Omaha daily bee. (Omaha [Neb.]) 187?-1922, March 06, 1919, Image 4

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Hurry, Mother! Remove poi
sons from little stomach,
liver, boWels.
Give "California Syrup of
Figs" at once if bilious ot
Look at the tongue, mother! If
coated, it is a sure sign that your
little one's stomach, liver and bow
els need a gentle, thorough cleans
ing at once. t
' When peevish, cross, listless, pale,
doesn't sleep, doesn't eat or act nat
urally, or is feverish, stomach sour,
breath bad; has stomach-ache, sore
throat, diarrhoea, full of cold, give
a teaspoonful of "California Syrup
, of FigS," and in a few hours all the
foul, constipated waste, undigested
food and sour bile gently moves out
. of the little bowels without griping,
I and you have a well, playful child
i again.
You needn't coax sick children to
take this 'harmless "fruit laxative";
1 they love its delicious taste, and it
always makes them feel splendid.
'Ask your druggist for a bottle of
"California Syrup of Figs," which
has directions for babies, children
J!of all ages and for grown-ups plain
ly on the bottle. Beware of counter
feits sold here. To be sure you get
ilthe genuine, ask to see that it is
!;made by the "California Fig Syrup
-Company. . Refuse any other kind
with contempt. Adv.
annoying; and harmful. Kelieve throai
. irritation, tickling and get rid of cough, ,
folds and hoarseness at once by taking
Nervoui, Worn-Out Men and
Women Need the Rejuvenat
ing Effect of 3-Grain
Cadomene Tablet.
j Is a. La-y Mm a Sick Man?
i There ara two kinds of laziness
i ntal and physical. In either ca&e,
-i condition can be corrected. That
'ed feeling do you know what it
sns? It means that you are sick
at bodfast but sick and not
ht as you should be.
'So one enjoying the best of
Uh can be lazy with that tired,
n-out fading. The nerves, the
nach, the digestive tract, the
vd-flow are all suffering. Fatal
tse arises from a neglect of such
toms. Cadomene Tablets will
rid , you of these distressing
toms. They are guaranteed to
or money back so why delay
;ment? Begin at once by going
iur druggist for a tube. Head
j languor, backache, nervous
' despondency, and lack f en
:md vitality vanish under this
, rful tonic treatment. Sold by
''.ggists. Adv.
paid So Young
Itchmq with
Cuticura Ointment
Shampoo With Cation Soap
, VW gtttp. yiBlcHnl, rtlcuM spa, m
' Plain Bitro-Phoephate te
urn, Healthy Flesh and to
ne Strength, Vigor and
Nerve Force.
om the countless preparations
ts which are continually be
A for the purpose ot making
Meshy, developing arms, neck
I replacing ugly hollows and
, aneles by the
v soft curved
lines of
health and
beauty, there
are evidently
mousanas o i
men and wom
en who keenly
feel their ex
cessive thin
ness. Thinness
1 ire usually
due to starved
nerves. Our
bodies need
more phos
phate than is
contained i n
modern foods.
Phys i e i a n s
clnim there is
supply this deficiency so
tranic phosphate known
as bitro-pnosphate, which
rl is sold by Sherman It
ha and most all druRRiste
if satisfaction or money
the nerves directly and
oriy cells with the nec
iood elements, bitro
produces a welcome
ihe appearance: the in
frequently being aston-
we-ffht also carries with
v,ment in the health.
- srieas and lack of en
alys accompany- ex-
n .iitspprar, dull eyes
tie cheeks glow with
hfalih. Miks Georgia
nre thin and frail, re-
rienoe, writes : "lii-
. oueht about a magic
me. i (famed 15
ih bitro-phtMphate
'):.fvinfe: nerfousness,
n..-al weakness, it
remarkable flesh
'jeri by anyone who
on flesh. Adv.
V.V ft
Action Filed in District Court
Here Against North Ameri
can Concern; Allege Af
fairs Are Mismanaged.
A petition asking a receivership
for the North American Hotel -company
was filed yesterday in district
court by Henry C. Leseberg and
Ellsworth 'A. Bullock. The former
is the owner of 10 shares and the
latter of 30 shares of the preferred
stock in the company.
They charge that the affairs of the
company hav been mismanaged to
the benefit of the Bankers' Realty
Investment company and the Slack
stone Holding company.
These two corporations are also
included among the defendants nam
ed, as are also Peter Elvad, presi
dent; Frederick J. " Wearne, vice
president; Fred C. Haver, secretary;
Albert Krug, F. W. Fitzpatrick and
Isador Ziegler, directors of the
Bankers' Realty Investment com
pany. Also included are Edward
V. Exley, president; Arthur W.
Gross, vice 'president; Iver L. Essen,
secretary; Jessie Newton and Clem
Kimball, directors of the North
American Hotel company.
Accounting is Asked.
An accounting is asked of the
transactions between the North
American . Hotel company and the
other two corporations and payment
is asked by the other two corpora
tions to the. North American Hotel
company of any funds discovered
to have been wrongfully received or
An accounting is also asked be
tween the officers of the North
American Hotel company and the
officers of the Bankers' Realty In
vestment company. .'
The petition states that the North
American Hotel company has $200;
000 of common stock and $3,000,000
of preferred stock and that the
Bankers' Realty Investment com
pany has $100,000 of common stock
and $1,500,000 preferred stock. The
preferred stock in both corporations
has no voting rights, it is said.
Say Elected Himself Head.
The petition alleges that Peter
Elvad has owned a majority of the
common stock in all three corpora
tions mentioned and by this means
has elected himself president and
director and appointed all other di
rectors and officers. It is alleged that
"he and the officers elected .by him
have combined totrether to control
and manipulate the business in their
own interests andto the disadvan
tage of the preferred stockholders
of the North American Hotel com
pany. One of the acts alleged to have
been committed in misusing the as
sets of the North American Hotel
company is the sale of the Black
stone hotel property, Thirty-sixth
and Farnam streets, to the North
American Hotel company in De
cember, 1917, for $997,960. The pe
tition charges that this ..was "at
least. $650,000 in excess of its value"
and that the hotel has been oper
ated at a loss since thatnime.
Allege Company Insolvent.
The petition states that the de
fendants disposed of the funds of
the North American Hotel company
to such an extent that it is now in
solvent and has a large amount of
indebtedness. .The company, it is
stated, constructed a hotel at Hart
ington, Neb., costing $100,000, and
ha other hotels in various parts of
Nebraska in various stages of com
pletion. It is charged that the contracts
in all cases were let to the Bankers
Realty Investment company with
out asking for other bids and that
the North American Hotel company
was thus compelled to pay prices
much too high. The $3,000,000 pro
duced by the sale of the preferred
stock, it is stated, would have been
enough to complete all the hotels
if properly spent.
The State Railway commission, it
is stated, has refused to allow the
stock of the North American Hotel
company to continue to be sold.
The attorneys for the' plaintiffs'
are Stewart & Stewart of Lincoln
and Stout, Rose & Wells of Omaha.
Similar to Other Suit.
, Representatives of the defendants
when asked about the suit yester
day declared they did not care to
enter into a lengthy discussion of
the case inasmuch as the suit was
merely a "re-hash" of one filed last
Saturday at Lincoln with the addi
tion of one plaintiff. At that time
Peter Elvad, president of the Bank
ers' Realty Investment company
authorized the following statement,:
"This is nothing more or less than
the work of a pealous, envious
would-be rival. It has been tried
before, and we have been aware at
various times of covert attempts to
injure the( company by means of
slander and misrepresentation.
"It am thankful to b able to say
with assurance that the allegations
made are unwarranted, utterly mis
leading and with absolutely no foun
dation in fact. This is all we deem
necessary to say at this time."
Admiral Oman to Be Named
: Governor of Virgin Islands
Washington, March 5. Read Ad
miral Joseph W. Oman is to be
appointed governor of the Virgin is
lands. A Valls! Resistance
Emphasis should be placed upon
the conservation of strength and
the building up of a strong wall
of resistance against weakness.
is used regularly by many, right
through the winter, as a depend
able means of conservingstrength.
SootVs offers rich nourish-
ment with tonic-qualities that l!
re great in their ability to
sirengincn tne body and la- nil
It was almost midnight when For
rester finally found his opportunity
in the thinning crowd,
"I've been waiting to see you," he
began in a low voice. i
"Be careful," she said in warning,
"and don't show so much in your
face; others are looking."
She hesitated, searching a mo
ment in the crowd" with an uncase
which she hid behind her fan, before
taking his arm and moving down to
the summerhouse that jutted over
the water. From the first look into
his eyes she had guessed, not what
news he brought ( her, but that the
inevitable moment had come when
she would have to set him right, re
adjust him to her own changed ca
prices. She did not like these,, inev
itable moments of reckoning, that
always ileft their little sting. She
would Have avoided explanations al
together, only she was afraid of the
crudity of his nature, afraid of the
social blunders he might 'commit.
"Well, now for it!" she said to
herself, summoning up all her wits.
After all, he was a man, and could
be handled like others, without ruf
fling her moral coiffure. Distressing
scenes were so mussing and she
had Jhe feline need of appearing
neat in her own eyes and in the
"At last!" he began precipitately.
"Be careful, Andrew," she said
in warning, "voices carry over the
water. It's rather imprudent."
"There has a been a good deal of
talk about us."
He broke in, sweeping aside triv
ialties. "Well, it's done; we separate and
divorce!" v
"I I didn't believe she would,"
she said slowly. This complicated
the situation decidedly.
"She has and I admit it she's
been very decent. Well, you can un
derstand what this means to me."
She felt the demand that was com
ing, and sought desperately to turn
it. She had Ions; ago realized her
true feelings, as she always did
after a little pardonable self-deception
in the first delights 'of a new
adventure. She was not insensible
to the electric quality of his vitality
and stubborn strength. Free, she
might have married him. The trouble
was that she hadj adopted an atti
tude toward him tnat she had found
a constant effort 1 to maintain the
attitude of the maternal, ministering
woman. Frankly, it bored her now.
Curiously enough, when she exam
ined herself dispassionately, she ad
mitted with a laugh" that, of the two,
it was Amy who was necessary to
The game had interested her.
Now that she had won, all her sym
pathy was with Amy the sympathy
of one woman of the world toward
another. That Amy had taken it so
to heart weighed on her consc:ence.
She had revenged herself for Amy's
trespassing, and now she felt kindly
disposed. Then she missed her; she
was sympathetic, a good companion,
a truly intimate friend and intimate
friends are rarer than adorers, and
harder to replace.
"You have suffered a great deal,"
she said mechanically, still seeking
her attitude. "I am glad very glad,
for your sake!"
1 "The last weeks haye been hide
ous. felt1 everything I did was a
lie; .Well, the thing .is cleared up.
I've not said anything to you until I
knew I had the right, Irma. I respect
you too much, but,-well 1 guess we
both understand 1 Now, I"want you
to end this hell you've Been living
in!" '
"How do you mean?" she said
faintly. 4 .
' "Leave your husband and start a
new life. The rest is easy. There
isn't a court in the world would re
fuse you a divorce!''
"Divorce!" she cried, go surprised
that she blurted out the truth. "Oh,
never! I couldn't do that!"
City Threatens Mandamus if
Street Railway Co. Fails
- 'to Put More Cars" on
South Side.
President Frank T. Hamilton of
the street railway company is be
ginning to realize that his new posi
tion is not ali sugar plums.
Mayor Ed P. Smith has conferred
with Corporation ? Counsel W. C.
Lambert on the mattes of going
into district court to obtain a man
damus to require the traction com
To Buyers: We have for sale over 18,000,000 pounds
potatoes, U. S. 1 Grade. Order cancelled by- GOV
ERNMENT. Includes genuine RED RIVER Ohio Seed."
' Also finest Minnesota, Wisconsin, Michigan, Colorado
. and Idaho .varieties. ' If in need of potatoes seed or
table stock SEE US. We sell at correct market vak
ues, prices based on supply and demand. -
. ....
"(Copyright, 1918, by Little. Brown ft -.)
He stopped point blank, not be
lieving his ears.
"I can't I can't!" she cried, re
coiling as though she were clearing'
her dirty skirts from the filth of a
threatening scoundrel. "I never
thought of such a thing!
In the darkness she felt that he
was staring at her, so still that she
could not even hear the taking of his
breath. Alarmed at this ominous
silence, she laid her hand on his arm.
"But. Andrew, why? What made
you believe that? I never thought of
such a thing I never said a word
Still he made no answer.
"He is suffering," she thought, and
her emotions inclined her to nitv.
.She would have the tooth out and
the consolation afterward. If wc
were free, both free, today, of
course I'd marry you you know
that. But that's not the point!"
"What is the point?" he said
"Why, other things. We arc not
living in a prairie. There are my
friends my position in society
what people would say.
"Does that mean anything to
"Yes, of course everything."
He put his head down into his
hands and began to laugh a laugh
that made her shudder at the nudity
of her soul which she had exposed to
"Listen, Andrew," she said, plead
ing against this silent arraignment.
"Don't think I don't care. I never
meant to do you harm. I'm weak,
perhaps but that's what Iam. I am
what my surroundings have made
me; I can't be different."
"And I am a parvenu," he said
"No. no," she protested. ' "You are
much finer than I am, than we all
are. And then and then" she said
incoherently, "there are the children-"
"Of .course, the children' he said
"Oh. Andrew, don't be angry frith
me. I can't help it if I am as I am
If you despise me I don't know how
I shall ko on. You don't know you
don't know what it is. You can't
understand. You force me to say
what is terrible what' I hoped you'd
spare me "
"And what is that?" he said, in the
tone of a prosecuting attorney.
She hesitated a long moment,, and
then she laid her hand over his.
"Wait!" she said in a tragic whis
per. "It'll only be a short time now."
He looked at her and saw her as
she was. She felt again the baring
of her soul before him, and she
struggled to hide behind the cloak of
"It's terrible, what I've said; but.
that I've been willing to say" it
should convince you "
"Of what?"
"That I care," she said in a low
voice. All I ask is to be protected.
Do this as a man of the world would
do it, Andrew, and all will come out
in the end " ,
"I see." . !
She breathed a sigh of relief, as
suring herself that sh had con
vinced him. "
"You are such a child in worldly
matters, Andrew," she said softly.
"A man can stand up against slan
der. But think what it would mean to
me just at present to have my name
dragged through the mud."
"And, of course the children," he
She drew back,, started to speak,
and stopped. ,
At this moment, outside on the
gravel path they heard a crunching
sound. ,. '
"Say something talk to me " she
whispered. -
"Despite which," he said, raising
his voice, "I am certain that England
cannot stand quietly by and"
"Hello, is that 'you, Rudy?" said
Irma, breaking in. "I'm here with
The steps came to them, and in the
blurrffd light a short figure loomed
pany to put on more street cars
during the early morning hours for
the packing house service, south of
Vinton street.
Mayor Relates Investigation. ,
"The trouble is that many work
ers who live in the vicinity of Twenty-fourth
and Vinton streets, and
even south of that intersection, find
the early morning cars crowded,
and the result is that many have to
wait so long that they are late to
work," , the mayor explained. "I
have ben receiving many com
plaints against this service and I
went down there on two mornings
and reviewed the situation myself.
It may be that we will find that the
State Railway commission should
order this improved service, but if
we can do it by mandamus we in
tend to go ahead."
City Commissioner D. B. Butler
has written to the new president of
the streef railway company asking
that the skip-stop system be abol
ished. I '
1015 Howard St.
M.AUi.ii u, liny.
Owen Johnson's Sparkling So
ciety Novel, which il making
aucb ' sa hit in tha movies.
in the entrance to the summer
house. "Are you ready to go home now,
Irma?'' said her husband, and the
voice that reached them quavered
unsteadily. ,
"Goodness,' no! So early?" she
cried, jumping up. "Don't worry. An
drew's here. He'll take me home;
you needn't wait, dear."
. Andrew Forrester stood up.
"You'll have to excuse me," he
said. "I'm off early tomorrow.. "I'm
turning in now myself."
For a moment no one spoke. Had
she dared she would have touched
his arm in mute entreaty.
' "Well," she said at length, in a
tirefd voice, "if every one's going, I
suppose I might as well. ' Is the
launch here, Rudy?"
"Yes here," he said thickly.
"We can put Andrew down at his
wharf." .
"Thanks, my car is here. No need
to trouble you,''- he said obstinately.
They had left the summer-house,
making for the lanterns of the land
ing. She delayed purposely, letting
her husband pass ahead.
"Do come," she said quickly. "I'm
afraid of him lately terribly
"I think you "worry unnecessarily
about Rudy," he said slowl.
She stopped and caught his sleeve
in the darkness.
"You hate me, don't you?"
He made no answer.
"I wish I were different," she said
plaintively. "I wish I wish it could
have gone on just as we were,
without anyone knowning "
"Don't!" he cut in harshly.
"I must see you!"
"Why?" he answered, with a
shrug of his shoulders.
"You don't understand."
"The trouble is, I do understand
too much!" ' ,
They were at the launch now.
There was nothing for her to do but
to accept his hand and get in.
"Not coming?" said Dellabarre
from the stern.
"No, thank you," he said loudly.
"Good night, Irma. Good night,
"Goodby, Forrester!"
1 lie nusuduu vuilc diyut ,vuv,
and the note of rising excitement
made him stop short: He turned back
uneasily. Was Dellabarre really
worse than usual.'' Irma nad nan
risen from her seat.
"Rudy it's awfully rough! Do you
think we're safc?"
"Sit down!"
The command rang out. The
water widened between the boat and
the dock. The motor spun and began
its chugging iteration, lhe next
moment the curtain of the night
dropped between them. Forrester
stood listening. He neara again
Irma's voice in pleading, once,
twice, more faintly. Then the chug
ging -of the motor dwindled away.
He called up his car and went di-
rectlv home Greeorv was up, wait
ing, and in his hand a letter which he
seemed to have been noicnng oerore
him for hours.
Mrs. Forrester, sir," he , said.
stammering. .
"Well, what?"
"Mrs. Forrester leftwas called
suddenly to town She said I was to
give this letter to you." 1
"All right, Gregory," he "said gent
ly. "Give it to me and don't worry.
I know all about it."
He took the letter and went up to
his room. .
I "I know wTiat that means'' he said
He sat down and opened the let
ter. "Andrew I have chosen this fay.
1 am leaving openly, so that you can
have your divorce for desertion. It
is only right for it's been my fault.
Do try to think a little kindly of me
if you can and be careful do be
careful what you do now. You have
the right to be happy. AMY." ,
(Continued Tomorrow.)
King of Serbia to Retire
in Favor of Prince Regent
Rome, March 5. King ;Peter of
Serbia soon will retire in favor of
Prince Regent Alexander, according
to a Fiume dispatch to the Idea
Nazionala, quoting advices . from
Bic from Eczema
"I went ta Jehni Hopklnt HorolUI. I
went to feverel doctort. I tried other
- remediee. I thought I would dla.D.D.O.
. cured me after I had la up til bpe
to eer tat well again on earth. Mr. '
Emma Wiee, W Franklin St, Baltimore.
Fe oureelree hare torn 0. 8. D. heal eo man
Cei of eevera-ekia trouble that we know it
Will help co too. in fact w ruaraotee the
rat bottle. Mc, Wc and 11.00.
Lotlonior Dlscaso
Sherman A McConne 1 Urug t,o.
dci iapi i:
rrrcx ,
DuPont's Millions Being Spent
in Creating New Chemical
DiscoveriesrYear to See
. Big Exports.
New York. A world-wide dye
and chemical trade for the n?v
American industry created out of
the necessities of the war, that will
offer opportunities for the employ
ment of new workers, is looked for
by the men who have built the new
industry. i
Before the war Germany had a
practical monopoly. There were
but seven American firms manufac
turing dyes from imported German
materials. Now we are satisfying
our own needs and exporting about
$20,000,000 worth of dyestuffs and
chemicals annually to the allies. It
is estimated that next vear we w'll
export approximately $30,000,000 of
dyes and chemicals and thereafter
the trade will advance by leaps.
Millions Back New Industry.
Behind this newly born industry
stand the biggest - capitalists in
America. All of . the Du Pont mil
lions are being spent in developing
this industry. w;hich it is planned to
extend until American dyes and
chemicals supply the world.
At the moment there are 200 firms
in this country manufacturing dyes
and chemicals, and these employ ap
proximately 30,000 workers, of whom
at least 18,000- lack technical train
ing. There is about $1,000,000,000
already sunk in the new industry.
One expert here points out thai in
the next five years probably 20,000
persons will be engaged in manufac
turing chemicals and dyes in this
About 2,000 of our best chemists
are working night and day improv
ing dyes and chemicals. For in
stance, in the classes of dyes which
if imported would be dutiable at 30
per cent plus 5 cents a pound, the
American manufacturers have made
remarkable progress, the production
in 1917-18 being 43,810,450 pounds,
at a total value of $57,639,991. This
represents an excess over American
needs, and during the fiscal vear
1917 $11,109,287 worth of American
made dyes were exported.
World Demands Fertilizers.
The General Chemical company,
the National Aniline and Chemical
company and the Barrett company
of New Jersey are three of the lar
est concerns interested in this new
Chemicals for use in fertilizers al
so will be in tremenduous , demand
for years after the war, and our ag-
ricutural chemica' industry will have
to strain itscit to the utmost to
help out the world's needs for these
fertilizers. ,
Robert S, Bradley, chairman of
the board of directors of the Ameri
can Agricultural Chemical company.
puts it this way:
the enormous demand tor all
farm products throughout the world
has naturally had a stimulating ef
fect on the fertilizer industry, and
has led to a greater use of fcrtiliz
ers. Don't Change Your Husband. Adv
A C. J. Dutton Automotive Co.
I 2056-S8 Farnam Street, Omaha, Nab. s I
OuA"What Is
So manygood answers have
we will coritinie to print them from
announce aw Vs at the conclusion,
No. VI 5-
Love is a i ; sensation or
awakening of reg; rVl or admiration
for another, It u sll.v comes but
once in life and ;A scarcely ever
forsaken. In true JovAtherc is trust
worthiness, happine?s ami sonic
times eternal sacrificcA People who
do not love are always, sad and
lonely. It is as boundlefS ami eter
nal as the true heart caifrive. Love
springs from a mere Imrce of
knowledge! ''X
It is not merely a, lovc for the
rich and their wealth, but ' a true
kflowledgeof love for cithe! poor
or rich. Love comforts souls.ilight
ens the heart of its lonely burden,
devotes service and charity and
eases pain and trouble. Souls arc Hot
only united on earth with love,
but also in the next eternal world.
Those who have the joy of love
come to them once never forget it.
All this is what we call love.
No. 302.
Love is affection, tenderness, de
votion; it is an absorbing emotion,
drawing one to the other, intense
desire to do things that please.
Love is blind to beauty, and faults.
Love in its fullness of beauty ex
presses something spiritual, tils
yearning of the soul to be near the
one we love, and everything is har
monious and perfect concord exists.
No. 133.
TVi, I flirt pmlinflimpiil nf nil
that is good, pure and unselfish. It
extends to the depth ot botn neair
and soul.. It satisfies a longing for
the companionship of sofileone
whose beauty, happiness and very
being you delight in.
Love may suiter all things but wilt
never fail. It makes one forget Mis
highways and byways of life and
adds such a sweetness, holiness and
purity to the soul that one sees not
.whether his life's path is filled with
thorns or roses.
The greatest of all gifts is love
and care should be taken that such a
gift is not thrust heedlessly aside.
It should not be trifled with but
should be thought of in connection
with the three great virtues: Faith,
hope and love, of which the greatest
is love.
No. 146.
The Bible teaches us that "God is
Then from the ages of 15 to 28 all
our heart and brain trouble we call
love,)Ut these affections come; they
go. They're transferred and forgot
ten. Then again we see a mother
with her little helpless babe
on her arm with a look
in her eyes none can describe
and no matter to how much higher
plane this child may rise, even if
mother is forgotten in the ascent,
this same affection lives on, or if
this same child yields to temptation,
and goes down to the darkest depths
when the world and all else shun
them and goes back to mother,
there they find the same all-forgiy-ing,
all-enduring, everlasting af fee-,
tion, "mother love."
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Thc new Kissel custom-built chassis is dis
tinguished by a performance standard and
service range that prove a thorough compre
hension of the automobile's "place in the
sun v
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passed for brute power and fleeting speed.
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Love?" Contest
been submitted m this contest mat
day to day as space permits and
not laferjhan March 20,
" ' No. 142.
Love is a desire to do all in our
power to please and help those we
Like ivy when it grows 'tis seen
To wear an everlasting green;
Like ivy, too, 'tis found to cling
So often 'round a worthless thing. '
Its joy to meet; its death to part;
Its sepulchre a broken heart.
No. 143.
A disjunctive conjunction.
No. 145:
Beloved, let us love one another;
for love is of God; ind every one
that lovcth is born - of God and
knowcth God. He that loveth not,
knowcth not God for God is love.
-First John 4:7, 8.
i Noi 139.
Love is a feeling So divine
Description would but make it less.
Tis what we know but can't define,
'Tis what we feel bat can't express
'Proved Safe by Millions."
oh genuine
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