 1919 Summer styles, of white
gabardine, with fancy belts, pockets and button trim
mings, also pique skirts in Copen, rose, light green, and
yellow, as well as some with colored stripe and dotted
effects in gabardine. .
Burgess-Nash Co. Second Floor
"Bed Spreads
SUMMER weight, with satin
finish; these come in hand
some allover designs and have
neat scalloped edge. Suitable
for full size beds, $2.95 each.
Marseilles Bed
Spreads, $6.00
Satin 'finish ; these have scal
loped edge and cut corners, and
are priced much less than regu
lar, $6.00 each. ,
Bleached Bath
Towels, 49c
Extra large size; this is an
excellent quality, made of two
ply yarn, and priced much be
low regular, at 49c each.
Burgesi-Naah Co. Main Floor
Wednesday Petticoat
In the May Sales of Wh
FEATURING what we consider one of the best val
ues of the season, at
Made of fine -cambric or long cloth, in the new
straight cut styles, and beautifully trimmed with laces
and embroidery and ribbon run beading. Made with
fitted top, and either narrow or wide flounces.
There's a wide range of styles for selection, and
all sizes are represented.
Burgeaa-Naah Co. Second Floor
Sheets, Pillow Cases and Muslins in the May Sales
TT'S good advice to anticipate now your future as well as present requirements, because every indication points to
J. higher costs this Fall. V '
Bleached Sheets at
A celebrated brand,, war
ranted to give splendid service
and retain its pure whiteness,
no dressing or filling, finished
with 6-inch hem, made for full
size beds '(torn, not cut) , size
81x90. May sale price, $1.49"
each. t
Pillow Tubing
An excellent quali
ty of round thread,
no dressing, two most
wanted widths:
42-inch, 39c yard.
45-inch, 45c yard.
Initial Pil
low Cases,
These i have per
fectly embroidered in
itials in the popular
"Old English" style,
neatly put up, one
pair in box, $1.95
Sheeting at
81 or 90 -itch
width, these are of
splendid quality of
round thread muslin,
no filling. Choice of
either width for 59c
Burgeaa-Naah Co. Downstairs Store
Boudoir Sheets at
Our own celebrated
"Boudoir" sheets, a very
fine round thread quality,
warranted to give entire sat
isfaction in wear and appear
ance. Size 72x99 inches, at
$1.69 each. i
New White Goods Featured
In the May Sales
THE newest and most favored weaves at prices that
are extremely low.
36-inch White Poplin Suiting, 39c
Highly finished fabric, very popular for suits and skirts;
much below today's cost to manufacture. May sale, 39c yard.
36-inch Japanese Nainsook,
10 Yards, $325
"Very fine quality, with silk-like fin
ish, 10 yards to the box, and very spe
cially priced for the May sale, at $3.25
for 10i yardsv
The Beautiful Lace Voiles, 80c
To be the most popular fabric for the season for the making
of shirt waists and dkesses. Neat embroidered designs. May
sale price of 80c yard. ,
36-inch Gabardine at 53c , x
Wool finish, will give splendid service and make, very at
tractive garments. May sale-price, 53c yard.
36-inch White Pique, 45c s
A quality that makes very serviceable skirts or children s
dresses; it comes in different size cords. 36 inches wide. May
sale price, 45c yard.
36-inch Longcloth at 29c
Without dressing or finish of any kind, suitable for chil
dren's dresses or undergarments. May safe price, 29e yard.
White Tricotine, 36 Inches Wide, 75c
Will make beautiful skirts or suits, because of its beautiful
wool finish. May sale price, 75c yard.
Burgeaa-Naah Co. Main Floor
The May Sale of Linens
Means Big Savings to You
T ECAUSE we anticipated the demand and bought
j wnen prices were at the lowest point.
Table Cloths at $7.45
Real Irish linens in handsome cir
cular designs; this is a heavy
weight and will give splendid serv
ice . -
Size 2x2 yard?, for $7.45 each.
Size 2x3 yards, for $8.45 each.
'2 2x2 2-inch napkins to match,
$6.50 dozen.
Round Madeira Table Cloths, $16 J 5
Size 72 inrfiM in Hiamafai. IWa a mmJ 4-1. JS ...
'Irish linen and have hand-scalloped edge and handsome hand-
emoroiaerea aesigns m center. May sale price, $16.75 each.
Real Irish Linen Damask, $1J95
A heavy weight quality that will retain its beautiful satin
finish after laundering; several good designs to select from; 70
inches wide. May sale price, $1.95 yard.
13-Piece Madeira Luncheon Sets, $435
Set consists of dozen each, two size doilies and one 24
inch center piece; these are of real Irish linen, with hand scal
loped edge and neat hand-embroidered designs. May sale price,
$4.95 set."
Linen Damask Napkins, $475
Size 21x21 inches, several good designs, $4.75 dozen.
Irish Linen Crash Toweling, 39c
The good absorbing kind, 18 inches wide, 39c yard.
Hemstitched tiuck Towels, $1JD0i r
These are of Irish manufacture anrl ma Hp of nn flu fVio
come in plain anrf figured designs, size 20x36 inches. May sale
price, i.uu eacn.
Lace Trimmed Center Piece, $2.15
This is a very attractive round center piece with 4-inch lace
edge, as well as having a 4-mch lace insertion; size 36 inches,
$2.15 each.
Burge-s-Nath Co. Main Floor