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"California Syrup of Figs"
can't harm tender stomach
or bowels.
A laxative today Eaves a sick
child tomorrow. Children simply will
not take the time from play to
empty their bowels, which become
clogged up with waste, liver gets
sluirgiah; stomach sour.
Look at the tongue, mother! If
coated, or your child is listless,
cross, feverish, breath bad, restless,
doesn't eat heartily, full of cold or
has sore throat or any other chil
dren's ailment, give a teaspoonful of
"California' Syrup of Figs," then
don't worry, because it is perfectly
harmless, and in a few hours all th'.s
constipation poison, sour bile and
fermenting waste will gently move
out of the bowels, and you have a
well, playful child again. A thor
ough "inside cleansing" is ofttimes
all that is necessary. It should be
the first treatment given in aiy sick
ness. Beware of counterfeit fig syrups.
Ask your druggist for a bottle of
"California Syrup of Figs," which
has full directions for babies, chil
dren of all ages and for grown-ups
plainly printed on the bottle. Look
carefully and see that it is made by
the "California Fig Syrup Com
pany." Adv.
It's Easy-If You Know Dr.
Edwards' Olive Tablets
The secret of keeping young Is to feel
?roting to do this you must watch your
ivcrand bowels there'snoneedof hav
ing a sallow complexion dark rings
under your eyes pimples a bilious
look in your face dull eyes with no
sparkle. Your doc tor will tell you ninety
percent of all sickness comes from in
active bowels and liver.
Dr. Edwards, a well-known physician
in Ohio, perfected a vegetable com
pound mixed with olive oil to act on
the liver and bowels, which be gave to
his patients for years.
Dr. Edwards' Olive Tablets, the sub
stitute for calomel, are gentle in their
action yet always effective. They bring
about that exuberance of spirit that
natural buoyancy which should be en
joyed byeveryone.bytoning up the liver
and clearing the system of impurities.
You will know Dr. Edwards' Olive
Tablets by their olive color. 10c and
25c per box. All druggists.
Colds, Caught, Croup and Catarrh Relieved
in Two Minutes
Is your throat sore?
Ilroathe Hyomei.
Have you catarrh?
Breath Hyomei.
Have you a eoupht
' Breath Hyomei.
Have you a cold?
Breathe Hyomei.
Hyomei is the one treatment for all
nose, throat and lung troubles. It does
not contain any cocain or morphine and
ill that is necessary is to breathe it
throutih the little pocket inhaler that cornea
with each outfit, ......
A complete outfit costs but little at
druggists' everywhere and at Sherman ft
McConnell Drug Co., and Hyomei is guar
anteed to banish catarrh, croup, cougns,
;ol1s, sore throat and bronchitis or money
back. A Hyomei inhaler last a lifetime
and extra bottles of Hyomei can be ob
tained from druggists. Adv.
should take
Nothing Like Plain Bitro-Phosphat to Put
on Firm, Halthy Flh and to In
crease Strength, Vigor and
Nerve Force.
Judging from the countless preparations
and treatments which ar. continually be
ing advertiBed for the purpose of making
thin people fleshy, developing arms, neck
bust! and replacing tig y hollow. a id
antles by the soft curved line, of health
Ind beauty, there ar. evidently thousands
Sf men and women who keenly feel their
excewnive thinneis.
Thinness and weak nesl i are usually due to
starved nerves. Om bodies ?'
phosphate than is contained in modern
rood i Physician, claim there is nothing
that will supply this deficiency .o well as
he organic phosphate known among drug
iist. as bitro-rhosphate. whieh is inexpen-
lie "d s oW by Sherman 4 McConnell
n Omaha and most .11 drusg.sti . unde
Guarantee of satisfaction or money back.
By feeding the nerves directly and by sup
plying he body cells with the necessary
.phosphoric food elements, bitro-phmphaU
.uickly produce, a welcome transformation
In the appearance: the increase in weight
frequently being astonishing.
This increase in weight also carries with
it a general improvement in the health.
Nervousness, sleeplessness and lack 01
ncrgy, which nearly always accompany el
usive thinness, aoon disappear, dull eye.
tecome bright, and pale cheek, glow with
ihe bloom of perfect health.
CAUTION: Although bitro-phosphaW
... unsurpassed for relieving 'M";
.leeplessness and general weakness, it
.hould not, owing to it. remarkable flesh
growing rroperties. be used by anyone
IZ Tdoe. not desire to put on flesh.-Adv.
Headache - Depression ?
Headaches and depression may be
3ue to several causes. Perhaps yours
mystifies you? Maybe kidney and
bladder disorders is the cause? II
so, you surely want relief and res
toration. . , , , ,
Indiscretions in eating and drink
ing bring on Buch troubles very
jradually, sometimes at other
l,imes quickly.
ill brinar the desired benefit if such
symptoms are present as these: If
the secretion that passes is highly
colored, strong of odor, insufficient
or. too copious, followed by pain,
burning, irritation, smarting, etc. If
chills or fever come and go, if the
head aches, the eyes burn and rheu
matic rjains. eeneral discomfort and
nervousness besiege you, Balmwort
Kidney Tablets
Xot secret, not new, just right
and true. Sold by all druggists.
" NE of the most important book-
I I ings ot the season at the Bran
w deis is that of David Warfield,
whom David Belasco will present
there tonight and tomorrow after
noon and evening, in a revival of his
first great success, "The Auction
eer." A new generation has conic
into the theater since this comedy
was first brought out 17 years ago,
tn whom Mr. Warfield's creation' of
Simon Levi will appear in the light
of a novelty. But the older genera
tion remembers with affection, and
air wilt have the opportunity of en
joying through smiles and tears, the
reincarnation of the old Hester
street second-hand dealer and auc
tioneer, who grew ambitions,
branched out into the luxurious sur
roundings of a Lexington Avenue
home and then returned sadder and
wiser to the locality where he had
first made his fortune. The charm
of "The Auctioneer" has been and
always will be the sentiment woven
about the main character as por
trayed by David Warfield, for the
part and he are synoymous.
the work of John Hunter Booth,
author of "The Masquerader," and
is in three acts with its scenes laid
in Xew York and a suburb rear
At the Orphcum this week is a
show which is crowding the theater
at every performance, tins Edward;,
whose new song revue is the stellar
attraction, Has contributed more
than his share of successful popular
music. Into this,(act Has gnne the
cream of his musical gilts. In cast
ing the piece he has assembled a
company which comprises beauty
and ability. Oiga Cook is the
charming prima donna. Her vocal
gifts particularly pleased the big
society night audience of last eve
ning. No one on the bill scores a
bigger popular hit than the singer
of character songs, Bessie Brown
ing. She is a comedienne of
marked abilitv.
It is not easy to put into
words the charm of "Maytime"
which is now being played at the
Boyd by an excellent company. It
has a delicious quaintness that can
not miss in its appeal to all. The
pictures it gives of bygone days and
manners are accurate and valuable
for this reason, and are the more en
joyable and worthy. To all this
must be addcJ the beauty of the
music, the allurement of the dance,
and the joy of youth that pervades
the whole.
Richard Walton Tully's new pro
duction, the merry comedy, "Keep
Her Smiling," with Mr. and Mrs.
Sidney Drew in the stellar roles,
will be the attraction at the Boyd
theater three days beginning next
Monday night, with matinee Wed
nesday. Mr. Drew plays a character
similar to those in which he has
made so great a success in the pic
ture field and never has Mrs. Drew's
beauty and winsome charm been dis
played to better advantage than in
this return to the legitimate speak
ing stage. "Keep Her Smiling" is
Any mortal who comes to Omaha
to take in the wonderful auto show
at the Auditorium , who does not
complete' his er her trip to Omaha
by spending an afternoon or eve
ning at the Gayety ."garage," where
"The Auto Girls" burlesquers are
playing to absolute capacity, is
missing one of the most novel and
enjoyable possibilities the city of
fers. The Gayety theater has never
housed larger crowds than now, so
if you have any choice of seats, go
to the theater and obtain your seats
for any evening performance, any
time after 10 a. m. Matinee daily
all week, at 2:15, same performance
as at night.
An attractive bill greets the auto
show visitors this week at the
Empress theater. A feature of the
program is the comedy playlet
"Off With the Old Love," presented
by a cast of artists who are compe
tent actors, including G. Swayne
Gordon, who takes the leading role.
An act which meets with a great
deal of applause is the singing, taik
ing and dancing act offered by
Mowatt and Mullen. Exclusive Jap
anese feats of ground tumbling and
balancing 'stunts are featured by
the Kimiwa Trio, billed as Nippon's
foremost equilibrists.
Brief City News
.THF1TQ .WAV. . Pnii. TODAY. "
On the Screen Today.
I.OTHROP 24th and Lothrop
HAMILTON 40th and Hamilton
ORI'HEUM South Side, 24th and M
GRAND 16th and Blnnny MAURICE
HOI LEVARI) 33d and Leavenworth
AS wholesome and refreshing as
a mountain breeze on a
Lead Flashes from Filmland
folded in the picturization of Harold
Bell Wright's celebrated novel of
"The Shepherd of the Hills," which
comes to the Brandeis for a return
engagement on Thursday.
In its heart-warming fashion it
tells of the stranger who comes
to the little community for the more
pretentious life and how from a
simple tender of sheep, he becomes
a shepherd of men. With such a
splendid subject matter as this, the
scenes follow each other in kaleid
oscopic variety, forming a picture
drama which is being viewed by
thousands of theatergoers with
wonder and intense interest.
Can an actress be so affected by
her own emotional work that she
can cry when she sees herself on
the screen?
Dorothy Phillips, star of "The
Heart of Humanity," which ap
pears at the Brandeis, Sunday, was
caught crying when she attended
the opening performance of che pic
ture in New York City. She was
asked to explain why she should
"It isn't my acting that affects
the," she declared as she wiped
away a tear. "It's the story. I be
lieve I forgot it was myself on the
screen. You see, an actress is sub
ject to her director. Of course, we
can't help but learn something of
the story, but it is only the director
who knows the entire details. He
places us within a certain scene and
tells us to smile, to walk, to cry,
or whatever the story calls for. The
characters are not a" the scenes.
Consequently, we have to wait un
til the picture is entirely completed
before we get the full worth of the
"An actress must have imagina
tion. That's why it is I forget I
am looking at myself. I see on the
screen only the characters I por
tray. It isn't egotism, I assure you.
I've cried more over Mrs. Mann's
work in the elderly mother role
than I have over my own." This
big production commences a week's
engagement Sunday.
BoyaJ Sweeper., Burgeaa-Oranden Co.
llave Root rrint It Beacon Tress.
Dr. Ij.'g. Ilorton has moved to 716
Braudeis theater building. D. 2047.
City I.onii Money to loan on
ehuk-p residence or business prop
erty. First Trust Company.
"Tlio Famous OUI Ago" soft
drink and lunch parlor reopened
today at 314 South Fourteenth St.
Your putronage solicited. Adv.
Dr. W. Douglas Burns has re
turned from the dental corps of the
army and resumed practice. 1 658
UrandeU Theater Bklg. Tyler 4i!lSW.
Dinner for Sliow Visitors The
:;uter Sales company will give a
dinner fur SO auto show visitors In
the Chamber of Commerce Tuesday
Messajro of Condolence A .mes
sage of condolence to Governor and
Mrs. McKelvie on the death of the
governor'!) mother, was sent by the
political and social srience depart
ment of the Omaha Woman's club.
Farewell for Pastor Rev. C. O.
Sahlstrom, pastor of the Swedish
KvanKelleal Free Mission church.
Twenty-seventh and Marcy streets,
who is leaving for Minneapolis soon,
will be Riven a farewell at the
church Wednesday evening.
Improvers to Meet The South
west Improvement club will hold its
regular monthly meeting at 832
South Twenty-fourth street, Wed
nesday evening at 8. City charter
acts before the legislature will re
ceive the attention of the club.
Hamilton Visits Council Presi
dent Hamilton of the street railway
company visited the city council
chamber Monday morning for the
first time since his succession to G.
W. Wattles' former position. Mr.
Hamilton will meet City Commis
sioner Butler this morning to
discuss the skip-stop question.
Kx-Soldlers Have Dance Em
ployes of the Nebraska & Iowa
Steel Tank company who enlisted for
the war were given a banquet and
dance Saturday night in Odd Fel
lows' hall, Twenty-sixth and Leav
enworth streets, by A. N. Eaton.
Fifty of the 62 men, who left the
service of the company to join the
army, were present and listened to
an eloquent address by Mr. Eaton.
Iiiterurhnn Truck Men .Afoot
State Hallway Commissioner Wilson
presided yesterday at a meeting of
local interurban truck men in an ef
fort to fix a standard rate for this
type of freight transportation. A
dozen truckmen from as many points
around Omaha offered their ideas.
A full report of the meeting was
taken and decision will be given
after study of the facts by the rail
way commission.
Acid Stomach! Meals Don't Fit!
Gases, Heartburn, Indigestion
Instantly! Stomach feels fine.
The moment Pape's Diapepsin
reaches, the sick, upset, sour stom
ach all distress ends.
You wonder what became of the1
indigestion, acidity, gases, flatuence,
heartburn, sour risings, dyspepsia.
Magic relief ! No waiting J
Eat without fear!
Costs little Any drug store.
Many Popular Home-from-War
Records in Columbia List
Xora Bayes sings for Columbia
records this month the popular
home-from-the-war ditty, "How
You Gonna Keep 'ftm Down on the
Farm away from Broadway away
from Harm After They've Seen
Paree?" She sings it as only Nora
Bayes could sing it, and on the oth
er side of the disc she is just as at
tractive in a different sort of home
coming song, "When Yankee
Doodle Sails Upon the Good Ship,
Home Sweet Home."
There are many laughs in Colum
bia records this month, and not a
few of them are found in a record
which deals with the humorous side
of service in the army and navy.
They are "Your Boy is on the Coal
Pile Now," sung by the always pop
ular Arthur Fields; and "Look What
My Boy Got in France," sung by
Irving Kaufman. - .
Earl Fuller's RectoryCovelty or
chestra has made a notable contri
bution to the month's new Colum
bL records in a double disc with
"Singapore," a medly fox-trot, on
one side, and "Out East," an Orien
tal fox-trot, oa the other.
Ich Away
We know of no .offerer from Eczema
who ever used the dmple wain D. O. D.
and did Dot feel Immediately that won
derfully calm, cool actuation that cornea
when the itch t. taken aw.jr. Tbi. aooth- '
Ins warn penetrate, the pores, fivinr
Instant relief from the ant distressing
.kin diseases. Aik o. about It today.
. Mc, Mc and Sl.oo.
Sherman & McConnell Drug Co.
Brown Your
Hair Viilh
Give the Natural Beauty of Your
Face a Chance.
Every woman know4 'that a prettsr face
lnaa its hemit.v U'Iiph frnmr1 hv IfnHpfl.
! gray, Btreaked or bleached hair, f Even
Tlr T Xf A p. , v . r i writiK'es ana iitmiM'.e. are not so aisneur-
lL lOUOn Jt Or Sftjn PiSea-SQ i in? freaked or faded hair. It is un-
most of all to yourself, to look older than
you really are.
Stop Itching Eczema
Never mind how often you have tried
and failed, you can stop burning, itching
eczema quickly by applying alittle zno
furnished by any druggist for35c Extra
large bottle, $1.00. Healing begins the
moment zemo is applied. In a short
time usually every trace of eczema,
tetter, pimples, rash, blackheads and
eimilar skin diseases will be removed.
For clearing the skin and making it
Vigorously healthy.alwaysuse zemo, the
penetrating, antisepticliquid. It is not a
greasy salve and it does not stain. When
others fail it is the one dependable
treatment for skin troubles of all kinds.
The E. W. Kose Co.. Cleveland, a
- , -
1 fihuA w J J
i.V KO ! .old in enrlnai pefc
age. only, Ilk picture above.
R.iiue all aasauttile.
Will bring you renewed
strength and vigor, infuse
new life and new energy into
your flagging, drooping body
whether exhausted from excessive
nervous strain undue physical ex
ertion or sickness.
The Great General Tonic
When Writing to Our
Advertisers Mention See
ing It in THE BEE.
It'. Easy Now to Have Beautiful Hair.
"Brownatone" will tint your streaked,
faded or bleached hair to any shade of rich,
soft brown, or glossy black if preferred,
and take ten years ort your look3.
"Brownatone" cannot be detected, will
not rub or wash off, is odorless, and
Absolutely Harrale...
This safe and harmless preparation is
used and endorsed by thousands of women
in business and in society.
Apply it yourself with comb or brush.
The results will delight you. Guaranteed
safe and free from lead, .ulphur, 's'lver,
mercury, line, aniline, or coal tar product..
Used for switches same as for growing
hair. Two colors: "Light to Medium
Brown" and "Dark Brown to Black." Two
sizes, 35c and II. 15, at all leading drug
gists. Get the genuine.
Trial Package Free.
If you write at once. Mail the coupon with
H'c to pay postage and parking, and we
will snj ym a tree trial package of
"Brownatone," with valuable booklet on
the eare of the hair. Mention shade de
sired when writing or purchasing. This
r'r.'e ! 1 :al bottle nut to be had at dealers,
but only by mail from us.
Mail Tbia Coupon Now.
The Kenton Pharmacal Co.,
443 Coppin Bldg., Covington. Ky.
Knclosed find 10 cents (to cover pos
tage and packing,) for Trial Package ot
Light to Medium Brown or
Park Brown to Black.
Mark Willi X shade uantvd and mall with
yotir f'lll nani'. ami H'l'ln"s.
Monday, March 10, 191 9-
-Phone Douglas 2100.
A elcome
To Auto Show
We extend a hearty
welcome to the visitors in
our city who are attend
ing the Auto Show.
They are cordially invited
to make use of the many con
veniences to be found in our
errent store, with a motto, the
"Greatest service to the great
est number."
It affords ; numerous inter
sting features and a visit to
the city would be incomplete
without a tour through its
many sections each and
every one filled with lovely
spring displays.
Of special interest to men is
the new
Lounging Room for
Located on the Fourth
Floor. Here men can rest,
smoke and read while waiting
for the wife or friends. The
room Is equipped with expert
barbers, manicurists and chi
Every visitor is individually
welcome to Burgess-Nash
We Are Featuring During This
Week a Special Display of
EXT in importance to the new car, and perhaps in the minds of the women
of first importance, are the new motor clothes for spring and summer wear.
Our ready-to-wear sections are showing the very latest in spring fashions.
Among the most pleasing are the
There is the cape, the kimono
sleeved top coats, and the belted
coats with straight line effects.
With the arrivals from New
York last week our stock re
sources are especially attractive.
Play an important part
Milady's spring wardrobe.
We feature an assortment cf
charming new spring suits at
' Thev include a variety of the
latest styles, with box or flare f '
back coats, semi-fitted and belted
styles. Braid bound, with tuxedo
collars and best effects. Every
suit lined.
Representing all that is new
for street, business or afternoon
wear. Prices range from
$16.50 to $150
The materials are serges, tric
otines, poiret twills, jerseys, pau
lette satin, taffet and combination.
in If,. WlAh ,- I
Burgess-Nash Co. Second Floor
An Extraordinary Offering of
Oxfords, Pumps and Slippers
A Price Much Less Than
Manufacturers9 Cost Today
THE footwear offered is the odd pairs, ends of lines
and small lots left on the manufacturers' floors
after their orders had been filled.
We bought them at a very
low price and offer them to
you at the same way.
Just an idea of what there
is :
Tan Russia calf pump.
Black kidskin calf pump..
Brown rui.ia calf pump..
Black kidskin pump.
Brown patent oxford.
Black patent calf oxford..
Not all sizes in every style nor all widths, but your
size and style to please you is here.
Burgess-Nash Co. Second Floor
Continuing for Tuesday Clearaway of
Drapery Material
Including odd lots and single pieces of drapery
Just an idea:
36-inch voiles and marquisettes at
23c yard.
Square meshed and figured nets
and madras at 35c a yard.
Assortment of figured Swisses re
duced to 25c.
Fancy white and ecru' voiles, re
duced to 40c.
Blue, green and brown madras
reduced to 50c.
Lace Curtain edges, 3 to 10c a
Tnnpstrv rnnfli rnvpra rpr1nrpr1 tn
$3.00. a
36-inch window shades, 2 yards long, 49c each. , j
50-inch plain and figured madras at $1.00. :
Double faced velour portieres, $12.50 pair.
Clearaway of odd pieces in the lamp and gift section,
priced from 25c up.
Burges.-Nash Co. Third Floor
A Very Special Sale ot
Muslin Underwear
In the Downstairs Store
PILES and piles of dainty white undermuslins,
mostly samples, that are priced exceedingly low
for Tuesday.
Muslin Gowns $1.00
Made of fine nainsook or muslin
daintily trimmed with lace or em
broidery. Night Gowns $U0
The material is nainsook, batiste or
muslin in kimono and empire effect.
Elaborately trimmed with lace and
embroidery insertion.
White Petticoats $1.49
Made of splendid quality of material
choice at $1.49.
Women's Bloomers 75c
Crepe, batiste and nainsook in
white or flesh, daintily trimmed in
lace or embroidery. Contrasting col
ored ribbon trimmings. Elastic knee
and fulled elastic top.
Muslin Drawers 50c
Wide or narrow knee, embroidery or lace trimmed.
Corset Covers 49c.
Dozens of styles to select from, elaborately trimmed with lace
and embroidery.
Envelope Chemise 69c
Fine nainsook with deep yoke effect of all-over embroidery
and lace. Ribbon run beading.
Burf.-Na.h Co. Downstair. Store.
for March are Here at
g'sa TrwF II ii i
il.-tii J J&rz&-y- , '
Simultaneously one store in many of the largest
cities of the country are today showing the above HY
ART model made of beautiful soft taffeta silk.
Not only are they of excellent quality, service
able and pretty, but very economically priced as well.
They are made with the perfect fitting Justo Top,
and really have the appearance of higher priced gar.
1 All because of a co-operative plan with a group
of the larger stores throughout the country to take the
entire output of the HY ART factories each month.
Making only two styles in such large quantities
and doing away with wholesale selling expense
means a good substantial saving to us, which we are
very glad to pass on to our patrons.
At the price, $3.85, we count them as the best
values that may be offered.
Bursett-Niash Co. Downstairs Stori.