Omaha daily bee. (Omaha [Neb.]) 187?-1922, March 06, 1919, Page 7, Image 7

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Brief City News
Royal lwpm, Burtess-Qreoden Co.
Have Root Print It Beacon Press.
Wins Popularity Contest Miss
trances Krlenbrlnk won the popu
larity contest at St. Rose church
" IT. W. Douglas Burns ha re
turned from the dental corps of the
army and resumed practice. 658
Erandeis Theater Bldg. Tyler 424SW,
Many Hullillnir Permits The ad
vent or March is
Annual Election of
Elks 'Lodge Officers
Will Be Held Fridav
John C. Barrett will be selected as
exalted ruler by Omaha lodge No.
39, B. P. O. E., Friday night, when
they hold their annual election and
meeting in the Elks home, 313 South
Fifteenth street. '
Charles R. Docherty will be se
brlneinar inaica- I i..j i j
Mom of a busy bu.MinK season. Per-1 TTn 1 "! ?" "
nate representative to the grand
years old, died Monday evening of
Influenza at her home, 2456 South
Twentieth street. She is survived
by her husband, Walter Kolancx, a
daughter, Frances, her mother, Mrs.
Frank. Morrel, and, three sisters and
one brother. The funeral was held
Wednesday at 2 p. m. In Korisko
Brothers' chapel and Interment in
the Bohemian cemetery.
' Born in Flattsburjc, Mo., he later
made his home in St. Joseph, Mo.,
and at one time was engaged In the
banking; business In Kansas, moving
to Omaha in 1890. For years he
conducted a cigar store at Fifteenth
and Dodge streets. He retired from
active business seen years ago.
Mr. Davis is survived by his
'widow, who was before her mar
riape Miss Harriet Green, and three
children, Mrs. Minnie O'Shaughnes
sv, Mrs, Grace Epworth and AVil
liam R. Davis, jr., all of Omaha.
' WIMJAM R. DAVIS, 72 years old,
retired business man and for. 29
ears a resident of Omaha, died
Wednesday morning at his home,
J.562 Harney street.
(J III f Hit ) .J '
mlta were issued Tuesday afternoon
l.v the city building department for
io new dwellings to cost 140,000.
Careys Have Spot You can have
your spots cieanea, pressed, altered
or repaired at Carey Cleaning Co.,
2401 No. 24th St., Web. S92. The
charge for cleaning is 35o only.
Zionists Rata $1,000 Although
there were only about 50 men and
women at the Zionist meeting Wed
nesday night in the synagogue at
Nineteenth and Burt streets, $1,000
was raised for the Palestine restora
tion fund.
Holds $700 Bond Money Samuel
Cohen, clerk at Central police court,
is carrying a fund of nearly $700
which represents bond money not
called for by persons who were dis
missed in court or otherwise were
disposed of.
Presented with a Shotgun Elmer
K. Phlvely. formerly connected with
the paawenser department of the
Union Pacific, Is leaving for Bread
water, Neb., where he will engage in
forming. Co-workers of Mr. Shive
ly presented him with a double-barrel,
breech-loading shotgun.
Will Join Husband Mrs. C. M.
Hyland, stenographer in County At
torney Shotwell's ofllce, will leave
Saturday for Carlisle. Pa., where
hor husband, Dr. Hyland, of the
army, has been placed in charge of
the laboratory of the general army
hospital established at the CarlfRle
, Indian school. She will be succeeded
as stenographer by Miss Nora
Mother Recks Son Sheriff Clark
' has been asked by Mrs. C. L. Por
ter, 250R Ames avenue to find her
son, 19 years old, and tell him to
hurry home. Mrs. Porter is very
sick at Immanuel hospital. The son
was heard of Inst in December when
he was working for the street rail
way company in Kansas City.
Open Sub-Stations There will bo
several branches and sub-stations of
the Omaha army recruiting station.
Four men have been sent from Oma
ha to open sub-stations in the fol
lowing cities: Sergt. F. Halls, Sioux
City, la.: Sergt. Joe Weir, Fort
Dodge, la.; Sergt. C. H. Booth,
Mason City, la.
Dog; Wants Horn An attractive
' ' cocker spaniel dog, about 8 months
old. .wants a home. The animal is
being cared for by City Veterinarian
Hall at his canine hospital. 2 8 58
Farnam street. The dog suffered a
slight leg injury and found its way
Into the shorthand school in the
Omaha National Bunk building. The
humane officers were notified and
Dr. Hall responded. The dog may
be adopted by someone who will
promise to, give it a good home,
unless the' rightful" owner should
claim it.
Sam t Burns Heads Victory
Loan Drive Organization
Sam Burns will head the local or
ganization (or the victory loan
' drive opening April 21. Harvey
Milliken will serve as secretary
treasurer; Fred Cuscadcn, chairman
of supplies, information and ad
justment; A. A. Allwine, account
ing, Kay Young, speakers; Arthur
Thomas, publicity; Leo Borcllc, ad
vertising, stunts and paradejf
Majors of divisions will be T. I-.
Davis,, Guy Cramer, C. O. Tal
madge with George Gibbs for the
South Side. W. B. Cheek will have
charge of the packing houses, and
William H. Wood the Live Stock
W. J, Coad heads the central com
mittee and J. H. MithentheDoug
las county organization.
Omaha Italians Praise
Efforts of the President
President Wilson was praised for
his efforts in behalf of humanity
and urged to protect Italy's claims
the Adriatic in a telegram sent
from Omaha yesterday by a com
mittee representing 200 members of
the Christopher Columbus Mutual
Benefit society.
This action was taken following
the "unanimous sentiment expressed
at the regular monthly meeting, of
the society last night. The message
was signed bySalvatore Pisci, Bia
gio Cardcllo, Garmelo Falcone and
Caniglia Goetono.
The other officers will be Willis G.
Sears, esteemed leading knight; Ot
to Nielson, esteemed loyal knight;
Walter C. Nelson, esteemed lectur
ing knight; Isaac W. Miner, secre
tary; Charles L. Saunders, treasurer;
E. F. Brailej, trustee, and John H.
Killian, tiler. ' ,
Martin Sugar-man Family to
Spend Few Weeks in Florida
Mr. and Mrs. Martin L. Sugar
man and children will leave in the
next day or so for Palm Beach, Fla.,
for a week's stay. They expect to
visit several Florida, winter resorts
and other southern points before re
turning home. Mr, Sugarman says
he can now take a well earned rest
in view of the fact that his brother,
Lieut. George Sugarman, has re
turned from the navy and can handle
his law business while he is away.
Cut Me Out
and mail me to Carey Cleaning- Cn
2401 No. 24th St. Web. 692, (Dept.
'B.), with your name and address and
I will bring you free a smu'l vest
pocket or puree aize, "Guide to
Omaha," containing a Street Directory,
1919 calendar card and s bujineis block
Wouldn't Take All Money in
Universe for Good
It Did Him.
Everybody in Jacksonville, Fla.,
either knows or has heard of Engi
neer Chas. J. Weeks, who runs the
Seaboard Air Line fast train "Fox"
between Jacksonville and Tampa.
Mr. Weeks bears the distinction of
being the second oldest engineer in
point of service with his foad, hav
ing been with the company thirty
five years. He is a man of very
temperate habits, few words and
strong' convictions. According to
his 6wn statement he has never
taken a drink or used tobacco in any
form. He not only has a splendid
record for efficiency as a railroad
man, but is held in the very highest
esteem by his fellow citizens in Jack
sonville. "I've gained twenty pounds on
seven bottles of Tanlac and feel as
well and happy as I did when a
boy," said Mr. Weeks to the Tanlac
representative who had called by
special invitation at his attractive
residence, 2139 Lydia Street, for his
statement a few days ago.'
"For twenty years I suffered
with nervous indigestion of the
worst sort," he continued, "and at
times during the past fifteen years
I didn't think I would last much
loneer. To tell you the truth, I fi
nally reached the point where I
didn't much care whether I lived or
"After eating I would have so
much gas on my stomach and would
get so puffed up I could hardly
fasten my clothes on. My food
would sour and curdle, and I would
have heartburn so bad I would feel
like a piece of hot iron was laying
in my stomach, and the pains were
simply awful. To tell you the truth,
I just don't know how I lived. I
could eat no meats or sweets of any
kind, and for days I would have to
live almost entirely on bread and
water. God only knows how I suf
fered. I just can't describe it. The
pains around my heart and the pal
pitation were 'so intense I thoueht
at times I must have heart trouble.
I couldn't find anything to relieve
my troubles, although I tried hard.
"Tanlac was so highly recom
mended to me that I bought a bot
tle and cannot express in words how
grateful I feel for the good it has
done me. Just think of it a few
bottles of this medicine has made me
feel better than I have in fifteen
years it seems almost unbelievable,
but it's the plain, simple truth. I
can now eat anything placed before
me, and everything agrees with me
perfectly, and. I enjoy my sleep as
much as a child, and I'm feeling just
fine in every way. J feel so nimble
I think I could hold a good runner
a tieht foot-race.
"Tanlac has entirely relieved me
of the things that troubled me so
long, and I just don't know how to
express my gratitude. I wouldn't
be in the same shape I was in before
forfait the money in the universe.
"If anybody doubts my statement
you can just telr them to write me
a personal letter and I'll answer it.
I'll be only too glad to have the op
portunity of telling them what this
great medicine has done for me."
- Tanlac is sold in Omaha by all
Sherman & McConnell Drug Com
pany's stores, Harvard Pharmacy
and West End Pharmacy. Also For
rest and Meany Drug Company in
South Omaha and the leading drug
gist in each city and town through
out the state of Nebraska. Adv.
Hundreds of thousands are
afflicted with irregularities of
the Kidneys, urinary passage
and bladder. s Thousands have
found true comfort and benefit
using Balmwort Kidney Tablets,
sold by all druggists. Mrs.
Frank Monehan, 1519 Penrose
St., St. Louis, writes: "I tm
taking Balmwort Kidney Tab
lets and must say they are the
finest thing on the marketand
I feel I could not live if I had
to be "without them."
Ask Mr. Foster
for information about
California, Florida, etc.
No charge.
Main Floor Balcony.
Wednesday, March 5, 1919-
For Men
Lounging room and
splendidly appointed
barber shop.
Fourth Flow.
Phone D. 2100.
A Remarkable Purchase and Sale of Smart, New
Involving the Season's Cleverest Ideas for Present and Early Spring
Wear at Prices That Are Extremely Low. Three Groups: .
GOOD things come to him who goes after them is twisting an old saw
slightly, but that's what our millinery representative did, with the result
that he secured through several purchases the most charming assortment of
trimmed hats we've ever shown at such low prices. Hats that will appeal to
everyone at '
Savings of 4 to in Many Instances
The materials are lisere straw, Milans, real hair, and Jap straws in black anJ almost every
imaginable color. Newest shapes. Hats trimmed with paradise
Every que brand new, no two alike, and every one a wonderful value'. Three groups, at $5.00, $7.50 and $10.00.
Burtres-Nh Co. SeeonJ Floor '
Continuing for Thursday, the
Vi N 77
in the
Turkish Towels
Bleached Turkish Towels, size
18x34 inches. A fine quality of
heavy weight, specially priced
at 19e each or 6 for $1.00.
Burfwi-Nuh Co. Downatalri Stort.
39-Inch Unbleached
One big lot of 39-inch un
bleached muslin, a good quality
for sheets, cases, etc. At the
extremely low price of 19c yard.
Burfeaa-Naah Co. Downstairs Stare.
v m
Women's and Misses , Mina Taylor
Bungalow Aprons
They are made by the manufacturer of
this well-known brand of 'aprons and
(Jresses, but are the samples used for" tak
ing orders, and we offer them for Thurs
day at about half the usual. Made 'of
percale in light and dark colors, big va
riety of patterns. Very special at $1.93.
Burgen-Nash Co. Downstairs Store.
Reductions on Women's
Silk Kimonos
A wonderful array of colors in
plain or dainty floral ' effects.
Trimmed in contrasting colored
satins. ,
Crepe Kimonos $1.95
Women's Dainty Kimonos mad(
of Japanese crepe in dainty floral
designs. Very specially priced.
Burfsss-Nasb Co. Downstairs Store.
7-Inch Dress,
27-inch dreBs chambray, lifht
and dark blue, pink, gray and
tan, suitable for women's
dresses and children's dresses,
etc. Very special at 1016 c a yd.
Bur(esa-Nash Co. Downstairs 5 tore.
Yards and Yards
of Challies
Best quality 36-inch Passaic
cotton challies for comfort cov
erings, kimonos, etc. In a won
derful lot of new patterns for
your selection. In this sale
priced at 16 c per yard.
Burfass-Nash Co. Downstairs Store.
$U5 Each
Bleached table damask lengths
of heavy weight and splendid
quality. The lengths come in
different patterns and are sizes
64x64 inches, much less than
egular at $1.05 per length.
Buress-Nah Co. Downstairs Store.
Pillow Cases
42x3 6-inch pillow"
cases with wide
hem, for this sale
have been priced
at 29c each, which
is very special.
Burfess-Nash Co. Downstair Storo
Women s Bloomers
Made of tub satin
and witchery crepe,
with full elastic top,
knee length, with
lace ruffle or cuff.
Burgoss-Nash Co. Downstair Store.
Muslin Petticoats
Innumerable '
styles with
flounces of M
lace and em
broidery. . J. :
Bursu.Nsih Co. DowMtafra Store. -
Crepe de Chine
Made of crepe de
chine ' and satin
trimmed with lace,
hand embroidered
motifs and ribbon. '
Burges-Nah Co. Downstair Store
27-Inch Dress
Aurora dress ginghams in a
beautiful lot of plaids, includ
ing small checks, plain Colors,
etc. Special at 27c yard. .
Biu-ftss-Nash Co. Downstair Store.
'i" r i.
Men'sNeckwearin the
Downstairs Store at
Brand new, spic and span four-in-hands
in pretty spring colorings and
designs. Narrow; straight, medium
straight and wide flowing ends. The
materials are silk fibres, poplins and
real silks. Every tie standard cut,"
slip easy, stitched band. The values
are most extreme at l$c each.
Burf es-Nash Co. Downstairs Store. '
Children's Hose
Boys' and girls'"1
Black Cotton fr
Hose, seamless ;
various weights
in the lot.
Burg-ess-Nash Co. Downstair Store
Wool Dress Goods
Plain shades, suit-
able for dresses
and skirts; serges, m g
plain and check '
granite, etc., navy TTtt
blue and black,
49e yard. .
Burcess-Naab. Co. Downstair Store
Envelope Chemise
Sheer Nainsook,!
daintily tfimmed
in lace or em
broidery inser
tion, ribbon run
Bsrgen-Ntih Ce. Dowattalrt Stars.
Nainsook Gowns
Dozens of styles
to select from
in empire, chem
ise, slip-on and
kimono effects,
trimmed with
embroidery and
BuriMi-Niilt Co. Dowaitfln Store.
99 c
Remarkable Sale of
Children's Dresses
At 39cy 3 tor $1.00
A special selection of dresses made of
light and dark percales, medium colored
backgrounds, with pretty checks, stripes
and plain colors. Sizes 6 to 12 years. Spe
cial at 39c tach, or 3 for $1.00.
At $1.59,
2 for $3. 00
This lot includes gingham, chambray
and galatea dresses in smocked, belted and
Norfolk styles.
They come in sizes from 7 to 14 years.
Priced special at $1.59 each, or 2 for
Burgesa-Naih Co. Downstair Store.