Omaha daily bee. (Omaha [Neb.]) 187?-1922, April 18, 1919, Page 11, Image 11

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    H wa have sot ufat a ur m rnlna. autward
comfort Ut as aaora lor u than fold altppar
a a gouty foot. -
-Jofca Biwjraa.
Friaaaahla, lava, tha pkilaaaaWa stoma,
I hara kri tawa aralaaJ, all thraa l ava.
I haaa pralata , tea, mU far aVaat have aaufat,
But alaal alait 1 hava Nil ttm a. -H.iaa. v
I ' ' lf "1 'II
' " " i - ' I "i
"My Heart and My Husband"
What Lillian Did to Prepare for
Rita Brown't Party.
"Dp you want to coma along with
me while I lay some traps and put
out aome night .linej?" ,
Lillian spoke gayly at we rose from
the table at Broquin's after our
"shopping lunch.",
"Anywhere," I returned, not quite
t1 Bawan'a Valua-GWinf Stors1
Tha buying- of Bow.n't
Guaranteed Furnlturo by
thou.anda , baa mada this
atora tha talk of Omaha,
haa forced us to axpand, to
acquire more apace. W are
enlarging-. The carpenter
and maaona are busy aoon
' they'll be through: then
you'll lee Greater Bowen
Store that will avar eon.
tinue to fell only Guaranteed Fur
niture of a Value you'll appreciate.
It's beetl our motto in the put, it
will be our motto in the future. ;
Baby Week
I But for baby's health,
E let every week be, a
t week where baby has
an airing m one of our
Bdby Carriages
We are showing them'
in the most admirable
designs, finished in all
the most stylish and
dainty colors and shades
of the season ; priced at
$26.50, $32.50, $35, t
it. v $39.50, $45. s.-;. :
E J Ga-CartSt : SuUnes and j
V , tallmans
$2:50, $3.50, $4.75,
- $6.50, $8.00, $10.50,
: , :: $12.50 and $15.
'iavwiai Co:
Howard Street. "Between 15th and I6th
aaaasaaVataaai H M H I I H in M
y BUY 4-
:.'--r ;''',";.lv. ' : '
pii Different"
We Have Just Unpacked
260 Beautiful New
A very wonderful col
lection of stunning new
Easter hats, offering an
unlimited selection of
dressy hats and tai
lored models. Charm
ingly . adorned with
flower wreaths, ribbor.
trimming, lacquerec"
wings and quills, Os
trich novelties,; Effec
tive coloring combina
tions. ; - ' ' .
, -'''. i
Featuring Most Exceptional Values
for Friday and Saturday at
7, $92, 42 up to $i8?
, , Coms early tomorrow and choose while the selec
tions are at their best
" ?". - . in -.
. . . ajvi u iiiiii
understanding the word symbols
she was using, but contentedly sure
that she would explain them in her
own good time. I
"Good girll" she said smiling, and
chatted of other things until we had
walked perhaps a half-mile along a
cross street, y
"We turn here," she said, and in
another moment we were entering "a
venerable second-hand book shop.
"Have you found anybody yet
who will fall for that book of old
prints?" she demanded insouciantly
of the middle-aged man who came
forward to meet us, and who greet
ed Lillian with the respect due a
valued customer, for such I felt sure
she was.
"Many who wish it, none who will
pay its price," Jhe man rejoined.
"Nor would you have roped me
in," she retorted, "only I have a
special use for it. .So, I fall. Let
me have another look at it, then
pack it up and send it over, will you
"With pleasure," the- man replied
bowing. "If you will please be
seated." .
He drew chairs for us, and soon
laid before us a large, heavy, old
volume of marvelous costume prints,
which Lillian looked at with critical
eyes, while I openly and wonder
ingly admired, for I had never seen
anything quite like it before.
"Very well," Lillian gave her final
decision. "Send it up right away.
You know the address."
She laid a. bill of large denomina
tion in the man's hand, and turning,
made her way out of the shop, I
following close behind her.
"The old robber 1" she said. "He
probably picked up that thing for
50 cents. I've wanted it for a long
time, but I couldn't square it with
my conscience to pay his price. But
there are things in it I've never seen
anywhere else, and I don't want to
overlook any bets when it comes to
planning for Rita's racket." .
"You're going to far too much
trouble for me, Lillian," I began,
but she, turned on me impatiently.
Into Many Shops.
"I'm' having the time of my life,"
she said. "Besides, I'm mighty glad
to have something like this to take
my mind off things."
Her insouciant mask lifted for an
instant, and I had a glimpse of hag
gard lines, of tortured eyes. Then
Girls! Make beauty lotion for.
a few cents Try it I , .
'Squeeze the juice jf two lemons
into a bottle containing three ounces
q orchard white; shake ' well, and
you have a quarter pint of the best
freckle and tan' lotion, and com
plexion beautifier. at very, " very
small cost. -.
Your grocer has the lemons and
any drug store or toilet counter will
supply three ounces of orchard
white for a few cents. Massage this
sweetly fragrant,., lotion into the
face, neck, armd and hands , each
day and see how freckles and blem
ishes disappear and how clear, soft
and rosy-white the skin becomes.
Yes! It is harmless and never irri
tates. Adv.
i urn vfl ffftd
Famous ( British Beauty Who
Recently Became Bride of
U. S. Navy Officer ,
Mrs. Benjamin Harrison Hyatt,
English bride of Lieutenant Hyatt,
U. S. N. Mrs. Hyatt is the former
Miss Camille Sutton Palmer, daugh
ter of the famous English landscape
painter and granddaughter of Judge
H. Moore of California. The
couple were married recently in Ire
land while Lieutenant Hyatt was
on duty there.
eyes and features again became ani
"Come on." she said. "You'll think
you've been in Bagdad by the time
the afternoon's over."
Long before she reached the end
of-Jier quest I agreed with her
boast. For I trailed wondenngly
after her as she threaded her way
through picturesque old shops dis
playing barbaric necklaces and orna
ments carved from the stones and
materials not counted good enough
to be called "gems," yet near in re
lationship to their more favored sis
ters. Lillian looked at the best ot
them with an appraising eye, and I
couldn't help but hear an arrange
ment she made with one shopkeeper
that he should, lend her for a con
sideration, anytfiing in the shop that
she wished fori the night of the
Betty Has News.
She made similar arrangements in
other shops where lengths of beau
tiful oriental brocades and laces and
veilings weredisplayed, and in still
others museum-like structures hold
ing treasures of old silver and cop
per while I bewilderedly gave up
trying to follow the kaleidoscopic
evolutions of her fancy.
"There 1" she stopped abruptly
outside the door of a particularly
dusty . antique shop. "Talk about
preparedness! I've got enough ideas
in my grab bag of a brain so I can
match that woman at any point.
Now for home! I'm tired to death,
and I know you must be. I feei
musty and dusty. We'll go to the
nearest taxi stand, be whisked home
in a jiffy; get this dust off and have
a good cup of tea before you have
to take your train."
We were both more tired than we
knew, and we uttered nothing but
the most necessary words until we
were cosily settled -in the library
with Lillian's beautiful tea service
before us. Betty, who had brought
up the tray hovered near us, with
a manner that seemed to me to be
token uneasiness. Lillian must have
noticed it also, for she spoke to the
woman brusquely but kindly.
"Well, Betty, what's on your
"Drink yoh tea fust," the old
servant replied autocratically, "an'
den I'll tell yoh. Yoh ain't fit to
heah nuffin," youh's dat tired. Get
yoh tea down fust."
(Continued Tomorrow. .
A Hen and Brood of Little
Chicks Will Scratch for
Funds In Bank Window
A hen with her brood of , little
chicks will cluck and scratch in a
window of the First National bank
building, Sixteenth street side, Sat
urday, April 19, for the purpose of
helping the American committee for
devastated France to rechickenize
Eggs are now selling at 40 cents
each in France, provided, of course,
that one may first find the egg. The
people are poverty-stricken and
there is an effort being made in
America td restock the country with
rabbits, chickens and other products
which bring quick returns.
In the window on Sixteenth street
there will be- a red, white and blue
barrel on which a sign will be placed
reading, "Give what you can to re
chickenize France." Inside there
are egg-shaped cartons containing
little chicks large enough to hold a
half dollar. On one side of the red
egg is printed, "Almost every chick
en was destroyed in the French re
gions held by Germans. Eggs and
chickens are needed to enable re
turning refugeesto resume raising
poultry, on which they have always
depended for a large part of their
food t- supply. Help'' rtchickenize
On the reverse side there is a
rhyme, which reads:
France needs fond; so please take pity!'
Hatch this tst ipr the American commit
tee! 1 -
Chip the shell by pulllnr the strlm!
Tuck 50 cents under -chlcky's wlnal
Mail It to us, and enjoy the chance
To help rechlckentxe devastated France 1
Miss Anne Morgan, who' Heads
the American committee for devas
tated France, inc., 16 East Thirty
ninth street. New York City, reports
a great work in progress.
Capt. and Mrs. Morton Engelman,
2815 Jackson street, and Mrs. H. A.
Schittle of Dundee, jave taken
j apartments in the El Beudor apart-
menu n .
I I f 1 ' II L i l I I
In the' big Victory parade, Monday, April 21, there will be five
characters represented, Uncle Sam, Victory,, Red .Cross,,; Army and
Navy. Who can guess who they are? s '
"Uncle Sam" is an Omaha man, tall' and wears a "Wilson smile." '
"Victory is an Omaha girl who belongs to the House of Ak-Sar-'"
Ben. . ""V'. . ' .: . v ' v
"Red Cross"- well, we all know her. She has just -returned from
overseas work. - : ' W. - ; I ,
"Army" is a, man, who has been at the front and has just re
turned. . " -' ' ; - v4' r'.-:-.' ,y' '
"Navy" is "Army's" friend,
If you cannot guess with these
give you more tomorrow. 1
. - By A. K.
My' home is a beautiful palace
Down by .the water dge "
Where great white swan J
And the goldfish j swini j .
And the willows '.,':
Sway and sing. , 's '
There are ereat eold hams' 'J
In the. spacious halls, 1 v V
Canary birds yellow, V
And a 'Persian cat'.,.' , -
That purs and - purs , ;
And sleeps on the mat. t"
A shaggy dog watches the house
And a fleet gazelle
Scales the rocky cliffs t ,:r
Over-, my head the night birds.
Sing duets with , the soft j
Summer zephyrs. , v '' -
My choice band plans
The aria.frc-m Lucia 'V , ' ; ; i
Or rag time or Sousa's marth;
Or the Chinese "sing"
On the long east wing .; ' V
Of my beautiful palace
Of Love. .V . '
There is nevef a care ; " v
To mar the tranquility : .
Of the place of wonderful
Hopeful dreams. ' '
There are babies, too,
In my castle grand
With big eyes and curls
And laughing lips
Handed through the s
Heavens blue
By the angels.
My friends- are there .
They are everywhere,
And, we feast and dance .
And we sing and love
The Life we live '-.
On the lawn of Time
Where nothing but happiness
And beauty dwell. i
, '
' The ugly streets
And the bolsheviks
And the muddy minds in mire
Through which I travel
In the great wide world .
Matter little to me i ,
For they never come
Near to my soul,
I have no dollars "
Or worldly goods
And the h&use you see
Is a mere little shack, '
But I am seldom there
For I love to live
In my beautiful
Castle of dreams.
x SELAH 1 .
Dance Postponed.
The ' Winter Dancing , club has
postponed the dance arranged for
Friday evening at Harte's Hall in
Dundee. In place of this a formal
masquerade dance will be given
Friday, May 2. After the informal
dance on May 16, there will be no
more activities until the picnic in
June. !
NY one kno Vs
enough to carry an
umbrella when it
rains, but the wise
one is he who carries one
when it is only cloudy. Any
one will send for a doctor
when he gets bedfast, but
the wiser one is he who
adopts proper measures be-
Omaha using vapor mitt for the painless extraction of teeth and
other painful operations. ' '
Pyorrhea, that dreaded disease, successfully treated by a spe
cialist in that branch. ' , , . ,
DR. J. C. CLARK, Painless Dentist
510 Paxton Block.
Wed. evening to 8.
Hour, 8:30 to 6.
: V 4 - ?
nieager descriptive details ke will
i . , . - .
Kf' ,--. t . ." :' J'.
nvp nrn
s. .
,; V';; Watch Hlmv..; 1
'"bear Mies Fairfax, Omaha BeSf
Have read 'your "Advice to Lov
lorn"'4or, some time, ,&nd,. as I me
the letters are not all striotly heart,
affairs: am writing you' for "advice.
(jAm a oountry school teacher and
have three darling- scholars, all be
ginners, but the neighborhood is so
quarrelsome. I. teach from 10 a. m.
to 3 p. m as the parents thought
the. regular time . too long, so, am
able-to take a piano and guitar les
eon each week. ; Now, laat winter1
a man in the district sent hi 14
Veawold 'hired - hand to school, a
sixth grade pupij,' an of Insisted on
my; teaching him - full time, which
would break up my deal little kin
dergarten and- take music away
from me, and Iv- simply love it.' i- I
said I'd resign, and then; the board
said from 10 to J Was long enough,
as he could study at home, but the
man was tmid and! seht him .to ' a
bigger school and tried to ruin my
reputation by telling people about
It He said seme very unkind things
about me,- but wasn'f I right to stand
by my, principle aa 1 did? Now,
this man's brothel- Is home from the
army, ,d. as they live near,-1 meet
him daily at the school house and
have learned to love him dearly.
He says he, loves "me arffl is very
tender and, sweet to me, but never
takes me out, and people tell me he
is making a fool of me. Do you
think he is? . (Ve are engaged, but
he never talks pf beine married and
I hate to mention it first. Do you
think I should? He used to be en
gages to another girl., but swears he
doesn't lo)ce her and says he oult
her long ago. Do you think he did?
I am told he took her to the show
last week. I hope you will print my
letter soon, as I am puw.led. -
Tou did exactly right. Be very
careful of any man who tells you
that he' loves you and who is willing
to become engaged, but who avoids
the subject of marriage. Too, . the
man who loves you will be proud to
entertain you at different places. I
fear that you are wasting your time'
with this man and I advise you to
try for a school in different quar
ters. A Young Wife.
Dear Miss Fairfax, . Omaha Bee:
My father died years ago, and when
I was 14 and only half through high
school mamma coaxed me to marry
a. man f 37 so she would not have
to pay a debt she owed him. but our
marriage has been wonderfully hap
py and words cannot tell how much
I love him now. J !
Dances, and silly society life
never did have an attraction for
me and I am just a quiet, home
loving little girl.
v My Jiusband treats me simply
grand and takes me every' place
worth while, but mamma is mad at
him now, because I have such a
-nice home and everything, I guess,
and she has been trying . her very
best for three months to make me
fore his ills become serious.
During a hard winter or the
following spring one feels
rundown, tired out, wealc and
nervous. Probably you have
suffered from cold or influ
enza which has left you thin,
weak and pale. This is the
time to put your system in
order. It is the time for
A good, old-fashioned, al
terative and temperance
tonic is one made of wild
roots and barks without the
use of alcohol, and called Dr.
Pierce's Golden Medical Dis
covery, in tablet or liquid
form. This is nature's tonic
which restores the tone of
the stomach, activity of the
liver and steadiness to the
nerves, strengthening the
whole system. Send Dr.
Pierce, Buffalo,, N. Y., 10c
for trial package Tablets.
Kama Ciiy, Kant. -"About the only
medicine I hare ever given my little bojr
is 'Golden Medical Discovery.' He
never was ery, strong ,and would be
eome run-down very quickly, would suffer
loss of appetite. I would give him the
'Golden Medical Discovery' and it al
ways built him up in good health.' I
have also given this medicine as a spring
tonic; for such "Golden Medical Dis
covery1 has no-qual." Mri. Geo. Maul,
1942 N.13ASt. i
Service and Satisfaction
Is the Keynote of Our Success
Satisfaction is what a patient wants and
i what they get when they are paying for
' dental work at this office. Service means
' , to get it done in the least possible time and
yet have it done right. With our efficient
- m . ..1 l. j.:n.j, ,H..i '
corps oi aenusis, esca. buucui wuriuuw,
with long years of experience means that
you get both service and satisfaction when
having work done here.
It costs you nothing to drop in and talk
dentistry with us, and may bethe means
. of a great savings to you.-' ;- ... .. - -.
D.mamka. flit 4a tllA Atltv nffl(A .
Sunday," 10 to 12.
leave . my husband, 'and I am far
happier now than I was at -home
with her. :
Another thing. my Oldest Bister,
who is 17,' would like to have my
husband 'for herself, and when
ever . she -' comes to see me she la
always trying to flirt with him.
.. It makes me so - mad I could
scratch her eyes out Shall I tell
my mother and sister to stay away
from my (home, br what ought I to
db?."-..v- '
. , I, am vey pretty, but it has not
Aurned my head, and I am 15 now
and soon to be a mother. "Most sin
cerely '"icours, ' ' EUNICE. .
V ityowr huiband'.'to a good, true
man, he 'will pay ho attention to
your sister, but,' on the other hand, if
she annoys you. ' I should, by all
means, request, both mother and sis-
ter to stay away. Tour husband is
mbre to you right now than anyone
else on earth -and he probably real
izes this. 1 Haven't much to say for
a mother who would sell , her 14-year-old
- chlia into ,t matrimony.
Therefore I cannotf advise any con
sideration1 for her. Keep your home
as sweet and free from quarrels as
possible.' ' :;.V '
; ' .Actors Addressee.
" Dear Miss Fairfax, Omaha Bee:
,Wear tfcis Button
Show uou have Helped
finish the Job
"What Every Woman Wants'
$5.00 First Prize.
$3.00 Second Prize.
$1.0d Next Two Prizes.
send Your letters to the contest editor,
' omaha bee
Answers to be in this office by Thursday noon, April
24th. A committee "will judge all answers and winner!
will be announced in The Bee, Sunday, April 27th.
.am - . a l
As you have helped so many others
I thought you could help me. , How
In the world do you answer these
silly-questions that some Of them 13
and 18-year-old girls ask? . It all
would-follow it I am-eure the world
would 1 quite different. .
Now, what I would like to ask you
is to give nt Jtfce address or my fa
vorite actors, SessqiiiHayakawa and
George Walsh'.; I am waiting anx
iously, '4 , BOWN .EYES. (
Sseru Uayakawa's .. address Is
Hollywood, Calif. George Walsh's
address 1S,"Foi,' ISO West Forty
sixth street ' . -2
Mrs. GrahmV
Restores Gray Hair
ToluNabikl Color v
' Perfectly hannleei -eaifly s
' pliad-will aof stela the akia w
acalp. Poaldrely aure la Ha re
sults. Makes kair rick al flossy.' ;
Sold at all toilet eanatere ar
mailed postpaid, la pWia eaaM
wrapper, upoa raeelpt of price,
Sli0. AocAlal tttm, ' ' '
21 W.UBaoiaSt 1 CUaae.UBab
For aala by Sharmaa MeConnall Drug C.
And Fifty other valu
able prizes for the fif
ty next best letters.
Spring Time
, The Hoover Suction Sweeper should be
your first aid in Spring House Cleaning.
get away from the dust-scattering method
and use a Hoover.
Pre-wartime prices for the balance of
the month, and we'll gladly give you a dem
onstration proving its efficiency.
hones: Tyler Three On Hundred
So. Three
Buy your Hoover
Cleaner from E.
B. Williams, 312
; So. 18th St. The
same old price
You can pay me a
little each month.
Head or cheat
are beet treated,
"externally" with
Bee Want Ads Produce Results.